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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  March 18, 2015 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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>> turn around and go up. take lethal force. >> frantic calls to dispatchers as police opened fire during the evening commute killing a woman they say was ramming into cars on a crowded street. i'm dan ashley. ama daetz is off. it happened near van ness and pine. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live with the latest. alan? >> reporter: dan, we are on the corner of van ness and pine and if you look down pine street you can see the crime scene behind me. there were plenty of witnesses and police were taking their statements at the holiday ip across the -- the holiday inn uh cro the street. that's where we caught up with a few of them. >> she was crazy. >> the black volkswagen was reported stolen. the female driver took off from the gas station at the corner of van ness and pine. >> she was crazy. she was driving to the gas station probably at like 30
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miles an hour. >> witnesses say she drove up pine street smashing into several cars and nearly running over a motorcyclist. >> she couldn't get around him so she went backwards. >> she's down. >> police say officers had to use lethal force to stop her. >> the vehicle already made it on to the sidewalk and off the sidewalk several times and drove at him. they thought they needed to use the force they did. >> two shots at first and then four more shots a moment later and then five or six shots coming from this way. >> both officers fired their weapons killing the woman. no one else was hurt. in san francisco, alan wang abc7 news. three people are dead and four more wounded in a drive by shooting in stockton tonight. it happened around 8:30 this evening outside a market police say it is known for drug activity. two of the dead are women. the wounded are being treated at local hospitals.
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a 24-year-old man who lead the chp on a chase with a single tire at one point will face felony evasion and driving under the the influence of drugs charges. it happened on highway 80 and fairfield. it ended 100 miles and four counties later in loss altos hills. sky 7hd shows it speeding down the road. a lot of rim was exposed. three tires shredded and fell off their rims, but this guy kept going. the driver undeterred with sparks flying kept speeding down the highway. the motion was too much for the vehicle. it flipped on 280 just north of the foothill expressway. the car rolled until it was right side up again. it comes back down on its wheels. it ended up flipping a couple of times. it staggered out and after about 50 seconds or so he stepped out of the car and assessed the damage and looked
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up at our -- the at the helicopter. thankfully no one else was injured. you will put officers in danger as well as the public in danger. it was taken to the hospital to be checked out before being taken to jail. it shows how worn away the tires are. there is no rubber. it is just steel wheels. both animals found dead near playgrounds and that's where abc news reporter lisa amin gulezian is live with the story. lisa? >> dan it was found in the back of the school just last week. and tomorrow vector control will be going door-to-door
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warning residents about the dangers of bats and rabies. >> rabies alert. >> that is the warning going out to residents about a mexican free taled bat similar to the one seen here. it was found on friday and a dog spotted the bat and scooped it up in her mouth. the raven's owner made her drop it immediately. >> i didn't like she picked it up. that was concerning to knee. concerning to me. i didn't think the bat bit her, but i was concerned about the saliva. >> ray bees is transmitted through the saliva of an infected animal. she has been quarantined now that the bat tested positive foray bees. another bat was found outside the community center and it too had rabies. >> there is something happening in their population and we just don't know.
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>> another dead bat was found this afternoon a block away from niles elementary. >> that's the scary part. it is not knowing what is going on. >> those who live in the area are worried. >> it is kind of disturbing. >> i am completely shocked and worried. i have three kids. >> vector control will be talking about the bats at 10:00 a.m. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. a slow commute after a train struck and killed a pedestrian. sky 7hd was over the station in mountain view after 5:00 where a man was hit. this is the 9th death on cal rain tracks so far this year. now to washington where a letter september to the white house has tested positive for cyanide. the letter was received at an off site mail screening facility.
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it came back positive for the deadly poison. even more testing is happening right now. sources familiar with the case told abc news the substance was in a plastic bag inside the nfl nfl -- plastic back inside the envelope and the sender is known to the secret service. a father beaten and attacked at a mall is pushing for police to release surveillance of the attackers. last wednesday christian rasner was beaten in the bank of america parking lot by the westfield valley fair mall in san jose. two young men slammed his head against the pavement. he says the man started harassing his son in the mall where they were captured by a surveillance camera. this interview is thanks to our alliance with uni vision. >> i would still like to get it released to the public because i think that is a great way to get them identified. >> it was bad. christian's father says doctors are cautiously
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optimistic he will make a full recovery. a san francisco landlord is getting support on social media after getting backlash raising a tenant's rent 400%. she shared the increase to $8900 a month. she posts that her friends know the truth. the building she owns is registered as a single family home which means it may not fall under rent control. the city is exploring some possible solutions. >> we have asked the city attorney to draft legislation that would try to close the loophole. the scary thing about the case is that if it can happen to this individual it can happen to a lot of people. >> one of her friends says she is doing what isness to protect her property. she admits that she did rent out one of her rooms and is now planning to move and
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exploring legal options. if you commute from marin to the city you will find out whether you have to deal with a three-day traffic nightmare. they are expected to announce the coming closure of the parkway. it will by shut -- it will be shutdown as crews open a second elevated roadway. the commuters will have to turn off on to highway 1 and take them to the inner richmond neighborhood. heavy traffic is expected. here is the good news. when it is finished it will be smoother with three lanes headed authority and four headed south. he is the san francisco police officer at the center of a texting scandal. up next is he really a racist? the revealing interview you will only see on abc7 news. plus, the dinner time staple recalled tonight. what was found that has six million boxes being pulled from store shelves. and fighting like a champ. an update on the nfl player's daughter who is battling
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cancer. >> mostly clear tonight and that means the chill will be with us in the morning. i will be back with a look at the
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the officer at the center of the san francisco police department texting scandal sits down with abc news says he is not a racist despite the private texts that went public. it sends a terrible message and tenses a relationship with police. >> if i offend anybody i'm sorry. i'm truly, truly sorry. however it is banter among friends. >> if you look at it on the surface, superficially it is offensive. >> of course it is. it wasn't open to public disclosure. >> former police officer says the text messages are being miss interpreted by a public which doesn't know who he really is. >> my friends my best friends and closest friends are all
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black, gay, chinese or asian and hispanic. that's who i spoacial lies with and that's who i spend my time with. it is a rebound reaction to a politically correct environment. >> he grew up in the east bay and went to a mostly black high school and as a cop never had a racial complaint. >> for anybody who called me racist i will get a thousand people in there to say that i am not. it is tough. that's not the reflection of who i am. >> the last december he was convicted of public corruption in a federal court. the varied ran cop is out on bail and appealing his 41-month prison sentence. the offensive texts were released by federal prosecutors during a bail hearing last week. the four other officers have been reassigned to units with no public content.
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>> this was supposed to be funny and not to be broadcasted on the news. >> but those who have spoken out publicly condemn the texts as racist and homophobic. they include the officers for justice a group formed by black san francisco officers. >> it brought great harm to not only members of the police department, but to our cities and to our families and to the children. >> the vice president lieutenant valerie matthews was more blunt. >> this was not a casual conversation. this was deep rooted hate and racism. >> there are not enough words he can convey to apologize to the members of the department he has affected. >> the police department is looking at other officers who are on the texts. they include a captain.
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but they say they may have been caught up in the mounds of evidence which the federal prosecutors released as part of the case and these may be routine text mess sens and not racially motivated. stay tuned. vic leigh, abc7 news. kraft foods is recalling boxes of macaroni and cheese. at least eight people has reported finding the pieces. the boxes included in the recall have best when used by dates ranging from september 18th to october 11th this year. they are also marked with the codes c2. if you have this product check the box. it is not a birdbath ban but they are asking people in california to take down birdbaths and bird feeders not because of the drought but because they are linked to the spread of salmonella. several outbreaks have been spread.
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wildlife officials say prevention is key so those birdbaths help. >> a special delivery today. virgin america dlifted a dozen chihuahuas from sfo where they will be put up for adoption. they escorted the dogs and many dressed in green. it is dubbed operation chihuahua. they teamed up to make this trip happen. the shelters are often overcroweded and the demand for the small dog is very high in new york, so generally they don't have a hard time getting them adoptedded out in new york. cute pictures too. meteorologist sandhya patel is following the forecast and a fies looking seven days ahead sandhya but we need rain badly. >> we do, and there may be one glimmer of hope. i do want to show you our sunset from 7:19 p.m. you can see the sun going down and there wasn't much in the way of cloud cover. just a few high, thin
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whispies. we expect the temperatures to come down quite a bit so tomorrow morning you will need to dress in layers. live doppler 7hd is showing some high clouds to the south and you will see them tomorrow morning, but that's it. the numbers are running lower. it is mostly 50s at this hour. as we look at our live picture from our camera san francisco no fog to report here. crisp and cool in the morning and a brief warm up on thursday and spring begins on friday afternoon. here is the pacific satellite picture and we did have all of the high cloud cover move on out this afternoon. our storm track is lifting to the north in response to high pressure building in. it will provide us with a brief warm up and then we will see those temperatures fall as we head toward the first day of spring. i do want to show you the up tick in temperatures for livermore. the average high is 66 degrees for this time of year. tomorrow you are going up to 74 and then close to 80 on
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thursday before you see a drop off in the temperatures, but stilled above average for this time of year. tomorrow morning don't forget a light jacket or a sweater might come in -- handy especially where you will feel the chill. midto upper 40s for the inland east bay valleys. really around the 50s around oakland and san francisco. a few high clouds will be around in the morning and for the afternoon it is nothing but blue skies. south bay gilroy 75. 71 santa clara. 70 in redwood city and 59 in pacifica and breezy. downtown san francisco 55 degrees and north bay will see the sun and feel the mild weather 76 santa rosa. out toward the east bay oakland, union city and 72 castro valley. 74 livermore and san ramon don't forget the sunscreen. looking at the seven-day forecast warmer afternoon on thursday and we put you into the 80s inland.
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mid60s coast. and then the temperatures will fall but not too bad. still mild. the weekend mid60s to mid70s and a slight chance of showers on monday. dan, i know you are suffering from allergies with the tree pollens high. we will not see a change in that anytime soon. >> we need rain to wash this out. >> we do. let's hope monday
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we are getting our first look at the planned warrior stadium in san francisco. the pics give an up close look at the design near the fan entrances. they show a food hall and a restaurant with outdoor seating. they hope to open the arena in 2018. well here is great news. a young cancer patient and her famous football father made a fantastic announcement today. leah still appears to be cancer free. she stole the show during the half time of the cincinnati bengals game. her appearance touched millions of people on social media. today her dad said her latest scan shows no active signs of
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cancer. her doctors are optimistic that leah can beat this disease. that would be wonderful. look how sweet. cute. >> she is adorable. >> larry beil is here with sports. >> we will hear from a man that may go down as a trailblazer. he is walking away from the 49ers and the nfl. we'll hear from him.
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good evening. the nfl is the most popular sport in america and the question is whether his stunning retirement at age 24 may mark the thing of the end for the league. the 49ers' linebacker is coming off a banner rookie season. the heir apparent for the 49ers with perhaps millions of dollars ahead in his future. after looking at the research borland decided the risk of serious long-term brain injury is too high to continue playing. so after spending so much of his young life dreaming about the nfl, borland will now walk away. >> it is a unique decision to me. i have done a lot of research and what i have experienced in my past. it is projected to what i have to do to be the linebacker i wanted to be. for me it wasn't worth the risk.
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>> unable to land any big agent free agents they signed trent richardson. he had a stellar college career at alabama, but he was dumped by browns and the colts. the raiders may be richardson's last chance in the nfl. the top two teams will square off. klay thompson will only be a spectator he is out for 7 to 10 days. he should be at full speed for what the warriors hope is a long playoff run. stanford opened up play against uc davis. he played for the sixers. he finished with 34. stanford with the second half pull away. hawkins with a one-man gang and scoop to the hoop. but he needed more help.
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mar -- marcus alan. the sharks and the jets in winnipeg. happy st. patty's day to you. this game was over in the first period. he fired it in on the back and eight minutes later and it is 2-0 winnipeg. same deal. his 24 of the year off the de -- deflection. eddie lal is a power lifter is nicknamed "the beast." look at the bar bending. he lived up to his nickname with arnold cheering him on. "the beast" dead lifts a world record 1,018 pounds. whatever he eats i want some
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and his allergy medicine too. >> that's pretty incredible. thanks, larry. we will be back if a moment. abc7 news continues on-line and on facebook and twitter. our next newscast is at
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