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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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long the showers will stick an empty. >> water shooting dozens of feet into the air. details on the clean up efforts. from overseas, a near midair catastrophe involving bono and his private jet with details we are learning right now. >> he is okay. in the movies that does not end so well. >> thanks for joining us. and meteorologist mike nicco has a look at the forecast. i will show you what is happening. a few minutes ago you could see the rain coming down, a light-to-moderate rain falling through walnut creek. at 680, looking to the south it is quieter as rain moves off and san ramon and danville is wet with light rain falling in san
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francisco so grab the umbrella. the best showers are moving in through the east bay and the south bay right new. we have had a few citizens, hydroplaning, be very careful. these drivers are moving along just fine with the water being splashed behind the vehicles at at at the golden gate bridge. >> to the north we have big problems. that is coming up. thank you. it is now 6:01 matt keller is out this in los gatos. matt? i figured this is what we were waiting for: the rain. in the last 15 minutes the drizzle changed from drizzle to light showers. i am close to what you can call rain and a lot of commuters at
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6:00 are headed over 17 from santa cruz to los gatos. check out what happen when the roads are wet often highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains we have video of the accident on the northbound lane headed to los gatos and a green cab ran into the wall and c.h.p. was called and it was cleared an hour ago with no injuries reported by c.h.p. to the north, rain in the north bay and the golden gate bridge and the rain is a big story this morning with drivers should be prepared for the possibility of more showers. you can track the rain where you live with the weather app and it will show you where the rain is at that time with a lot of friend on the radar. of court, you can down load this inup store. it was drizzling 15 minutes ago and now it is raining and wet.
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stay dry. thank you. you can track the rain on live doppler hd with the weatherup, it is freeze on the app store or google play and we have more information at not enough weather and now a major mess in walnut creek with a broken water main. it looks like a fire hydrant was sheared off but it was a water main. officials say the cap was loose. it ruptured. the main is off and the water is cleaned up. >> in germany, bono narrowly escaped being hurt or killed when a door on the private jet malfunctined. nick? >> the door fell off in the middle of the flight.
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bono and four friends filing what could have been catastrophic disaster. >> this morning bono is thankful to be alive when a cargo door on a private jet detached after falling 15,000 feed in the air. he and four friends were almost at the end of a two hour flight from dublin to berlin he did not miss a beat. he planned and he met with german officials. investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. passengers lives were never really in danger. >> we saw the first photos but do not understand what could have happened. we need to investigate why the door break off. there can be many reasons for the incident, something broke on the door or it wasn't closed properly, the usual problems.
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>> passengers were not in jeopardy if the pressurization is not compromised and the ape was flying well there is no reason to go back. the pilot said they noticed a rumble but felt no major change in how the plane was flying and found out only on the ground the aircraft lost the door. the investigation is ongoing. new this morning, san francisco is the safest major american city according to the f.b.i. although all major crimes except for homicide went up. an file report finds sexual assaults and robberies and arson rose in 2013 from 2012 and the most notable increase was theft of mobile devices like cell phones and san francisco police department is not up to city-mandated staffing levels.
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a 52-year-old teach are accused of molesting a young student is scheduled to be in curt, a 5th grade teacher in morgan hill and was arrested after inpromptly touching a student if class. the girl told staff and she called police. lloyd is on leave. detectives urge parents to talk with their kids to see to there could be more victims. >> in less than an hour thousands of nurses at kaiser permanente will return to work after a two day strike holding two rallies in oakland hitting the picket lane on tuesday to protest stuffing cuts. the measures were in contract negotiations with kaiser permanente since july and are demanding tougher ebola safety precautions. the medical centers remain open dug the strange but some
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elective procedures are rescheduled. >> a week has passed since election day but two california congressional races are still too close to call. they are perfect examples of why every vote counts. in california, seven -- in 7th district, berra has 711 vote lead over the republican of 174,000 votes cast. some mail-in ballots are being counseled. closer race in the 15th congressional district if the industrial valley democratic incumbent is leading the republican opponent by 86 votes. several thousand provisional ballots remain to be counseled. final rules must be sent to the secretary of state by december 5. new this morning, incredible perks from deep space.
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>> we are learning about the landing of a probe on a comet 310 miles from earth. officials say it bounced three times before stopping. the probe did not fire so it is standing on the comet. >> it was launched by rosetta that traveled in space for ten areas before arriving in early august and made a complex system that was to drill its way to the come most surface and hold it there anchored but it did not happen. i will tell you, follow the i will tell you, follow the probe on twitter >> here is 280 you can see the reflection of the headlights and
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the wetting with made it down to this part of south bay with radar showing not much beginning on other -- going on other than drizzle. you can see by alum rock and headed over to sunnyvale and cupertino there are better radar runs and to fremont and union city and hayward and through the sunol grade we have our better showers with a few more developing as the cold front moves across the peninsula but they are light compared to earlier with drizzle across the north bay and this is how it looks in san 7:00 we will have wet weather but mid-to-upper 50's and low-to-mid 50's by noon and temperatures will not rebound with low-to-mid 50's at 4:00 and this evening the dry air will come in mid-50's to 60 and you will not need to grab the wet
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weather procedure with high clouds in the afternoon and temperatures are same law today and saturday and sunday will be warmer. >> the rain could be taking a break on the san mateo bridge and it is wet. it does not appear that anymore water is added to them and it is drying out. this is where we have a big accident northbound 101 where we have two vehicles and a big rig involved and other vehicles are hitting it. it could be a bigger multiple vehicle crash and c.h.p. is headed to the scene with two laps -- lanes are currently blocked. everything is moving along fine to the south with a picture from mike but into san francisco we are still dealing with a sig-alert 880 with the on-ramps
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closed down and into san jose, northbound we we to the northbound 680 connection is where we have flooding so want out for hydroplaning. thank you, leyla gulen. a bay area baseball player who has made his home here a long-term, could he be getting ready for a comeback? >> new speculation surrounding former a's and giant picture. >> homework buyout? a california school lets school kids skip their school work for a rice. >> a social media challenge from a former president to another and see what happens when bill clinton calls out george w. bush for not being on twitter. the san mateo bridge is looking good and the cars are not getting rained on at moment and this is abc7 news
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stay tuned.
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breaking news comes from san francisco the department of public works is spending to a large tree that fell down during the storm overnight and it is down in the lower neighborhood. there are closings surrounding the tree and you will want to avoid the area. we told the tree actually planned on a vehicle. amy hollyfield is headed to the scene. if you are in the area with pictures send them to us at or use # abc7 getup. >> an over has been retracted for parents to take part in a homework buyout. this teen showed the flyer saying he son could get out of homework for a week if she paid
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$100. the p.t.a. group is running this buyout fundraiser with the money going back into the choose room. >> my son was -- i an not going to let a teacher or a school teach my kid the wrong thing. it is not >> we called the district to ask abut the program and the district never heard about it until now and it is ending program. the district supports fundraising efforts by different groups for the school but they cannot have parents pay for having no homework. former president clinton and george w. bush could be great opposite sides of the aisle but they are putting aside their different trips on social media. check out the tweet president clinton sent reading george w. bush force new book about his father george h.w. bush calling it a "touching tribute," and
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asks the younger president bush, how are you still not on twitter and bush responded if a big way, if a funny way on instagram posting a screen shot saying "thanks, 42, hope you like the book about your pal number 41," and asked, how you still fought on instagram and great another mother. >> and barry zito is ready to push after taking a career off to travel and enjoy life away from baseball and said he is ready to go after a seven year contract with the giants and regards as a disappointment at $420 million but the victory over the card falls in game five over the card falls in game five of the 2012 championship
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without him. >> when that curve ball was move like the pictures, it was tough. but when it stayed high, say goodbye. >> stays high, say goodbye. >> he spend his entire year with the a's or the giants. >> usually when the athletes take that time off they cannot capture what they had. you saw it with jordan. >> not that 36 is old. >> not by u.s., absolutely not. >> love to be 36 again. >> youth is wasted on the young much. >> of course that means my kids would be younger, too...hmm the embarcadero has
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let up of rain. the radar shows not many return over san francisco and we still see the best ones at san ramon and dublin to pleasanton and live more all headed off to the east and discovery bay getting the last of the soaking showers and the peninsula is quieting but scattered shower at san bruno and along 280 from cupertino headed down to campbell and you can see around to morgan hill we have a better look at some rain as the whole system is shifting east as the cold front pushes through our neighborhoods. another push of light rain and showers from time to time. it is hard to see because of waterfalling. it will be sunny this afternoon but brighter and warmer this weekend and unsettled in, week. there is in consensus on when it will rain or how were.
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hopefully we can narrow that down to next week. today, mid-to-upper 60 with a system from the west, so it is not cold. we will get the cooler air tomorrow because the clouds will clear out, mid-40's in the cool of the areas like the north bay and appeal appeal and low-to-mid 50's for the rest of us and patchy dense folk tonights. the air is going to be dry. by noon you will see only scattered showers. by action, if we see anything it is around santa cruz mountains and maybe in the north bay mountains. overnight, headed out at evening, you will taught need the umbrella or wet weather gear just be careful because of reduced visibility. we will see more sunshine and warmer on sunday, monday,
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tuesday and still dry through wednesday. leyla gulen has traffic. if you are just waking up with us, it is the bay bridge toll plaza through the rain that is falling over san francisco. it is also falling over the maze pulling in from berkeley and toward the 580 with tail lights in the westbound direction. use bart with 50 trains on time. we have the cell moving through oakland so if you are traveling along 880 or 580 up to emeryville you will find more water there and hydroplaneing. northbound 880 the vehicle hydroplaned and hit a wall. 680 southbound walnut creek to dublin is 15 minutes and now one hour and 14 minutes southbound from santa rosa to san francisco and highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains you are moving along fine at 25 minutes.
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it is now 6:21. would you step into an s.u.v. and let a gunman armed with an ak-47 open fire? >> no. a man did just that and posted a man did just that and posted it to youtube. to a new level. >> first, "7 on your side" and "consumer reports" team up to find the best way to find out when the bird is ton. >> first, whether in traffic or during commercial golden gate bridge is sleepry. bridge is sleepry. be
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♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. welcome back, thanksgiving is two weeks away and if you are the chef in the house you could be relying on the pop-up timers to tell when the turkey is done. how reliable are this. "consumer reports" participates with "consumer reports" to do festing and find out. >> buying a turk we with a pop-up seems like a good but how good do they work?
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>> you could be relying on a pop-up timer to gauge when the turkey is ready. the next story is you have to b came. you have to cook the techie at 160 to be safe identification -- otherwise you could be sick. >> can you trust the pop-up timers. they tested turkey after turkey some with meat and others that were purchased separately and use thermometers and put them in the oven and roasted until the timers popped up. most didn't until the temperature rose above 165. >> when the turkey is cooking too long above 165 you need a lot of gravy because it will be dry. >> a few times they popped up before a safe cooking temperature so all the bacteria
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pay not have been killed. >> the past we to ensure it is cooked safe but is juicy is to use a conventional meat thermometers, an instant thermometer is good at being easy-to-read and is accurate. >> "consumer reports" recommends taking multiple temperature readings at different areas of meat to ensure it is thoroughly cooked. >> got that? never again will i cook salmonella turkeys. >> and george lucas lucas said y to san francisco and hello to chicago but a lawsuit could cause a problem for his new museum. >> and hayes-white has a
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critical meeting in a few hours. >> more weather and traffic all morning and a new way to keep you updated, also, we let you know, say hello to spencer christian at 4:00 today at san francisco food bank for the "give are you live," food drive. "give are you live," food drive. please
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good thursday morning. thank you for starting your day with us. i am kristen sze. i am eric thomas. meteorologist mike nicco has the weather. weather. >> i con >> thank you. we have 1 hour and 24 minute flight arrival delays at sfo and rain is falling southbound from walnut creek. the leading edge of the wet weather is in the east bay and
6:32 am
south bay. >> you can guess that there are probably a lost accidents. there have been solo and hydroplaning. northbound 280 pulling away from 17 is getting heavy but dry. as you travel through the caldecott tunnel this is brand new accident with a spinout. right new we will check with news reporter matt keller. matt is in the south bay. i have if news for highway 17 commuters, it has been uneventful. there are no accidents reported on highway 17 but things can change in a moment's notice and traffic is picking up with more people headed to work now as it is later in the morning so
6:33 am
expect we the unexpected with the wet roads. northbound 17 beyond the summit a green cab ran into a wall and c.h.p. patrol responded and they cleared the scene. no injuries were reported. showery weather this morning with commuters wet roads and 17 is notorious. to the north, 101 and san rafael and mill valley drivers should be prepared for the possibility of more showers. we have been keeping an eye on the rain. you can track the rain where you live using the live doppler hd on the weather app. we have been tracking it all morning with drizzle, light rain here in los gatos this morning and the best advise is be respected
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prepared. >> you can track live doppler hd with the weather app free on apple app and google play. we have more information on our website at we like to see the weather where you live so send us your weather photos at you can also post them on our facebook page. in concord, authorities are investigating a fatal police shooting last night at the shopping center on diamond boulevard. the sheriff deputies chased the stolen vehicle through concord to the mall and the driver jumped out and ran forcing the lockdown of the mall. he ran across the freeway to the shopping center and tried to carjack several vehicles. he was cornered by police. witnesses locked down if several
6:35 am
stores heard six gun shots. several customers were stranded with cars stuck in the crime seen tape. the suspect died at the scene. >> c.h.p. is hoping the public can help find a driver who hit and killed a freshman school. ivan cruz was crossing street on his scooter and a vehicle hit and killed him. the sheriff deputies were chasing the driver driving on wrong side of the road and they found the vehicle in fremont yesterday but the driver is loose. the san francisco fire commission is holding the regular monthly meeting which could include another performance evaluation of fire chief hayes-white. critics have demanded her resignation. up to 200 of the firefighters took a vote of no confidence against hayes-white. after the vote the commissioner called on schooler heads to
6:36 am
prevail and the meeting is held at first department headquarters at 4:00 and the chief held a series of townhall meetings with the rank and file to convince them she is listening to their concerns and trying to fix the problem. filmmaker george lucas may have selected chicago over the pay area as the spot for the now seem but there is a challenge. the building is to be the on the lake front and an environmental group will file a lawsuit against the site because they do not want new development on open space along the lake front. the mayor says the museum is a generous different and will expand cultural and educational opportunities for the community. breaking overnight a gusher in the east bay with cleanup effort in contra costa county after this water main break. the gender equality debate hits the most popular retailers in the country: women police more more plus sizes but men are
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not. what is behind this? check this out: traffic around the bay area with wet roads. be careful. the pictures will stay up during weather and traffic commercial break to keep you informed. ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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i was going do show you the exploritorium and the clouds got heavy. the passes are wet in the high country because the snow levels at 8,000' and lake tahoe airport is 46 degrees with rain. the rain in the higher elevation least bay hills across morgan hill to the santa cruz mountains is where the best radar returns are with scattered light rain and drizzle through 9:00 so the commute is moist. headed through the day we will see high chows moving in and temperatures will run in the 60's everywhere at 49 at lake tahoe and 57 in yosemite and palm springs is 80. through the weekend, temperatures are below average, mid-20's and upper 40's in the afternoon. >> safe travels. >> a word of warning for those who drive through the mountains with a lot of rain at
6:41 am
quarter-mile here, that is where we have the vehicle that went off the road into a creek bed. a dangerous situation. that is in napa, be careful with slippery conditions in the mountains. southbound highway 101 is where we had a vehicle that over and is on its side. in oakland northbound 880 a car hit a big puddle and hit the wall and now one lane is blocked with heavy delays at 980. i have an update in a few minutes. thank you. a man willfully and let as gunman with an action 47 -- ak-47 47 -- ak-47 he posted it on
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with traffic and weather during the entire commercial break and live doppler hd. six of our best six-inch subs- "simple 6 menu". like the italian bmt and tender turkey breast! with a 21-ounce drink and a bag of chips for just $6 every day. it's value made simple. subway! ♪
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first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can. >> covering walnut creek,
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burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. taking you to new york city lower manhattan at work to replace the windows at the through word trade center. this is a day scaffolding left two men damage weeing 67 stories up at the world trade center while the firefighters figured how to rescue them. on left you can see the window washers holding on. they were lowered by rope. firefighters took out the windows and pulled the men to safety. you can see another scaffold as they replace the windows. fingers crossed nothing bad happens this time. >> it is a fright. they are just opening this in for business. a petition asking old navy
6:46 am
why women are forced to pay more for larger sizes and men are not gathering 30,000 signatures. >> a woman realized plus-size pans were more expensive and lot offed a petition saying she was fine to pay extra because she thought it took extra fabric to make the clothes but sheç lookd at larger men's sizes and saw the prices did not change. >> it goes along with different you haves of men and women that it is okay for men to be older and fatter but not for women. >> it is not fair. >> surprising men and women have different policies. old navy parent company is based in san francisco. gap attributes the confident to a separate design team dedicated to plus sign line reading "while we don't make more money on plus size line our colleagues cost more because we invest more in
6:47 am
them." >> a bullet proof vehicle supplier is taking product testing to a new level. the company c.e.o. volunteered to get shot at by by an ak-47 to demonstrate how safe the armored demonstrate how safe the armored vehicles are. >> do we mention it is kind of loud, too? texas armor corporation shows the company c.e.o. getting shot at in the mercedes. they want to demonstrate they take client safety seriously. trading is underway on wall street.
6:48 am
it is up at 17658. >> a retail report says the massive discounts and promotions after thanksgiving and christmas could soon be history deepest on black friday and cyber monday. retail company notes that the majority offered discount in early november and stopped them days before thanksgiving. post christmas discounting is also falling off curing to -- according to the company. >> we are part of safe a life campaign with home depot aimed at increasing public awareness of fire safety and carbon monoxide poisoning after donating 3,000 smoke detectors and 300 if carbon monoxide detectors and the alarms have sealed in batteries that never need to be replaced. we will announce the donation and distribute the alarms at
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station one fire department on martin luther king way in oakland at 10:00 a.m. >> it was pa of a -- part of a kickoff last year and can you help the food banks, they are grateful for your efforts to provide meals the holiday season as part of the give where you live campaign. spencer christian will be at the san francisco food bank from 4:00 to 7:00 so come on down, meet spencer and make a donation. >> or donate on the go to "feed," at 80077 donating ten dollar to the cause. you would think in silicon valley this is a lot of wealth but you shared how many go hungry in the bay area and it is one in six, 770,000, one in five children in silicon valley.
6:50 am
maybe bigger than that. maybe bigger than that. it is stunning. too. look at our wet weather little bit less than everyone else because it came from the west at .3" in san francisco and oakland and hayward and a third of an inch in livermore, which is usually a dry spot and we have drizzle to light rain on 680 headed southbound into the san ramon valley with a right turn on 24 wet the entire way. our best showers are the higher elevations along 84 from the sunol grade to fremont and as you head through the santa cruz mountains we have the better radar returns in your neighborhood but getting a lot of rain in the south by.
6:51 am
the front is coming right through here so we have the best chance of rain to the east and it has rained on 280 and 17 if san jose but not now with bright spots in the clouds. the showers are this morning and sunny and dry this afternoon and brighter and warmer this weekend and unsettled next week the pattern that will bring rain and the models are not agreeing on how much rain. temperatures are mild with the wet journey to the east but tonight that is where you feel the cootness, 40's in the north bay valley and around palo alto and morning were hill and the rest of us in the low-to-mid 50's so watch out for patchy fog with the front punching law and high clouds are a main stray in the forecast. want as the radar shows the rain
6:52 am
is tapering and isolated showers by noon and by 5:00 they are gone and in the evening it will be cooler than last night so grab a coat. tomorrow morning you can see the clouds clear and thing for is forming. the seven-day forecast shows the morning fog will burn off and temperatures are the same as today. will we have more sun and dry air sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday, it will be warmer. we have a ton of action in the macarthur maze with flashing lights on westbound 80 approaching 580 because we have a car crashing on the transition and we will have more information but it sounds like it could be a nasty accident. we have emergency crews and heavy traffic headed through berkeley. in san francisco the sig-alert is with us eastbound 80 with lanes blocked because of a jackknifed big rig that is straight but it punctured its fuel tank. we have lanes that now have
6:53 am
cleared and the sig-alert now is canceled. solo spinout southbound 280 blocking a lane with a lot of water on the road so there are chances of hydroplaning. be careful. >> first, we are showing you a wet golden gate bridge as the headlights will have weather and traffic through the entire commercial break including dome -- there's a legacy at raley's about having the best meat and the best produce. it's my job to start a new legacy, the best wine beer and spirits. we travel all over california and the world to find all sorts of new craft spirits, craft beers, small production wines. ♪ brews from mendocino, and the finest wines from around the world. at raley's, we're really into craft, so we enjoy and are excited about carrying those products in the store. ♪ share your ideas, tell us on facebook.
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know better sleep with sleep number. what you are just joining us or headed out the door, live doppler hd shows the bestiary car moving southeast and there is a lot of drizzle with scattered light rain through the morning. it will be dry for evening commute. >> traffic is picking up. so are the accidents. this is macarthur maze at 80. it is stopped because of an accident. if hayward a crash is blocking one lane. concord police investigate a fatal police shooting at the willows shopping center off interstate 680. a suspect tried to carjack several vehicles and he was cornered by police who opened fire. >> a water main break sent water shooting into the air taking 2 1/2 hours to shut off the main with thousands of gallons of
6:56 am
water went into the drain and businesses were lucky and escaped the damage. a scary close call for bono when a door fell off the private jet while traveling from dublin to berlin. they landed safely and no one was hurt. the san jose police department is trying to figure how to use a new drone as residents raise questions of their privacy. the neighborhood meeting was held at city hall with police bringing the $7,000 drone to assist the bomb squad. they are considering expanding the use. >> the european space agency says philae bounced twice before settling in and the decade long mission ended yesterday morning and the lander is sending back new pictures to earth. hard to beat those pictures. >> we continue online and facebook and all mobile devices. >> don't know if it is using a
6:57 am
>> don't know if it is using a camera phone
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>> good morning, america. and breaking overnight. bono's brush with disaster. a terrifying air scare for the biggest rock star in the world. the door ripped off his private plane thousands of feet into the air. luggage sucked out into the sky. new details coming in right now. weather warning. the alarming new threat to the weather warning system that protects all of us from terrible storms like this. chinese hackers accused of attacking critical satellites. the investigation under way. >> i'm at the short hills parking lot. an abc news exclusive. the videotapes one mall did not want you to see. alleged carjackers prowling a luxurious mall for days before finding their victim. what it says about security at the mall and what you need to know into the busy holiday


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