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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  April 4, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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s, paying attention? that could come in very handy. >> i'll take one. >> add a couple inches to my height too. >> see you at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." severe weather. fierce spring storms from kansas to the carolinas taking a deadly toll. flash floods, washed out roads, now the cleanup and the forecast on this holiday weekend. homegrown terror. chilling new details in the arrest of a philadelphia woman accused of trying to run away with terrorists. her e-mails, her tweets and this, #isis. staying alive. the new family car spying on distracted drivers. some are calling it the snitch key. so who's it supposed to protect? last call. the hollywood hangout drawing stars and star wanna-bes. america's first karoake bar getting ready to sing its last song.
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good evening. thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm cecilia vega. and we begin this holiday weekend with those severe storms flooding rain and high winds cutting across so much of the country, even proving deadly in some places. it may be spring, but the extreme weather season is just getting started. in mississippi, torrential rains making everything outside car windows a blur. the only thing you can see here, those flashing blinkers, and in alabama, take a look. >> that was awesome. >> that's fancy. >> round after round of lightning, those bolts illuminating the night sky, but it is kentucky that is reeling from the worst of it, 5 inches of rain in some cities washing roads and bridges out, a massive sinkhole left in the wake, and that is where we find abc's alex perez in louisville leading us off tonight. >> reporter: in louisville tonight, they are cleaning up and drying out and salvaging whatever they can after
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torrential downpours dumped up to 7 inches of rain across parts of kentucky, turning roadways into rivers. >> it's normally just a wooded area. today it's covered with water. >> reporter: those floodwaters rushing through neighborhoods. authorities rescuing an elderly couple from this home by raft. >> they're in good spirits. a little cold right now. >> saving people in rescue boats. >> reporter: and more than 100 rescues at this louisville apartment complex after floodwaters inundated the first floor. [ sirens ] in tennessee overnight, blaring tornado sirens heard after 68-mile-per-hour winds caused power outages for thousands. while in alabama friday night, lightning. >> oh! >> reporter: up to five strikes hitting every minute. >> wow. >> reporter: the storms leaving at least three dead. in kentucky this stretch of highway 22 simply washed away. and residents living near this bridge in richmond are now cut off from their only road home.
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>> they have no way to get in and out now, they are isolated. >> reporter: and back here on highway 22, that massive hole growing four feet today alone. authorities say it could be three months before this road is back to normal. cecilia? >> it's going to be a long cleanup. alex perez, thank you. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano joins us now. rob, that storm alex was talking about moved away but left wild wind in its place. >> yeah, strong winds especially across the northeast today, cecilia. take a look at some of these numbers. outside of boston, over 50-mile-an-hour gusts. but all the way to d.c., 45-mile-an-hour gusts. jfk and new york, 47. even some snow, up to half foot of snow in northern maine. unrelated to this is this cool picture taken near the naval avenue station near key west, florida. a little waterspout. didn't do any damage but certainly a bit of a treat on this holiday weekend, i suppose. >> that holiday weekend. a lot of easter egg hunts in store. what's up for easter? >> well, first off we got a pattern change across the pacific northwest so that will bring rain not only there but down into parts of california. they'll take it. they'll need it.
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and through the holiday weekend, or the rest of, it i should say through easter showers expected through parts of texas. 73 in denver and 72 in charleston. the winds will be calming down across the northeast so not too shabby for easter sunday. >> that's what we want to hear. rob, thank you. on this easter weekend the terrorist group al shabaab is promising more attacks like their slaughter at a university in kenya. their victims mostly christians, 148 people executed there, but tonight an amazing story of survival. one student emerging from hiding spending two days inside a cupboard refusing to come out even as the gunmen lured her friends to their deaths. here's abc's alex marquardt. >> reporter: hiding in a cupboard. >> i was scared so much. >> reporter: one student was found today two days after the deadly attack. she'd hidden under clothes, even drinking body lotion to quench her thirst. during the assault she said she could hear the terrorists weeding out the christian students for execution. she was too terrified to come out until her principal and the police told her it was finally okay. >> i said, "how do i know that you are the kenyan police?"
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>> reporter: the survivors now recounting the horror of the 13-hour assault. gunmen storming the campus of garissa university college, strapped with explosives and armed with ak-47s. this young man covered himself in his friend's blood and pretended to be dead. >> they turned me around, they kicked me, but i'm alive. >> reporter: family members collapsing today as they continued to learn of the deaths of the young students at the hands of al shabaab, the islamic extremist group from somalia with links to al qaeda. kenya's president announcing that in addition to the four attackers killed, five others were arrested in connection with the attack. it was al shabaab that carried out the deadly siege on kenya's upscale westgate mall in 2013 that left 67 dead and in february calling for similar attacks on malls in the west, including the mall of america. and, cecilia, al shabaab released a statement today vowing to carry out more
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deadly attacks inside kenya saying its cities will run red with blood. cecilia? >> alex, thank you. and those attacks on christians tonight making for a somber backdrop for easter vigil services at the vatican. pope francis entering st. peter's basilica with a single lit candle at the start of holy saturday mass ahead of tomorrow's easter celebration. on good friday the pontiff explicitly played for persecuted christians. and from iraq tonight, the destruction of a world heritage site by isis. militants now releasing this video claiming to show them demolishing the ancient city of hatra. you can see them using sledge hammers, pickaxes and rifles to destroy artwork and sculptures in these 2,000-year-old ruins. local officials said last month the city had been completely destroyed. and now to a terror threat here at home. tonight chilling new details about the latest american woman accused of trying to join isis. authorities tracing her on social media where they say she called herself young lioness and tweeted that a suicide mission would be, quote, amazing.
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abc's ron claiborne with a look inside the investigation. >> reporter: this video obtained exclusively by abc's philadelphia station wpvi shows law enforcement searching the home of 30-year-old keonna thomas, a week before she was arrested yesterday for allegedly planning to join isis fighters in syria. thomas appearing in court yesterday in a hijab had been tracked for more than a year and a half according to the fbi. new details from the complaint reveal that the feds started monitoring thomas back in august of 2013. authorities say she sent dozens of twitter and electronic messages, once tweeting "if we truly new the realities, we all would be rushing to join our brothers in the front lines." and allegedly responding to an invitation to become a martyr, "that would be amazing, a girl can only wish." authorities say thomas, also known as young lioness, got a turkish visa and an airline ticket to spain. from there she planned to travel to turkey. her arrest came a day after two other american women in new york
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city, alleged isis sympathizers, were charged with plotting to build and detonate a bomb inside the u.s. >> isis in particular is extremely good at attracting women because they say, we'll give you a purpose, we'll give you a job. we'll give you direction. >> reporter: the direction these three american women were allegedly headed in, terrorism overseas and here in the u.s. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. and from illinois tonight, a three-day manhunt for a convicted murderer is finally over. a surveillance image shows kamron taylor wearing a prison guard's uniform to escape. police say he attacked a guard making rounds, stole his uniform and keys, tricked officers into buzzing him through the doors then stole an suv. police arrested him in chicago late friday. taylor now likely facing an attempted murder charge for attacking that guard. and to another man behind bars, this one in california. the first person ever to be convicted of running a revenge porn website, a place where jilted lovers and hackers posted
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explicit photos. victims forced to pay to take then down. tonight those women say the damage can't be undone. here's abc's kendis gibson. >> reporter: face-to-face in court with the man who's ruined so many lives, 28-year-old kevin bollaert sentenced yesterday to 18 years in prison. bollaert's case is the first conviction for cyberexploitation in this country. >> i tried to commit myself to a mental institution after this happened because i was so overwhelmed, i would spend hours on the floor crying. >> reporter: kevin bollaert sat silent, red-eyed, listening to victims of his revenge porn cyberscheme. >> i'm homeless because of this. i lost my family, friends, and i've lost almost everything because of this. >> reporter: bollaert ran this site,, where exes were able to place thousands of sexually explicit images of mostly women without their consent, even identifying the victims with their names, addresses or social media accounts. he then created this site,
5:40 pm, charging the same women up to $350 to get their images removed. the san diego resident apologized in february following his conviction on dozens of identity theft and extortion charges. >> yeah, here i am in a holding cell now for 24 hours, sleeping on the ground. it's not -- it's pretty miserable. so, i mean, i hope everybody realizes, like, i'm paying the price. >> reporter: for bollaert's 10,000 plus victims, it's not revenge, but justice. tonight california's attorney general saying the "sentence makes clear there will be severe consequences for those that profit from the exploitation of victims online." cecilia. >> kendis, thank you. and we turn now to the biggest auto show in america happening right now here in new york city. if you are a parent with a teenage driver, you will want to see this. potentially life-saving technology that monitors distracted drivers. some call it spyware on wheels. abc's david wright checks it out. >> reporter: the brand-new chevy
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malibu comes with a hidden safety feature for teen drivers. >> i like it because it's actually very devious. if little billy wants to take the car out for a spin, you gotta give him the key, you give him the specially coded -- i call it like the "snitch key." >> reporter: the key is designed to cut down on distractions. young drivers putting on makeup. looking down at the phone. jamming too hard to the radio. ♪ car accidents are the number one cause of death for teenagers of driving age. nearly a million teenagers a year involved in crashes serious enough to be reported to the police. distraction was a factor in six out of ten of them. >> teens are three times more likely to perish in an automobile accident than those that aren't teens. so that's an alarming statistic. >> reporter: the key triggers a monitoring system that gives the parents a report card. the report card shows parents how far their teenager has driven, how many times they broke the speed limit and how many times they almost got into an accident. so driving like this will at
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least lead to a stern conversation. i guess the catch is that you have to buy your teenager a brand-new car. most parents would opt for the clunker. >> well, yeah. >> reporter: for now, this feature is only available on the malibu. but chevy does plan to roll it out to the rest of the fleet. the idea being not so much to spy on your kids, but to start a conversation about safe driving. david wright, abc news, new york. and if you happen to be awake really early this morning in the western part of the country, maybe you saw this amazing sight right here. behind me, the early stages of a rare total eclipse of the moon. abc's gloria riviera with these amazing images and the explanation. >> reporter: an incredible sight. watch as the moon sweeps across the los angeles skyline this morning. that moon turning so-called blood red and then, as if hollywood magic, back to white as the city awakes. here rising over the tops of trees in the early hours. it was nearly a blip for total
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eclipses, lasting just 4 minutes and 43 seconds. most occur for more than an hour, making this eclipse the shortest of the century. those on the u.s. west coast to australia able to see it all. and unlike a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse requires no eye protection. and why so red? wavelengths of ligñt, red being the longest, are filtered through the earth's atmosphere momentarily painting the moon in deep hues of color for all of us to see. t$ose who were lucky enough to see this rare eclipse in awe. spectacular! incredible! and don't worry, if you missed it, the last one of this year is expected september 28th. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. and we have much more ahead on "world news tonight." up next, shark attack. this man bitten in the teeth of spring break season. tonight, the american shoreline at the epicenter of all the shark attacks in the world.
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and we're barely two weeks into spring, but it's a summer danger that's heating up off the coast of florida as people spend more time in the water. the number of shark attacks has been steadily on the rise, and already this weekend an attack in florida just in time for spring break. here now abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: tonight, a man is recovering after being attacked by a shark off the coast of florida. >> there was a lot of blood on the boat. he was bleeding quite a bit. >> reporter: the victim, who was
5:47 pm
spearfishing at the time, suffering bite wounds to his torso and neck witnesses say from a bull shark. >> you could see his wet suit was embedded in it. and it looked like it took a good chunk of it out. >> reporter: the latest attack putting spring breakers on high alert with numbers showing the u.s. is the shark attack capital of the world with more than half of attacks happening in florida. just two days ago, hundreds of sharks swarming the waters south of the sebastian inlet. >> shark! >> reporter: and this terrifying warning last summer from a beachside balcony in destin. >> get out. >> it's a shark. >> reporter: but elsewhere in the u.s., increasing encounters with great whites. >> help, help i was just on the boat and we're in the water and there's a shark. >> reporter: their population has increased by an estimated 42% over the last 15 years. partly because of a federal ban on hunting them. >> are you in a kayak, ma'am? >> yes, but he knocked me out of my kayak. >> those shark attacks have been steadily increasing in recent decades. more people are surviving them than ever before partly because of better care. cecilia, fatalities and attacks still relatively rare.
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some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need... ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. straight now to the "instant index" beginning with a somber anniversary in american history. it was 47 years ago today that civil rights icon martin luther king jr. was gunned down on the balcony of the lorraine motel in memphis, tennessee. king was there to support a garbage collectors' strike. tonight a group in philadelphia marked the anniversary with a protest calling for a $15
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minimum wage. next, a very different message being sent by lawmakers in france, the french legislature voted for a ban that not only bans excessively skinny models from the runways but hands out stiff fines and up to six months in jail for fashion agencies that break the rules. israel, spain and italy have passed similar laws hoping pro promote healthier body weights. and finally, with the final four action heating up this weekend something very uncollege-like, a bold move by the maryland women's basketball team. they voluntarily handed over their cell phones for more than 72 hours last weekend getting them back only after their win over tennessee, so what did they discover? well, the big ten champs say they were able to focus on their game without those electronic distractions. i bet you they got some good selfies afterwards. and when we come back, the last call for a california institution that forever changed the way we cut loose with friends over a few drinks.
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finally tonight, maybe you have a go-to song. the thought of belting it out in a room full of strangers absolutely terrifies me, but for karoake die-hards, it is an end of an era. america's first karoake bar is dropping the mike and calling it quits, and the famous faces who graced that stage, well, let's just say you have never seen katy perry quite like this. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: you know how it works, people who can sing and people who can't sing but who in either case don't have a stage or a spotlight or an audience, for that matter, finally get one.
5:57 pm
♪ sweet dreams are made of this ♪ >> reporter: through the unique cultural phenomenon known as karoake, which legend has it started here in this format, dimples of burbank, which claims to be america's first karaoke bar, 33 years. the not so famous get up there and, well, look else who has come by over the years. ♪ let's give them something to talk about ♪ >> reporter: jennifer love hewitt. >> let's go. >> reporter: britney spears. ♪ music ♪ ♪ very happy ♪ >> reporter: will of "will & grace." kiefer sutherland. ♪ these boots are made for walking ♪ >> reporter: "saved by the bell" guy. ♪ you may be right ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ >> reporter: "fresh prince" guy. ♪ don't let the sun go down on me ♪ ♪ that may be all i need to know yeah ♪ ♪ that may be all i need ♪ >> reporter: charles barkley and -- ♪ i don't want a lot for christmas ♪ >> reporter: katy perry.
5:58 pm
♪ there's just one thing i need ♪ >> reporter: hoping it might all work out, but now it's ending. dimple's is closing down making way for a supermarket and some condos. but, you know, this day was always coming. it's just how life is, all good songs come to an end. ♪ only the truth ♪ >> reporter: and the not so good. ♪ i'll ever know ♪ >> reporter: john donvan, abc news, washington. yeah, i'm of the not so good variety too. "gma" and "this week" in the morning. we hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. happy easter and passover to everyone celebrating. i'm cecilia vega. have a good night. have a good night.
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remembering the first american citizen killed in the viens in yemen, friends and family talk about his mission. unbelieve act. the holiday vandalism surprising a neighborhood. >> big money, no results. costly state commitees you paid for that aren't doing anything. and rain for your easier. -- easter. when and where is next. good evening. i'm katie marzullo. happening now. friends and family are gathered in the east bay to remember the first reported american victim killed in the violence in yemen jamal al-labani died in a mortar shelling while walking back from a mosque. lisa amin gulezian is live in
6:00 pm
hayward. >> reporter: the memorial started about an hour ago and everyone in this room really loved jamal. everyone is breaking four lunch right now but he was a friend cousin, an uncle and even a second father to the men in this room. the mood is heavy as they remember the father of three. jamal left for yemen in february hoping to finally bring his wife and two-year-old daughter, who lived there back to the u.s. with him. but he was stuck. the airport shut down and escaping became impossible and tuesday, as jamal was leaving a mosque wives his nephew, he was hit by moat tar shelling. he and his nephew died immediately. >> people are sad because he is -- they know him the person that always has a smile on his face. >> he bought other lot next to me to build.


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