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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 1, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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coverage for you tonight. the new water restrictions are taking affect but we're going to begin with a breakdown of the governor's unprecedented step today. >> i have to tell you, get used to it. california is going brown. one is to stop watering public streets. and you can see the green is practically gone. >> this has the force of law. it will flow down to water districts and individuals and companies will be required to comply. >> the restrictions call on
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agencies to start charging more for excessive use. it requires large spaces to use less water because the snow pack, which is kts for 30% of the water supply is the lowest on record. if californians don't cut usage by 25%, it means the districts will be charging extra. do you have grading that increases? >> so this is before the drought began? >> last year san franciscoins reduced use by 8% to 9%. system wide 14%. >> i'm sure businesses waste a block of residents, you know?
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they waste water. there is no one regulating. >> they're meeting with them to talk about the meeting of these and put everybody on notice it's belt tightening time, again. >> those include wholesalers in counties. in san francisco, abc7 news >> perhaps the best visual example of how bad california snow pack is came during the measurements. >> this is the previous driest on record. green is average at this location. and this top of the pole is 150
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snow waters recorded you know in the year. >> the department estimates that levels across the state are at record lows. he puts the number at below 0% of normal. >> the announcement puts local water agencies on notice to tighten their belts the city of benicia began restrictions. abc7 news is live with the story there. carolyn? >> the head of benicia's programs believes the mandate will reenforce measures here benicia residents reduced their watering by 20% last year compared to 2013, preparing to face cut backs again. there are patches of dry,
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cracked soil. >> do you support the restriction? >> we have to, we don't have the water here. so yes. 100%. >> residents can water mondays, wednesdays, and fridays. and before 8:00 a.m or after 7:00 p.m . >> city received much water from lake oroville. about 65% full now the state told us that we'd receive 25% aloe indication of our state water. >> last year, benicia had to buy water on the open market. now, more residents are helping by putting in drought resistant
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plants alleden takes it further. >> when i take a shower i put a bucket in the shower until water gets hot i save the water and put it on the lawn. >> residents who use high amounts of water will pay a drought surcharge. those caught violating schedules will be facing fines up to $500. >> lake shasta is still only 59% full. california farmers are being told they'll get no water from the feds. >> cutting back on water usage in northern california women
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affect the way the whole country needs. 90% of the tomatoes come from here as well and 92% of america's strawberries are california strawberries california also grows more nuts than any other state. 99% of domestic nuts are grown here. >> another lapse in security at mineta san jose airport. a 20-year-old was caught caught walking across an airfield. >> officials say it's layers of
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security are working because she was caught. but they want to do more including raising heights of the fences >> we've increased controls along our fence line. and that is a deterrent. >> an attack on a would be driver is caught on camera. >> the assailant used a padlock receiving only superficial wounds but it was a scary
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night. >> in this case it chronicled the attack. it happened yesterday morning. the passenger hailed the cab driven and told the driver to the to the bart station. >> going to bart, there is a bart station closer. >> when reaching their destination 7th and market began a padlock, then tried to rob them >> the passenger was attempting to take driver electronics and other devices >> he got nothing and ran into the bart station, and disappeared. >> this cab driver suffered a
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brutal beating. the camera recorded the attack. you can see the man beating him. among reasons to protect drivers. since then, robberies declined. >> you have a good view of the back seat of the passengers in the back seat as well. >> there is a camera watching you in the cab. >> attorneys started battling over a wrongful death lawsuit over the case of
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audrey pott. the judge did not rule today, and trial is set to begin on bond. >> strong support for law enforcement tonight the city of san jose prepares to honor a fallen officer. more than a thousand people are expected to attend the memorial for officer johnson shot and killed. chris nguyen is live. chris? >> hi ama. we saw a number of memorials for the officer. we are in front of the you can see preparations for the service that begins at 11:00. there is a sharks game tonight. we're told that crews will be beginning the conversion after the game. and for people in the community it will be a chance to share gratitude. at don's shoe shine,
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he polished shoes for years heart break when learning about the shooting death of officer johnson. >> they put their lives on the line every day. and that is something to do for us. >> the veteran was killed while doing a welfare check. for paul kelly, johnson's death is personal. >> i'm going to miss not seeing him. >> we have people leaving and coming from out of state. and they stopped by.
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>> answering calls, while officers pay respects. but for rulis, he'll practice his trade. taking care of officers who trust him with their gear. >> they want to look in their best. a community coming together to recognize the sacrifice of others. >> there are several road closures along the route. the casket will leave at 10:00. it will head up win chester. we'll provide live coverage of the service tomorrow when it begins and will be streaming online at abc7
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and the yerba buena tunnel on the bay bridge. >> and the noise that startling berkeley residents out of their sleep. >> i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. >> a woman orders flowers
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planned to ask for ransom this was the 20th time the 63-year-old asked for parole the ruling will go through review and could take up to four months before a date is sent to the governor. his brother was released in 2012. the other kidnapper has been denied parole 14 times >> a new banner on treasure island is raising eye brows tonight. a look at how this could open up
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a can of worms. >> around the world armenians are remembering the 100 anniversary of the genocide against them, the first of the 20th century they put up signs, they put up memorials and one on yerba buena island you've never quite seen a sign like this in our area. how about hifltry with your commute? if you take the bay bridge to san francisco you're going to get it in the form of this sign for the month of april. >> and it will be on muni trains and bart into next week. >> kim bardakian, armenian one of 30000 local members of that community, many pitched in to pay the development authority $10,500 for this prime ad space. one supposed to be nonpolitical. but is it? >> we did not evaluate it to be political.
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more of a memorial of historic events. >> the armenian genocide began 100 years ago this month. 1.3 million armenian christians died at the hands of the ottoman government. >> they were killed in the desert by starvation. >> the turkish government denied it happened which does beg a question about free speech. what is to stop another, more controversial group for asking for the space? or causing demonstrations? >> we haven't had a problem in the past with messages of a controversial nature being requested or permitted. and we don't see that this opens up door for that either. >> it's about genocide. hitler said who today remembers the armenians?
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>> this month on the bay bridge we all will. >> berkeley residents are being startled out of their sleep by loud booms that have been going on for a month. residents say it sounds like a loud explosion it frightens kids and sets off car alarms. this map shows where people have heard that loud noise. >> boom. and it's -- it's so loud, that the direction is lost. you just feel it. >> sounds like a fire work. we saw kind of a flash outside of the window. >> police say it may be people setting off fire works the booms have been heard in oakland and it is very dry outside. >> spencer is here with a little
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bit of rain. >> that is true. perhaps easter sunday but now clear skies. strong gusty winds to contend with. sunny skies at this hour, and still, windy. look at the coastal gust. 20 miles per hour gusts. here is a live view looking down onto the bay. and san francisco is currently 59 degrees here. oakland, 64. san jose, 62. 55 in half moon bay. check out this blue sky. it's 66 in san francisco. and 64 in fairfield and 62 in livermore. here is the view of the western
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sky. will be sunny skies and milder tomorrow friday turning cooler over the weekend. there is a showers easter sunday. let's take a look at high pressure still the dominant feature bringing us sunny skies and mild afternoons but we have some unsettled weather bringing cooler air and showers sunday. so let's take a look at our wind gust animation first. starting in the evening, gusts continuing rather powerful and near the bay. winds around 50 miles per hour across the bay and oakland 4:00 a.m . later in the day, strong gusts near the coast. as for that approaching rainfall we'll start saturday, 7:00 p.m and this first system may bring us light scattered showers
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sunday morning. just scattered showers early the second system may bring steady showers next week. perhaps tuesday. overnight clear skies brisk conditions with strong breezes and low temperatures from mid to upper 40s. low to mid-70s on the peninsula. low to mid-70s on the east bay. low to mid-70s inland east bay. uniform high temperatures tomorrow except for the coast. this is a showers sunday, early. another chance of rain tuesday. then drier weather wednesday. this isn't nearly enough rain to make a difference but we welcome
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whatever rain we can get. coming up the clear advantage some points will have. >> yes. this when it comes to getting
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state attorney general camela harris will kick off the senate campaign. she announce the by the in january just days after barbara
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boxer said she will not run for reelection. >> be prepared to pay more if headed to yosemite and other national parks the federal government is raising fees after a six-year moratorium. that is just a fraction of what is needed. >> the ballpark getting into at and t park will be easier for fans that is just one of several new features.
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cleared travellers will be able to bypass the long lines. the players club house was renovated. and now, fans will be able to trade up if they see better seats that aren't being used. >> they'll upgrade seats to a seat made available by a season ticket holder that is not here. >> clever idea. >> the team unveiled some of the commercials running throughout the year. >> still to come here tonight >> why the bill is in limbo and hitting close to home for arkansas's governor. >> the sticking points and how americans feel about a possible agreement. >> plus on a mission.
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sky 7 is oaf breaking news in oakland. police search for a gunman. this is 51 avenue. police aren't saying much yet but do confirm they're searching for someone who is believed to be armed that person was shot. you can get breaking news by following us on twitter and abc7 >> new developments in another so called religious freedom law. in arkansas the governor says he will not sign it until changes are made. indiana's governor is working to fish his state's law. in arkansas there is
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one critic that is in the governor's own family. >> my son, seth, asking me to veto this bill. >> lawmakers say they're open to discussions but have not said they'll support changes. >> an indiana lawmakers are working on changes to their law. a draft says it can't be used to refuse to provide services or goods based on sexual orientation. a final deal will require approval of the governor. >> new jersey senator vows this evening to fight the corruption charges levelled against
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him. among the alleged perks caribbean vacations, hotel rooms and trips on a plane. he's expected to appear in court, tomorrow >> negotiations over iran's nuclear program are headed into double overtime. a deadline passed today without an agreement. >> talks in switzerland are heading to another overtime. >> the talks continued to be productive. >> u.s. and allies are working to nail down an agreement the goal to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons. the white house says talks have been going on for a year and
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negotiators reached the end of the road. >> it's time for iran to demonstrate whether or not they're willing to make commitments >> there are sticking points. and if there is a deal negotiations >> the concessions offered to iran would ensure a bad deal. >> a new washington post pole found by a 2-1 margin, americans support the agreements the u.s. and allies are pushing for. the white house says u.s. and allies are prepared to walk away from negotiations if stalled but if there is progress they'll
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keep working. >> iraqi government says a security forces have retaken the northern city of tikrit. troops raised iraqi flag over offices in the city which was saddam hussien's hometown. the jihadist group seized control of the city last summer during it's blitz across northern, and western iraq. analysts say recapturing tikrit would be the biggest win so far. >> a group made a stop in san jose to protest in front of the mexican consulate. the college students vanished and there are accusations they were killed and parents say they want more people to protest in
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mexico. >> this is for american people. >> in san francisco saturday a march and community forum. >> a bizarre story out of stanford a medical student has been charged with poisoning her class mate's water bottles putting paraformaldehyde over several months the student has pleaded not guilty for reason of insanity and is no longer a student. . >> i was very upset. >> next an arrangement that never showed and
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>> sending flowers is a common way to pay respects to a funeral. can you be sure your flowers made it to the service? >> this
6:40 pm
>> this viewer ordered a floral display she want immediate to warn you. check out the florist before you buy. >> reporter: kathy shows us pictures of her big brother enjoying family gatherings. he would do anything for his son. >> when he died she and her sister wanted to show she found a perfect wreath. >> very pretty. i ordered it five days prior to the funeral. >> she added a loving message, ordered the flowers and received a confirmation . >> i showed up at the funeral home, on sunday, i don't see the
6:41 pm
flowers. >> she looked and the flowers never made it to the funeral. >> it was more than just flowers. just showing our love. i was very, very upset. >> she tried to contact amy florist. she wondered what if she hadn't had been at the service? >> i never would have known. >> we found out it is not a flower shop in san jose but in southern california with an f rating with the bbb. with many customers saying they never got flowers either. however after kathy disputed the charge, amy florist did refund her right way and e mailed 7 on your side saying those flowers were delivered a day ahead as requested but could have been misplaced. the company said there are many reasons why someone might believe the flowers weren't
6:42 pm
delivered at a funeral. it could be they were delivered to the flower room and the staff failed to move them to the service. kathy says her brother's ashes will be scattered in his homeland of fiji with more flowers. >> amy florist says it doesn't use a city name and has a network in every city. look for the physical address if you want a local florist. to see my reports go to abc7 and then, select 7 on your side >> just ahead on abc7 news at 6:00 the mother of all demos to
6:43 pm
music. >> next, the demonstration that changed the way the world looked at computers nearly 50 okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
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morit field is under google's control. google plans to renovate the hangars and use them for projects and robotics. >> there is rain coming our way possibly this weekend. right now, sunny skies with breezy conditions, breezy to windy. we thought we're in bad shape last year at this time with only 33% there. tomorrow, statewide mainly sunny skies mild conditions and that includes the bay area. high temperatures tomorrow ease
6:47 pm
up into low to mid-70s around the bay and inland low to mid-60s on the coast. here is the accu-weather forecast. after two mild afternoons tomorrow and friday, sharply cooler weather over the weekend, maybe light rain sunday morning. >> thank you. >> all right. larry is here with sports tonight. >> i am playing sports should be sponsored by theraflu tonight. >> why go back to new york?
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ta >> chris mullens says it's his job to keep the warriors at the top.
6:51 pm
st. john's has been a power house for a decade. he says he's a coaching rookie and wants to restore the program to glory days. >> when that opportunity is presented to me i couldn't turn it down. and i'm going to try to win every game. i can guarantee you that. >> the 16-2 record earned steve kerr western conference coach of the month honors. there is the move everybody is talking about. golden state's 10th win joining don nelson nellie did it in
6:52 pm
1989 and 1987. this is the second honor this year also coach of january. >> kings about to make big history calling up sim bular, making them the first roster of indian descend, at one point ballooned to 400 pounds but he's been playing hard and will get a chance. >> leading a's was acquired from tampa in the off season. and the question is whether you play them in the infield or outfield?
6:53 pm
>> you know getting here, getting to see what they're like, personally is just making it more fun. >> you know i want to give our team the chance to put the best team on the field. if that is me i just want to be in the line of hitting i love to hit. he spent eight years with tampa and played one world series back in 2008, and knows how passionate his fan base can be. >> there are fans out there, i've been out this in right field and
6:54 pm
bringing his nickname from tampa. >> i like to goof around a little bit, too. >> abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> thank you. >> how can you cut back by 25% at your home? >> captured in yemen now the local entrepreneur risking his life just to get home. >> almost 50 years before steve jobs demoed the first iphone, another demo may have changed
6:55 pm
computing history forever. >> what has come to be called mother of all demos is being recreated with a twist. >> we're going to show you rather than tell you about this program. >> so began the historic demo of why every desk should is a computer. >> the world had never seen one of these. >> the idea of a mouse came from dog. >> he engineer that had famous demo too big to move. so he used tv cameras to beam a picture of the park. >> they were there. they saw it. >> that is why english is a
6:56 pm
guest of honor. >> we wanted to heighten the experience for the audience. >> this is a way to sometimes explode into 2015. >> he and others see what is on screen. >> this is a generation of people looking at code as poetry. >> sanford is a university and this is a teachable moment. >> it's called unfinished legacy. >> where should we be going? >> the original demo predicted
6:57 pm
video collaboration. >> the use is something we didn't restrict at the time. >> internet is where you can see this video the live show is sold out. >> that is it for abc7 news. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time.
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a project manager from madison, wisconsin... a volunteer guardian ad litem from manchester, new hampshire... and our returning champion -- a phd student in computer science originally from chicago, illinois... whose 3-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ applause ] thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. hope you were watching yesterday. great day for michael. not a record-setting day. that record is still around $70,000-some
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but michael picked up $56,000. meanwhile, we have a-a game to do. so, kerry and max, welcome aboard and good luck to you. here we go. what are the categories in the first round today? they are... followed by... notice "moon" in quotation marks. next, in honor of occupational therapy month a whole category on that subject. that's followed by... and... michael, off you go. let's take body for $200 please. kerry. what is the trachea? that's right. uh, body for $400. michael. what is the tricuspid valve? no. kerry. what is the mitral valve? that's it. yes. body for $600.


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