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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 7, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. >> i am matt keller here for kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> a mess out there. >> there is rain. >> we will talk about the rain. we have heavy rain in spots. live doppler 7 hd shows much of the rain is falling. the heaviest is from san francisco south. we will press in closer along the peninsula and the city of
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san francisco. right new we are seeing a more moderate self move offer the city of san francisco, daly city and south san francisco. the heavy rain is pond on the roads, 280 and 380 sees slow down of travel. >> speaking of travel, how does it look? >> it is slowing down because of a sig-alert and several accidents and flooding. on the bay bridge toll plaza we have a high wind advisory and remark is building. from oakland toward san francisco it is building. 87 in san jose beyond julian street we have reports of a lost bonding on the roads so hydro plaining is a possibility and solo spinouts. slow down. >> we have coverage in front
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fremont for the big rig accident at 680. amy? >> look behind me. the jackknifed big rig is still here. we or on northbound 680, one lane is open, the rest of them are blocked by the big rig. what happened is the driver told investigators he was changing lanes and this suddenly happened, too early to know if this is weather related and whether he slid on the slick roads. they do not know. he had a load of nursery supplies for gardening. would knows if that shifted or exactly what happened but the driver is okay. the most important part for you is how does this impact you? it is raining and now it is slow. it is slick and slow. an area to be avoided. it will be at least another hour to be towed.
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the tow truck is on the way. this is no estimated time of arrival but just estimating an hour. that could change. we will bring you updates on the story. there is a slow backup here on the far right happened lane and traffic is moving slowly. they are dealing with wet conditions as the rain is coming down steady in fremont. reporting live in fremont for >> the rain is already pounding the south bay and our reporter is continuing our coverage from the summit. >> good morning the rain is the lightest it has been all morning and my drive from san francisco to the summit was treacherous, really bad conditions and you can see right now the traffic is moving pretty smoothly and it was different not too long ago
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northbound lane with the car crashing and going up if flames and the driver is okay. that is just a reminder that in these conditions it can be difficult to drive acceptly highway 17 and anyone knows it can be difficult to drive on the windy roads on a good day so it is slippery on days like this. there are plenty of signs along the way that alert drivers that conditions are slippery. take it slow. i have seen several c.h.p. officers. the drive from san francisco was bad and i fishtailed and this was debris in the road including tree branches and leaves. take it easy. the rain is steady and there is winds right now it is the
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latest. >> from what we have been reporting, the rain is going to continue for quite some time. >> 5:05. the storm moved in, in the north bay and we were there. rain began falling in santa rosa shortly after 11 o'clock and it has been steady all night. tree debris was tangled in power lines and a thousand customers lost power. according to pg&e there are original 100 customers still without power in the north bay. you can see what is showing up on live doppler hd with the abc weather app and it is free on the apple app store or google play and we have more information at abc7 >> there was a deadly motorcycle crash on the bay bridge after 8:00 last night on the upper deck beyond treasure island. c.h.p. said first responders
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were unable to revive the victim three of the five lanes were backed for two hours causing a backup for people trying to get out of the city. >> surveillance video could be the key to capturing two brazen mugers who targeted an elderly woman in oakland. an 82-year-old woman was closing her s.u.v. on saturday and two people ran up to the victim and grab her purse. the woman tried to get it back running up to the car and suddenly it took off, dragging her. the car turned around the deadend street drove beyond the victim nearly hitting her and her daughter would rushed to help on california street outside the victim's home. a surveillance video captured it all. the victim is becaused but will be okay. >> another suspect has been charged in the shooting death of a weekend oakland woman killed trying to shield her children. 24-year-old alex davis was
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charged in the death of 30 -year-old mother and another was arrested on friday and charged withening accessory after the fact of the the gunfire erupted from a confrontation between two groups on chestnut street. >> voters in san jose will go to the polls to select a new city council member to represent them at city hall. ten candidates will appear on the district four ballots and a run off election will take place unless one captures 50 percent of vote. they are running to replace a member who was elected to the state assembly. matthews is not running. it covers northeast san jose. money talks. in a survey of expense reports business travelers prefer unper to -- uber to uber accounted for 71 percent of the rides expensed by travelers
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in san francisco during the first quarter of the year. nationally uber commands 47 percent of ground transportation expenses compared to 14 percent a year ago. >> tour buses in san francisco could be quieter. the board will take up an ordinance to prohibit drivers of some buses from talking or their eighting to passengers. the supervisors are not trying to get rid of the bus but ensure that the driver is not distracted. >> after weeks of testimony, the jury will begin deliberations in an hour in the boston marathon bombing trial. the question is in the surviving suspect faces the death penalty. >> good morning. >> good morning. 17 of 30 charges in the case carry the death penalty. >> this morning, two years after the boston marathon bombing the jurors in the trial of dzhakhar
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tsarnaev will decide with he is guilty in the attack that kill three. these are the moments that the prosecution want the jury to remember in closing arguments the chaos after the bombs explode and what they call the plan to punish america. the defense team led by attorney judy clarke fought to keep blast -- past clients off of death row is hoping to spare his life. if not for the older brother he would not have been pulled interest this and this would not have happened. >> if tsarnaev is down guilty the trial will have the sentencing phase that could last several weeks. 5:309. time for a look at live doppler hd. drew? >> we are talking active picture on this remainly tuesday morning. live doppler hd shows you we are
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tracking a cold front that is bringing heavy amounts of rain. we will press in close to the south bay over the past hour and the heavy rain has not moved much from sunnyvale to san jose. north in san francisco we have a heavier push of rain in daly city and south san francisco into the city of san francisco and this shield of moisture is pushing into the east bay oakland the next hour, you will see the moderate rainfall through the 6:00 am hour on tuesday morning. on tuesday the heavy of the rain falls in the first half of the day after the lunch time hour the showers taper and the chances for thunderstorms to pop up could contain hail. >> pictures from northbound 680 in fremont at mission boulevard north a jackknifed big rig is blocking all but one lane
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leaving bumper-to-bumper traffic from washington boulevard. the traffic is headed in the southbound direction and northbound should not be so bad this morning. this is going to cause problems if you do make the commute up the sunol grade. you can see we have c.h.p. crews on the scene and this will take some time to clear and amy hollyfield is on the scene with more details ahead. in richmond-san rafael toll plaza you can see how wet it is. the heavy rain is causing slick conditions and flooding to the north bay along 580 at 101. we have high wind advisories for the bay bridges. northbound 280 at highway 92 in san mateo, one lane is blocked and heavy rain is in the area. an even sweeter deal for starbucks baristas hoping nor -- for higher education.
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>> watchdog groups are complaining of a youtube kids app. >> troubles news for giants >> stay tuned.
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5:14 on tuesday. happening today the federal trade commission will hear
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complains of the google youtube kids app. google launched youtube kids on smartphones and tablets in february leading consumer watchdogs and children's advocates believe the service unfairly and deceptively targets toddlers with ads. google faces accusations of using advertising practices banned on broadcast and cable tv. google claims it consulted with child advocacy groups while developing it. >> oakland athletics can celebrate after they ending a decade long opening losing sweep. >> they came out swinging blasting a tomorrow run to give oakland 2-30 lead against texas. sonny gave up only one hit. if your name is sonny gray you should throw eight shut out innings. the catcher earned his way into the highlights and the final
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as won 8-30. -- 8-30. >> and bumgarner allowed original one run against the diamondbacks and then a tie was broken in the 5th and brandon got a base hit score two more runs and giants held on for the 5-4 victory in arizona. they could send a top pitcher to the disabled list. san francisco is scratching after he felt tightness in the pitching arm and missed a large part of last year after bone chips removed great his elbow. >> and giants home opener against the rockies and we want did see how you are celebrating where you live, sharing fan photos with us at social media with # whereyoulive.
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>> the warriors visit new orleans pelicans. golden state has taken all three but the pelicans do not have a playoff spot locked up but they could do that by winning the final six. the warriors have the top over all seed and will play the eighth seed in the first round. we are home for the nba final with coverage june 4th to start. >> bachelor degrees for baristas starbucks has an offer for employees in america's money report. >> starbucks wants to send baristas to college. the c.e.o. is offering free tuition to any employees with a high school diploma and works 20 hour as week. employees have access to 49 online degree programs. >> americans leave a lot of quarters and dimes and knick
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nicoles at the airport, leaping behind nearly $700,000. so t.s.a. keeps it. they keep anything behind that not claimed. >> retailer is taking on victoria secret with a ad campaign focusing on being sexy at any size "i'm no angel," a dick at victoria secret with the campaign getting a hot -- lot of media on social media. >> drew is here for mike and mike took a week off in the by of the time we have seen in two weeks, maybe relaxing. >> there is rain. it is soothing but it is nice to see a storm moving through. live doppler hd shows heavy rain and we take a tour across the bay area, first starting in the south bay where the heaviest
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rain has been sitting the longest time around san jose and my pete. the rain is heavy and ponding on the roadways so 680 is slow and 280 an the region. moving to the not around san francisco, the swath of red and yellow and the moisture is moving for the east bay. the next couple of minutes oakland and san leandro will see the heavy rain moving in. the north bay has been quiet this morning. the front has moved through. the heaviest rain is out of here. you are just dealing with light moisture in the north bay. current temperatures on tuesday morning is 49 in oakland a cool june in san francisco and 47 in fremont and livermore is sitting at temperature of 52 degrees. along with the range we have gusty wind from the south and oakland is new gusting to 20 miles per hour and hair at 23 miles per hour and half moon bay is gusting to 26 miles per hour. the wind is with us through the
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morning. as we begin here is the cold front moving over us and this is going to push to the eat. by 9:00 or 10:00 the heavy rain is out of here is turning to snow in the sierra, and still the threat of wet weather lingering in the afternoon. notice by 3:00, we have hit or miss showers and some of the showers could be on the strong side so thunderstorms could pop up caping -- containing lightning and small hail potential this afternoon. highs are 50s along the coast. the warmest location is in the lower 60 by this afternoon. tomorrow we will see clouds and temperatures falling into to low-to-mid 40s. the seven-day forecast shows showers tapering later this afternoon, the potential thunderstorms and isolated shower are possible on wednesday and we are drying out thursday, friday and sunshine. now the traffic. leyla? >> good morning, there are too
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many accidents to get to each of them. i will hit on the most important starting with the sig-alert in front northbound 680 passing mission boulevard northbound we have a jackknifed double trailer blocking all but one lane. just one lane squeezes by and that is leaving backup. amy hollyfield is on the scene bringing more details when it will be cleared. it will take quite some time. we are seeing delays now from before work boulevard and it is going to be a jam as you make it up the sunol grade. take 880. southbound traffic is busy as well. headed in the southbound direction along 680 to the north great pleasant hill to walnut creek at highway 24, brand new crash has one lane blocked sliding over to hercules with the area tracking weather and traffic shaded in orange and yellow and eastbound 80 at highway 4 another accident blocking two lanes.
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>> seven things to foe as you start your day. >> who is leading? who is packing up. the third celebrity sent home on "dancing with the stars" by the viewers. stay tuned.
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i take these out... put in dr. scholl's active series insoles. they help reduce wear and tear on my legs, becuase they have triple zone protection. ... and reduce shock by 40%. so i feel like i'm ready to take on anything. what you are just joining us or headed outdoor seven things to know before you go. >> live doppler hd is busy on this tuesday morning tracking a cold front moving law and you know that half rain is in spots moving in east bay at this hour and the south bay around san jose with paths of yellow and red indicating the heavy moisture. we have the full seven-day forecast. >> heavy rain is causing major problems on the road with a
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picture from fremont with a jackknifed big rig blocking every lane but for one causing traffic to squeeze by. heavy backups have occurred now. we have other accidents because of hydroplaning and >> roads are treacherous. a car spun out-of-control at the summit and burst into flames on highway 17. the driver get out. >> one died if a multi-car accident on northbound 101 in santa clara. c.h.p. said a witness saw a car sham for a stalled vehicle that caught firetrapping the motorist inside. >> center rand paul is set to announce a bid for the white house today. the kentucky republican is expected to make it official at a morning event in louisville and will hit the ground running with a multistate tour called
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"stand with ran." >> daughter of blues legend b.b. king said he is doing better after dehydration caused by diabetes. he canceled a tour after a similar diagnosis. the rock and roll hall famer released more than 50 albums. >> duke won the ncaa championship beating wisconsin 68-63 in indianapolis. the wayne gave them the 5th national championship tying them for the third most in history. tonight, notre dame and connecticut face off in the women's. a study said stick to weight watchers or jenny craig to lose weight. weight watchers lose eight pounds while jenny craig lose 12. researchers at johns hopkins looked at 11 programs.
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these wrote earned the best marks. >> one pore -- more celebrity is out. >> game over for football michael sam, the third celebrity cut this season. sam is leave saying he had a great time. >> i a thankful that "dancing with the stars" offer me the opportunity to do this and grateful to have a beautiful partner and i will carry the skills to my wedding! >> the 14-year-old willow shealys and her partner are at the top and their contemporary scored a forly perfect 39 out of 40 with week four behind them the nine remaining couples look ahead to disney week. you can catch "dancing with the stars" on monday night at 8:00 right here. stay tuned.
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here is a look outside of the embarcadero and bay bridge and wet conditions all around the bay area. we keep you
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and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars. >> from the live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 kgo center, this is abc7. >> thanks pore joining us on this wet tuesday. i am eric thomas with leyla gulen and drew is here tracking live doppler hd. what is it showing? >> we are talking about heavy rain. it will continue for the morning return. prepare for that. live doppler hd is going to show
5:31 am
you rainy across the region and we zoom in to the east bay and a heavy shield of moisture is moving in and we time it out in piedmont at nine minutes and walnut creek is moving in with heavy moisture in 34 minutes. the rain gear is necessary. >> 34 minutes we have to be prepared for the roads to be soaked. >> they they are soaked. the field of moisture is headed through the north bay and walnut creek has an accident. you can see the distance of flashing lights right at the highway 24 junction. it is blocked lanes. that will slow down things considerably. drew is saying that moisture was sitting over san jose. look at 101 near the nimitz. you are driving through a river. that is near 880. be careful. we have an accident in the distance. breaking news, northbound 101 is open after a fatal multi-car accident shut down
5:32 am
part of the road for nearly three hours. a witness said a driver hit a stalled vehicle just before 12:30 and stalled vehicle burst into flames killing the person snowed and northbound 101 was closed until shortly after 3:00 a.m. weather was not a factor in the crash. >> if fremont we have more on a big rig accident. our reporter is on the scene. any improvements? >> the tow truck is here so they are making progress however right now if traffic is getting law and they have shut down all northbound lanes own 680 so the tow truck operator can do his work. hopefully this is short-lived but it is definitely painful for those who are sitting in it right now and i am watching the headlights sit. the good news is he is here and when he can tow this out they
5:33 am
can open up all the lanes but a temporary pain right now for the drivers. you are looking at a jackknifed big rig right at north mission in fremont on northbound 680. the driver is okay and he told officers he was changing lanes and this happened. he is not sure why. no other cars were involved. this could have been much worse. not too much damage to report. they just have to get it out of here. they do not have clean up. he did not spill or hit anything but they have to to it out. not sure how long that will take they hope in the hour we can report to you this is opened up. right now, this is an area to avoid. for traffic coming through right now. the rain is coming down. not a pleasant situation northbound 680. thank you. if you are headed out the door give yourself extra time the commute is proving to be tough
5:34 am
with all of the rain. our reporter is on the summit for us. it is wet here and it is also chilly. i checked the temperature and it is about 45 degrees at the summit. traffic is picking up as more and moorhead to work and we have more cars and people are driving slower than normal which is good. there is plenty of electronic signs alerting people that conditions slippery and wet and to go slow. shear video from earlier when a driver wiped out northbound highway 17 the car want up in flames the driver did make it out. c.h.p. officers have been up and down the roads. they are making sure drivers are taking it easy. what i have found is standing water in lanes of traffic. this is pack to san francisco. i originally got in the car and
5:35 am
was driving. there was standing water on 101. take it easy. be aware of that. it is dark. plenty of rain. this is something we have been asking for, for months pause of the drought. remember how to dry not rain now that it is here. >> crews were out preparing for the storm. we were there as tree trimmers cut down a dead 50' tree. homeowners were worried it wrote crash down on its own. pg&e crews cleared out too. >> the weather app is free at apple app and google play at
5:36 am >> petaluma leaders will have a special meeting after two on the city council want to discuss a temporary building more inform to cut bag on water use. other city council members rejected that idea preferring to discuss other conservation measures. homes and businesses in petaluma use 16 percent less water last year than in 2013 but it is falling short of the mandatory 25 percent goal the governor demanded last week. >> santa cruz is taking the first step to the strictest water restrictions in the state for the second year. last night the water commission unanimously recommended a stage three water emergency including water rationing for all homes and businesses, no outdoor watering from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and fines for violations. the recommendation now goes to the city council. >> san francisco landlord is hearing from the city attorney after refusing to make repairs on a building declared uninhabitable. 24 spanish speaking tenants list
5:37 am
in the mission district and a violation was issued declaring a safety has arrest because of rue sewage leaking. the owner has refused to make repairs. >> the current landlords are real estate speculation company that purchased the property. they are in the business of buying distressed rots and getting rid of on pants and selling at a profit. in the mission, a two flat is worth a lot money when it is mixed. >> this morning we hear more from ellen pao who served a venture california tap firm for gender discrimination. last night she sat down with katie couric for the first interview since losing the $16 million case against kleiner perkins saying she was denied a promotion because she could not break into to boy's club of the
5:38 am
technical world. she said the fight to level the playing field is not just about her. >> the woman is assumed the assistant or the...the junior person. it is little things that add up and it is called delegate by thousand cuts and you are constantly trying to get the equal playing field after taken out. >> she said she is still deciding whether she will appeal the verdict. >> california democrats will unveil legislation to enhance protections for undocumented immigrants. the package extends health care hell rights and business recollection to immigrants illegally living in the state part of the push to expand health care to all in california regards of their mission status. a possible hangup is it does not provide funding for the
5:39 am
extensions. >> we have a lot going on especially in the south bay? >> we do. a cold front is move through the bay area and first we will take a tour into the south bay aural morning this is where the heaviest rain is sitting so that means ponding on the roads. around ill pete and san -- milpitas and redwood city and fremont at this hour has heavy rain. in san francisco the yellow is indicating moderate rain and shield of heavy moisture in the east bay so oakland and san leandro and berkeley and walnut creek next half hour will see heavy rain moving through. the heaviest rain falls first thing this morning after the lunch time hour more scattered in nature but the chance this afternoon and pop-up thunderstorm could contain small hail.
5:40 am
>> so busy. so many accidents. small ones. larger ones and too many to get to. first, the macarthur maze slow and steady through 580. there is an act at 980 westbound at 14th street in the center divider. there slow traffic through oakland. metering lights turned on at the bay bridge. we have standing the city. when you get there the problem is ahead because we have flooding reports on the skyway. expect to see slow traffic and possible lane closures. to fremont, the sunol grade northbound 680 at mission boulevard north, all lanes have been blocked off because of the jackknifed big rig. on the dumbarton and san mateo bridge dumbarton bridge had an accident eastbound highway 84
5:41 am
beyond the tolls blocking a lane and the san mateo is moving across to the peninsula. recognize this man? police want your help identifying a bandit caught on camera holding up a bay area pharmacy? >> students celebre the blue devils national championship with a been fire on campus and the university was okay with this celebration. >> abc7, the golden gate bridge is wet light every other bridge in the bay area. drive safely it's the thought that
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covering novato, oakland sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7. >> this is a look from san jose and 101 heading north by 880 and you can see brake lights approaching the 880 interchange and it is tough when you are trying to get on 880 from 101 on to 880 it is bad especially when it is raping. -- raining. take your time. leave early. >> san francisco police want you to take a good look at this man caught on camera wanted for robbing a wall greens a week ago. he pulled a gun and you can see him jump over-the-counter. he got near three 30 bottles of
5:45 am
drugs including morphine. >> nfl owners will wait six months before deciding which plan to support to bring football back to los angeles. one of the maps involved a stadium that with be shared by the raiders and the san diego chargers in carson. the owner of the programs -- the rapes called for a stadium on the side of the we hollywood racetrack and "los angeles times" said 9 owners will meet and talk about this next month. los angeles has not had a nfl teen team since 1994. >> bruce generaller is -- is opening up to diane sawyer part of a special "20/20." the first time to speak about transitioning to a woman. abc has said it will be "far ranging interview." he has not officially con
5:46 am
confirmed the transition. >> duke is champions again. >> there were late three-point baskets and duke edged beyond the wisconsin badgers. both of number one if their regionals and the purdue coach has the 5th championship second all time to john wooden over 71,000 fans in attending. >> duke students and blue devil fans who can not see the person turned the north carolina campus into a party storming the home court after watching the on t. the calms were relatively calm would said "after all this duke," according to the police. there will an campus celebration this afternoon. >> the expire star wars collection will be available to download online on friday. >> i memorialized the line --
5:47 am
memorialized my lines and wait to see if we are blown up. we were a lot. >> they released a long lost interview of carrie fisher saying she sometimes had to shout her lines as the. we have a range of prices this morning from $90 to $100 or $20 for each. the release leads up to "force awakens," and disney owns lucas policemens and is the parent company of abc7. >> drew is young and i am not sure he is heard of franchise. >> whoa, whoa, whoa i am well versed in the franchise. >> he thinks it began with the
5:48 am
first one. >> "emexpire strikes back." >> to you that was the first? >> 1999. >> you did not know i knew this? >> i was kidding. >> i know you are a fan. >> i know what i am doing after the show. >> now, weather it is busy. live doppler hd has been experiencing heavy rain. in the south by we have the heaviest with the reds and yellows where the half rain is falling. san jose milpitas, exited sunnyvale and fremont will be more moderate. along the peninsula, redwood city even san mateo is light but still seeing the rain. to the north and east bay we notice around oakland and
5:49 am
leandro. the end of the system is working through the north bay and santa rosa is drying out and light showers are falling in napa. outside, it is a cool morning 48 in oakland, 50 in concord hayward at 52 and june in downtown san francisco and san jose is at 49 of the along with the wet weather we have gusty wind from the south, a gust at 24 miles per hour at napa and 21 at half moon bay and 24 miles per hour in san jose. right now we have the heaviest rain over the cold front pushing east and by 9:00 or 10:00, the heaviest of the rain is out of here and dealing with heavy snow in the sierra but not out of the threat for wet weather. in the afternoon there is energy left over with the cold appropriate so by 3:00 the potential is there for a thunderstorm to pop up that could contain lightning and
5:50 am
small hail. highs are limited because of limited sun hype up and more 50s along the coast and lower 60 giving 60 in oakland and 58 in san francisco. lows tonight are mainly cloudy and we dry out at 48 in san francisco dropping to 45 in san jose and 46 in concord. rain showers are tapering later today and a chance of a thunderstorm is possible and isolated shower lingering on wednesday and we dry out and private were thursday into friday. >> this traffic is not for faint of heart. as we take a look at the golden gate bridge traffic is moving smooth and we have an (a) behind hyundai -- have an accident behind the bridge southbound direction with a new crash and one reported near mill valley. it is blocking center lanes. that is causing light delays. we have a lot of flooding. a new crash with flooding in
5:51 am
daly city heading in the sound direction so one lane is blocked. we are seeing the slow-and-go traffic and behind it you need to be prepared for slowing away the bay area. northbound 280, a crash is blocking one or two lanes leaving with delays from cupertino and headed over to the sunol grade a jackknifed big rig blocking all lanes northbound 680 at mission boulevard north using 880 instead up to sunol and southbound traffic is building, as well. if you didn't know, today is national selfie day so you are justified in taking a glamour shot of yourself today. we took a groupy, it is not a selfie if this is more than one people in the picture so we want to see your groupy or selfie.
5:52 am
you need long arms. we may show your photo online or on the air. drew, i ask lute you. -- i salute you. >> what you can do to make leaders take notice of what you want for a better commute. >> strangers watching babies sleep half a world away. >> a look at embarcadero. the rain drops are on the road.
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>> good morning, everyone. it is 5:55. a look at traffic at the richmond and san rafael bridge toll plaza and it is light much the roads are very wet. there is fish tabling -- tailing. >> a couple in minnesota her music coming from the fannie camera and someone in were streaming it live and other security cameras and could control where the cameras were pointing. the family said she got rid of the cameras. >> scary. >> now drew has a look at the forecast. >> we are tracking heavy rain on live doppler hd. we will zoom in to the south bay and that is where the half rain
5:56 am
is. fremont and union city you are getting the heavy moisture and back to the west. we do notice the heavy moisture is around the south bay so you plan out the rest the day on the way and the heaviest of the rain is falling by lunch and the chance is there for isolated pop-up thundershower. >> a look at the san mateo bridge is wet and windy from hayward to foster city and the rain is flying sideways but we do not have an accident and traffic is fairly light. taking you back to fremont the sunol grade all lanes are blocked and jackknifed big rig is sitting here mission boulevard north and it will take a long-term to clear. use 880 steady, and a new crash at sfo 101 and that and blocking one lane. >> new at 6:00 the perfect prom without breaking the bank the
5:57 am
trick to get your high schoolers to plan the big night on the budget. >> new features at sfo to welcome the technical travelers. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. now at 6:00, live doppler hd is lighting up with downpours of rain including right here in richmond. the bay bridge toll plaza is backing up. you can see how thing are getting busy from the toll plaza to the bridge.
6:00 am
it is messy. coverage starts right now. i am eric thomas. >> i am matt keller here for kristen sze and we are here withdrew and leyla gulen. it is busy. a lost weather. >> we are running back and not between the weather and crashes. the weather is in the form of heavy downpours. the heaviest rain is confined to the south bay. closer zooming in you can see the heavy rain in milpitas and fremont and union city. now, leyla will do her part. >> my town, yes a lot. across the bay area, some are blocking lanes and some are blocking one lane or center decider but it is busy and wet. be careful. the bay bridge toll plaza shows more


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