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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 9, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> breaking news. we know how much peg will have to pay in fines after the horrific pipeline explosion and fire in san bruno in 2010. eight people were kill. 66 were injured. neighbors were destroyed. >> thanks pore joining us. i am eric thomas. >> i am christian. >> they are facing potential $1.6 billion penalty but the prospect of being forced to split up the gas and electric operations. our reporter joins us outside the critical meeting by the california public utility
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commission. >> critical is the word. everyone was critical of pg&e snowed this meeting today but before the panel even voted they heard from some victims of the san bruno explosion as they spoke of their loss. eight has been a rough road since that day filled with loneliness anguish loss, anger grief and despair. >> these commissioners all knew they were not part of the cpuc when the blast happened in 2010 but have been part of the investigation into to blast and resolve to do what they can to keep future generations safe. they voted unanimously to fine pg&e $1.6 billion and the new president wants to do even more. the san bruno mayor is calling on pg&e to accept the fine and not appeal it. the names of the eight people who died in the blast were present, projected ton a screen while survivors talked about terrible day.
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some described running from the neighbor with a ball of fire hype them on their shoulder as they ran. others saying they do not feel safe. all of them upset with pg&e. >> pg&e did not have adequate records of the pipelines they replaced under ground 50 years ago. they plate aptly violated their own policies and procedures but they violated state and federal regulations. i believe this is the case of criminal negligence and indifferent behavior. >> this decision shows the people of california are entitled to receive what the law says they have the right to expect. safe reliable utility service at just and reasonable rates with adequate facilities. >> the cpuc president worries the fine will not impact the billion dollar utility so he will ask the staff to look and the possibility of recovering
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corporate bonuses to executives as a former of punishment. he is worried that pg&e is too big to be safe and wants the staff to study whether they should split the gas and electric operations. pg&e said going into the meeting it has redoubled the safety efforts since the blast and it was looking forward to hearing comments from the meeting. a spokesman will officially comment on what happened today later this afternoon. thank you. two bay area airports are at at the the top of the list on airport security and probably not happy. an investigation finds this have been 268 breaches at 31 major united states airports since 2004 and 37 at sfo the most in the nation. los angeles international is third with 24 breaches during the 11-year period and mineta san jose international airport was 5th with 18. the latest incident, a
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20-year-old was found in a secure area of mineta san jose international airport last in and arrested on trespassing charges. that was the 5th lapse in security at mineta san jose international airport in just the past year. >> students at my pete high -- milpitas have been sent home after a bomb threat on campus. we were offer the high school a short time ago. the students were evacuated to the field behind the school and they were crowded up there. there is a speech the school property much the middle school was evacuated is police have declared the middle school safe and those students have gone back to class. >> homeowners keep a close eye out office a robber broke into a san jose woman's home despite the elaborate security system and was capture on the surveillace cameras but some wonder is that enough? our reporter is in the neighborhood where the latest. what makes this so disturbing is how bold this burglar was. he ignored security cameras,
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lights even alarms and the terrified homeowner hit in a closet listening to him ransack the house. >> i just started breathing again yesterday. >> it has been two days since the terrifying home invasion at the san jose home. the old thing caught on the security cameras the she put in new locks and bought a gun to protect herself. she cannot shake knowing the person who so brazenly burst interest her home in the middle of the night is out there. on tuesday before 2:00 a. security phoneup showed a man outside her bedroom window and she called sunday newspaper and lock herself in the closet. i was petrified. i used the phone to call 9-1-1. she could hear as the burglar busted on the lock on the sliding glass door and went from room to room opening doors and flipping mattresses. when he tried the locked door she screamed and he ran to a
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neighbor's yard which may have been to grab the skateboard. >> i am shocked because the amount of people that are home all the time and the security we have. >> the security of this man is three dogs living here for 20 areas and never heard of such a bombed crime. home has cameras motion sensors and alarms. >> all this time i thought i was safe because i locked my doors i set my alarm have my cameras, and the whole time it was like sleeping with the doors wide open. >> she does not recognize the burglar and he did not take anything from the house after a that. i called police to ask why it took 13 minutes to respond but they are not commenting on the case. thanks the man who shot the cell phone video of a charleston police officer shooting an unarmed man is afraid to his
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safety and as we report, the man considered erasing the video before showing it to anyone. >> the form police officer michael slager is in jail charged with murder in the shooting death of 50-year-old walter lamar scott. >> i have been praying for peace. peace for the family. peace for this community. >> his wife is eight months pregnant, the city of northerly charleston will provide his wife health insurance until the baby is born. >> we think that is the humane thing for us to do. >> the north charleston police department is now alonging into slager's past police work with two come lanes in five years and was cleared on the only serious charge for excessive force. >> without any questions anyone has we are more than willing to look at. >> saturday's shooting began with a raw teen traffic stop for a broken tail light. it ended in a field when slager fired the weapon. >> shots fired. subject is down.
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he grabbed my taser. >> until the video came to like the police say slager opened fire because he felt threatened and scott grabbed the sun gun. >> i saw it on the news, and i not this is not what happened. >> he shot the video on the cell phone and said he recorded when he her the sound of a stun gun. he said he considered erasing the video because he feeder for his safety but he felt the right thing to do for scott's family was to turn it over to police. new details in the clean up at an east bay creek after a concrete action. clean up two take up to a year. we were there at rock creek in oakland a person noticed create in the creek yesterday and called the water district the crews were replacing a pipeline but a valve was left open and officials say every plant if
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half a mile will die but the area will eventually be reclaimed. >> happening now doctors at uc student centers across california are taking part in a fur day strike after walking off the job this morning. the demonstration is part of the longest labor action staged by staff positions in 25 careers. uc doctors are negotiating their first contract since they unionized in 2013. they are are accusing officials of unfair labor practices but they say the health centers will remain open. >> a viewer would watched this midday newscast yesterday is being credited with fining a specially equip van stolen from fremont. someone stole the $65,000 van on monday to their drive. she has lou gehrig's disease and depends on the special vehicle to get around. a you viewer saw the story and
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recognized the van parked outside the apartment and called in us who contacted the thomass, classic vans if hayward is making repairs to fix the damaged van and given a loaner until it is repaired. >> thank you. you have paid the day for us both my wife and myself. >> naughton would do that. i appreciate that more than i can say. authorities movie the person would stole the van used to ham some burglarized goods and damaged it in the process. >> san francisco mayor lee and other city officials put on their walking shoes this morning and were automatic participating in "walk to work day," with the mayor stopping at various locations to work to give pedestrians free clipper cars tote bags. a quarter of all trips in the city are taken by foot but the organization hopes that days like these inspire more to ditch
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their cars and walk instead. >> a popular snap food that is being recalled. >> linked in making a major contribution in the area. >> and what you need to do to get a deep discount on a sweet treat. >> a look outside right new at our beautiful san francisco bay area. drew tuma come up with the
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>> and now a deal to buy online learning company for $1.5 billion the largest acquisition that a professional networking site is buying allowing subscribe ares do take online courses at their own pace. in an e-mail to customers linkedin said they can add all completed courses directly to their linkedin profile so potential employers can see what training they are doing. >> 30,000 cases of hummus are recalled because of possible contamination for the classic hummus with best buy by may 11 or 15th. listeria can be fail for young children and the elderly. people are talking about this story online and we posted it on facebook if you would like to share it.
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a sweet treat this weekend saturday is bring your own cup day at 7-eleven and you have to bring your own cup and fill up including bowl bucket, kettle, giant mug whatever you want. it has to fit in a designated 10 rip cut out at the store. containers have to be clean of course and it will cost only $1.49 for any size slurpy promotion on saturday until 7:00 people. >> bring your own...bath. >> meteorologist drew tuma is here for mike nicco with the forecast just ahead. >> you will need the shades today and we begin a warming trend and i will let you know when the warmth peaks. >> giants fans are getting national attention in a new survey that says they do something better than most others. >> the san francisco market space a great place to explore
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>> giants have some of the most loyal fans in baseball. >> according to the 23rd annual sports fans loyalty survey giants' fans rate second just behind st. louis cardinals. >> they grabbed from five last year partly because they won the world series, again last season >> winning only counts for 20 percent. other factors include fan bonding, history and tradition and pure entertainment.
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>> speaking of the giants buster pose has a message from fans tweeting "good luck to all the little little leaguers as they start this season," and he included a picture himself as a little leaguer. if you want to know how to throw someone out at second base keep your eye on buster posey. drew tuma has a look at the forecast. >> we are talking about the beautiful day on the way if you are headed to see the as taking on rangers you could not ask for more. live doppler hd is tracking nothing but dry conditions at this hour so we will take you outside, a beautiful view from our sutro tower showing you downtown san francisco plenty of sunshine, a few clouds in the sky right now and 59 in san francisco, and 60 in oakland, and currently 59 in san carlos and 58 in san jose and half moon bay at 59 degrees.
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another point from the east bay hills camera showing emeryville in the foreround and the bay bridge in san francisco in the background and forecast temperatures are 57 in santa rosa and 58 in napa and petaluma jumped to 57 and fairfield is 59 and concord and little more coming in the warmest location we have at 60 degrees. satellite radar will show you two big areas of high pressure, the muscle maker of our forecast the next couple of dying over the west coast so the storm track is into canada and that ridge is going to hold through the weekend and it will mean a lot sunshine on the way. >> an update on our snow pack that brought us soaking rain on tuesday brought sierra snow and the percent of normal jumped from a percent to 8 percent which, unfortunately, is still a record low. if you are sneezing, tree pollen is lie with the main offenders
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are cedar oak and sycamore. the game forecast, first pitch 12:35 plenty of sunshine a comfortable temperature at 63 degrees and as the game is being up at 3:30 we will see temperatures jumping to 66. highs across the region and oakland up to 67 and san francisco is 62 degrees under clouds and san jose up to 69, our warm of spots fairfield, antioch and livermore jumping into the lower 70s later this afternoon. tonight we will see generally clear skies and plan city of stars falling to 36 cool degrees in napa and falling to 45 in fremont and 44 in san jose and falling to 47 overnight in san francisco. the seven-day forecast shows partly cloudy today with the warm-up starting tomorrow and a big more mild so to speak and we will see upper 60 in the day low 70s inland and the heat or the warmth peeks over -- peaks
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over the weekend and mid-70s inland and 70s around the bay on saturday and we will track breezy and cooler conditions for monday and our next chance for rain comes on tuesday and right now the storm is not looking impressive at all, just men mall rainfall and it is quickly out of here so by when of next week we are tracking more sunshine on the seven-day forecast. thank you. >> a big weekend for bay area check sports fans. >> a busy san francisco street makes a dramatic transformation. >> a lot to explore where you live here is our reporter, leyla gulen, with more. san francisco's market street has always been a bustling place but it will transform and a public platform, a festival showcasing ideas for three days pedestrians can circulate and view winning prototypes for a better stretch of public space created by artists and designers. now, get your game face on and
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head tout stanford this saturday for seven teens for a friday of tailgating and events and a heat and greet. and "become of mormon," is coming to the theater on wednesday from the creators of "south park," it temperatures the story of two for monday missionaries and adventures. more more information on these go to leyla gulen abc 7 news. >> two teens made it to the elite eight. >> they are definitely in an ivy league of their
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>> coming up, apple alternatives for music lovers. "consumer reports" pans with "7 on your side" to check out digital music players that promise big sound. are they worth that big price tag? at 5:00 tax tension, are you frightened by an audit why there are less and more severe. >> two more students and their parents have a big reason to celebrate this or. they have been accepted to all eight ivy league schools. >> the superstars include
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scoring a perfect score on the s.a.t. and accepted to ten other universities and wanted to be a neurosurgeon, and the girl a enminute senior is wanted by three schools including stanford and founded a nonprofit and works to make education accessible for girls in east africa and wants to major in political science joining two other new york teens who achieved the same honor one last year, and one this year. >> my goodness. amazing. congratulations. from all of us, thanks for joining us.
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