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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  May 26, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> thanks for joining us i'm larry beil. >> world news is coming up next. tonight major developments in the deadly rampage of the santa barbara shooting. what we're learning about the parents of the alleged shooter and when they heard the shooting had begun. the alleged gunman's own words. what he wrote the day the investigators came to his apartment and did not look inside. and the massive mudslide and the search for the missing in colorado. four miles wide. 250 feet deep. the rip currents and the rescues in florida tonight. more than 100 rescues today alone. our correspondent on the scene tonight. the mad dash for cash in one american city. hidden in every corner. yours if you can find it. is your city next? and memorial day in america. remembering those who served our country.
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those we lost and the wife who never gave up. good evening. diane is back tomorrow night, and we'll have the scene from across the country on this memorial day in a moment. >> but the fast moving developments tonight. the family of this young man, the alleged shooter. many getting e-mails of his manifesto. his mother alerted something terribly wrong. rushing to santa barbara. she got into her car calling police along the way before hearing news herself of the shootings. and a search for clues tonight. the boxes of evidence removed from the suspect's home. his own words. how he described the visits from investigators just a few weeks back. why he was relieved they didn't come inside that front door. we have team coverage from the scene in california. and abc is on the scene tonight.
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cecil cecilia. >> reporter: good evening to you. i'm outside a deli where students had to duck for cover to save their lives. this is a growing memorial. it has been growing by the hour. we are learning more about the chilling manifesto that you mentioned. elliot rodgers sent it to multiple healthcare mental professionals, his family, his friends, including his own mother. >> i will punish all of you for it. >> reporter: elliot rodger's deadly plan was already in motion at 9:17 p.m. friday when his mom's phone rang. a family friend says it was the shooter's therapist asking if she had read the e-mail. a manifesto called my twisted world. 141 pages pouring from his tortured mind, childhood memories, painful teen-age years and an elaborate plot to kill. alarmed, the mother checks her son's youtube channel.
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>> well, this is my last video. it all has to come to this. >> reporter: immediately she calls her ex-husband, hollywood director peter rodger, and they race to santa barbara, but it's too late. 9:27 p.m. the first reports of a mass shooting underway. >> shots fired! >> reporter: the first target a sorority. revenge against all the girls he says rejected him. >> they rejected me and looked down on me as an inferior man. >> reporter: he bangs on the door. when nobody answers, he shoots three women across the street killing two. his rampage continues. 9:30 p.m. he opens fire at this deli filled with students. surveillance video shows people diving for cover. >> there's glass flying, and i got on the ground and i looked over and i saw the victim.
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>> reporter: the minutes that follow filled with carnage. rodger and his black bmw drives on plowing down bikers. shooting at pedestrians. >> he looked directly at me and talked to me and shot at me multiple times and somehow he didn't hit me. >> reporter: 9:33 p.m. rodger and police in a gun fight. the killer drives away but then crashes his bmw apparently turning the gun on himself. so much violence in just 10 minutes. in all, 12 different crime scenes, 13 wounded, three shot dead. and at rodger's apartment police still had one more grisly discovery to make. his two roommates and one of their friends stabbed to death. we now know that rodger had three guns in his possession. 400 rounds of ammunition. and police telling us he obtained all of those guns legally. >> thank you. in that manifesto the alleged
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shooter described in detail the day the police came to his apartment. after being alerted by his family. police didn't have a search warrant. this was a welfare check and they never got past the front door. abc's clayton sandell on that part of the story and on the faces of those lost. >> reporter: tonight students now say a final goodbye to kathrine cooper, a painter about to graduate with a degree in art history, veronika welss, just ending her first year of college, cheng hong, studying computer engineering, and along with george chen who worked as a ymca camp counselor and welhan wong who went by david. he loved playing basketball. christopher michael martinez planned on going to law school. in sad hient -- hindsight, police, families and friends of rodger are left with pieces of a puzzle no one put together in time. >> you forced me to suffer all my life. >> reporter: we have learned at
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least one therapist who received his manifesto did call police as soon as it was read, but by then, the massacre was over. mental health professionals have a duty to warn police if someone threatens violence against themselves or others. just weeks before the shooting rodger's parents themselves made that call alarmed over videos like these. >> girls are not sexually attracted to me. that's a problem. and i intend to rectify. >> reporter: deputies went to his apartment but found him polite and had no reason to take action. but in that manifesto, rodgers gloats he fooled police writing if they demanded to search my room that would have ended everything. those missed opportunities now magnifying families pain. >> we're trying to understand why chris died. and try to make it mean something.
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because otherwise, it just seems so hard. >> reporter: so much grief and sorrow around this campus. tomorrow the university has cancelled all classes declaring tomorrow a day of mourning and reflection. david. >> clayton, thank you. now to the other developing story tonight. the weather as millions drive back home after the memorial day weekend. this evening, a huge part of texas watching the skies. there have been tornado watches. conditions ripe for severe weather for houston and surrounding areas. we're getting pictures in at this hour. heavy rains and damage from the high winds. trees down and they're on alert well into the evening. and in colorado, it's the hail on this memorial day. people wiping off their windshields. before become able to drive home. so much of that rain to blame for a massive mudslide outside denver. four miles long. this evening they are searching for the missing. abc's gio benitez from the scene tonight. >> reporter: the images out of this remote corner of colorado tonight simply incredible.
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the earth giving way, a massive hole in its place, the wall of mud believed to have swept those three men away. >> everybody on this mountain is praying for a miracle. >> reporter: it all happened near collbran, colorado the crater an estimated 250 feet deep two miles wide the debris sliding for four miles. and it has people comparing it to another mudslide in march in washington state which took more than 40 lives. >> the slide was measured in terms of feet and this one we're measuring in terms of miles. >> reporter: luckily no homes were in the path of destruction take a look at this an image from a road taken before the mudslide now look at a photo taken today. >> as far as cleanup goes, i think what you're looking at is the new terrain of that valley. >> reporter: terrain that will make the search for the missing that much harder. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> thank you. >> and to be the rescues in florida. hundreds of people pulled from
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the water because of dangerous rip currents. abc's matt gutman is there tonight with the reminders for every family headed to the beach. >> reporter: the unofficial opening of summer and still at this hour, you can see how packed these beaches are. up and down these coasts those dangerous rip currents. the red flags went up and the swimmers went down. >> rip currents were nonexistent a couple of days ago. now we're up to a red flag and we made i think about 100 assists or rescues yesterday of people. >> today more than 120 people plucked from the water on this florida beach alone and up and down the coast, dozens more. rip currents. small channels that pull water from the shore back out to sea. watch as this guy pulled in for a safety video highlights that invisible current. >> don't panic. you panic, you lose concentration and try to fight the current. wrong thing to do. >> reporter: in the rip scripts
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your instinct is to go right there for shore. that's exactly what rescuers say you shouldn't do. you have got to swim horizontally to the shore to get out of the rip. that's because even though rip currents are rarely wider than a school bus you can't swim through one. you have to look for the beach and swim parallel to it to get out of its grip quickly. one more tip. stay close to life guard towers like that one. after all, in florida, rip currents are bigger killers than tornados, hurricanes and sharks combined. david. >> great reminders. thank you. one more weather picture. it looks like a typical memorial day along lake superior. look at this. they're staying out there because still floating out there, huge chunks of ice. some of the great lakes still frozen after the winter to remember. overseas tonight. and to a different picture. this one making global headlines. the pope and what he did today. this image of the pontiff at the western wall. there was something he left
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behind. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran tonight with the story of two walls and one symbolic message. >> reporter: at the western wall the most sacred site for jews, pope francis prayed. and like so many millions before, he slipped a note between the stones, the "our father" prayer in his native spanish. this moment, in contrast to the pope's controversial stop at that grim wall in bethlehem yesterday which separates israelis and palestinians. a gesture of solidarity that infuriated many israelis. so today prime minister benjamin netanyahu took the pope to a memorial for the victims of terrorism and blamed the palestinians for the ceaseless conflict. >> israel wants peace. >> reporter: at the yad vashem holocaust memorial, another striking image in trip filled with symbolism. the pope bowing to kiss the hands of holocaust survivors, with humility, reversing the catholic tradition of the
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kissing of the pope's ring. and francis offered an emotional reflection. never again, lord, he prayed. then for francis it was time to fly home. he announced he would meet with sex abuse victims next month. with the pope back in the vatican tonight, he's left behind him here a legacy of unforgettable moments and controversy. david. >> terry, thank you. elsewhere tonight, the fiercest fighting between troops and pro-russian rebels at the airport 24 hours after they elected a new president in ukraine. and billionaire candy maker who has vowed to open dialogue with president putin. a stunning headline from nigeria tonight about those missing school girls. the world following this development. with great caution tonight. the nigerian military saying they know exactly where the girls are being held by the terror group boko haram, of course, but what they are doing is holding back. they don't want to use force. to free them.
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they say they believe the girls are in too much danger to move in with the force. back here at home tonight and to memorial day. a moment for all of us to pause to say thank you and remember those we lost while serving our country. >> reporter: today, president obama laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown solider at arlington national cemetery. among the stories the president shared. the story of missing soldier joseph gant who served in the korean war and never came home. his wife waiting. all these years. after 60 years she was there as his remains came home just this past december. >> clara never remarried during those 63 years and now 96-years-old, she was there to welcome him home. >> reporter: and today, a wave to the crowd, there to honor her husband and all of those who served who we've lost. and across this country, the american spirit. in arizona, a widow remembering her husband, william murphy, who served in world war ii. in new jersey, a mother honoring her son, ryan iannelli, who served in afghanistan.
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and the children across the nation today with their signs, reading "thank you." 4-year-old aarlyn finding her grandfather's name, a navy veteran. and in for ft. worth, texas, a 7-year-old cub scout placing flowers moving his grandfather to tears. that grandfather, a vietnam vet. >> it meant that he cared about so many people giving their lives for our country. >> reporter: and on the field, the atlanta braves stand side by side with members of the military as they salute. and this photo from spokane, washington catching our eye -- and so many others on facebook. vince comstock welcomed home after a 9 month deployment in afghanistan by his wife, kristin. and just look at their two little girls -- giddy with joy. their hug would come next. >> we just love seeing those little girls today. still much more ahead. the hunt is on tonight for the hidden cash. look at these faces. all finding money. tonight the man giving more of it away. talking with "world news." what's behind this idea and is he coming to a city near you?
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i have bayer aspirin. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my back. i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain. better? yeah...thanks for the tip! on this memorial day. the 3-year-old through the roof with american pride thanking the troops. in michigan. look at that face. >> is it a marketing ploy? as for the people who found the cash and they'll tell you it's the real deal. across san francisco, they're on the hunt for money. who is putting it there and why is it tucked in every corner of the city. abc's nick watt tracks down the money man. >> reporter: san francisco is going gaga for hidden greenbacks. a mysterious millionaire is stashing cash around the city, and tweeting clues like this. "find me at the highest place in the park under a place for dog owners." from that, samantha kane found a
5:48 pm
hundred bucks in a dog dirt bag dispenser. >> my hands were completely shaking and i ran down the hill to find my fiance. >> reporter: thousands of treasure hunters await every new clue. the victorious post selfies. but who is this robin hood spreading the wealth in this, the most economically divided city in the country? we got him on the phone. how did you make your money? >> i'm a real estate developer. >> reporter: and roughly how rich are you? >> i'd rather not. it's in the millions. i don't even know exactly. >> reporter: and he plans to remain anonymous. are you making a point here? >> my point would be to encourage people who have been successful to give back a little bit more. to pay it forward. >> reporter: like that anonymous restaurant tipper who's left $130,000 in gratuities across the country, hidden cash seems just too good to be true. how much are you gonna give away? >> i haven't put a figure on it. it's probably gonna reach at least in the hundreds of thousands. >> reporter: he'll splash the cash in l.a.
5:49 pm
this weekend, but beyond that, not even he knows where or when. this mysterious millionaire told me he's just flying by the seat of his pants. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> a lot of smiling faces. when we come back. the high-wire act. you'll see play out in realtime right here. two hot air balloons. one wire. 4,000 feet above the earth. you'll see what happens next. th. you'll see what happens next.
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5:53 pm
he had driven five hours to watch his son play. this evening telling world news he has one regret. >> you know, it's funny. i should have probably gotten his autograph after the game. on the ball. now they may charge me for it. >> hope you're watching. conrad. sign that ball. it's your father. and it's his birthday tomorrow. what a story. and when we come back, a father and son story on what is very personal to us here on this memorial day. when jake and i first set out on our own, we ate anything. but in time you realize the better you eat, the better you feel. these days we both eat smarter. and i give jake purina cat chow naturals. made with real chicken and salmon, it's high in protein like a cat's natural diet. and no added artificial flavors. we've come a long way. and whatever's ahead, we'll be there for each other.
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join today at finally tonight, heroism on the battle field and a father and son determined to make sure everyone knows about it. abc's journalist had put together a documentary after their time reporting in afghanistan making sure our troops have someone telling their story. >> reporter: two years covering the frontlines of america's longest war. my son carlos and i had one mission. to tell their story in our new film documenting their determination.
5:57 pm
>> i looked at the eyes of the medics. they weren't going to let him die. >> reporter: and absolute heroism. like the medic who on a march day in 2011 ran into a wall of gunfire to save his wounded buddies and an afghan soldier. and before he died -- >> when he was bleeding out, he apologized for dying. >> reporter: five more soldiers in the 101st airborne's no-slack battalion would die that day. one of the deadliest in the war. after the cost of their sacrifice hit home. especially for sergeant major chris fields who waited until his men had left to let the tears of this entire war come out.
5:58 pm
chris fields is now home. for him, like so many, the road between war and peace difficult to travel. >> there's not a moment that goes by that -- the remembrance of that. i knew them. >> reporter: so much sacrifice. mike boettcher, abc news. >> a documentary inside the hornet's nest and a special edition of "nightline" tonight, the other war. and diane right >> families of three uc students are now in santa barbara county. >> also, confrontation at a famous war memorial. the landmark at a cross roads.
5:59 pm
>> you just saw it on world news a millionaire is stashing free cash around san francisco. what you haven't seen today's big discovery. how finders decided to share good fortune, ahead only on abc7 news. >> how do you return something you never had in the first place? a satellite tv customer clears the air, and her bill. >> three bay area families are grieving. the young men found stabbed inside of the apartment. good evening, eryone. >> roger killed six people before shooting himself free students found stabbed in the apartment they shared.
6:00 pm
we have live team coverage of the aftermath starting with abc7 news live in ilsa vista. >> more students here, most say they have been returning from that extended three-day weekend. they have come to a more solemn place students saying they're uncomfortable here this, is the memorial. three young men stabbed to death were from san jose and fremont. this has been growing since yesterday. >> throughout the day, students and other members of the community placed flowers at growing memorial of the victims many just returned. that just made it