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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 31, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, brand-new developments in the donald sterling saga. his major legal move against the nba. will this affect his wife's $2 billion deal to sell the clippers? and what role will his mental condition play in all of this? monster sinkhole. fear that this huge crater in florida across from a major tourist attraction could grow even larger. >> this, to me, is a little scarier than an earthquake. >> what are the big concerns now? and how are officials trying to deal with them? caught on camera. a high-speed smashup. >> last thing i remember, he was headed straight towards me. >> what was a 16-year-old doing riding shotgun in a police car to capture this frightening moment? and surf's up.
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the dogs making waves in an incredible contest. who is getting a leg up on the competition? good morning, everybody. sara's going to have the breaking dog surfing news in just a few moments. we'll get to that in a very vital way, very soon. we're going to start with those overnight develops in the l.a. clippers saga. could this thing finally be winding down? >> the league has all but approved the deal for shelly sterling to sell the clippers for $2 billion. but donald sterling is vowing to fight, amid swirling questions about his mental competence. >> abc's ryan smith has been following this story from the jump. and he joins us now with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the nba has accepted shelly sterling's move to sell the clippers to steve ballmer and
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has canceled a hearing next week to oust donald sterling from ownership. but he's not going quietly. the los angeles clippers, finally sold. overnight, the nba announcing the los angeles clippers will go to former microsoft ceo and billionaire steve ballmer, pending one last approval by the nba board of governors. ahead of the record $2 billion sale, the league calling off tuesday's vote to eject donald sterling. according to the league, shelly sterling also agreeing not to sue the nba and pay back the nba for any suits filed by her estranged husband, donald. and good thing for the nba because mr. sterling's lawyer, maxwell bleacher, says he isn't done fighting. announcing friday, he's suing the nba for $1 billion in damages. >> we have always expected to get a fight from every angle from mr. sterling. and we're getting it. >> reporter: a source involved in the negotiations to sell the team confirmed to abc news that
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donald sterling was found to be mentally incapacitated, after testing by neurologists this month. their diagnosis, according to espn, mr. sterling was suffering from alzheimer's disease, and likely had been for, quote, three to five years. since the sterlings own the team in a trust, the rules of that trust don't require a court to declare mr. sterling incapacitated. and mrs. sterling became the sole person authorized to sell the team. that ruling, contested by another of mr. sterling's lawyers. bobby samini who told abc news, quote, any assertion that donald sterling lacks mental capacity is absurd. >> if it's found to be invalid, that could mean that everything she's done is no longer valid. >> reporter: this isn't the first time sterling's mental health has been questioned. his wife brought it up to abc's barbara walters when discussing his infamous racist rant. >> have you discussed these remarks at all with your husband?
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>> he saw the tape. and he said, i don't remember saying that. i don't remember ever saying those things. >> what did you think then? >> that's when i thought he had dementia. >> reporter: nba officials called donald sterling's lawsuit, quote, entirely baseless. they're taking a leave me out of it approach. his wife foots the bill for her husband's lawsuits. and the nba rids itself of a rather large distraction. dan and bianna? >> to be clear it up. donald sterling is vowing to sue the nba. and his wife is vowing to essentially indemnify the nba to pay the nba's legal bills. so, essentially, donald is suing shelly? >> reporter: in a way, yes. what they're planning on is she will be able to manage him. if he wants to bring lawsuits, they have to go through that process. they have to go through court and deal with him. but in the end, she is going to indemnify. she has the onus of making sure he doesn't attack the league. and the league can take the approach, not us. >> on a simpler note. is the league likely to approve, give final approval to ballmer
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buying the team? >> reporter: oh, i think he's the closest thing to a sure thing. he's a deep-pocketed owner. he has a great sense of credibility about him. that's what they want. the things that leagues don't want, are owners whose financials might not be as good. or have controversy in their lives. steve ballmer tried to buy teams before. he's in some ways preapproved. this is kind of a sure thing here. what they want to do is get this behind them. i wouldn't be surprised to see a vote coming soon. >> ryan, thank you. ryan smith on the story from the jump. >> ironically, this scandal has made this team the most valuable team in the nba now. >> reporter: nobody would have thought this a month ago. two months ago. >> unbelievable. $2 billion. ryan, thank you. we're going to turn to the big shakeup at the top of the scandal-scarred v.a. the veterans affairs chief has resigned under pressure after more than a month of shocking stories of inadequate medical care for those who served our country. abc's jim avila has more from the white house. the fact that politicians have both parties calling for him to step down really didn't believe the president much choice yesterday.
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>> reporter: you're right, bianna. and good morning. a new man at the top. will that bring in a new era at the v.a. who has been trained to hide bad news? >> a few minutes ago, secretary shinseki offered me his resignation. with considerable regret, i accepted. >> reporter: shinseki was done in by a scheduling scandal, that hid long waits for veterans to see doctors. more than 100 members of congress pressured v.a. secretary eric shinseki to resign. but he resisted, claiming he was betrayed by those who ran the troubled v.a. hospitals. >> i can't explain the lack of integrity of some of the leaders of our health care facilities. >> reporter: the general apologized to veterans, took responsibility and could not resist resignation any longer. sonia nicastro's husband died last year from cancer, while waiting 15 months to see a v.a. doctor. >> it was impossible to get an appointment at the v.a. all he got was runaround. >> reporter: finally, the v.a. secretary could no longer claim the scandal was limited to a few hospitals.
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the inspector general's interim report called it systemic. and the v.a.'s internal audit, delivered to the president hours before the secretary's resignation, agreed. >> i thought the problem was limited and isolated because i believe that. i no longer believe it. it is systemic. >> reporter: deputy v.a. secretary, sloan gibson, will now take on the job of reforming a corrupt scheduling system that put veterans' lives in danger, by hiding their long delays to see doctors. president obama, ordering that those veterans waiting to see a doctor, be contacted one by one, to schedule an immediate appointment. >> i said we wouldn't tolerate misconduct and we will not. we have to do better and we will. there's too many veterans receiving care right now who deserve all of our best efforts. >> reporter: still, the president was reluctant to fire general shinseki, a war hero himself. but he conceded that a change in
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culture was needed. >> yeah. he said the scandal was becoming a distraction for the country. and, jim, another resignation yesterday. white house press secretary jay carney steps down after more than three years on the job. the white house press pool was said to be completely surprised by this move. why announce two, big resignations on the same day? >> reporter: they're really two separate things. shinseki because of scandal. jay carney because of time. he's been there a long time. the longer you're there, the daily friction between the press and the press secretary kind of grinds on everybody. he becomes less effective. i think it was time for him to go at this point. he realized that. he wanted to spend more time with his family and also wants to make some money, out here with the media or consulting or writing a book. >> that's right. a lot of people calling that a thankless job. josh earnest replacing him. he'll get to spend more time, valuable time with his wife, our good friend and colleague, claire shipman, as well. >> i'm going to miss jon karl. >> the back and forth? yes. >> yes. at the briefing.
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thanks to jim avila this morning. there's a lot of other news this morning. to check the other headlines, let's get it to ron. good morning. >> good morning, dan and bianna. and sara just back from a clamping. >> glamping. >> glamping. right. in the fifth group. that was great. good morning, everyone. we begin with now details in a suicide bombing in syria carried out by a u.s. citizen. federal officials confirm that a florida man drove the truck that blew up in northern syria. you see it there earlier this week. he's believed to be the first american to carry out a suicide bombing in syria's three-year civil war. and this morning, a fifth arrest in connection with the deadly boston marathon bombing. 23-year-old cab driver khairullozhon matanov is charged with obstructing the investigation of the bombing by allegedly destroying records and making false statements. he is also accused of lying about his relationship with the tsaranev brothers who are accused of carrying out the attack that killed three people and injured 260 others. and a manhunt is under way in california for three masked gunmen who staged a violent home invasion at a beverly hills mansion.
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police say the men forced their way inside the home, tied up the couple who lived there and shot the woman in the leg. while police investigated, residents of the wealthy neighborhood, home to many celebrities, were told to stay indoors. and take a look at this close call. that's a massive oak tree that came smashing down on this small car on a busy road in duluth, georgia. the driver was trapped inside of that crushed car for nearly an hour. but check this out. he managed somehow to call 911 from his cell phone. and crews were able to free him. he's now recovering at an area hospital. and a wild police chase in alabama. watch as the suspect in the white p.t. cruiser. you may have missed it there. he smashed head-on into the police car. >> how could we miss it? >> the video was taken by 16-year-old jared hinkle, who was on a ride along. while pursuing the suspect, ran through stop signs and red lights. all the while, smiling and waving at passersby. he was eventually arrested.
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and this bear in florida appears to be ready for a summer break after knocking over trash cans and scaring residents in a daytona beach, florida, on thursday. this bear needed a bit of a rest. the bear -- a bit of a rest. wasn't phased by the photographer snapping pictures. relaxing in the hammock for about 20 minutes before heading back into the woods. ambling, back into the woods. magia, the 4-year-old jaguar is showing off her adorable cubs for the first time currently at the living desert facility in palm springs, california. when play time appears to be over here, the first time mommy swoops away one of the cubs and places it back in the den, jaguar style. one of the cubs maybe looking for a little extra fun. see him sticking out his head there again. but both cubs managed to get out for a few more moments before mommy decides that play time is over. and that is how bianna golodryga picks up jake. >> i knock him out. >> you do that.
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he's heavy. >> you should see all our faces. oh, so cute. >> even bianna thought it was cute. and she doesn't even like cats. >> i do like cats. spreading lies. they're very cute. >> they were. >> thank you, ron. cops and geologists are on the scene of a metastasizing sinkhole, in florida, right near the legoland theme park. this thing is threatening to swallow up an entire parking lot. and the question is, how to stop it. abc's reena ninan is right there this morning. reena, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the big concern overnight is the heavy rain. police and geologists worry it could open up even further. while there's plenty of people coming by to take selfies with the sinkhole, officials warn at this hour, that ground behind me is still unstable. check out this 85-foot-long, 18-foot-deep crater that's getting bigger by the minute in a parking lot just across the street from florida's legoland
7:13 am
theme park. engineers and geologists have been working all night to figure out their next move to prevent the hole from getting any bigger, while onlookers seem more curious than worried. this growing cavity is just 40 miles from the 2013 sinkhole that opened up beneath jeff bush's bed, swallowing him up as he swept. his body was never recovered. >> the bedroom floor just collapsed. my brother-in-law's in there. and he's underneath the house. >> reporter: a few months later, experts believe a sinkhole was behind this collapse of a central florida vacation resort near disney world. >> we heard a big boom. and then, the bathtub lifted up and went down. >> reporter: sudden collapses of the earth are part of the risk of living in the sunshine state. according to florida's geological survey that measures sinkholes, there's been 296 depressions since 2010. more than 50,000 square feet of land devoured. claire baroso who works in publix grocery store, says the ground collapsed in less than an hour and a half.
7:14 am
>> i parked at 5:45. went in the store. and about 7:30, my boss said, grab your keys. there's a sinkhole behind your car. >> reporter: while there were excited visitors. there's those who know better. >> this, to me, is scarier than an earthquake. >> reporter: thankfully, no one was hurt. the next step is to drill the ground for soil samples to determine if it is stabilizing. bianna? >> it's shocking there's nearly 300 reported cases in florida, as well. reena, you're on vacation. you're a diligent worker. getting up for us this morning, despite being on vacation to bring us this story. thank you. enjoy the rest of your vacation. >> reporter: you bet. absolutely. i have to say, legoland was fantastic. >> i'm glad you enjoyed it. we're going to stay in florida and turn to a car dealer and now crime victim who is in trouble with the law himself this morning.
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after his lot was robbed, he waited the next night for the teen thieves to come back. and when they did, in one of his stolen cars, we should say, he opened fire. the shooting was all caught on tape. and abc's matt gutman has more. >> i don't want to say anything. i'm sorry, guys. >> reporter: police say jonas charles first shot the alleged robber. and only then did he and a friend call 911. >> you shot me, bro. >> is somebody stabbed? apparently hearing a 15-year-old boy cry out in pain. listen closely. >> okay, stop right there. >> i can't breathe. >> sir, was somebody stabbed? >> reporter: not stabbed but shot. police charged charles with second-degree attempted murder. alleging he shot at a pack of teenagers who police say robbed his car dealership the night before, stealing all of the car keys and a couple of cars. when these alleged thieves came back the next night, may 24th, police say charles was waiting for them. he claims he was defending himself and his property. he confronts the kids. and what happens? >> a series of gunshots emanated.
7:16 am
we don't know how many. >> reporter: according to police, charles corners a pair of teens between two box trucks. one of them listed in a probable cause affidavit as a 13-year-old weighing barely 100 pounds. police say the 15-year-old tried to surrender. >> the child said don't shoot me. >> reporter: has his hands raised. >> has his hands raised. he shot him in the stomach. he became judge, jury and executioner. that's not acceptable. >> reporter: that 15-year-old shot in the abdomen and is recovering in a south florida hospital. and when the wounded boy fled, police say charles kept shooting. and gave chase, which you can hear on this 911 call. plunking holes in the very cars he told police he was trying to protect that night. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, ft. lauderdale, florida. >> our thanks to matt gutman. now, to the legal drama and family feud swirling around ailing radio legend casey kasem. his wife stepping forward to give an emotional defense of her
7:17 am
handling of this situation, as concerns for kasem's health mounts. abc's bazi kanani is on the story in los angeles. bazi, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the scandal getting more public attention, earlier this month, when kasem's children reported him missing. this morning, kasem's daughter believes that the last court hearing was a victory for her. but the bitter battle continues. >> how about his health? >> reporter: the daughter of casey kasem, leaving his side in tears, just hours after a washington judge granted her the right to visit him. >> hello, again, everybody. welcome to "america's top 10." >> reporter: the deejay who counted down the hits for decades is now 82. reportedly barely able to speak because of a debilitating condition. he was not in the courtroom friday, where jean kasem, his wife of 34 years, and her stepdaughter, kerri kasem, continued their battle for the right to oversee his medical care. >> he has a stage three bed
7:18 am
sore. he has a lung infection and a bladder infection. from what my opinion, not being taken care of to the full extent. >> reporter: the emotions, mostly contained in court, boiled over afterward. >> shame on these children. shame, who have done this to their father. and who have shredded my family. >> reporter: jean kasem spoke publicly outside of the home near seattle, where she says they have been staying on vacation, denying accusations by kerri kasem, that she sneaked him away from this los angeles nursing home earlier this month, leaving a california judge to grant kasem's daughter temporary authority over his care. the judge in washington has not yet ruled on that issue. but did grant the daughter visitation with a doctor of her choice. >> i'm happy with how the court proceedings went today. >> reporter: both sides in this excruciating family feud, accusing the other of distressing the ailing deejay and tarnishing his legacy. >> keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. >> reporter: a judge in
7:19 am
california ordered kasem's wife to bring him back to l.a. but the judge in washington said that he should remain there for now. and decide whether to enforce the california court order next friday. and then, even more court hearings are expected. this bitter dispute not expected to end anytime soon. bianna? >> such a complicated mess. bazi, thank you. hopefully the family can resolve their differences. thanks to you. we will turn to a much, much lighter story. you may not know this. but there's an intense competition playing out in southern california. all kinds of dogs showing off their skills in one, let's say, high-intensity contest. sara is here with more on this story. tell us, sara. this looks fun. >> you can call it the x games for pups. as these dogs headed to the beach for some scruffy competition. ♪
7:20 am
the dog days of summer have only just begun. but these canines really know how to put on a show. it's the fifth annual most incredible surf dog competition. it's not just about hanging ten. dogs of all shapes and sizes show off their skills. nabbing frisbees in mid-air. and seeing just how far they can jump into a pool of cold, refreshing water. the pups traveled far and wide to the contest held in huntington beach, california, for the purina pro plan western regional competition. the highlight, dogs catching tubular waves. check out this lab as he surfs right on to the beach. and this great shot from a gopro camera that caught this bulldog as he was hit by a major wave. and no dogs were harmed in the filming of this competition. although ron thought one of the dogs might have been glued to the board. >> the paws. >> we're pretty sure that can be confirmed. >> on the case, as we speak. they seemed very well adjusted. >> yeah.
7:21 am
it's funny. we've seen dogs on skateboards and surfing occasionally. but all of the other agility tests, too. it was enough they were surfing. >> i never surfed. dan, you've tried. >> i tried to surf. it's really hard. >> he looks like the bulldog. >> i actually look worse than the bulldog. moving on. time to get to the weather. we want to extend a big welcome, from our washington, d.c. station, wjla, meteorologist steve rudin. steve, good morning. >> great to be here. a lot to talk about on this last day of meteorological spring. look at this. a tornado, ree heights, south dakota. that was yesterday. didn't amount to a whole lot. and didn't cause a whole lot of damage. but strong storms likely as they move through the afternoon and overnight hours tonight. billings, rapid city, denver, all under a slight risk for severe storms, with gusty winds and localized tornadoes. head up to the upper midwest, looking at heavy rain and a round of severe storms later on today, even into the day tomorrow. but look at these impressive rainfall amounts. international falls could see
7:22 am
upwards of two to three inches of rain by the time this system finally moves out of here. and just what they don't need across the gulf coast, more rain. houston, looking at a record-breaking month for rain. the highest amount of rain so far this year. and looking at about 12 inches. that's what they had so far for the month. looking at the video outside of tampa earlier yesterday. a weak tornado moved on through. and we are going to look for conditions to gradually improve across the country, with temperatures in the 80s. >> that's a look at your local
7:23 am
forecast. back to bianna and dan. >> steve, thank you. and coming up here on "gma," bizarre behavior in court by the model and surfer. there she is. accused of trying to run down another woman. her strange and surprising questions at a pretrial hearing. and charlize theron stirring up outrage when she describes how rough her life is in the spotlight. what she said that's triggered a huge backlash. and good "breaking bad" news. the big hint from the show's star that has fans wondering, is it really over? where i want. i know the shoes my kids will love, 'cause i keep up with the hottest trends. and i can redeem rewards anytime. yep, this summer we're spending less time shopping for it...
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take a look at this. summer fun has officially begun. potter kyle and his friends in pittsburgh are showing off their incredible timing. i would suspect ron is skeptical. >> no. i can't believe it. >> it's real. >> there is nothing cooler we can show you this morning. we should just end the show on that. that is just absolutely fantastic. >> wow. >> actually, we won't end the show. we have a lot of other cool things to tell you about this morning. angelina jolie, her kids, all grown up. mom spilling the beans about her oldest son, maddox. what she's revealing about his personal life coming up in "pop news." >> he's 12.
7:31 am
>> look at him. and interesting stuff in his personal life. so, we'll talk about that. but first, the latest twist involving that surfer and model behind bars, accused in an attempted murder case. >> jill hansen, playing to the cameras ahead of her first appearance before a judge and posing a strange question for a person in her position. abc's nikki battiste has more on this story. >> i'm a surfer girl. >> reporter: the self-proclaimed model and professional surfer charged with attempted murder is now making waves in court. >> can you tell me how long this is going to take? >> reporter: that is 30-year-old jill hansen, asking correction officers how long her pretrial hearing will take. and here, she's even blowing kisses in the courtroom. all pretty brazen behavior for a woman held on $1 million bail and facing some serious prison time. >> she was smiling for the camera when she was waiting to go before the judge almost as if she was smiling for a photo shoot. >> reporter: though she pled not guilty, hansen is accused in a bizarre attack from behind the wheel of this volkswagen.
7:32 am
she allegedly ran down 73-year-old elizabeth conklin, throwing her 20 feet, where police say the victim was wedged under a parked car. conklin spoke exclusively to abc news from her hospital bed. >> she then got out of her car and went and tried to get in my car and drive it away. and she couldn't start it. >> reporter: hansen may have eluded to a possible motive in a february facebook posting. she wrote, looking for a full-time job or surfing sponsorship and purchasing a 3 series bmw. that's the same car the victim was driving. according to court documents, hansen allegedly yelled out, my father made me do this. he's a high-powered attorney. hansen had past legal woes including two restraining orders, filed by her father. in this legal document, he says she solicited someone to murder him on her facebook page. her father also notes that hansen might have psychological problems.
7:33 am
for "good morning america," nikki battiste, abc news, new york. >> you don't expect to hear when someone is charged with attempted murder. how long will this take? >> among many other strange things. >> unbelievable. and our thanks to nikki for that story. let's get an update of the other top stories from ron. >> hi, bianna and dan. sara. good morning, everyone. we begin with the new details on the future of the l.a. clippers basketball team. the nb hah has canceled the hearing to oust donald sterling. and moving forward on a vote to approve the $2 billion sale of the team to former microsoft ceo steve ballmer. sterling says he will sue the nba. and embattled secretary eric shinseki is stepping down. pressure on shinseki mounted after this week's report from the v.a.'s internal watchdog found delayed care for thousands and deception throughout the v.a. health care system. and the miami heat are gearing up for a possible three-peat. the heat eliminated the indiana pacers in a blowout, 117-92. that was friday night. the heat are now the third franchise in nba history to reach the finals in
7:34 am
four-consecutive seasons. they'll face either the spurs, or oklahoma. and this high school baseball team got a big play from their first baseman, luke harris. harris, you see him there, chasing down a fly ball. he goes flipping over the fence. incredible catch. nonetheless, his team went on to lose that game 4-1. but pretty amazing catch there by luke harris. possibly related to dan harris. >> i guarantee you no relation. we have no history of athletic achievement in my family. >> that eliminates that possibility. >> going back to sports. going back to basketball. should dan call his barber anytime soon? >> you know what? it's looking like san antonio is going to meet the heat. and san antonio could beat the heat. in which case, bald head for dan harris. >> ron bet i would shave my head if who wins? >> san antonio. >> i'll shave it. if you need a volunteer. >> with our faces. >> let's file this under the not gonna happen.
7:35 am
>> you shouldn't make promises if you're not going to keep it. >> you made the promise. >> on camera. in front of millions of people. time to check the weather. and back to wjla washington meteorologist, steve rudin, who has a full head of hair. good morning to you, sir. >> and it's real. good morning. let's check out what's going on out there. d.c. with a high today in the upper 70s. lots of sunshine, as we look at what's going on outside on our live camera on top of wjla in rosyln, virginia. if you're looking for cooler temperatures, head over to boston. they're looking for highs today only in the upper 50s. earlier in the week, they had highs only in the 40s. if we widen the view out a little bit. if you're looking for the heat and humidity, head to chicago and omaha. highs around 90 degrees. a better chance for stronger storms, across minnesota. even some localized flooding where they could see upwards of one to two inches of rain. quiet and dry along the west coast. 70s for san francisco and los angeles. and how about the triple digits for phoenix and las vegas. looking for highs around 100 to
7:36 am
110 degrees. as we show you the wider view, we're looking for temperatures that are going to remain near average for this time of year. >> this weather report brought to you by home depot. dan? bianna? >> thanks, steve. coming up here on "gma," charlize theron coming under fire for her controversial comments about the cost of fame. and "gma" viewers show up their very intelligent pets. as the batting heats up of dog versus cat owners, ahead in "pop news." >> had to go there, huh? >> bianna golodryga's going down. and this cool new thing.
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it's 30 days old. you can either have high-end or low-price.w! nois split in two. or you can go to t.j.maxx and you can have it all for up to 50% off department store prices. t.j. maxx. a lot of people talking this morning about charlize theron and the controversial comments she made about life in the spotlight. >> the academy award winner using a questionable analogy when discussing her celebrity. abc's linzie janis is here with more on this story. a lot of people talking about this this morning. >> reporter: a lot of people.
7:41 am
good morning, dan and bianna. charlize theron was in the u.k., promoting her movie "a million ways to die in the west," when she used an unfortunate word to describe what it's like to see stories about her personal life on the internet. her comments have a lot of people fired up. charlize theron, the statuesque beauty and oscar-winning actress is in hot water for equating paparazzi intrusions with rape. >> i think it's when you start living in that world and doing that that you start feeling raped. >> reporter: the controversial comments were made this week on britain's sky news, as she was explaining why she doesn't google herself. >> some people might relish in all of that stuff. but there are certain things in my life that i think of as very sacred. and i'm very protective over them. >> reporter: but this morning, theron's use of the word rape is igniting a backlash on social media. intrusive press coverage is nothing like rape, charlize
7:42 am
theron, not even close. #thinkbeforeyouspeak. and -- have you ever been raped? how dare you use the term so loosely? >> there was one wrong word choice and it overshadowed the entire point she was trying to make, which is, she clearly feels violated by the media and the intrusions into her life. >> reporter: theron is no stranger to the issue. >> she could be your mother. your sister. your daughter. >> reporter: she starred in several public service campaigns aimed at stopping rape, including one in her native south africa. >> every 26 seconds a woman is raped in south africa. >> reporter: theron isn't the first celebrity to come under fire for using the word. in 2010, kristen stewart told british "elle" magazine that looking at paparazzi photos was like looking at someone being raped. and in 2011, johnny depp told "vanity fair" magazine that being photographed was like being raped. both apologized.
7:43 am
we reached out to theron for comment. she hasn't responded. we did get a response from the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization. it says, the horror of being raped should never be compared to the unpleasantness that someone can experience googling themselves. we all know what she meant. and clearly, she has been an advocate against rape for some time. so -- >> we can't speak for her. clearly, she is wishing she used different language. >> reporter: unfortunate word. >> thank you. coming up on "good morning america," what's this woman so excited about? sara's got the answer just ahead in "pop news."
7:44 am
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7:48 am
with sara. we have funny clips. >> we do. but to keep your attention, i wait until the very end to show you guys that. small children. angelina jolie showed off her brood at the hollywood premiere of "maleficent" and couldn't help but do a little bragging. she shared that her oldest child, maddox has a girlfriend. maddox, who is 12 1/2, now looks especially mature in his vest, tie and trousers. i can't believe that's what 12 looks like. but angelina says it's a long-distance relationship since the girlfriend lives in england. she calls the lady great, lovely and very cool. but who she is remains a mystery. >> did you see maddox storm off? why are you telling everybody? >> that's the moment when angelina jolie is so not cool. you don't share that stuff. >> he looks so handsome. >> he looks so old. he was like this big minutes ago. and is there life after "breaking bad"? bryan cranston is keeping us guessing. fans of the series were shocked and awed with the finale last fall. but was that really walter white's final scene? in a recent interview cranston was asked if his character could
7:49 am
show up in a movie or somewhere else ever again. his answer, never say never. ron was worried i would have a spoiler alert. >> yeah. you know? >> you walked over to ask if i was going to ruin this for you. i would never do that. >> isn't it great? it's amazing. >> really good. >> i wish i was you, seeing it for the first time. but i've seen it five times. >> i wish i were you. and lots of us were excited to hear that nia vardalos, the quiter and star of "my big fat greek wedding" is working on a sequel. no one is more excited with the news than one woman, whose son, angelo, just had to share her reaction. >> oh, i love this. i really love this. get out of here. you make me nuts. are you serious? second? second?
7:50 am
>> yes. >> this is going to beat all of the other movies can go to hell. >> she'll have to wait. we don't know when the hit is actually coming out. but how great is that woman? >> someone's reaction to the second one. as much enthusiasm, talking about a baby. someone saying you're pregnant or getting married? no. it's about the movie. >> strong feelings about the movie. >> you can just spray windex on it. remember? everything's solved with windex. yeah. and adding more fuel to the fire of cat versus dog owners, a new study found that cat owners are smarter than dog owners. but maybe the pets are the brainiacs in the family. "gma" viewers sents us some pics. alice says her dog, oscar, likes to play the organ in her free time. >> a cat teaching him how to do that. >> no. that was on his own. dogs have mad skills. did you not see them surfing earlier? bam bam, catching up on some reading. possibly "10% happier." and not be outdone, sherry sent
7:51 am
us sophie practicing for the real estate exam. >> that's very cute. >> and christina caught jonas checking out his fantasy team online. that's someone after ron's heart right there. >> really. a cool cat. >> that's when you know the housing market has really rebounded. the cats getting into business. >> i find the results of this study completely, you know -- >> you're the only cat owner at this desk. >> there are some exceptions. >> well, ron claiborne used to be a cat owner. >> i used to be a cat owner. >> we're divided 50/50, on the desk. >> i love you more every day, ron. >> i love cats, too. i'm allergic. >> remember that one time, that reaction on set. >> every time. every time. >> there's an analogy involved here. >> we're going to go out to commercial break. keep it here.
7:52 am
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hmm. this is new.
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7:56 am
owners. >> you keep thinking about that. >> all right. meantime, we want to thank you for watching abc news. enjoy your pets, your cats, your dogs. we're all animal lovers. and we're equally smart. good morning, happening today, volunteers are romming up their sleeves to clean up san francisco. more than 100 volunteers are expected to gather at john o'connell high school and begin cleaning up the mission and burnell heights neighborhoods.
7:57 am
more than 40,000 people have taken part in the public works volunteer programs in the past 13 years. things are rocking in the bottle rock music festival. some are surprised to see it back after last year's organizers defaulted on $5 million worth of debt owed to vendors this year the concert is under new management. hundreds turned out yesterday to see last night's headliner, the cure, third eye blined, wheezer and outcast are on tap to perform tonight. for a check of the forecast we go to lisa. >> 80 now. 56 in san jose with partly sunny conditions. low 50s morgan hill. that will be a warmer location as well. stay cloudy half moon bay, just in the upper 50s to near 60 there. that onshore throw keeps us cool at the coast. limited sunshine in the city, 62 there. out towards vallejo, upper 70s.
7:58 am
80s to return out by concord today. 76 in san jose, look for the low clouds and fog to be back tonight. looking at a minor warmup in store for tomorrow, we'll look at the rest of june coming up in the next hour. >> thank you. coming up at 8:00, an investigation is underway after a man is hit and killed by a b.a.r.t. train. and outrage at an oakland school after police say a woman beat a third grader with a hammer. abc 7 news at 8:00 is next.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good saturday morning. it's 8:00 a.m. we'll start you off with a quick look at the weather with lisa argen. >> good morning. here's a live look at doppler 7 hd, low clouds and fog banked up along the coast. sunshine inland. concord reporting sunny skies in the low 50s. a little sun on the peninsula. 51 in hayward. 57 in mountain view. 54 in napa. drizzle as well. 49 at sfo. today temperatures cooler than average in some neighborhoods. you can see how we're looking at increasing sunshine in the santa clara valley, mid 60s to mid 70s around the bay today with the coast staying cool with only upper 50s to low 60s.


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