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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 31, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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police didn't say sorry a new e mail claims to be from her kidnappers who say don't blame the couple. a new turn in case. >> her attorney claims he's got proof his client is not a liar and kidnappers are still on the loose. . >> i have come to receive a 15-page e mail. >> it is called a stunning manifesto. two days after her boyfriend reported she was abducted from their home. >> they talked about what weapons to use he won't tell us how he got the e mail in it the group calling themselves college educated
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compared themselves to a crew from ocean's 11. >> they felt terribly but since this is a training mission she decided to carry it out. >> they let her off and the group feel the need to defend them and police say they gave them until noon to apologize or else, we may be the direct agent of harm but will be made clear the police and you have every opportunity to stop it. >> what kidnappers do that? that doesn't sound right. >> what is the rule truth?
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so -- >> you're laughing. >> douglas is a san francisco attorney representing other claims including former pleasanton assembly woman in a case from 2011. >> breaking news tonight. an heir to the multi billion dollar getty oil fortune has been found dead in his home. andrew getty, the grandson of j paul getty was discovered dead and police are questioning his ex-girlfriend right now. tmz says he had a restraining order on her. forbes estimate his father's net worth at $2.2 billion.
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>> fire season arrived. this fire broke out in southern california near spring valley. ranch homes were threatened and as far as we know the fear only destroyed a vehicle and sheds and fencing. >> san bruno mayor is turning up the heat on the california public utilities commission as the agency decide decides to do with the . both pg and e and cpuc are under investigation following that 2010 explosion. >> there is nudging in proposed fines and penalties that would
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oversee the relationship. >> pg and e disputes the need and says money should be used to upgrade pipelines. >> people know we've been upgrading pipe lines and making our system more pro active. >> pg and e faces a $1.6 billion fine. >> there is more backlash in indiana's controversial law. abc7 news is live now from san francisco with the latest. >> mayor ed lee banned all nonessential travel. today, a supervisor says he wants to ban city business estimated at perhaps 2 to
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$3 million per year. >> it is an immoral law classifying lgbt people. >> scott weiner wants the board to go on record, condemning the new law. that critics say would allow individuals and businesses to deny service to lesbians and gays. indiana's governor denies that, but today, called for a fix to the law. >> clearly, there has been misunderstanding and confusion. >> only a repeel will satisfy critics. and city administrator has started reviewing the roster. >> it looks like medical
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supplies. >> san francisco icons calls for a repeel of the measure. and any others turning back the block on equality and foster a culture of intolerance. employees are proud of the move. >> it's a good idea. takes a stand. >> and >> later tonight we're going to update the effort to reform indiana law and how the rolling stones have become tangled up in a controversy. a
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23-year-old woman was a victim at an intersection. abc7 news is there live with the story. >> the accident happened here behind me. you can see people left a bouquet of roses in honor of her. her friends she dreamed of becoming a nurse, and had an interview with a hospital. >> her friend and roommate says she was more. >> she was nice quiet. >> this morning she grabbed her running shoes and left for the water front. >> i didn't know it was her. >> police say a silver sedan hit the 23-year-old, sending her body flying like she had wings. norton realized her friend was
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gone, she lost it. >> she was awesome. she'll be missed. >> we need a traffic light. right there. because we lost two people. first was a 9-year-old boy from upstairs. >> in 2010, he stepped into the crosswalk, he, too fatally hit. >> and we thought after that they'd do something then. >> today many want to see the city make changes to the intersection. >> it's dangerous, sometimes the cars won't stop. >> we need a light. we're people. >> the driver is cooperating but that doesn't make it any easier.
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>> and she was taken too soon. >> today we've learned a fourth suspect has within been arrested in the shooting death of a mother. a 21-year-old is facing charges. she was caught in the cross fire of a west oakland shootout. three men have been arrested and the man arrested today is not charged with firing but is accused of being armed with one. >> two young men were shot to death as they sat in their car near a soccer field the suspects were arrested after an investigation involving the gang task force and police in daily city. in richmond, police are looking
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for home invasion robbers who killed a 62-year-old man. they don't know the motive yet and expects were not identified but did say this is not a random attack. it occurred around 9:30 last night. police were called by neighbors. >> there is a new plan for transporting visitors. one neighborhood doesn't want to be tourists. >> an and offer that may be too good to pass up. >> strong gusty winds across the bay area now. these conditions will continue tonight. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> don't leave a used car lot with a limit. ahead on 7
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gateway for one of san francisco's most popular tourist attractions may be moving the alcatras ferry is being considered moving if it can't reach a lease agreement with the port of san francisco. neighbors fear an influx of 2 million visitors >> we do not have the infrastructure around fort mason
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to support this activity. >> it has transportation impacts. and would require a shuttle bus. >> national park service wants a bigger ferry terminal. >> san francisco has never been as popular as last year. tonight the travel association says more than 18 million people visited the city and spent nearly $11 billion. and experts are predicting a bigger year in 2015. >> if you notice theed more smog, you can blame it on china a researcher reported today that
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10% of the smog comes from chien yachl the valley has some of the worst air pollution. but the researcher says it's realizing local air and pollution is a global issue. >> this next story has to do with haves and have-nots. haves are homeowners with ability to install charging stations. and there is a campaign for workers. >> don't don't have charging stations. >> if it were more accessible it would make it easier to get electric cars. >> the company with 150 charging stations have trying to install
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10,000 of them. this turned into a major turning point. this removes a hurdle, but they need to install ten of them. >> when doing construction, they're doing an array of ten spaces that are prewired. rather than one that meets their needs today. >> this allows tenants to have their own charging station as $40 per month. still, there could be road blocks. >> the home openers association won't allow it.
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>> right. >> there are two events to sign up tenants. then based on demand, the company will negotiate. in san jose abc7 news >> nice day though a little bit windy. >> it's going to hang around. sunny skies and a lovely evening shaping up. check out gusts, up to 40 miles per hour at sfo. between 25 and 30 miles per hour. winds are blowing as they say. looking to the bay, you'll see how clear skies are. readings 60s in san francisco. san jose 65. 63 in morgan hill. 55, half moon bay. check out this view looking
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towards golden gate. sunny skies, 68 in santa rosa and napa. fairfield, 73. 69 in concord. and i had to show it twice. forecast features gusty winds tonight. and milder thursday friday which is good news showing a passage of a dry front. strong winds and 7:00 this evening, at which point it will be gusty. overnight, we'll see winds tamer inland. this afternoon, we'll see winds remaining across the bay area and gusting into afternoon
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tomorrow. now, what about rainfall. we just wait. friday, notice we'll get increasing clouds over the weekend there is a chance of showers. overnight, clear skies, breezy conditions will persist. low temperatures in mid to upper 40s, then, tomorrow sunny and breezy conditions highs upper 60s to near 70s. windy and cool. highs in mid to upper 50s to near 60 degrees. upper 60s to 70s in napa.
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and thursday and friday, mildest days, sunday looks like showers, we're not talking about heavy rain storm monday, tuesday dry, there is a slight chance of rain again showers again tuesday >> i want the rain. just maybe not easter. >> exactly. >> maybe if you hold off until monday. >> perfect, >> thank you. >> okay. >> coming up, a woman takes a package from a porch of a home. now, the search is on to find her. >> we're zipping along heading northbound no muss no fuss. we continue around the other direction, not bad. traffic moving nicely. stay with us.
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a san jose family wants others to be on the lookout for a package thief. this video of a theft. the family is hoping a video will help identify the woman. >> it is easy to do but it
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would prove costly. they're teeming up to increase enforcement against distracted drivers. >> distracted driving isn't just phone messages and text messages it's applying makeup, eating food playing with a radio. >> in 2014, 434,000 people were injured from accidents resulting from a distracted driver. >> a cliff usually settles after a few days but officials in this city in des moines washington say this one could take weeks.
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>> there is more still to come here tonight. >> just ahead, how much it will cost you if there is a big ticket item on your shopping list. >> rolling stones announce a summer concert tour into the middle of a religious freedom controversy >> how reliable
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update on breaking nuchls the heir to the multi billion dollar getty fortune has been found dead in los angeles they confirm they found a body of a man in his 40s inside. tmz says the man is andrew getty, the grandson of j paul getty. police say they're questioning the woman that reported the death. his father, gordon getty of san francisco is one of the richest men in the country, estimated at $2.1 billion. they're also partnered with gavin newsom in a business venture.
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>> there are two major developments in the investigation into the lufthasa crash that killed 150 people on board. the airline said it knew the co-pilot suffered from depression, and had suicidal tendencyies but fired him anyway. also air, 15 second video reveals the flight's final moments. editors are from two newspapers say they've watched it. on it screaming can be heard as well as banging on the cockpit door and jet wings scraping mountains, then silence. >> negotiation was iran over their nuclear program has been extended. secretary of state john kerry will remain until at least tomorrow the united states and the white house says no deal is better
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than a bad deal. >> from mexico to the bay area people are remembering tejana singer selena, who died 20 years ago today. and she also won a grammy the singer was shot and killed by the president of her fan club she was just 23 years old >> attorneys for boston marathon bombing suspect rested their case this afternoon. lawyers spent the day trying to distance him from the planning of the attacks is he charged with the april 2013 bombings that left three people dead, and 260 injured. he faces 30 counts, including 17 that could carry the death penalty.
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>> opponents believe that won't stop the response and they want it revealed. companies, governments and more have condemned this law and business with, or in the state of indiana. it would probe hibit law that's substantially burden a business, or business, it's freedom of religion. >> make it clear to the nation. when they come here to visit or to do business, they'll receive that same treatment. >> the governor says he doesn't want to change the law but clarify what it means. >> it would be helpful to move legislation to make it clear this law does not have a right to deny services to anyone. >> in indianapolis, they
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announced the rolling stones will play there. mick jagger saying quote we look forward to being back and playing stadiums this summer. >> here is something that is pretty standard you never ever want to buy a lemon from a used car dealer. >> yes. so when you're headed in there is important ones, sight, smell, and hearing. a trip to a used car lot might surprise you. average price of $16,335. that is according to true car. before making a purchase learn
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to sniff out trouble. >> there is a mat and if it smells moldy, there is has been water in the trunk. >> take the car for a test drive. listen for engine knocking. it's an alert for a combustion issue. >> the car not only for scratches but warning signs. >> tail pipe is wlak black there are issues. >> blue smoke will come out. >> lastly, check out latest reliability report from consumer reports. the lexus rx is among the most-reliable available. lexus and toyota do well in consumer reports reliability survey. gears such as rear view camera
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s >> it's done a great job making their cars short term reliable but long term. >> maz ska showing signs of improving in this area. but consumer reports >> now they're street sweepers and terrible minivans >> you can get a report on 240 vehicles based on surveys for more than 1 million cars available in april's consumer reports. now to, see my reports select
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governor brown will accompany state water officials. it's going to be dismal. we're showing snow at lowest levels since sensors were first put in. the governor wants to see it for himself. >> major advances at stanford have given a cancer patient health with a dramatic improvement in the quality of his life. you can see results and joy. >> when steven looks in the mirror he sees a miracle. a face, reconstructed from the ruins of stage-four cancer. >> i was disfigured. then had a heart time talking
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and eating. >> he turned to a surgeon and powerful technology promising to remap his face. >> to explain what he can do they'd do computer mirror imaging and construct a job. >> they're beamed to turn into a 3 d model. >> the bone is removed then you can delete that
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bone. >> can you show us the mirror image? that is how we use that. so the next step is to do a print of this. >> the model surgeons bend flexible plates along the jaw line to capture couldn't yoourz. >> so i have a plate in my hand. >> recovery can stretch for weeks but as swelling receded, he began to see a reflection in the mirror. >> i was blown away.
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>> checking traffic, we're on 580 west. you can see it's hard to tell because of the sun coming into here. dan? >> thanks ama. sales tax will go up into double digits tomorrow in five east bay cities.
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abc7 news has more tonight from >> with steven showing up to buy a car, he had no idea he was making it under the wire. tomorrow, sales tax here goes up to 10%. it's a half cent hike for the county. both approved by voters. >> when this happens not a lot of people are aware of it. >> a car salesman knows it's three quarters of a percent that can make a different. >> local leaders say the rate will benefit drivers. pot holes are first on the list. >> they better fix that road back there.
6:46 pm
>> there are streets that will see the money first. >> we'll be adding police officers >> in this city, most sales tax are paid by shoppers who come here from elsewhere. >> to shop here they have to have good streets quality signage and services. >> it will help the city library system including programs for kids the tax hikes will remain in effect for 30 years. abc7 news. >> land lords can be tough on perspective tenants they want to make sure things go well. and have demanded a lot of information. and now many want a resume on
6:47 pm
the renter's pets. >> not only will you see stella you're going to hear about it. this loft in the south park district is $6900 per month. and if owners want it they must jump through hoops according to jenny zimmerman. >> i request a pet resume. the buildings, the owners have to comply with the ccnrs of the building. >> it began after the infamous dog mauling cases. with the market hot they can say nochlt just ask erin. >> they wanted to know everything from her environment, her food choices. it just seemed very silly.
6:48 pm
>> she padded that resume including her degree from de paw university. iet was a bad aassumption we didn't get the apartment. >> so have sympathy. it is not easy to be young, upwardly mobile for anyone with a pet. >> what is your reaction? >> acceptance >> she's on and christianmingle. there are places for stella out there. >> she's a princess. >> yes.
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>> we have breezy conditions along central coast and hot in the desert. here in the bay area, another windy day. upper 60s on the bay to low 70s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. calmer conditions on friday saturday, and milder, i might add. high temperatures mid-70s inland. and partly cloudy skies saturday a chance of showers on easter sunday. >> figures this comes on easter
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>> we're all pulling for barry zito chances are slim he'll are wearing green and gold after today. probably to showcase for other teams. cole calhoun solo shot to right. and covering outfield there. solid and a's did win the game. future up in the air. giants and rockies today three for three with three rbi.
6:54 pm
giants did win it. spring training ends when the series gibes on thursday. quarterback jamus winston throwing passes nearly an hour today, showing off his leaner body. he is the most nfl-ready quarterback in the draft and claims he's grown up. tampa bay has the over all pick. >> i've never been a quarterback quarterback, as a pitcher you've got to be long, and smooth. now, i'm a full time quarterback. during off season, everybody else is working i'm playing baseball. you know? this is my first time being a
6:55 pm
quarterback year round. i'm looking forward to this for the rest of my life. >> he was brought in from houston. the 33-year-old through ten passes for oakland and is getting another shot. the warriors in a 4-game road trip tonight. these two teams developed a rivalry. both teams will tell you they do not like each other. head coach knows they're going to have their hands full tonight. >> i haven't been watching them, i know they're playing well, scoring. and offense is looking good. sounds like defense is getting
6:56 pm
better. >> the all time leading scorer, anthony brown starts and takes his man off to dribble. another nba three. sanford through the first half. this abc7 sports report has been brought to you by bank of the west. >> there has been a drop in the treatment for people for stroke. >> then, at 11:00, we're following developing news.
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andrew getty has been found dead in a southern california home. >> it's fresh off the boat followed by repeat after me, marvels agents of shield and forever. then, stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> good tv. that is it for this edition of abc7 news. our coverage continues on twitter. >> from all of us here we appreciate your time. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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