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tv   Nightline  ABC  November 20, 2014 12:37am-1:08am PST

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this is "nightline." tonight, luxury bunkers. we're heading 15 stories underground where an extra million or two can help you survive in style. plus, new orleans has a new claim to fame. from 22 jump street to the upcoming mr. right, why blockbusters are moving south. and plus, "horrible bosses 2." we're taking you behind the
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scenes, where jennifer reveals what's like to play a sex addict. but first, the "nightline" five.
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underground for a look at how some of the richest people in america are dealing with their fears about the end of the world. if you have the cash, you can ride out the apocalypse in comfort. here's david wright. >> reporter: in a world full of threats, it's hard not to think that society may collapse in a heart beat. in the new "hunger games" movie, they live in an old missile silo. we have]iom just landed in wic kansas. in a place were they take doomsday very seriously. completely off the grid.
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in the middle of nowhere, yup, we have arrived. how are you? i hope we're in the right place. we're with "nightline"? inside, a warm welcome. raven's ridge of kansas, site 11. a former ballistic a structure the u.s. government built with doomsday in mind and one which was repurposed with a different doomsday in mind. it's a luxury apartment complex. it goes 15 stories down. >> let's get you settled in your room. >> reporter: we're here for a sleepover. your average bed and breakfast is not this heavily fortified. >> all of the walls are nine
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feet thick. >> reporter: this is a luxury condo tower. going for $1.5 million a pop. >> let me show you the pool. >> reporter: it's 85 degrees and so humid it fogs up our camera lens. there's even a waterfall. they're the high end of a booming business. more than 3 million americans are thought to be committed preppers. most having more modest scena o scenari scenarios. it's a $500 million a year
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thing. survivalism for the martha stewart set. but tonight, it's better than that. after dinner, it's down to the theater for a movie. >> and there's a bar next door. >> reporter: more than 400 to choose from, we go with "the book of eli." i feel like i could sleep through a nuclear bomb. all right. good night. my alarm clock says it's 6:45 in the morning. so, it should be getting light soon. but you'd never know it here. plenty of water. decent pressure, to start the day off with a nice, hot shower.
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and the industrial size dial, fit for a man. mark has been living here on and off for a year. it's almost like you're living on another planet. >> it could be, or on a spaceship traveling to a far galaxy. >> reporter: and for one family, hers and his bunk beds. and the gas fireplace featuring stones imported from the owner's hometown. all of them with virtual windows, flat screen tvs so you don't feel like you're underground. and they all have high-tech japanese toilet seats. >> and we have a lot of toilet paper. >> reporter: and the condos are
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pet-friendly. >> it's a very stabilizing thing to have. >> reporter: and a schoolroom so kids can continue their studies. so, who's the teacher? >> you, me, the other owners. >> reporter: during a lockdown, everyone would work a four-hour shift, if not in the classroom, maybe in the store or greenhouse, where they'll farm fish and organic vegetables. >> lettuce, onions, blueberries, kale. >> reporter: and you have to remember why this place exists. you're saying this is ft. knox? >> yes. >> reporter: this place is a
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fortress. and if you're wondering how will the elevators and air filters work when doomsday knocks out the power grid? they've thought of it. at $1.5 million a pop, the condos are completely sold out. larry took us to a silo where they're just getting started. you get a sense of what it was like the last time americans felt in imminent danger. >> this was sealed in 1967. >> reporter: standing here, you can imagine the buzz of the fluorescent lights. and a short walk down the connecting tube, there's a much larger tube. this is where the launch controllers would sit with their keys. >> this is a missile silo, and
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it's a deep, deep hole. lisp l listen to the echo. hello! >> reporter: the place may beyç different, but the fear remains. but the good news, the accommodations will be a lot more plush. up next, what brad pitt, matthew mcconaughey, have in common, and it's not just a taste for gumbo. plus, we sit down with the stars of "horrible bosses 2." for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on.
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i think we can all agree that new orleans, one of america's great cities, deserves a break, and it's getting one. a big one, courtesy of some of hollywood's biggest movies and stars. why the big easy is now known as hollywood south. >> reporter: big movies like dallas buyer's club and 12 years a slave, what do they have in common? oscars, of course. and new orleans. >> we'd like to thank the great city of new orleans. >> reporter: now, time to thank a different l.a., louisiana.
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a-listers now have homes in new orleans. >> i step outside, there's a group of 30 people there for the tour. they want to see the house, not me. >> reporter: and remember brad pitt and matthew mcconaughey? the french quarter. what do you think of new orleans? >> it's so unique. >> reporter: mr. right is one of 14 productions in new orleans. far outpacing hollywood. well, there's no place like new orleans, but those aren't the reasons the movie producers are choosing the big easy over familiar haunts like los angeles and new york.
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the producers were almost giddy to tell us. >> the one big reason, the tax credit. this movie would not get made if we didn't shoot it here. >> reporter: that's right, tax credits. movie makers get a 30% tax break, and even more if they hire local crews. for local technicians for earl woods, it means a steady paycheck. like so many, he katrina. >> i think the movie and film business helped rebuild the city financially. a lot.
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>> reporter: and that trickle is now a stream. give me a quick laundry list of films that people would recognize that have been filmed in louisiana. >> 21 jump street, 22 jump street. planet of the apes. that black building ahead of us, it's one on the corner of the intersection that was shut down during the filming of planet of the apes. >> reporter: tv shows like american horror story. >> they had a location on royal street. >> reporter: and a stream of movies like 21 and 22 jump street. and django unchained. have led actors and producers to
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move to louisiana. what do you see unique about new orleans? >> it has a european flavor to it, a french flavor. it's an amazing city. >> reporter: director paco cabesas from spain couldn't say enough. >> there's color and life here. >> reporter: plenty of that in new orleans. and the weekends are special. production designer is a big title for a young professional. >> i have been fortunate here. because it's been so busy, i've o cf1 o that i don't think i would have had in l.a. or new york. >> reporter: and many here have come to embrace their new neighbors. >> there will be a movie filmed at the school where i work over
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thanksgiving. >> reporter: and you don't mind the disruption at all? >> actually, we welcome it. we live on the outskirts of jazz fest. and i grew up and raise my family on this street. so, we just grew up this way. new orleans, just kind of bring it here. bring it on. >> reporter: beyond the tax credit, many credit brad pitt with the film benjamin button, one of the first big movies that spent time to try to rebuild this great city. >> i think they had planned on shooting it here, but after the storm, they were a little leery. but they wanted to make sure it was dry, and they were open for
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business. >> reporter: neighborhoods to intersections, there is a gumbo of opportunities. one day we're in an old mansion, today, we're in a park. two different settings. today, louisiana is the movie making capital of the world. a place were all, especially the eccentrics, have always been welcome. you call yourself eccentric. seems like new orleans is the right place for this. >> i do fit in here. people aren't afraid to let their freak flags fly. >> reporter: and film it at the same time. for "nightline," byron new orleans. coming up, jennifer aniston,
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characters in "horrible bosses." >> reporter: jennifer aniston, reprising her role as the sex-addicted dentist in "horrible bosses 2." ♪ >> there was embarrassing. >> reporter: as the three employees looking to take back their lives. what was it like coming back to set? >> we're 20-plus years knowing each other. so we've got that on our side. >> it's nice to have some fresh blood in our group. >> reporter: the stage?
1:05 am
a sex addicted anonymous group. it's not going very well. b b >> baby steps. it goes against every fiber of my being. it's a dream job for every actress to play that monster. >> have you ever done it in a dentist's chair? >> reporter: is it hard to come out with those words and not crack up? >> usually, that happens in rehearsal. >> there weren't a lot of cutups, no clooneys on our set. he didn't return our calls. >> he would have been a good boss. >> reporter: who knows? there could always be a "horrible bosses 3".
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>> our thanks to them. and thanks to you, tune in for ""gma"" tomorrow morning. thanks for watching and good night.
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