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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00 a bizarre phenomenon is the talk of the east bay and what is behind the loud late night booms. we investigate and tell you where the people are sounding the alarm. >> a security scare in the south bay a breach in the mineta san jose international airport that is drumming up new calls for change. >> dig into your wallet a tax hike is kicking in today. and how much you can expect to spend on every purpose. >> thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> alongside leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco. april fools day and we will postpone some of the april fools fund while we get the forecast. >> nice to get snow on the first day of april, though.
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>> good thing the hail can opens are going off in berkeley with terrible weather over this lately. now, a look at what is going on >> we don't fool anyone. >> the winds are lighter than this time yesterday so you will find temperatures up to 15 degrees cooler from sutro tower. mid-30s to mid-50s through 7:00 a microclimate. and 56 to 64 from the coast inland and the freezes kicking this afternoon and at 68 inland. grab a coat temperatures are 54 to 62 and it will feel five or ten degrees coolerren that that. >> leyla gulen how is the remark? >> we look at san jose we have a big crash and sig-alert involving injuries here so you can see how light the traffic is away from the nimitz on the northbound side and before you get there oakland road you have two lanes closed and two lanes open so traffic is inching by
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because of the five-car crash involving a semi truck with injuries. there is sparser traffic toward the nimitz. >> thank you leyla. a "boom," is the talk from berkeley to emeryville and oakland. social media is buzzing about the loud noises in the middle of night that scares the pets and rattles the car alarms. janet? >> good morning, this is no april fools joke. people in berkeley want to get to the bottom of the loud "boom," noise away town. most of the noise is reported in southwest berkeley but neighborhoods all away berkeley have reported hearing the rattling sound on and off in the past in from amusement to annoyance it is a hot topic on twitter. people say the sound has jolted
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them awake caused car alarms to go off. police received two dozen calls but when they investigate there is nothing. officials think it is an explosive. >> it look like it could be a fireworks device. we are not positive. we trying to figure out where in the city these are happening. the loud boom is happening between 8:00 to 10:00 in the evening. a lost neighbors in berkeley want the sound to go away. >> it is 6:03. in the south bay police say a woman as arrested after sneak on to the tarmac at mineta san jose international airport. >> she scaled a fence on the southeast side the airport. a u.p.s. employee spotted her crossing the airfield, stopped her in the cargo area
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realized she was not supposed to be there. she resisted arrest and they took her into custody. this is the 5th security breach at mineta san jose international airport in less than a year. investigators are back at work today in los angeles trying to figure out what led to the death of andrew getty heir to the getty fortune dying of natural causes but we are learning more of what was found at the scene. our reporter has the latest. good morning police found medication in the bathroom where 47-year-old andrew getty was discovered unconscious. he was not protecting. he was suffering from trauma. the "los angeles times" reports he was naked from the waist down and the examiner said it appears he died of natural causes or accident and foul play is not apparent. questions are swirling around
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and a woman detained for question. tmz reports this is his ex-girlfriend would he got a restraining order against recently. investigators say this is his trend who called 9-1-1 when she discovered he was not breathing. >> it is just the person reporting and i cannot say there is criminal angle to the investigation. >> he is the son of billionaires anm and gordon and the grand son of j. paul the family has asked for privacy. a spokesman said that it is a difficult time and they are letting police handle the investigation. >> the los angeles coroner will wait billion announce theth death of a uc berkeley soccer player, eloi vasquez was hit by a car on saturday morning on the
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los angeles freeway after leaving a party at usc. the coroner said it will take ten weeks for results rather than declaring blunt force trauma as the cause much the marin native was in southern california with teammates on spring break. c.h.p. is trying to determine why eloi vasquez was on the freeway. >> the raiders want to stay in oakland? there is no more red tape with key environmental measures passed for the project. the city council certified a report for 800 acres north of interstate 880 in east oakland. it voted to accept a specific plan to develop and rezone the area for three new sports venues and 5,700 homes and 8 mill million -- 8 mill office space. the warriors are planning a move
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to san francisco but oakland hopes to reach a deal that will work for all three teams. california attorney general kamala harris begins the campaign for the senate with a kickoff planned this evening in san francisco and guests include district attorney and mayor lee and oakland mayor libby schaaf. she announced the bid in senate days after senator boxer announced she would not run for re-election in 2016. if harris wins she would be the first african-american senator from california. firsts will rally in oakland in support of regulations aimed at reducing workplace violence and the rally comes as new hospital regulations move through the final hearing and the regulations come after governor brown signed a bill last area riverring hops to have a comprehensive workplace violence prevention land requiring proper security, adequate staffing and education and training for everyone would
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directed patient care. new this morning, the heads of lufthansa and germanwings are paying respects to the victims of the plane crash in the french alps with a wreath laid in honor of the 150 people who died at the plane slammed into a mountain. they refused to answer reporter questions of the crash including what the air knew of the mental health of the co-pilot andreas lubitz who intentionally crashed the plane officials admitted they knew he suffered from severe depression during flight training. >> fires in southern california hope to get a handle on the wildfire that forced evacuations and a criminal burn east of los angeles got out-of-control and firefighters set the fire to clear out cat tails when the wind shifted and the fire expanded to 70 acres. a mandatory evacuation order was
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lifted. sales taxes are hitting double digit its in five east bay cities and shoppers now pay 10 percent sales tax in albany and hayward and union city and san leandro and el cerrito. the seams tax is 7.5 percent but the higher sales tax was aproblems by voters. to help with the drought two san francisco bars say they are offering a discount to cuss torches would order their drinks neat. >> the two bars will give custom as dollar off if they order a drink without ice, beer wine, shots and more. more than 60 percent are shaken stirred or on the rocks. the bar owner said the offer is more about raising awareness of the drought than about saving water. >> we do not have additional water coming our way. >> a darn shame. >> 6 percent.
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record low. and the snow season officially ends today. in the south bay money -- mid-to-upper 40s in most neighborhoods and san jose at june. 40 in danville. calistoga is 39. low 50s around novato and alameda and san francisco and half moon bay and redwood city. in the afternoon, the breezes pick up. dry air will rush in. cooler air an the bay up to 68. inland up to 70. along the coast 57 to 60. the ferry ride shows a brisk morning with winds around 10- to 15-miles per hour. headed through thursday and friday, calmer and warmer and saturday the breeze cops -- comes back and sunday monday and tuesday a chance of showers. >> we still have a sig-alert in san jose blocking two lanes. a sig-alert is one or more lanes blocked for more than 30 minutes. that is with we have.
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five vehicles plus a big rig a tractor trailer blocking two lanes lasting until further notice. c.h.p. did not say when it will clear. we have injuries too. four miles per hour is the speed. it happened at oakland road with five vehicles and a trailer truck so there is tremendous red at 31 miles per hour approaching tully road and pulling back to morgan hill the slow is increasing the last few years clears out but then you are back on the break -- b >> wrestlemania was the start of a trip to the altar. >> love was in the air. a wrestling fanned worked up the courage to propose.
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>> would you marry me? >> yes. yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! >> as you heard a lucky lady got help from the crowd with her respond. the yes, yes, yes chant was popular by wrestling superstar and this was shared on youtube and it has 500,000 views. there is no word whether they are from the bay area but congratulations to them. the people areening body body -- people are being body. slammed in the ring and he is proposing outside the ring. >> new rage in selfies taking. >> bad behavior caught on camera this surveillance video prompted a manhunt in florida and what prevented police from getting a jump start on the case. >> more weather and traffic all morning and this is traffic in
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>> covering cupertino, conquer, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning. a look on aprils families day a gorgeous shot from the camera checking out the bay, blue skies and the bit of orange as the sun begins to rise and the bay bridge as a backdrop. a ties way to wake up. however this is not. a video has put florida police on the trail after family accused in an unusual case of abuse with cell phone video posted shows adults putting children in the trunk of a car recorded in the parking lot of a pizza restaurant in jacksonville. the news station got it and was the first to report it to the department of children and family and the army was able to zoom in on the license plate and knows would they are looking for. the customers were too scare to call police after the family realized they were being recorded and started shouting
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threats. >> there is no denying the cell the selfie is wildly popular. ask kristen. >> what? >> the internet is buzzing over what could be the newest trend in selfie taking. >> a sexy shoe, a retailer posted this video on youtube showing off a shoe with open square to. perfect for mounting your iphone. >> that is april fools yoke. look at that. >> this is april fools joke. >> kick your foot up and it is happened's free. >> there is speculation this is an april fools yoke and the company will have a comment later open. >> it is not spokelation on -- it is not speculation on my part i pet $100 million if i had it. i bet your $100 million. >> i like the camera of the shoes it is exercise at 9 tame
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time. >> taking the gift smart concept too far. >> any phone. >> but we are not old. >> re-run. re-run. >> the forecast? >> yes. >> the key moving forward is dryness. from oak observation the thunderstorms rolled through with lightning and the severe hail they had to up 1". that will move north into kansas and nebraska and missouri. possibly into iowa. live doppler hd shows our visibility is unlimited and hazy along the coast at five miles per hour. dry, though. winds are blowing. the this evening with another cold front. and warmer and calmer thursday and friday. it is more unsettled sunday,
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monday and tuesday and potential scattered light showers. we watch that. from sutro tower over the clear sky but the tree pollen will be blowing law. the next cold front will come law this afternoon. it will reinforce the dry and chilly air. look at our temperatures, barely 70 in cloverdale and napa and antioch and 72 in fairly is the warm spot and mid-to-upper 60s. at the coast upper 50s to low 60s. santa cruz is at 69. tonight, the temperatures are officially a lost 40s. but the sheltered valleys like we see this morning mid-to-upper 30s in the north bay and inland east bay. winds are away 10 or 15 miles per hour gusts but in the evening hours 15 to 25 miles per hour and 30 to 40 language the coast. with no slowing
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tomorrow two- to three-degrees warmer and we will rebound with the dry air and sun a degree or two warmer and the breeze comes back on saturday and that start as cooling trend and we are stuck in the 60s with scattered showers through tuesday. >> an hour's drive northbound highway 101 if san jose from 85 to san jose airport because of the sig-alert northbound side at oakland road we have two lanes blocked two lanes are open and four miles per hour speed because of the injury accident. the backup is tremendous. that is san jose at look at maze and traffic is still mice and nice and clear. that is the alternate to the sig-alert and traffic is loading upcoming off of
6:21 am
have a stalled big rig. southbound 680 there is broken concrete slowing traffic. it is in the slow lane. we have heavy backups away from 580. slow and go at the sunol grade. >> soaring home prices rock san francisco. >> the record the city is chasing and why it could be bad for business. >> an heir to the oil police believe happened to andrew getty. >> a look at traffic on the golden gate bridge. we will be right introducing new flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. new flonase outperforms the #1 allergy pill so you will inhale life. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. the leading allergy pill only controls one, flonase controls six. and 6 is greater than 1. so roll down your windows, hug your pet
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>> now a check with "good morning america" at 7:00. good morning, a crime on the rise. the offense? stealing the third row seats of s.u.v. that could cost thousands. we will look at this odd new planned car theft and let you though what you can do to protect yourself next on "good morning america." we will see you at 7:00. move over ipad and tablets, google is putting your computer in the palm of your hand. a mcto go is the google chrome
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book on a stick. it is called the chrome bit and can connect to any monitor or tv or to sound using blue tooth. no launch date is announced. it will cost less than $100. san francisco housing market is closing in on a milestone reaching $1 million for the average price of a home. according to a new report prices of newly listed homes were up 17 percent in february compared to the year's. the median price was close to $988,000 and will surpass million by may. >> record high rent reportally forcing the largest e-commerce again to skip san francisco for the site of the new headquarter headquarters with alibaba opening offices in seattle rather than san francisco a bold move because see allege is home
6:26 am
to busiest competitor amazon with estimated value of $207 billion. they had offices in santa clara but we are hoping for a bay area headquarters. but... >> high prices. and morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> including the trail of trouble at mineta san jose international airport with the latest in the string of security breaches bringing about a call for change. >> a san francisco-based retailer gets real about the impact on business after they had to shell out more money to workers. if berkeley an unsolved mystery has a lot people talking and police are scratching their heads. >> a look from sutro tower with all the sunshine we will get today but it will be deceptive with cooler weather and fast breezes condition in the forecast.
6:27 am
unsetted weather could bring weather to the back half of the 15 seven. >> i am leyla gulen, traffic is looking light, it is not your imagination that is because there is a sig-alert approaching oakland road in san jose and i tell you how that is impacting the commute when we brookside chocolate now has a crunch. brookside crunchy clusters - crispy multi-grains and sweet fruit-flavored pieces dipped in rich dark chocolate. discover brookside crunchy clusters. new 00 an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at pro
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning at 6:30 on wednesday. april fools day. a look from our camera checking out a gorgeous day. and the sun is ready to rise. the sky is orange. it is nice. i am kristen sze. >> i am it it. >> leyla gulen is here and meteorologist mike nicco has the weather. it will be gorgeous. a lot of sunshine. you will neat the sunglasses. it will be deceptive. the winds are going to pick up. they are light right now but around novato at 13 and half moon bay at 16 and as we head into the afternoon, 25 to 35-miles-per-hour gusts are possible and brick on the bay water this morning as our winds around 10 or 15 miles per hour.
6:31 am
the day planner shows mid-30s to my 50s at 7:00 and we will have upper 50s throughout the afternoon hours along the coast with low-to-mid 60 our bay and inland temperatures at noon and we are in the upper 50s this afternoon so below average. >> we check the traffic with leyla. how is it? >> not too well. that is not april fools. slow traffic at walnut creek southbound away from highway pour it will take you 12 minutes to 24 junk, and the san mateo bridge, look at that, it is packed house. as you make it in the westbound direction, eastbound traffic is blocked off and a couple of lanes forced the paving work preparation and the problems in san jose and all the details straight ahead. >> a different keep of problem in san jose five security preaches in less than a year and that is the harsh reality at mineta san jose international airport and after a woman got on to the tarmac.
6:32 am
>> now the reaction this is sparking. matt? >> breaches have been an issue here over the past couple of hours we have seen security drive beyond this on the southwest corner of the airport and yesterday they missed the woman would climbed and jump over the fence and paid her way on the tarmac. she was crossing the air field when an employee noticed the woman and stopped her. this was in the cargo area of the airport. police say she resisted arrest and was taken into custody. this is the fifth security breach at mineta san jose international airport in less than a year the most in the nation. the congressman is calling for more security including perimeter breach notification alert. >> bad guys are watching and they see an airport continues to be briefed that makes us less safe. at the moment of the preach we want to know our airport officials are notified
6:33 am
>> if april of last year santa clara teen stowed away in the wheel of a jet after skying the perimeter fence. in august, marilyn heart map hart man bypassed security. the officers book woman into santa clara jail for trespassing and resisting arrest. >> developing news to the latest on death of an heir to grandson of the late j. paul getty was fund dead yesterday in his hollywood hills hope he grew up this the bay area. police found medication in the bathroom where getty was discovered unconscious. he was not breathing and suffering from a trauma. the "los angeles times" reports he was naked from the waste
6:34 am
waste down. foul play is not apparent. police are questioning a woman. >> police are searching for for machine accused of leading officers on a high speed chase from santa rosa to petaluma. >> charities began when police officers spotted the speeding car darting through traffic on highway 101 shortly after 9:00 last night. according to the press democrat the driver crashed the car on lateville highway and took off with another guy in the car with him. officers found the black mercedes on the side of the road but no sign of the two suspects. the c.h.p. helicopter was helping in the search. the civil trial over the suicide of a saratoga teen is scheduled to start in san jose. the parents of 15-year-old audrie potts blamed three classmates for her suicide after she sexually assaulted the drink teen and took photos.
6:35 am
she hanged herself several days later. they pleaded guilty and sent less than 45 days each. the familiar said this was not severe enough much the family of a boy reached a settlement and lawyers for the other two boys say her suicide stems from other factors not related to the assault. >> another man arrested in the shooting death of an oakland mother is suspected of being d is expected to be in court. police arrested michael stills on murder charges over the 30-year-old mother caught in the crossfire of a shoot out? oakland march 9 while trying to shield her children during a shoot out. three other suspects are expected to be back in court this month. >> new twists and turns in a bizarre kidnapping case from vallejo. an attorney for denise huskins' boyfriend has proof the kidnappers broke into the hope and an did youd her and sent two
6:36 am
pictures showing drill holes made in a window in their mare island home. the attorney said that is where the abductors entered the home. denise huskins was recorded missing march 23. police does a sent but had in luck and on the 25th she showed up in southern california. police suggested that it was a hoax. there have been several mails by the san francisco chronicle demanding an apology and threatening retaliation but pack tracked in another e-mail saying police do not deserve to be targeted even when they make mistakes saying they were a "gentleman criminal group," similar to oceans 11 would used drones to commit burglaries on mare island and looking at kidnapping as more lucrative crime. what bart is unveiling today to help people breathe easier. taking the worry out of flying with your furry friends and what an airline's feature
6:37 am
will do to keep owners connected from tarmac to baggage. >> traffic is stacking up with weather and traffic during the commercial break. ♪ ♪ ♪
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hmm... the kind i have with you. me too. coming up on 6:40 and look
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ing at san francisco warming up to 65 and from 49 to 1.5" of rainfall and 5.5 is the most we have had. breezy headed to southern california and faster winds than what we have through tomorrow. low-to-mid 70s in central valley to los angeles and san diego and lake tahoe is 51 and going to check the snow pack today it will be 6 percent. >> i can't say this without shedding a tear but an hour and 20 minute northbound on highway 101 from 85 up for mineta san jose international airport if you have a flight to catch you want to avoid the 101 freeway because of the early sig-alert. it has cancel asked this happened at oakland road involving several vehicles and ten miles per hour is the top speed and four miles per hour's the 280 and 680.
6:41 am
use 87 instead and a quicker road although it is filling up. >> a mounting mystery in the east bay. >> the talk on social media has its own hashtag. >> imagine never making a grocery run again. amazon has a new invention to take the guesswork out of what you need. >> a look at the san mateo bridge, traffic westbound toward foster city is stopped if this shot. total gridlock. weather and traffic during the entire commercial
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area this is abc7 news. welcome back at 6:44 on april fools. a loud boom that police cannot get to the bottom of is up concerns. >> police cannot put their finger on where the noise is coming from. we are in berkeley. janet? this is not an april falls joke. it is a mystery. people want did necessity where the loud bam noise is coming from and post of them are saying it happens between 8:00 to 10:00
6:45 am
in the evening causing a lot of chatter on twitter. people want to know what is causing the sound what is scaring babies and pets and causing car alarms to go off. police say it is some keep of explosion like fireworks emission have received two dozen reports last month but they have yet to find anyone or anything responsible. >> people report a large flash of light and smoke in the area that could be let over from the device going off. >> it sounds sort of like a fire work but a truck dropping dropping bed that hollow sound. >> the miscellaneous is heard all over town and mostly happening in the southwest area. it seem like people were intrigued and amused and taking guesses what it could be but neighbors want the noise to go
6:46 am
away. we will talk about business gas zeroing in on the bottom line after a hike for workers and amazon may have trance -- tranced form how people buy things online. i told my wife to turn the tv off. >> good morning, well bad news of stocks too as we kickoff the second quarter we are down the dow is down 128 points and s&p 500 is lower too. godaddy goes public today. they have not yet made the first trade. we continue to watch. it can take a while to get the orders going. they are 18 years old and they have to raise $400 million and trade under the symbol "gddy," on the new york stock exchange.
6:47 am
>> how praying minimum way has changed business with gap raising baseline to $9 with wal-mart and others. 's it was cool. they said the quickest and clearest reaction was when they got double the applications for jobs and it is still unclear if it helped with sales and retention. that will take time. >> you do not need to go to amazon to shop on amazon if you are low on a problem press a button and order more shipped. amazon expects people to police them around your home. they are connected to your home wi-fi system with a confirmation of the order on the smart phone. deltaen whats passengers and the presidents to be comfortable so they are testing this new service that lets passengers track the poets on flights and the system works by g.p.s. and will ease worries about your pets but costs $50 per device
6:48 am
thanks, jane. >> the "los angeles times" did an article of how the amazon button is not an april fools joke which many speculate it is. >> who knows? >> mike knows. about the weather. >> no joking breezy again today. the winds have calmed down overnight so temperatures are up to 16 degrees cooler. half moon bay has the fastest wind at 17 miles per hour. everyone else is less than ten miles per hour unless you are over the open bodies of water at 10 or 15 miles per hour and mount tamalpais is gusting to 25 to 35 miles per hour and that will work its way down to the ground as we move through the afternoon hours. another push of cool and dry breezes. briefly warmer and calmer thursday and friday and no containing there but unselled pattern watching an area of low pressure is possible from the gulf alaska and brings a chance of scattered showers sunday and
6:49 am
monday and tuesday. we will watch this. here is how our sky looks from the exploritorium beautiful eastern pastel colors and although we barely have any clouds we do have a lot of cedar and oak and sick -- sycamore. san carlos and san francisco and half moon bay are at 50 and san ramon is a cool spot at 40. guard is 41. napa is 35 degrees. san jose is june. the next cold front is the second cod front moving law and our winds will pick up toward the afternoon and evening hours. and faster and cooler than last evening. we will top out around 2:00 or 3:00 in the upper 50s to increasely 60 at the coast and santa cruz at 69 and san francisco at 63 and mid-to-upper
6:50 am
60s until napa and cloverdale and fairfield and antioch a few areas that could reach 70. tonight, officially, we are painly in the 40s but the sheltered vietnams like -- valleys like this morning will drop and the 40s. gusting to 15 to 25 over land in the evening and 25 to 40 over the ocean. warmer on thursday and friday and chilly at 30s and 40s and saturday is the sea breeze moving in and sunday, monday tuesday. possibly wet. >> 30 machines across the san -- 30 minutes across the bridge from hayward to foster city. it is not because of an accident but there are high winds and road work. the flashing lights are on the eastern span and that is in preparation for a big project that will take place starting next month. just very heavy traffic so give yourself extra time and no one
6:51 am
is laughing. the anybody to the south the dumbarton bridge is not a better alternate at 25 american beyond the tolls and heading over to east palo alto so that is quite slow. the drive is slightly improving at an hour from highway 85 to the nimitz and that was because of an early signature alert that canceled a multiple vehicle crash and traffic is starting to build on northbound 85 to northbound 8 because phones are using that as the alternate and it is a tough drive. this accident near oakland airport southbound 880, one lane is blocked. >> today, bart will open a new set crossover tracks to ease congestion in the east pay. the tracks are located between walnut creek and pleasanton hill bart stakes giving trains the ability to move around and avoid delays because of a disabled train or track side problem or maintenance jews. >> the warriors return to the
6:52 am
arena against the suns after finishing off a road trip in plan style. >> last night golden state faced rival clippers looking for win. los angeles had a 17-point lead but the warriors came storming back and steph curry had the play of the night. using a foot double behind the back dribble along the base line and chris paul falls away and curry hit as upper and finishes with 27 points. warriors improved the record 61-13 with only eight games if the nba playoffs begin. >> abe is the home for the nba finals with coverage right here on 7. >> we are already doing the blue and yellow thing already we are so sure they will be in the
6:53 am
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[snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. here are seven things it know before you go. number one be a woman is under arrest after sneaking on to the tarmac at mineta san jose international airport. she scaled the fence and was spotted on the tarmac by a
6:55 am
u.p.s. employee who called police. this is the giveth preach if less than a year. >> investigators are trying to figure out what is behind a loud "boom," that is setting off the car alarms. police receives dozens of reports across berkeley and surrounding cities. the core pore said the death -- the core for said the death of an heir could be of wases andrew getty was found dead. >> starting today sales taxes hit double digits in five east bay cities paying 10 percent in san leandro and el cerrito and is 7.5 percent for the state but the higher sales tax was approved by voters. governor brown will join water officials to test the sierra snow pack today. it is usually at the height on
6:56 am
april 1 but the water con department on monday was only 6 percent of normal. grab a heavy coat with temperatures up to 16 degree cooler than yesterday if you are headed to the bart stations most of us are in the 40s and oakland at 53. it will be sunny and breezy and cooler with the winds faster in the afternoon and evening than this morning. upper 50s at the cost and money 60 elsewhere. >> it is a terrible drive to san jose and a drive that normally takes 15 minutes is taking an hour to head from highway 85 up to oakland road and you can see the backups starting at highway 8 a because of an early sig-alert. at 880 you are home free and the at that is highway 87 which is packed. >> some april fools day. >> we continue online and facebook and twitter and will see you in 25 minutes.
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make t.j.maxx your first stop for gifting... and maxx life! good morning, america. happening now, washout. roads flooded. cars stranded. half a foot of rain falling in the heartland. overnight. huge hail and damaging winds topping 80 miles an hour from texas to georgia and a wildfire near los angeles forcing people from their homes. final moments. new reports that video of the last 15 seconds of that doomed flight has been found. shot by a passenger on a cell phone right before it crashed into the alps. but this morning, investigators warning it could be a hoax. this, as the airline now answering questions about how long it knew the co-pilot suffered from depression. billionaire family mystery. an heir to the getty oil fortune found dead in his los angeles home. the latest in a long line of tragedies for the gettys. what really happened to a member of one of the richest families in the world.


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