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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 3, 2014 11:35pm-12:38am PST

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>> have a great night everyone. >> have a great night everyone. thanks for joining us. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- nathan fillion. gina rodriguez. jimmy's halloween youtube challenge. and music from fall out boy. and now, places, everybody. here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome. thank you, cleto. that's very nice. thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the
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show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thanks for being on time. that's nice. well, i'm glad you're in a good mood. i am -- i am also in a particularly good mood today and i have to admit, all the credit goes to daylight savings time. i hate it in april, i love it in november. i woke up at 7:00 this morning, it was really 8:00. i got to work at 9:00, it was really 10:00. i feel like i'm an hour ahead of the world. i'm springing forward, though we're technically falling back. i'd like to see us fall back once a month. i'd do it all the time. friday, of course, was halloween. imagine if you didn't know that, by the way. what are all these monsters doing at my front door? friday was halloween. interesting fact. you can get a pretty good idea how much someone has their life together based on how long they keep a pumpkin on their front porch. my cousin sal had a halloween party. a lot of our coworkers showed
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up. all except for you, guillermo. where were you? you didn't come? >> i took my mom for dinner. it was her birthday. >> jimmy: oh, your mother's birthday. where did you take her? >> sizzler. >> jimmy: sizzler. he really knows how to spoil a woman. anyway, there were some very good costumes. and there were some lame costumes, too. some people have a lot of trouble with this sort of thing. and i think maybe i can help. here's how you know that you're wearing a bad halloween costume. when you have to write the name of the person you're dressed as on a piece of paper and tape it to your hat. like our coworker mike. that means you failed and you should stay home. or go to the sizzler with your mother. what did -- [ laughter ] what did your mother have? >> chicken with green beans and rice. >> jimmy: that's it? >> yes. and salad bar. >> jimmy: very nice. did you watch the tightrope thing last night?
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last night in chicago, a daredevil named nik wallenda of the flying wallendas walked across a steel cable at a 19 degree angle more than 600 feet above the chicago river. 600 feet. and then he walked another 600 feet between two skyscrapers, blindfolded. and while texting. [ laughter ] they showed the stunt live on the discovery channel. it was -- i thought it was interesting, discovery used a ten-second delay so that producers would have time to cut away in case anything went wrong. thereby depriving viewers of the reason they were tuning in. i have to say, i hate this kind of stuff. i don't have the stomach for it. i i'm more nervous than the guy on the rope. listen to how casual he is. he's walking between two sky scrapers, blindfolded and he manages to have a very relaxed chat. >> a lot of people down there, nik, cheering for you. >> oh, yeah, it's amazing to
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hear that roar. pretty unreal. pretty unreal. what an incredibly beautiful city at night chicago is. absolutely beautiful. >> jimmy: what? [ laughter ] that's how they should do field sobriety tests. wallenda style. he's so calm. the guy -- i mean, that gave away the chevy after the world series was more nervous than he was. i have never been that relaxed in my life. this is what that interview would have been like if i was up there on that rope. >> ah! ah! >> how are you doing up there? >> how the [ bleep ] do you think i'm doing up here? terrible! ah! >> nik, you look amazing out there. >> i'm dying! i'm dying! >> do you need them down below to do anything for you? >> bring me a pair of pants, i just [ bleep ] myself. >> watching behind you and it looks good. >> that's good, because the
11:40 pm
backle of back of me is covered with [ bleep ]. >> what a view, that's a long way down. >> i know it's a long way down, shut the [ bleep ] up. ah! ah! >> jimmy: i don't know, to me, that's a more reasonable response. [ cheers and applause ] you know what i was thinking about today? if nik wallenda had mailed in an absentee ballot and fell to his death last night, would his vote tomorrow still count? [ laughter ] let's get the abc attorneys on that, because -- midterm elections are tomorrow. is anyone going to vote? [ cheers and applause ] i don't believe even a tenth of you. there's some very important propositions and state government positions on the ballot. but most americans don't bother to vote on the midterm elections because they're not the kind of thing we get excited about. we like personalities. we like the big ones. president. that's what we like to vote for. they estimate $4 billion will be spent this year, the most ever
11:41 pm
for a midterm and a lot of that goes toward tv ads. i'm sure you've seen them while you're watching this show. and you know they buy advertising time on this show but i have to say, some of them, i don't understand. why would they spend money to put something like this on the air? >> hi. i'm tom skalland. i'm running for county comptroller. what is a comptroller? i have no idea. i've been training to be your comptroller my entire life. this is a post office. maybe i'll work here or maybe it's a school board thing. i don't care. as long as i comptroll it. i'm a comptroll freak. i need this. seriously. it's all i got left. please just let me be your comptroller. i got to win once in my [ bleep ] leaf! >> tom skalland for county
11:42 pm
comptroller. this is a big deal to him, whatever it is. paid for my compfused citizens for change. >> jimmy: i find his honesty refreshing. did you know more americans will go to starbucks tomorrow than will go to the polls to vote? [ laughter ] i made that up, but it sounds kind of true, doesn't it? starbucks just made a big announcement. later next year, starbucks is planning to deliver. they will bring coffee directly to you. i hope they're better at writing down addresses than they are names on a cup, because -- apparently starbucks had a disappointing quarter revenue wise and they are hoping the new delivery service will revitalize earnings. they might want to reconsider their business model of selling one mini muffin to an unemployed writer who sits there for ten hours working on his screen play without buying anything else. the ceo of starbucks said, imagine the ability to create a standing order at starbucks delivered hot or iced to your desk daily.
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seems to me the main reason people go to starbucks is to get away from their desk for 20 minutes and now that is ruined for you. [ laughter ] they'll deliver to where you live. here's my question. what happens if you live in the bathroom at starbucks. will they deliver to you there? here's what i'm going to do. i'm going to order to my house. when the guy shows up, i'm going to try to sell him one of my norah jones cds. and now it's time for something i know a lot of people have been waiting for. the past three years i've been challenging parents to pretend they ate all their kids halloween candy. shoot video of it and upload that video to youtube. we did it again this year and we got more videos than ever. we got so many videos. it's crazy. i tried it on my daughter. it wasn't very satisfying because she's only almost 4 months old. here's what happened. jane. so, last night, while you were sleeping after you went trick or treating, i ate all your
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halloween candy. i'm sorry. i don't know what came over me, i just got hungry. and i wanted it. and i so ate it. do you understand? don't worry, we'll get some again next year, okay? okay? okay? are you mad? little mad. hard to tell if you're mad or not. are you mad? she's very angry. she's having a fit. she's really mad. well, again, sorry about that. we'll try again next year, okay? yep. turned out she wasn't mad. she was pooping. [ laughter ] it's hard to tell sometimes.
11:45 pm
so, anyway, we sifted through more than 1,000 videos and whittled it down to our favorites. it's time now for our beloved holiday tradition. hey. >> jimmy: jimmy kimmel, i told my kids we ate all their halloween candy. >> we ate your candy. >> why? >> it was good. >> you ruined my life! >> we ate it all while you were sleeping. >> no! >> oh, man. i'm going to eat it all. jimmy kimmel said i should eat all your candy, okay? okay, i'm going to eat it all. yeah, i'm going to eat it. jimmy kimmel said i should eat that, too. okay -- >> all of it? >> all of it. >> every single bite? >> yeah. >> you must have a belly ache.
11:46 pm
>> i was hungry last night. >> eat an apple. >> daddy and i ate all of your candy. [ crying ] >> those aren't real drawers, buddy. >> get out. [ screaming ] >> we ate all the candy. >> we'll get some more next time.
11:47 pm
>> i ate all your candy. >> that's okay. >> i'm not going to talk to you for the rest of my life. why didn't you eat something else? >> i was hungry. hey! >> i was just joking. okay? >> shut up and go in the other room -- >> excuse me. >> i told you not to. i told you. you can never, never, never get enough candy. >> are you mad at me? >> the whole entire bag?
11:48 pm
>> yeah. i'm sorry. >> it's okay. >> it's fine? there's none left. >> it's fine. >> oh, thank you. >> kids, i got something to tell you. >> what? >> mommy and daddy ate all your halloween candy last night. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: by the way -- [ laughter ] if you did get too much candy and i want to do something other than to the office, you can donate it to the troops, go to they'll take the candy from your kids and send it to the men and women overseas. you have until november 15th to send it. thanks to the parents who participated. and apologies to the children who participated, as well. thank you for all the great videos. we have a good show for you tonight. we have music from fall out boy. from "jane the virgin," gina
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rodriguez is here. and we'll be right back with nathan fillion, so stick around. ♪ limits are there to be shattered. ♪ barriers are meant to be broken. ♪ lines are drawn to be crossed. ♪ introducing the first ever 467 horsepower rcf coupe from lexus. once driven, there's no going back. ♪
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♪ [laughter] you're next. play the 5 gum truth or dare challenge and you could win a sensory adventure.
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>> jimmy: hi there, everybody. tonight, she is the star of a new show, it's called "jane the virgin," gina rodriguez is here on the show tonight. by the way, we named our daughter jane and a week later, the billboards went up saying "jane the vir skwgin." it could be worse, i guess. then, their latest song is from the soundtrack of the new disney movie that comes out friday called "big hero 6." fall out boy from the at&t stage. tomorrow night -- we have a good show tomorrow night. tomorrow night, maya rudolph will join us. michael chiklis will be here and we'll have music from kenny chesney. and on wednesday night after the country music awards, an unprecedented event. our show will be simulcast via hologram from hollywood to nashville and from nashville back here simultaneously. if you are in nashville and would like to experience the
11:55 pm
magic first-hand, go to, tickets are free. and it's a going to be a fun night with tim mcgraw faith hill, brad paisley, and florida georgia line that's wednesday night. holograms, they're not just for tupac anymore. they're for everybody. all right. lots of people write novels. and lots of people solve crimes. but i'll say something. it takes a man with extraordinary skill to do both of those things. he plays crimi-novelist richard castle on "castle", which airs mondays at 10:00 on abc. please say hello to nathan fillion. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very good to see you. >> what did you call me? >> jimmy: i called you a crimi-novelist. i was so proud of myself. >> i heard that. i said -- it sounds like a real word. >> jimmy: it is now. i googled it last night. no results.
11:56 pm
so, it's a fresh new word that i present to you as my gift. >> i can have it? >> jimmy: it is for you. you can use it from now on. >> do i have to credit you? >> jimmy: no, you do not. it's my gift to you. it is yours. >> oh. >> jimmy: you can put it on your license plate like when guys get old, when you get old, put it on your license plate so people will pull you over and ask you things. [ laughter ] you know how that goes in hollywood. you see screenwriter and some guy drives by, you're like -- that's not spiel burg. >> will it fit on a plate? >> jimmy: you are going to have to boil it down a little bit. >> all right. >> jimmy: maybe in the future, so many cars, they'll have to add digits. >> wraparound lights from the back of your car. >> jimmy: how are you doing? is this kind of your year, all this halloween and stuff? >> i love this time of year. >> jimmy: you do? >> oh, gosh yeah. oh. didn't dress up and people dress up and participate and being creative, that's a huge part. for me, i love the scare.
11:57 pm
the scariness. >> jimmy: really? >> oh, oh. [ laughter ] it's important, i think. i think it's important to know your limits, your friends. i gather my friends, i take them to haunted houses. >> jimmy: you do? >> oh. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you startled me twice already in this interview. >> if you learn a great deal, i think -- >> jimmy: do you really believe that? >> i got -- you know, you have ten of your closest friends, we went to this haunted house in town called delusion. it's a different theme every year. it's almost like a play. quickly, we have to run and we need two volunteers, we need to find the key to get the clue that opens this door. you split up and you come together later on and different people have different edadvent e adventures. but you learn -- you watch your friend go off into, like, a spooky environment, you watch from a window. is he okay? oh, good luck, j.r., i hope -- hands come out of the darkness
11:58 pm
and pull him back -- what do we do? and some people are, we have to go get him. i'm thinking, hey, man, he's dead. [ laughter ] he's dead. it's too late. we cut our losses, we get out. that's what we do. >> jimmy: of all your friends, who is the most cowardly? you, really? >> yeah, i get into it. >> jimmy: you abandoned j.r. >> i get into it and i really -- >> jimmy: you make it a real experience -- as real of an experience. now, does this extend outside of halloween? are you scaring people on your own? >> my friends, you mean? >> jimmy: yeah. >> i have to be careful about that. my friend jule, you scare her, she laughs. i have a friend who has a heart condition, she can't get -- >> jimmy: how did you find that out? [ laughter ] are you sure she does or just told you? >> when i was introduced to her, by the way, you can't scare her, she will have a heart attack. she had a heart attack when a
11:59 pm
guy asked her out. >> jimmy: she did? >> you have to be careful. my friend michelle, though, she helps me with organizing. she knows what to do with my life. i scare her every day. terrifying days -- >> jimmy: does she like it? >> no. but she won't have a heart attack. >> jimmy: what do you do? >> i will go to great lengths. i'll hide between mattresses if i know she's going to walk by one of the guest rooms because she's cleaning the closet, i'll reach out and grab her or sometimes just stand behind a door and leap out and do the growl thing. i don't like being scared. >> jimmy: well, who does? no one does. >> one day she scared me, she got me really good and i was upset. [ laughter ] i confess. and i might have screamed. and i said, i'm going to get you so bad you're going -- you're -- i'm going to make you cry. and i'm doing research on the internet, i'm taking my time, i don't want to blow this. i found this thing, this little device called an evil tron,
12:00 am
okay? >> jimmy: okay. what is? >> it's just, like, a little stack of quarters, a speaker with a chip on it and a magnet and a battery. it makes creamy sou s scree s c. we were caravanning all over town and i slip it into her car right on the post behind her head and i had it set for "hey, can you hear me?" i'm driving and i'll watching her in my rear view mirror thinking there's a maniac in her car. she's calling me on the phone. what did you do? and she's laughing but she's still crying. >> jimmy: that's terrible. >> yeah, yeah. i like it, though. she's a real sport. >> jimmy: you tweet about som biel zombies. >> that's another thing that i think the very important. i think if it were to go down,
12:01 am
knowing who your friends are that you can count to who has, you know, the skills -- oh, i didn't know you're a registered nurse. i didn't know that. that's very handy. i -- i have everybody over and we watch "the walking dead" together. >> jimmy: i see. >> and now we can discuss and we can talk about things. what would you do in that situation? [ laughter ] and now -- there are some friends who have no marketable skills in a zombie apocalypse. >> jimmy: guillermo would be worthless. right? >> yeah, i get scared a lot. >> jimmy: yeah. >> there is something -- i mean, now that -- on "the walking dead" there is people that eat people. i'm looking at guillermo, i'm going -- delicious. >> jimmy: he is. he is delicious. i can attest to that. i've had a little of that. [ laughter ] you know what i do, i go right to jose canseco's house if there's a zombie apocalypse. >> because of the bats.
12:02 am
>> jimmy: he's got bats. that seems to be their achilles heel. i'm not scared of zombies. >> everybody is into the big sword, but a lot could go wrong with a sword. no doctors. >> jimmy: i don't think there's a ton of love making going on in the zombie times. would there be? >> let me think. i'd like to think i'd be too scared constantly. >> jimmy: right, exactly. >> you want to set the mood and everything's good, you're like, ugh on the window -- sorry, honey, i can't. >> jimmy: well, we need to take a zombie break for a moment for a commercial. we're going to come back. nathan fillion is here. he's the star of the show "castle" which you can see monday nights right here on abc. we'll be right back. [singing to himself] "here she comes now sayin' mony mony".
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here and only here. ♪ come and get it. how do you live with the man who has lost two months of his life and left you at the altar? how do i live with the pain i know i've caused you? how do we get past this? >> i wish i knew. >> i think i have the answer. we just do. so -- katherine beckett, will you marry me? >> i already said yes. >> will you marry me right now? >> jimmy: very romantic. that is nathan fillion and stana katic in "castle." wow, you almost had me saying yes. >> that's been such a closely guarded -- don't tell anybody
12:08 am
was the thing. we try to keep it -- >> jimmy: oh, sorry. >> no -- well before this. there is always the on-set photographer, they can taking pictures. "castle" fans are forensic scientists. you watch the show, it's like, wait a minute. in large sector 4-g, they do that -- >> jimmy: they notice things. >> they zoom in on a wedding ring. they go -- looks like they're married. that's the internet. >> jimmy: you are still on cb radio. hey, good buddy, they're married. that's a 10-4. what's going on here? speaking of romantic. this looks like a romantic scenario. >> that is one of the sci-fi conventions i go to. people take photos with you and this fella proposed to his girlfriend -- that's the moment he chose to propose. >> jimmy: did you know this was going to happen? >> nope. >> jimmy: you didn't? >> nope. >> jimmy: he got down aon his knee and you don't know what's going on. >> sometimes i will get a note
12:09 am
that will say, can you help me, i get invited to a lot of weddings. they've asked me to preside. >> jimmy: really? >> so many times i've been asked to preside. i'm on the internet again. i'm now a minister of the universal life church. >> jimmy: you did do that? how much did that cost you? >> i think it was $59. i got the extra package that comes with a parking pass. >> jimmy: nice. >> you get a little ministry clipped on there and the thing on the dash, on ministry business. it's plastic and -- i used it a couple times. >> jimmy: how many people have you married? >> none so far. >> jimmy: none. you haven't got your money's worth at all. do you have any -- can people request that you marry them? >> i have absolutely no time to do that thing and i would be terrified to. what if i did it wrong and suddenly, oh, sorry, not worth the license it's written on. >> jimmy: for half of them, you'd save them the trouble of getting divorced.
12:10 am
wait, you games know, 50 -- never mind. [ laughter ] i think i hit a sore spot for everyone in the audience. are you guys on a tinder date or something? [ laughter ] well -- well, you know, i think that's exciting. i think that would be quite a thing for one of your fans to be married by you. i think maybe you should make this a side business. you could make a fortune from this. >> oh, my god. how long can this acting thing last? >> jimmy: exactly. >> that's going to be my next thing. >> jimmy: when you are driving around with the giant license plate, picking people over. parking wherever the hell you want. >> am i good at it or i'm doing seven a day? >> jimmy: you don't care at all! you get their names wrong -- >> you got the ring? >> jimmy: you don't know their parents' names. you don't know anything. >> give me a double, buddy. all right, give her a kiss, it's all done. >> jimmy: and here's an evil
12:11 am
tron as a gift. i have to get one of those. >> i'm actually sending you one. >> jimmy: oh, thank you very much. the show is called "castle," monday nights, 10:00 here on abc. nathan fillion, everybody. we'll be right back. you know how fast you were going? about 55. where you headed at such an appropriate speed? across the country to enhance the nation's most reliable 4g lte network. how's it working for ya? better than ever. how'd you do it? added cell sites. increased capacity. and your point is... so you can download music, games, and directions for the road when you need them. who's this guy? oh that's charlie. you ever put pepper spray on your burrito? i like it spicy but not like uggggh spicy. he always like this? you have no idea. at&t. the nation's most reliable 4g lte network.
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>> jimmy: hi there. welcome back. gina rodriguez and music from fall out boy are on the way. but first, it's time to spin "the wheel of bad ideas!" there it is. now, here's how this works. our writers on the show came up a lot of bad ideas and they put them all on this wheel. i'm going to spin the wheel. the ideas are underneath these letters. whatever it lands on is what we're going to do. what happened the last time -- oh, the last time we did this, a bunch of guys jumped out and hit me with 80 dodge balls. >> yes. that's right. >> jimmy: it was terrible. and, well, let's -- here we go. let's give it a spin. we're spinning the wheel of bad ideas. guillermo is the keeper of the wheel, so, he administers. you know what's under the letters, correct? >> correct, jimmy. >> jimmy: goowe're going to go h the b letter "i." it sails -- what's wilmer value der ram ma wearing. oh, all right. how does this work?
12:17 am
>> that's when we find out wilmer vad der ram ma is wearing. >> well, wilmer is wearing a cardigan and jeans, i got these boots. and i have a watch. two rings and a necklace. thanks for asking. >> jimmy: all right, well, that's -- well, that was a bad idea. >> it was. >> jimmy: thank you, guillermo. we'll be right back with gina rodriguez.
12:18 am
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♪if your sweetheart ♪sends a letter ♪of goodbye ♪it's no secret ♪you feel better ♪if you cry >> jimmy: still to come, music from fall out boy. our next guest is a
12:23 am
very talented young woman with a critically-acclaimed new show called "jane the virgin." it airs monday nights on the cw. please say hello to gina rodriguez. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how's it going? it's very good to have you here. >> thank you very having me. what an exciting crowd. you guys rock. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: can i just give you one tip? don't mention divorce. they get really buttmmed out. >> i won't. >> jimmy: how was your halloween? >> it was amazing. >> jimmy: did you dress up? >> sadly, i didn't have much time to come up with a costume. so, friday morning, before i went to set, i turned to my boyfriend, i was looking at stuff online, i was like, okay, we have a few hours, let's do this. game time. >> jimmy: right. >> you note what i'm saying, game time. and i'm looking at couples halloween costumes and bride of chucky and chucky come up. i'm like, bam. i have a wedding dress.
12:24 am
you have creepy chucky eyes, let's do this. and it worked out magically. >> jimmy: can we just take one step back ward and ask why you have a wedding dress? >> no, no. you may not ask that, because he asked the same thing and i refused. >> jimmy: yeah. >> don't be mad at me. i'm going to cut it up and put blood on it. it wasn't gbuying it for us. ing that could be scarier than bride of chucky, actually. open the closet and there it is. >> pretty terrifying. he's much happier now that it's full of blood. >> jimmy: what was your best costume ever growing up or throughout the course of your life? >> that's a difficult one because i love hold wean. octo-mom. >> jimmy: really? what did you do? >> i went all out. you can't fool around with octo-mom. >> jimmy: not anymore, no. >> not anymore. it's not too soon to talk about it, right? full pregnancy suit. i got little babies and i
12:25 am
plastered babies all over me. and i had swinging babies. i had some, like, some on leashes, some cascading from my legs. don't judge me. >> jimmy: did you go with the eight babies or the full 14 children? because people forget she's got 14 of them. >> wow, she does? >> jimmy: yes does. >> i forgot. eight felt like enough. the patrons in the restaurant that i was working at felt like eight was enough. >> jimmy: you were dragging the babies around -- were you a waitress? >> i was a waitress. yes, the job before the actress, right? >> jimmy: so, you're coming out with the trays and you have babies hanging? >> i was working at sushi roca. it's pretty fancy. i'm serving salmon inside a baby. >> jimmy: did you get better tips as a result? >> 100%, yes. i was like, give me my baby back. lots of sympathy for me. >> jimmy: was that your main job before you started making money as an actor? >> i did a lot of jobs.
12:26 am
i was a nanny, a twin specialist. >> jimmy: a twin specialist? >> for twin babies. it's huge. they make a killing. >> jimmy: they do? the babies? >> with the babies. it's like, the nannies are going home paid. >> jimmy: what are the special skills that you learn or have to have to be a twin -- >> you have a baby, right? >> jimmy: only a single. >> can you imagine her twice? >> jimmy: we need twin nannies is what we need. >> my sister has twins and when she had twins and she was like, listen, let me tell you something, nannies for twins make a killing. i was like, what am i doing at this restaurant? her twin specialist taught me. and it's like, you have one baby, mind the fact that i can't spread my legs in this dress, so, i got one baby here and i'm feeding another baby here, you get pretty -- i was a dancer, so, i was rhythmic with it. i was putting them to bed like
12:27 am
this. >> jimmy: identical twins, do you get confused by which one? you do have to keep track. >> i had a horrible experience. i started taking care of just thetwins -- there was nothing different about them. and when the parents thought there was something different, i'm like, you're lying. there's nothing different. >> jimmy: you never got to that point? >> yeah, there's no way. i was like, there's no way you can tell the difference. so, after awhile, after a month i started noticing one baby was getting a little plumper than the other. i'm like, i think i've been feeding this baby twice. >> jimmy: oh, no. >> i felt terrible. i felt terrible. the mom was like, wow, he's in the 95 percentile. the other one was in the 35 per essential time. >> jimmy: oh, no. >> i got fired. >> jimmy: really? it's best you got this job. i see these -- my wife and i had a baby and she really had the
12:28 am
baby, i just kind of stood there, but her name's jane and i swear it was like three days after she was born that all these billboards, "jane the virg virgin" go up. this could be a does astisaster. i reassured her it would be, it could have been jane the slut. >> they presented both of the titles to me. >> jimmy: you picked the right one. and thank you. >> i did it for you. >> jimmy: on "saturday night live" back in the old days, it was jane, you ignorant slut. it was dan aykroyd. but you really got off easy on this. >> i did. >> jimmy: the show's doing very, very well. it's very popular. tell everybody what the idea of the show is. it's very clefer, but you can misunderstand what the show is about if you don't know. >> yeah, let's hope you don't misunderstand me. we're on the fourth episode we just aired this evening right before this. this is very exciting. it is about a young girl jane saving herself for marriage and
12:29 am
goes to the gynecologist and gets accidentally artificially inseminated. >> jimmy: that does happen a lot. >> all the time. that's why i don't go to the gynecologist. that's terrible, i do. i do. i do, i'm -- i need a play by play. put mirrors down there. i need to know what's going on. but it is -- now, you see her go through the -- i mean, the trials of being a woman that's having a baby and going through this craziness and really kind of finding herself and it's based off a telenovella from venezuela. it has all the craziness. the hotel owner is the baby daddy. everybody's connected somehow some way. but we also have a really beautiful family dynamic which is me and my mother and grandmother. they are amazing. and my father, i love you guys so much, you guys rock. it is really grounded in reality.
12:30 am
>> jimmy: your reafather is pretty famous boxing referee. >> yeah. >> jimmy: how long has he been doing that? >> my whole life. to me, when people would stop us and be like, hey, geno, everybody gets their fists up. i was like, that's weird. i don't -- you know, like, this hadn't come into play yet. i was like, i don't note what he's doing. >> jimmy: is that what he does all the time? >> he was a teamster and retired. he has been a referee for, like, 30 years. >> jimmy: do you go to fights with him and -- >> i'm going to go to his next fight in china. the pacquiao fight in china. i'm going to go. ringside, ready for the blood, the sweat, you know, i'll be wearing a raincoat and ebola hazard mask. >> jimmy: do you ever bet on the boxing matches? >> all my money. >> jimmy: do you really? >> no. never, no, no. >> jimmy: that could be great. >> we don't bet. we don't gamble. no. >> jimmy: really? >> just not this one. no, no, no. i'm an actress. >> jimmy: if your dad has any
12:31 am
inside tips, the group of us, we'd like to know. very, very good to meet you. congratulations on the show. it's called "jane the virgin" monday nights at 9:00 on the cw. gina rodriguez, everybody. we'll be right back with fall out boy.
12:32 am
)♪ ♪on a tuesday, they locked me up in jail...♪ aunt: ....oh! is you big grown-up! ♪...on a wednesday my trial was attested...♪ aunt: you look beautiful!
12:33 am
♪...they said guilty and the judges gavel fell.♪ irl: hey! uncle: he! girl: not yet! ♪...i got stripes around my shoulders...♪ (crying baby) ♪...and them chains... ♪...them chains... girl: hi! ♪ >> jimmy: i'd like to thank nathan fillion, gina rodriguez, and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. "nightline" is next, but first, with the song from "if "the big hero 6" soundtrack, it's called "immortal," fall out boy! ♪
12:34 am
♪ ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh i am the sand in the bottom half of the hourglass glass glass ♪ ♪ ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh i try to picture me without you but i can't ♪ ♪ 'cause we could be immortals immortals just not for long for long and live with me forever ♪ ♪ now pull the blackout curtains down just not for long for long we could be ♪ ♪ immortal immortals immortal immortals immortal immortals ♪ ♪ immortal immortals immortals ♪
12:35 am
♪ sometimes the only pay off for having any faith is when it's tested again and again everyday ♪ ♪ i'm still comparing your past to my future it might be your wound but they're my sutures ♪ ♪ ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh i am the sand in the bottom half of the hourglass glass glass ♪ ♪ ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh i try to picture me without you but i can't ♪ ♪ 'cause we could be immortals immortals just not for long for long and live with me forever ♪ ♪ now pull the blackout curtains down just not for long for long we could be ♪
12:36 am
♪ immortal immortals immortal immortals immortals ♪ ♪ and live with me forever now pull the blackout curtains down ♪ ♪ 'cause we could be immortals immortals just not for long for long we could be immortal immortals ♪ ♪ immortal immortals immortal immortals immortal immortals immortals ♪ \.
12:37 am
s. . this is "nightline." tonight, murder for hire? the dentist's wife now accused of trying to pay a hitman $11,000 to kill the father of her own grandson. tonight, her allegedly outrail jous plan involving alligators and how shell got busted. plus, sickeningly sweet. we know drinking too much sugar can hurt us, but when it comes to taxing sweet drinks, there's a bitter battle brewing. the same big businesses spending millions to get their way may also be trying to make it look like a grassroots fight. and the actors of "interstellar."


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