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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 8, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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three lives, 250 people were wounded and a sizeable bay area contingent in boston that day. wayne freedman is live with their reaction. wayne? >> reporter: the verdict resonated against anyone who runs. as you said, many people came from the bay area, we tracked them down to get perspective on the verdict. dean from marin county. how many runners do you know that finished on all seven continents two times over. >> it's a conflicted challenge of run. the pain, misery, and overcoming. >> usually it's just the act of racing. then two years ago an act of terror within that race. had he not moved moments from the bomb he might have been
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another victim of the bomber. >> you know it's wrong. no amount of influence can compel a person to do something like that unless you have evil in your soul. >> today's verdicts for those who saw the damage. we found a stanford nurse who helped with the triage immediately after. >> probably about 5, 10 minutes terrifying there could be a bomb in front of the tent because the first bomb went off. then about i don't know. 30 seconds later, a second bomb. >> for both, the verdicts provide relief. he faces the penalties >> i hope he has to sit in a cell for his life. >> i'm good at forgiving but i
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cannot forgive what happened. >> because? >> it's too personal. >> for everyone it's still complicated. in marin county, abc7 news. >> now, those injured in the bombing include aaron hern, just 12 years old at the time. he was at the finish line, watching his mom complete when he was hit by shrapnel in the blast. aaron is on spring break and they were unavailable to comment on the verdict. >> rebecca gregory lost a leg in the bombing and two years later, she says. >> i'm standing here because someone tried to destroy me. he failed. >> abc news radio says he slumped in his chair after being
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convicted of the counts. a twitter user wrote after all of the trauma he put ugs through, we can celebrate because justice has been served. another twitter user says we stand united and strong. >> well moving on expect a meeting of the san francisco police commission tonight. that is because the case against the cops accused of sending racist texts is being heard the chief wants officers fired. vic lee is live to explain what will happen there tonight. vic? >> tonight will be the start of a very closely-watched case. commissioners will not decide the fate tonight of those eight officers who may be fired. attorneys are expected to expect the meeting tonight. tony brass represents one of them. he admits it's a tough case. >> there is another side to the
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story. where it is enough to make people come nortable, that someone could send this and be a police officer i don't know we're there. >> victor wong will decide the fate of the eight officers chief suhr wants fired, among 14 cops reportedly exchanging racist text messages all eight have been the chief decides whether to terminate them. >> from that point on, we'll have hearings. >> the content of the texting was not as offensive as those of the other eight.
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sargent yolanda williams heads the group officers for justice. >> i'm looking for the chief to address the rank and file in terms of a bulletin, or either a station visit to each station. or a cv with a message on it. >> well, the legal wrangling has started, attorney general michael reigns who represents the highest ranking officer believes the commission not fire anyone because he says the statute of limitations expired on this investigation but the chief maintains the investigation was launched within the scope and limits. >> police shot and killed a man today after responding to a
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liquor store robbery. >> the fatal shooting occurred this morning in a strip mall. investigators say the suspect was armed and when confronted became uncooperative. >> we're investigating what went down in this alley way. >> the officer has been placed on leave. >> we now know how an accused child molester managed to elude officers last month. he was a focus of a national manhunt and tonight, how he stayed hidden so long. >> jannel carter was captured in gulf port mississippi hiding
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with relatives. >> making contact at the door he fled through a rear door and was apprehended a short time later. >> on the left is how he appeared in a booking photo and on the right arrested in mississippi he shaved before his escape. carter overpowered a deputy carrying him during a medical appointment in san jose. a manhunt was launched with officers combing the area for hours. he was bound by a waist chain and handcuffs he managed to hide until his brother helped him take a ride to gulf port. the u.s. marshal says there is video of him getting off the bus >> as soon as we'd determined he
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boarded a bus to mississippi we started to focus an investigation on the family out there. >> carter had only one deputy guarding him, sheriff smith says he was neither a minimum nor maximum security risk. >> without an escape in ten years, 150,000 people transported every year is a good record but we strive for perfection. >> carter is being held in mississippi awaiting return to san jose. david louie, abc7 news. >> the california energy commission today approved new drought regulations setting higher efficiency standards for faucets and toilets. late today governor brown held a meeting with officials and agriculture and leaders and called it a step toward future measures. the governor says one challenge
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besides finding water. he is getting stake holders to collaborate. >> we're go toing rise to the ocean. as californians first. >> governor brown has been criticized because the 25% reduction announced last week has no affect on agriculture. >> we're looking for ways to save water. thanks to rebate programs some people are saving money as well. >> this is a great example of what people are doing in increasing numbers removing the lawn. and it is netting the homeowner $900
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on the bill. >> now, east bay mud is out to see whether the conversion qualifies not only is the lawn gone but removed a sprinkler system. >> you can water a couple times a week. i don't think we should be watering at all. >> bud cool made it a lot smaller. >> we're too old to give up the lawn entirely. but it can go if things get worse. >> the project was including whether the homeowners set the watering system to comply. >> i'm not sure it's been in there yet. >> the technician that had been
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made. >> it's not just about the money. isn't it? >> no. no. it's the last thing. we're scared about the water. east bay mud offers rebates of up to $25 million. for those who do decide to part with their lawn and replace it with alternatives. >> and our coverage continues tonight. coming up, a spot where the officer will take a look at it now. >> first, a happy ending to this couple. their van stolen out of the driveway. >> hearing from the victim of this on camera
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thomas has als and depends
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on her wheelchair. police called her husband, phil. >> i'd like to say thank you. you have made the day for us so i hope you're watching the evening news. >> very nice. and authorities believe the person that stole the van used it to haul burglarized goods a company has given them a loaner van until it's fixed. an elderly woman was bruised during a brazen theft in oakland. watch the highlighted area. you'll see a person jump out of a passing car, grabbing a woman's purse. she was dragged as she tried to get her purse back. the victim talked to abc7 about the incident. >> how how is your family? scared? >> scared.
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but they told the police already. >> you can see how bruised her arms got. police are asking the public for help in identifying thieves as well as vehicle. >> last week was governor brown announced new drought restrictions you might remember he was standing on bare ground. there is actually some snow there now. and tonight george warren returned to the spot. >> this family from great britain wanted to see snow during a visit to california could not have timed it better. here there is close to a foot of new snow that fallen since the weekend. news is better at kirkwood. squaw valley, 20 inches north star, 14. mount rose ten inches. >> do you realize how happy we
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are to see this snow? >> yes. it's been such a bad year. >> the governor saw how bad this year had been. for the first time since 1941, the regular snow survey took place on a dry field. >> have you ever stood on this meadow? no. >> that is where the governor held a news conference. it's a significant improvement for sure. unofficial snow survey shows about nine and a half inches. back to the ski resort this week's snowfall is too little too late. the resort says there is not enough base there to reopen.
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just three days ago you couldn't even make a snowman. >> that is progress. >> yes. we have had a good bit of rain. it cleared out nicely. >> let me show you a time lapse. this showing scattered clouds traveling through bay area sky. here is live doppler 7 hd, sunny skies across the area now. so let's talk about rainfall. snow pack average rainfall levels aconsiders the bay area not so bad. california drought is extreme. in the sierra only 8% statewide
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of average. it's improvement over two years ago. that doesn't bode well for the drier season. here is a great view of the sky. lacking west we have temperature readings 61 in santa rosa. so looking across embarcadero chilly and clear, mild afternoons heading into the weekend. there is a chance of rain right now, now a weather picture for
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several days and throughout the weekend. and this may be our next rain maker. overnight, clear skies. low temperatures upper valleys. low to mid 0s in the east bay and south bay. highs upper 60s. 67 in palo alto. highs upper 60s and mid to upper 60s and milder. upper 60s to around 70. here is the accu-weather forecast. milder still over the weekend. 60s on the coast.
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there is a chance of rain warming up wednesday. >> thank you. >> just ahead, should you be able to hospital out of vaccinateing your children? >> it's been slow and not too bad in the northbound direction. as you see moving south in
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a bill to mandate vaccinations is closer to becoming law tonight. a committee passed legislation today making it mandatory for children to get their shots before attending public and private schools. parents would no longer be able to cite personal beliefs. the sponsor says it was introduced after large outbreak of diseases in california. a ground breaking in california for a project that is a key part of a plan to create 10,000 more affordable housing units in the city. nancy pelosi joined mayor ed lee
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for the rebuilding. the initiative is a partnership residents say gives them a sense of pride. >> to me this is one of the proudest moments other than me having my kids. you know? that i might have in my lifetime. >> phase 1 and 2 are scheduled to be completed in august next year. >> the new safety and security center opened today in richmond. the event kicked off with a firefighting demonstration on the stationery ship that acts as a classroom. will transform fires. >> intent is to ensure we have a
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practical ability that you will environment. in addition to students and personnel, fire departments are also expected to perform training exercises. >> still to come a police shooting of a suspect. there may be new video to shed light on what happened. >> san francisco democrat nancy pelosi addresses a movement for a change in party leadership. >> what losing a license can
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police in south carolina hope to release video. the video shows a white officer shooting a person in the back.
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a sign of support in the south carolina community of north charleston. amid criticism, they met with the family of walter scott, offering support. amateur video that is graphic appears to show the 50-year-old african american man shot in a confrontation with police, he falls face down and later died. the officer has been fired by the city and charged with murder. question surround his version of events claiming he used a stun gun, and scott tried to take his weapon the video seems to contradict that claim. >> i pray this never happens to anyone else. whatever you are. we're individuals we're to love one another.
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>> the scott family maintains the former coast guardman had no history of violence and is unclear why he decided to run away. i'm going to be honest with you. give me just a moment. honesty comes from my heart. i have watched the video. and i was sickened by what i saw. >> emotions running high in this south carolina community with two families caught in the middle. >> the fbi is looking for a man they're calling the clean cut bandit. he's worn a poll shirt. and threatened a teller with a knife. this man has been arrested in
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san francisco for burglarizing the home of a 92-year-old woman. she walked in to find a man rummaging through a drawer and he ripped off her shirt in a struggle over a wallet. jones was arrested after being identified from surveillance footage. >> police in san jose identity themselves as water district employees. and as they check your watt yir, someone burglarizes your home. >> two representatives said it's time to change her leadership style or step down.
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she didn't seem concerned. >> the 75-year-old led since 2003. >> congressman eric swalwell spoke with us about how forces are working together against isis. he met with american soldiers, helping out the iraqi army. >> what we need is train the iraqi army. provide air strikes. we need them to have the win themselves. >> he spent easter sunday attending a service. >> a coalition of civil rights groups released a report blaming
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the traffic court system for the property. >> you become this criminal all of a sudden. all of a sudden, this public enemy number one. he said he had three tickets he couldn't afford to pay. >> does he have to do small payments? >> without a license he says he's not alone. california traffic court system is unfairly taking the right to drive. >> if they haven't paid their
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fine ensuring they'll never pay their fine. >> this legal center outlined suggestions for the form including giving out citations. >> we worked on this for years. there is no path forward. >> advocates say it affects the entire community. if people can't drive they can't work. in san francisco abc7 news. >> a plan got a push forward today. approving expansion from 700 to 7,000 bicycles. a private company will pick up the cost.
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officials want them to continue supporting redwood city as well. >> we stant staff to include these cities that took a step to improve. >> coming up next, tomorrow on display tonight. >> silicon valley's best brightest is showing off what
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heading north this evening, this sign is moving quickly going into the city. let's flip it around and see how it looks. bad bad at 6:40 and moving well today. >> thank you dan. abc7 news shows a lot of stories on cool products. so he was in heaven today at the cool product expo. a roomful of start ups. >> for this reporter like a
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reunion. i've interviewed these guys. worn this thing and visited the labs where they make these and these. for most people -- >> they're private now. so to get this opportunity it's unique. >> have to good get beyond is it a new purposeful thing? >> things for your home. and your base guitar. things you can ride on. makers were giving free lessons. if you prefer 2 or 4, they run on batteries. >> it launches like a rocket.
6:41 pm
>> we can charge in 30 minutes. >> out of reach it entered a growing space. with players trying to make electric stylish. >> we built a hover board. >> it requires copper and can float in mid air. could replace fork lifts. cars that may, one day, look as good as this
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people from marin county come to enjoy the outdoors but open space is being overwhelmed the county has a trail management plan supposed to balance recreation and environment, but, the devil is in the details.
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it's wild flower season. a lot of people are on trails not supposed to be here the parks department wants to close some down. that is why 200 packed meeting to get a look at theegs maps. >> trails are being used and loved. it's easy to abuse them. >> open space is 16,000 acres. >> that is too many to manage overtime. and under the plan some will be eliminated and others improved. in marin it's known as ground 0
6:46 pm
for conflicts. years of meetings led to some cooperation. but bike riders want more. >> our mission is to allow more access. >> not everyone thinks that is a good idea. >> concept of allowing bikers to have horses and hikers on it is a dangerous situation. >> there is concern about native plants and wildlife. it's home to seven rare bands. >> there are not many places that have this level with native species. >> this map shows the mountain is covered with small trails. this is one of the rare species.
6:47 pm
you can see how easy it would be to trample by mistake. these people are walking on an unauthorized trail that goes through a patch. >> this meeting is just the beginning. there are similar sessions. a difficult job of closing trails trying to make it stick. now you'll find a link to the plan but maps are considered so sensitive, they're not being posted online. you'll have to make an appointment with the district to see. check us out, online. >> it's time for a last check on the forecast. >> search for more rain
6:48 pm
continues. tomorrow, mild conditions just about everywhere in interior sections of the state low 70s from chico to fresno. down south to los angeles. here in the bay area, sunny milder day tomorrow. inland, high temperatures will approach 70 degrees. upper 60s around the bay. upper 50s conthe coast. a chance of showers and that is our next best hope for rain. here is the forecast. nice weekend temperatures inland up to 70s around the bay. and extra clouds coming in on monday, that slight chance of rain. let's hope that games open for energy. >> we need those.
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>> we can get more rain a couple weeks >> yes. >> and more snow in the sierra, too. >> it's an exciting time for sports fans. >> it is. worth the wait as w
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one favorite event is the annual par three event. it's been a tradition since 1906. the winner has never gone on to win. this event is more about family atmosphere. friends have more of a chew toy the champion is less than 46 years of age.
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he knows where to put it. another moment how cool is that? tiger going to try to do it. and missed it by that much. his daughter sam completing the birdie. this contest ended up in a playoff and remember, he finds the water so don't expect them to wear a green jacket sunday.
6:54 pm
back to the turf. defending champion bubba watson and tiger woods. and two runner ups in the plan. it's just about getting back into that position and seeing if i can put together what i've learned. >> i feel like i'm in a far better place on the course and being able to handle adversity when it might come my way out there. >> and some by last week, with
6:55 pm
16 rbis this spring. they take room for the roster and ross starts in right field tonight. the raiders off season work outs have begun. mack was outstanding last year. 59 solo and a forced fumble. and now, he can focus on just rushing a quarterback. >> just get to what you need to do instead of 40s all the time. just think of that is more important to turn that edge. and trying to save the quarterback. and focusing in on that.
6:56 pm
that that is the thing. he goes get a hole in one. >> oh man. >> the strength. >> yes. >> and his game. >> yes. >> 29 years after never gets old. what a jury decided in the case of a woman that fell off of a bus and into a freeway. >> tighter restrictions on talk yits as toilets. but will the new fixtures could mean down the line. stay with us. we'll be back with the team of abc7 news at 11:00.
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>> if you have comcast or dish, you can get all abc programming go to awc and our coverage of breaking news continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> from
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