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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 28, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> i will buy it. >> hopefully everyone is buying it. here is the visibility: unlimited everywhere, with a few lingers clouds along the coast that are very thin. with the breezes kicking in when we get the sun up, it will chase away the cloud cover, 42-miles-per-hour gusts up on top of mount tamalpais at 2,600' and we are 80 to 88 degrees inland and 68 to 80 at the bay and 62 to 67 along the coast into san francisco. leyla gulen? >> if you are taking bart, 36 trains are on time and a brand new update from ace train which is 15 minutes late because of an early fire. if you are waiting for the train it will be a few minutes late. at the altamont pass, the drive is slowing down. you can see plenty of traffic. 29 miles per hour as you leave tracy and bumper-to-bumper traffic to greenville and only 34 minutes from tracy to dublin
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and highway four and who are in the clear. >> classes resume at uc santa barbara for the first time since friday's deadly rampage in isla vista. tonight, a bay area tribute to the six victims would lost their lives including three from the south by: james honk, david wang and george chen. amy hollyfield is at car for the tribute. >> students are organizing a vigil to be held at memorial glade at 8:00 tonight at berkeley to show they stand in solidarity with the campus. it is their sister school. students have been busy grieving and remember, to say thank you and placed a large banner at the police department and students are writing messages of thanks to the officers who responded to the shootings. the students say brave officers stopped the killer from shooting
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anyone else. >> we did not realize how serious the situation was but after seeing it, it was cool. we watched the cops monitoring the people and it was awesome what they did. >> there was a vigil at uc santa barbara to remember the victims. students filled the campus stadium. one student said he had never seen the stadium so full. >> they are supposed to get ready for final exams right now but many say it is too difficult to study. classes in santa barbara were canceled so students could have a day of mourning. they are going back ode and some think that will help the he willing process. a state senate bill addressing mental health in california's criminal justice system is sure to draw attention in the wake of the rampage. it proposes strengthening tote calls to help law enforcement identify signs of mental illness in people they interact with. a news conference is held today
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outlining the legislation sponsored by state senate democrats including darryl steinberg and lonnie hancock. >> there will be a gun violence restraining order co-authored by nancy skinner of berkeley. if someone threatens to harm others, law enforcement can be we contacted and take away their guns and third chance to purchase more is revoked. >> two new developments in the racially charged scandal involving l.a. clippers' owner donald sterling. his wife shelly sterling is move quickly to sell the team and could name a new own are bit end of the week according to the "los angeles times" today trying
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to sell the team before the meeting on tuesday when they will vote whether to take control away from the family. donald sterling says he is vowing to fight the league decision to force him to sell the team. he says he has received offers of more than $2.5 billion. more on the story with katie marzullo at 5:30. the state will take on whether to allow public access at half moon bay forcing a settlement of a venture capitalist to allow access to martin's beach which has the only access road to the coast. he closed off the pat saying an old spanish land grant gives him that right. if it passes, the state can seize the land to regain public access. separately, a judge will rule on a lawsuit over the same beach access in a couple of weeks. the bay area's mysterious money man is promising to she
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the south bay some love and cash today. the person dropping money-filled envelopes all over the bay area promised something special when he crossed 100,000 twitter followers and he is well beyond that. matt keller has more from san jose. matt? >> the cash could be dropped off anywhere in san jose and in san francisco it was dropped off at parking meters and construction sites and we have those here, as well, and how about iconic sites the possibilities are endless if a city that is 180 square miles. the latest tweet says san jose drops in the morning showing the south bay some love and cash. the man with the twitter handle "at hidden cash," is a real estate developer with millions and plans on giving away hundreds of thousands in cash. this is what he does, revealing a clue on twitter and the race is on for the followers with
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122,000 followers right now. people who fine the cash from $2020 $100 tweet out a photo of the cash and the man behind the give away told "people" magazine it is intended to put a smile on people's faces. it is inspiring generosity and many of winners end up sharing the money with people in the area. no word on how long he will spread that cash and love but the next stop is los angeles and he will make his way to new york. a new poll by the american council of the bay area shows the region house and traffic problems are the biggest concerns and will become a your california to local leaders to self. 79 percent of the people in the council poll say the region is in the grip of a housing cost crisis. they agree that something needs to be done only a small majority, 52 percent, support building more housing. as for the commute, 81 percent say traffic is the same or worse than a year ago.
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at the same time, 68 percent say they drive to work alone or never use public transit. >> the oakland police department is looking for more officers to gin the force. the department is accepting applications through friday on the web site. you have to be at least 21 and have a high school diploma and is looking to hire 100 new officers. >> a vote in the east bay could hike taxes for homeowners. the waste management authority will vote on whether to adopt an annual fee for every homeowner to keep the hazardous waste collection sites open. they have taken batteries and oil, and poison and other materials. the first vote failed to act if april. critics say this is unnecessary. they believe the board should not need to exist at all. >> now a chechen -- check on the
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weather forecast. >> sun and breeze? >> yes, and the breezes will cause issues in the central valley. i have it colored in red. that means we have a red flag warning and it comes as close as in san francisco, 57 in ferry building, and that is warmer than yesterday. 53 downtown and the same as year. the cool spot is west portal at 49. we have other 40's, mid-to-upper 40's in appeal appeal, -- palo alto and saratoga so temperatures running cooler than yesterday until pleasanton at 51 and tracy is 63. you can see we have a beautiful sunrise developing, 48 to 56 so a sunny start. it will be mild at noon, dress for temperatures at 60 at the coast and 76 inland with breezes in the afternoon, 60's at the
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coast and 84 inland and in the evening, 58 at the coast and 78 inland. here is leyla. >> good morning, everyone, we are starting off with 15-minute delay on ace train one because of a fire that has been put out. it looks like trains are starting to roll again. there is going to be the 15-minute delay so plan ahead. in other delays are expected. loan the peninsula we have a southbound 101 through appeal pale the embarcardero road off-ramp is blocked because of dirt that fell off of a truck. caltran is called out to clean things up so you could see delays and possibly the off-ramp blocked. here is the rest of the san jose area checking out 101 beyond the san jose airport 62 miles per hour looking clear and 280 is great and 85 is not bad. the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic moving along just fine and we get up to the eastern span of of the toll plaza the
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traffic is blowing out smoothly. move over mornings, tar bucks is going for the dinner crud in america's money report. >> and google has the vehicle of the future with a critical car part being ditched. >> a teen covers up a collision with a red light [ male announcer ] now get more of what you deserve. visit your local benjamin moore dealer today and get $50 off every $250 purchase.
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area. >> good morning on wednesday morning. if you were to scale sutro tower in san francisco, not to say you should, but if you were, and you stood where our camera was, this is the view you get. >> a beautiful day and we will check with mike nicco on the forecast. >> and ugly weather in a large part of the country with widespread storm across the midsection and the east coast have been unrelenting, and wind and damaging hail knocked out power for tens of thousands from central pennsylvania to washington, dc. and in central texas, flash flooding for residents and 16 tornado reports in the region, and one funnel cloud caused nine
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injuries in north dakota. >> prank materials posted a hike flier saying hikers would be charged a trillion to use a trail that leads into the open space. someone posted the sign with the city logo saying starting june 15 walnut creek will charge a dollar for people and 50 cents for dogs to used rail and the city says it is not true. this is in charge to use the open space. >> another report-setting day on wall street. >> starbucks is getting into the burger business? okay. we enjoy have committee's money. >> wall treat is pushing higher, with trading opening with the s&p 500 is the an all time high claiming for the 4th stray day on positive economic news. apple was among the big gainers closing at two career high. >> a new report says that the median pay for an american c.e.o. is now more than $10
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million, a new record, and 257 times greater than what the average employee earns. >> it is a hassle, expensive and not that necessary. on "good morning america" we will investigate clothing labels and discover that washing a dry clean only item won't always ruin the wardrobe. starbucks is opening one of the eateries in los angeles that offers burgers and other items and serving beer, wine and cocktails. they will monitor progress before exiting to more dinner service. that is america's money. >> palo alto's electric carmaker tesla could be the darling of wall street but a top credit rating company says not to fast giving tesla credit rating junk status, six levels below the top rating of investment grade. there is a lot of uncertainty ait bought future because of small size, niche product line and limited demand despite a 400 percent increase in the company
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stock price last year. tesla says the rating was determined without their input. >> the car of the future has arrived but comes without a few standard features. google unveils the driverless car with no steering wheel or driver pedal because it drives itself and has buttons forego and stop. this is a video released by the company showing some of the 100 prototype cars in action. the cars will not go on sale and says they are not interested in going into the auto make industry. instead, they want to partner with other firms using their technology. >> police say a teen driver crashed into a red line camera and tried to hide the evidence by taking the red light. the drive was late for work on saturday and he was peeding and he hit the light pole. it landed in the flatbed of the
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pickup and a driver snapped a photo adjusting the old before driving off with it of police found the vehicle and the pole a few hours later. witnesses could not believe he thought he would get away with it. >> especially with the 6' big light camera, i think someone would notice. >> you don't remember that picture? >> the driver has been charged with hit-and-run and the city could send him the bill for the damaged camera which presumably charged with theft. >> i am sure. and note to teen. the when there is one red light camera there are usually several others looking at the same intersection. >> how do you know that? >> huh? >> she has special expertise. >> hospital -- let's change >> thank you. >> okay. outside there is no red light
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for the breezes today, they are full go. right now, they are keeping all the clouds away on live doppler 7 hd so we will on the weather window and show you what it looks like from the exploritorium, no white caps on our water this morning. there could be later today. the commute is calmer as far as ferries but maybe breezy headed into the afternoon hours. we will talk about our highlights, sunny and breezy. no doubt about it around the bay and to the coast. with our next cold front, some clouds and drizzle are possible on friday morning and that opens us to cooler highs friday, saturday, and sunday. here is the area of low pressure but still a dominant influence on the weather keeps us breezy for the next day or so. we will start to calm starting tomorrow. this is how it looks from the east bay hills, two degrees cooler from antioch coming off the delta water and redwood city is 78 and san francisco and san rafael and oakland and all neighbors at two to four degrees
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warmer than yesterday. we will start done south where we will be 78 in san jose and we could hit the mid-80's around los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy less influence by the breezes and 68 in millbrae and less influenced by the breeze and mid-to-upper 70's for the rest of peninsula and low-to-mid 60's along the coast where even with total sunshine, the winds will win out today and mid-to-upper 60's downtown and south san francisco to 70 in sausalito and bodega bay, low-to-mid 60's and 20 degrees warmer in the valleys with low-to-mid 80's along the east bay shore but we will go from 75 and berkeley and oakland is 76 and hercules at 80. upper 80's in the east bay valley. tonight we fall back into the 50's. amanda is continuing the weakening trend and now just a tropical storm the convection is being blown off and amanda will
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create a hot of rough surf for the western part of mexico toward the baja. the seven-day forecast shows warmer tomorrow, and six to ten degrees cooler on friday and cooler, again, on saturday, before a slow warming trend sunday, monday, and tuesday. dry all seven days. >> the project that we had in place, those all wrapping up right now and it looks like all lanes should be re-opened and we will look starting with the san rafael toll plaza, you bridge is wide open. not too many cars from richmond. across the water it will take 13 minutes. 101 moving along fine before you get to 580 with clear conditions and headed through the waldo and up to the golden gate bridge it is moving fine with usually construction nobody and that is cleared but if you are headed southbound into san francisco moving along without a hitch.
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over to you, kristen and eric. >> seven things to know as you star the day. >> friend that can never be broken, the heart working reunion...between a goat and a burro. >> a woman sits down to eat a steak and she is now in the record
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this is mike. his long race day starts with back pain... ...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve... ...for all day relief. "start your engines" whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here seven things to know: berkeley students hole tailed our memorial to pay tribute to the victims of the deadly rampage in isla vista at 8:00 on cal cam must. an estimated 20,000 people turned out for remembrance at uc santa barbara yesterday. students returned to class today for the first time since the attack that took sis lives -- since lives including three students from the bay area. >> police looking for the person
5:24 am
that killed a map at a gas station last might and wounded another at the five-star gas station at 9:30. police say the deceased is 24 years old and the other victim was shot in the leg and is expected to survive. though did not know each other. >> new twist in the l.a. clippers' owner donald sterling scandal. espn is reporting that his estranged wife has set a deadline of today for interested buyers to submit bids and hopes to name a new owner by the end of the week. he sent a defiant message to the league vowing to fight to keep the team. >> four, the fight over access to a beach in san mateo county faces a critical vote today at the state capital. the senate votes today on a bill to force a billionaire into a settlement to re-open a beach road and fit passes it goes to the estate assembly. >> the mysterious money man is promising to show the south bay love and cash will the person who has been dropping money-filled envelopes across the bay area promised something
5:25 am
special when he crossed 100,000 twitter followers and has now surpassed that with 125,000 followers. be on the look out. >> can you see we will have total sunshine but the breezes are the big story and i will tell you where the high fire danger is today and the cooler weather coming for this weekend. >> seven, it is a light commute at the bay bridge toll plaza with cash-paying lanes loading up but all in all we have accident tree conditions across the bay area and we have a mass transit delay open ace train with details on that to come. >> two best friends are reunited and happy to be together. we showed this video at 4:00 yesterday: the goat got depressed after being separated from his friend, the burro, jellybean.
5:26 am
he perked up when they were back together. here is a video. jellybean was driven 14 hours to bring them back together. they lived in poor conditions side-by-side for a decade in southern california and their new caretaker said more g went through an incredible transformation before her eyes. >> he was extremely lethargic, sad, and no appetite and it came to our attention that this deep born was formed with a burro and you can see she is excited and her eyes are lit up and i have a goat who is acting like a goat. he stuck to his friend. >> the video of the mr. gee reunion has two million hits on youtube in a week. >> are you serious? two million? two million? >> two million. >> 5:26. the morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories including a possible set back
5:27 am
for city college of san francisco, the reason the school accreditation extension could be against the law. >> a restless night for fire crews in central california and an update on the containment efforts for right here. my parents were immigrants. and they taught me that with hard work, anything is possible. i earned a scholarship to mit. and worked across party lines to get things done. i'm alex padilla.
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i'll protect voting rights for everyone. and make it easier to start a business. so we create jobs and opportunity for all californians. what should we order? (announcer) alex padilla. secretary of state.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday at 5:29. thank you for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. meteorologist mike nicco joins us with the forecast. >> we are off to a clear start on live doppler 7 hd. there is a lot of sunshine out there today. no clouds like we had yesterday. in some areas it should be just slightly warmer with the breezes keeping up. mild 68 to 80 away the bay and the 80 is coming down into the south bay to 68 up around, say, south san francisco. 80 to 88 from the north bay
5:30 am
valley to the east bay valley and it will be breezy along the coast into san francisco bay and 62 to 67. leyla gulen has the traffic. >> mike, as we take you over to highway 4, the drive through antioch is starting to slow down as you make the public away -- push away from 160 down to 20 miles per hour at hillcrest. it will losen up in pittsburg and bay point with 242 to 680, and walnut creek is flowing smooth and up to highway 24 to lafayette and orinda, no delays out there. in fact, as you make it past 13 into piedmont and oakland, starting to see a little bit of a slow down as you make the push away from 580 but all in all drive into the maze is moving fine. >> thank you. right now, we have new developments in the donald
5:31 am
sterling. katie marzullo has that story. as of right now, it is likely the veto terminate the ownership of donald sterling will go forward. if the sale were arranged the background check would not be done by june 3 when the team owners make the decision but that is a big "if." donald sterling says he is not selling. in fact, his attorney said they will fight to the bloody end with a 32-page response to the nab saying there is in basis for stripping him of his team because his racist statements were illegally recorded dug an inflamed lover's quarrel. he says "it's my team and i'll sell it when and if i've get around to it." that is a 180 from what his wife is saying, saying she is authorized inrying to negotiate the sale include his 50 percent.
5:32 am
multiple sources tell espn she has set a deadline of today for buyers to submit their first bids in order to scour a -- secure a sale and the "los angeles times" reports that she is trying to line up a prospective buy are by the end of the week. two days. bank of america is handling the sale made bid books available to potential buyers yesterday. the uc berkeley is preparing for a vigil in on of the six victims at uc santa barbara with thousands packed into the stadium to remember the dead yesterday, and our reporter, amy hollyfield, is in berkeley with more. there will be an open mike at the event tonight but the
5:33 am
comments are asked not to be political and everyone focus on the victims. the vigil we at uc santa barbara turned political. the father of one of the victims had the crowd chanting "now one more." he encouraged everyone to fight for tougher gun control laws. classes were canceled yesterday so students could have a day mourning. though geared in the university stadium to remember the victims. richard hard tin necessary pushed them to take action. >> how many more people have to die in this situation before the problem is solveed? it is almost normal for us to accept this. that is not normal. >> the stadium was full of most i students and holds 20,000 people, one student told us he never had seen it that full. >> many of the students were wearing black ribbons for the six students killed.
5:34 am
at berkeley students gather at memorial glade at 8:00 with organizers wanting to show the students they stand with them in solidarity at their sister campus. >> a training exercise has been canceled out of respect for the students killed in isla vista which would have involved a gunman taking over the school and it could be upsetting and was best to postpone. >> three bay area high schools held their own tributes for the graduates who died, a fremont christian school david wang is remembered as a student would loved pickup basketball. at san jose lynbrook high school, a moment of silence for james hong graduating two years ago with honors. george chen graduated from leland high school in 2012. he was a gentle soul would liked working with children. >> he is just the kindest,
5:35 am
sweetest, young man and brilliant smile that could light up the room. >> you have tears or other emotion. >> counselors were on each campus to speak with students and faculty on their first day back to class since the massacre. we will have continuing coverage of the rampage on air and line with reporting continues on twitter@abcnewsbayarea. >> a jury could be seats today for bryan stow against the los angeles dodgers. the santa cruz paramedic sat in the front row in the wheelchair with his family. the 45-year-old suffered disabling brain damage during a beating outside dodgers stadium in 2011. the attorney blames a lack of security and is seeking millions in damages from the former owner and say he will never be able to work and requires constant care.
5:36 am
>> the justice department has been asked to send a specialist to town to true to soothe anger over three deadly officer-involved shootings since march. the chief wants a dialogue with the community next week and the justice department community relations service is an impartial agency and the shootings have triggered angry demonstrations with all three men killed were latino and he says officers were protecting themselves and the public and race was not a factor in the shooting it is restless night in california with a fast moving foothills not far from yosemite that has destroyed three structures, two homes, and burning in rough terrain. that is making containment efforts difficult. the fire starts on sunday afternoon. it grew out-of-control and is
5:37 am
only0 percent contained. >> a commission trying to revoke the accreditation of city clemens of san francisco said extending the deadline violates federal rules and nancy pelosi and other lawmakers want the commission to citizen the july 31 deadline to give the college more time to fix financial and administration issues and avoid closure. this contradicts written assurances from a federal education official that an tension is permissible. jackie speier said the commission is a roguation and should be shut down the missing the south bay. san jose drops showing the south bay some love and cash, the question is where. no word on the location but a huge give away will happen with 100,000 twitter followers and
5:38 am
right now he is above 100,000. in san francisco people searched for cash on lombard and fisherman wharf and the palace of fine arts. abc7 is on the search for 20 and $100 bills in san jose. >> i love another hidden cash tweet where he says he is overwhelmed that there is so much request for cash and media and he hasn't been doing this. really, it is muddy and here is the wind, it is a surface wind that is at 14 miles per hour and as we head through the afternoon, the fastest winds right now are in the upper part or upper parts of our elevation and they will work their way down to the san francisco bay through 3:00 tomorrow morning and northwest wind at 15 to 25 knots and same along the coast. this is going to create some
5:39 am
issues through the central valley. you can see the whole area in red from reading down to modesto and that is a red flag warning and it does include solano county to be careful in vacaville and fairfield, you are under that high fire danger also. as far as our planner, we are starting off with sunshine with temperatures in the 50's and the spread starts to develop by noon 60's at the coast and 76 inland, and it will be breezy near bodies of water if you are sitting outside you have to contend with that warmer spot, 76 at the bay, and what are you doing this evening? dressing for 58 at the coast and 66 at the bay and 78 inland. have a good day. >> 44 bart trains are running on time and ace train one is 14 minutes late as it heads to livermore, and ace train three is a minute late. the reason for the delay on ace rain one is due to an early fire that has been put out and we are just dealing with the backups.
5:40 am
as we hook at backups along 580, it is busy and this it going to help, a hit-and-run accident at 580 at first leaving with us at 29 miles per hour approaching vasco and we are still on the brakes. from tracy to dublin it will take 43 minutes especially through antioch that is where we are see the delay but from antioch to concord, westbound highway 4 is 19 minutes and san rafael to san francisco we are looking at 18 minutes so, still clear as you head from san rafael into san francisco. eric and kristen? >> thank you, next, a random act of kindness honoring local heroes and bay area firefighters receive a generous gift and although they using it to pay it forward. >> happening today, we hours away from vice president biden's bay area visit and the two events he has planned with his wife. >> watch this pitch -- you will see the pitch, not a good one.
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g. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he be speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets.
5:43 am
democrat john perez for controller. covering los los altos, anth and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. vice president biden is coming to the bay area today for two fundraisers for the democrat national committee after a meeting in colorado with leaders in denver year.
5:44 am
he will speak at graduation at the air force academy near colorado springs before coming to san francisco for a fundraiser at the fairmont and a private event at a residence. >> firefighters in bake veil were given a generous vice when they raced to a call but they knew how to respond in kind. at costco to fight a fire and the bill was paid signed "air force race." >> a nice gesture over the memorial day when we should be honoring the military and their families. they took their unspent grocery money and paid for an older couple waiting in line to buy a memorial day flowers. the firefighters had already planned a dinner to on a 97-year-old world war ii veteran from vacaville and organized a fundraiser benefiting the veterans hospital as travis air
5:45 am
force base all squeezed in between answering emergency calls. >> the first coin from the greatest buried treasure found in the united states was auctioned off in san francisco, the 1874 $20 double eagle gold point got $15,000, $10,000 more than expected. it is the first coin to be auctioned by the northern california couple who found 1,400 coins on their sierra nevada property. the find is will vade -- valued at $10 million. it will go to preserve the historic building on 5th where it was first made. they are auctioning off the prosecute of the coins online and will keep the rest of the money. >> finders keepers so jealous. >> how will it look for you today? it was nice yesterday? a lot of sunshine. you can keep it, too. absolutely. you can turn it into electricity if you want. if you have that capacity. here is live doppler 7 hd, we are under unlimited visibility
5:46 am
with haze along the coast but that is about it. we will look at temperatures, 41 inned withside and menlo park and palo alto in the mid-40's and we have low 50's for redwood city and foster stay and san mateo and 53 at san brew -- bruno and santa rosa is breezy so you are at 55 and napa is 48 and san ramon is 48, and fairfield is 49, the cool spots and antioch is the warmest at 61. here is how it looks from sutro tower, the sun is about to break the horizon and when it does, it will stir up the atmosphere and it will prius breeze -- it will bring us breezes and total sunshine. clouds and drizzle with the next cold front friday morning and cooler on friday and saturday and sunday. it will be breezy today in many areas. temperatures are down south, mid-to-upper 70's close to average and a few 80's around
5:47 am
los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and mid-to-upper 70's on the peninsula, and redwood city at 78, but millbrae is cooler at 68 because of the draw through the san bruno gap. low-to-mid 60's along the coast into downtown but south san francisco is 67 and sausalito is 70 and low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley and mid-to-upper 70's along the east bay shore and oakland is 76 and hercules is the warm spot at 80 and widespread low-to-upper 80's in the east bay. inland neighbors from pleasanton at 81 and brentwood is 88. the temperatures are dropping back into the 40's in most areas and morgan hill, leg -- los gatos and santa rosa could be in the upper 40's. here is the seven-day forecast, one-or-two degrees warmer tomorrow and the next cold front comes in friday with a chance of drizzle for the morning commute and mostly along the coast and temperatures coolest on saturday and a slow warming trend on sunday, monday, and tuesday. dry all seven days. have a great one. >> metering lights are turned ons on the bay bridge, so expect
5:48 am
to see backups. 80 through vacaville moving along mine eastbound and westbound, through fairfield and further into american canyon and vallejo we have a little bit of a slow down in the eastbound direction at 56 miles per hour and, also, along 68 at 57 miles per hour a look at the car din necessary and benicia bridge not a problem and we are looking at clear conditions. away from sfo to san francisco that drive is moving along fine at hospital curve you could be tapping on the braves but only ten minutes from sfo to third street. to morgan hill, a new crash southbound 101 at congress -- cochran road. no delays though. >> listen to this or feast your eyes: a competitive eater from nebraska is celebrating a big win after polishing off
5:49 am
4.5-pound steak in four minutes. molly set a record at a toes next steakhouse and posted the video on youtube, with the restaurant footing the bill if anyone who can eat a steak, bake potato, slip, salad in under an hour. how did she celebrate? she had another we 4.5-pound steak which she devoured in nine minutes and 59 seconds. >> oh, my ... >> check out this story. 50 cent is worth millions but as a pitcher? not worth a dime. >> you have to see this. he threw out the first patch last night at the mets' game and called the worst in history. >> look, he wipes up plunk. not even close. a bean ball. it looks like a cameraman is
5:50 am
going to take a pitch. his athletic abilities are called into question and he is compared to other bad celebrity pitches including karl lewis but he is tweets if you watch closely you can see them moving the mate to try to help him out. a northern california high school is put up for sale and students are not do blame. amazing stunt or cruelty by a dare devil with his dog strapped to his back.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
good morning, everyone, at 5:53 on the morning news. a gorgeous shot of the sun rising in the east this morning, it will be very sunny and, also, a little breezy. mike will have the forecast. >> also, police in mountain view want your help in tracking down a burglar. surveillance video from friday show the burglar snowed a business in the 200 block of castro street. he broke in and stole $700 and police estimate the robber was in his 60's to possibly 70 years. >> san francisco will hold a dedication ceremony for a new stamp issued by the postal service. the mayor will join officials at city hall this afternoon to celebrate the new harvey milk
5:54 am
forever stamp, the first publicly gay elected official in california when he when a seat on the board of supervisors. he was assassinated by another we supervisor in 1978. the white house held their own stamp dedication last week. we will see if mike is over the horror of watching the 50 cent pitch. >> did he lose a lot of street credibility? that is as bad as karl lewis singing -- no, that was worse. >> we have the senator about to break over the east bay hills at two degrees cooler today inant rock anded with wood is the seem but two to four degrees warmer for all our neighbors and a couple of baseball games today, a day game at 12:45 and sunscreen needs to be grabbed but edge at the cove and we will have our afternoon game tomorrow. 69 and dropping down to 62.
5:55 am
enjoy. >> in morgan hill, there is a crash southbound 101 at cochran 680 to walnut creek only six minutes and 24 from walnut creek toly 13 is nine minutes and 48 minutes along 580 westbound from tracy to dublin and the bay bridge toll plaza is already seeing heavy backups away from the maze. you are looking at extra minutes tacked on. graduation season. soon-to-be graduates in northern california wanted to pull off an unforgettable senior high school prank. they put oakmont high school up for sale for a price of $2,014. the "for sale" sign was up to attract buyers with fliers promoting everything this came with the property but the brains
5:56 am
was not a senior or student at the school. >> if you cannotject and have fun...too bad. jessica's daughter is a senior at the school and she didn't mine helping if her daughter didn't get if trouble. she googled senior ranks -- pranks decided this drew the most attention without causing harm. >> this video shows the first base jump -- space jumping dog while jumping off a mountain in the swiss alps, the four -year-old dog seems calm during the whole thing but much more excited when he get to the ground. is the dog jumping tore joy or relief some think it is amazing and others think it is cruel. the video is a trailer for his new movie "when dogs fly." >> the morning news continues at
5:57 am
6:00 with the top stories. uc santa barbara coming together to remember the victims of the deadly rampage. the school is moving forward today and the bay area remembrance planned. >> he snow's -- edward snowden's admission in a tv interview. >> dancing dreams, preparing young performers for the big stage. that is next at
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> not one more. not one more. >> the father who lost his son in the deadly rampage near uc santa barbara calls on students to take action. coming up, the bay area remembrance happening today. >> developing now the search is on for the gunman who shot at two people at a gas station and
6:00 am
what we are learning. the mystery millionaire who is creating a cash-helping frenzy across the bay area is getting ready for another give away. the single clue he has already offered up this morning. >> i have not heard from matt keller...did he find cash and could be off spending it? >> do you think? >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> first, though, we get to meteorologist mike nicco and the forecast. >> he had a backpack with shovel and sunscreen. he is busy. have fun today with the hunt. unlimited sunshine. we are clear even to the coast where it is hazy. 56 and in clouds at the bay. 74 at 4:00, and dress for temperatures in the upper 60's and breezy at 7:00. inland, in fog and 55 and in the mid-70's by noon and above average and mid-80's at 4:00, and


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