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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  August 11, 2014 11:35pm-12:38am PDT

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on "jimmy kimmel live"live, chef gordon ramsey. good night everyone. and for robin chef gordon ramsey. good night everyone. and for robin williams, rest in peace >> from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, chef gordon ramsay -- director bobcat goldthwait -- and music from common with cleto and the cletones. and now, step back -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for coming. that is awesome. i'm glad you're here.
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i've got to say -- i'm glad i'm here, too. [ cheers and applause ] to be honest i'm glad anyone is here tonight because there is a big traffic jam right here in l.a. right now, bigger than usual because president obama is in town. the president is in town to make everybody late for yoga-lates is that right? he is here for a fundraiser, where he pretends to think about what celebrities think. i feel like the president only comews to l.a. for money. like a college student who comews home to steal food from the refrigerator. but one of tonight's fundraisers was held at "the scandal" producer shanda rhyme's house, but the other is that he was good friend with shanda's brother, busta, very nice family, do you know them? they shut down several streets for the president, a good way to ensure that your approval rating remains in the low 40s is to see
11:37 pm
to it that it takes everybody three and a half hours to get home from work. you know, if he's here for donations he should just park his motorcade on the 405 and refuse to move until we all chip in to get $5 million, right? fortunately the presidential traffic doesn't affect me because i rollerblade to work every day. did you have trouble getting to work today, guillermo? >> guillermo: no, i came early, 6:45 in the morning. >> jimmy: you did, really? >> guillermo: yeah. >> jimmy: i don't know if you've noticed this but according to guillermo -- you lost some weight, is that true? >> guillermo: yeah, i lost four pounds. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: four pounds, i feel like we've gone through this before, i don't know why. but that was in two weeks over our vacation, right? >> guillermo: yes. >> jimmy: four pounds in two weekws. >> guillermo: yes, sir. >> jimmy: to what do you attribute this weight loss? >> guillermo: no service at my house.
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>> jimmy: we have a snack table here at craft service. you also will have a few drinkws at the bar each night, yes? >> guillermo: yes. >> jimmy: you're not allowed to drink at home? >> guillermo: no, i only drink at work. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: he only drinks at work, a great policy. all you need is another 24 weekws' vacation and you'll look like enrique iglesias. >> guillermo: i'm okay. >> jimmy: you're all right? well, if you want to learn guillermo's weight loss secretws he does have a new book out and he's sharing all of his secretws. the book is "don't hang around the bar and the snack table all day." what did you have to eat today? what was your meal today? >> guillermo: today i did bad, i ate three burritos today. >> jimmy: no, you didn't. >> guillermo: i swear to god. >> jimmy: you ate three burritos? how big were they? >> guillermo: like this size. >> jimmy: three burritos? >> guillermo: yes, three burritows. i didn't have breakfast, that's
11:39 pm
why. >> jimmy: oh, okay. it was a three h-bur right toe y for guillermo. it's also batman day today. batman's celebrating his 75th birthday. hold on. i should explain. he's not real. comic book stores around the country had big events today. they gave away free collectibles to fans. it was a beautiful day for batman. it's a shame his parentws weren't around to see it. again, not real! no tragedy at all. not a real guy. no. we are celebrating batman day here tonight with a special guest, commissioner gordon ramsay is here with us today. [ cheers and applause ] he'll be here shortly to tell us that we all suck. he's also going to show me how to make scrambled eggs, by the way, the reason they're celebrating batman day today, because the huge event known as comic-con starts tomorrow. every year, comic book lovers
11:40 pm
gather for four dayws of comic book loving before returning to their subterranean burrows. and i'll tell you what forget, ladyws. head to san diego in a princess leia outfit, you'll be married by the end of the week, i can promise you that. there are a lot of interesting things going on, marvel has introduced a new black captain america, also the first female four. and d.c. made a major announcement. we have the privilege of unveiling it here tonight. ladies and gentlemen i would like you to feast your eyes on the first male wonder woman! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wonder woman! wow. well, welcome wonder woman, may i say this is a giant step, i think for men and women -- everyone, all americans, and congratulations to you. >> thank you, i accept that
11:41 pm
honor. am i going to be on the rest of the show? >> jimmy: yeah, you will be on later, bobcat -- >> i'm out of here. [ cheers and applause ] >> am i still here? >> jimmy: you're still here, yeah, yeah, and i think, yeah -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: he is a little dizzy. he's excited. not a bad looking woman either, i'll tell you that. or man, whatever that was. hey, in other news, according to "force" magazine for the second year in a row the highest paid actor in all of hollywood once again is robert downey jr. he has come a long way to be the highest paid -- i remember when he was just the highest actor in hollywood. [ laughter ] robert downey jr. earned around $75 million between june of 2013 and june of 2014. which, let's go outside to our
11:42 pm
hollywood boulevard iron man, hello there. >> how is it going? >> jimmy: phoney stark as he is phone. now, iron man, i don't know if you heard about how much robert downey jr. earned. but i was wondering how much money did you make in tip s today? >> considerably less. >> jimmy: can you be specific? >> i actually don't know, i just know people were punching me and hitting me. yelling insult s. >> jimmy: so you see, things are not going very well for hollywood boulevard iron man, if you see him out there, please give him something. everything okay, iron man? >> i'm good. i'm doing my side job now. >> jimmy: you've got an iron with you. he does laundry too. thank you, hollywood boulevard iron man, you know it is not fair. they're doing the same job, they should be paid equally. this is kind of nutty, evander holyfield is being inducted into the boxing hall of fame.
11:43 pm
that's not the nutty part. the luminary they chose to present him with this honor is not only mike tyson. the gentleman who ate not one but both of his ears, i guess they made up. that is going to be great. i have to say i think what i most look forward to, though, is hearing mike tyson trying to say the word "inductee." [ laughter ] oh, here is something i was delighted by. if you follow the history of american crime, even casually, you know the names jesse james, butch cassidy, all bank robbers with great names. and i'm happy to report that the trend of great names continues to this day. >> police picked up lancelot supersad jr. of bridgeport yesterday. supersad is facing charges accused of robbing the td bank. >> jimmy: wait a minute, junior? i can understand one lancelot supersad, there are two? ironically that makes me super happy, i have to say.
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apple computers is having a good week. they reported earnings yesterday. they had more than $37 billion in revenue last quarter, earning $1.28 per share which is very good. they're rumored to be working on exciting new products. it's believed that apple is soon going to win production on two larger vergs of the iphone. which is good because i hate how well it fits in my pocket, i wish it jutted. i really do. the current iphone has a four-inch screen. they think the new ones will have 4.7 and 5.5-inch screens. and the larger screens will be great because it will allow you to be 30% more likely to be hit by a cab while looking at your phone. it is actually a brilliant plan because they make the bigger phones and then in two years they will release the iphone mini, which is the size of the phones we have now. [ laughter ] and we'll wait in line for like three days for it because that's how we are. in the fall, apple is expected to debut what people are calling
11:45 pm
a smartwatch, which they say will revolutionize the way we slowly and loudly repeat ourselves into electronic devices. they filed a patent, which indicates the device may be called the itime. nobody knows what it's going to be called or what it will do. again, this is a product that does not exist yet. we thought we'd have fun with it. we went out on hollywood boulevard today and showed people a device that we claimed was the new apple watch. what the really is is a casio watch that cost us $20. we stuck an apple logo on the back of it. but do people love apple products so much that they will look beyond that? let's find out. >> we're here with the latest from apple. it's the i-time smart watch. would you like to take a look? >> awesome. >> what is awesome about this watch? >> it is a lot like something that is affordable. it's light weight. >> do you like that it tells you the date as well as the time? >> yes, i think that is a neat feature, actually. >> do you like that it displays
11:46 pm
time as well as dates? >> i do indeed. it's very light. and it is kind of like old school but still in style. you know? >> it is still classic apple style? >> right. >> nice rubber wristband. i do like the big numbers, easy to see. >> it displays not only the hour but the minute and the seconds, you can also just look at it and know what day of the week it is. >> right. >> is this impressive to you? >> yeah, i would wear it. >> are you excited that it always in the airplane mode? >> always in airplane mode? oh, that's good. that's good, definitely saves on some batteries. >> it has an alarm? >> an alarm? you need to wake up so -- >> it also has a countdown. it has a stopwatch. it's water resistant. are you impressed by those features? >> i'm pretty impressed, those are the things i would a for in a watch. >> do you like the fact that it is water resistant, that it has a back light, it has a timer? >> i just like that it has the
11:47 pm
apple insignia on the back. >> if it's apple it's good, right? >> if it's apple it's good. why don't you tell me what you like about this watch. >> really, because it's apple. apple is the brand name i love. and i have the computer and phone and the ipad. so because it's apple, that would be what would impress me. >> so you'd buy anything? >> i would pretty much buy anything from apple. >> even a cassio watch with an apple sticker on the back? >> jimmy: i guess the answer is yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we never got the watch back either. we have a good show tonight. and our old pal bobcat goldthwait is here, music from common, be right back with chef gordon ramsay so stick around! [ cheers and applause ] so tell me about that at&t best-ever family pricing thing.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back. tonight on the program, a very dear old pal and actual menace to talk shows. he used to be the director of our show, but he's making movies. he lives in hollywood now. i hear it's beautiful. his latest is a feature film set in the bigfoot community.
11:53 pm
it's called "willow creek." bobcat goldthwait is here. [ cheers and applause ] then this is his brand-new cd, it just came out yesterday. it's called "nobody's smiling." common from the at&t outdoor stage. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tomorrow night, from "the leftovers" on hbo, justin theroux will be here. from "rizzoli and isles" angie harmon will be with us. i think she's rizzoli. which sounds delicious. and we'll have music from an extremely popular band called 5 seconds of summer. there will be a lot of screaming teenagers here tomorrow and we're gonna have some fun with them. my first guest tonight is world renowned and award-winning chef and restaurateur whose tongue is so sharp you could butcher a pig with it. one of his many shows, which one called "hotel hell" airs mondays at 9:00 on fox. please welcome gordon ramsay. [ cheers and applause ]
11:54 pm
>> jimmy: very good to see you. by the way, your hand shake each time you're here becomes stronger and stronger. >> you know what they say in england? >> jimmy: no. >> put your hand out, from there to there is the size of -- >> jimmy: what? oh. right. but i'm not talking about the size of your private parts. we'll get to that later. >> no, i'm talking about the size of your gloves. >> jimmy: oh, your gloves, okay, very good. what i'm talking about is the physical strength in your body. you're still doing these triathlons, right? >> yes, last year was a big year for me. dy the most amazing iron man in kona. i enjoyed it that much -- >> jimmy: that's the big one, right? >> that's the world championship. >> jimmy: did you win? no, you did not win. >> do you think i have that much time? >> jimmy: i don't know, what do i know? you're a chef, you make a few meals, you scream at people and
11:55 pm
curse, then you go home. >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: like you train all the time now? >> i train about five days a week, early in the morning, literally from 4:00 a.m. to 5:30. breakfast -- >> jimmy: 4:00 a.m.? >> 4:00 a.m. >> jimmy: wow. what time do you go to sleep? >> normally about 11:00, 11:15, 11:30. >> jimmy: so you don't need much sleep? or you go back to sleep later? >> five hours, six. >> jimmy: five, six hours. >> maybe seven on the weekend. >> jimmy: did you train today? >> i did, a big run this morning, a 5k swim, and a big bike ride tomorrow. >> jimmy: how big will that be? >> i start at washington boulevard. all the way up to camarillo. >> that's a long way. >> that's about 180k. there's something extraordinary about iron man. something nice about, a, having that time to yourself, and b, just being out there is extraordinary. >> jimmy: do people recognize you when you run or bike, and they say, hey, it's you? >> you get some of that. once i have my glasses off they
11:56 pm
do. i was up in the canyon last weekend. and that is like a 12k climb up this very steep hill. and there is this lady like driving alongside me, and i'm like sweetheart, i'm absolutely shattered, please move on. she shouted in the back of the car, hey, chef ramsay, come on, let's do a selfie! >> jimmy: oh, great. that seems safe. >> outside a convertible, literally leaning over, driving with one hand. honestly she almost knocked me off my bike. >> jimmy: how did you tell it to her? >> well, i had to tell her -- >> jimmy: oh, you cursed at her, so it's running, jumping, swimming, doing the whole thing -- swimming in the ocean too, right? >> hawaii, peaceful. that was a 3.8k swim. something nerve-racking about being in the water, 2:30, the cameras going off. you're submerged. when the gun goes off i have to make it sort of less stressful.
11:57 pm
visibility was amazing. and all i could see was lunch and dinner and snapper. bloody turtles. i was thinking all of these amazing dishes i could get out. >> jimmy: you should go down there with a knife and olive oil or something. and in a way those creatures must look at you and go, you know how many of us he has killed? you're like their hitler. >> [ bleep ]. now you sound like a vegetarian. no, it was amazing, but i suppose for me, it's down time, it's quality time. something quite amazing about kona and hawaii. it's just a chef's dream. >> jimmy: yeah, i would think so. now your daughter is hosting a television show. how old is your daughter? >> 12. matilda. >> jimmy: she is 12 years old? and what, she curses at other children? >> jimmy, come on. >> jimmy: i don't know. >> of course she does. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: is that something that you're excited about?
11:58 pm
>> no, no, i say look, it's not a clever word but sometimes they slip out. >> jimmy: i meant the show itself, not cursing. >> she doesn't care, she is a sweetheart. there's quite a lot of rivalry in our house, especially when it comes to cooking. >> jimmy: is that right? >> my wife cooks as well. >> jimmy: she does. >> she's great, she's a bit slow. i don't mean like -- >> jimmy: you mean cooking slow. >> i want to get to the food earlier -- >> jimmy: do you yell at her and tell her to speed up? >> sometimes. >> jimmy: and how does that go over? >> it turns her on. >> jimmy: i guess it would have to or you would have a knife in you somewhere. >> she's quite good, doing something back in the uk, she's holding court. jack our son will film, holly our twin will do the sound. so it is all about them, really, she is a very good cook. she's number one in the household. >> jimmy: it's not enough that you have 11 shows. now your whole family is taking over television as well. you're like the seacrest family. if there were more than just
11:59 pm
him. >> i suppose so. tilly is a natural. i mean, something about -- i was very uncomfortable pushing her into so it had to take place naturally. even when she was growing up, when she was 3 or 4, would have pigs in the garden, lambs in the garden, and need to understand these things are for eating, not riding. >> jimmy: that's a tough lesson for the kid. the cute little pig. do they name the pigs before they eat them? >> they did, unfortunately. >> jimmy: and did it disturb them? >> no, because i named them after chefs. >> jimmy: oh, you did? what chef had the honor of having them named after them? >> pigs are beautiful. we have this big ginger spotted pig. that was called mario. >> jimmy: mario batali. >> just mario. so they need to understand where food came from. and it gave them a bit of work culture, they needed to clean the pen out. understand it. and you know what? obviously when this thing was ready for slaughter, didn't go to the slaughterhouse, that would be a bit unfair.
12:00 am
but they wasted less. they understood the importance of that level of looking after animals. >> jimmy: yeah, who wants a mario and cheese sandwich, kids? >> we had two pigs. one's a vegetarian. we fed one with a lot of vegetables, the other, we fed it with cherry beer -- so the belly of the pork came out sweet. >> jimmy: oh, drunk pigs. i love it. what a house you have. >> pigs in the middle of the summer in the middle of london, extraordinary. it tasted incredible. >> jimmy: well, we're going to take a break here, and later you will show us how you make scrambled eggs. which i could watch your video of making scrambled eggs over and over and over again. i'm fascinated by it. chef gordon ramsay is here. his show is called "hotel hell." we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: we're back with chef gordon ramsay. his show is called "hotel hell," and this is your second season of "hotel hell." >> yes. >> jimmy: how does this show differ from your other shows in which you yell at people? this time they're in a holt? >> yeah, i get to do a sleepover. we've all had experiences good and bad. it is about going there, turning it around and shaking it up. there's this amazing one coming up week after next in washington state. and this place is run by a bunch of stoners. my room wasn't ready when i checked in. so i lifted up this huge jar and there is this huge [ bleep ] of weed. >> jimmy: really? problem solved, right? i mean from there on -- >> i mean, seriously, honestly, it was insane. and the smell of this weed was extraordinary. so a beautiful place, right on the water. and these customers started turning up. i kept on saying to the
12:06 am
producer, [ bleep ] what is that smell? he said, everybody is stoned. >> jimmy: yes. >> i said, how do you deal with these guys? how do you get on the same wavelength? he said, have a cigarette. >> jimmy: and did they turn you or did you turn them? >> no i got the [ bleep ] out of there. >> jimmy: oh, you did. >> it was bad. it was bad. >> jimmy: doesn't sound that terrible, i have to say. >> no, it was bad. there was a party at the launch. we had these teepees in the garden. all of a sudden i saw these giant mushrooms like five meters high. the people inside were even higher. all of a sudden they had like these little windows. like they had their dogs on a stick. they're putting the dog across the mushroom and throwing the dog to each other. it was ridiculous -- >> jimmy: wait a minute, are yousure you weren't hallucinating? you saw giant mushrooms, the people had dogs on sticks? they were throwing the dogs -- >> i swear to god. >> jimmy: is there any physical evidence of this? >> no, no, they're all [ bleep ] mad.
12:07 am
all completely mad. honestly. the chef said to me, we have a special dessert. it's a chocolate chip cookie. i said, yeah, amazing but it tastes bitter. he said, it's the hash. >> jimmy: wow. i don't think that's legal to give people that stuff without informing them first, right? >> they were stoners, in the bedroom, it wasn't good for me. >> jimmy: i think we have something good for stoners right now at home. and you will teach us how to make perfect scrambled eggs, yes? >> fingers crossed. >> jimmy: fingers crossed. all right. chef gordon ramsay is here, i did this with mike tyson once. yeah. i asked mike tyson to show me how he makes eggs and he did and they were terrible. i pretended they were good. because it's mike tyson. but -- well, chef gordon ramsay knows what he is doing. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel concert series brought to you by at&t.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, bobcat goldthwait and common are on the way. is it proper to call these scrambled eggs? >> scrambled eggs. right. you're making them. >> jimmy: i'm going to make them, great. three eggs. crack them in. >> don't put any salt in there. pan on, get it nice and hot. and i will get the mushrooms and
12:13 am
tomatoes on. >> jimmy: all right. we call them tomatoes over here. >> tomatoes. >> jimmy: that's four eggs, isn't it? >> you want to do it with both hands? >> jimmy: i will, but i'll make a mess. >> open, open, whisk. >> jimmy: okay, whisk. >> pan on, a little butter in there, a knob. i'll start the tomatoes -- >> jimmy: i don't have a knob of butter. should i put a knob of butter in there? >> put a little effort into it, stop being lazy. >> jimmy: it must be fun to be married to you. you put the butter right in there that's interesting, that's different. that's not the way we do it. >> spatula. eggs into the pan. >> jimmy: okay. >> let's go, jimmy, please. >> jimmy: all right, there is a knob stuck to my fork. and keep moving all the time, right? >> that's it. now if you can just try and clean up at you go along. let go, let go. [ bleep ]. up i do go.
12:14 am
and give it a little whisk like that, move the pan and the spatula like that. and be a little more multi tasking now that you're a dad. congratulations. >> jimmy: thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: now in the video you keep taking the pan off the fire, isn't that what i'm supposed to do here? >> no, keep on whisking, jimmy, relax your elbows, you're a too tense. >> jimmy: that's because you're yelling at me. >> i didn't know you were so [ bleep ]. all right. off the heat. >> jimmy: okay. >> off the heat. >> jimmy: off the heat. >> pepper in. >> jimmy: okay, i don't know where they are. >> salt, pepper. >> jimmy: all right. >> okay, and from there, from there a little teaspoon of crem fresh. that cools the eggs down. >> jimmy: got it. >> back onto the stove and whisking, please. >> jimmy: back to the whichking, back to the moving. >> a little fork, a taste. get close to your food, come on waky waky. with a fork? it's not ready yet, it's all raw. >> [ bleep ]. taste the seasonings. >> jimmy: raw.
12:15 am
>> it tastes of raw egg? >> jimmy: exactly. >> the spot la is flexible unlike you. you've got to bend to get in there. >> jimmy: i'm bending, i'm bending. >> back off, that's it, back off. >> jimmy: all right. >> a touch more of crem fresh in there. >> jimmy: what is crem fresh? >> like a sour cream. come on jimmy. now from there -- no off the heat. off the heat. final taste, final taste. >> jimmy: all right, still tastes like raw eggs. >> come on, put your salt and pepper. >> jimmy: yeah, we need a little more pepper and a little more salt. >> that's it. back onto the heat. >> jimmy: okay. >> finally a small knob of butter. >> jimmy: all right, another knob, you're crazy about the knobs, aren't you? [ laughter ] >> come on, jimmy. seriously. >> jimmy: all right. >> one more. >> jimmy: okay. >> okay, now take it off the heat now. >> jimmy: off the heat? >> let me look, please. okay. jimmy, it's gone all [ bleep ] rubbery. >> jimmy: i don't know what i did. what did i do wrong? i took it off the heat. >> you got to stir it quickly.
12:16 am
>> jimmy: i didn't stir it quickly enough. oh, no. >> honestly. >> jimmy: wait, what are you doing? oh, no. like a frat house in here. >> start again. honestly, start again. >> jimmy: start again? >> honestly. >> jimmy: it's not clean -- >> it should be done in three minutes. >> jimmy: i don't even have the thing anymore. >> honestly. >> jimmy: why don't we make fried eggs, i think it will be nicer. >> a scrambled egg is much sexier, jimmy. god's sake, honestly. >> jimmy: all right, all right, we don't have time to do this again! >> what are you doing, jimmy? >> jimmy: what did you do? it looks like someone vomited over there. it's a mess! let me tell you something. i have to work in this studio. and now you mess it all up. and let me tell you something, mr. bobcat goldthwait is not going to be happy when he comes out here and i don't even have the spatula anymore.
12:17 am
this has been a real hell -- you know what it is like working with you. "hotel hell" is the show. it's on mondays at 9:00 on fox. we'll be right back with bobcat goldthwait! [ cheers and applause ] when delta bath... ...shower... ...toilet... ...and faucet innovations... ...make getting clean... ...just as beautiful as getting dirty, that's... happimess. see what delta can do. ...and when your chocolatey cravings begin... ...there's special k... ...chocolate almond cereal. treat yourself with our... ...chocolatey collection. an unguilty pleasure.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: still to come music from common. our next best went from being the weirdest recruit in the police academy to celebrated independent film director. his new scary movie is about bigfoot, it's called "willow creek." you can see it now via vod please welcome bobcat goldthwait. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: how are you? >> hi, that reminded me -- i used to direct the show, and he had this little tiny dog, and you were talking to somebody else but the dog vomited.
12:23 am
and i'm in the booth going, shoot the vomit! shoot the vomit! >> jimmy: did they get the vomit? >> yes. >> i made you some eggs but they didn't come out so good. >> hey, fantastic. >> jimmy: hey, congratulations, how many films have you directed now? >> oh, who's counting? seven. >> jimmy: all comedies? >> people aren't aware i make movies. my movies make hundreds of dollars, hundreds. most people think i'm dead. >> jimmy: but you're here and alive. this is not a hologram, this is not a tupac situation. >> no, i am here. >> jimmy: this is the real you. >> this is bobcat goldfarb in the flesh. >> jimmy: you made your first movie, i wouldn't describe it as a horror movie, i get scared at scary movies. >> yeah, you don't like gore. >> jimmy: there's no gore in it, which i like, and it's very creepy and very scary and you got great reviews for it from rotten tomatoes, like 89%. >> yeah, it's really a well
12:24 am
reviewed movie. >> jimmy: yeah, has that ever happened to you before? >> yes, but again, it is just weird. i'm just as surprised, you know, it is a found footage movie. and i'm not actually a fan of found footage movies. >> jimmy: that's great. you're off to a good start. >> well, you know. >> jimmy: in fact, the only bad reviews it got were from bobcat him. >> yeah. might as well masturbate for 80 minutes. hi, i'm bobcat goldthwait. you know, i -- you know, found foot an, the conceit is terrible things happen, then like who found this footage? hey, i know your family died but if we recut it we could have a tremendous picture here, they would have wanted it that way. i tried to do it different. there were only about 67 edits in the movie, and there were usually 1,400 to 1,200 edits a movie. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, if a guy
12:25 am
records it with the home video and they're investigating bigfoot. >> yeah and so this started from my own love of bigfoot, you know. >> jimmy: do you have a love of bigfoot? >> yeah, my relationship with bigfoot is my own and i'd rather not discuss it. i love bears. >> jimmy: do you believe bigfoot exists? >> yes -- i -- yeah. but -- people bust my chops on this. because i'm an atheist but i believe in bigfoot. [ laughter ] but i've met people who have heard and seen bigfoot. >> jimmy: i see what you're trying to say. yes, but these people do mostly seem to be of the oddball variety. >> well, no -- you know, look. these are my friends, now. i've become friends of these people, i'm accepted in the community. i've gone out looking for bigfoot with these guys on a number of occasions. >> jimmy: and? >> well, here the thing.
12:26 am
what's funny is they put bacon on the thing. because bigfoot likes bacon. >> jimmy: oh, boy. >> i'm like, you know who else likes bacon? bears. bears like bacon. >> jimmy: bears and gordon ramsay's kids. yeah. >> yeah, so but -- >> jimmy: that seems unsafe to me putting bacon out in the wilderness. where were you -- >> no, i shot the movie where the gimlin footage was originally shot -- the footage where bigfoot's walking through and looks back. so it's 11 -- no, it's 17 miles down a dirt road. takes two and a half hours to get there. there's no cell phones, there's no planes going over, you're in the middle of nowhere. when we were filming we actually did see two mountain lions. >> jimmy: you did? >> yeah. so there's no way -- if anything happens -- by the way, there was a time when i was out by myself all alone. i don't want to ruin how the movie goes on. but i'm not in the movie, but spoiler alert, maybe i am bigfoot.
12:27 am
so -- but i'm out there. >> jimmy: you did sound a little bobcat. >> yeah, yeah -- i'm out there and i'm like going -- you know, the idea if i got mauled to december wasn't lost on me, the irony of that. bobcat killed by a bobcat? i've been to bigfoot conventions, you know if and it's fascinating, you know? because most people in the bigfoot community believe that he has a flat head, not a pointy head. pointy-headed bigfoot is from harry and the hendersons, some spielberg [ bleep ]. hard-core swatchers believe he has a flat head. i'm at a convention, a guy has a cardboard cutout of a pointy head, this guy says, "you disgust me. look at his head."
12:28 am
and he goes," really, i've seen bigfoot three times and you'll never see him because you smoke." >> jimmy: there is a woman in the movie who is very funny. i can't imagine she is an actor. >> she is not, she runs the visitor center there. willow creek is a really tiny town and has two sources of income. bigfoot and growing marijuana. you know? >> jimmy: there has to be a connection made there. >> well, that -- he or she, whatever, squatch don't like tobacco but apparently they like weed. i won't say all of them, but yeah. they get kind of high. but -- >> jimmy: so this lady like works there. >> yeah, and she actually -- most of the people in the movie are the real townsfolks. and i just felt if the actors would work with them and play off them eventually they would give me what i needed which was don't go out in the woods, bigfoot will kill you. but this woman, she runs the visitor's center for 20 years and doesn't believe in bigfoot. it's like -- like you work in
12:29 am
detroit and said, your cars suck. >> jimmy: great. >> yeah, i love her. no, no, no, no. you might get killed by a bear. but when we were out filming that one scene, there is a scene in the movie almost 20 minutes long. and it's a pretty scary scene. and like i said, it was in the middle of the woods. we'd seen mountain lions. it was about 3:00 a.m. i did the first take. and bryce johnson, the actor in the movie, he started crying. we finished the scene, it was like, that was really good but i don't think your character would cry. he goes, my character's not crying, i'm crying. why are we filming this here? we could do it in a hotel parking lot. no one knows. i was like, that's really good, let's just do the scene again. just don't cry. don't be a baby. i was kind of insane when i made this movie. >> jimmy: really, back then you were. i'm glad you're healthy now. >> yeah. i really was -- it was like --
12:30 am
really obsessed making this movie. >> jimmy: it came out great. you did a great job with it. people should go see it it. on video-on-demand right now. and then it's coming out on dvd september 9th, i believe. >> yeah, bluray dvd, folks can get it now on itunes. but can i tell a quick story. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. we'll edit it out but go ahead. >> [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: i love that story. >> by the way -- >> tell the end. >> did gordon know he was on tv? >> jimmy: apparently that is how he's made his living. >> amazing. an amazing career but so i was -- he's gone, right? >> jimmy: yeah, he's gone, don't worry, he's not running. he's running up a mountain or something like that right now. he'll find bigfoot for you by the way. >> he is feeding them pigs. bigfoot is like, i don't want any pigs.
12:31 am
so -- >> jimmy: no, now, we're really out of time, we're really out of time, but bobcat goldthwait, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] "willow creek," video-on-demand, and dvd. september 9th. and you're performing live this weekend at dr. brin's in grand rapids, michigan. that's a real place, dr. grin's? >> no, my house. >> jimmy: we'll be right back with music from common. [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world. that $22.50. that's insane!d 50 cents.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank chef gordon ramsay, bobcat goldthwait, and i want to apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time for him. "nightline" is coming up next. first from his album "nobody's smiling," here with the strong "blak majik" with some help from jhené aiko, common! ♪ ♪ blak majik ♪ blak majik ♪ blak majik ♪ blak majik ♪ blak majik ♪ blak majik ♪ blak majik ♪ blak majik ♪ blak majik ♪ blak majik ♪ blak majik ♪ blak majik ♪ blak majik ♪ blak majik ♪ blak majik ♪ who that boy he radical talk that money talk empathetical who in the game had the baddest ♪ ♪ [bleep] seen badu's [bleep] and said "i seen what you was on" home grown with no home phone ♪ ♪ from the city of wind [bleep] win or go home it's the chi bull
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12:37 am
♪ blak majik ♪ blak majik [ cheers and applause ] this is a special edition of "nightline." the death of robin williams. >> tonight the sudden death of an american original. robin williams, a legend whose range was vast. >> fly, be free. from "mork and mindy" and "pack "patch adams" to "mrs. doubtfire." >> good morning vietnam! >> jimmy: offscreen the struggles with depression and drugs. today found dead in his home in california. what police are saying tonight. on a special edition of "nightline," we celebrate the man who made us laugh and made us cry. as tributes pour in from hollywood to the white house, we remember those unforgettable moments.


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