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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 13, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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tonight parents went to battle over a book they say is too racy for freshmen. >> the school board approved the textbook, but is it too graphic? good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama dates. tiffany wilson is live outside the school board meeting where so many parents gathered. they spilled into the parking lot. tiffany? >> they felt passionatly about this and they cooperate get inside so they watched the meeting streaming over an ipad. many of them holding signs like this to show which way they felt about this book. and when the board voted just a couple of minutes ago many of them left disappointed. >> i feel a loss of innocence myself. >> the sexually explicit words and images in this back ouch ited off a debate that left some questioning the
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fundamentals of the fremont unified school district. >> i'm sorry. i cannot see anything that a child needs to know in 9th grade about bondage. what are you teaching them? another sign of society changing. >> please don't let your narrow views of human sexuality affect my child's education. >> i appreciated that this was taught in a way that was informational. >> many objected not to the book's content, but intended audience. your health today was written as a college textbook and fremont is the first high school district to use it. a decision even the superintendent wants to delay. he advocated for revisions or two separate health courses. an honors course and a basic course without. not many parents were pleased. >> let's leave the college
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textbook in college. >> changing one chapter in sex education hillary move a small part of the problem with the book. >> after 60 speakers passionatly argued they decided to delay implementation and talk about a high school oriented text. tiffany wilson, abc7 news. to developing news, the family of a girl hit and killed by emergency vehicles during the asiana crash rescue scene is suing the city of san francisco. the chronicle reports the family claims that san francisco firefighters and police failed to rescue uen as she was lying near the wreckage covered in firefighting foam. she was run over by crews respond together crash in july of 2013. this lawsuit seeks unspecified damages. a spokesman declined to comment. a los angeles county judge
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sentenced her to 177 days in jail. last week the 62-year-old was arrested after flying from san jose to los angeles without a ticket. she was released on probation, but arrested again after showing up at l.a.x. without a valid ticket. the judge ordered a mental health exam for hartman. hartman breached security at san jose mineta airport. that's where a teenage boy climbed into the wheel well of a high high-bound plane in april. the two security lapses has officials concerned. among the concerns staffing. >> i am comfortable and the pd is comfortable. >> i don't think it is any secret. we are the lowest staffed airport for police across the nation. >> they insist there was no security breech when she got by the tsa agent without a boarding pass.
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police are trying to catch a killer, whoever is responsible for a savage beating. brian higgins was removed from life support today, three days after being found beaten and unconscious on church street. cornell bernard is live in the castro where there are tributes to brian's life. cornell? >> that's right, dan, a memorial is growing to brian higgins near 18th and castro streets. there are flowers and pictures. friends say he was a gentle soul who would never hurt anyone. now these fliers are popping up and they are appealing for help to catch a killer. >> he is on community patrol in the castro putting up fliers on the death of brian higgins and known to his friend as feather. >> we are looking to the public to provide additional clues where "feather" might have been before he was assaulted. >> higgins was found on sunday morning. he had been beaten and possibly robbed. the photo released by san
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francisco general hospital helped identify him. >> everything about him was love. he radiated love. >> friends held this vigil at 3:30 p.m. the exact time "feather" was removed from life support. >> the people responsible for this need to get what they deserve. >> police are calling this a homicide. >> they did receive a video surveillance that showed that this person was actually a victim of a crime. >> police are not ready to release the video that shows a white male suspect attacking higgins. until someone is caught police and community patrols urge others to let them know where you are going. cornell better in order, abc7 news. >> the marin county sheriff's office is releasing the decision on releasing the
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details of williams death. they would have liked to withhold some of the information but could not. boyd announced the findings during a live televised news conference. he described in detail how he carried out the suicide and the condition of the body. some criticized the level of detail provided. but they are discussing whether they can withhold the 9-1-1 call and it will be released in days. and fans have hundreds of cars and flowers at the house on steiner street. >> fellow comedian johnny steel would regularly go on bike rides with williams. he remembers williams for his giving nature saying he gave struggling comics money he noticed a change that was
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about 10 days ago. he was withdrawn and quiet. >> if he can get inside with a guy that vibrant and so much to live for it is a hideous man. robin williams killed himself and something awful got inside of him. >> he considered beak riding mobile therapy and even bought steel a custom made bicycle. broadway went dark in williams' honor. it went dim on the marquis for one minute. robin williams live on broadway was in 2002. another broadway tribute and this from the cast of "alladin." disney posted this on
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youtube. disney is the parent company of eabc7 -- of abc7. williams was the voice of the genie during the movie. during the stage performance last night the audience lead -- the cast lead the audience in the song "a friend like me." and violent clashes between police and protesters after the shooting death of an unarmed teenager. what officers have done that has created more controversy. >> and a warning for fans looking to score paul mccartney tickets. >> and the dare raising big bucks, but was alan wang brave enough to accept the ice bucket challenge? >> can't wait to see that. i'm sandhya patel. it is going to be a foggy start for back to school. i will be back to tell
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the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. missouri where police used teargas on protestors who were demanding the name of the officer who shot and killed an unarmed african-american teenager over the weekend. this is the latest clash between police and demonstrators since saturday. earlier today two reporters covering the unrest say they were in a mcdonalds. they were subsequently released without charges and it is creating even more controversy. a woman stabbed on an ac transit bus is recovering. it happened on sunday evening. eric palmer walked down the aisle and said watch this and then stabbed the victim.
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police credit a man who hit palmer with a scared board. skateboard. he is due in court tomorrow. sir paul mccartney says he is ready to close candlestick down. the former beatle is set to rock the stick. it is the second time he will play candlestick. the beatles play their final concert there in 1966. 49,000 people are expected to attend. if you are going, be careful. police expect there will be unit coulder fitters there. accepting the ice bucket challenge. it is being done to raise awareness for lou gehrig's disease and has been done by thousands. zuckerburg challenged three other tech titans,. >> it is raising a phenomenal
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amount of awareness for als. it is a fatal disease that attacks the nervous system. >> and just look at the people who have taken part in this challenge. even celebrities. >> and abc7 news reporter alan wang learned more about it first hand. hi, alan. >> it is a good thing i carry my fire gear with me at all times. i i didn't know i was covering the story in my suit today. because of the ice bucket challenge millions more people are learning more about als. in the past two weeks the ice bucket challenge has soaked the world with als or lou gehrig's disease. people are learning about bob hall who can no longer walk. he knows the fatal disease will eventually take his ability to speak, eat and breathe. >> i wouldn't have known what it was.
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i would have had to google it. >> als is gaining unprecedented publicity. the als association golden west chapter's sue morris took the challenged. board chairman philip thomas whose wife suffers from als also joined in. so far the national als association has received $4 million. that's four times the amount donated last year. the pressure behind the ice bucket challenge is hard to turn down. >> i would like to sacrifice my suit to the als association. to challenge dan ashley, ama dates and sandhya patel.
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>> our executive producer offered to donate $100 to the als association if i kicked off the ice bucket challenge ú-dan, ama and sandhya, it is your turn to either donate or take the challenge. >> i thought you would have taken off your suit and put on that jacket. apparently not. >> i think we will do both, donate and take the challenge. can you expense the dry-cleaning bill? that's the other question. >> we are going to find out who has the most durable anchor hair at the station. >> that's not going to be me. >> goodness. thank you, alan. >> raising awareness for this horrible, horrible disease. >> the walk to defeat als is coming on october 19th. we have information on our website. should i pour this cup of water on me?
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sand yaw, are you going -- sandhya, are you going to join us? >> i think so. i won't look as good, but it is for a great cause. shear a look at live doppler 7hd. we are looking at fog along the coastline it is not going to push inland. the camera is showing the fog as we look toward san francisco. this is what you have to worry about. 58 in san francisco and oakland and san carlos and san jose and 59 in half moon bay. here is a view from the exploratorium camera. we are used to seeing the fog in the summertime around the financial district. mid50sin novato and mild in the inland east bay, concord and livermore in the 60s. from our emeryville camera you can see some of the fogginess has progressed a little bit. it is not far over the bay. we are looking at foggy morning coast and bay. the near average temperatures are expected for the upcoming
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weekend. you noticed a lot more sunshine. the cold front that came through mixed out the marine layer and it allowed lots of sunshine to show through. it is falling apart and the high pressure starts to build in. it is a little warmer the next few days. we will continue with the upward trend which means we are up to average in our inland communities. watch out for the fog when you take those kids off to school in the morning. you may need a little more time. the fog is pretty dense by morning, it will get dense by morning. that's what you can expect. midto upper 50s. the kids may need the extra layer, but as the sun breaks through, bay and inland enjoying the sun. the temperatures come up along the coastline and we will hold you about the same as today. 60s with lingering fog. here is a look at the highs for your thursday. 89 in gilroy and 80 for san
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jose. los gatos mid80s. on the peninsula, 75 in san mateo and 75 in redwood city. 67 in half moon bay. you will hang on to the fog in daly city. 65 degrees and the upper 60s in south san francisco and downtown san francisco and then in the north bay, up to 80 degrees in napa and santa rosa. in the 60s along the coastline. 88 in the clear lake, mild, sunny and 72 in oakland. inland highs will be on the warm side. it will feel like summer again. 88 in antioch. 85 san ramon and 86 degrees in fairfield. if you are heading to the paul mccartney concert it is a farewell to candlestick. 60 degrees tomorrow night. it is dropping to the upper 50s. breezy which is typical and low clouds and fog will be pushing in. a look at the accu-weather forecast should be a great night for the concert. temperatures will continue to inch up as we get closer to
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the weekend. inland highs and coastal highs in the mid60s. if you like it comfortable, coast, fog, you know the drill. temperatures are about the same and leveling off for the second half of the weekend. >> sounds good. thank you, sandhya. >> let's talk baseball. >> larry beil is here with that. >> when is the simple out call not so simple. >> thanks to the new rule, the 7.13. let's learn it altogether. sports is ne
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years ago managers went berserk all the time. we had a taste of that after a hideous call that helped the giants.
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one last look and candlestick whose names are numbered. jake peavy trying to end a losing streak and dunn going splash down for a 1-0 white sox lead. wait a second. the giants challenge saying he blocked the plate which he did violating the new rule and call reversed and safe. robin ventura goes old school ballistic. singles to right and three batters later and pablo sandoval and high flyball. i got it! neither of us got it. it ends a five-game losing streak. jake peavy, his first win since april. they are half a game back for the wild card.
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the third inning and here is comes and there it goes. it is 2-0. jason vargas flat out nasty. struck out 4 and they had 20 hits last night the royals win it 3-0. tiger woods has made up his mind about the ryder cup. maybe his back made up his mind for him. that's next.
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the exact same christmas present as they got last year. a december 25th date with the clippers. the schedule for the upcoming season was released.
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october 29th in sacramento and the home opener is against the lakers on november 1st. christmas day the warriors and clippers are in l.a. lebron james and his cavaliers make their one and only visit to the bay area on january 9th. here is bob myers whose team will be on television 19 times this season. >> playing on on christmas again four out of five years is a privilege and honor for the organization. i think it is a coveted position for every team in the league. it is a spotlight game. there are a lot of spotlights on the schedule. we are excited to get going. >> tiger woods is not going to be going. he is taking his name out of consideration for the ryder cup team. this is a smart and classy move. for one it takes the heat off of the captain who would have felt a lot of pressure. and it gives tiger a chance to finally really let his sturnlg clear repaired back heal properly. it will be held in scotland in late september. >> good move all the way around. >> no controversy.
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start your search at sears i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use...ns. which means managi) especially during a drought. learn to save water and money at wake up weather. you may want to allow a little more time for the morning commute. fog will be around near the coast and bay and could be on the thick side. temperatures in the 50s and coming up to the 50s and 60s. ama and dan? >> thank y, sandhya. >> that's our report. >> abc7 news continues on-line and on twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile devices. the abc7 news app. our next newscast is at 4:30. >> and up next on jimmy
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kimmle, actress angie harmon. >> have a great night. >> from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, justin theroux, angie harmon, music from 5 seconds of summer. and now as you well know, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] that is very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host, thank you for watching. thank


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