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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 10, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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first accident. over my shoulder, take a look at the richmond bridge. it has very nice views in places at times. when you are sitting there for three hours, enough is enough. it will go down in history as the get away day in which anyone traveling west on the richmond bridge pretty much went nowhere. >> i got here at 12:15. >> reporter: you have been on the bridge? >> yes. >> reporter: tim castro with one small story and big one hoping to wave down his son somewhere back there on the bridge in the gridlock. >> i left my phone at home. >> reporter: his traffic trauma and that of thousands of others with the byproduct of a wreck and fire this morning. if your ups package did not arrive in marin county you know why. >> what we are fortunate in all of this, he did not go through the center divider. >> reporter: 800 packages burned
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forcing closures and difficult investigations and road work that continued into the afternoon. it force the caltrans to relationship it all up and lay down more. >> this changed my plans. >> reporter: doug planned a trip to berkeley. he saw the back up and went home. tim castro did not have that luxury. as hour two came and went by the side of the road, we loaned him our telephone and he got the bad news from his son. >> turn around. next time. >> wait a minute. i'm waiting at the end of the bridge for you. >> reporter: as we come back live, there it is. for all of the people on the bridge marin county is nothing more than the promised land. by the way if you are a ups customer and you did not receive your package today, you are
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wondering what happens next. it turns out you will not be notified directly by ups. if you track your package, you will see it is late. ups contacted the people that sent the package. they contact you. ups is telling those people order it up immediately. they will ship immediately. ups will take all responsibility. live in san rafael wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> thanks. let's go up top one more time. a bit of developing news. they opened one westbound lane. a ray of hope that traffic will slowly get back to normal. repaved part of the road is terrible. one westbound lane is open. the cars you see coming toward you will begin to inch forward a bit faster. not too bad eastbound. in the meantime, new at 5:00, trouble returning to berkeley high school. this video taken from sky 7 hd a
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short time ago. it shows police investigating a fight that broke out with as many as 100 kids that were involved. the police say this is not the first time they have been at the school recently. in january, a 15-year-old student was arrested after a fight among 20 berkeley high students. that fight blocked traffic along stattuck avenue. work crews are finding more pockets of damage after tons of cement were spilled in the rock creek neighborhood. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live on the spill. >> reporter: that's right, dan. behind me is the latest area that needs clean up here in the oakland hills area. we have been talking about this substance involved here. this is cellular cement. this is coating the creeks in the area. you can see it is very light. it is a mixture of cement water
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and foam. this cement spill that contaminated the creek is larger than first thought. extending to glen echo creek. >> a neighbor approached us who live above the oakland center here and said that she had found some of the cement material in her backyard. >> reporter: that's where crews with shovels and buckets concentrated efforts. the third day of the clean up after a spill california official wildlife officials say damaged about one half mile of creek. >> it is bad. we are working to clean it up. it is not a life threat to human. >> reporter: the incident happened wednesday after the contractor poured 106 cubic yards of cement into a pipe set to be abandoned.
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a valve was accidentally left open allowing the material to run into the creek. >> i know the valve was open. i said there will be work that needs to be done to understand who touched it and who inspected it and determined what was closed and open. that is not the focus. right now, the focus is on the clean up. >> reporter: at least two birds died with the cement covering the wings. full restoration could take up to a year. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. police identified the man wanted in the deadly shooting this week. andrew butler accused of killing the mother of his child. he is considered armed and dangerous. he was in the car with kendrick gonzalez when they got into an argument. they say butler shot her and left her body on south bascum avenue. he told the two others to get out before driving away.
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that car was found in salanas. two targeted in santa clara in 2013. 30-year-old anthony thompson and shasha siganaw are waiting for drivers to back out of spaces and then hitting them and presentpre- preventpre- pretend they were injured. the former head of the bay area university appears headed to prison for committing student visa fraud. jerry wang pleaded guilty. the university located in sunny vale remains open. and residents were told to get their stuff out of their homes because the property on hampshire street in the mission
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district was condemned because of sewage. the landlord agreed to let them in today but he instead sent a last minute e-mail to the lawyer withdrawing the agreement. one of the colleagues said he was obeying city orders. tonight, the fbi is stepping in to investigate the troubled jails in san francisco. sheriff ross mirkarimi requested the probe after the inmate escapes and gladaitor style fighting was found. vic lee has more. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi says his request for the fbi investigation is like a preemptive strike to make sure it is free from conflict of interest. he says this is the first time in memory a sheriff here has ever asked the feds to come in. >> by early indication, it appears isolated.
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>> reporter: with that said sheriff ross mirkarimi announced the fbi agreed to his request to look into allegations of two in the jail accusing deputies of forcing them to fight. >> there is no potential conflict of interest by an outside agency coming in. quite frankly they are the gold standard. >> reporter: the four deputies named by ricardo garcia have been placed on leave pending out come of the investigation of the sheriff. mirkarimi wants to see if other deputies were involved or witnessed the fights and if they bet on them. >> we are not sure if the allegations of the betting that has not been corroborated as part of the inmates that were fighting. >> reporter: sheriff mirkarimi also said he will increase security at his jails following two escapes in just under a year. alexander santiago gonzalez ran off three weeks ago escorted by a deputy on trash detail.
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he bolted when they got to an unsecured area as he carried out garbage. last june, timothy midget, a convicted drug dealer escaped. matt gonzalez at the san francisco public defender's office said mirkarimi did the right thing in bringing in the fbi. >> a culture within the department that poses a problem. the big concern for us is whether or not that agency can conduct an investigation themselves. >> reporter: mirkarimi says his internal investigation should be done in about two weeks. also investigating jails is district attorney george gascon looking into the text messaging scandal at the police department as well as problems with the crime lab. vic lee abc 7 news. vic, thank you. a new traffic signal for pedestrians near san francisco city hall where a woman was
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killed last year crossing the street. the 67-year-old city hall employee was hit by a tour bus in the crosswalk at polk and mcalister. tour bus drivers are banned from narrating while driving. the signal was in the works months before the deadly collision. it was installed yesterday. san francisco's official walk to workday. van ness avenue is closed at geary avenue until monday morning as the work on the tunnel is going through work. you can expect more delays this week with the traffic congested area. crews are building an underground walkway to connect the medical center future hospital and medical office building. lanes reopen 12:00 a.m. monday. two more closures april 24th through 26th and labor day weekend. still ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00, a horse back chase and fallout after deputies are
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caught on video punching and kicking a man on the ground. a buzz around the bay area over hillary clinton's expected announcement to run for the white house. later. the player of the game of life. number 22, lauren hill. >> she never gave up hope. the tributes pouring in for an inspirational college basketball player with an inoperable brain tumor. and sandhya patel. we will have warmer weather for the weekend coming up. great news on 580 heading to richmond on the richmond-san rafael bridge. all westbound lanes heading over to san rafael are now open. one lane open a few minutes ago. this traffic is beginning to inch along after the 11-hour back up. as you can see it is not bad here. moving fine in that direction. traffic is finally getting moving again
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in southern california, den deputies placed on leave after showing the deputies punching and kicking the suspect on the ground. abc 7 news reporter ted rowlands has more. >> reporter: the video shot by knbc in los angeles shows the horse back chase in southern california. the suspect seems to be giving up putting his hands behind his back as deputies converge. the deputyies start kicking and punching him and hit him with a taser. more deputies arrive and the beating continues. >> somebody should go to prison
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over this. this is as bad if not worse than what they did to rodney king. >> now they are trying to do everything they can to avoid them being in trouble. >> reporter: the incident is under investigation after watching the knbc video, the sheriff of san bernardino county placed ten deputies on leave. >> it appears his hands are behind his back and his hands move. there is information he may have been kicking at one point. regardless, at the end of the day, it is excessive. >> reporter: besides tased, the video shows the suspect was kicked more than 17 times. the deputies will remain on leave while the investigation continues. ted rowlands abc 7 news, los angeles. the presidential politics. former secretary of state hillary clinton is about to throw her hat in the ring for the president of 2016. everyone knew this was coming. she made a video recording of the announcement that is
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expected to come out on sunday. abc 7 news reporter alyssa harrington has more. >> reporter: it is rumored that the announcement will be posted on social media. political strategist kate mader has an i'm ready for hillary mug. >> i have been ready so long, i'm ready to swap out my signs. >> reporter: the ready for hillary grassroots organization has been holding rallies and raising money. now it appears clinton is ready to officially announce a 2016 presidential run. >> we are really excited. we have been waiting for years. many people have been waiting since 2008 for this to happen. >> reporter: the former first lady and secretary of state lost back in 2008 but has hinted she would try again. she visited bay area several times. in march, she made a surprise
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appearance at an e-bay conference talking about gender and equality in silicon valley. in october, she held a fund-raiser with nancy pelosi. pelosi spoke in san francisco this morning. honoring the national coalition of 100 black women. >> in terms of hillary clinton running, this is connected. it is about empowering women. we are eager to see the rollout of her announcement. >> reporter: she says clinton can and will win. meanwhile, vice chairman of the republican party says clinton is not fit to be president. citing failures in leadership and integrity. >> she has been running for president for ten years now. she has been running from scandals for over a decade. >> reporter: she mentioned the scandal. clinton is accused of using a personal e-mail for work while secretary of state. there is a committee reviewing
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the attack in benghazi. dan. thank you. vice president joe biden is in the bay area today. he is not say if he would run for president, but he did talk about jobs and veterans. he spent the morning speaking with veterans taking part in a pg&e job training initiative. 600 people have gone through the program since 2008. half have been hired by the utility. that could lead to profitable careers. biden praised pg&e for hiring positions from within. >> that means one of the guys on the truck may not just be coding. he may be the manager in a corporate headquarters. for real. >> half of the workers trained by the power pat way program have been military veterans. and mr. biden stopped off at melt. he ordered a grilled cheese and
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bowl of soup. he sat down to eat with the founder. let's talk about the weekend weather forecast. so far looking good. >> we have meteorologist sandhya patel outside. >> it is beautiful out here cheryl and dan. you take a look behind me. a breeze going typical for this time of year. if we look at live doppler 7 hd, the pre-ruview of what's to come. a beautiful view from the camera. blue skies to match the bay. temperatures 60 in san francisco. 67 oakland. upper 60s in san jose. highs up into the mid-50s to mid-70s. the camera showing you a nice view looking back to san francisco. visibility is good. upper 60 in the santa rosa. concord and livermore. here is what is passing through.
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a few cirrus high clouds from the camera warmer weather this weekend. turning cooler monday. big warm up mid week. the split in the jet stream continues. that means the split means the storms are missing us. we will be in a warm to mild pattern with the clouds passing through the bay area. here is the look at the temperature trend for livermore. we will hover above normal. tomorrow's high will come up compared to today. tomorrow morning, if your kids have early games they may need a jacket. upper 30s to 40s. tomorrow afternoon, just a beautiful day for any birthday parties outdoors. 72 degrees in san jose. high clouds in santa clara.
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72 in santa cruz. on the peninsula, 66 in milbrae. enough of a sea breeze to hold temperatures in the 50s tomorrow. in the north bay, 74 in napa. east bay communities, you will be around where you should be this time of year. 70 in oakland. inland spots 74. livermore and fairfield. the cherry blossom festival this weekend and next weekend. weather could not be better. 59 and partly cloudy in the morning. low to mid-60s. accuweather seven-day forecast warmer for sunday. low 80s inland. we will drop the temperatures briefly only with a big recovery next week. numbers will be up into the mid-80s range for thursday and
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friday. dan and cheryl don't forget the sunscreen. have a great weekend. >> you, too. all right. travelers, up next, it is not easy sleeping on the plane. the new device that could make snoozing in the air easier. a call for changes at the san jose police department. the female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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a young woman who with a rare form of cancer dreamed of college basketball has died. lauren hill's story touched millions. as a senior, she was told she had a rare form of cancer. with the help of her college coach and ncaa, she fulfilled her dream playing in front of 10,000 fans following her story. >> it is not awesome you get to celebrate a life.
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today, we celebrate a victory of how to live. >> and off the court lauren had a bigger impact. she helped raise more than $1 million to fund the fight against brain cancer. news of her death sparked tweets from celebrities. lauren hill grew up in the cincinnati area. the reds will hold a moment of silence before the game tonight. and the nba said your strength will be remembered. you will live on in our hearts. nba star lebron james tweeted, until we officially meet again, take care and continue to be the leader we all love. no one is paying attention when they cross the road. >> stop looking at your phones. that's the message philadelphia
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officials are sending in the public service announcement about distracted drivers and pedestrians absorbed in mobile devices. they recommend building bubble wrap safety suits jokingly so people never miss a social media update. jokes aside, philadelphia's transportation office says traffic safety is a serious issue. in philadelphia, a pedestrian is hit by a car every five hours in the city. this could be the answer to better sleep for people who fly economy. boeing filed for the patent of the transport up right vehicle system. the airline is trying to solve the problem of sleeping hunched over. here is how it works. passengers have a backpack under the seat. once it is secured on the seat a head cushion is deployed and a cushion for the chest. the person can lean forward. it is similar to sitting in the massage chairs where you lean on
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a support board with the face opening. i'll try it. >> why not. coming up next on abc 7 news at 5:00, one of san francisco's more troubled
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abc 7 news will be live at at&t for the giants home opener against the rockyies on monday. you can share your photos with us. ama is in the newsroom with what is coming up at 6:00. >> dan, coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 a rush on the new apple watch. inside apple's sold out new product. drought concerns. cut backs farmers are making and one group that is being singled out. sleep is elusive for teens, but now it is a requirement for a good grade. that is coming up in a half
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hour. ama thank you. sgl>> the tenderloin district has been spruced up for the neighborhood's history. >> uptown tenderloin has been working with the area to spruce up the area. >> the group says the mural created by academy of art students help bring back the neighborhood's vitality. the san francisco zoo's newest monkey has a sweet ride. the girl turned 1 yesterday. >> the zoo kurcurator says she a name yet. >> they will have a contest. "world news with david muir" is
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next. >> we will see you again at 6:00. >> have a great weekend. on this friday night, millions bracing for severe weather hitting tonight. and the deadly tornado outbreak already. the 50-mile path of destruction. a town leveled. the tractor-trailer blown off the road. and the new video inside this school bus, children onboard. the officer charged with murder. the new dash cam video tonight. the part we didn't see. the other person in that car. also tonight, this arrest caught on tape. late today, authorities coming forward. ten deputies put on leave tonight. we're on the scene at this hour. the discovery. authorities now fearing a silent killer yet again. their urgent warning for millions. and barbara walters with mary kay letourneau. now asking to be taken off the sex offender registry. married with children, with that same student all these


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