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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 29, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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southern california. check out flames, you can see they're coming from this massive building fire in walnut mark. that is in los angeles county. >> high voltage lines are making it tough to knock down flames. no injuries being reported now. >> good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> tonight a terrifying warning about certain risk of earthquakes >> in san francisco, very few are complying with a law designed to shore up a type of building. >> yes. soft story building have two stories over a soft or weak story like a parking area the buildings have five units. the story from a marina district hard hit in 1989. >> that is right. a lot of the buildings here have been rebuilt or retro fitted but there are thousands across the
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city that are still vulnerable. the city wants to hear from people who have been put on notice. >> we're adding a number of shear walls on the perimeter of the building. >> it's a project to comply with new, mandatory retro fit law, covering so-called soft story buildings. and there are thousands in this city. multi storied, wood frame buildings with a garage, large windows and openings on the ground floor. >> right now, one in four of the types of buildings with no retro fitting are expected to collapse. with minor retro fitting, that number goes to one in 30. >> during the loma prieta quake, buildings that gave way were soft story structures. 6200 property owners were warned last year, their buildings may be susceptible.
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they must check in by september. so far, only 1800 have responded. >>gn if they don't meet the dea line they'll have to issue notices of violation. >> the city estimates costs going as high as $130,000. but the apartment association made sure it's members know help is available. >> we've been pleased the city has come up with a number of private and public options for landlords in san francisco. >> the cost can be passed on to tenants. but there is an exemption for low-income renters. >> we'll need to get out word to tenants that they can apply for this exemption. it's not automatic. >> only a few owners started this project. >> the exodus continues
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unabaited, four more officers quit saying they can no longer count on the department to care for them if they got injured on the job. vick slee live. >> under measure b, the plan here cops who get injured and are unable to work still get the disability benefits the question is those who get injureed and get a desk job get ben quits fitz? the union says they don't the four cop that's quit just on monday say there is too much uncertainty to stick around. >> last part of chaefshgs that measure b had wept into affect this week. for officer that's is the last straw >> the union says injured officers could be left without a job or a pension.
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detective chris harden just left the fours and says the uncertainty left them with no choice but to quit. >> they took care of me. hayed to learn how to walk again f that happens again, then, i'm not sure that that would take place >> the tough pension reform ballot measure was approved by voters two years ago over occasion of officers. the union says, and city council members voted to ease disability rules to stop the exodus of the cops from the city. >> if they can work, we'll ensure they have a job ask council voted,nb majority to ensure that they'll continue to get paid. >> they're resisting our efforts
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to guarantee salary to injured workers. >> the battle between city hall continues. in the mean meantime, 180 officers will be eligible to retire, soon. vic lee, abc7 news. >> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi says he's stopped honoring requests to hold suspected illegal immigrants who would otherwise be released. saying he will honor ice requests if a judge determines that person is in the country illegally or there is an arrest warrant. >> local law enforcement does not have a place in the civil immigration detainer business we're not set up for it. >> as practice started in 2009, ice asked local authorities to hold suspected illegal immigrants for 48 hours while the agency arranges that person to be transferred to their
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custody. >> new tonight former ceo of microsoft made a $2 billion by the to buy the los angeles clippers. "los angeles times" reports steve balmer outby the two other groups the deal still tentative, but the most-ever paid for an nba franchise this news come five years before telling sterling to buy the team. police owners have to approve the deal. the deal is expected to be approved as long as they're not to move to it seattle where he lives. >> attorneys for los angeles dodgers suggested brian stow may have been partially to blame for instigating the build beeting that left him permanently disabled. stow attended jury vehicles with you it took a lot out of him. he was not in court today for opening statements in his case against the dodgers.
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he went to cheer for giants at dodger stadium. here is how he ended up the former paramedic, disabled for life, now suing the balance park and former owner for negligence after stow being beaten by two drunk dodger fans. his witnesses his neurosurgeon and mother, now his care taker, describing his coma, how long it took him to say a word. eight months the attorney says the organization failed to provide reasonable security. that two attackers should have been removed from the park in the second inning. he says the couple was pelted by peanuts assaulted with obscenities and it came from sanchez it didn't stop there. other aggressive acts are alleged that no security intervened. about a quarter kw of the lapd officers present were tasked to patrol 27 parking lots.
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330 acres. >> there are fences defense responded and stow was drunk, too, says the defense attorney, about safety, fans urged to notify staff if anyone bothers them, the amount of money spent on security for opening day increased under mccourt's management from $25,000 in 2008 to over 66,000 in 2011, when stow was attacked. opening day, plain clothes and uniformed officers and state certified private guards total was 437 safety personnel. largest ever for opening day. stow attorneys say witnesses in the stands will be called next. frank mccourt, possibly next week. reporting from los angeles abc7
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news. >> in san francisco tonight a fund-raiser for an effort to stop gun violence is underway planned before the isla vista massacre. laura? >> yes. hi we're here where this event fund-raiser is tonight. let's show you what's happening now. that is mc hammer just left the press conference here. later tonight there will be a fund-raiser to promote snoop dogg's no more guns campaign. among those in attendance besides mc hammer, joe montana, ronnie lott around the message gun violence needs to stop. snoop's video grew out of the sandy hook tragedy in 2012 but resonates today just days after a violent rampage in isla vista.
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>> we found those kids being affected by these school shootings and shooting we had the other day in southern california, this is outrageous we need to do something about it. and i don't mind standing up for a real cause. that is why i'm here. >> this is definitely something that we can correct. we have to do it as a community. and as a country. not as individuals. we can come up here and talk, somehow, someone has to start making movements. >> with his past, he may in the be everyone's choice but to many, that makes him the exactly right person. his last arrest in 2006 for possession of a gun and airport in southern california. in 1993 he was acquitted for a murder charge. now, back here live, again,
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among those two are involved in this effort tonight, mc hammer said he's greeting folks outside here. some folk that's lost a loved one. snoop dogg's publicist told me today he no longer owns guns. >> thank you, laura. >> still ahead tonight at 6:00 find out why there is likely to be a hunl increase in garbage rates. why one by thor thinks this stinks. >> tonight a local school district may put brakes on auto shop classes. >> i'm spencer christian. after warming it, a cool down tomorrow, but how long will that last? the answer is in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and what could be a major energy break through. cutting our use of fossil fuels boiling down to little more than
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>> oakland residents aren't happy about a plan to increase the cost of trash pick up from less than $30 per month to about $44 a month. the agreement tonight waste management says the hike amounts to a 50% increase for homeowners. >> things remaining the same.
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and so what is you're paying for? >> waste management says plans to add jobs and expand initiatives, another company california waste solutions says it wasn't treated fairly during negotiation was the city. the council won't make a final decision tonight. >> a small group of students trying to hold on to their auto shop program, expected to go away after today the school district believes the demand is just not there but students think it's an important part of education. >> he says he's not the best at writing school essays but give him a car to work on. he's in his element. >> i want to be an auto technician i want to work on
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electric cars and old v 8s. >> he's a student at el camino high school the shop program was established nearly 50 years ago. the guy that started it still heads it >> i was out of college and walked in. never left. >> james crescent says the district tells him they will close the shop because there is little demand for elective. >> it's student demand. so we have a smaller community of students here at el camino high school wanting this program >> the district will offer students a chance to take this elective somewhere else, at another high school. less than two miles away. and at skyline college. every student wanting to take this class will have opportunity to auto body within the school district. >> still, he says it's not convenient for him to go somewhere else. >> not going to move to another school. i live close to here. if they lose this program, i'm
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going to lose what i like to do. >> the district said el camino is putting resources into science program. a new building opened last month. but saying it as been a good option for students who are more mechanically inclined . >> i plan on having an auto club, after school auto club. i have high student interest. >> he wants to keep doors open for those that aren't necessarily thinking about college. leanne melendex, abc7 news. >> we've learned about that story from a viewer e >> our weather heating up today, but maybe not too long. >> yes. spencer chis chin is here. >> yes. heating is winding down. a pleasant one.
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we have sunny skies right now. we do expect low clouds and fog to coastline tonight and move inland beyond the coast. looking under blue skies, comparing yesterday's high temperatures, and to today high temperatures. santa rosa is one degree cooler, hours will be pointing downward tomorrow. temperatures here is a live view looking out over golden gate. you can see just a hint of low haze moving in now. 82 in fairfield. and a beautiful view from our camera, on western sky, sunlight reflecting off bay waters.
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all locations hit the coast and warmer on sunday as temperatures start to rebound. here is the satellite image showing that pool of air driving south ward. bringing low clouds and fog. this won't take long to push inland across the bay the pattern continues tomorrow, so cooler tomorrow. low temperatures low to mid-50s. tomorrow, highs into the south bay, warmer moving south ward. peninsula, upper 60s to low 70s.
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upper 50s on the coast. partly sunny skies north bay highs only upper 50s on the coast. over east bay, upper 60 here is the accu-weather forecast. sunday will be a warmer day. mid-80s inland around the bay and temperatures dropping off another couple degrees on monday, tuesday. so it's a rollercoaster. >> thank you. >> good. >> coming up next a salute to the him layin sherpa guides.
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right here. my parents were immigrants. and they taught me that with hard work, anything is possible. i earned a scholarship to mit. and worked across party lines to get things done. i'm alex padilla. i'll protect voting rights for everyone. and make it easier to start a business.
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so we create jobs and opportunity for all californians. what should we order? (announcer) alex padilla. secretary of state.
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a cupertino 8th grader who made to the finals of the national spelling bee has sadly just been eliminated. she got the first word right but knocked out during the
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round >> it's a tough break but she did wonder fully. we're proud of her. a second competitor knocked out p the initial round the winner goes home with $33,000 in cash and prizes. >> the son of a famous sherpa, one of the first two people to climb mount everest honored today at san francisco zoo. the zoo's new red panda named after the sherpa. he and sir edmond hillary reached the summit. today, donating a thousand dollars to the foundation family fund helping pay for education of the families of the 13 sherpas killed last month.
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>> growing up, my father had a climbing school. with the climbing school there was a zoo. one animal i remember fondly that we used to visit is red >> more still to come tonight at 6:00 killer's parents break their silence, chilling new details on what he had planned. >> and an important change towards chaefrng. >> a bay area musician who agreed to become a kidney donor. turns out he's a perfect match for his ex.
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idlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he be speaker of the california assembly.
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so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
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chilling new details on friday's massacre at uc santa barbara. the killer intended to kill hundreds more people.
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according to the manifesto he set out to destroy the entirety of isla vista and kill every person in it. today, rodger's parents issued a statement through a family friend. abc7 news has that part of the story. >> he's in many ways a monster >> rodger's friend says that about the 22-year-old. as for a younger elliott rodger he says he seemed lonely >> he was a removeed and remote child an odd child he hesitateed and shook when you met him. >> his parents were aware he had problems and tried to get help. he says elliott was on xanax in six months a drug used to treat anxiety caused by depression and saying doctors offered to put him on medication before but he won't take it. >> there is a sense that they
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tried everything. and as i say, on the final night they were on chase to try to rescue him. >> his parents were in l.a. when they got the manifesto by e mail and watched the beginning of his u tube clip they started driving north to santa barbara and heard of the shooting on the car radio. today their focus is on the victims their son stabbed to death three young men from the bay area, then shot and killed three more students near a sorority house this, is the mess wrath to family that's lost a child. >> we're cry crying in pain for victims and families. it breaks our heart on a level we didn't think possible. the feeling of knowing our son's action caused the tragedy could be only described as hell on earth. >> we know his mom called police before the attacks through the family spokesman we know the parents do not blame
6:31 pm
police for what happened. simon says elliott had everyone fooled >> tributes now scheduled for two victims of the massacre. a vigil for george chen will be held tonight in san jose. fremont christian school announced plans for a public mem wril for david wong on sunday. you know how you meet someone and feel you met your perfect match? what if that doesn't work out romant romantically, but then a different kind? with miracles? and sacrifice. >> let's take a moment of a
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perfect match they spent eight years together and had a daughter. >> i wanted to settle down, get married. >> i wanted to my dreams. he wanted to travel and do music. >> it's one of the places we make when young then rue later on. >> i love her very much we're never going to be together again but, the love still stands. and we have to be good parents. >> sabrina became very ill a year and a half ago. at 34, both of her kidneys failed. >> it was miserable. >> she was on dialysis, hoping maybe she could find a transplant donor. >> there is over 85,000 people right now in the united states
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waiting for a kidney transplant. >> then, she got lucky. and the donor she found? >> i was told we're a perfect match all the way through. everything was perfect and well. and it was kind of a miracle. >> today, he went through the last blood work before the surgery. recovery will take a year the twist? he is sacrificing a national music tour to make this happen. >> the biggest moment of my dream so far. i've been doing it 13 years. >> you gave that up? >> yes. >> in an instant, he said for his daughter, her mother and his friend he sacrifice aid relationship for music. now, sacrificing music for a life. it's the perfect match full circle. >> students from seven low performing schools filed a lawsuit today against the stay and top education officials the students are among those
6:34 pm
that claim they received less learning time than other children, identifying several reasons for what it calls lost learning time. including service courses. >> the lost learning time accumulates over time, starting when students are very young, then they fall behind and lose more time progressing through the system. >> students say fights are also distractions. >> google breaking ground opening up about diversity in the work place, revealing today it's employees are white and male, overwhelmingly. 30% are women. 30% are asian but only 3% hispanic. and just 2%, black. the company says it's working to bring more diversion ti to ranks and that transparency is the first step towards change.
6:35 pm
>> has to start in the classroom. >> do i think they'll change it? absolutely. they'll look to hire more minorities you know? they'll do that. >> google vice president said google is not where we want to be when it is hard to address the challenges in you're not prepared to discuss them openly and with facts. >> a fair sale that was too good to be true. southwest airlines slapped with a fine for deceptive advertising. an ad promised flights for $59. on wall street, stocks closed higher today after news that first time unemployment claims have fallen. among local stocks netflix went
6:36 pm
up $13 in san francisco based pharmaceuticals rose 3%. and dish network said it will be the biggest company yet to accept payments in bit coin. >> writer maya angelou being honored in washington at the national portrait gallery. she saw it with a ceremony attended with her family the president presented her with the presidential medal of freedom. >> incredible. >> coming up next, how cutting our use of fuels boils down to
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right here. my parents were immigrants. and they taught me that with hard work, anything is possible. i earned a scholarship to mit. and worked across party lines to get things done. i'm alex padilla. i'll protect voting rights for everyone. and make it easier to start a business. so we create jobs and opportunity for all californians. what should we order? (announcer) alex padilla. secretary of state.
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>> two projects could change the gas you pump into your car. >> yes.
6:40 pm
>> this is a hydro carbon. >> for the professor, moving the world towards fossil fuels boils down to a chem tri problem saying uncover a cost efficient way to transform it into fuel for cars. not ethanol, but bio gasoline >> the real break through is that interest in what we're doing is that we generate gasoline-type molecules. and unlike some, the new process employs a series of catalysts. that is able to convert it into a complex hydro carbon. >> there is normal gasoline just
6:41 pm
like octane gas line. >> he says the team obtained a patent for the process, allowing the university to seek out partners to take it from the lab to commercials scale >> we're talking about liquids >> in a pilot plant a company is already ramping up its mental periods. developing a pro-step process leaving heat and a catalyst >> when gases interact, it's forming gasoline or liquid fuels. >> there are two facilities in the bay area. the founder believes it can produce gasoline for roughly a dollar per gallon. >> we're trying to enable a natural gas-based economy. which i believe is going to
6:42 pm
occur. i don't think it's the only solution but the key portion. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> very cool. >> yes >> our drought is highlighting some odd laws and pro decisions in california >> is nailing something to a tree a century ago allows some to get more water than others.
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teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he be speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
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as most of us struggle to conserve water, 4,000 farms, businesses and cities are allowed to use as much as they want. nobody is keeping track. tonight abc7 morning news anchor looks at california's system. >> you can't live without it. in the third year of a drought, some farmers are fighting to survive without water they need. while others get all they want
6:46 pm
through an arcane system of water rights going back to 1800s. >> in a good year we won't able to stand here unless we got wet. >> this rice warmer will let 1800 acres turn to dust the land does not have what are called senior water rights. just miles away, other rice fields are filled with young sprouts because those farmers get priority during a drought. their water rights going back to days when all farmers had to do to claim water is nail a notice to a tree. these laws mean water had not faced an uncertain future. >> it's going to impact every small community, large, small community in northern california. because we're an agricultural-based economy. >> farmer work mario diaz fears for his livelihood. >> there could be cut backs i'm concerned i may be laid off. >> it's not just the farmers with water rights.
6:47 pm
major cities like san francisco get all of the water they want... because a claim staked a hundred years ago. >> this system works for san francisco. >> there is a problem with water use accountability the state has no idea how much water is being used but research by associated press shows 4,000 companies, farms and land owners with grandfathered rights say they consume trillions per year. with california's dry summer days looming experts say that has to change >> we're going to see a lot of suffering and external legal bills. we haven't done a good jb of quantifying water rights. >> we have to be diligent about developing more water resources in california. >> during a drought, a state commission urged reforming the senior water rights system.
6:48 pm
40 years later they have not been implemented. >> what a right let's update the forecast. >> that is true. changes in temperatures coming up. sunny skies, low clouds on the coastline. state wide tomorrow look for warm conditions inland and cooler along the coast including the bay area. upper 50s acongress the coast. today upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. taking a look at our gaming forecast 7:05, a's took on angels. but team is hot.
6:49 pm
after cooling down we'll warm up again over the weekend, especially sunday. a slight cool down going into next week. >> thank you. >> interesting developments in sports today. >> yes. >> he is very candid. and a's former closer ask teammates not happy at all. sports is coming up next.
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good evening, warriors coach received a community assist award today but all anyone wanted to talk about is curry's take on coaching change. curry said he was hoping mark jackson would stay on as head coach. management decided to let him go. steph said players were shocked over the move. >> it was weird. you know? guys got to be able to adjust to it. and have time to respond.
6:53 pm
that is kind of what happened. >> curry asked whether he wanted to be a warrior for life, would not commit to. that but did say every player loves the oerlgs's commitment to winning and he believes players will adjust to curry. they had a unique bond with jackson. >> there is emotion, for sure. i had three coaches in three years he embodies what i know is good. you know? around here with warriors winning and that kind of feel. >> i'll tell you what is good. this. curry receiving community assist award for numerous contributions. a check going to go to thanks
6:54 pm
usa. well done, steph curry. >> on to baseball off a walk off win, the acht's almost pulled off a win. picking it up in the north inning, something he has done only 16 previous times in majors, that is going deep. a tie, a flare to right he gives up a double in the second. a's soaring two in double on the fourth. so it's 5-4, jed laurie end up
6:55 pm
grounding out with two on to end it. the team splits a four-game series. >> i don't know what to tell you. i'm throwing good pitches. and i dent think it's as bad as it seems >> giants in st. louis starting a series this trailing cardinals 3-2 now in the 6th. with four holes to play today at the memorial, phil mickelson just one shot off the lead when it ended he was nine back doing what he does best. let's gravity take over. 213 in the bunker.
6:56 pm
this is for par. >> yes. >> up and down for par. phil finishes bogey, double bogey for even par round. and a lead heading into round two. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> that is bad, hard to recover from that. >> there are expectations, they have $10 million to pitch it's just fans frustrated he's frustrated. >> thanks larry >> join me tonight, coming up them, wolfs rescue firefighters, pulled out of a raging fire >> then at 11:00 a bus driver hailed as a hero for an
6:57 pm
unscheduled stop. >> and tonight we have the bachelorett and then, we'll be back at 6:00 >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news our coverage continues on abc7 news bay area. >> have a good night. from all of us, thanks for joining us. we appreciate your time.
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