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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  April 3, 2015 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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>> vicious unprovoked attack on homeless man. tonight san francisco police are asking for your help. >> beating caught on surveillance camera as you can plainly see. officers hope someone recognizes the man seen hitting the victim right on the head. good evening oechl. >> happened last night did near lark and aguirre street. >> we have the story and reaction from the people who know the victim. katie that is brutal to watch. >> it really is. hard to watch i think dan and amma. people who know the victim say he's roger regular on the corner where attacked. police work in the area also know the victim they say he's a nice guy. neighbors though to not recognize the attacker but police hoping you might. >> this video kleevrl show as man walking on lark street and he reaches a homeless man sitting against a wall. >> he pull out a blunt metal object and almost like a baseball swing swingts across
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the left side of the victim's head knocks him unconscious. >>reporter: happened a little before 9:30 on wednesday night exploratorium police officer carlos fred says the victim lost a lot of blood and need fwid stitches. taking the case personally because he knows the homeless mail. he is a very nice man. he doesn't try to harmony 1. he always hi attorney that says had i to everyone. >> the owner of the before nose the vichlt he says his is name is robert. >> he's a regular guy. is here morning day night every take. >> seems a lot of people know roychbility pain in the butt for most part but he was okay. never above therd anybody. >> frederick brought flowers candle to the scene. >> like flowers maybe getting better. >> officers don't think the ataeshing is homeless. hoem hope some one will recognize him and call police. >> we want to send a strong
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message to anybody who thinks it's okay to do this. if we catch you you will be incarcerated. >> suspect could be charged with attempted murder. if san francisco, abc 7 news. >> highway patrol investigating a crash that killed a motorcycle motorcyclist near the san mateo bridge. sky 7 hd over south bond 101 eastbound 92 around 6 tonight. highway patrol says the biker lost control. hit the concrete barrier and fell 50 feet off the ramp to the ground below. witness say green suv actually switched lanes and hit the bike and traffic was only moving 5 to 10 miles per hour at the time. >> they advice us that the motorcycle was traveling in the no. 2 lean. at which time they observe the green jeep suv type vehicle switch lanes colliding with the motorcycle in turn causing motorcycle ride tore lose control. >> victim is a 54-year-old man from hayward exploratorium police searching for hispanic
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woman driving a jeep cherokee that hit bicyclist and cars nearal month square tonight. driver first hit mini cooper on fell street at 5:40 then took off scott's street toward oak. that's when she hit 3 bicyclist that's when she hit 3 bicyclist. one scene flying 20 feet. bicyclist taken thoughts as you contain imagine. driver just kept going. hitting a park car and forcing it into the garage door. officers later found abandoned jeep in south an sfran but no driver. >> long sad day coming to close tonight in san jose. community bay year and police officers everywhere are mourning the death of officer michael johnson. >> he was 38 years old and 14 year veteran of the san jose police department. here you see the hearse carrying johnson bode leaving a fine relevant home in los gatos this morning and arriving at the sap center downtown san jose for the service. somber procession lasted nearly 45 minutes. >> students teachers in
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campbell left class to pay the respect. lane the road holding nerp flag as officer johnson procession passed by. >> thousands of 81 formed officers many from around the country failed into johnson memorial and that included virtually every san josep coy. johnson casket carried into the arena where he was given final is a lawsuit from the thousands in stand answer and moving trib fruit fellow officer who was part of johnson training class. >> on the count of 3 i give mike standing ovation forth awesome life he gave for us. 1 awesome life he gave for us. 1, 2, 3. fight that round went on for full michbility officer john still being regard tonight as community rally to wrist money for his family. >> fundraiser still going on tonight at san jose britain
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arms. lisa is live from the expressway location where still a crowd tonight 12 hours after the fundraiser started. >> people start pouring into this downtown location at 11:00 o'clock in the morning. take a look behind me. you can see they are drinking. talking. really just being a community manager tell me they have already raised tens of thousands of dollars and all of it will good to the johnson family. >> britain arms is overflowing with people and memory of officer michael john soychbility he was a kind generous man. and he would put his life on the line for anyone his life on the line for anyone. >> mood here tonight is light after heavy somber morning. at today memorial friends family had a chance to say xwb to officer johnson. >> make was always genuine always honest. always trustworthy always loyal always
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there if his friend needed nishtion he loved his friends family and had many passions. >> mike approached everything in life with go big or good home attitude. when we were growing up make didn't just play che guevera he was captain of the chess team. >>reporter: 38-year-old didn't just take the this he was a second degree black belt and teacher. officer johnson loved to travel. scuba dive. even bake cheese cake. he found joy laughter everywhere. even when enduring the police academy 14 years ago. >> if he marched like a duck with 3 leg on crutches. it was a mess every time. we laughed we cried and we worked together. >>reporter: friend now organizing another fundraiser for the johnson family here. >> organize chaos everyone suffering together work out hard together. everyone doing this together and do it because he can't. >>reporter: that fundraiser will take place april 18. in san jose, lisa, abc 7 news.
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>> more fundraisers planned for the johnson family. san jose earthquake raise money for the johnson family. they have donation bin at the easter egg hunt that follows the match this suchbilityd police officer association is accepting donation as well. >> if memorial for officer johnson growing outside the apartment where he was shot. of we were on center road when 2 officers are sea side stopped by to pay their respects today. quite touching. san jose officers pauseed to remember their fallen comrade. >> for excerpt from today fine relevant and photo gallery of officer johnson good to our web site. >> family of a livermore woman hit and killed by drunk driver in 2013 is suing the driver airports for wrongful death. 21-year-old christina chester 21-year-old christina chesterman nursing student at chico state riding her bike on campus when 19-year-old riley hoover hit her an left her on the side of the road. her family says his parents knew had he an alcohol and drug
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problem but let him drive their car any way. >> at least 3 san francisco police officers accused of sending racist text message suspended to. police chief greg sir confirmed sues pension to us. he says there wills be a recommendation to fire them. former san francisco police officer ooep exchanged text with the officers. message became public during the bail hearing after he was convicted of public corruption. one of the officers involved hats resign other 3 were reasiptd to units with no public contact. officers that go for recommendation nothing but termination suspended immediately that's tomorrow before cholesterol of business. >> total of 13 officers are under investigation and the chief says there will be more suspension. turning now to the california drought and popular snack that some say is not healthy. you know almond growers use 10% of the state world trade center supply every year? fv scientist estimate it takes one gallon of water just to
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grow one almond. that has water conservationist awfully worried. >> this drought is nature wake up dhawl it's not physically sustainable. the water we use we are using it very efficiently and after all agriculture and crop do need water. >>reporter: experts hope the drought will lead to an innovation among almond growers in how they use water. ty on how to save water at your house on our welcome back site. local home collapses in an instant. next on 7 news. we hear from the man who was inside when it all came down. how he survived to crawl out of this mangled mess. >> the new leash on life. good news for dog rescued from the meat trade over seas. >> like something out of the movie armageddon y.nasa wants to slam multi-million dollar space craft that an asteroid. >> frost advisory in the morning. what follow for holt
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>> the 147 people are dead and dozens of other hurt after 4 gunmen attacked college campus in nairobi. kenya interior minister says most students are christian faichlt islamic group claimed responsibility for the attack. police shot killed the gunman after an attack stand off that lasted 13 hours. >> united states 5 other world powers reached landmark agreement with iran to keep the nuclear program peaceful. 8 days of diplomatic talk in switzerland resulted in iran agreeing to nuclear restriction and inspection to prevent the country from building atomic weapon. >> under the strikeest international supervision of any arms control in history while still allowed to reprocess uranium that does not have the kind of concentration that would make it physically possible for them to produce nuclear weapon in return islamic republic promised that
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economic sanctions will be lifted. >> home in oakland collapse this morning with a man inside. happened in the 800 block of 46 street where contractor was renovate renovating a home. take a look at that daniel you can see the roof collapsed in. if alan tells us how the man inside survived. fichlts sleeping about right there where you see. that the front door right there. >>reporter: 68-year-old powell was sleeping in the sun rule of the house when it collapsed around 11 this morning. gray blanket mark the spot where he was lying. >> when i went to go grab him he was like i'm all right i was like no you are not let me help you i kind of pulled him out. >> he's homeless but the contractor let him sleep in the vacant house while under construction. he says an old tv and some luck kept the wall from crushing him. >> grace of god i'm here. yesterday i got bit by a pit bull right there. today house
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fell on me. pishtion next door neighbor car damaged but the neighbor on the other side had his home red tagged. >> a lot of damage we had to mav out. >> collapsed home leaning on michael davie house what it looked like before it fell. contractor raised to it create a second floor. temporary support column had been removed and the bottom level was framed out. people told me three days ago they pass by looking at the house. the house look like it's leaning. >> mr. powell was fortunate to walk away uninjured and now city engineers say they have plenty of question for the contractor. in oakland abc 7 news. >> of three-month old mix is the first of 14 dog at the marin humane society to be adopted after being rescued from a south korean meat farm. here's photo of kelly provided by the marin independent journal. puppy one of 57 canine to rest cued last month
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from dog meat farmer trying to lead the tray this he were flown to bay area groups. >> turn our attention to our weather as we approach the holiday weekend. >> a little bit of rain. sandhya is tracking it for us. >> yes. make sure you have the umbrella forth easter bonnet doesn't get so wet. the bunny has a little bit of company. live doppler 7hd showing you no rain right now but we expect rain as we head toward the holiday weekend. frost advisory north by valley. 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. to. wind shelter valley could drop down to the low 30's so we expect potential for damage to sensitive plants due to the frost bring them inside cover them you know the drill. temperatures right now in our coolest spots in the 40's petaluma napa fairfield even danville did you know to 48 degrees. live picture from the exploratorium camera. financial district if the clear financial district if the clear. chilly morning patchy frost sunny mild conditions again tomorrow and showers are
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coming on easter sunday. there is computer model agreement now. here's a look at satellite radar high pressure will keep us dry the next 2 days. more sun friday. a little less on saturday as cloud start to increase. here's system no. 1 for sunday. second system coming in now a little faster for your monday and tuesday. so let's start our computer animation saturday night. cloud cover as we head into sunday. when you notice some showers if going to sunrise services sunup at 6:49 and you will need your rain gear. showers continue as we head toward the lunch time hour and then they taper and they wind down. shifting off to the east but the easter egg hunt will be impacted especially for the first half of the day. second system comes in monday and continues through thus one look like it brings a little more written fall so call it moderate rain early next week. could see half to 3 quarters inch. this model hinting at potentially up to an inch. we have to wait and see. in the
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sierra nevada few inches of snow above 4000 feet so if you travel to tahoe and coming back down from there, carry your chains. snow level about 4000 feet potentially down to low loring to 3000 feet. wednesday morning snow total approach half foot at some of our resorts. tomorrow morning cool to chilly. you need to bundle up. upper 30's to the upper 40's and as i mention some of the wind shelter valley may be down to the low 30's. afternoon high a lot like today on the mild side. 71 in santa rose. 64 san francisco. oakland 69. 73 antioch livermore 70 palo alto and face to day san jose. 71 degrees half man bay 60 and in santa cruz 66 degrees. game 2 of the bay bridge series continues tomorrow at at&t park and we look at clear skies in the evening. might need a sweatshirt later on us a notice upper 50's to low 50's by later in the game. accu-weather 7 day forecast. tomorrow is the mildest day. we good did you
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know after that a lot cooler on easter. showers arrive. more rain on monday going into tuesday exactly what we need then we go back to dry forecast wednesday and thursday. >> all right hoping for rain thanks. >> tell next on 7 news. the real new kid on the pwloychblingt
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next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many. >> european space agency and nasa ram a spacecraft into an asteroid plan. it's an experiment to see if they can somehow keep an asteroid from hitting earth by deflecting it or blowing it up. experiment involves small asteroid. first phase of the mission scheduled to launch in october of 2020. european space craft first record a map of the asteroid then nasa spacecraft will slam into the asteroid at 14000 miles per hour. unclear what the impact will do but of course we'll be watching. >> hoping it works right. >> why walk when you can be carried. >> video of baby get to hitching a ride on the mama back going viral tonight. happened at the zoo in baltimore. african get to twins clark and khloe made the
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public debut today in the zoo court yard area look how cute. zoo keepers say the siblings are becoming more active every day. look at that. >> they are cute. >> pretty cute. >> all right. larry here with sports big nature. >> really big night. >> i'll ask for that kind of treatment in my next contract. i want brought in to the studio like that. the you would say you carry me every night any way so i may as well get the insult out of the way. >> a's bring out the heavy lumber. save you on the labor. >> bay bridge opener and crazy finish to the warrior game. not seth
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>> good evening. warriors locked into the one seed in the west they really didn't need to beat phoenix fit but came up with motivation and magic in the final moments to within the left straight. they filmed a sitcom pilot for abc at half time and full warrior hits another warrior in anger. don't worry all love. it's all love with the real warrior. let's go to the final seconds of third quarter. barbosa.
1:36 am
about vl that's sweet. worth another look. shake and bake behind the back. just as good as the move is the salsa in celebration from curry. you work it seth. warriors trail by 2. 15 seconds left. barns no. andrew rebound clay gives to seth. shoots a 3. bottom. warriors up. seth had 28. with 6 seconds left. who is guarding eric. nobody. bad d. 4 second 11. harrison barns goes to the rim. and scores. warriors win 11 straight 107 warriors win 11 straight 107-106. final in new york. stanford in miami. game high 25. hits the 3 rate there. plus the stanford by 11 at the brick. 3 and a half minutes left. tie it on the 43 tlochlt irvin goes nuts. he went to the u. michael not the superbowl calm down. over time superbowl
1:37 am
calm down. over time. miami up one. run today final seconds fouled. 3 seconds left made beth 43 throw seconds left made beth 43 throw. jack knife. jumper for the win. no. sorry mike. tell wins the third title 66-64 tell wins the third title 66-64. i'm a little harsh sometimes. >> jaipts a's open the bay bridge series for whatever it's move. best record in the major this spring. koring run in the a problem at all. fans they can get along at least on the walkway to the stadium. jake got rocked. 7 run on 7 hits and 3 in a third. high to right off the wall. bounces away from maxwell. he can run. angel. forgot to ask. the all the way home. little league homer scored a triple and error. giants scored 2 run on homer by angel and bell. this is off the switch pitcher.
1:38 am
homer from simeon and butler and win it 8 of 2. back again tomorrow at at&t park. game 2 hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system] so same time next week? well, of course.
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pass. >> that's our report we appreciate your time as always. >> and for all of us here, >> and for all of us here, thanks for joining us right now. jimmy kimmel jason
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