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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 24, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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decision. 7 news
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>> that breaking news is in oakland where hundreds of protestors blocked 5 80 for hours tonight and are now moving back toward downtown. this is a leif look from sky 7 hd. >> all of this in response to grand jury decision not to file charges against the ferguson missouri police officer who shot and killed 18-year-old michael ferguson. or michael brown rather. >> i'm am machlt abc 7 news reporteral listen wong is live on the phone tonight. alan what's the latest where you ar are? >>reporter: well this night has been filled with a series of tense stand offs between protestors and the police the right now there is a skirmish line at broadway and seventh where the protestors have marched and also on the other end of the area 5 80 and grand. police have cleared off the
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remains of a bonfire on 5 80 and are trying to reopen both lens of that interstate near grand avenue where several protestors are still on that highway. the chp says at least 1500 people have been protesting on or near the highway all night long. oakland police have been making a stand to force the protestors off but they are defiant. many hurdle bottle and other object at the police. several patrol cars damaged with window smashed out. trash cans litton fire and large bonfire that i mentioned earlier has been burning on top of the 5 80 overpass. this all started peacefully at frank georgia washington plaza where there were no indictment at 6:00 p.m. silence the crowd that immediately began marching down broadway toward interstate 8 80. police turn them away from the on ramp so they started to go toward 5 80 where they over
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ran chp road block and march up the ramp on to the highway and then a cat and mouse game with trash canon fire protestors arrested and many protestors began scrambling up the wall interthe westbound lanes getting on to the east bound liens so that is what shut down both lines at that time and we even have reports of shots being fired. possibly someone shot ago gun into the air. >> all right alan thanks very much. we are getting a close-up view now of the freeway take over. what it was like on the ground. >> yes look. this is what drivers experience when protestors first started to walk on to interstate 5 80. drive got himself trapped in the middle of it all took this video. >> he says some protestors were banging on cars but caused no damage. rattle the nerves of course. group is chanting hands up don't shoot which has become something of a slogan during the michael brown story the last few most. >> about 45 minutes ago
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demonstrators start add small fire on mcarthur boulevard intergrand avenue. looked like they were burning perhaps furniture along with some tras trash. fire department showed up within about 15 minutes so they were able to put the fire out. mr. is say the grand avenue off ramp from eastbound 5 80 cholesteroled for awhile for clean up. >> now among the arrests tonight 2 people you see her. the woman trys to get away from police. look at this officer about grab her quickly then appears to kick the officer. police say they were among the people who marched on to interstate 5 80 and shut it down tonight. >> the chp tweeting tonight that protestors were throwing bottles and rocks at officers trying to keep people off of 8 80. >> then we saw this. chp motorcycle officer crashed the bake at the 5 80 interchange not far from where the protest are happening. officer is okay. standing up on his own and riding away in a fellow
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officer suv. >> in ferguson violent clash was police. >> yes unfortunately this is where this all started and we expected some real activity there that turned violent and it did. this is leif look from ferguson where of centers full riot gear force demonstrators off the street with tear gas and armored vehicle but whole bunch of cars on fire. >> we are in ferguson with the very latest. >> officer daryn wilson walking free. >> no probable cause exist to fail any charge against officer wilson. >> more than three months after he shot and killed unarmed teenager michael brown grand jury decided today wilson will not face any charges. >> we need to accept that this decision was the grand jury's to make. i join michael's parents in asking anyone who protest this decision to do so peacefully. >> all right tonight protest have turned violent. with shots fired. pizza shop and police cars set on fire.
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demonstrators throwing molotov cocktails at police and officers responding with smoke bomb and tear gas to break up the crowd. law enforcement officials worry what we see tonight could continue to spwns tie and they say they are prepared. with 1,000 extra officers on the streets national guard and fbi also here ready to offer back up. >> unfortunately this non-indictment setoff feelings that have been somewhat repressed for a listening time. meanwhile we are told brown mother broke down in tears when she learn the decision saying justice was not served while officer wilson still in hiding now free if he chooses to continue working in law enforcement. the evidence the grand jury review entered reaching this decision was made public tonight including a transcript of officer wilson explaining how he acted in self-defense after he says brown hit him repeatedly and tried to take his gun. thinks
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abc news ferguson missouri. >> until san francisco more than a dozen protestors gather in the middle to rally against the decision today. the call for the arrest of officer wilson and police violence is a national problem. demonstration remained peaceful >> the grand jury decision was met with shock and sadness tonight at san francisco glide memorial church where congregation members fwavt toward watch the decision come down. >> cornell was there. >> no probable cause exist to file any charge against officer will so that. >> tears and prayers minutes after the decision was read. >> we ask that you would grant us the peace. >> church members gather together some hoping for a different out come. tivlt it sent a message to many if and recommend that you are a targe target. that no matter how you look how you talk how you dress how you act you are still going to be looked at as someone that
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people fear. the system is doing exactly what it is meant to do unfortunately that's to perfect pet ate injustice. >> the reverend williams is in the surprised by the verdict now appealing for calm on the strichlts we need to begin to mav toward how we can work with each other in ways that the lift us rather than bring us down. >> but not all opinions were popular with the out spoken group. >> the system works. >> the system is broken. >> the talk and healing continues. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> large crowd took over the streets all over the country in new york protestors shut down a bridge and one democrat industrytor arrested for throwing fake blood on police commissioner william. >> and protestors march the streets of washington top dc moving toward the white house. >> crowd shut down downtown seattle tonight. protestors got into i-5 and on to i-5 and threw projectile at officers. >> we are following the protest
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over the ferguson decision very closely on line and on the air. we bring you any new development during the newscast as they happen and coverage continues on twitter at this site. >> a warning has been issued to lawrence berkeley lab employee after 2 mountain lions were spotted and deer was killedment one was seep last tuesday downhill from building 90 at student housing. on thursday another was spotted on the ground of the lab. today the lab issued an advisory after an employee found the carcass of young deer. >> san carlos residents relieved tonight now that the new owner of the old carlos club vowed not to remove historic neon sign above it. it has been there for 70 years and is a beloved landmark. lillian is live in san carlos with the story. lillian? >> yes. the owner showed up at the city council meeting tonight and to much surprise said what everyone wanted to hear. that this iconic sign isn't going anywhere.
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>> we do respect the san carlos people. >> john lee the new owner of the former carlos club appeared at the city council meeting. reassuring the community that the beloved marquis at 6 12 el camino real will stay where it has been since 19 frichlt if you have a happy wife off happy family. if you have a happy family off happy business. so i believe everybody will be happy. >>reporter: the building is historic landmark so no surprise that san carlos residents became upset when leremoved the neon tub tubing of the sign and other modification of the property without permit. more than 1,000 people signed a petition to save the sipe. >> it's welcoming. it's fun. it's choreful. artful. uniqu unique. special. and just plane cool. >> people see the sign and they identify with the town and it's a connection to sense of place and once that is lost it can't be replaced.
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>> now up to city staff to follow one le. san carlos resident now keeping their finger crossed that he will keep his promise. in san carlos, abc 7 news. >> pro necessary oakland tonight. life look from sky 7 hd where crowd move toward downtown. update it for you. >> plus just 3 minutes to make it out alive. tonight why homes are going up in flames faster than ever before in a special report. >> i'm abc 7 news sandhya warming trend continues tomorrow but comes with a prison. spare the air alert for your tuesday. i'll be back with the rest of the forecast abc 7 news
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>> top of the breaking news for you sky 7 protestors protesting
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the decision not to prosecute the police officer who shot and killed michael brown in ferguson. this is at eighth and broadway where you see a little fire lit also window in the area smashed. they are now standing their ground in this area near a police station and close to 8 80. >> in ferguson and surrounding communities at least half dozen buildings are burning right now. there is a storage facility auto parts store and beauty supply shop up in flames. one officer shot in the arm. though up clear if it's rae lateed to the protest. lets take a leif look from ferguson right now. look at the cars before we just saw 3 and now it is just jumping. cars are still on fire. stay with us for breaking up dates and follow our twitter feed at this site. for a moment let's move on. just 3 minutes 3 minutes that is the amount of time you have to get out of your house if it catches fair. used to be 17 minutes. but because of modern building
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materials and the pro life asian of inexpensive flammable product the home minutes from being destroyed. >> when the house catches fire the inis the last place you want to be. >> there's a man inside. >> this man survived. many people don't. according to the state fair marshall 319 people were killed in residential fires between 2010 and 2013. more than 34,000 homes were damaged across california during that same period. >> our grit east loss of lives are in residential fires. we need to be able to protect people where they should be the safest and that's in their homes. >> xon product found in and around your house are making homes more flammable. burning faster than ever before. >> a person has to be able to react to fire situation in their home in 3 minutes. >> take a look at this. these large boxes were set up bay fire department outside chicago. the one on the right is full of older or app teak furniture made of cotton wool
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and down. the room on the left is a typical home with newer synthetic furniture made with chemical. firefighters lit both rooms at the same time using a candle. in just one minute 30 seconds flames raged through the newer furnishings in what firefighters call a flash over. the older furniture burned more slowly. it takes more than 13 minutes to flash over. >> that means somebody has to react very quickly to the environment. >> modern material will burn much hotter and faster. >> john is the consumer safety director for underwriter laboratory. nation leader in fire safety testing. >> today we have many more synthetic materials in the homes. they are not bad but today the backing on your carpeting, the drapes, even the stuffing in your mattress and pillow is synthetic material and this does burn hotter and faster and something homeowner should be very much aware of. >> many modern product contain a form of gasoline. they iing
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tonight quiblinger and let off deadly gas like cyanide and carbon month knocks and not just the contents of the home burning faster. researchers have shown this modern construction materials can add to the danger. engineered beam and wood are common in modern construction. >> this is composite material that difference in real wood. actually less expensive than real wood and even stronger than real wood. >>reporter: but it comes with a warning. >> the reality is engineered lumber burns faster than regular wood. >>reporter: four there are ways you can protect yourself by preventing fires in the first place. first thing to keep in mind keep flammable items away from fireplaces and heaters. i know it's obvious but advice that bears repeating we get careless sometimes. space out furnish few to slow the spread of the fire. don't want a lot of clutter and in small room limit the number of items l that you have. and finally invest in fire sprinklers that's a really good ininvestments. california law requires them in new homes
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built after 2011 but you can retrofit your home as well. state law requires you to have a detector like this one in every bedroom and working smoke detector outside of them. test the alarm and check the battery regularly to make sure they work. it will only take a few minutes but it would give you and your family the precious seconds you need to survive a house fire. >> now for more tips on how you can keep your family safe in an emergency we have posted prepare nor cal guideline for stocking emergency kit at home and developing a plan for you and your family. just go to our web site a.lot of great important information on there 4. >> you may not want to know but prepared to know how many calorie in the jumbo bucket of popcorn at the movie theater. new calorie posting rules for movie theater and amusement park chain at major grocery store and vending machines. retail versus a year to comply.
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it's required under affordable care act. >> i don't want to know. >> extra butter please. >> the talk about the weather fore forecast. absolutely gorgeous outside but things will change. >> yes they will. is it before the holiday. >> we are going to get through the holiday with dry weather and then things really change. we show you clear conditions so we will be tracking 2 storms as we head towards the weekend. temperatures right now mostly in the 40's except san francisco and mountain view in the 50's. you know when cool outside already it's going to be chilly by morning. 38 in santa rosa. 37 in nap a.38 fairfield by morning. look at low 40's free mont livermore san jose half machine bay mid 40's to low 50's around oakland san francisco. beautiful view looking from east bay hills camera all the way back to sutro tower. visibility is great. clear morning. chilly inland. mild afternoon through thursday and a wet pattern is
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setting up for the weekend and even possibly beyond that. for the time being high pressure system here is what is going to provide us with dry conditions right on through thanksgiving day. pattern really changes when 2 storms move in over the weekend. this is saturday this is sunday going into monday. possibly stalling going into tuesday as well. so here's long range forecast. rough idea friday night rain moving in to northern california saturday wet we go into sunday monday even tuesday and soggy pattern setting up f.this vary fay this is would be exactly what we need in the middle of the drought and this will men higher elevation snow. so travel back after the long holiday weaned could be a tough one so keep tuned rate here and keep you posted. holiday travel speaking of on the east coast is rough. 6:00 a.m. wednesday we look at rain wind and even some snow in the back side of the low. snow will continue along with the winter conditions and wednesday and traveling there know showers
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will trail behind it on thursday. that storm will likely cause some delay along the eastern sea board. here in the bay area tomorrow afternoon it's sunny side up. 72 in the south bay and san jose. cupertino santa cruz low 70's on the peninsula being looking at 71 in redwood city. just a beautiful day with sunshine downtown san francisco 69. 67 in the sun set district. and north by 60's here along the coast. a lot of low 70's santa rosa napa sonoma out towards the east bay 72 oakland castro valley hercules 71 inland spots you are running warmer than normal this time of year. 71 livrp more 7 day forecast spare the air alert tomorrow head to wednesday temperatures mid 70's inland upper 60's coast thanksgiving is dry and then we bring on much-needed wet pattern friday nature right on through monday possibly longer with cooler weather. >> perfect right after the holiday. thank you. money
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talk and panda ones. >> pretty much. waddles a little bit. >> panda has found a new home. with mr. creature comfort. boston newest member of the red sox. tough difficult for giants fans and pablo sandoval.
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>> home run call, it's out of here. so is pablo. he's a contract with the red sox pending passing the vehicle. he spent seven years with the giants and washington a career. he hit 2 79. 16 homers. drove in 73 runs. stop germ plasm defense at third fwhais 2014. he won 3 world series
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for the giants and driving force in 2012 at 14. 2012 he had 3 homers against detroit. the this year maim league record with 26 post season hits. sandoval one of the bi biggest fan favorite to play for the giants in the generation. joining the likes of clark and bond. also a marketing bonanza with this all over at&t park. we will miss him and we wish him luck. has been a lot of fun watching the panned a.mopped tonight football coming up next. take care. >>
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( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. can is is is is is is is is. >> 2 games kicked off this monday night. ravens locking horns with breeze saints in new orleans. however it was a running back who stole the
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show. former cal star justin for 182 yards scoring 2 td this run in the fourth put the gym out of reach for the ravens and saints. lose third straight home game 34-27 the final. with buffalo still snowed in yesterday the game relocated to detroit third quarter up. 4 49ers change. that blocked by dixon. if ball fall ins the end zone buffalo wins 38-3. this is the sports report brought to you by ebay and panned any introduced tomorrow in boston. >> weird to watch. >> yes. >> thanks. >> 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook all the mobile device our 7 news app.
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>> that's all for now >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- jennifer aniston. ken jeong. a celebrity curse-off. and guillermo at the american music awards. with cleto and the cletones. and now, and further more, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi there, welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thanks for watching.


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