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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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alps we will reveal what experts are saying will have to change to make sure this never happens again. >> do not be fool by the fresh food section, not all grocery stores are alike, and "consumer reports" partne your side" to find the best places to shop. thank you i am eric thomas with a meteorologist mike and the forecast. >> calm in most areas but the north bay is calming so this kept the temperatures up and you are in the 30s and 50s rather than 40s and 50s and only six miles per hour. the 12 how day planner is 39 to 54 at 7:00 and up to 58 at can and chilly this evening grab a coat at 54 to 62. it is getting busy. no wind advisory for the bridges, we have building of
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traffic there at the bay bridge toll plaza where it is a heavy drive from the east bay to san francisco and right now it is 13 minutes commute to make it from the macarthur maze up to san francisco and that is a look at the macarthur maze with traffic still trickling in so it is light and accident free. in the news the city of san jose is preparing for a somber send off to one of its own an officer killed in the line of cut. michael johnson a 14-year veteran of the for was shot and killed and his memorial today is drawing support from around the community and the country. our reporter is at s.a.p. center where the memorial is held. >> this is an emotional day for the officers of officer michael johnson and for the community the process begins in los gatos at 10:00 a.m. and will head to the s.a.p. center expecting to arrive at 10:30 with the service the starting at 11 o'clock the
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first speaker for the service is the assistant police chief welcoming everyone to the memorial and the chief is scheduled to speak at 11:35 followed by the attorney general kamala harris and michael johnson's harris will be follow by the department's chaplain. this will be an emotional day for the community and many people are spended to lane the route from los gatos through campbell and into san jose. as the marriott hotel downtown a tribute to officer johnson greetses visitors as they c inside. >> we have a last people coming and they stop by pay their respects. >> several zig aniaries are attending the service including mike honda and some local leaders here, the santa clara county supervisors and the san jose city council including the mayor liccardo and more than a thousand people are expected here including law enforcement if all over the nation.
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the memorial for officer johnson will take many shows police officers off the streets today but not to worry law enforcement officers from around the south bay are stepping up to keep everyone safe and show their support. our reporter is at the old san jose city hall to continue our coverage. >> every law enforcement agency from around santa clara county is expected to arrive at old city hall in a few hours and they will be greeted by the county board supervisors would will thank them for service as they fill in the roles attending officer johnson's memorial service. there is a huge outpouring of support from law enforcement agencies mere and far and we saw the santa cruz police officer show its support after going through a similar tragedy and the san jose police department said it is overwhelmed with support and it is not just
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uniformed men and women coming together but those would work closely with police are showing gratitude for officers such as this shoe shiner polishing officers officers a meaningful gesture. >> we want to be look their best and be their best off-and-on. >> some of the law en agency who would provide the aid include sunnyvale and palo alto and senator that clear sheriff to name a few and they will walk over to the police department where they go into a briefing and get their assignment and they will be back in the patrol car by 8:45. a popular south bay bar is holding a fundraiser today to help the family of officer johnson. brittania arms is donating all
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sales not just the percentage of profits. a co-owner is nolan and the fundraiser will have memorabelia from sports teams. we will have live coverage with the procession from los gatos and we will stream it online at . >> officials at mineta san jose international airport want to do pore to beef up security after another breach. the 20-year-old was arrested accused of jumping the fence and caught walking across the airfield after 5:00. police say she was resisting arrest. officials at mineta san jose international airport say the layers of security are working because she was caught. this is the fifth lapse of security in the past year is they want to do more including raising the height of the 15 --
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15s. >> german transportation officials considering an overhaul on airplane cockpits after the crash of the germanwings flight 9525 looking at whether to introduce new neckisms to make the cockpit accessible to airline personnel who need to get inside. the co-pilot who suffered from depression locked pilot out of the cockpit and intentionally downed the plane killing all 150 people. >> "good morning america" will have more on how the crash could bring about changes in medical record and ways to stop the red flags. >> criminal charges have been dismissed against two homeless man caught adamaged by berkeley community ambassadors according to the san francisco chronicle the alameda district torn has dismissed the case against two men who pleaded no con to of the to battery charges. the decision came after authorities reviewed a video that showed downtown berkeley arches beating them after a
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verbal altercation. one of the ambassadors has been fired and the other is suspended. >> a man convicted of kidnapping a bus load of children has been grant parole. 63-year-old is serving a life sentence. in 1976 he and his pro and another kidnap 26 kip -- kidnapped the children and their bus driver. they all escaped. new this morning, officials in the east pay say a mysterious substance that leaked into a creek in dublin turned it to be roof sealant. firefighters got a call before 1:00 o'clock p.m. of a potentially hazardous substance leaking into a creek. it turns out the substance was roof sealant and officials do not know how it helped up in the creek or what specific chemicals are there. >> a teacher is recovering from
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burns suffered during a science experiment gone wrong and abc was at palo alto high school yesterday after suffering first- or second-degree burns after a chemical reaction spark claims. the teacher doused the fire in the emergency shower in the classroom. no students were hurt. >> developer who build a that slid down a hillside is being sued. murphy is accused of violating city codes over a decade and fatally to respectly reinforce a project that collapsed and accuses of hide rental income great another housing project. he is now a port commissioner. the city attorney wants a judge to let them inspect 20 of his rental properties and fine him $2,autopsy for d $2,500 for each violation of the city code.
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>> now the weather and traffic. mike? >> we have santa clara and cupertino cool at 42 degrees. alum rock is 43. campbell is at 42 also. san jose is friction. mountain you have is 48 and 49 around los altos hills. danville is the cool spot at quarter-mile away from the epicenter at 38 degrees. the temperatures this afternoon are microclimates against as we have continues of sunshine and light are wind, and 66 to 73 from san francisco to san jose and 70 to 74 inland and 61 to 66. we are going to take a look at the drive on 87 in san jose near julian street and the s.a.p. center. this is where we have officer michael johnson's memorial this morning. you can expect to see road
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closures away the area. there will be traffic delays. traffic now is building beyond the julian street on ramp. we have an accident westbound along highway 4 at willow pass road blocking one lane and now check out the delays heavy backups from pittsburg. it tushes out a british retailer's apology of a dress featuring a small naked person was a good prank. >> they issued an apology saying it was recalling this dress because it accidentally included a naked beachgoer. it was all an april fools dayject. the retailer updated the witness saying we were -- the witness the website saying we were pulling your leg. >> boston marathon bombing will pay tribute to the marathon bombings victims with the race right away the corner. >> the warriors look to extend
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covering palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning everyone, it is 6:14. a look from the exploritorium camera at the gorgeous bay bridge and the bay itself is smooth as glass but it is cooler. mike will have the forecast. >> one person is dead and ten others are hurt after a fast-moving fire at a motel if los angeles. you are looking at video into our newsroom, and authorities say the raging fire broke out after 3:00 at a motel outside the port of los angeles and several people jumped in the second floor to escape the flames and it took more than 100 firefighters an hour to put the
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fire out. for word on the cause. if you this morning boston found a new way to honor the victims of the 2013 marathon bombing, city leaders announcing they are establishing a front door for the finish line including a clubhouse and enter active museum and retail store to create a year-round public presence for the first time. the city released a picture to the associated press showing a snapshot of some memorabelia from the 2013 race that will be on display at the museum scheduled to open on april 16 four days ahead of the race. tonight stanford has a chance to win the for the second time in two years bat egg the university of miami in the championship game at madison square garden with both teams winning tuesday night in the semifinals beating old dominion and the game tips off on sister network espn. the warriors are riding a
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ten game writtenning street against the the suns and greene could miss the game because of the shin injury they are the best 61-13. do not forget abc is the home for the nba finals with coverage june 4 right here on abe -- abc7. >> who will they take on in the finals? >> will they get there? do you think? >> totally. >> history suggests the first time they make it to the playoffs they do not make it but hopefully that will change history. >> history we will be there. >> taking on earthquakes at
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12:36, a 3.6 earthquake still trending on twitter even though it was minor. a green brook subdivision shows the epicenter at san ramon valley boulevard and 680 and to the iron horse trail. >> as far as our visibility the air is dry again and our lips are chapped this morning. the exploritorium camera shows it is brick over the water this morning, at ten miles per hour wind for the ferry ride but high pressure come ms. and brings sunshine and warmer and warmer conditions today and tomorrow. sea breeze is back and showers are possible on sunday and better chan on tuesday. as far as the pollen it is plenty full and cedar and
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juniper and oak and sycamore. we have low-to-mid 60s along the cost into san francisco and santa cruz is the exception at 68 and temperatures in the upper 60 to burlingame and 70s to the inland valley. tone we will have dry air and cooler conditions and more 30s inland valleys but a left low-to-upper 40s when you step outside and cooler than today. the high pressure is holing our next system at bay in the gulf of alaska and with the high pressure hanging an, it will be sunny and this first system pushes the high out of the way and opens the door for the second system bringing if more wet weather. on saturday night, and sunday morning, standard showers drizzle, along the coast and it will get out of here by the lunch hour and the next system comes in monday night through the rush hour on tuesday morning
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so that be could tricky. we are in the 50s and 60s until 70s on when. >> we are starting off with a live picture of the san mateo bridge is that drive is getting busy and fought like it was yesterday. yesterday was a mess. >> we had late picking up construction there and that is why but this morning not the case so we are looking at free-flowing traffic across the water to the peninsula. in the eastbound direction we will have a couple lanes taken away until 11 o'clock in preparation for a big project taking place next month. we have a couple of incidents this the east bay a stalled vehicle on the fly over between southbound 880 and 238 if you make the drive northbound along 2389 you will find it with the slow traffic continuing in the southbound direction to highway knot and two-car crash blocking one lane westbound, showing the
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at grocery store make sure you have the fresh of the food for your family. >> some stores stack up better than others. we have partnered with "consumer reports" and "7 on your side" to explain. >> how fresh is the food at your grocery store? a "consumer reports" survey shows that some super markets deliver much fresher food than others. >> americans average 83 trip as year away the super market superpowerring $5,400. half of that money is going for fresh food produce, meat, spread and ready to eat food. "consumer reports" rated 68 super market across the country on the quality of their fresh food based on a survey of 63,000
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readers. >> we asked of the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat store prepared food and baked goods and being clean and staff courtcy and polices. only 63 percent say they are highly satisfied with the quality of their poultry and meat and only half are happy with the prepared food and bakery options. wal-mart super centers the biggest grocery store in the country scored the bottom of the rating getting low marks. >> wal-mart did not do well with being clean and staff. they did better for prices but it want the best for price. >> "consumer reports" contacted wal-mart for a comment and was given a statement from the c.e.o. "every store i go room to improve and if we nail those, opinion an is better."
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several regional scores were top including trader gentleman's -- joe's and costco that did better than wal-mart. the morning news continues at 6 ok with -- at 6:30 continues with top stories include airbnb take advantages of politics and changes to capitalize open business. >> an answer three months after a deadly fire in the mission and we will tell you what fires are saying of a cause. high pressure brings us a quiet period today and tomorrow with sunshine and warmer weather. look the at first chance of wet weather, sunday morning, easter eggs could be wet but a better chance on tuesday. >> soggy eggs all right.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good thursday or, it is 6:29, a look from the east bay hills camera, looking down on the emeryville area across the bay bridge into san francisco twinkling lights. thank you for being with us. i am kristen sze. leyla gulen is keeping track of traffic and meteorologist mike nicco is keeping track of weather. what did we have in store beside the beautiful shot of the sunrise? >> i will talk about the earthquake because it was trending on twitter and i cannot say those two words a 3.6 12:36 and we will go to the green brook subdecision on delta -- subdecision on delta way
6:30 am
where the epicenter was. we are going to have sutro tower and a look at the day planner today, 12-hour day planner where we have mid-30s to low 50s through 7:00 and the coast will warm into the upper 50s to low 60 headed through the afternoon and if you head out at anyone it will be in the mid-60s but sunshine will make it feel warmer and grab a coat this evening, it will not be so breezy but as chilly at mid-50s to low 60s. i know you felt a jolt from the earthquake. leyla? >> sound asleep. we look right now at traffic and looking peaceful for east bay hills camera and you cannot hear the honking horns and grumbling but that is weak back southbound side looking heavy rounding the corner and flashing lights in the distance as you make your way around the corner and that is possibly due to a stalled vehicle on the shoulder. it is a tough drive before you get here because we have a
6:31 am
couple actions on highway 4 westbound with aural the details straight ahead. >> today thousands of people from dignitaries to police to the public will turn out this morning to honor a fall were san jose police officer. 14-year veteran michael johnson was shot and killed by a suspect. the memorial is held at the s.a.p. center in san jose. that is where our reporter joins us. matt? i spoke with the lieutenant with the san jose lived and he said inside the s.a.p. center are two patrol cars and one of the patrol cars belongs to officer michael johnson they are know toes and flowers on display and it will be a huge turnout more than a thousand people are septembered -- expected for the funeral. procession begins in los gatos at 10:00 a.m. at the chapel of the hills and it will head northbound on win chest are boulevard to stevens creek boulevard ending at the s.a.p. center at autumn street and santa clara and it will be
6:32 am
emotional for law enforcement and community the first officer to die in the line of duty since 2001 and paul kelly with the police officers association talk to us about this. >> him not being here and not sighing him and being part of police family it is tough. several dignitaries will be here the service starts at look with speakers from the san jose lived, michael's family and clergy followed by a moment of radio silence at 12:57 and a final salute at 1:08. police helicopters are flying in formation after the service followed by a private ceremony for the family at a san jose cemetery. matt, thank you. officer johnson was shot and killed by a suspect open match 24 while responding to a report
6:33 am
that a map was distraught, intoxicated and had access to guns. investigators say officer johnson was ambushed by the suspect would fired a rifle from the balcony of his apartment in east san jose. police say another officer shot and killed the suspect in an exchange of bullets. >> a popular south bay bar is holding a fundraiser to help the family of officer johnson. brittania arms is donating all sales not just a percentage of profits. form sharks all help star nolan is a co-owner. he said the silent auction and paragraph goal colleagues raffle will have sports memorabelia. >> we will stream this on-line. >> if you details in the violent
6:34 am
attack on a san francisco taxi driver captured by the surveillance video. >> look. they reached the destination the passenger pummeled the driver and tried to problem him on tuesday after midnight at 7th and market. the driver is grateful he was not seriously hurt. >> i tried to resist and said, no no, no do not do this. he dropped the lock and kept hitting me and hitting me and i deflected most of blows. he pop me and landed clean. >> he said when he got suspicious when the passenger sat directly behind him and got away with nothing. he ran into the civic center bart station and disappeared. new details investigators have determined a major fire in the mission district was not intentionally set. one person was killed and 70 displaced of the the january 28
6:35 am
fire does not appear to be the result of arson or foul play and they believe it could be the result of an electrical failure. it cost $8 million in damage. this morning water agencies across california will begin work to implement drastic measures to combat the severe drought. the governor made history yesterday ordering unprecedented restrictions to deal with our vanishing water. the governor issued an executive order for mandatory 25 percent cuts in urban water use statewide. farmers are not affected because they have been hit hard. water agencies will charge more for excessive water use. >> simple changes at home can help you save gallons of water where a link at abc7 news. >> today the oakland city council is holding a rare thursday meet to discuss the budget and the vice mayor and city council president land to introduce a resolution opposing indiana's religious freedom law.
6:36 am
indiana's governor signed a bill into law giving businesses the right to refuse services. some believe this opens the door to discriminating against gays and lesbians. >> right now, the top republican lawmakers are holding a news conference announcing amendments for the controversial law. this is a picture from indianapolis. the amendments include anti-discrimination safe fares and have been negotiating with business leaders over the language. an indiana democratic representative said they were close to having enough republican votes to repeal the religious act but the question is in the republican leadership would let them vote their conscience. >> setting the standard new research on smartphones that prove that there is something we all really cannot live without. >> lay ball. baseball season is here. what you need to know of the
6:37 am
series the pre-season series this weekend. >> check this out looking at the bay bridge toll plaza and it is become up and barely moving. we will check weather and traffic on or side of this ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i wear my clothes like this ♪ ♪ because i can, ♪ ♪ i wear my hair like this because i can, ♪ ♪ i walk around like this because i can, ♪ ♪ and i do my thing like this cause it's who i am ♪ ♪ and i do my thing. ♪ maxx your thing... at t.j.maxx! brands that help you express yourself at prices that look good on you! keep your standards high and your spending low. maxx life! at t.j.maxx. brookside chocolate now has a crunch. brookside crunchy clusters - crispy multi-grains and sweet fruit-flavored pieces dipped in rich dark chocolate. discover brookside crunchy clusters.
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>> we round out spring training and game one at at&t park dropping into the mid-50s by end of the game. first pitch is 7:15. low-to-mid 70s through the central valley and 77 if los angeles and 52 in lake tahoe which is close to average. the snow pack as you know is record low at 5 percent but check out the forecast for the weekend: we could get from half foot to a foot of snow on the highest peaks. the golden gate bridge is nice drive great marin with traffic heavier and slow hitting lombard and the macarthur maze is looking good, and over to highway four in the westbound direction the traffic is cleared at willow pass road leaving us with backups from pittsburg and a new crash westbound highway 4 with more delays in antioch and
6:41 am
bay bridge series and around at&t park and the bay, the sun versus the warriors tonight at 6:30. >> from playing politics to boosting business, expands to cuba. >> day in the know with a look at the san mateo bridge where traffic is slow but it is moving. we have traffic and weather together through the entire commercial break.
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>> covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. happening now at least 15 people are dead. 65 are wouldn'ted after gunmen stormed a yasser arafat in -- university in kenya at a dorm. the gunmen are still holed up. one suspected attacker was arrested as he tried to run away. witnesses say they targeted christians and one claimed to be affiliated with a islamic militant group. >> san francisco based home rental service is taking its business all the way to cuba capitalizing on a newly reformed relationship between that country and the united states.
6:45 am
we are in the news room with a along at what will be a big hit. this is the first day airbnb is posting cuba listing with a through on the web site. here are the available rentals including hopes and programs and individual rooms. the average price a night is $36. if havana the average justified up -- jumped up to $43 and some clues maid service. they expect more united states travel after the announcement by president obama the government is loosening restrictions. new obtain a special license from the u.s. government and accommodations are only if you fall under certain categories include family visits, religious anives, professional research and education, to make this happen employees of airbnb had
6:46 am
to work with the local resolution extents already renting out their homes. a challenge they are having is the internet access and use there is very low and some from to go to internet cafes to check on the reservations. it is based in san francisco and now operates in 190 countries happening today, pope tran isis is honoring holy thursday by presiding over two catholic services celebrating mass before heading to the main prison in rome to wash and kiss the feet inmates, designed to showing if to serve others. it come people rates the jess too of christ of humility. he talks of different ways briefs can be tired and said this is not bad but a sign they are giving tear lives for their flock. >> cities around the world are lighting up blue in honor of world autism aware if day.
6:47 am
the united nations estimates 70 million people have autism and last year 8,400 buildings across 101 cup used blue lights to show support four autism awareness. >> godaddy first day. >> and california has the most brewers on craft beers. jane king has that. good morning, a little bit herer today up 16 or 30 points and the s&p 500 can nasdaq are higher. pretty quiet as the markets are closed tomorrow for good friday. we will get a monthly jobs report although the stock market is chose. godaddy stock is off to the races making the debut on wednesday and the stock did better-than-expected with the i.p.o. now valued at $4 billion.
6:48 am
7 percent of americans say their smartphone is their only connection to the internet and most americans use a mix of ways to get on-line but 7 percent use smartphones and they are younger, poorer less educated and often minorities. >> a new king of craft beer from pennsylvania, because the brewers associations switched the definition of what constitutes a craft brewery and for craft beer list is without those from california so sierra nevada is three, and we took a 6th place and 9th place and a 16th place. and an air story with a pilots that were to strike today but there is an order that prevented that from happening and the pilots are concerned about working conditions and changes in the schedule. no doubt that story will
6:49 am
continue. funny the beer story as baseball comes back to town. >> they go together. >> beer and garlic fries. nothing better. >> nothing better. >> all right. it will look good with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s so dress according with sunshine and at the element school in piedmont i met my new best friend. it is like when adam sandler went back-to-school. some of the teachers and i appreciate the 5th great teachers. it was a great time. you can see unlimited visibility. some haze along the coast. milder this morning than yesterday on the coast and the
6:50 am
south bay is cooler because of the calm conditions and bone dry air. some of winds will continue to fade as we head throughout the afternoon hours as the high pressure brings us sunny and calmer and warmer conditions today and tomorrow and sea breeze is back as does the cooler weather and two areas of low pressure one on sunday and a stronger on tuesday with a chance of scattered light showers and pollen wise from the east bay hills at oakland to san francisco, still a high amount of cedar and juniper and we have low-to-upper 60s along the cost into san francisco and a few upper 60s headed down the peninsula and in san mateo and the rest of the by shore line we are in the low-to-mid 70s and that will tran late into the inland neighborhoods and tonight we are in the 30s, low-to-mid 40s elsewhere and here is a look at area of high pressure steering the low to the north right now and the low is
6:51 am
what is going to push this high out of the way and bring us a first chance of wet weather on sunday morning a scattered light shower and better chance of heavier rain on tuesday morning during the commute. here is my seven-day forecast, look what happens to the temperatures we will hold on to 70s on saturday and my 50s to mid-60s on sunday and monday and tuesday and wednesday it is dry and warmer. have a great day. >> we have 57 bart trains running on time and caltrain has if delays and use caltrain for the bay bridge series at at&t park today and tomorrow. and ace trains 3 5 and 7 mostly on time. 101 in san jose is right near nimitz and traffic is free flowing along 880 and you can see the nimitz freeway not seeing any slow downs. we had an early action at -- early accident still expensing
6:52 am
slows at 25 miles per hour approaching it. when you get beyond the nimitz you are free flowing up to the mineta san jose international airport and 280 interest spots slowing approaching highway 17 and 85 is looking busy as you make the drive away from 101 but it clears up into cupertino. >> thank you. >> we back with seven things to know before you go. >> first looking at the bay bridge toll plaza as the sun is ready to rice with a you've been part
6:53 am
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make the weekend pop! welcome back. 59-- 6:54. it looks like it will be gorgeous. chilly. >> here are seven things to know before you go. more than a thousand people are expected to attend the memorial for san jose police officer michael johnson killed in the line of duty last week. the memorial at s.a.p. center begins at 11 o'clock a.m. and our coverage is before that with the procession from los gatos. a 3.6 earthquake lit at 12:36 centered a mile northwest of san ramon and people felt it across the region up to vallejo and as far south as present and many thought it felt like a sharp joint. >> criminal champions are
6:55 am
dismissed against two homeless men attacked on camera by two berkeley ambassadors according the chronicle. one is fired one suspended. the d.a. did not determine if they will press charges. >> governor brown ordered restrictions to deal with the vanishing water supply and issued an executive order for mandatory that percent cuts in urban water use and statewide. water averages will charge more for excessive water use. >> the as and the giants play at at&t park tonight to end spring training. the opening day is monday weapon the as against texas. >> this morning, low 40s around dublin and leften and walnut creek if you are heading to those stayings and mid-to-upper 40s elsewhere and sfo is 50. the coolest temperature is at 37
6:56 am
in healdsburg and danville the epicenter of the earthquake at 39. this afternoon 70 to 74 inland and 65 in the coast in san jose and 63 away the bay. >> that is a healthy amount of traffic westbound across the water from hayward to foster city the drive across the water will take you 15 minutes and as we move over to the richmond-san rafael toll plaza that traffic now is backing up and we are looking at stacked up traffic from castro street. 580 tracy to dublin is thinning out at 35 minutes over the altamont pass and highway 4 grabbing at 27 minutes from antioch to concord a couple of early actions have cleared and 101 through marin is nice. >> a see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
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good morning, america. breaking news, terror attack. gunmen open fire on a college campus in kenya. a fierce shootout with police. more than a dozen killed. attackers still on the loose. elite military units on the scene. we have the very latest. happening now, severe storms striking across the nation. >> oh, my god. >> whipping winds tearing up the heartland. cattle running for cover. hail pounding down as the severe drought forces california to take drastic measures. [ screaming ] caught on camera. the terrifying moment a wrong-way driver crashes head-on into a school bus. how did the hero bus driver protect the kids on board? they walked away with only minor injuries. and final tribute. an emotional moment at the "fast and furious" premiere. vin diesel speaking out about


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