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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 8, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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on normal. it will be anything but a typical day at this business and many others. this is one of several. look at the video at the radio shock protesters disagreed on this violent tactic of protesting with a man looting the store and others yelling at him to "get out," one protesters tried to prevent the violence and was hit in the face with a hammer. >> this is a roast that -- protest that organizers promised would be peaceful. shear a detailed description. >> we have had numerous buildings and businesses that have been damaged or looted. businesses such as sprint, at&t. we had several banks affected. >> all of the damage wasn't just here but protesters turned their attention to city hall and you can see a large crowd gathering
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there. police appear to be taking a hands off roast but some complained rubber bullets and batons. they have all gone home for now and the police officers on duty have been sent home. it will be later today we expect to get a briefing on the exact amount of damage in berkeley. thank you, amy. >> we remain overhead at 8:45 when protesters marched out on to highway 24 near 52 in oakland stopping traffic in the eastbound lanes for an hour. two officers suffered injuries and eight were arrested. >> sky 7 captured the other protesters under the freeway trying to set a c.h.p. cruiser on fire. this morning, c.h.p. tweeted out several photos of fire patrol cars that were dented and have windows smashed. >> it did not take long for
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officers to move in and subdue troublemakers. you can see the officers taking down a protester with no word on why that person was taken into custody. the freeway was, again, open in an hour. >> breaking news in southern california right now, a huge fire is burning in downtown los angeles forcing parts of two major freeways to shut down. more than 250 firefighters are working to put out the place and it is burning at an apartment complex under construction. the l.a.p.d. say the fire is under control. it started at 1:20. the seven-story building looks certain to be completely lost. >> a look at the messy commute for southern california, the fire shut down portions of the 110 and 101 freeway with no injuries reported. the los angeles fire department says without the expertise of firefighters two more buildings would have gone up. >> developing news an investigation is underway this
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morning into an officer-involved shooting in san lenadro that sent a woman and an officer to the hospital. it started with a chase involving two women in a stolen car at 8:00 last night. police followed them to oakland and boxed the car in on springfield street at 98th. the driver rammed several police cars trying to get away. the passenger was not hurt. the driver is in grave condition right now. one officer was also injured. he was treated and released from the hospital. we will have more on the story at the top of the next hour. >> 4:33 the battle of the bay between the raiders and 49ers turned into a real fight where a peacemaker is recovering from surgery. it is crazy, passerbys were surprised to see investigators is what is considered a safe part of downtown san jose.
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even more surprised that the shooting was over the 49ers and raiders game. there was an argument noon the fans and person who was shot was trying to break it up. >> two teams from the bay area, how do you shoot someone over that? come on. >> the victim is involving from non-life threatening injuries. the san jose police say they detained three person believed responsible. officers caught them running away from the scene. investigators searched a bar to collect evidence after the shooting where the victim was watching the became and where he returned after being shot. >> we do not like to see this. >> people in the area say this is disconcerting but believe it was isolated saying violence is rare in this part of town. >> this little area right here with the market...i have always felt very safe. >> police say the suspects likely face charges of assault with a deadly weapon.
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>> the raiders and 49ers head coach talk to the media today about year's huge upset and coach harbaugh will be asked to explain the 24-13 loss to the raiders. can knick overthrowed crabtree and it led to a raiders field goal and second quarter raiders took 330 pound-tackle for a third career touchdown catch and kaepernick tried for a comeback but whitson has a diving cash. the raiders win. >> we did our job. that is all you do. do your job. they will win some plays. they will win some plays. hopefully we execute at the higher level. higher level. i give every >> the 49ers lay off hopes are
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in jeopardy and are three games behind the cardinals in the afc west. >> no, that is the nfc. >> south bay politicians are asking for help to avoid deportations for immigrants in a santa clara county of immigrant relations and integration. supervisors believe the president obama immigration reform will lead more to seek government help to stay in the country and avoid scams on immigration. the proposal is voted on tomorrow by the board of supervisors. >> embassies around the world are racing for explosive report about to be released detailing what the c.i.a. did to terrorist suspects in the days after the 9/11 attack with four fearing the release of a senate report could threaten american lives. it is due to be released tomorrow and is described as shocking in graphic description
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of secret interrogation. facilities worldwide are urging to review security and brace for violent reaction. >> developing news, iran has filed charges against the newspaper reporter with ties to the bay area. the government has charged him with unspecified crimes yesterday and authorities held him without charges for four months. see grew up in san rafael and wrote for the "san francisco chronicle," and working in tehran for the "washington post" and has been denied access to a lawyer. >> and now, meteorologist mike nicco, hopefully a lot people took advantage of the weather hanging up tree lights or holiday lights and gutters. >> if you have not hung them i would wait until after thursday because of the gusty winds. this could be potentially the strongest storm we have had since 1998 according to the
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national weather service based on the fact we could get 4" of rain in san francisco in a 48--hour period. that is how they base that. so you see how strong the storm is. we will focus on today, the thick fog in the east bay quarter-mile in livermore and half a mile in fairfield, up to 1.25 in the valley, see san rafael has thick fog on 101 looking southbound. the forecast today shows showers across the north bay and clouds for all of us and hanging out in the low-to-mid 60's for the most part and maybe a few areas in the south bay to hit the upper 60. tomorrow, dry, wednesday when the sun is setting, the wrong wind rolls in. here is the traffic. leyla gulen? >> 50, everyone, starting off in
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san jose, the drive is clear, headed along 87, beyond the tank, so no problems in the northbound or southbound direction. to the santa cruz mountains we have an accident involving a truck that is overturned on its roof, northbound highway 17, it sounds like there is a lane blocked and the rest of the the drive is clear headed into san jose. as we take a look tracking weather and traffic the area covered in orange is an indication of where the fog is affecting the commute and it is thick fog and as we drive through it, you will want to slow down your speed and use the low peoples. how long will it take? 26 minutes from tracy to dublin and highway 4 from antioch to concord is 14 minutes and 18 minutes southbound from san rafael to san francisco. the recent rain is helping but not enough. next, the emergency drought plan a bay area water district is considering and the costs to thousands of water users. >> also, the british royals kate
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and william come to america and what is on the new york city and washington, dc, agenda. >> the big picture is the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic light and in the upper-right corner you can see live doppler hd with in the middle picture a second store broke out if los angeles not far from an early downtown building fire we told you about minutes ago. we will bring you more we will bring you more information on or side of the hey guys...guys! pillsbury cinnamon rolls, with cinnabon cinnamon, are an irresistable sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. make breakfast pop! i like to mix things up a bit with grands mini pot pies
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. the filipino community has set up collection centers to help victims of typhoon hagupit which has pummeled the philippines with two people dead. thousands of homes are destroy asked widespread outages. 900 were were forced into shelters. in san francisco the national
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alliance for filipino concerns activated its typhoon response program. >> we are ready to accept donations for the recovery and rehabilitation that will need to occur at the typhoon passes and we want as much help as possible from the communities in the united states both the filipino and non-filipino communities that want to help. >> we have a link on how you can help victims of the typhoon. >> officials want customers to increase conservation and pay mar for their water for recommendations before the utilities board of directors meeting tomorrow from east bay mud and also buy more great the east bay mud dry year on the sacramento river to deal with the drought which now has been going on for three years. if the water purchase takes place customers will be charged 14 percent sir charge that averages out to $4.30 a month more on the water bill. good news for drivers as relief at the pump continues for
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another week. the average price of gasoline has plunged another 12 cents the past two weeks to $2.72 a gallon. lower crude oil prices are continuing to drive prices down along with abundant oil supply partly because of recent fracking efforts. across the nation the highest gas is found, of course, in san francisco, at $3.304. the lowest is albuquerque at $2.38. >> new york city is rolling owe the red carpet for prince william and his wife, kate, in the big apple at start of their official visit to the up. >> they are like rockstars. >> here is the latest on the trip. squeals delete in new york. the british flag in bright colors flickering from the top of the empire state building a different kind of red, white and blue, part of the welcome mat for the british royal company arriving sunday evening for a
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tour of the big apple and washington, dc, a first for the duke and duchess. >> neither has set foot in either city. >> action-packed three days for both william and kate. >> they are doing a number of things to support charities they care about, disadvantaged young peoples mental health, illegal wildlife trade. >> and a visit to the top of the empire state building and the 9/11 memorial. for william, a quick side trip to washington, dc, to meet with president obama on monday. later that day the couple will be courtside at the nets and cavs basketball game, seeing king lebron james and the first child, future king, like his father is not along on this first part of the new world. >> baby george is taking a break. >> george just months away from welcoming a new brother or sister. >> the focus will be on kate and
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what she is wearing, on her growing baby bump and the next royal baby. >> that royal baby is due in april. one of the largest fundraisers for at risk children is happening tonight. >> we want did tell you about it, taking over at&t park, the home of the san francisco giants and turn it into a holiday wonderland. these are photo of last area's evens, and one of the giant player will be there and steve johnson and josh johnson from the 49ers are taking part. we have been taking part and supporting holiday heros for a while and you can see jennifer montana and joe montana who appeared last year. the founding organization, wonder wipes, has been around for 20 years helping at risk children. >> you have been a big supporter. >> i will be there and there are a few tickets available so you can buy tickets at
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and sponsor an at-risk child, for some it will be the only holiday gift they receive for the son. a last celebrities believe in the cause behind it. >> great. great. great. >> now a look on, it is getting foggy in a lot of areas and we will start with the rain around mt. st. helena giving the most up to date coverage in healdsburg and cloverdale and lake port and clear lake and hidden valley with scattered light showers. they will dip further to the south as we head through the morning into the mid-afternoon hours as a weak cold front rolls law. the other big story is the fog
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and how it has not made it into the bay yet but it will because look where our winds are blowing: directly to the west in oakland and hayward and half moon bay. that will draw the fog out of the valley and across the bay headed through the only mute. do not be surprised you could have more interesting trip getting around the fog. it is mild. we are in the mid-to-upper fists and we shoulden in the low-to-mid 40's. portrero hill is 56. crissy field across the golden gate bridge is 59. through the ferry building and headed downtown, it is 58. our cool spot is 49 in saratoga and santa clara and palo alto is 50 because those are the areas that have less cloud cover. you can see right here sutro tower look at the fog and it is taking over san francisco. mostly clouds, light showers
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across the north bay, it will be dry so get your storm preparation done today, tomorrow and a less are state department you will have wednesday because we have heavy rain, gusting wind thursday and friday. we will have flooding, rock slides, mudslides, trees down, and this will be the fastest winds so far this year. at 7:00 in the morning you can see by noon, scattered showers across the north bay and they taper overnight and the clouds open and that means more fog and you can see clouds breaking up the sunshine tomorrow afternoon. at 5:00 on wednesday, thursday morning into early afternoon that is the wind for the heavy iest rain up to 4" away the bay and 2" in the south bay and possibly 1' of rain in the north bay mountains to 10" in the santa cruz mountains. it is noject.
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>> that is going to be a mess if the commute. give yourself extra time. walnut creek shows early start today and we do not know how the fog will play out in the commute if it slows down. you will want to give yourself a few extra minute those get to work and you can barely see walnut creek southbound 680 the tail lies moving in toward walnut creek and highway 24 northbound traffic is accident free and as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza we have flashing lights making their way northbound to clear up the construction for the morning. we have a stalled vehicle northbound 101 embarcadero road headed up to east palo alto and not causing any delays. this crash over the santa cruz mountains has cleared and everything is open on northbound highway 17 and in san francisco southbound 280 at 101 another stalled car blocking one or two
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lanes. have you shattered an iphone screen? >> i feel it is in the offing. >> apple is trying to put an help to that. >> here are the tech bytes. >> apple wants to prevent shattered smartphone screens with new technology that allows falling iphones to shift positions to reduce impact like a cat. >> there is no word on when the technology could make its way into apple products. >> spotify can be tried out for the next three months for just a dollar. >> you have access to 20 songs. >> finally, plenty of people still want a classic ipod. apple discontinued the player in october but some are selling right new on the internet for $1,000. classic ipods first appeared 13 years ago opening the
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music revolution. coming up, the big light fight the bay area family duking it out on national tv for the title. >> it can be tough to stay on new episodes on netflix because they and twitter are making it easier to much can up. >> this is the embarcadero interest san francisco it will be foggy. but dry. we are keeping tabs on weather and traffic and breaking news and traffic and breaking news through the commercial break. angeles fire breaking out with
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. a two-story commercial building in los angeles is on fire.
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it is two mile away from another big fire that the los angeles firefighters were working. it is the west lake district in to mcarthur park. >> netflix is introducing an easy way to alert you to new movies and episodes of your favorites where users can get a twitter episode when a new episode is available. you chick on "tweet me," next to netflix promotion and you are notified when the next episodes are available. no word on how long the trial will last. people will be able to see the best holiday light dislays on tv. >> the weaver family home be featured with 43,000 lights, be featured with 43,000 lights, a lot of
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of love. >> one time the entire roof want out. we had to go on the roof. >> we had three marriage proposal on the drive. that is up heard of. it touches someone's heart. that drives me. >> this season of "great christmas light fight," premieres right here tonight at 8:00 p.m. the thursday downpour, what will it do? helpfully it does not cause too much damage. that is a lot of money invested. we still have leave on the trees. we have stressed trees. we have all sorts of potential debris that will come flying off the trees on thursday. now, the hazard traveling through the central valley, the entire central valley under a dense fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. and most of the rain will stay north of 80 and it will be
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light and scattered. we also have the potential for sunshine low-to-mid 70's around san diego and los angeles and 80 in paul mccartney but look what happened on wednesday into friday. 10" to 20" of snow before 6,000 feet and 50 to 60 miles per hour wind. it will be tough. >> three proposals. amazing. now, mass transit shows 36 bart trains on time. ace train one is two minutes lay and the bay bridge toll plaza is loading up in the par left hand lane and traffic in the middle is moving fine. now, a look at san jose where we have top speeds and accident-free conditions to the south through gilroy, that is another area that is covered in fog. be careful across 101. inland, highway 4, highway 580, both affected bit fog. drive cautiously.
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vandals smash windows and set fires across berkeley. we will there with overnight arrests and clean up efforts. san jose strike as deal with airbnb and the money it can pump into the economy. a look outside interstate 80 through berkeley with traffic picking up but not so heavy as it will be later on. this is how we keep you informed this is how we keep you informed through the
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is back to work monday morning december 8, thanks for joining us a g


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