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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 12, 2014 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- mike myers. from "beyond the light," gugu mbatha-raw. "do you have what it takes?" and music from tears for fears. with cleto and the cletones. and now, on top of all that, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi there, everyone. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the
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show. thank you for watching. and thank you for coming. i'm glad you're here. i caught a piece of confetti on the way out. came in, a piece of confetti floating through the air and i seized it like kung-fu seizes a fly with chop sticks. very important things going on today. not the least of which is kim kardashian's butt. have you seen the cover of "p e "paper" magazine? i guess that's real. it says break the internet. the editor of the magazine said we gave ourselves one assignment. break the internet. they may not have broken the internet, but they definitely put a crack in it. [ laughter ] put that up again. i tell you something -- all i can think when i look at this picture is, great, now we're out of cocoa butter. [ laughter ] right? she doesn't have to send out a
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christmas card now, right? that's enough. this is also notable. this morning, the european space agency landed a probe on a comet 317 million miles from earth, which is where we are right now. this is the culmination of a ten-year mission. this is a photograph of the members of the european space agency. you can see, they're overjoyed. he's smiling like that because not only was the mission accomplished, he finally got to touch a woman. [ laughter ] when you start to get discouraged by how much attention everyone pains to kim kardashian's buttocks, remember, there are also people out there that know how to land a spacecraft on aw fñ moving come7 million miles away. they're out there. [ applause ] yesterday was veterans day. there were a lot of celebrations across the country. there was a big concert on hbo called concert for valor. the local nbc affiliate in
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washington, d.c. was on the ground. to give us a sense of what it was like to be there in person. >> just 30 minutes to go before a massive concert to honor our nation's veterans. wendy's been there all afternoon and will be there all night soaking in the music. wendy, how is it going right now? >> oh, it's starting to feel like a concert, door read. we just got our first whiff of marijuana. [ applause ] >> jimmy: i don't know about you, doreen, but i am high as a kite right now. [ laughter ] here's something i found interesting. this morning, "good morning america" had a story about a new study that looked into why some people are good dancers and some people are bad dancers. which is interesting, right? some people are just naturally good at it. but what i found most fascinating about the report is the specific examples they used to illustrate this research. >> from elaine on "seinfeld" to kevin james's character on
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"hitch," some just dance to the beat 0 of their own drum. bad dancing may just be in the gene. the new study calls it beat duffness. some people were able to move in time to the beat, but couldn't sync up after a change in tempo. the study shows many beat deaf people don't even know how bad they are. ♪ all the single ladies >> they may think they're dancing like beyonce, but may actually look more like jimmy kimmel. ♪ and nobody wants that. >> jimmy: what do you mean nobody wants that? how dare you. [ cheers and applause ] how double dare you. i open myself to the beauty of dance and they slap me right across the face. thank you, "good morning america." unfortunately, my morning was not so good. more like bad morning america. thank you for your false concern. [ laughter ] this is very cute. i doubt the crew at "gma" will
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attack this. this is a video of a 1-year-old girl who appears to be quite enchanted with her musical birthday card. ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: she's officially the only person who has ever liked one of those cards. [ laughter ] this is crazy. there was a bizarre incident here in hollywood on monday night during a screening at the afi film festival. according to the story, a woman in the theater right across the street from us was youring her phone during a movie. another movie goer politely asked her to stop. she refused to stop. she continued to text. the phone was bright, so the guy tapped her on the shoulder and asked her again to turn her phone off and after a standoff, during which she turned the
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flashlight on the phone and shined it in his face, she then went through her purse, found some mace and sprayed him with it. she maced him. and then salt back dot back dow watched the movie as if nothing happened. what goes on -- she using her phone during a movie and then ma maces someone who asked her to stop? are we sure this wasn't the devil returning to the earth? and maybe the best part of all of it, the movie is called "mr. turner." it's a historical drama about a painter from the 1800s. not exactly "fast and furious 3." so, be careful. the lesson here is, just let people do whatever they want. sharon osbourne has announced that the one-time enormously popular reality show "the osbournes" is coming back to television. i don't know if it's coming back to mtv, but they are planning to do eight episodes. sharon said ozzie said he looked back on his life and he wished he could have done the show when he was clean and sober.
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well, maybe he does, but -- [ laughter ] we don't. we want a funny show. nobody wants to see oz see zie treadmill eating yogurt. another big reality tv show, randy jackson is leaving "american idol." randy jackson has been on>0hñ "american idol" for 13 seasons. he's the only original judge who is still on the show. and that's -- it's a big deal because in hollywood, usually the black guy is the first to go. [ laughter ] the dog will be sent to a farm in the country where he can run and play. at least that's what they're telling the kids. as a thank you for his many years of service, i thought this was nice. protus deucers gave him a beautiful gold watch ridiculous pair of nonprescription glasses to wear. [ laughter ] by the way, what's the long-term plan for a show? how many idols do we need? i think 20 is enough, right? "american idol" used to be a huge deal. but the show that's taking over is a show that i produced. we premiered the first
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installment last week, it's called "do you have what it t e takes?" you know, there are so many -- [ cheers and applause ] thank you. the applause sign go on? all right. anyway, there's so many competition shows out there, some are for singing, some are for dancing. bull but my show doesn't involve singing or dancing. we just want to find someone who has what it takes. we put an ad on craigslist, inviting people to audition. this is how they do it, by the way. that's how they get these people for these shows. we got 100 responses. they had no idea what they were getting too. they just showed up to audition for me. all they knew, we were looking for people who have what it takes. last week was round one of the auditions. now, we ring the bell for round two of the new show everybody is buzzing about, "do you have what it takes?" we're looking for somebody who has hit. >> i have talent.
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>> jimmy: that's not what we're looking for. >> give me some of your chocolate. >> it's not a singing competition. >> do you have what it takes? >> hell no. >> usually i like to do sauces for pastas. >> jimmy: you're going to the next round. ♪ do you have what it takes >> pretty dramatic, isn't it? i'm kenny mayne, your host at the lowe's hotel of hollywood, california. this is day two of the preliminary round. to advance, the remaining contenders would need to make a strong impression. up first -- >> hello, ladies. >> identical twins with an unbreakable bound. >> i know that we will always stick together in life. we'll always help each other any way we can. >> we're identical twins from indiana. just moved out to l.a.
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>> you want to come out here to per s pursue something? >> yeah, see if we can pursue something and get into whatever. we're really spontaneous. >> do you have what it takes? >> yeah, we're really adapable, trainable. we can do pretty much whatever. >> jimmy: you understand, right? >> understand? >> jimmy: yeah, what it takes. >> yeah, i mean, the reason why we're here is because we do feel that we have what it takes. >> jimmy: if we could only choose one of you, which one should we choose? >> well, that's up to you guys. >> jimmy: maria, what do you think? >> uh -- maybe me. >> jimmy: okay. malcolm? >> we have to pick one of the two, i would go with maria. >> jimmy: chilli? >> sylvia does not have what it takes. >> jimmy: maria, you are going through. i'm sorry, sylvia. >> thank you. >> i know that we'll always
11:46 pm
stick together in life. >> it's okay. >> jimm >> we can't all have what it takes. here's another person who might or might not. >> wow. hello there. >> all right. hi. >> jimmy: hi. >> i'm tyler lord hamilton. >> jimmy: tyler lord hamilton. >> yes. and i'm creating emotional dialogue and lehealing for my o psyche. >> jimmy: i see, okay, all right, show us that you have what it takes. >> i need to plug this guy in. >> jimmy: okay, all right. ♪ i am your strength
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♪ because i ♪ 24 karat gold ♪ so i am all yours. ♪ >> jimmy: can i just break in for a second? why are you in your underpants? >> to conquer my own fear, why not? >> jimmy: right, right. >> and i'm an artist. >> jimmy: okay, good. chilli. >> i believe that you have a lot more stuff that you want to show us.%ie and i'd like to see it. so, i will say yes. >> jimmy: malcolm? >> no, dog. >> jimmy: ali, what do you think? >> um -- i think that you not only have what it takes, but you have what it takes to go beyond
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and back and beyond again. >> jimmy: is that a yes or a no? >> no. >> jimmy: it's a no? i'm going to have to say no, too, tyler. i'm sorry. >> thanks for sharing, though, dude. >> is that the end? >> jimmy: that's the end. >> all right, great. >> jimmy: you do have to leave. >> okay. >> here comes carter now from canada. carter, seriously, what's your problem? >> no problem whatsoever. i'm stoked in every capacity. my strategy is to stop, look and listen. the entire time. it's a figure of speech i picked up as a young kid. but it has always stuck with me. i'm going to be the best me i can possibly be. that's the one thing that makes any person extraordinary to the core. >> jimmy: look at this. >> let me take the glasses off so you can see more. how's it going? >> good. >> jimmy: tell us about yourself. >> i love to walk backwards.
11:49 pm
i walked 100 miles backwards in arizona once upon a time. >> can you show us? >> yeah, basically, hopefully i'm not running into anybody, but just watch random little backwards, just through town. >> jimmy: look at that. he is walking backwards. >> and talking. >> it was a blast. i wish you guys were there to see it. >> well, carter, we're looking for, you know, someone who has what it takes. what do you think three things you have that you share in common with a shooting star? >> oh, wow, a strong mind. a powerful personage. and an unforgettable aura. i believe i have those three. >> very cool. you have great energy. >> thank you. i put the pow in power and i stay nillic. >> jimmy: what does that mean? >> that's chillin spelled backyards. it's being the best you can post bl bly be. >> jimmy: malcolm? >> i think there is a line
11:50 pm
between confidence and delusion, but i would like to see -- i would like to see him again. >> thank you. >> i love not only how you have what it takes, but i like how you use it. >> jimmy: chilli? >> definitely. >> appreciate you guys. that's awesome. >> jimmy: the judges have ruled and you're going through. you have what it takes. >> right on. awesome. thank you guys. appreciate you. >> jimmy: all right. at the very least, it means the entire universe and beyond to me. i love it here. >> and another person is one backwards step closer to his dream. >> jimmy: we have some big decisions ahead here. i have to say, for me, i don't note about you guys, but i feel like this is the biggest decision of my life. >> on the next "do you have what it takes?" >> jimmy: we're going to give you 30 seconds to prove to us that you've got what it takes.
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>> this is where the magic happens. where's my bunk, you're asking? ♪ do you have what it takes >> jimmy: i don't think we were asking. join us next week for round three of "do you have what it takes?" tonight on the show, we have music from tears for fears, gugu mbatha-raw is here and we'll be right back with mike myers, so stick around. ♪ limits are there to be shattered. ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> jimmy: hello there and welcome back. tonight, from the new movie "beyond the lights" which opens friday, gugu mbatha-raw is here. and then, from england, this is the 30th anniversary of their album "songs from the big chair." tears for fears from the at&t outdoor stage, doing all of their most wonderful hits for us. you can see them at the palms hotel in las vegas on december 13th.
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tomorrow night, jim carrey will be here. from "scandal," bellamy young will be here. and oran "juice" jones will make my birthday dreams come true. he will be performing the song "the rain." as in -- ♪ i saw you and him walking in the rain ♪ it may be the best song ever. but i seem to be one of the very few people that know it. that is tomorrow night. if you can measure the worth of a man by the catch phrases he coins, our first guest is enormous. his fascinating new documentary is called "supermensch: the legend of she gordon" is available now on dvd and blu-ray. please welcome mike myers. [ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, thank you. >> jimmy: very good to see you. very good to have you here. you were here a few years ago and you've had, like, two kids since the last time you were here. >> yes. >> jimmy: you have a double father now. >> is that what they call that? double father? >> jimmy: that's -- >> our father of two. >> jimmy: here in the united states, double father. don't challenge me. i'm an american. >> i am, too. i'm canadian, american and english. >> jimmy: you are all three? can you have triple citizenship? >> yes, you can. i'm an international man of mystery. [ cheers and applause ] i do. i have three. >> jimmy: do the kids get that, too? do they get all those -- >> if they're good, they'll get that. i don't know. what a good question. you're smart. i didn't know you were going to
11:59 pm
be smart. it scares me. >> jimmy: i'm sorry. again, congratulations. are you enjoying being a father? >> it's the happiest time of my life. >> jimmy: is it? >> i always wanted to have kids. i thought it was going to like it, of course. i didn't know i was going to love it. i was very nervous. spike, who is our first kid, spike allen -- >> jimmy: great name. >> thank you. my dad's name. and sunday molly myers -- >> jimmy: sunday, nice. >> because my wife and i hate sunday. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah, so we wanted to turn that around. >> jimmy: oh, wow. [ laughter ] i hope the opposite doesn't happen. >> yeah. >> jimmy: gives you another run to hate sunday. >> no, no. we love sunday. sunday's fantastic. >> jimmy: well, that's good. >> i did a lot of reading. >> jimmy: you did? >> yes. you know, i'm 48, i had spike, you know, my wife, kelly, had spike. >> jimmy: yeah, right. >> and i have a fantastic book that i want to recommend, but it
12:00 am
has a very, very horrible title unfortunately. which is "fathering your toddler." which is the book -- yeah, i know. it sounds what it sounds like. and i was just going -- i have to take the cover off it. i'm read iing it. it's fantastic advice. but it just seems like, we're sitting here doing work while you're over there fathering your toddler. i was like -- couldn't there be a better name? what's his next book? baegt t chess, beating the bishop. >> jimmy: i think only you would take that from the book, but then you're a triple citizen. that's the kind of thing you guys notice. >> i guess that makes me a triple threat. >> jimmy: you seem like you'd be a fun dad. >> i try to be a fun dad. my son is a very, very hard critic. >> jimmy: he is? >> yeah. and he does do the thing that comedians do, which is to not laugh. >> jimmy: great. >> even if he likes it. he'd go, funny, dada. funny. that was good.
12:01 am
if i do it too much, he goes, too much, too much, too much. >> jimmy: do you get him into, like, the things that you liked when you were a kid? >> yeah, i have this thing, i do slow moving monster which is just a monster that moves slowly, you know, so, it like slow moving monster. and -- >> jimmy: does that thrill him? >> yeah, he loves it. but he goes -- you know, can slow moving monster go faster? [ laughter ] the essence of my character is that i let you get away. it's the same character that my mom used to do. i just realized and i called her up, my mother's english. she's very, very witty, my mom. she said, well, i've created a monster, haven't i? >> jimmy: that's cute. >> it continues. >> jimmy: how old were you when you knew you wanted to be a performer, do comedy and acting and that sort of thing? >> if one is to know at the zygote stage. i always did. i didn't think it necessarily was going to happen.
12:02 am
you know, growing up in canada, it's an interesting thing. sort of this country looking south with our noses pressed against the glass and go, oh, i would love to do that. that seems fantastic. i will say this about canada, which is pretty fantastic, for people that complain about big government, i took an aptitude test, it was 40 pages. this is when i was 15. and everybody in canada had to take this vocational aptitude test. and i thought, just for the hell of it, i'm going to answer it completely honestly. and i thought that maybe i might want to be an architect, those my dad was like, what would you want to do that for? why don't you be an actor? that would be great. i was like, oh, okay. no, no, be an actor. but i took the thing. i answered it really honestly. they sent it to ottawa. that's the capital of canada. came back, two weeks. thank you. [ laughter ] longest undefended border in the world.
12:03 am
anyways -- came back and i looked at it and what they thought i should be was remarkable. >> jimmy: you should be remarkable? >> no, no, i -- [ laughter ] yes, no, it said, we think mike myers, should be a movie star. >> jimmy: for real? >> i [ bleep ] you not. that's what it said. yes. >> jimmy: it's that specific? >> say what you will about the canadian government. >> jimmy: what? >> yes. >> jimmy: you sure your dad didn't write that in there? >> who uses the term movie star? >> jimmy: parents. that's who uses that term. your father tricked you into becoming a movie star! >> it's like say, he should be a television personality. he should be a big shot. that's really. >> jimmy: that's crazy. >> it's crazy. >> jimmy: do they still give that test? >> it's called the movie star test. pretty much everybody in canada is a movie star. >> jimmy: if you pass, you put your hand prints right in the >> pretty much. >> jimmy: when we come back,
12:04 am
we're going to talk about -- you are a movie director. you directed a really terrific -- i don't know if it's fair to call it just a documentary, because it is more than that. mike myers is here. it's called "supermensch: the legend of shep gordon." we'll be right back. really. it's not worth it. no worries. i got this. ♪ i got all the time in the world ♪ (vo) a 2.7 gigahertz turbo processor. kevlar fiber durability. turbo charge for up to 8 hours of battery in just 15 minutes. introducing droid turbo by motorola switch now and get $150 credit. we begin in northern italy two newest tours of italy discover winding slopes of velvety fettuccine alfredo
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( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. i drove to los angeles. it was a two-story motel around a swimming pool. i later found out it was the hollywood landmark hotel. i checked in, take a little acid. now here i am, high as a kite and i think i hear a girl being raped. so, i run downstairs, separate these two people. the girl went crazy, punched me.
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they were making love. they weren't fighting. i came down in the morning, i could hear that same voice of the girl. i never saw her that night. are you the guy i hit last night? i said, yeah. and she was janis joplin. she introduced me to the guy she was sitting with, which was jimi hendrix. jimi hendrix said, are you jewish? i said, yeah. he said, you should be a manager. i said, great, who should i manage? alice cooper. >> jimmy: that's "supermensch: the legend of shep gordon." this is a guy who was a manager of -- he became a manager at jimi hendrix's thought. >> he's the most famous person that nobody heard of. i describe him as brian epstein and mr. mcgoo if they had a baby. he's just a fantastic guy. he was alice cooper's manager on
12:10 am
"wayne's world." i had never been in a movie, let alone had a movie i'd written and costarred in with the fantastic dana carvey. [ applause ] i mean, imagine, like, you are going to have your first movie and it's with dana carcarvey. you already started with a double and you're only at-bat. i didn't know anything aboutlors a problem. you have to meet with alice cooper's manager. he had gray hair in a pony tail. he had a satin tour jacket. i was a punk roar. i was like, who is this guy? i'm going to hate this guy. he said, there's a little bit of a problem. i know you want alice cooper for the movie. and you want it to be 18 and school's out. how about something from the new album. and i was like, how about no, right? he goes, listen, i would hate
12:11 am
for you to not hear the song, i think you're going to love the song. he played it, it was feed my frankenstein. i liked it. in the script, it said 18 and school's out. he said, it's not going to happen. he said, i also happen to know you start shooting in two weeks and you don't have a choice. i was like, wow, mobster. i was like, i dig this guy. but he was so incredibly nice about it and i -- i just started to talk to him and he is -- six degrees of shep gordon. he knows everybody. i started going to hawaii and he let me stay at his house and i would write down names and try to think of obscure names, like gr raquel welsh. i managed her for two years. doug mcclure. i met dougie. >> jimmy: these stories are so
12:12 am
crazy. do you know that they're all true? >> they are. >> jimmy: he breaks up what he thinks is a rape going on between janis joplin and jimi hendrix. >> he says yes and he helps people. that's his whole thing. he's living proof that there's a way to make a fantastic living in this business and still be a human being. you don't have to be perfect. he is an ethical hedonist. >> jimmy: he seems to have been through a lot of ladies. >> yes. and he is -- 'em bibed. >> jimmy: you hear documentary, you think it's going to be serious, but this is a lot of fun to watch. what a character this guy is and what a great job -- >> i loved him before. i've been begging him for 20 years to do must be thrilled with it. take a look at it. "supermensch: the legend of shep gordon" is available on dvd and blu-ray. that's mike myers, everybody. we'll be right back.
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>> jimmy: welcome back. gugu mbatha-raw and music from tears for fears are on the way. but first, we have a security guard on the show named adelina. you can see, there she is working hard. or not working. it's almost impossible to tell which is which. adelina is a lover of snacks. she spends a lot of time at our snack table and she especially loves candy.
12:18 am
so we conducted an experiment. we delivered a number of bizarre food items to adelina's desk to see which of them she would eat and which she would not. and it's time now once again to find out "will adelina eat it?" ♪ >> what the hell? ♪ ♪ i want candy ♪ i want candy
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>> jimmy: she ate it again. she tasted the rainbow. we'll be right back with gugu mbatha-raw. subway big hot pastrami. pastra-me! (laughs)
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>> jimmy: hi there. still to come, music from tears for fears. our next guest is a gifted actress from england with an almost impossible name to say. her movie, "beyond the lights," opens in theaters friday. please welcome gugu mbatha-raw. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how did i do with the name? be honest? >> it was perfect. i was so impressed. >> jimmy: oh, thank you very much. thank you. i didn't know it would be perfect. >> i'm so used to it getting messed up. >> jimmy: i bet you are. i bet starbucks is a nightmare for you. >> you know, i have considered sort of telling them, you know, my name's sophie or jane. i stick to gugu. people have to learn. >> jimmy: maybe they think
12:25 am
you're goofing on them when you say my name is gugu. write that on the cup. >> it's crazy. it's just two syllables. >> jimmy: is it short for something? >> it is. it's short -- >> jimmy: that is never getting on the cup. >> yeah, no. it actually means our pride in zulu. >> jimmy: that's nice. you know any other gugus? >> i don't know any other gugus. i would love to meet some other gugus. oprah actually knows a couple of other -- >> jimmy: of course she does. what do you mean? >> when i met her, i'm so used to it being a unique name, nobody knows how to pronounce it. she's like, no, no, you're the third gugu i've met. i have two at my school in south africa. i was just like, of course, trust oprah. >> jimmy: wow. >> and when she was there recently, she sent me this picture with her and the two of them, so -- >> jimmy: wow. now you have to find two oprahs and take a picture with them and
12:26 am
send it to her. [ applause ] that would be the strong move. so, how do you know oprah? >> well, it was actually, you know, i met her a few months ago. my movie which came out in the spring, she saw it and it was a crazy story, because i was actually -- she does this 21-day meditation series online with deepak chopra. you log in, you do 20 minutes of meditation each day. i had been doing this meditation series every day and so she introduces it, she's like, hi everyone, it's oprah, and you meditate for 20 minutes. i've been doing it on 21 days. on the 22 day, i get this call and it's like an unknown number on my phone. i was like, oh, not going to answer that. so, i ignored it. i listened to the voicemail and it's like, hi, gugu, it's oprah. and then there was like a pause,
12:27 am
for like three beats and then it was like -- winwinfrey. i missed this call from oprah, i freaked out. the weirdest thing is, i had been listening to her every morning. >> jimmy: you summoned her. your incantation -- >> i brought her into my life. i was so used to her, you know, i sort of listened to the voicemail for a little bit before i was like, oh, my god, this is personalized. >> jimmy: the machine calling you. wow. >> anyway, then i freaked out because i couldn't call her back because it was an unknown number. >> jimmy: she didn't leave her number, of course not. oprah's not going to leave her number. because it might not be you on the other line. >> exactly, exactly. i just melt met gayle king, i was like, oh, my god, oprah called me, get her to call me back. she called back and basically invited me to the best lunch i've ever had at her house. >> jimmy: really? the food was the best lunch or
12:28 am
the company was the best lunch? >> everything. i mean, you know, she lives in this gorgeous place -- >> jimmy: i don't believe that. [ laughter ] >> to give you a little clue. it's called the promised land. >> jimmy: it has a name. when your house has a name, that's a big thing. >> pretty cool. it was lovely. to celebrate the movie and she loved the film so much and i just think that she just wanted to kind of cheerlead for it. >> jimmy: wow. that is fantastic. that meditation really works. [ laughter ] so -- >> i recommend it. >> jimmy: now you play -- you play a singer and, very big, like a very pular singer. are you a singer and do you do this sort of thing? >> well, you know, i mean, my character in the movie, she's sort of part of the hip hop world, and i sort of grew up more on musical theater and ballet, so, it was a bit of a transition, kind of, going from that classical training to this more sort of sexually aggressive kind of hip hop world. but you know, it's been a great experience, you know, working with the dream, who is the music
12:29 am
producer. >> jimmy: oh, right. >> all the music for my character. >> jimmy: that's nice. >> yeah. working with him in the studio was kind of -- >> jimmy: a dream. >> well, you know what, it was kind of like a dream, because, you know, he's very much a night owl. i think music hours are much later than kind of film set hours and my first time in front of the microphone was at, like, 2:00 a.m. i was kind of trying to stay awake. >> jimmy: well, when you're with the dream, you have to come at night. that's when they come. >> exactly. i think that's the style. but it was incredible working with him and, i learned so much. and my character kind of goes on this huge transition from this very artificial kind of pop act, you know, to kind of learning to be more authentic and who she is really. >> jimmy: i see. very nice to meet you. and now i know one person named gugu, so, i'm going to -- not oprah but i'm on my way.
12:30 am
gugu mbatha-raw, everybody. "beyond the lights" opens in theaters friday. we'll be right back with music from tiears for fears.
12:31 am
♪if your sweetheart ♪sends a letter ♪of goodbye ♪it's no secret ♪you feel better ♪if you cry
12:32 am
>> jimmy: i want to thank mike myers, gugu mbatha-raw and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. "nightline" is next, but first, this is the 30th anniversary edition of their album, "songs from the big chair." here with the song "everybody wants to rule the world," tears for fears! ♪ ♪
12:33 am
♪ welcome to your life there's no turning back even while we sleep we will find you ♪ ♪ acting on your best behavior turn your back on mother nature ♪ ♪ everybody wants to rule the world ♪ ♪ it's my own design it's my own remorse help me to decide help me make the most ♪ ♪ of freedom and
12:34 am
of pleasure nothing ever lasts forever ♪ ♪ everybody wants to rule the world ♪ ♪ there's a room where the light won't find you holding hands while the walls come tumbling down ♪ ♪ when they do i'll be right behind you so glad we've almost made it ♪ ♪ so sad they had to fade it everybody wants to rule the world ♪ ♪
12:35 am
♪ ♪ ♪ i can't stand this indecision married with a lack of vision everybody wants to rule the world ♪ ♪ say that you'll never never never never need it ♪ ♪ one headline why believe it everybody wants to rule the world ♪
12:36 am
♪ all for freedom and for pleasure ♪ ♪ nothing ever lasts forever everybody wants to rule the world ♪ ♪ ♪
12:37 am
this is "nightline." tonight, dangerously healthy. is there such a thing as trying to be too nutritious? for some people, the answer is yes. and tonight, one 23-year-old is taking us inside her compulsion to eat only the most perfect foods. plus, out on a ledge. a window washer's worst nightmare. trapped outside not just any building, but the tallest one in the united states. how firefighters pulled off the daring rescue today at 1 world trade center in new york city. and, the middleton man. >> brothers and sisters. >> watch out, harry. there's another famous sibling plotting to be the cool e.


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