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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 7, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> live doppler hd is looking unusually busy right now. we could be seeing a small break but another wave of spring inform is on the way after the bay area got a much needed soaking this morning. good morning, thanks for joining us. >> now a look from our exploritorium camera. we can see small waves on the bay and the power will storm clouds in the background. the sun is making an appearance breaking through the clouds but we are not through with this. >> the soggy commute caused a lot of problems.
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this video shows rain-related accidents had drives and c.h.p. officers on alert. >> despite the messy roads people in the sierra were excited to see this: this is the scene along i-80 a short time ago. snow has been falling steady all morning. >> if san francisco, it started to dry out as folks headed to work where we will likely see more rain leader today with the clouds cleared out but for those and now we will go to drew to see how it is looking now. >> we are in a temporary lull. round one moved through this morning. most of the area is dry. what we are watching the next wave is off the coast rotating from west to east with a couch lightning strikes. it is not out of the question that some of the activity will move on shore. we will look outside from the sutro tower camera and you can
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see the nimbus clouds in the distance and rain small totals are impressive including hayward and richmond over 1" and san jose at two-thirds. we will show you this afternoon and what we have in store for the sierra in a few minutes. >> we will see you then. the biggest impact from the rain this morning and on the roads, the highway patrol handed a hundred accident calls. amy hollyfield has that part of our story. amy? >> yes it has been is long since we had rain it is like we are out of practice on how to drive in it. the c.h.p. said they knew it would be a busy morning but this exceeded their expectations. it was a busy morning c.h.p. said they had about 100 calls. at one point some commuters said
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they stayed home and tried to avoid it and were extraing it by watching the news to see how bad it was. it was a rough morning. they decided to just stay home s it look like we are getting a break, as quickly as it swept in it swept out and as people started complaining the rain has left, it is dry and beautiful out here. reporting in dublin for abc news. >> thank you amy. we will check with amy in a moment. >> maybe this is enough to slow you down a frightening scene at the summit the driver of this car spun out as heavy rain came down on highway 17 in santa cruz county. it slid across the road the car burst into flames. the driver managed to get out in time. firefighters closed the highway in both directions as they knocked down the fire and re-opened the lane as short time later. >> the heaviest rain hit the south bay this morning and our reporter joins us from los gatos
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with that story. the rain made a lot of people happy. >> a lot of people were happy to see the moisture this morning and to get some drought relief for california even if it is just brief. you can see now that we are getting a break in the weather. there is no rain. it is actually sunny. there are some pretty big gray puffy clouds and the storm is not quite over. usually on a rainy day people are hide out inside but along main street and in driver -- in downtown los gatos --. great to see the rain. >> many people are out enjoying the spring i am really glad. we need it so bad. i am from back east i listen to
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all of my relatives talk about the rain and the snow and i have to say it is sunny and 70. >> it is months sense this woman has brought out the rain gear. she is cutting back on gardening. >> some those i am not replacing in the garden to vegetables this year. >> and the dog is embracing the change. >> max can deal with the weather. >> so is the owner, who hopes this is just the beginning. >> we need a lot more. this is nothing. >> the owner of this cafe afternoon west main street prepared for the storm by raining up leaves and made sure to sweep the area around the storm drains so there was in will intoing happening in the downtown area so a lot of people in los gatos prepared for the wet weather and as you saw, a lot of people actually are happy to get wet this morning.
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>> thank you. as we mentioned not so happy on the roads for many this morning with the rain making it very slick and hazardous. amy hollyfield has that report. >> this is the picture the c.h.p. would like to put on a poster, to illustrate why you need to slow down when it rains. the driver of the big rig was going 50 miles per hour on northbound 680 this morning in fremont during a heavy steady rain. >> it was the wet weather this was the factor. first rain in a while. the oil comes up on the road. it makes it slick. when the road is slick you have to slow down. he was traveling too fast and lost control. >> the truck blocked traffic for three hours. the driver was okay. no other cars were involved. he was not the only one who struggled in the wet conditions. >> it has been quite a busy o first rain in a while. the slick roadway and we have had over 100 incidents, active incidents at one time this morning throughout the golden gate division which is 13 offices.
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>> some drives say when they see the rain they feel dread as they climbñç into the cars. >> you feel sorry for yourself driving when it rains. >> i hate sitting in the traffic so...everyone needs to slow down. >> some commuters changed their day because of the rain. >> i actually delayed my trip pause of the rain and the traffic and everything. i avoided that area. i saw it in the morning and i decided not to go back that way. no more. >> commuter appreciate the rain and they just wish it would have better timing. >> about final. we needed it. that is a good thing. >> that was amy hollyfield reporting and the advise is to slow down. you can keep your eye on the storm at google app or >> and there was a deadly crash
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with a hit-and-run drive under the glue. two drivers crashed interest each other on northbound 101 after midnight. one car appears to is stalled on the highway and was hit by another vehicle, a ford pickup and caught fire. the driver inside was killed. the first drive took off and was later found hiding behind a dumpster on great america parkway and is facing d.w.i. hurt and run and manslaughter charges. >> jury deliberations are underway in the trial of the accused boston marathon bombing suspect, dzhakhar tsarnaev. prosecutor have tried to paint a picture as a unified terror team. the defense said the brother was the mastermind. if convict the he would face the same jury if a separate trial to decide if he should get the debt penalty. >> also happening, california democrats are unveiling legislation in sacramento to increase protections for undocumented immigrants. the package would extend health care legal rights and business protection to imminents who are
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illegally living in the state part of the democrats' wish to expand health care to all this california regardless of immigration status. a possible hangup with the legislation is it does not provide funding for the expenses. >> a if you proposal introduced would require some buildings in san francisco to use grave water to flush toilet a solution that the california drought which is wastewater from bath and sinks and other appliances. according to the san francisco chronicle a supervisor is were they dousing legislation that with require developers to use gray water for toilets and irrigation in new construction projects. the rules would apply to buildings larger than 250,000 square feet. critics argue the proposal would add millions in costs. >> the race for president is already heating up. what rand paul is promising supporters and some of the other gone candidates he will likely face in the primary. >> missing 11-year-old boy is
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found in the woods and crews
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>> we have come to take our country become. >> that was kentucky senator rand paul announcing his bid for the republican presidential nomination. the going lawmaker and tea party favorite kicked off the campaign in louisville promising to stand up to the "washington machine."
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paul is the latest in a growing field of republican presidential candidates. texas senator cruz is already announced his campaign and florida senator marco rubio and former governor jeb bush are expected to declare soon as well as wisconsin governor scott walker. there is only one major player seeking the democratic nomination so far former secretary of state hillary clinton. she is expected to announce her campaign in the next week or two. >> an amazing rescue caught on camera police and family in australia searched for a young boy lost for days, a boy with autism. matt has the story. >> a moment relieve an 11-year-old lost alone in the woods for four days spot by a helicopter flying overhead. >> out of the corner of my eye i caught a flash enough to make me town the aircraft around and go back and have a look. >> rescuers made their way down
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the embankment and volunteers cleared a path. at last luke, with autism, was wrapped in tinfoil and reunited with his relieve parents. >> you think about it, he was away four nights and it ran rainy and cold. >> the ordinary dial began when he wandered from the catch site at 9:30 in the morning three days into the search rescuers spotted his hat as police jumpers starting scouring the area. they found luke sitting here in dense forest with nothing to eat or drink. this could have ended differently but it is a miracle for luke and his family. >> we have been overwhelmed by the response. we thankful we live in a society that put as lot of of the in finding children. >> he was taken to the hospital suffering from hypothermia but he is expected to be okay. >> don't put that umbrella away. our meteorologist is up next to
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tell us when the income round of storms will roll through the bay area. a star-studded ceremony for maya
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>> from benicia, san ramon, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we have a lot of inbound holidays. today? it is "national beer day." there is history behind the
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holiday. april 7 1933, roosevelt signed a law allowing people to bra and -- to brew and sell beer in the united states. >> the united states post office is honoring world renowned activist and poet maya angela with her own forever stamp. a dedication ceremony was underway in washington dc, first lady and oprah were on hand. the ceremony did not go off without a hitch the lights want out in the middle of oprah's speech. a power outage. >> i am honored to stand as her daughter sister, friend at the unveiling of the "forever" stamp.
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a that was a for place do go dark. >> oprah kept going honoring ang e elou. >> that was great. >> drew tuma has been busy. >> wonderful to see the radar light up and great to have this much rain and now a second wave will likely move in, in the afternoon and it could bring hail to the region. >> when and where and the timing is ahead. live doppler 7 hd shows we are in a temporary break. we had the first wave of rain moving through 2349 morning and now it is very light and scattered showers. as we pressed around petaluma in 9 north bay just a light shower is falling so you will need the umbrella later this afternoon but not the whole afternoon because the showers are the popcorn variety, hit-and-miss. >> outside emeryville camera we show you the blue the sun is
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out, and we will see rain moving back in the forecast. we do call for thunderstorms into the afternoon and the cold front that brought us soak, showers will bring sierra snow well into the evening and we still staying unsettled even as we go interest end. as you step outside right now, it is 52 in oakland, 55 in hayward, san francisco is vick. san jose is 58. fairfield is 51. satellite and radar show the low-to-upper spin country step clock wise off the coast of northern california and here is the cold front that moved through early this morning and behind that front you do notice a bit of moisture and an unstable atmosphere behind the front that can support some scattered shows. at 2:00 this afternoon you notice the threat is there for wet weather and hit or miss showers and they could be strong enough to support lightning and even small hail. as we move forward into the heart of the evening are you, at 5:00, you can see the showers are diminishing in their activity and in the overnight
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period there is a chance of a light sprinkle and into wednesday this energy does not want to depart quickly. when morning at 11 o'clock the threat there for sprinkles across the region and we are talking about winter warning in effect until midnight for higher peek of the sierra and around lake tahoe. look how much snow she could get when it wraps up tomorrow with the snow level low, between 35 and 4,500' and south lake tahoe half a foot is possible and kirkwood could see up to 20" of snow by tomorrow. become here locally at home, highs for today we will see upper 50s to lower 60s with a threat of the thunderstorms developing between 2:00 and 6:00 this afternoon and evening. tonight a sprinkle is possible and otherwise overcast skies and temperatures are not falling too far from where they are, mid-to-lower 40s is the name of the game tonight. seven-day forecast shows the rains to showers tapering and the potential is there tomorrow
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for an isolated shower but thursday and friday we will dry out and we will brighten up and we will warm up the forecast just in time for the weekend. >> you heard what he said more wet both is on way and we what to see what is happening where you live so send the weather pictures and video and you can mail them at or post them on our facebook page or share them with us on twitter at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> the warriors are in new orleans tonight for what could be a preview of their first round playoff series. they have taken all three games against the pelicans and they have not lost a spot yet, but can do that by winning 9 final six games. >> the warriors have the top speed in the playoffs. abc is the home for the nba finals with coverage starting june 4. >> next, how a young couple got
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>> at 4:00, it is official, you can cut the cage cord and still enjoy hbo. new streaming service launched today. how much it will cost you, as well. and budget battles a clash over discarded books and not all library books are a good breed. >> lane bryant is challenging the idea of what "sexy," looks like. the plus size giant is taking on sectorria secret and celebrating women of all sizes with the # #i'mnoangel. when take to social media to share their love and others are sharing why though are no angel. >> an illinois couple preparing for a whopper of a wedding fit for a queen and king. burger king. burger king. a skype video of joel burger and ashley king as the fast food chain tells them, it will pay for their wedding.
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burger and king have been teased when they wet on stage during an assembly and the speaker laughed out loud after announcing their names. they have remained close friends through high school and dated in college. they have embraced their knick make and as you can see from the photo necessity look forward to having a free wedding their way, this summer. >> is burger king catering it, too? >> how adorable they are. >> why not? >> that is right. >> burger. king. king burger. >> thanks for joining us. year year
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[dramatic music] ♪ ♪ >> yeah! hey, hey, hey! whoo! welcome to millionaire. i am so glad you've joined us, because all this week, we've got some of the hottest stars coming by to play for some great charities. it's celebrity week! [applause] our returning celebrity contestants have been married 15 years and haven't argued about a single answer. playing for second harvest food bank of orange county please welcome, from the hit tv show botched, plastic surgeon dr. terry dubrow and from crackle's new series sequestered, his wife


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