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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  March 16, 2015 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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this morning on "world news now" -- shooting suspect found. >> police in ferguson arrest a man they believe fired the shots injuring two police officers during a protest last week. authorities say the suspect confessed. but he says he wasn't aiming for police. >> breaking overnight, new development in the jinx case. hours after robert durst was arrested the hbo series based on his alleged murders airs what sounds like a confession. >> killed them all, of course. >> new questions now raised with this latest revelation. where the case will go next the. >> portable pastor. popular televangelist asking the congregation to help him get around in a $65 million jet.
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>> i ask all our partners to get on board. >> how much he is asking each churchgoer to help him soar through the heavens in style. it's monday, march 16th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. i'm reena ninan. welcoming gio benitez in for tj. >> nice to do this show with a friend. >> kmakt exactly. >> thanks for having me. >> good to see you. you have been telling me that, to stay awake. you have a crazy schedule. traveling so much. green tea and chia seeds. >> green tea and chia seeds, and bee pollen. big on the bee pollen. >> she is choking. >> having green tea right now. but you didn't think we let your secrets this early in the show. >> green tea all the way. >> man. have you been out to ferguson? >> not yet. not yet. >> unbelievable what's going on
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there. >> kick off the show there with the arrest in ferguson, missouri. shooting of two officers took the conflict between police and proep testers to an incredibly troubling new level. >> but the prosecutor who announced the arrest said members of the community ultimately led to that suspect. abc's kendis gibson reports. >> reporter: 23-year-old jeffrey williams taken into custody. >> acknowledged his participation in firing the shots. that in fact he did fire the shots. >> shooting taking place end of a police protest. the prosecutor saying williams had taken part in that demonstration. later firing his handgun from a vehicle. shell casings found at the scene match a .40 caliber handgun recovered by detectives. williams had a dispute with some one at the protest and was aiming for them not the officers. >> you know how the officers were lined up that night. were there civilians around that could have been targets? >> there were civilians between them.
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it's not as though there was no one there. >> police poring over images from the night. ultimately it was tips that led to the arrest. >> the case developed through information provided member of the public. >> the community still reeling from the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown last august. by a ferguson police officer. now williams who was out on probation, facing a number of charges including two counts of assault. attorney general eric holder in a statement saying the arrest sends a clear message that acts against of violence against law enforcement personnel will never be tolerated. moments after news of an arrest dozens came out here to show their support for the police department. as for those two injured officers, they have been told the suspect is in custody as they continue to recover at home. kendis gibson, abc news. all right. thank you so much. another arrest to report right now. robert durst, subject of a just-completed hbo documentary
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series in custody in new orleans. arrested saturday at a hotel there. in custody on a warrant from los angeles for the murder of a friend. susan berman. 15 years ago. see her there. durst was also linked to the disappearance of his wife. acquits of murdering a neighbor living in texas. last night at the end of the hbo series, durst was heard off camera talking cryptically to himself. listen. >> killed them all, of course. >> you heard that right there. durst will be in court in new orleans for extradition hearing. he registered under an alias, paid with cash. the fbi now believes he may have wanted to leave the country. >> incredible. i was chatting with ryan smith. i love to pick his brain on the legal stuff. if it is proven the tape wasn't tampered with this could be admissible in court. >> but you hear him offcamera. interesting to prove. that that is his voice. >> true. ryan smith on "gma" later
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today. look forward to his report. what he has to say. lots of breaking details on that one. >> overseas. moscow a fire broke out at one of the most visited attractions. it was at a convent dating to the late 1600s. started on the wood that was surrounding the building. the fire was extinguished and it was the scaffolding that suffered worst damage. >> to a burning question across russia. where is vladamir putin. the normally ubiquitous president has been seen in public -- hasn't been seen in public for ten days. rumors are just running wild. on friday, the kremlin announced that putin would meet with the president of kyrgyzstan on monday. will he show up? stay tuned. >> the fighting in syria has been raging for four years with no end in sight. three british teens arrested after trying to reach syria to fight with isis.
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this was over the weekend. abc's alex marquardt has the details from london. >> reporter: the latest sign that as the war against isis intensifies, their recruiting is only growing. british police, revealing. three london teenagers, 17 to 19 years old, were stopped and detained at an airport in istanbul, turkey. police say they had gone missing friday. turkish authorities were then alerted. intercepting the young men before sending them back to london where they were arrested on suspicion of preparing terrorist acts. >> the speed at which we are seeing the movement grow. is frightening. we desperately need to have a proper counter play. >> foreign fighters are believed to make up 2/3 of the 31,000 fighters in isis. the most notorious, jihadi john. muhammad 'em waz i. not just young men flocking to isis, women as well. including those three british teenage girls who disappeared in february. believed to be living in isis territory.
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their government joining others and frantically trying to stop their youth from joining the ranks of isis. alex marquardt, abc news. >> well, american aid workers who have been exposed to ebola are now back in the u.s. three others due back to day. none of them showing symptoms. they all worked with a colleague in sierra leone. who why theed -- contracted the virus. the other ten will remain in quarantine for 21 days in hospitals in atlanta, maryland, and omaha. that controversy over hillary clinton's e-mail not going away any time soon. >> the former secretary of state and presumptive presidential candidate may soon be facing a congressional inquiry into the e-mail debacle. abc's jonathan karl has the latest. >> top house republicans tell abc news they expect speaker john boehner to announce a new house investigation next week. into how hillary clinton handled e-mail. as secretary of state. including admitted destruction of some 30,000 e-mails she
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determined to be purely personal. it was a big issue on sunday shows. >> i just can't trust her lawyers to make the decision that the public is getting everything they're entitled to. >> amounts to nothing. people flapping their jaws. about nothing. >> how mrs. clinton handled the controversy thus far. not exactly effective. >> she couldn't be like, hey, can you hold this for me. nine days of silence and then this simple explanation. >> i thought using one device would be simpler. obviously it hasn't worked out that way. >> under state department rules while she was secretary if the employee used a private e-mail account for official business the e-mail was to turned over and entered in government computers. she didn't turn over any e-mails until 22 months after she took -- left office. >> why did you wait? you have to turn them over. >> i would be happy to have somebody, talk to you with the rules. i fully complied with every rule i was governed by.
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>> likelihood of a new investigation raises the possibility even likelihood that she would be called to testify not once, but twice before congress. right in the middle of her presidential campaign. jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. >> loretta lynch may have to wait longer before following eric holder as attorney general. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is threatening to stall her vote. the bill has been stalled over a dispute over abortion funding. lynch would be the first black woman to lead the justice department. >> new york senator chuck schumer is calling for a federal ban on the sale of lasers frequently used to target pilots in the air. high-powered green laser pointers can blind and disorient pilots. at la guardia last week, you may remember this, several planes were struck. three pilots, sustained eye injuries. nationwide there are 11 laser incidents just like this every day. it is so incredible to think
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that someone could see this as a smart idea. >> yeah. >> because when you see this light. this is an fbi simulation you are looking at. when you see that light go into the cockpit, it just overwhelms the pilots. in one of the cases, the plane had, 68 passengers on board. it's nuts. >> doesn't from the outside it looks like it could be so much damage. you hear how horrific for the pilots. >> a pinhole of light coming out from the ground. when it reaches up there, forget it. it could cause chaos. >> very interesting. >> who can forget the sensation of a couple weeks ago with that dress. remember that dress? what did you think it was? >> black and blue. >> really? >> one day watching it on "gma" i did see it. >> white and gold. >> yours looks gold. >> all a matter of perception. right? of course it was. >> only white and gold version of the dress sold for a hefty sum. it was put on e-bay, the winning bid coming in at just over $2,000. >> that dress?
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>> that's right. >> i think the original, the original price, $50. >> is that right? >> so there you go. you got to really, you got a good deal there for $2,000. >> all going for a good cause too. comic relief there. >> coming up in the mix. secret revealed. the science behind cheetoh's. why we love them. >> first, a startling crash caught on camera. look at that. the driver flipping through the air. the car splitting in two. how he miraculously walked away from that wreckage. wow. >> remember, you can find us on facebook, and twitter. at abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." abcwnn. you're watching "world news now."
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and get this document shredder free -- a $29 value -- when you use promo code go. call now. ♪ ♪ ♪ well, makers of a ground breaking flying car say it will go on sale in 2017. aeromobile, startup from slovakia showed off their third generation prototype last october. it could really drive and yes,
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fly at the south by southwest festival in austin this weekend. the company revealed it is working to make it lighter and cheaper. the first model will still cost a couple hundred thousand and require a pilot license. to operate. aeromobile's next project. self-flying cars. >> love that. can't look away from that video. look at that. too cool. >> not a car that raises itself off the ground. it does raise eyebrows. 1968 ford mustang. there it is right there. one of the most distinctive mustangs ever. made famous by steve mcqueen in "bullet" is gearing up for a comeback. the florida car maker is rolling out the modern replica. with the modern luxuries and the luxurious price tag of $120,000. >> come on. >> it can't fly though. >> now that i saw yours. i was like forget it. >> right. flying car. >> well how about florida? we're both from florida right. i love my florida.
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>> miami. >> miami and tampa. new details about the weekend's spectacular race car crash. >> that car going more than 250 miles an hour. suddenly snapped in half. flying into the air. but what is really incredible, the driver managed to walk away from it all. thank goodness. here is abc's mara schiavocampo. >> drag racing superstar miraculously survives a horrific crash after his rocket fuel powered car snaps in half at 262 miles per hour. sending the driver flipping down the track at a national hot rod association race in florida. watch as driver larry dixon is launched over 20 feet into the air. >> whoa. >> smashing into the concrete wall and tumbling down the raceway to the horror of onlookers. >> emergency crews rushed to the scene, expecting the worst. dixon, incredibly no worse for wear. waving to the crowd as he walks
3:17 am
away from the mangled wreckage. his spirit's high. despite his brush with death. >> the best i can tell. the front half broke. captain obvious. up in the air for a long time. >> reporter: this scene all too familiar for the champion driver who survived a similar accident on a memphis track in 2000. his car capable of going from 0 to 100 in under a second, catapulting off the ground. while competing in one of the fastest races in the world, leaving dixon seriously injured. >> 15 years ago at memphis. i got a helicopter ride to the hospital with a broken leg. >> reporter: crediting updated safety features, dixon grateful he escaped this crash unharmed. >> my back is a little sore. my knee got banged around a little bit. i am here. got out of the car. i am in one piece. >> mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> incredible. got away.
3:18 am
walked away after seeing the car split in half like that. >> the video was spectacular. coming up. speaking of going airborne. the high flying preacher asking his followers to dig dip. to fill in the coffers he needs a $65 million luxury jet. wait until you hear why. >> we need one too. ahead in our next half-hour. march madness and a bang this year. americans will fill out an estimated 70 million brackets. waging some $9 billion. who are this year's favorites? you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our ab
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at po popular televangelist, creflo dollar is sparking outrage over his appeal to raise $65 million. >> he said he need it to buy a jet. not just any jet.
3:20 am
here's abc's linzie janis. >> believer gets what you feel. >> reporter: this atlanta based mega church in the firing line after urging members to fund a new gulf stream jet for its controversial leader, pastor creflo dollar. >> i ask all our partners globally to get on board with project g-650. >> in a video appeal, world changers international says its wildly popular preacher needs the luxury aircraft to spread the gospel after the current plane broke down. not just any plane. the $65 million, g-650. a status symbol so well-known, it's the subject of a rap song. ♪ doing so fly like a g-6 ♪ >> members of the church divided. >> a way to get around. spread the gospel. >> we give money to go to charity. not to lifestyle. >> reporter: famous for prosperity gospel.
3:21 am
dollar claiming riches will come to followers who donate to the church. >> if you don't know, no better. you'll stay? the ghetto all your life. >> pastor dollar appears to practice what he preaches. living in a mansion. outside atlanta. >> if all of our existing partners were to sell $300 each all over the world. we could obtain the jet. in a very, very short period of time. >> it's an obscene request. $300. could have been their last $300. >> the church taking the video plea, dated february 19, offline friday afternoon. telling affiliate, wsb, they're reassessing their campaign. but still need a new plane. fear tolerated is faith contaminated. >> dollar telling dan harris in 2008, his jet is an essential tool of the trade. >> like a carpenter has to have a hammer to do the job. i have to have a plane to fly around this world and be back here to pastor two churches one
3:22 am
here and one in new york. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> okay, "the mix" up next. hi, my name is jonathan lawson and i'm a customer service representative for colonial penn life insurance company. insurance can sometimes be difficult to understand, but here at colonial penn, we make it simple. alex trebek has been representing colonial penn for over ten years and is here to tell you how we do it. thanks, jonathan. i'm happy to be here with these knowledgeable colonial penn representatives. i know that customer service is a priority for them. i've been representing colonial penn for over ten years talking about their guaranteed acceptance life insurance. if you're 50 to 85 write down the toll-free number on your screen and call for free information. with this insurance, there's no medical exam, no health questions either guaranteed. you cannot be turned down because of your health. your rate will never go up and your benefit will never go down due to age. it costs just $9.95 a month per unit.
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now, it is time for "the now, it is time for "the mix." >> love that music. >> like that music. did you have chores when you were a kid? what did you have to do? >> clean my room. that is a chore. that is a chore. >> once a week. >> i tried. a new study out. surveyed 1,000 adults. they found that, a large majority of people did chores when they were growing up. but now their kids only, 28%, said they require their kids to do so. they found that if you do chores at a young age, 3 to 4 years old, you have a good relationship with your family and friends. which you do have? >> all right. >> maybe there is truth to that. >> maybe the kids don't agree. >> kids might not agree. mom, no. >> neither of my children do chores.
3:26 am
>> none? >> they're toddlers. >> i don't believe in. you have to start at age 3, 4. >> word to the wise. >> dishes. >> my question, what do you do? >> help them. take down the tree. if you have a christmas tree. start taking that down. whatever. i got incredible video for you right here. let's take a look at this bird's eye view. look at this. eagle flying. switch the camera. oh. >> ooh. >> isn't that amazing. this eagle capturing the aerial shots of dubai, soaring from the world's tallest tower with the camera attached. a record breaking bird flight. the eagle's name is darshawn. camera on its back. he swooped down off to 2,722 feet from the top of the peak to the handler you saw. this was all organized by freedom conservation. claim it is the highest ever recorded bird flight from a man made structure. isn't that incredible. >> really into falcon raising in the middle east.
3:27 am
pretty impressive. they have got this from the tower now. >> you are really. probably i would say. gio benitez is the healthiest -- health nut at abc news. that's why i'd like to take this opportunity. to see you eat cheetos. >> crunchy ones right? >> did a study as to why people love cheetos. examined the brain. neurofocus. did a study on people's brain as they're responding to eating this snack. they found out, discovered. the icky gross stuff. the stuff that coats -- it's an unusually powerful response in the brain. giddy subversion that they can enjoy the messiness. let's see your giddy subversion. >> fingers messy. >> that's dirty as gio benitez gets. and this is as unhealthy as he gets. forced to eat out of the company vending machine. >> are you really? >> coffee.
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who thought?
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this morning on "world news now" -- stunning revelation. a 15-year-old murder case reopened. the suspect caught on the run as the tv series about his alleged crimes airs what many believe to be a confession. what he said just ahead. >> dangerous floods in the midwest, facing overflowing waterways, heavy rain and melting snow submerging cars and homes trapping people along riverfronts. levels haven't been this high in nearly 20 years. >> let the march madness begin. the biggest playoff in sports now set. college basketball fan or not, everybody has got a bracket. how will you fill out yours? and what really is the secret to winning? >> and it was a big night last night for the season 10 premiere, "keeping up with the kardashians." kim bares her body yet again. and step dad bruce jenner bares his soul.
3:31 am
it's monday, march 16th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm gio benitez. in for t.j. holmes. >> how great to have you here. you are always traveling out and about. >> always traveling. >> always swimming through snowdrifts. >> yes. >> how do you do it when it is freezing, what is your secret? you're out in the bitter cold. >> i found these really warm jackets. i don't do too many layers. that's what's surprising. many people say -- "do you layer up?" i don't. i don't. get really, really good, coats. >> makes a difference. >> speaking of secrets. boy, oh, boy. what a bizarre case. robert durst. have you been following the show, "the jinx?" >> unbelievable. >> documentary on hbo, about a 71-year-old, it wrapped up with durst seemingly admitting his role in the deaths of three people. >> now he is under arrest. in connection with one of them. abc's clayton sandell reports.
3:32 am
>> reporter: fbi agents busted robert durst in a hotel saturday in a new orleans hotel. a source tells abc he checked in using a fake name. and may have been trying to flee to cuba. heir to a billion dollar new york real estate fortune, durst is facing a murder charge in california. his attorney says it is related to one of three possible murders chronicled in the hbo series "the jinx." >> there is a lot of people out there who think i killed my wife. that i killed susan berman. that i intentionally murdered morris black. >> reporter: durst's first wife kathleen vanished in 1982, he was investigated but never charged. then in 2000. police were about to question durst's friend, susan berman about what she knew. before she was able to talk to investigators, she was found shot to death in her home in beverly hills. police said it looked like an execution. durst told the film director he didn't do it.
3:33 am
>> i had nothing to do with susan berman's death. durst then moved to texas where he admitted killing and dismembering his neighbor but claimed self-defense. the jury agreed. >> not guilty. >> after the director made the movie loosely based on durst. he agreed to be interviewed. >> his lawyer said i think this is a terrible idea. you have been wrongly accused for three murders over 30 years. you're a free man. >> the jinx may be durst's undoing. >> we have something the lapd is going to really want. >> especially after the series linked two handwriting samples. one on a mysterious note, someone sent to beverly hills cops after susan berman was killed another on a newly discovered letter. durst is said to have once mailed to berman. >> the address written on the front is exactly like the cadaver note. down to the misspelling beverly. >> durst's attorney said his
3:34 am
client will not fight extradition to california but will fight the charges. his brother douglas says the family is relieved. we hope he will finally be held accountable for all he has done. clayton sandell. abc news, los angeles. >> incredible story to watch. next to our other top story. this morning, an arrest in the shooting of two police officers in ferguson, missouri. >> prosecutors say the suspect admits he fired the shots but was not targeting the police. his arrest not doing much to ease distrust in the divided city. here's the report. >> he is now charged with, two counts of assault in the first degree for the two police officers who were shot. >> reporter: prosecutors say 20-year-old jeffrey williams was the triggerman whose gunfire cut down two policemen outside ferguson police headquarters. this was the scene early thursday when bullets turned a protest into chaos. >> he has acknowledged his participation. in firing the shots. >> reporter: the prosecutor said williams fired a .40 caliber pistol from a vehicle. williams claimed he wasn't aiming at police. >> possible at this point he was firing shots at some one other
3:35 am
than the police. but struck the police officers. >> reporter: both officers are recuperating at home. police say their investigation is ongoing. >> there may have been other people with him at the time. participating. >> attorney general. eric holder said the arrest, sends a clear message acts of violence against our law enforcement personnel will never be tolerated. >> ferguson is deeply divided after the police shooting of unarmed teen michael brown last august and recent report from the u.s. justice department that found widespread racial inequality in law enforcement. even so police say it was information from the community that led to this arrest. abc news, new york. more troubles expected for hillary clinton over her use of private e-mails while secretary of state. abc news learned that house speaker john boehner is expected to announce a new congressional investigation into the matter. top house republicans are especially interested in her admitted destruction of some 30,000 personal e-mails. clinton's news conference did little to calm the controversy.
3:36 am
>> incredible story. topping health headlines. brand new class of cholesterol drugs could soon be seen on pharmacy shelves. the fda will decide to whether to approve highly anticipated but experimental drugs. people in test trials taking the new drugs, had half the risk of dying or suffering a heart problem compared to those on statens. >> two horrific train crashes over the weekend. trains barreling down the tracks as vehicles try to cross. >> the latest in a series of similar disasters that have taken place across the nation with deadly results. abc's linzie janis has more. >> reporter: yet another deadly crash on america's railroads. a train colliding with a car on the tracks for a second time in less than 24 hours. this time an amtrak passenger train traveling from san antonio to chicago, smashing into a pickup truck in alton, illinois.
3:37 am
the driver pronounced dead at the scene. no one on the train hurt. officials say the crossing gates and signals were working. and on saturday. this shocking video of a fatal crash in louisville, kentucky. >> we have four patients. be advised they're all critical. >> the freight train barreling down the track, at the same time a car plow through the intersection. signals flashing, but no gate to stop the driver. >> got flashing lights there. >> two people inside the white camry died. last month this crash in new york leaving six people dead. >> oh, my god. >> just last week, this amtrak train in halifax county, north carolina smashing into a semi. derailing and injuring 50 passengers. all the accidents being investigated. with some experts citing driver distraction as a contributing factor. >> that is probably a part of the increase. investigators of these accidents, whether it is the
3:38 am
ntsb, or the federal railroad administration, are going to have to do some checking. >> and this statistic. 94% of these types of collisions are caused by the drivers, not the trains, most of them at crossings like this one. with automatic warning systems. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> all along the ohio valley rivers, likely to stay above flood stage most of this week. heavy rains and melting snow have raised the ohio river how to levels not seen since the devastating floods of 1997. the water trapping cars and people at a casino. boats more useful than cars. on some streets and some homes underwater. greater cincinnati and northern kentucky among the areas hardest hit. hard hit boston has broken the snowfall record. it now stands at 108.6 inches after three more inches fell yesterday. last record. 107.9 inches. back in the winter of 1995, 1996
3:39 am
bostonians have mixed feelings about reaching that new milestone and they will be digging out for a while. >> so much snow. now here is a look at your weather now. snow showers and rain, linger in maine and new england. rainshowers along the central canadian border. clear across the east. much of the south. some moisture in south texas. north west, drying out. >> final day of record heat in southern california. warm in the rockies. 20, 30 degrees above normal in the midwest. chilly in new england. seasonably mild. most everywhere else. >> with the first day of spring just days away. you know, what, whatever snow is still around. will be melting sooner rather than later. that's why this little fellow had to have some fun. that's ernie. >> a weiner dog and his owner are playing hockey with of a goal. goal built right into a snow bank. ernie, such a good goalie. he goes and retrieves the ball every single time. >> dogs so much fun. little max had to get it on.
3:40 am
get in on it. there he is right there. max does a lot more standing around than ernie does. hey, whatever. good going, max & ernie. ha-ha. >> ha-ha. >> coming up the in "the skinny" this morning. the most popular person in the world, well at least on facebook. why he might not be a household name. >> get your brackets ready. march madness officially begun. ncaa college hoops tournament. teams in the big dance to the final four. who will you be picking? you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by woolite darks.
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all right. welcome back. time for this year's edition of march madness. all starts tomorrow night when manhattan takes on hampton university. the winner of the game has a big task. they'll meet the tournament's overall number one seed. university of kentucky wildcats. kentucky 34-0 this year. they won the southeastern conference title beating arkansas. a victory that probably made t.j. holmes upset. >> ha-ha.
3:44 am
>> bet you are right. >> that's right. another big favorite. going to get a lot of attention in the brackets is wisconsin. the badgers needed overtime against michigan state yesterday before winning the big ten championship. wisconsin goes into the tournament at 31-3. their first game is friday against coastal carolina. kentucky, wisconsin. both number one seeds. >> villanova. number one seed in the east. start thursday night against lafayette. number one in the south is duke. blue devils will take on north florida or robert morris. here they are. march madness brackets. >> totally empty right now. >> got mine filled out. alma mater, george washington university will win. followed by university of miami and university of florida. >> okay. all right. you know what. i will use yours, too. >> you'll use mine. >> we're florida kids, right. >> something tells me none of the colleges are in.
3:45 am
>> millions of others will be doing this before it all gets going. here's abc's paula faris. >> the shot to win it! >> reporter: they call it march madness and let it begin. the clock is ticking. it's time to spend minutes, hours, maybe days filling out your bracket. according to the american gaming association, an estimated 40 million americans will fill out more than 70 million brackets, waging $9 billion. that's more than double the amount that was bet on the super bowl. now picking a perfect one shouldn't be hard, right? last year's buffet challenge, brad binder, 36-0 before his bracket was busted kissing the hopes of being a billionaire good-bye. get this, you have a better chance of winning the lottery. because these odds. 1 in 9.2 quintillion.
3:46 am
and don't worry if you can't fill out your bracket at home. employers are bracing for the inevitable dip in productivity for march madness activities. a dip that could cost them an estimated $1.2 billion. so what does it take to beat the astronomical odds and create that mystical perfect bracket? no one knows. but maybe this year, your bracket will beat the odds and the buzzer. paula faris, abc news, new york. >> if our brackets win, trouble. >> i am told there are four. i gave you six. call tj. he will not let you down when it comes to basketball. he is into this. >> all right. >> when we come back. bombshells were dropped on last night's performance on "keeping up with the kardashians." who is the most liked person on facebook. that answer may surprise you. "the skinny" is next! >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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3:48 am
♪ ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ >> who needs coffee when you have that music? >> that music. time now for "the skinny." topping our headlines, headlines. >> headlines. >> this morning. kim kardashian goes nude. >> a headline. kim k. outdid herself last night for season premiere of season 10. yes, it's the tenth season, if you can believe it, of "keeping up with the kardashians." last night.
3:49 am
kim bared it all for the cameras. whoo. >> oh, boy. wow. a lot has happened to the family since last season. bruce jenner moved out. set up a home in malibu. he confessed to kourtney he feels separated from his family and lonely. hard to believe it. none of the kardashians are in this category. most liked person on facebook. who do you think it is? >> i think, might be, surprise for most fans out there. portuguese soccer player cristiano ronaldo, the stature as arguably the best soccer player in the world, world with definitely the most abs placed him heads and shoulders. i have seen the abs on an advertisement. >> not a facebook fan or anything? >> exactly. >> ronaldo racked up more than 107 million fans worldwide, surpassing pop star shakira,
3:50 am
only by a mere 16,000 fans. >> ronaldo and shakira, what better combination. my two favorite. tj gets upset. i don't know any modern music. always listening to pop spanish music. >> are you really? >> i love shakira. see you learn new things about me. next up. >> espanol here. what we need for "the skinny" next time. music. >> next up. someone not as popular but shined at his first ever comedy central roast. >> celebrity fans let justin bieber have it. jeffrey ross drew in his old flame, saying selena gomez wanted to be here but she is dating men now. ouch, ouch. >> among celebrities, shaquille o'neal, snoop dogg and martha stewart. before he ends up in prison. needs to toughen up his image without looking like a cover of
3:51 am
a 14-year-old girl's trapper keeper. >> on the cover of "men's health." i just saw that. >> the comedy roast of justin bieber airs march 30th at 10:00 p.m. >> tonight. a big night here on abc. >> premiere of the "dancing with the stars" 20th season. this season class competitors unveiled on "good morning america." >> among the favorites -- olympic gymnast nastia luke en and derek hough. considered the clear front-runners. >> fan favorites. rock veteran noah galloway and sharna burgess. >> singer patti labelle. partnered with artem chigvintsev. sorry. i definitely messed up your name. >> tough name. tough name. >> willow shields partnered with mark ballast. 14-year-old hunger games star. she's the youngest ever on the show. >> things could get really interesting with suzanne somers, partnered with tony dovolani. she said she never had a dance lesson in her life. >> season 20, "dancing with the stars," tonight at 8:00 p.m.
3:52 am
7:00 central, here on abc. isn't that incredible. 20 seasons. we'll be back. >> wool's be back. we'll be back. r amazing this one feels fantastic for me... and combined ah it's a completely new sensation for us both it's opened up a whole new door for us i've come to clean your pool but we dont have a pool i'll come in anyway next week i'm going to be a maid ky yours and mine now discover our exclusive line at
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you get used to stale odors in your mudroom. you think it smells fine, but your guests smell this... febreze air effects works instantly to eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to.
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smells like a field of awesome in here. so you and your guests can breathe happy. >> the drama of the music. >> the drama of the music. >> one of hollywood's greatest gifts. being able to transport us through the screen to any place or time. make it all feel so real. >> that's right. some of hollywood's iconic places are of course, just sets. and some of the sets forever etched in our memory. themselves, they have become a memory. until now. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: every now and then, one of these shows up. forgotten until it is remembered again. a sort of cultural attic moment where leftover stuff lying around as in this cow shed in georgia turns out we have seen it before. where? best picture.
3:56 am
1939, "gone with the wind." >> see that mansion house? it was called tara. >> i'm a history guy. i love history. i love the tales. >> reporter: the historian is a "gone with the wind" expert hoping to get all this put back together so people can come see it. >> this is that front window that we see in the opening scene, fred crane, brent tarleton. over here one of the big windows like hattie mcdaniels stuck her head out of. >> tara was disassembled in hollywood since 1959 in storage here since 1979. bought by a former governor's wife with a sentimental streak. the same sentimental streak that led a few thousand miles west to the archaeological dig of the 1923s, "the ten commandments." see the massive guys, that's what they have been digging up in the desert outside of los angeles. the easiest thing was to leave the artificial world where it stood no one expecting sand would swallow it up. speaking of sand, plenty of that
3:57 am
where they shot the star wars movies. tunisia. same thing, look familiar. the government has the it figured out though. this is their promotional video with music by pharrell. they're inviting star wars fans to see what never really was until it was in the movies. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> i would love to see the set for "wizard of oz." >> a good one. i would like to have c-3po in my living room. >> dancing. >> yes, dancing. cheer my kids up. well, don't forget to check out our updates on our facebook page at >> coming up, more news from abc. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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4:00 am
making news in america this morning. shocking twist. robert durst, real estate heir arrested for murder. new overnight, what he's heard saying in a documentary that caused investigators to move quickly. >> protester charged. a man accused of shooting the police officers in ferguson taken into custody. new details about the evidence, the suspect's past and how other protesters helped. >> wild weather. strong winds causing damage overnight. scaffold collapsing to the ground. melting snow creating a new concern. rising rivers spilling over the banks. >> march madness is here. the number one seeds. which team has the best odds of winning it all? we're breaking down the brackets.


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