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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 10, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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gorilla at the zoo. >> winter is coming early to most of the country with a problem created coast to coast. >> but that is for leak what we have here. >> i feel cold but stepping outside year, sweating. >> especially working outside and exercising, it was a warm day with near record high temperatures and we are going to be warm again today with a mile and a half visibility and fog is the big story at santa rosa and quarter-mile in napa and quarter in mountain view and less than a quarter-mile at half moon bay so be careful. this is how it looks from the east bay hills, you can barely see the bay bridge but nothing over the east bay shoreline. 60 to 65 and cloudy at the coast and 75 around the bay. >> that mean as problem for the commute.
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what we have right now are a couple of accidents in the works and we are not so sure if fog had any reason for this accident, any impact, and as we look from emeryville to the hoffman split we have multiple vehicle crash and in san francisco we have this accident involving a motorcycle causing major backups into the city. now the news: line backer aldon smith runs to the roster after a nine game is expense -- suspension but he may have to pay the team to play an unprecedented situation. nick? good morning, this is what it comes down to: aldon smith may have forfeited his are rated signing bonus by getting suspended and he will actually owe the 49ers more money than he will make. he is a week arrest from
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returning from a nine game suspension for violations of the personal conduct policy and the substance abuse policy. according to our sister network, espn, he will have to pay to play. smith is still playing on the four year $14.4 million contract he signed after being chosen with 2011 because of his suspension he has for guiltied half of his signing bonus of $1.88 so he owes the 49ers his $1.18 million prorated signing bonus for the season. and that will not covert difference from what he makes so the team will take another $661,000 after this season. there is disyosemite over whether the smith camp fulfilling they needed under the
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rules and he is saying he did and aldon smith responded by media but he tweeted yesterday that it is sad when people wrong you and try to justify it with more b.s. police in the east bay are investigating after the body of a 20-year-old map was found at a frat house near uc berkeley found unresponsive at hope of the zeta psi fraternity at noon yesterday and authorities say he was not a frat member or a uc berkeley student but showed up at the zeta psi fraternity. the death is being treated as "suspicious." amy hollyfield will have more in a report in 30 minutes. san francisco police are expected to talk about the search for a technical worker miss are for a week and a half. dan ha was last seen leashing his apartment in south of market
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neighborhood halloween night. family and friends spent the weekend putting up thousands of ads -- of picture. >> he is a good son. he is a good son. >> we checked the phone usage and friday night is the last time had was anything on his son and that is unusual. he is wished in. ha went home sick from work october 30 and never showed up on friday. he told his boss and his father he had a migraine. san francisco police chief suhr will respond to an officer involved shooting that left a man in critical condition near connecticut and 25th. on thursday. officers spotted five men behaving suspiciously. officers got out of the core, four run and the fifth pulled a handgun. the officers fired when he
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refused to drop the gun. he was found in possession of methamphetamine and heroin. animal activists call for change at the san francisco zoo after details came to light of death of a baby gorilla when the door that killed the gorilla had a manual shut off but workers did not get there half enough when she darted under the door when she was moving into the nighttime enclosures. >> this needs to happen in san francisco zoo but every zoo around the country that has automatic garages. so someone can monitor. the san francisco zoo has not responded to our request for comment. senator feinstein is questioning where san francisco is headed and because of that she is not backing the
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re-election bid of the mayor yet because she is concerned of the high-tech industry transforming or eliminating neighborhoods and is against the airbnb style is against the airbnb style short temple rent of local homes. and a winter storm is barreling across the country with snowy roads already being 1/2 gated in -- navigate much of the united states. frigid arctic air in most of the united states, including north dakota and soda springs, california, there were 10" of snow. in wisconsin and minnesota, a foot of snow is expected with salt trucks standing by.
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>> we are getting ready. >> the plows are on the trucks. we have the salt ready. temperatures will stay below 30 degrees, shelters are filling in. >> we have one room open. >> in chicago, signs of the holiday season and the winter storm season. >> the oh -- polar not mentally ready. >> this is the now the polar vortex but a dip in the jet stream. the most powerful storm ever recorded 800 miles wide was recorded last year and battered alaska and kick up the waves. >> the size and strength pushed the jet stream over the east were part of the united states. this week many plays will struggle to top freezing making november feel like january.
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>> how happen is mike that he is no longer living in minneapolis? >> very. we had a "spare the air" day. >> we did but we did not need to burn anything because it was so warm. here is what will happen throughout the week with the cold air plunging deeper and deeper because it is heavier and denser and down to the coast at 25 degrees below average with snow in the areas that saw snow a couple of beaks ago including north georgia and south carolina and north carolina. in san rafael, in the 40's and 50's and returning to the coast by noon and up to 66 at the bay. 68 to fix bay and inland and the fog runs at 7:00 and we are honored the mid-50's to low 60's and walnut creek southbound does
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not have fog here. cooler tomorrow. wednesday and thursday have chance of rain and in the 60's. that is where we shoulden. >> this is the skyway coming off of the bay bridge pushing to 101 approaching the bridge. traffic is quiet. but not headed into the city from the southbound direction. we have a motorcycle accident that is being cleared but the transition was blocked. there was heavy backup. 15 miles per hour is the top speed to the 101 extension. 280, though, is clear. 49 minutes from tracy to dublin westbound. 24 minutes from antioch to concord. clearing on 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco at 17 minutes. a police car bursts into
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flames with an officer caught inside. it is all caught on camera. quick thinking of a bystander who is now called a "hero." >> general motors was slow to notify car owners and the government of the massive recall on the ignition switch. here is the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see it is backed up. >> we will keep you updated with weather and traffic through the weather and traffic through the commercial break.
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covering san rafael, both bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good monday morning, a look from the sutro tower you can see the fog enveloping san francisco and looking cool but meteorologist mike nicco says it will be warming up nicely later today. >> dramatic rescue in philadelphia all caught on video a squad car burst into flames after it was broadside by another driver. the officer was trapped inside and the flames were spreading. a 17-year-old joseph chambers, a volunteer fireman, advantage
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into action. >> he could not feel his legs i said i would get him out through the window. i weapon his neck stable while we pulled him and laid him down and checked the pulse and he was breathing and he was out of it but he was alive. chambers is watching the tv show "cops," when the accident happened and he most with the officer in the hospital and he suffered a head injury and burn leg but he will recover. general motors may have then of the ignition switch defect in some of the vehicles earlier than admitting. the "wall street journal" reports they ordered 500,000 replacement ignition switches to fix the small cars two months before they notified the government of the problem. g.m. has recalled 2.5 million vehicles over the switch that is linked to 30 deaths. cupertino-based apple has a
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fix for a complaint of missing text messages if you switched from apple to droid. users would have switched from apple to other companies have complained they have trouble getting text emergencies. before the new page came out you had to call the company and some say though got the run around. educational television series sesame street is celebrating the 45th birthday with special friends. >> good morning, everyone! >> when you were little were you called "boy george." >> elmer visited the studio of "good morning america" after helping bring in 159 emmy awards more than any other television
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series. i bet you have a lot of that in your family. >> it is fun to pass on characters you grew up and to have them still relevant. >> i think el mo is a new character. >> they have added new one. that is what makes them a classic. >> it is nice they don't go off the deep end. >> i thought you meant like child stars getting in trouble when they grow up to be adults. el mo take as wrong turn life. >> we will take a turn for wet weather. you cannot have it be that warm in november with half moon bay at santa rosa and quarter mile
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in novato and mountain view and up to one in san jose from an eighth of a mile visibility a few minutes ago. the swirling mass of air to the last of the scene is an area of low-to-upper breaking down the high that brought us warm weather steering us to the north but to the west is a smaller one that will come in bringing wet weather on thursday. until then, check out the temperatures around the bart train, in the upper 40's in dublin and pleasanton and lafayette and oakland and san francisco is warmest at 56. a beautiful picture. and you can see some of the taller buildings punching through the fog in downtown san francisco. inland neighborhoods are sunny by 11 o'clock when the fog burns
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off and warmer than average. showers and cool weather for all of us on thursday and a healthy storm. today, mid-to-upper 70's up to 78 in gilroy and 66 in santa rosa. home is look 60's at the peninsula and low 60's in the north bay valleys. mid-to-upper 70 through the north bay valley and low 60's at the cost i should say. mid-70s along the east bay shore and upper 70 language our east bay valleys. wednesday morning, you have increase if low cloud and high clouds as the system draws near but not until thursday morning at the rush hour at 1:00 o'clock from the north bay and the rush hour for the rest of us will be significantly wet. look at the temperatures, in the
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60's, and when we are beyond that, the seven-day forecast is seasonal and mid-60's to low 70's. we are dealing with a big accident in young city on the surface streets at the intersection of central avenue a big intersection that is very busy in the morning and you can expect to see that intersection shut down for a couple of hours because of injury crash. no passengers were in either vehicle but people were extricated from the accident. avoid that area. the rest of the drive along 880 is 32 miles per hour bumper-to-bumper traffic. a sig-alert because the 9th street off-ramp is shut down in san francisco after a motorcycle got tangled up with another vehicle. bumper-to-bumper traffic from before the curve with delays away from 280 and the best way to get around is to exit mission street. i advise staying on 80 and
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it is 6:23 and traffic son -- on 680 is getting heavier with a good bit of sunlight and fairly clear skies. we will talk to mike and leyla gulen in a moment. >> we will check with a look at "good morning america" at 7:00. next on "good morning america" the fearless utah stepfather who confronted a kidnapper to rescue his stepdaughter is here and we will talk to the hero parent.
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an amazing moment at garth brooks concert for a woman fighting cancer. no one will forget this. >> the woman drove from iowa to minneapolis to see garth on friday and he play her favorite "the dance," she held a sign "chemo this morning, garth tonight, enjoying the dance." then she stole the show. >> if god would write "i exist," this would be no doubt, right, but god just stuck his hand out, right, and you have all my strength, you have everyone's strength here and you go kick strength here and you go kick [blank] cancer.
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>> garth said he love his mother and sistory cancer and he gave her a guitar. >> that will give her a lost strength. >> president obama delivers remarks to a who's who list of leaders. >> muni may have big clean up costs after the damage from the giant world series win. become police investigate the death at a fraternity house over the weekend. it is thing for this morning, tracking visibility if some neighbors with an update on how long with rain on the way in the seven-day forecast. in the traffic center, that is a look at the bay bridge toll
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plaza: the fog is thick like the traffic is coming in from an event. it is fore. it is causing heavy delays on lower deck. when you get into san francisco we have a big accident that is gumming up the commute. union city, as well, has a major collision at the intersection of central avenue. central avenue. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. this is how you wake up with a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is getting foggy but the impressive thing is the fog that jumped out and grabs you and wakes you up. i am kristen sze. i am matt keller. >> it sounds like a stephen king movie "the fog that wakes you up." you have to deal with that and flight arrival delays in sfo
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all on a monday. >> the thickest fog is quarter-mile in napa and san jose and half moon bay. you cannot even see a couple of feet in front of you at the exploritorium. the ferry ride will be quiet but it will be not scenic. low 60's to low 70 at the coast to inland and 60 at the coast and 76 inland and fog return by 7:00. >> how is the fog treating traffic? we have video from union city at a major intersection and this is at the intersection of central avenue and you can see it involved a vehicle still this. the the driver had to after hitting a box truck with life threatening injuries. the road is shut down because of
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a diesel fuel. more on the impact of this just ahead. it looks foggy so hopefully the drivers are careful this morning. an investigation is underway into a weekend frat party after a man is found dead the latest black area for greek life at the university. amy hollyfield? >> police release the fame of the victim. what we know is he is 20 and not a member of the zeta psi fraternity and not a student at berkeley. we have pictures of what it looked like inside the house with plastic cups scatter all over downstairs but the man was found upstairs face down one of hundreds who showed up for a
6:32 am
party. a witness said they found vomit around the man's or alcohol are not ruled out. students hope this serves as a wake-up call. >> i want to see people take this seriously and understand people are hurt by what happens someone decided who didn't deserve it. >> the family refused to comment and the zeta psi fraternity has said "no comment." three other fraternities have been the subject of sexual assault. zeta psi fraternity is not officially recognized by cal officials. we have more video of the wrong-way crash on the bay bridge, 32-year-old karrie lyn morgan was on the bay bridge toll plaza and driving westbound in the eastbound lane for a mile
6:33 am
before hitting three cars. one driver was seriously hurt. karrie lyn morgan was treated for minor injuries and was high on drugs. she faces physically, d.u.i. and drug possession charges. she was driving without a listen. >> two sisters have been accused of abusing children at a daycare center and are due in court. the sisters are charged with three felony and four misdemeanor of child abuse and neglect after swaddling the babies so tight she could not move or breathe properly. the preschool was closed by police and social services last year. >> part of ballot count for san jose mayor is over with mail-in ballots tallied over the weekend and sam liccardo has the 3,500 vote lead over dave cortese.
6:34 am
14,000 provisional ballots will be counted set aside for eligibility checks. liccardo said he considered himself the winner and cortese has yet to concede. the san francisco municipal transportation acknowledge is facing $140 the bill for daps damages to muni vehicles during damages to muni vehicles during the world series near the $1 million after the 2012 world series victory. president obama is opening a three country tour with a stop in china. he arrived in beijing and spoke at 9 economic cooperation summit. he announced an expansion to the china visa programs for one year
6:35 am
to five years and 10 years for are business people and tourists. he said china should not be concerned about united states interest in asia. >> we welcome a prosperous and stable china. recently, the united states has worked to help integrate china into the economy. it is in china's pest interest and the world's best interest. if china and the united states can work together, the world benefits. >> the president will meet with chinese president before flying to myamar. >> and what he wore is getting tax this morning. the president arrived at the summit in style, wearing a purple silk jacket over black shirt and pants. it is plan for world leaders to
6:36 am
address in the traditional clothing of the host nation. >> here is a photo of president george w. bush wearing a silk tunic in 2006 when he attended when it was hosted in vietnam. >> some wore gold the color of emperors. >> coming up, 49ers star a done smith is the one paying the team to play. movie and tv stars hit the red carpet. right here in silicon valley. >> as we go to break, check this out, plenty of evidence that the bay bridge toll plaza is there. we will keep you posted with traffic and weather shot during traffic and weather shot during the
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traffic and weather shot during the
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check out sheets on this monday: 280 and 17. you can see the lights but over the last few minutes, you have an idea of how thick the fog is. be careful. a cold front rolled through, with middle 30's around mount shasta. and 69 yesterday in lake tahoe a record high and 61 today. cloud cover along our coast at
6:40 am
66 in monterey to the mid-to-upper 70's around san diego. and pink water in lake, is mirroring the sky. we are in the mid-to-upper 50's tomorrow and rain and 51 on thursday. back to young city we have a major accident involving life threatening injuries at central avenue. a car possibly ran a red light and hit a box truck at avenue. and a motorcycle incident shut down the off-ramp northbound 101. if there is a lot traffic hop on to 80 and get off at 7th or continue on 101 and hop off at mission. matt and kristen? we have a renewed warning of the pods children are confuse as
6:41 am
candy. and the doctor helps us breakdown the new medical alert to keep little ones safe. look at the top of the golden gate bridge and you can golden gate bridge and you can see looks out from the
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golden gate bridge and you can see looks out from the mi'm a lineman and troubleman. i work out of the stockton division. been married seven years. i got two kids. this is where i want to raise my family. pg&e lineman, our job is to keep the power on so that our customers can go about their daily lives. if there's an emergency, we'll get the lights back on. i grew up in ripon and i've traveled the world with the military we can use that work ethic that the military instills in you to make a better employee. it feels great to work in the community that i grew up in. i'm proud to work for pg&e. we keep the power on.
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covering walnut creek, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. nfl players are then for huge salaries but that could be chaining for aldon smith as he returns to the behindup. nick is at levi stadium with the reason smith may have to pay to play? >> absolutely. it comes down to him possibly losing money because he forfeited his prorate signing bonus. he got suspended. we had a chance to look at what he made and what he is losing. this is from our media sister espn. aldon smith is still playing on
6:45 am
the four year $14.4 million contract he signed with the 49ers after being chosen with the 2011 draft the he was due $1.99 million if the 201 season but because of the suspension he for fitted half of that money leaving with a net of $525,000. that noon he owed the 49ers his $1.18 million prorated signing bonus for the season. what he makes this season will not cover the difference so they will take another $661,000 after the season. this is also disagreement among the smith camp and the nfl whether he completed the counseling he was ordered to participate in. the 49ers expect to see smith back at practice and he is expected to play next week against the giants. new this morning, a renewed warning for parents with young
6:46 am
children. the number of accidental poisons involving laundry detergent pods is sky because children mistake them for candy. >> a child a day is sent to the emergency room after ingesting these and being poison. one call per hour to poison control centers. this is despite the fact the industry has made significant changes in warning labels and awareness and packaging they continue to be a problem. put them where kids cannot reach them. the doctor advises parents to try a high shell or lock them away. they are just an option and parents can use another project. >> trading is underway on wall street street. dow is flat only down eight points at 17565.
6:47 am
>> pizza hut is revamping a menu to boost sales. they are adding two new crust flavors including salsa bret pretzel and adding 11 new pie recipes and a new low go and new uniform and a new pizza box. >> if you report finds more credit card issueers are not imposing penalty for late payment. in 2010, 90 percent different rate. the penalty kicks in when they are 60 days late with a pavement offer over the credit limit. what do you think, thin (o) deep dish? >> both. but lately thin. you cannot taste the toppings with all of that...crust. >> thin...
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>> i like pizza with my hand. not a knife and fork. it is a casserole when it is deep. >> now our viewers know so much more. >> and they all disagree. it sowps like -- sounds like a twitter thing. how is the fog? it is hard to see. minneapolis is showing a big snow tore and if you connecting there, the flight delays are averaging six hours through minneapolis and st. paul. common for this time of year. if you are looking at visibility we have flight arrival delays in sfo but oakland is okay with san jose at quarter-mile and same with half moon bay. half mile in mountain view to quarter in napa.
6:49 am
even know you do not have fog in your neighborhood if you drive more than ten miles oud of the east bay hills you run into fog and this is how it looks from the camera, you can barely see bank of america purging through the fog this morning and temperatures are running in the upper 40's through the san ramon valley interest lafayette and most of us are running into low-to-mid 50's. you can barely see the top of the golden gate bridge from sutro tower with a beautiful shot. hopefully sunny and warm around the bay and showers and cooler for all of us. 75 in san jose and 66 with the cloud cover in santa cruz and low-to-mid 70's on the peninsula and upper 60's and nearly 70's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and low 60's along the coast and mid-to-upper 70's with sunshine inland in the north bay and mainly low-to-mid 70 language the east bay shore
6:50 am
and mid-to-upper 70's inland and most of the fog is gone by 11 o'clock but it resurges and moves further inland and the marine layer is 1,200' this morning and tonight around 2,000 the low is behind it and that will bring in the wet weather for thursday and wednesday only you can see the cloud cover come in and around midnight, 1:00 o'clock, thursday morning, we will get the steady rain to start rolling in our neighborhoods through thursday morning commute half an inch to an inch. we need it, and nothing out-of-control friday, saturday and sunday. >> we have a big crash in union city with video shot earlier. the entire roof of the vehicle was removed to extract the
6:51 am
driver. it hit a box trucks at the intersection at central avenue and we have the intersection shut down because of the fuel spill. it is a big accident. no one was injured in the truck. there were no passengers in either vehicle. we are just dealing with one driver taken to a hospital with critical injuries. as we look at the bay bridge the drive is very foggy from the east bay, for san francisco it will be slow and as you head into it on san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city, use the low beams and the fog is not going anywhere. >> silicon valley has teamed up withold wool stars to shine a
6:52 am
spotlight on scientists teaming up with silicon valley stars for the second break out prize award triple the cash of a nobel prize winner recognizing life sciences, physics and advanced maths. >> it celebrates people with work in a quiet and less public domain. the prizes will air on the recovery and science channel next week. they probably don't have the music when it is over where you are yanked from the stage. heavy rain in heavying for, as well. heavying for, as well. stay tuned.
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(mom) when our little girl was we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. here are seven things to know today: police are investigating the death of a young man found at a uc berkeley fraternity house, at zeta psi fraternity yesterday. he was not a california student or frat member. >> the fog is dense and widespread. the only airport affected is sfo.
6:55 am
minneapolis has a six-hour delay at the airport because of snow. if you travel by ferry the bay is calm but you cannot see anything. the sun breaks out at 11 o'clock and inland, up to 80 and warmest this week. we will hear the fog horns blowing. it is very dense fog crossing the bridge and c.h.p. issued a fog advisory. in san francisco, this crash was a sig-alert involving a motorcycle that is cleared. everything is re-opened northbound 101 at 9th. that is san jose. travel is slow on 101 approaching the san jose airport. safety measures at the san francisco zoo are getting a second look after the delegate of the youngest gorilla kill when she darted under a closing hydraulic door which had a manual shut off but works did not get there fast enough.
6:56 am
>> final round of ballot counts for san jose mayoral is underway with provisional counts. sam liccardo leafs dave cortese by 3,500 votes. aldon smith will be re-instated today but could be paying for free owing the 49ers more money than he is expected to make because he will have to return the signing bonus. >> one of two americans freed from a north korean prison will from a north korean prison will return to the area around? until 11 o'clock but it will be cloudy at the coast for most be cloudy at the coast for most of the day.
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good morning, america. breaking news -- a massive winter storm dumping record snow right now. up to two feet in some areas. a huge blast of arctic air about to whack most of the country. temperatures as low as 25 below normal. ginger zee tracking it all. breaking overnight. deadly plane crash. the learjet reportedly hitting a crane during landing. a famous pastor and his wife on board. shock and dismay from their parishioners. investigators on the scene right now. we heard the front door open. i heard her talking. she's just the sweetest little thing. and i heard her voice, and we ran out. >> the 5-year-old snatched by a kidnapper from her own bed in the middle of the night. this morning the abc news exclusive interview with the hero parents who chased down her aub ducter and helped put a


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