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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 12, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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the news
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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> the rain has arrived. here is a look at live doppler 7hd and you can see the leading edge of the system. >> while it may be light, we may be in for a wet and slow morning commute. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm amadaetz. >> sandhya patel is tracking the rain and she is here now with live doppler 7hd. >> you can see the rain drops from our exploratorium camera. the streets are starting to get wet as we look at the radar right now. it is tracking moisture. so far light showers around snap paw and san francisco -- napa and san francisco and ukiah. here is the actual heavier concentration and moderated rainfall.
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san mateo right now. we will continue to see some very light returns. half moon bay, san mateo, san bruno right now. south san francisco. you will need the wipers and up to the north we have seen about .12 of an inch of rain in crescent city. this front is stretching out, but it will make for a wet commute. we are expecting showers, so make sure you use your umbrellas. i will be back with a look at the rainfall estimates coming up. >> will do. you can track the rain on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7 news weather app. it is free on apple's app store or google play. we also have more information for you at ?ai old navy is being criticized after customers noticed higher prices for plus sized women clothing over regular sized women's clothing. that wasn't the case for men's clothing. tiffany wilson with reaction tonight. >> if you go to the old navy
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store tomorrow you will spend the same amount to buy this size 2 pair of jeans as you to buy this size 18 pair of jeans. that's because the plus size line is only on-line and that's where customers are noticing a double-digit price difference. >> she realized the price size pants were more expensive. she said she was fine paying the extra money because she figured it accounted for the additional fabric. and then she looked at the larger men sizes and saw the price never changed. the petition that has 30,000 signatures questions why women are forced to pay more and men are not. >> it is sexist and it plays along with the different views of men and women. it is okay for men to be older and fatter and all of that and not for women. >> that's not fair. it should be the same price. >> it is surprising that men and women have different policies. >> gap incorporated is based in san francisco.
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gap attributes the increased cost to a separate design team dedicated to the plus sized line. their statement reads in part "while we don't make more money on our plus size line our plus sized clothes cost more because we invest more in them. many people who sign the petitions don't see that reasoning. time will tell if they will continue to buy from old navy. tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> there are a million of these things flying around the united states and the san jose police department has one of them. they are trying to figure out you how and when to use the drone and how to explain why it needs one. katie? >> it will keep officers out of harm's way, but people at the neighborhood commission meeting still have a lot of questions about privacy and safety. >> the device in question looks like this and it is grounded at the san jose police department. >>
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>> will the information be shared with federal agencies as well? >> the department has yet to draft a policy for using the unmanned aerial system. the deputy chief says that comes next. >> i think there was a lot of support, and i think there were real positive things that came out. >> they bought the $7,000 drone to assist the bomb squad. but people have serious concerns about their privacy. >> having a spy drone that will be flying overhead gives people another reason not to trust the police. >> they collected signatures of people who don't want a drone in san jose. but the pros outweigh the cons. >> we have to think of police officers as human beings and if it can save their lives and others too it is a great thing. >> another meeting is set for saturday december 6th. abc news. we have breaking news right now in concord. an officer involved shooting has left a person dead.
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it happened at the shopping center on diamond boulevard off 680. now more on what we have learned jie.. >> the body of the carjacking suspect is on the squad cars behind me and some of the relatives are showing up on scene. it started before 9:00 tonight. share vive deputies say they -- sheriff deputies say they chased a vehicle into concord and the sun valley mall. that's when the driver jumped out and ran forcing the lock down. the suspect ran across interstate 680 into the willow shopping center where we are now and tried to carjack several vehicles. he got into one car and tried to get away, but was cornered by concord police. that's when witnesses who were in several stores heard six gunshots of the several customers came out and saw the body of the suspect lying next to the stolen car. and now many of the customers have their vehicles in the crime scene and they are not sure when they will be able to
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go home. reporting live in concord, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you. dozens of people turned out for a vigil in san leandro where a hit-and-run vehicle struck and killed an honor student during a police chase. 14-year-old ivan cruz was a freshman. he was crossing east 14th street on his scooter. they remember ivan at the scene. alameda county sheriff deputies were chasing a suspect driving down the wrong side of the road. they found the vehicle in fremont, but the driver is still on the run tonight. repairs are still underway in san anselmo where water flooded the streets after a watermain break this afternoon. it forced police to close parts of san anselmo avenue. mud covered the pavement easer after the for represents of watery seeded when crews shut off the main. cal trans announced today it will stop installing a certain type of highway
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guardrail until results come back from new federal crash tests. this follows an abc7 news i team report on the recent death of this man, darrell blackman, junior. it was an end terminal. the terminal is designed to travel along the rail so the steel crumples and the car gradually slows. in blackman's case his car bounced off the guardrail instead and overturned. >> every motor vehicle operator needs to be aware of it. they have an obligation to protect the users of the roads. >> he heads the transportation committee and he pledged to hold hearings on the end terminals. on the news at 11:00, the maternity ward mix up that shocked a new dad that went to visit his day old son, a premie, at a local hospital. a stranger about to breastfeed his child. dan noyes and the abc7 news i team investigates how this
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newborn could have ended up with the wrong mom. what the hospital is doing to make sure it does president happen again. eight san francisco police officers received their department's highest honor tonight. the gold medal of valor for their efforts after flight 214 crashed at sfo. cheers filled the ma sonic center. he under scored how winners of the gold medal put lives at risk to save others. some went into the burning cabin without any protective gear to rescue trapped passengers. it is a story everyone is talking about. next on abc7 news, the benz beggar seen driving away in a pricey car and confronted what she said about her panhandling. >> and a skin smoothing treatment from the inside out. how this internal face-lift could revolutionize wrinkle removal. >> and it is the season of giving. what the warriors did today
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>> they are pictures that have gone viral tonight. a pregnant mother standing with her small child holding a sign and pleading for money. then driving off in an expensive mercedes-benz. the story is being shared more than a million times. but what happens when this luxury car driving panhandler is confronted? here is emily valdez from our sister station kgtv in san diego. >> a viewer took these photos of the pregnant beggar and the little boy panhandling in bonita.
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the viewer says the woman is sometimes joined by a man. that's him driving the mercedes. >> i just thought it was interesting that they were out here in a completely different area. >> viewer rebecca smith saw the 10 news story and recognized the family begging at this vons on regent's road in university city. she contacted us and we went to the vons. it looks like the same woman. similar purse. similar shoes. and it looks like the same little boy in the photos. she was pregnant before. tuesday night she is holding an infant. 10 news sent the old and new images of the woman to a facial recognition expert. he used a computer program called face forensic which returned an 80% match. that means it is most likely the same woman. >> hi. is this you right here? >> is this you right there begging on the street? you don't speak english?
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i asked him where the car was in spanish. [speaking spanish] mercedes? >> he said what mercedes and switched from spanish to another language. and then they walked away from us. we followed them to see what kind of car they were in this time. not a mercedes, but a mini-van with dealer plates. they got into it and sped off. >> that report from san diego. police are investigating whether the family threatened a witness. do you want to look younger, but are worried about surgery? there is a new option for patients interested in smoothing wrinkles. it is a laser that works something like an inside out face-lift. >> jackie adams says her skin cells tell the story of two extremes. as a popular model in the 1980s she posed on the covers of magazines like vogue and elle. but later she gravitated to
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sports like rock climbing and exposing her face to days of wind and sun. and now with plans to return to acting, she is hoping to find a middle ground. >> i continue to look good for my age rather than another age. >> are you excited about your procedure? >> she turned to dermatologist christine leigh. she pioneered a skin treatment that works from the inside out. >> it is like an inside out face-lift. >> here we go. >> it employs a device that is a noneblative laser that can deliver targeted heat from inside the mouth. he says the goal is to tighten the soft tissue and produce a smoothing affect on the surface of the skin. >> so when you go inside the mouth what it does is causes immediate contracting. that tightening makes the folds along the sides of the mouth seem like they are plumping up.
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she begins by concentrating the heat first on one side of the face and then the other and she says the laser evolved out of technology and dental procedures procedures and has no record of side effects such as burning. >> it was nicely plumped up. >> the plumping can be seen during the procedure, dr. lee says a percentage will subside and it will produce the full smoothing effect. still, the result can last for months. >> we have some of the same, but it appears much more natural. >> the session takes about half an hour and it finishes with an exter national laser applied to the skin's surface. these before and after photos show the smoothing around jackie's mouth and cheek area after several treatments. she believes those results will give her more freedom when she steps on stage.
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>> i see more time as an actor to play. >> this is fantastic. this is really, really great. >> the laser treatment is $1500 and it will under go two to three sessions. because the results are longer lasting, the procedure is competitive with the annual cost of many popular fillers. >> five bay area families in need got to go shopping with the warriors today. mike shumann emceed the event at lucky's. the families toured the aisles filling up their baskets all along the way. the team partnered with lucky's to kick off their plays for the holidays season of giving program. what a nice event. >> wonderful. >> it is time to turn to our weather and rain. >> sandhya patel is tracking it. this is really great to see. we have moisture moving in,
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and this is in the form of rain. it is pretty steady on the peninsula. yellows showing up. light to moderate down to san carlos and redwood shores parkway. and as we take a look at the san mateo coast from pacifica to montara to half moon bay we have steady, light returns. very scattered in nature and drizzle and sprinkle like around richmond and vallejo around oakland and san francisco. you will need the wipers tomorrow morning. the beach hazards are up through thursday afternoon. there is a risk of rip currents and sneaker waves for the beaches. you will notice that the ground is wet. this is what you will have to contend with tomorrow morning. the temperatures are comfortable in the low 60s. san francisco, oakland and currently 58 in san jose. 55 half moon bay. a gray sky from our exploratorium camera and they have seen rain drops in san francisco. mid50s from santa rosa to
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napa where we measured .01 of an inch. one last view from the kgo roof camera, visibility is okay. light rain spreads overnight and wet for your morning commute and looking a the sun intoe days for the upcoming weekend if we have outdoor plans. satellite-radar showing you the cold front coming toward us. it is a weak front, but it will bring us the much needed rain here which as you will notice here in the overnight hours it picks up in coverage around 2:00 a.m. very light for the most part into the commute. scattered showers for the start of the commute. the showers start to taper by the lunch hour. you may want to hang on to the umbrella by lunch and then you will see isolated returns going into the evening. rainfall totals expected to be up to about half an inch in the mountains. most lower elevations .05 to .20 of an inch. a couple inches above 8,000 feet. if you are traveling to tahoe
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and here is what you can expect tomorrow. rain and snow and gusty winds. so watch out there. the temperatures will be in the low 50s on friday, saturday and partly cloudy skies. as we look at the temperatures tomorrow morning, comfortable with all of the cloud cover and the rain in the 50s. i would bundle up and make sure have you your umbrellas with you when you leaf home and you are taking the little ones off to school. most areas will see clouds and a few sunny breaks. the accu-weather seven-day forecast after that wet morning commute. expected to dry out on friday, saturday and sunday of the unto rt natalie i don't like saying this, but computer models have completely backed off on the potential for that second storm midweek. forget we even tried tracking that one. dan and ama, i am hoping things might change. >> we hope. thank you, sandhya. >> sports is television announcer: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale
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49ers' head coach jim harbaugh announced michael crabtree's role in the 9er offense today. actually this is more like an interrogation. after sunday's win in new orleans, crabtree described himself as the third option after making a catch to save the niners. fourth down near the end of regulation. during the rest of the game crabtree was not targeted very often. he was on the sidelines a lot in a lot of formations. with the niners visiting the giants, harbaugh was riddled with questions about crabtree and his frustration. >> is he unhappy right now? >> no problem with michael. >> does he have a problem with the offense? >> i don't think so. >> you called him the best thing you have ever seen. are you surprised to see so many drops? do you consider them drops? >> an quan had a few.
11:26 pm
we had a few overthrows a few bad play calls that didn't work. i have no problem with michael crabtree's hands or anquan boldin's. jay at some point -- >> at some point you expect him to go yes i ordered the code red! kaepernick tweeting this photo, silence the haters and asked if it was directed to anyone in particular. >> do you know who your critics are? who do you feel are critical of your plan? >> half of y'all right here. >> no, we would never. is pab -- pablo sandoval really going to boston? perhaps. but is he there to sign a deal?
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indicating giants star third base man pablo sandoval will visit boston next week. hang on, before you panic. remember, it is the job of sandoval's agent to generate leverage. the best way to do that is to get another offer. i was told representatives did not talk dollars with any of the teams pursuing him yet. sandoval said he wants to return to the giants. the question will be how much the giants are going to be willing to pay him. nba, warriors hosting brooklyn tomorrow night. one of their former teammates went off on boston tonight. minus their injured stars, dure dure -- durant and westbrook. played 31 minutes and off the bench for oklahoma city. hit 11 of 16 and four of five from deep and scored 28 points in the thunder's 109-94 win over the celtics. he could fall out of bed and hit three's. abc7 sports is brought to you by ebay.
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>> intriguing about what is happening with pablo. maybe he goes to boston and maybe he doesn't. what will happen ultimately? >> i think he wants to come back. we will see. i am unsure how p will all play out. the one thing i am sure of, his agent vasquez, is tired of answering my questions. >> enough of that larry beil. >> he is pretty tired of that. >> keep asking him. >> thank you. >> abc7 news continuing now on-line and on twitter and facebook and on all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. >> our next newscast is at 4:30
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- mike myers. from "beyond the light," gugu mbatha-raw. "do you have what it takes?" and music from tears for fears. with cleto and the cletones. and now, on top of all that, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi there, everyone. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching.


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