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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 15, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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i thought somebody was playing a practical joke. >> it was not a joke. it was far from it. >> several res kents -- several residents got letters calling them disrespectful for flying the flag outside their home. >> and now flags are popping up everywhere jie. abc7 news reporter alyssa harrington is live on riveara drive where a lot of flags are waiving. >> it is safe to say the letter backfired. it looks like the fourth of july in parts of the neighborhood. neighbors are showing support for those who were criticized for displaying their american flags. >> people and fought and died for these flags. >> he has been flying old glory outside his home on riveara drive for 24 years, but somebody has a problem with that.
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an anonymous letter was sent to morris and several of his neighbors. >> show some respect and fly it on important holidays in assisted of making a statement. >> it accuses those who display the flag outside their home of being confused republicans who don't agree with the president. chase pennington got one too. >> it was definitely offensive. making accusations about what type of person i am and anyone who flies a flag is. >> we don't know much about the sender. the letters are postmarked and on each envelope, what do you know? a stamp with the american flag. americans are just as puzzled. they call it a close knit community and many put on you flags to show solidarity. >> we didn't want to be intimidated. we wanted to show a strong
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statement. >> even though it is a bizarre thing to do. >> they have a freedom to send the letter out. >> the flags are staying up. alyssa harrington, abc7 news. >> happening now, protestors are on the move in the east bay. people have been marching across oakland and berkeley. they are demonstrating imens police brutality and in support of the teenager killed last week. alan wang is live in oakland with this developing story. alan. >> we have one oakland police officer who was posted along broadway. they were trying to monitor movements. they roamed through downtown oakland and they have dwindled to a small band. they made it up telegraph and moo berkeley. but it came to a halt after berkeley police formed a
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skirmish line and at least one man was taken into custody. it started out at 7:00 where 100 protesters marched to oakland headquarters chapting justice for michael brown -- chanting justice for michael brown. police had to block the on ramp to keep them from getting on to the interstate. there was a scuffle with pepper spray involved and there have been two broken windows, one at the taste of denmark bakery and another in a business -- at a business in koreatown. a few businesses have been sprayed and at one point someone fired of on fireworks and there were no official reports of arrest. right now we understand that oakland police are preparing and headed to back up the police in berkeley. reporting live in oakland along broadway, abc7 news. >> thank you, alan. there were peaceful protests where police finally released
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the name of the officer who killed michael brown. marcy gonzalez has the latest. >> the revelation from police today -- gite officer that was involved in -- >> the officer involved with the shooting was wilson. >> releasing these surveillance images they show michael brown in the middle of what police call an alleged strong arm robbery just 15 minutes before officer darrin wilson shot him to death. the police chief revealing that when officer wilson opened fire on the 18-year-old, he didn't know brown and his friend dorian johnson were suspects, adding wilson initially stopped them because they were walking in the middle of the street. >> i know his initial contact was not related to the robbery. >> whenever that took place it had nothing to do with an individual getting down on his hands and knees and raising his hands in the air and saying don't shoot. >> we want to hear about the
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killing itself and how did that come about? >> and while the tension is high, the police presence remains low. the highway patrol captain in charge of security and taking on a one on on one approach. urging people to keep these protests peaceful. police tell us they have been relocated for their own safety. a sonoma county deputy who shot and killed a boy will return to patrol duties next week. he said he thought andy lopez's pellet gun was an ak47. since the shooting in october there have been self-protests over this. another is set for tomorrow afternoon at the sheriff's headquarters. he returned to desk duty in december and he will be assigned the unincorporated areas of sonoma county. >> now details of the school teacher on vacation in san francisco. four men charged with murder
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pleaded guilty to lesser charges today. they will spend between five and nib years in -- five and nine years in priss n so. in prison. he was killed in a shootout between rival gangs. the d.a. agreed on gun and assault charges saying unreliable witnesses and a chaotic crime scene made it hard to prosecute. >> a gas leak in san jose forced dozens of people out of their homes and businesses. sky 7hd was overhead and it shows a propane tank spewing out gas. it was punctured by a fork-lift behind a japanese grocery store on saratoga avenue. six apartment complexes and a few houses and businesses had to be evacuated as a result of this. after the leak was secured, the fire crews checked out nearby buildings to make sure no gas was trapped. >> a woman has will be -- has been arrested after causing a wrong way crash near martinez. police say she stole a taxi
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and went for a joyride. she ended up driving the wrong way on highway 4. this video was sent anonymously and she eventually caused an accident. two drivers were forced to choif into the median -- were forced to swerve into the median. >> a bay area business executive suspected of groping two women and posing as a tsa agent at sfo will not face charges. officers believe 53-year-old eric sliten was drunk when they say he lured two women one at a time into a private room and groped them. the district attorney's office announced it will not press charges because they haven't been able to speak with those women. he is director of actis based singapore. several people were rescued from a cliff. they were lifted from a rock and they hiked a third of the
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way up a steep slope and reached a spot they couldn't go up any farther and coobt go back -- a and couldn't go back down. still ahead, a mountain lion on the prowl in the east bay. what it killed in one family's backyard. >> and growing anger after dozens missed the final concert at candlestick. what they are demanding. >> and this girl impot kicked out of school. why she was told her hair was disruptive. >> and your weekend will start off with this fog. will it clear for a nice, sunny day like we saw today? find out. first here is jimmy kimmle. >> here is a quick snap shot of tonight's festivities. >> i there are advantages to not having teeth.
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clayton are watching their yards closely after a neighbor says a mountain lion or maybe a bobcat killed some of his chickens. he says the animal first showed up about 10 days ago. for reference that water tub the animal is drinking out of is almost a foot tall. it has been reported to the department of fish and game. one san francisco father said he had to chase this coyote away from his kids on the lands end trail. you don't want this animal around your kids. the man who shot the individual yoy says the coyote was running toward one of his children and that's when his animal instinct kicked in. animal experts say coyotes
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rarely attack humans, but probably best not to take the chance. we are hearing more sad tales from people who never made it to the paul mccartney concert at the stick last night because of the nightmare traffic. crowds of people enjoyed watching sir paul from inside, but so many others were forced to listen from outside. frustrated by a lack of answers as to what went wrong some are hoping to be come sen say thed for the expensive pictures she took pictures at the concert at candlestick, but unfortunately they were from far away because her dad never made it into the stick. >> we were in the car and we couldn't move and we rolled down our windows so we could hear the music and candlestick and listened to the concert in our car outside the parking lot. >> they knew they would hit rush hour traffic when they left for the concert around 6:00, but they thought they would make it on time. sadly, like so many others,
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they never even got into the parking lot. >> i feel that something should be done and we should be compensated. we paid so much money for each ticket and we didn't even get to enjoy it. >> he had the same number of officers out as he does on any big 49ers imam day and the same -- game day and same traffic controls, but that's little for a woman who flew in. >> she lives 20 minutes from candlestick. we gave two hours to get there. four hours later we still weren't in the stadium or in the parking lot. >> traffic after the concert was just as brutal. unlike at 49ers games, everyone stayed until the end. on sunday there will be another traffic step for those getting in and out of levi stadium for the niners and broncos game. if you are going to the game you can check out the live
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traffic cameras. it is along with our own realtime maps. rescue crews in contra costa con tee saved -- county saved a dog trapped in a treatment facility. the dog was stuck on a ledge a few feet from untreated sewage. animal control officers think the female pittbull may have been down there a few days. rescuers used a hair net to pull the -- harness to pull the dog up to safety and she collapsed when she was free. the dog is being treated for dehydration. >> a 16-year-old was sent home from school and wait until you hear why. her alabama high school said her red hair was disruptive. school officials hold hayley black that her red hair was distracting classmates. she said she died her hair numerous times for no problem. she has now dyed it black so she can return to school.
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>> now time for the ice bucket challenge. >> it happies lieu lou gehrig's disease or als. it takes away your ability to eat, and breathe. >> alan wang accepted the challenge. dan ashley, ama dates and sandhya patel. >> are you on alan wang so we accepted his challenge. take a look. >> that's freezing. i made a donation to fight als and you can too. >> i am prepared with the ice cup challenge. oh it is the bucket, that's right. here we go. oh that is cold. >> tux and all. >> the tux was harmed in the
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making of the video. a great thing to do and to raise awareness and raise a little money and guess who is doing it next. >> watch me take the ice bucket challenge tomorrow night on abc7 news. >> go to our website. we have more information on how you can donate to help fight this terriable, terrible disease. >> a perfectly dry sandhya patel. >> we have all dried out. sand yaw? >> we had a chance to dry out. ama, i am so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. you in that tux, looking dapper. >> i am getting grief for the hat that i wore. i don't believe there were any rules about a hat. thought i would mention that. there was fog around along the coast and it is still there. sf under score brit tweets and of course you wore a hat for the ice bucket challenge. they are always prepared for inclement weather.
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it was very cute. take a look at a live picture from our exploratorium camera. there is fog around and this is how your morning is going to begin especially around the coast and the bay. temperatures are mild from san francisco and oakland and san jose and all in the 60s. gilroy and half moon bay. emeryville is showing the shallow layer of fog and looking back toward the san francisco area and mid50s in santa rosa and novato. some of our cooler spots around concord and livermore. here is our view of the golden gate bridge cam. we will see it around the coast and bay. mild to warm this weekend with our staid de pattern continuing -- steady pattern continuing. what is going on? not a lot. our summer pattern of wind flowing from high to low will continue. that means the sea breeze will keep the coast comfortable. no weather worries if you have outdoor plans. here is a look at the summer microclimates. fog is holding it around 60.
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you will see some sun breaks. mild in oakland. 73 degrees. wail -- walnut creek 90, 91 in antioch. quite a spread for everyone and we do it again on sunday with a subtle change. the temperatures are low 50s to low 60s. inland areas will start out clear. if you have the early morning plans you may want to bundle up. later in the day, it is short sleeve weather. south bay 81 in santa clara and 88 in los gatos. a pretty warm day in gilroy and morgan hill. 65 in pacifica. you will hang on to the fog. 68 downtown san francisco. in the north bay low 80s for napa, santa rosa and toward the east bay, 73 in oakland and 78 union city. 88 in concord and 90 in livermore. a nice, warm, sunny one. and tomorrow the giants will be hosting the phillies at at&t park.
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you will need the sunscreen and hat. midto upper 60s. the niners will take on the broncos for the pre-season game on sunday. gorgeous weather midto upper 70s. a slight dip on sunday. the temperatures really don't move a lot. 60s to 80s for most of next week. >> i like it. not too bad. thanks. >> time to turn to sports and some football. >> we have the raiders. larry beil is off and quan is here. >> are you ready for some football? the raiders played their first home pre-season game tonight. it came down to the final seconds and for a change it was the silver and
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it did not look good early on as they blow the coverage on golden state. matt stafford finds them and it was 13-0 detroit. they are relying on veterans to lead the defense. he drops to reggie bush. matt schaub has an interception, but he sets up a nice screen pass to maurice jones-drew. he picks up 23 yards. that would lead to the short touchdown run. in the third quarter derrick carr lead the raiders. he hits jake murphy. there was 109 yards. but carr's night sended early after he is brought down by big larry webster. he suffered a concussion and left the contest. trailing by six with six seconds left and he finds a wide open butler in the end zone. the raiders get by the lien whys 27 to 26. >> guys kept fighting and kept competing.
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anytime you can get a win it is a positive for your football team. there is a lot of things we have to learn from but it is better to do that with a win. >> jason hamel has another rocky start. >> and san francisco hits a wall. evewith the highest levelde of engineering... design... safety... and performance. our latest creation is no different. with one exception... introducing the mercedes-benz b-class. it's electric! it's electric!
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break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. giants tonight as they let one get away. let's go out to at&t park. this is one way to beat the traffic. michael moore -- michael morris has hit two in the fourth. here he connects for a three-run blast. he lost the shut out in the fifth. he is not knowing how close he
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is to the wall and runs into it. that will leave a mark, literally. he later left the game. in the eighth he graves up a two-run homer and they go to extra innings. the bases loaded and he skims the knee and that was enough. the go ahead run scores. the dodgers also lost, and the giants stay five and a halfback. >> another rough outing for hamel. he makes it a 5-0 game with this three-run blast in the fourth. it kept the inning alive and he was able to get his first homerun and comes off chavez. 7-2 the final and the a's have lost four of the last five and their lead in the west is down to just one game. at least the raiders came out on top.
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wake up weather. we will start off with fog on saturday morning, and then you will see the sun breaks through. the temperatures in the 50 had and 60s at -- 50s and 60s. lisa argen is here at 5:00. ama and dan? >> thank you, sandhya. >> that's our report. thanks for watching. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama dates. our news continues on line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices. our next newscast is at 5:00 a.m. >> stay tuned right now on jimmy kimmle it is mick rerork.
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from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! [ cheers and applause ] tonight, mickey rourke. jordana brewster. "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from banks. with cleto and the cletones. and now, if the coast is clear, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello, everybody. that's very nice. welcome. [ cheers and applause ] hi, there. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ]


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