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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 13, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the federal highway administration concluded the end terminal passed eight tests in december, and january. >> we conclude that had if the height of 31 inches it meets criteria. >> that is welcome news to the company making the et plus. >> it now is the most-tested in guardrail end system on the roadways. and this information confirms it passed tests. >> lawsuits claim it could fail it's supposed to absorb the impact allowing the guardrail to ribbon to the side. in cases it has sliced through cars. >> among accidents i first reported about a 24-year-old darrell blackman a football star, who died on highway 101 in
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mill valley when the car hit an et plus and rolled over. >> he should not have been taken away. if he fell asleep, fine. that equipment should have stopped that car. >> there are many variables that it's irresponsible to blame the end term mal. you have to know speed, angle of impact and driver's condition before the crash. our attorney represents about 20 others. >> what is your reaction today? >> disappointed. they had an opportunity to do the right thing. >> lawrence claims officials are trying to make sure they don't get blamed for overlooking the crisis. >> you can see what happened to that car.
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nobody wants to be a driver in that vehicle with the steer tip of the guardrail slamming into the door. >> the fhwa says amount of damage exceeded guidelines but added >> the driver would have been unlikely to have been at risk to serious injury from folded rail impact. >> also concluding it has been crash tested are the same as those on the road. caltrans told me they'll continue to ban installation until a second review is done perhaps by summer. >> some breaking news in napa. napa police have shot a suspect. the suspect is accounted for their words, we believe means there is who no search for anyone under way. we know spr people at the scene the suspect went to the
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hospital. police say they'll be in the area sometime. our breaking news continues now on twitter. a heart breaking end to victims of a fire that damaged several buildings last month the fire broke out february 21st. now, looters have broken in, stealing what belongings were left. it's a story you'll see own only on abc7. >> hard to believe someone would sink so low but it happened the building was the target of looters. police are investigating. >> the fire burned through three victorians last month. 19 people left without a home the buildings have been off limits but not to vandals
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who looted everything. >> his down stairs market was hit by looters. thousands, gone. >> what is your reaction? that you had been ripped off? >> i feel bad. i worked hard for it. >> he showed where vandals broke in packed a suitcase and left it. and a backpack left with notebooks. >> he's a nice guy. >> i opened the store at 7:30 in the morning work here all day, until midnight. he is such a fixture, this movie was made about him and his family's immigration from palestine.
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>> it's unbelievable. the place is burned down. it's horrible. what is wrong with people? >> tenants also looted. that discovery made after being allowed to go in wearing face masks. this neighbor says finding a new home will be tough. >> too expensive to stay in the city. then to have what you do have taken, i feel for them. >> investigators are combing over the building the cause of the fire is still under investigation. he is trying to move on. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. a witness who called 911 because of a church fire saw someone helping spread the flames. the person who called 911 said
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someone was using paper to feed the fire. fire reached the attic and one firefighter was injured. >> pg and e could end up paying a larger fine recommending an increase in the fine to a total of $1.6 billion. most of the money going to safety improvements in underground pipelines. the blast killed eight people. city leaders say they're happy with improvements but want more reforms >> a 17-year-old honor student is in critical condition after an attack in the parking lot next to valley fair mall. vic lee is live with the story. vic? >> the attack happened over there the teenager is christian
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rasner. his father tells me he's a regular teenager, a honor student, a junior in high school and plans to go to college. doctors placed him in induce sleep they hope there will be no permanent brain damage. the unprovoked attack happened wednesday night next to westfield valley fair mall the 17-year-old was hanging with his friend at about 6:30. two young men approached them. >> notices two males following him. all dressed in black. they tried to ask him what gang they were affiliated with meaning these two other guys. he >> razner says his son answered they were not in a gang then walked to the parking lot. >> they hit him in the head he went down probably unconscious, hit his head on the back of his head. >> razner was in many battles as
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a marine but nothing has been tougher than this fight to save the life of his teen-aged son, christian, who went through three hours of surgery. >> he's going to have emotional trauma for life. i can't as a father, imagine. if i can get in his place i would. >> there is individually showing the attackers running into the mall after the assault but they haven't released images his family doesn't want pictures released for here of retaliation. christian is a junior and an honor student in a south bay high school, intending to hold a welcome back party when he recovers westfield valley fair mall released a statement saying we've been cooperating with police and their investigation which took place nearby.
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our thoughts are with the family. >> the fbi tells abc7 news it could be monday before releasing information on a raid in a home in san jose. >> there is a threshold talking over police tensions and benefits that could resume next week. today in a ceremony, sam locardo said it's time to settle this issue, requiring employees to contribute more pay for their retirement. unions say it causes phone shall applicants to look for neighboring agencies. >> i'm looking forward to
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finding a way this is fully protected at the same time that we find a way to settle all of these issues. >> the mayor tomorrow will deliver the state of the city address for the first time at 10:00 a.m at independence high school. >> uc berkeley student accused of groping a fellow fraternity brother. investigators say it's an ongoing problem at campus as cross the nation. janet? >> advocates say sexual assault cases continue to be a chronic problem with many cases being under reported. we did speak to a uc berkeley student that is calming this system flawed and asking the school to take a look at policies. >> police say it happened here last month.
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a 21-year-old faces two charges for trying to grope a fraternity brother during his sleep. >> we expect he'll enter a not guilty plea. just waiting for evidence to play up. >> the this student says uc berkeley has been active in trying to help the accused and victim. >> we have one survivor advocate for a whole campus. >> he says universities nationwide still do a poor job of handling swaumentexual assault cases. now, activists. >> his latest documentary "the
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hunting ground" is playing next door to uc berkeley, centering around a florida rape case. >> most colleges and universities are not dealing with this properly the reason is that they're worried about their reputation. >> the film has results that there are more victims should speak out. >> the university botched this case. it was a serial assailant. >> one victim, one accused. tonight both schools are calling for more transparency. >> fighting over a fire house the plans to move a fire station and who says moving it could put people in danger. >> and a new front in water wars the california drought deepens. how much los angeles is paying northern california farmers to use their water. >> despite high clouds days
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there is an effort to save a fire house. honey hill fire house may be moved. laura? >> the plan would be to move it less than a mile.
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still, some worry if times increase, it could cost a live >> the fire chief says it's a plan that makes sense for his district. and the neighboring community of lafayette. building one new station serving north side of both cities. >> in the past, distribution is about 2 to 1, now it's become more even in distributions. >> this is the station would be moved. while residents acknowledged they don't get a lot of calls they don't want it to go away. >> our concern is increase in response time.
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response times are long increasing response times by two minutes. >> north lafayette has been without a fire station three years. 46 serving needs of both communities. residents worry it would come at too high of a price >> you need to be close. it's better the choser they are. a study determined how response times would be impacted. a series is of work shops are planned for spring. >> with the drought entering its fourth year a water agency is offering some farmers up to $71
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million for water. the rice farmers say they can make more money from selling water than growing rice. nine districts have been made deals to ship a portion to southern california this year >> a warm winter is having impact on flowers and plants. abc7 news checked in with plants are blooming earlier and better than usual it's color is filled with birds and bees >> i don't know what it's like at your house or late april at my place >> absolutely. >> it's felt like spring for
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weeks and next week. >> i know. here is live doppler 7 hd. it's clouds around the bay area. it's 61 degrees in san francisco. 78 now in gilroy. 57 in half moon bay. another live view from our sutro camera over san francisco. and there are bright spots. napa 76. 63 in petaluma. and looking out from our roof top camera, record highs possible tomorrow.
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6 or 8 degrees. high pressure is the dominant feature. let's get down to forecast animation at 7:00. high clouds overnight. there will be enough breaks in clouds to see stars. we'll start with 60s into early morning hours. by noon temperatures mid-70s and up to 81 by 12:00 noon low to mid-80s inland areas. low 80s around the bay. low to mid-70s on the coast. tomorrow, st. patrick's day parade. michael finney will be the
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emcee. et been a great day. luck of the irish low temperatures into low to mid-50s and tomorrow's high 80s in the south bay. upper 70s to low 80s on the peninsula. 34 degrees downtown. to mid to upper 80s here is the accu-weather forecast. cool down sunday by 6 or 8 degrees. another lucky day for the irish. >> thank you. >> well, still ahead why this year's st. patrick's day parade in boston will make history. >>
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>> the big sppd parade in boston welcomes two gay and lesbian groups for the first time. the group have been welcomed by organizers. until now they have been barred from marching in the parade. 20 years ago the supreme court
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upheld the right to keep gays out but said today "who am i to judge". >> and you can catch the parade tomorrow starting at noon. >> east palo alto kids are having a flare for math. the students are taking part in the khan academy math challenge. they haven't won yet but did receive prizes for hard work. new google chrome lap tops >> do you think your savings
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account is secure? looking into how someone stole $8,000 from this woman without her noticing. >> how a neurosurgeon made the most of his last days by helping others after learning he didn't
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>> it's a diverse university but african americans represent only 3% of under graduate students at uc berkeley the black student union wants to change that. >> talia lives on the afro floor, the name given by african american students. >> you can go around campus and not see anyone that looks like you for the whole day. that is really disheartening sometimes just really sad most of the time. when i do come back i'm like okay, we're here. >> here is part of the breakdown
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of the students. asians making up 39%. white students, 29%, latinos 13%. african americans only 3% of the under graduates. the black student union met with the chancellor to discuss ways to attract and retain more african american students. >> a lot of students apply to berkeley get into berkeley, choose to go to other schools because they feel they'll be better received at those institutions. >> the california voter approved proposition 209 banned race-base additions as well as outreach. in this letter the chancellor outlines some of the goals >> we believe that threw
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outreach and initiatives that we can increase numbers of staffs on this campus and still be compliant with the law. >> the black student union is meeting with the chancellor. >> there is a question when you deposit money into a savings account, how safe is it? >> one woman found out hackers were transferring money into her pockets. >> this is going to send us scrambling. she says she never noticed a crook was draining her account and the bank said it was too late to get the money back.
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the last time she checked kim star had $8,000 in her account. . >> i not got a notice of insufficient funds. and how can that be? >> the notice said she didn't have enough to cover the purchase yet hadn't bought anything. she was shocked to find strange charges like a thousand dollar payment for schwann's frozen foods. she found another payment for more frozen food and $700, then, $600 to schwann's, just for december. >> i kept going back. >> she found payments to pg and e and recology. none by her. >> just disstressing to realize
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they were using it however they wanted >> the crooks siphoned $8,000 until there is nothing left. i >> i felt violated. >> police are investigating. >> i was told there are a thousand ways to get access to the account. and that is more distressing. >> wells fargo reimbursed her for $3200 >> i felt it was safe >> she contacted seven on your side sh we contacted wells fargo the bank looked into the case again. turns out schwann's and others return that had stolen money,
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telling us we monitor for unauthorized transactions and it's very important to monitor customer accounts. the sooner we're aware the faster we can act to prevent fraud. iet was a hard lesson learned. >> this is another reason to check your statements by law. if you report within two days the bank must reimburse you for all but $50. go to abc7 and click sections, then 7 on your side. >> breaking news to tell you about now. sky 7 is live over the breaking news in the east bay an amtrak train hit a pedestrian.
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>> this is a fatality. >> 38 people were on the train none are hurt. >> still ahead a story of courage and love. >> how a bay area female announcer: right now, at sleep train save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale is on now at sleep train.
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tonight tonight the story of a nonsmoker diagnosed with stage four lung cancer at age 36. >> he died this monday after fighting it more than a year. >> that is right. >> his life seemed perfect when they got married nine years ago young, talented doctors at stanford medical center. he was close to finishing seven years of training as a neurosurgeon, then, he started having alarming symptoms
6:39 pm
starting with back pain coughing fits and weight loss. >> rapid weight loss night sweats an a pet scan identified the lung cancer. my thought is that i'd be dead within three months. the first thing, i urged lucy to remarry and start a life this one seemed over. iet >> it felt loving. you got this terrible news and you're saying something about my life? >> the drug he was on was so effective he was able to continue work and they made a major decision about their family. >> talked about having a baby in the hospital too. i was worried about whether that would make things harder for him. but it's been wonderful. >> here is that precious beauty katie, who came into their lives
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july 4, 2014, just before katie came into the world the medicine stopped working and he relapsed he started chemotherapy but that didn't stop this father from spending every spare moment with his new baby. we met them at stanford in january, when paul was getting blood tests they never saw stage four lung cancer coming. they weren't smokers. >> reasons we don't understand a cell develops a mutation in a gene and that mutation and that gene was what led to the cancer. >> that stage four lung cancer turned him into a patient with an uncertain future. >> realizing there was a few tour and there were decisions to be made about what i was and wasn't going to do. >> lucy and katie were the most
6:41 pm
important part of the future. he wrote about his battle. and kept his sense of humor. >> when you're bed bound you can type more easily than operate a surgical drill. >> the "new york times" published his article entitled "how long have i got left". he learned an important rule as a doctor. be honest but always leave some room for hope. his doctor did that for him and he cherished every day. every holiday, took on more meaning like this past thanksgiving with families gathered for prayer food and comfort. and paul and lucy began working with the lung cancer foundation to help them raise money and awareness about lung cancer and need for more research and treatment. and when katie gets older and learns about her dad she'll be so proud of him and his accomplishments. cheryl jennings abc7 news.
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>> if you'd like to honor the memory you can make a donation to the memorial fund at stanford university. for more information how to help we have links on our website abc7 >> so touching. >> yes. >> still ahead the public library today >> how mt. hood was left off the list. so was the oregon coast, the columbia river gorge and the painted hills. smith rock and the wallowas are all missing. whoever named the seven wonders never set foot in oregon because even crater lake was left off their list. so we see your wonders world and raise you seven of our own. the seven wonders of oregon. see one, or better yet see them all. i've just arrived in atlanta and i can't wait to start telling people how switching to geico
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when is the last time you passed a public library and saw it was closed? recession made that occur, but now, libraries are starting to bounce back and reinventing themselves. >> scrapes, scratches and bellos >> when i went to the library it was just books. and that is how i thought of libraries, just books. >> what in the world is this doing here? >> this is a printer. >> why have one of these? >> to introduce people to
6:46 pm
emerging technologies. >> dvds and rows of computers. >> this is where i get online i don't have a computer. >> for a lot of patrons this is the only computer access available. >> that is why many are happy about this sign the marin city library is open on friday. >> in l the 87 year history we're the first to be open seven days per week. . >> i always go by and go oh, it's friday i can't go. >> this means kids can get a head start on their home work. >> thank you. >> you're welcome good luck. >> you might think the mission is changing but really it's always been education.
6:47 pm
just that there is a different face. >> we is to make sure we're on the cutting edge of new technologies it's important. and you know this will be a common thing. >> making prints is free by appointment. they made a scan of this giraffe >> and here she s >> does it look like you? >> yes. >> it's time to get a check on the weekend forecast. >> going to be a warm weekend. it's going to start that way. over the state in fact but that won't keep us from warming up. l.a. 88 and 92 in palm springs.
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temperatures low 70s on the coast. and mid-80s inland cooling down sunday no records likely then, then, next week, partly cloudy to mainly sunny skies. and happy st. patrick's day >> yes. >> this is interesting. >> when joe thornton told
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the base of the franchise joe thornton and doug wilson in a heated war of words. yesterday, wilson spoke to 350 season ticket holders. when and said the pressure and stress made joe lash out at people. today, talking to san jose
6:52 pm
mercury news writer he said doug needs to shut his mouth. all i've got to say is that i've been here every day working hard, i haven't taken a sabbatical. he needs to stop lying shut his mouth. wilson responded if he's got an issue he knows where i am and i'll be glad to talk too him about it. sound good. >> steven kerr resting steph curry. and harrison barns a chance to shine as a go-to guy. we'll have hawks wednesday, and alley-oop, denver up and the follow up flush, 42-35. >> nfl free agency front.
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run dmc era is over in oakland, darren mcfadden is a cowboy now. up and down season. injuries were a constant issue he never lived up to high expectations. and the deal was up to $6 million. the back up a 12th pick by minnesota in 2011 and a good rookie season with vikings. his arrival means vikings will cut mat shaub. chris culliver heading to the nation's capital. he had a good 2014 season. four interceptions and his time had ups and downs super bowl week two weeks ago if you remember biggest low when
6:54 pm
he made antigay comments. big ben got what he wanted a new five-year contract extension with pittsburgh. terms of the contract have not been disclosed. it's rumored to be more than 20 million a year. hugh darvish needs tommy john surgery on the right elbow. giants coaching the rangers today on the mound. the only run of the game. giants shut out. after five earned runs in three innings, a's lose and cubs leading oakland in the fifth. this is what you would call an unfortunate lie. and an unfortunate outcome for
6:55 pm
ernie els iron. club snaps in his hand. this is one hop and in, 211 yards. i still haven't done that. the leader at six under is brendan lajon. but i've got time. >> that can hurt you. >> thank you, collin. >> join us tonight at 9:00, state wildlife officials move in to rescue a threatened fish at 9:00 >> then at 11:00 a frightening drought from nasa. the shockingly short amount of time california has before the state runs dry. >> finally tonight a few thoughts about what really matters, tomorrow san francisco will do something it does arguably better than any other state in the country. celebrate our rich history.
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we'll have live coverage just last weekend the city streets were filled with people and pride during the annual chinese new year parade. these events are always such rich and beautiful pageants of sights and sounds, sharing and celebrating who we are as a community. what makes us different and similar. we're all irish for a day. americans love the irish and irish love americans but that wasn't always the case. the irish have endured hardship over the years but times change as they do and tomorrow, city streets will be filled with irish pride it is a shining example of what really matters not only our diversity but commonalty. let me know what you think. >> it's going to be a wonderful
6:57 pm
weekend for the parade. iet will. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. our coverage continues now on twitter abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching.
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- a restaurant manager originally from waterville, maine... a film student originally from las vegas, nevada... and our returning champion a stay-at-home mom from newark, delaware... [ applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, yesterday's program to a motion picture, it would have been maybe "bad day at black rock." two of our players didn't even make it into the final. kristin was all by herself missed the final but
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still won some money. let's hope today is a lot better as we welcome shawn and kynan. good luck. here we go. categories -- take a look. those two letters coming up in each correct response. uh-oh. kristin, start. i'm curious about this. 2-timing states for $200. kynan. what is indiana? that's the state. $400, 2-timing states, please. kristin. what is navajo nation? that's right. 2-ti


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