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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 27, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, 5:00 a.m. a day after the memorial day holiday. did you have a good one? >> i was here. >> that's a good one. and meteorologist mike nicco will talk about temperatures. >> pretty arm holiday weekend with temperatures above average everywhere but the coast. today, it changes with the cold front moving through and right new kicking up a few clouds along the east bay shoreline and the peninsula coast, you can see on live doppler 7 hd, by the afternoon, though, dry air will mix in and the breezes are going to turn the atmosphere over and well have total sunshine. for the bay, quite a spread at
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67 to 76 and same thing inland, 76 to 85 and closer along the coast into san francisco, 61 to 65. enjoy. sue? >> good morning, everyone, good news out there, so far so good, no stalls or accidents and we do have the road work picked up in san francisco, 280 is no problem open since 2:00 this morning. i should not have said "no accidents," we have an accident in the dublin/pleasanton and it is an overturned vehicle down in a ditch. they are still waiting on a tow that is still there and it is out of lanes. the drive from the central valley, we are seeing various slow traffic out of address to the altamont pass and it is under 40 miles per hour, outside, we saw a tow truck pushing away a stall in the left-hand cash-paying lanes and that is cleared now, and car pool lanes are going by nicely and so far, so good, behind the tolls with no metering lights. >> classes are canceled, today,
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at uc santa barbara for a day of "mourning and reflection." with a moment service held tonight to honor the six students killed in a young man's crime spree, three of the victims were from the bay area. students are planning to build a memorial wall at student center in the heart of isla vista and counselors are working extended hours to deal with the tragedy. original three of the 13 students injured remain in the hospital and the family of one of the three victims speaking." >> for the first time after an emotional trip to the growing memorial in isla vista last night, matt keller is in san jose with the story. matt? >> one of victims, 20-year-old james hong attended classes a stand out student and he aced a college computer class while he was taking classes here. he also helped out ucsb students with physics. we have video of a memorial that continues to grow near the site where honk and his two friends,
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david wang and george chen were killed. chen's parents visited the memorial. though came to isla vista with the parents of david wang, when he learned of shootings he was not worried. their son george was hanging out with his two friends at their apartment, the first victims of 22-year-old elliot rodger. >> >> my son should be safe i firsted because he was living inside we the residence hall. >> this should not happen to any family. any family. any family. this is inhumane. it should not happen to any parent. >> his mother described her son as outgoing, with an excellent college career ahead him. they spoke out calling for tougher gun laws to stop another mass killing. the want family said he was going to spend the summer in fremont with his parents. many of the students at lynbrook
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could remember james hong, with grief counselors expected according to our media partner. katherine cooper and veronica weiss and christopher martinez were the other three killed. katherine just graduated with an art history degree. and veteran was was a freshman. ought father of a bay area victim who survived, said he hopesly son is discharged from the hospital today or tomorrow. knick -- nick was visiting a former classmate when he was hit by elliot rodger's car with both legs broken. his dad does not thing he can walk for some time and said it will be a long rory at the home in the east bay.
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>> police look for clues into what prompted the killer to go on the wild rampage. >> elliot rodger e-mailed his manifesto to two dozen people shortly after posting a letening video on youtube on friday night but how the rampage began is a key mystery stumping authorities who are trying to determine exactly how he was able to overpower three young men without drawing attention. in the video the son of a legal wood director blamed his misery on a lack of attention from women and not fitting in with a college crowd. >> you can get the latest on the story any time with breaking news alerts follow us on twitter@abcnews. >> san francisco police are looking for a gunman after a deadly drive by shooting. shotspotter her the gunshots after 5:00 p.m. yesterday and police arrived and they found two people injured and were rushed to the hospital. a witness drove a third person
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to the e.r. and one of the victims later died. >> a 42-year-old man is under arrest on suspicion of murder after his wife was found strangled in their home over the weekend. fremont police officers say they tracked down the husband and he confessed to kill, his wife. he took off from the home with his password before his wife's body was found by other family members. officers responded to the couple's home on sunday morning after getting a 9-1-1 call if a family member. small children were in the home at the time. they were not harmed. the big story this morning for bay area drivers is the re-opening of interstate 280, crews beat the 5:00 deadline by several hours after it was closed for the long holiday week. our reporter was one of the first to check out the work. amy hollyfield? >> yes, it is open. you can see for yourself. look behind me, you are looking at southbound 280 at the
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mariposa overlook looking down on 280 and cars are zipping through. we drove it this morning with video of the drive and on there, early, expecting to open up at 5:00, and the concrete dried, they opened it up at 2:00. they shut it down on thursday night because they needed to fix a hinge that holds the bridge section of the freeway together. while the contractor worked on that project, caltran took advantage of the closing and got their own crews out there, as well, and they did some basic works such as replacing signs along the freeway. they are calling this a "success." they got it all done in time for the commute. it sounds like they like the model of closing this down during the holiday weekend because the next closures are set for july 4 and labor day weekend they have to do more hinge work but that time it will be northbound.
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thanks, happening today a group of drivers with the ride sharing service lift are listening to meet with the bay area lawmaker behind the bill to impose new insurance rules. lift drivers say the bill would have a negative impact on transportation options. democratic assembly woman from concord is behind the legislation that requires $1 million in insurance when the drivers have their app open to see who is looking for a ride. a six-year old died on new year when being hit by a driver who had the app open looking for business. the family is suing for damages. >> c.e.o. of social network next door is facing arraignment on criminal charges in san mateo following a hit-and-run accident that happened in august. he expected to be has beened with tell any hit-and-run, the c.h.p. reports he caused an accident on highway 101 when he changed lanes and another car swerved to avoid his and crashed into the median. ones say he did not stop and
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later claimed he did not see what happened. >> teachers will hold a rally calling for 21 percent pay hike. the proposal is to be phased in over three years. the union says skyrocketing rents are forcing teamers out of san francisco and the pay increase is necessary to keep teachers in the city. the march and rally begins at 5:30 this evening head of the board of education meeting. >>the trial of a suit filed by dodger stadium beating victim begins today with jury selection. bryan stow was a san francisco paramedic was left permanently disabled after the season opener define percent ans and dodgers and is suing the former dodger owners and three team entries claiming negligence in stadium security. the time is expected to last 40 days. brine stow will attend at some
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point but will not be testifying. >> a lot of sun on memorial day. mike, we will see that today? >> i think so, a lot of sunshine this afternoon but we have clouds through the morning as the sea breeze is much aing up. slow compared to weigh well have headed from now until noon. we will see it picking up a little but the breezes will be really fast in the evening rush hour and when the sun is setting at 8:00, those breezes will fall back. so, it will be fastest from 1:00 o'clock until 6:00 and you could see the clouds climbing over the east bay hills into the east bay valley and temperatures anywhere from one to six degrees cooler than year, one in fremont to 72, and san francisco drops to 65 and petaluma and danville and oakland and san jose are five to six degrees cooler the breaking down to tuesday, with the day
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planner, dry this morning, and 44 in the north bay valley to 55 degrees, and we will be sunny from 58 to 74 for a vote and yesterday we had 30 or 35 together spread and today down to 22 and up to 82. we will be mild. running the air condition yesterday, you will not need to today. grab a coat at the coast at 58. >> with traffic we have 280 extension re-opened this morning, earlier than expected at 2:00 a.m. so traffic is flowing nicely and we will check with amy hollyfield in a little bit and show us what is going on there and we go to the central valley with reports of an accident before the central valley, actually, in the dublin/pleasanton area the car that is still in the ditch and we are waiting for a tow truck but not blocking lanes. now the central valley off of i-5, westbound, 205 an accident with slow traffic approaching the scene and it byes up were why the scene until you get
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toward the altamont pass and 27 miles per hour here, 31 headed up and over the livermore area and we are looking a slow grind back to work this morning. outside, walnut creek is looking good, southbound 680 a few brake lights making your way to the 24 junction but other than that, it is nice. >> this is quite a pickle: the cost of a cheeseburger is going way up. >> glad you can cut the mustard there. that is to blame for the rice -- price hike? twitter group is stagnating in the united states
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. nitrogen authorities say they have located 200 kidnapped schoolgirls but have no plan to raid the facility to try to save them. the girls were kidnapped by terrorist group on april 14. today, nigerian defense minister said any use of force to try to save them would likely get them killed. the government has negotiated for their release. the bbc said authorities tried to strike a deal this month. the terrorist wants 100 militants in exchange but the deal fell through. >> pope francis will meet with sex abuse victims at the vatican next month. he declared zero tolerance for any member of the clergy who
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abuses a child. the announcement is as he runs from the trip to the middle east. he added that three bishops are currently under investigation by the vatican for abuse-related reasons. the meeting is the first for this pope. >> investors will watch san francisco based twitter when the markets re-open after the memorial day holiday with the stock price closing at $30.50 the lowest level since it went public last november. analysts blame a slow down in new twitter users in the united states and europe but internationally, the future is still bright. a report out today says that twitter use is growing in indonesia, india, argentina, mexico and brazil. >> we talked about the cost of a cheeseburger going up and we cannot catch up. >> what is to blame? >> ryan smith has america's money report. >> topping america's money cheeseburger prices skyrocket
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skyrocketing, with key ingredients costing 10 percent more, and beef is up 14 percent and cheese and bacon also up. the western drought, disease; strong demand are to blame. >> back to being would on wall street this morning after the long holiday week. indications are that all of three major averages will be opening up. overseas, markets were higher overnight. marvel blockbuster will set a record, and x man earned $111 million. that will be the fifth best memorial day debut in history. 365,000 tons is how much nutella the world consumes. it should be a treat not a daily staple. today, president obama hosts the annual white house science fair designed to improve education. he announced a $35 million
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program to train teachers in science and engineers and math and financial health for low income students with student inventions on display including a concussion cushion for a california female want be to be the first female head football coach. and the first lady is fighting a republican bill to allow schools to opt out of new administration standards designed to make food healthy for kids. her lobbying led congress to pass a child nutrition law in 2010. schools that have adopted the guidelines have made progress against child obesity. >> and we saw rachel ray for folks who were wondering. >> a lot sunshine out there after the morning clouds.
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those clouds are a byproduct of a ragged marine layer trying to develop this morning with more of an onshore flow. you can see the clouds have kept the visibility lowest around half moon bay at five mills and the rest of us are okay. if the clouds are as ragged as they are we may not have delays, but if you are not with us at 6:00 when they announce it i will have it on twitter. upper 40's to low 50's throughout the north bay valley to sandy hook elementary school -- to san rafael, and lafayette and san carlos at 54 and san jose. 56 in redwood city. june in san ramon and calistoga and brentwood is the warm spot at 63 degrees. this is how it looks from mount tamalpais, some of the thin clouds are trying to november with a thick haze and breezy over turning the manufacture and makes sunny and cooler by the
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afternoon and nearly steady the next couple of days and another dry cold front brings us cooler weather for the weekend. the front is slipping through, quietly and no moisture with the counter-clockwise flow around the low and the clockwise flow around the high you can see it funneling in the cooler weather how far the temperatures will drop, up to six degrees this san jose and 82 yesterday, 76 today, los gatos is where we will have the low 80's. we will have low-to-mid 70's on the planes and menlo park and palo alto at 74 and cooler at millbrae at 68, and sunset is 62 and not much warmer on the bay side and downtown and south san francisco at 65, and low-to-mid 60's from bodega bay and sausalito at 67, and mainly upper 70's san rafael and novato and petaluma and sonoma and american canyon and loan the east bay shore upper 60 to 70's and the east bay valley, low-to-mid 80's. with the breezes bringing in the
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dry air it will be clear and almost as cool, maybe cooler than this morning, with 40's inland and the rest of us in the 50's. the seven-day outlook shows fluctuating a degree or two on when into thursday with plenty of sunshine and the next front rolls in friday and temperatures are below average on saturday and sunday. try all 15 days. >> good morning, everyone, back to work and back to the commute. the drive from the central valley has an accident beyond the i-5 junction and is out of the lanes on the center divide with four vehicles involved and on the shoulder and you can see the slow traffic behind it, picking up a bit and we have slow up and over the altamont pass in livermore where we had an early accident in danville and pleasanton and that is just cleared and southbound 680 south of 580 and we will look at the drive time, a little tough coming from the central valley and back to work highway four is moving pretty well and 101 into san francisco not bad.
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eric and kristen? >> 15 things to know as you start your day. >> better late than never, one thing that kept this new college drought from receiving the diploma she earned 75 years
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[ female announcer ] we eased your back pain, you turned up the fun. tylenol® provides strong pain relief while being gentle on your stomach. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol®. >> here are seven things to know. classes are canceled at uc santa barbara for a day of mourning for six students killed in a violent rampage with a public memorial held this afternoon, with three of six victims from the bay area. >> the family of one of the three bay area victims is speaking out after an emotional trip to the growing memorial in isla vista last night. the parents of george chen wept. they say judicial was outboeing and had an excellent college career ahead him. >> it is smooth sailing on
5:25 am
interstate 280 if san francisco right now, after caltran reopened the southbound lane from san francisco in time for the morning commute. they have been slut down since thursday so crews could on the we road and make seismic repairs. >> malaysian government released data to try to locate flight 370, three months after the plane disappeared. no trace have been found. authorities are preparing to open up the hunt to private contractors. >> trust your doctor, not wikipedia. 90 percent of the medical entry on wikipedia are not accurate because anyone can create or edit entries. drug companies have been accused of deleting information about side effects. >> six, summer was supposed to start yesterday on memorial day but cooler weather is on the way and i will tell you how long it will last. >> back to work commute this morning, bay bridge toll plaza right now is height with no
5:26 am
metering lights. we will check in on the accident for the commute from the central valley if a bit. >> more college students are settling into a deserved education, but one wants to be the youngest to fly around the world solo in this beechcraft inspired by the country record holder 21-year-old from fresno who completed the trip in the spring. he said the trip should take him 160 hows of flying time, which is 40 days. >> a 99-year-old woman from maine finally got her college diploma, 75 years later. she graduated from the business college with a degree in
5:27 am
get her diploma, the college gave her the diploma but a cap and gown and quite the graduation party. >> congratulations for making it up to her. >>the morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories including a new wildfire kicking up if central california with the community under evacuation and the latest from the fire lines. >> preventing the list vis rampage: were there wanting signs that were missed that
5:28 am
idlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he be speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning. hope you had a great holiday weekend at 5:29. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas.
5:30 am
machine opinion has the -- meteorologist mike nicco has the weather forecast. >> we have clouds from half moon bay but by afternoon they will be gone. you can see the breezes on pier 15 which is the exploritorium and look at the solar panels, about total sunshine from mid-morning all the way through sunset. 76 to 85 inland and 67 to 76 around the bay and 61 to 65 from the coast to san francisco and it will be cooler than yesterday. sue has the traffic. >> good news early this morning, earlier than expected, 280 extension was re-opened so that is great to take the drive from san francisco. they will shut it down, again, but not until fourth of july. an accident in central valley with four cars at the center divide and the shoulder but you can still see the slow traffic, 205 is looking good until you hit tracy and up and over the altamont pass and it slows down
5:31 am
into live more. we will look at the mass transit and everyone is up and running and on time and a great way to go. outside, golden gate bridge shows it to be a beautiful morning with four lanes in san francisco and no fog and no delays. eric and kristen? >> this morning, a day of mourn for students can faculty at uc santa barbara with classes canceled to remember the six students killed and dozen injured in a violent crime spree. >> self boxes of evidence were removed from elliot rodger's list vis apartment where the 22-year-old killed three students from the bay area before going on a shooting rampage. authorities say elliot rodger e-mailed the disturbing manifesto to numerous people including his parents and one 13ist. the parents called sunday none and rushed to santa barbara but could not stop in time. he kill six people before take his own life. three guns were purchased
5:32 am
legally. >> this morning the parents of one of three area victims are sharing their anguish and grief counselors are on hand at a local high school where one of the victims graduated. matt? >> counselors are here at lynn break high school. many of the classmates will rim james hong the first victim in the we killing in isla vista. here is video of a memorial that is growing near the site where hong and his two friends, wang and chen were stabbed by elliot rodger. the parents went to isla vista yesterday and chen's parents visited the memorial. >> we would die a hundred times, a through times but we don't want our son...this should not happen to any is our
5:33 am
lifeblood. >> we need steps to stop this. it should not happen. >> he was outgoing with an excellent college career ahead of him and his friend david wang was an engineer students and planned to spend the summer with his parents in fremont. his friend and roommate, 20-year-old james hong was known for academic achievement in helping students with physics and while he was a student at lynbrook he aced a college computer class. >> the three other victims were residents of central or southern california. 22-year-old katherine cooper was about to graduate with art history degree. and 19-year-old veronica william eiss was a sports star and wanted to be a financial guru and christopher martinez was 20 years old and was studying english and planned to spend the junior year in london.
5:34 am
>> students are mounting the victims. this is seen in uc santa cruz where hundreds turned out. likewise, students and faculty gathered at ucla in a show of solidarity. the scene was similar at uc san diego. the uc president napolitano said flags will be lowered half staff today in honor of victims. >> classes are canceled at uc santa barbara for the "day of mourning and reflection." a memorials of is planned for 4:00 this afternoon at the stadium of uc santa barbara to honor those killed. counselors are working extended hours and counselors from other schools like berkeley are joining to help. >> many are asking, could the deadly rampage have been prevented in santa barbara police say elliot rodger e-mailed the map fest toly family and other health
5:35 am
professionals. once counselor working with him for years did not on the e-mail until 10:00 p.m., and 11 minutes later he called police and by then it was 40 minutes after the shooting started. >> he intentionally sent it at a point where no one could really do anything and despite this history, for a long-term, still able to by a gun. >> that is connected to the psychology because if he was put in a psychiatric facility or adjudicated by a court to be mentally up fit, that would have changed his ability to by a gun. >> he had three run ins with the police the first last summer after trying to push female party goers 50 of a ledge after he says they insulted him. in january, he accused a room mail of stealing candles and a few weeks ago, the sheriff deputies came to the door because the we parents were worried about the increasingly disturbing video. elliot rodger's rant against
5:36 am
women have created a social media team for women share experiences about male entitlement with a million tweets peaking at 1,000 -- 61,000 tweets on sunday. ait is go to emphasize that a lot of women encounter adversity. >> what is happening women are showing that, no, we are multidimensional people and appreciating women and respecting women is very important. >> however, others say the hashtag is silly and people are making a larger issue of an isolated incident. >> you can get the very latest on the story on and following us at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. . as we have showed you all morning a closed section of 280 has closed if san francisco at
5:37 am
mariposa crews betting the 5:00 a.m. deadline after closing it for the long holiday week. the southbound lanes from king street to pennsylvania avenue hut down since thursday so crews could on the road and make repairs. abc7 news is there and will have a report coming up at the top of hour. >> we have new video of a suspicious garage fire that break out in an alley behind kentucky street near ohio vote at 10:30 arriving crews say the detached garage was fully engulfed. they get it under control in 15 minutes with minor damage to homes and no one was hurt and the cause is under investigation developing news in may pose county where a wildfire forced the evacuation of 100 homes east of modesto. the winds and brush caused the blaze to grow out-of-control despite dozens of water and
5:38 am
flame retardant air drops, 500 acres have burned. it was a holiday weekend so firefighters were ready to respond quickly. >> two city of college of san francisco students injured during the protester will take legal action against the school clashing with police during march 13 protest calling for the rosing nation of a special trustee. an attorney for two students who were arrested blamed the provide length clash on police saying her client suffered fractures, a con connection and pepper sprayed. the chons -- chancellor launched an independent review. >> will we see the sun? >> a lot of it after we get through the morning clouds that will not last long with the wind and dry air. 12 or 13 miles per hour wind in concord and small craft advisory on the waters today in the bay until 9:00 this evening. west wind at 15- to 25-knots and
5:39 am
small craft advisory until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. >> we will talk about wall happen with the wind, they are as calm as they will be, now, through noon, and they will pick up administration we head through 5:00 or 6:00 and they will start to fade again when the sun then sets at 8:00. the temperatures are cooler in the 50's but 50's and 60's and 70's at the coast and bay and inlisten at noon and by 4:00, 76 a bay, and it will be sunny but the brings will keep the temperatures cooler than yesterday and by 7:00, grab a coat at the bay, 66, coast is 58 and milder inland at 74 degrees. >> here is sue and a look at our commute. >> westbound 24, we are getting first reports of an accident near wilder possible two cars involved in a lane this so just a heads up if you will westbound toward the tunnel.
5:40 am
in the central valley a tow truck towed an one of the vehicles, but there are three out there beyond the i-5 junction can then it picks up and bumper-to-bumper up and over the altamont pass and 17, 16 miles per hour. it is slow. back to work indeed. outside at the san mateo bridge, if this your drive, it is a if one, and the tail lights headed to foster city at 14 minutes between hayward and the san mateo side of things. it is 5:40, the uncertain fated of the war memorial on an east bay hillside and we will tell you about the community on what to do with the lafayette crosses. graffiti discovered at site of the 9/11 memorial in new york city but they are not that concerned. >> a surprise for fans, the front man for the most popular bands of all time does something he has not done in
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
covering cupertino, concord, wouldn't country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. the controversial crosses of lafayette could be coming down soon for a permanent memorial to troops who sacrificed their lives in iraq and satisfaction. the crosses of lafayette it is
5:44 am
on a hillside at bart station and kept count of the united states service member killed in action for eight years. there is talk now to remove the crosses and put up a permanent memorial. >> this is what history is all about. >> i grief if a veteran who obviously is experiencing trauma. he is angry. he wanted to honor the troops. >> something nicer will cost a lot of money, supporters plan to form a nonprofit organization and held a public workshop to get ideas on what to do next. >> the 9/11 memorial has been open for less than a week but already people are scratching their own messages into the plaques honoring victims. new york port authority police say it is illegal but so for they have if plans to pursue criminal charges against anyone. investigators say 40 messages have been found so far on honoring people lost in september 11th attacks. police do not want to bust a
5:45 am
greening relative at mel but will have maintenance crews payment over. >> on the peninsula, dozens will pack city hall tonight at say i don't to save the only ice skating risk. the plan commission is holding a public hearing before making the recommendations to the city council later this year. it starts tone at 6:30 and the ice rink closed in may after the lease at the shopping center ran out. a developer wants to turn it to retail space. the rink has been part of the master plan and should be re-open. >> in san diego officials are deciding what to do with a dead wail that washed ashore, again, causing quite a sight and male which is north of the mexican border the same whale spotted lie on the rocks a week ago near here. researchers dragged the whale to
5:46 am
sea but the rope snapped off the coast and it was back on the beach on saturday. folks are deciding there to bury the whale or take it to sea again. >> let's hope it doesn't get too hot in southern california until they figure out what to do. >> no, no, sunday in san -- it s >> we have cooler weather our way and we tried to kickoff summer yesterday and it was warmer-than-average most areas but not today. mother nature is bringing us a reality check. we will have temperatures back to where we should be. live doppler 7 hd showing a few clouds along the coast and around the bay shore, the rest of us are doing good this morning. as far as our temperatures, we will start with the peninsula at 44 in wood side and palo alto in the upper 40's. 53 in san mateo and belmont and
5:47 am
55 in san bruno. mid-50's long the east bay shoreline into san jose and 54 and low-to-mid 50's around san ramon, concord and livermore, and upper 40's around santa rosa, larkspur and half moon bay and you can see how clear the golden gate bridge this morning, just a little bit of haze hanging over your commute. breezy and sunny and cooler. nearly steady the next couple of days and another cold front, a dry one, will bring us cooler weather for the weekend. the cold front is sinking to the south with an area of low-to-upper and a straight line from alaska to us so the cooler temperatures bring us back in line where we should be for may 27. low 80's around los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy at 84. and minority 70's for most of the south bay and 76 in san jose and low-to-mid 50's for most of peninsula and cooler in pill bring at 68. low 60's along the coast and
5:48 am
mid-60's around downtown and south freeway and 67 in sausalito, and mid-70's to low 80's through the north bay valley and upper 60's to low 70's along the east bay shore and upper 60's near the bay water and newark and hayward and berkeley and alameda and richmond and low-to-mid 80's into the east bay valleys and you may not need the air conditioning. the temperatures are fluctuating a couple of degrees on wednesday and thursday and turning cooler on friday but the coolest days are saturday and sunday. have a for -- good day. >> we will start off with good news this morning, the 280 extension has re-opened earlier than expected at 2:00 a.m. and traffic is flowing nicely and amy hollyfield is on the scene and we will check with her. westbound 24 near wilder reports of a stall or possible accident in the right lane so just be aware, between wilder and gateway this is in the westbound direction we have reports of a stalled tour bus in the eastbound direction at the
5:49 am
tunnel. beyond the i-5 split an accident is cleared but it is a grind over the altamont pass. northbound 880 at marina, first reports of an accident blocking a lane of traffic and quickly outside traffic is moving noisily and, no, metering lights now are on backed up at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> now a huge vice for music fans in a small concert venue in minnesota as the band they went to see was wrapping up, journey star walk on stage and pick up a microphone and started singing. ♪ i come to you >> he hasn't done that in seven years, sing in public, he is 65. he purchased if a thousand lucky fans in st. paul during the
5:50 am
encore for california rock bond. >> he is one of the most elusive frontmen in rock has not done a solo since 1995 and split from journey before that. he said he had 50 new songs waiting to be recorded at the whom studio in delmar. we never stopped "believing." >> facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg facing new legal trouble but not in the united states. coming up, who is ordering the c.e.o. to an international courtroom. >> hidden cash, the mystery man who is stashing money across the bay area reveals the real reason behind his huge give away and the bay area city he is headed to, tomorrow. >> coming up at 6:00, billionaire problems, bill gates pledged to give away 95 percent of his wealth so wh
5:51 am
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5:53 am
>> in the south bay hidden cash is coming your way. ed stash will be hidden tomorrow in shows by the mysterious ben factor. this word on the location but hidden cash says that a huge give away will happen when he reaches 100,000 twitter followers. right now he has 32,000 followers including that gentleman tracing a clue to the ramp bar in the dog patch neighborhood yesterday. this couple found $100 buried in baker beach yesterday afternoon and passed it to families. the man behind it told abc that he is work millions and he wants others to share if his success. >> most of what i am giving back is in the form of traditional charity but i also wanted to do
5:54 am
something kind of fun for san francisco. >> it got us out of the pack yard and out to the beach but a fun story. >> the donor says he could end up handing out hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> in washington state a giveaway of a different variety vietnam, a "buzz." a self-proclaimed weed fairy has been patting out free marijuana to seattle. the woman has been attaching pot to fliers and police say this is not a priority because it is legal in washington state. why the weed fairy is doing this she wants to make people smile. >> i thought that was job of the tooth fairy. >> by the way approximate what i have read she is doing this alone. it is not a "joint" operation. >> very nice. sigh wanted to know what the "high" was to seattle today.
5:55 am
"i can't remember." "you are just blowing smoke." cheech and chong. >> we will have a game at at&t park and we could go on forever, couldn't we? 61 and then 56 cubs and giants. quickly, 90's through the central valley and 107 in palm springs and 79 if los angeles and 74 in lake. >> i'm not going up in smoke with that one. westbound 24 near wilder, this is a stall but also, possible accident, two right lanes as you move westbound. eastbound in the tunnel it is the non-commute direction a stalled tour bus blocking two lanes of traffic in the tunnel. north 880 at marina, reports of an accident two right lanes and well look outside of walnut creek south of 680 getting busy as you make the turn toward 24 with brake lights.
5:56 am
>> for sugar coating it, being blunt. >> a judge in southern iran has summoned facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg to appear in court. the iranian judges want zuckerberg to answer complaints by individuals who say facebook-owned legislations including instagram violate privacy. the judge today ordered the two apps blocked in iran. facebook is band along with other social media sites. >> the moment this weekend against allotteds happened in iowa, a minor league hopeful smacked one over the ensure into the hands of a man in the stands...and it was his dad who drove five hours who caught the ball. it was a come-from-behind win. what better souvenir for the dad? >> thank you is a home run.
5:57 am
>> we continue at 6:00 with the top stories. >> we have the overnight re-opening of southbound 280 and the reason why the work 90 over yet. >> manifesto fall out the tech executive fired for controversial examines on the 100-page document written by isla vista suspect elliot rodger. >> high-tech and safety come together to protect teens behind the wheel with michael finney putting new parental tracking gadgets to the
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, for the first time in days, traffic is moving through southbound interstate 280 if san francisco. the overnight re-opening and when commuters will face another shut down. >> parents' heartache, the mom and dad of a bay area college student who lost their live in the isla vista rampage are speaking out. they initially thought their son was okay.
6:00 am
san francisco teachers will try to make the case for 21 percent pay hike. tuesday and back to work after the long holiday week. thanks for joining us. >> the sun is rising and we will see a lot of that today. >> a lot of sunshine today, but, it will not be so warm as year. we have a a few clouds along the bay and, also, at the coast but those will thin out, too, quickly as the breezes kick up and the dry air moving in behind the dry cold front. 56 away the bay this morning and 63 with sunshine and breezy 74 and back in the mid-60's in the evening. inland we have a stray cloud but mostly sunny and 56 and 74 by noon and topping out around the low 80's. so no more 90's in the forecast. you will be in the low 76 and breezy. breezy along the coast with are? ing sunshine and upper 50's. >> back to work and


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