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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 11, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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owners are and operating the machines. this shows fbi swarming in on sun cafe. >> i know they're gambling. >> i i do see them. >> noe says it has been raided in the past. with the raids he's not sure they'll remain closed. >> it's just seeming to keep running. >> the cafe was open this morning less than 24 hours after authorities confiscated slot machines and put them in a moving truck. 11 vietnamese cafes were busted, the largest in the city's history. >> this made us scared.
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they covered everything. they took everything. >> what they do say is that illegal gambling leads to other violent crime, gangs and prostitution. >> it can put a mar on the name of the business community. >> the family of a dental student is planning her bur yil. she was found murdered inside of her apartment. police aren't saying much about the investigation. her cousin found her dead monday in her apartment we're live with details, laura?
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>> well police just put out a written statement saying telling us the investigation is ongoing and no suspect or motive. >> residents of trying to come to grips with the murder of a woman in a city that hasn't had a homicide for a decade. this neighbor never locked her doors until now. >> now i lock. anwar hussein lives a few yards from where his neighbor was found dead, discovered by a dozen. >> i heard a young man calling the police. you know? saying can someone help?
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my cousin has been killed. >> he says paul's apartment door was closed but not lock and she was laying in a pool of blood, a bullet casing in the floor. singh told us the family is devastated and can't put a finger on why anyone would do this. there is indication she recently met a man on the internet. this neighbor lives next door. >> it's shocking news to me. i'm devastated on behalf of those who are related to and friends of this young woman. it's surprising to hear. >> the 37-year-old was in her final semester in the dental program. her cousin tells us she was a practicing dentist in her home
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in india. >> a judge sent a san jose police officer to jail today after prosecutors moved to charge him with crimes. today, the prosecutor filed an amended complaint adding five new crimes. those include use of a gun being armed with a gun and burglary and unlawful enry. a judge will decide on monday if prosecutors can file the charges. >> san francisco fire investigators are trying to determine if squatters caused an early morning fire that injured five people the fire started on the ground floor of this building. firefighters rescued five family members. firefighters had to cut through padlocks to rescue three more people. >> we discovered multiple beds
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and makeshift beds in there. two people were in a room. >> abc7 news learned tonight the department of building inspection tried to enter the store three times to verify reports. >> a clergy is trying to verify the investigation of a shooting. the faith leaders filed a complaint. he was killed by two under cover officers after he didn't follow orders to drop a knife the report alleges he may not have understood the officers. >> it's that kind of shooting discussed in a law enforcement summit in the presidio today. the chief chiefs and district attorneys from around northern
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california took part. approach is holding interventions with those responsible. >> they needed to hear we want this new relationship. we desire something different. it's not about putting everybody in jail or prison. >> 600 officers have gone through training which aims to increase positive interaction was the community. >> the silicon valley venture capitolist suing her former employer underwent a second day of cross examination today. attorneys tried to discount her testimony. >> tense exchanges were the hall mark of today's cross examination. attorney lynn hermly used ellen pao's own words against her,
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playing video contradict statements made in front of a jury. hermly also showed a number of e mails like this one sent eight months after the affair. you know i would do anything to preserve our friendship. sometimes, it's harder than other times, and another e mail when she agreed he should get a board seat. then, hermly dove into negative performance reviews liz gain has covered this case since 2012. >> ellen pao, her personality is at stake. her former co-workers are arguing she was hard to work with, and that is why she was fired she's arguing they didn't get the opportunities deserved because she was a woman. >> hermly approached a judge about introducing evidence for
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motivation for the lawsuit. >> they're trying to argue she brought this case because her family is in desire financial straits >> her husband's hedge fund collapsed and the judge will decide on the new motion tonight >> the days of paying your bridge tolls in cash could soon come to an end and local leaders took a step in that direction today. >> if you've been stuck here you know this is about paying tolls in cash is slow and collecting costs money for caltrans. so just like gas station attendants toll takers are fast becoming endangered. the bay bridge toll takers can
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take a toll on drivers. >> this is horrible. >> what can be done about this? >> i don't know. this is so i don't want to go to san francisco. >> well, sort of. >> the golden gate bridge is transferred to tolling in march, 2013. >> now officials want to do that with the other bridges golden gate bridge uses fast track and license plate readers that send a bill in the mail the authority agreed to spent money on a one-year study. >> $450,000 to analyze status of the bridges. >> it's nothing compared to millions saved. >> the question is how do you build that bridge? >> first, the growing pains on the golden gate bridge switching over, customer service took a
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nosedive. >> we have had challenges going. >> some drivers being fined before the bill showed up. if you call to complain? >> it takes a long time to get through. >> there are there are the toll takers. >> you don't want to see anyone whose job is over through electronics. >> the golden gate bridge did find other jobs and nothing will change until february. in oakland abc7 news. >> still ahead a problem you might want to have where you live. too many bicycles the complaint about two wheeled tourists. >> tonight the victim of a vicious bully goes back to class what school officials have done to end the threat. >> and later tonight researchers
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>> it's a popular route one lawmaker wants to make it tougher to access crowds of people right them into
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sausalito. some say it's attracting too many people. abc7 news is live with more. >> biking from the city to sausalito is cool and soon thousands will start converging here every day. one city council woman says it's getting too crowded and too dangerous. >> tourists know where they want to go. >> it's a beautiful place. and a bicycle is the best way to get there. >> the suggestion is a problem. >> we have been working with the police department and ferry companies to help improve the
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situation over there. >> the city council woman says a thousand bikes per day come during spring and summer. she says enough. >> i want to look at regulating the number of bikes because it's a safety issue. some streets have become bike parking lots. tourists say they won't miss it. >> if you're going to live here you can't have the beauty here and keep people out. >> it's -- it would be a pro safety. >> some bikes could be next.
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>> police issued an alert for a stolen urn full of ashes it looks like this. we'll show it to you in just a moment. taken in a burglary last month and contains remains of the victim's deceased mother. so you can understand they want it back, badly. >> today, voting not to have an am democratic index that uses student results to identify those that need improvement. the superintendent says it would not be fair because tests are too different from previous tests. >> a bay area fifth grader went back to school after he says he was bullied by another student.
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the 11-year-old was knocked unconscious by another student at downer elementary. the bully was suspended but went back to school. today, nathan's mother told us after several meetings the student has been kicked out. >> he was happy this morning and excited to get back to school. you know? he belongs in school getting a proper education. >> i felt kind of -- scared. now, the bully is gone, i'm excited to be back here. >> nathan says he felt safe returning to school today. >> did you wake up to puddles? the street? some of us did. and here is what we shot later
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in the morning. relief for a dry winter. >> are you basking in the water? >> i was born loving the weather. >> this is a good thing positive. >> reservoirs are filled to 75% of normal for the date. and the water district scaled back a proposed rate hike from 31% to 16%. right. >> this is one time i wasn't 100% accurate. clouds are scooting out of the bay area now.
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we have decent rainfall totals in some locations. here is a live view looking at blue skies over the bay right now. 62 in oakland. 63 san jose. 59 in half moon bay. check out this view of blue skies from our camera. it's 62 in santa rosa. napa 61. 65 fairfield. and lingering clouds we'll see areas of fog near the coast and south bay. warming trend starts tomorrow, highs be possible saturday. clearing and showers ending.
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it brings us sunny, warm days so let's get to the forecast animation. clouds disappear. we'll see areas of low clouds and fog near the coast and south bay that will leave us a sunny day. san jose, high temperatures notice average highs about 66 degrees. highs above average and saturday, forecasting 81 degrees tieing the record high for that date. tomorrow highs mid 70s. 75 cupertino. mid-60s on the coast from pacifica to half moon bay.
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downtown topping out at 69 degrees tomorrow. and east bay highs 73 in oakland and hayward. and here is the accu-weather forecast. warmer, and warmer until saturday. we top out at 82 degrees or above. about 80s on the coast. tuesday, st. patrick's day, top of the morning to you. and it's going to be a nice, pleasant dry spell. >> we can get good rain in march. >> yes. >> nothing is normal anymore.
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>> true. >> coming up a living tribute to celebrated twins >> now
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apple suffered a rare breakdown today the disruption affected some of the most widely used and most profitable web sites of the app store and i tunes store.
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you can get to the sites but couldn't down load anything. after people began venting, apple issued an apology, claiming the problem on an internal error, whatever that means. they had it fixed by afternoon. >> a great come back for birds in a man made lagoon devastated last year but a avian cholera outbreak. >> we observed the birds doing fine from a health standpoint we decided to refill so birds can have a place this year again, and be able to return to their normal status. >> the lagoon was established as a means of duck control. >> two sisters are now reunited
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in a living memorial the city honored mayor yoon -- marion brown as they did for her sister, vivienne. she were delightful, and their spirit lives on in the tree. >> i can't imagine the better way to honor a life than to plant something as beautiful to make the city a healthier place >> the tree planting is part of efforts to recognize the last friday in april. every year, public works dedicates a tree to community leaders and advocates. >> just ahead a black mark for the secret service. a white house car crash after a night of drinking. >> and be careful what you post on facebook. this man was taken into custody
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after testing limits of a suicide prevention policy. >>
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a san mateo man is lodging a complaint against facebook's new suicide prevention program. he claims it landed him in police custody. >> that is an interesting one. it was reported that facebook launched a new suicide prevention effort. facebook has been working to prevent the tragedies since 2011 >> two weeks ago facebook expanded it's suicide prevention program. >> if you see a post from one of your friends that makes you concerned about them, the process is straight forward. >> users can contact a poster, other friends or a suicide prevention hot line.
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>> your name will be kept confidential. >> shane touch considers himselves himself a citizen activist. it prompted him to test the system. he'd been in a legal battle with his mortgage bank he says he vented on facebook posting, i have decided to take my life in some very public way. and hanging myself from the golden gate bridge. >> just making a statement against the banks to bring wareness about what is going on. >> one user checked to see if he was okay. another contacted the police. shane wasn't home but heard of the visit aand went to the police station. >> i said i'm expressing my first amendment right and not a danger to myself or anyone else. >> police say they made an assessment and took shane into custody. he says 72 hours under a watch
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his wife couldn't get inside. >> is he suicidal? >> no. no. >> you don't have a concern? >> no. no. he's a stay at home dad, taking care of our kids if i had a doubt he won't be watching the kids. >> shane says the facebook program is overreaching. saying there is concern that errors don't cause reputational bodily or other harm to consumers. >> once you put a label on people and treat them as though they're suicidal when they're not that is the practice of
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psychiatry and you deal with what may be an missive on facebook ooment facebook worked with mental health professionals when designing the program. consumer watch dog says says let this be a warning to you. >> you can be in prison by what you put on the facebook page if you say the wrong thing. and someone flags you. >> real life consequence can occur. >> thank you. >> a new black mark for the secret service tonight. two government agents are under investigation for crashing a car outside the white house after a night of drinking the two have been reassigned to desk jobs.
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>> the mayor of ferguson missouri is vowing to address every part of a scathing report following his announcement that the police chief will step down the report detailed racial bias. >> the city has been committed to and will continue to be committed to addressing each item in the report. it's the city council's vote to continue to be trance parent and become a vibrant community >> the report follows the death of an unarmed black teenager michael brown >> ap is suing the u.s. state department to force it to release e mails. clinton addressed her use of at kt yesterday and
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saying they never -- >> still no sign of wreckage of a military helicopter that went down off the coast of florida overnight. >> seven marines and a crew of four left a louisiana military base and never came back. officials say human remains were found debris. marines were based out of camp lejeune, louisiana >> a twin-engine black hawk.
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>> there was so much fog. it was hard. a rescue last night. >> investigators will work to determine if the fog was a factor. this would be the latest in a series of noncombat related crashes. two marines died when their helicopter went down in southern california in january. reality that dangers exist on and off the battlefield. >> bay area researchers declare war on a drug resistant strain of malaria. bulldog: oooh! mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: get a serta mattress any size for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ...ends sunday. ♪ mattress discounters ♪
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financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale is on now at sleep train. bay area researchers are helping in a fight to eradicate a dangerous form of malaria. >> so a scan of a map of malaria hot spots. after a decade, the war has been going his way. malaria deaths have been cut in half since 2000.
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now, he's afraid the enemy is adopting. >> there is resistance but one of the main human malaria parasites to the most commonly used drug. that is growing. >> for decades it's been produced from a plant walled wormwood. and the treatment became more cost effective when a team created an artificial version. >> now, they believe benefits from the break through and the drugs in general could be in jeopardy the parasites discovered in southeast asia the concern is that it could be a plane ride from spring to
6:41 pm
other hot spots. >> they're proep yoetsing a full scale assault with megadoses of the drugs as well. it calls for entire populations to be treated in certain areas >> giving a curaecureative dose whether or not we know they're infected. >> the world health organization is coordinating response teams from centers and says new drugs are in the pipeline and could be available within the next five
6:42 pm
years. >> now efforts are underway to keep the drug resistant strain from crossing borders into india, where doctors are worried it could reach larger population centers. >> coming up next a costco greeter's campaign to help bay area children how you can make a contribution. >> think of names for these fast-growing penguin chicks mt. hood was left off the list. so was the oregon coast, the columbia river gorge and the painted hills. smith rock and the wallowas are all
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missing. whoever named the seven wonders never set foot in oregon because even crater lake was left off their list. so we see your wonders world and raise you seven of our own. the seven wonders of oregon. see one, or better yet see them all.
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introducing the first-ever lexus nx turbo and hybrid. once you go beyond utility there's no going back. tonight's money matters the government takes the country's biggest satellite provider to court. bepromoting a discounted programming package without explaining it requires a to-year contract. it is now selling for just $8 million. stocks ended lower again the in assack off by
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nine. and a research firm says apple stores attract so much traffic that sales at malls do 10% better than malls who don't. >> the outpouring of support for a danville costco worker is growing today. now, you can help him spread the joy by giving to children in need. arly smith has kidney cancer and multiple sclerosis. yesterday, abc7 showed you generous donations that send him and his wife on a trip. he's been raising money for childrens miracle network.
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>> what a terrific guy. >> three pengiuns joined their colony today in san francisco. >> the trio was born last year and academy is holding a naming contest. >> lots of possibilities but get yours in. >> we get a little bit of rain tonight. >> and nothing else on the horizon. >> a few mid level and low clouds over the bay. clouds around and we're in a
6:48 pm
clearing pattern now. tomorrow, sunny skies mild to warm conditions, almost hot in spots. langs 88 tomorrow we'll have mid to upper 70s throughout the state and here in the bay area mid to upper 70s inland. we have a warm up coming our way saturday. inland highs into the lower 80s. 80 degrees around the bay. and a day for beach weather. by the way, next tuesday is st. patrick's day. skies will be sunny. irish eyes will be smiling. >> we do have arrivals to talk about.
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>> coming up you'll hear from tori smith
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with michael crabtree likely headed elsewhere and 49ers into need for speed san francisco assigned tori smith. she got a five-year deal. and the receiver has 49 catches for almost 800 yards. >> it's a great play there and to help them out and everybody else is out there, burning. >> frank gore spoke to the media today after getting a three-year
6:53 pm
$12 million deal. >> i've been open and i do think this team is getting a better rank. >> linebacker is headed to jacksonville. today, they did sign former chief center. also got dan williams across the middle. >> the basketball tournament began. cal in the
6:54 pm
opener. a third with a three and cal did not let off the second half. there is travis again scoring up close. so let the heist begin the two meet in las vegas. it's being called a super hold process. >> may weather backed out.
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>> i believe what are you waiting for five yearsingo? and we'll do our best to make you happy. >> tim hudson making its spring debut against the brewers. a's in arizona and parked within the parking lot. cleveland got one run back in the fourth. and oakland holds on to win. warriors back in action at home tonight. >> nice, nice.
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>> join us tonight at 9:00, the most depressing starbucks in the country, why consumers say it feels like they're in jail. >> a bottle that now comes in the bag. >> tonight's prime time line up starts with modern family and a special edition of blackish featuring bloopers and outtakes. and we'll be back at 11:00. >> go to abc7 to down load the re-app from your app store. >> yes. >> it is indeed. another look at the accu-weather forecast. a nice warming trend, sunny skies, high temperatures over the weekend into 80s inland.
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80 around the bay and 70s on the coast. what a weekend. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. >> i'm ama daetz >> and i'm dan ashley we hope you have a nice evening.
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