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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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and that breaking news is in san francisco. a dangerous police chase has lead to three collisions. >> one including a pedestrian hit on california street near chinatown. abc7 news reporter joins us live with the breaking details. katie? >> ama this is an active scene. the lieutenant was giving me details because they are still chasing after the robbery suspects i am told are in a black sedan. i will step out of the way so you can see. it was traveling eastbound and you can see on the hill where the cable car is parked and i am told that it was absolutely barreling down the hill. the lieutenant does confirm that the vehicle is suspected it in several robberies over the last few days.
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the people driving that vehicle are possibly connected to the robberies. from my understanding from what witnesses say, the car came into contact with the pedestrian between kierney and montgomery. that person has been trans prted to the hospital. we don't know if it is a man or woman. we spoke to those cable car riders and here is what they had to say. >> looked up the hill and watched what appeared to be a bract four-door sedan, literally coming over and hitting every bump and then the trolley car stopped and let -- it went by the sedan and it was hard to tell but it was badly damaged. >> we do not have been update on the condition at this point. the driver of the car may
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beheading toward the bay bridge and just within the last few minutes we saw several ambulances and a fire truck go by. police are still actively trying to catch the scene and contain the several others caused with this driver who as the witness said drove without any record for other people's lives. >> good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. a brazen theft caught on camera. >> it happened in the willow glen area of san jose. police recovered the stolen car, but the thieves got away. >> katie is live at san jose police headquarters with the story and more of that video. katie? >> ama and dan, it is a strange victory for the san jose man. he didn't want his car stolen, but he realized his surveillance video recorded it he was excited. he inspired one other neighbor to look into a similar system. >> it was shocking looking at
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the video how comfortable they were. they were walking down the street. >> that is until they went to steal the car. they worked quietly and it worked less than three minutes. >> woke up this morning and looked out and my daughter's car wasn't there. >> that's when he turned to technology. the did he know the camera would catch such a dramatic crime. he installed it after someone stole packages off the porch. with the car theft recorded jack called the police. officers spotted the honda later that afternoon. they tell jack three people ran from the car leaving a marijuana pipe. news travels fast in this neighborhood and on social media. they saw the video posted on facebook and came by to ask jack about the cameras. he almost had a car stolen a few months ago. >> we want to put surveillance videos. we will always have a days and something we can put to a
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police report. >> that's the part jack is happy with as well. >> i was excited. i had the suspects on camera. >> the suspects are still on the loose. abc7 news. >> the california corrections department is appealing a federal order to give a transgender inmate sex reassignment surgery. last week a judge ruled that the convicted murderer who was born as jeff needs a surgery costing up to $100,000. the state argues that she is not in serious immediate physical or emotional danger. >> now to a warning and you will be on the cal state east bay campus tomorrow. they are investigating the threat of a shooting on campus. the threat was overheard in conversation of the no closures are planned, but there will be more police than usual on campus tomorrow. look at this man. he is accused of killing the mother of his child and
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leaving her body on a street in san jose. andrew butler is armed and dangerous. on tuesday night they say he was in the car with kendra gonzalez when they got into an argument. he shot her and dumped her into a car. butler told two other people to get out and take their one-year-old daughter with them before he drove off. >> the former ceo pled guilty to visa fraud. he could serve up to two years in prison for serving false documents to home ranked security. they -- homeland security. they misread information and sponsored overseas students seeking visas. all lanes of 580 in marin county are reopened after an early morning crash caused the freeway and sparked traffic chaos. here is a live look at the toll plaza at the richmond san
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rafael bridge. it is calm, but that was hardly what it looked like when it accident closed the freeway. cornell bernard is live. amazing how long this thing lasted. >> it was dan. smooth sailing at the richmond bridge. it is hard to believe hours ago this toll plaza was a parking lot after the early morning crash caused commuter chaos. >> cal trans crews reopened the westbound lanes of 580 near quintin on friday night after a 10-hour repair job to the roadway. the freeway closure created more than traffic problems. it was epic problems. she canceled her evening plans after a quick trip took hours. >> we were headed to have denar with friends and a movie. now we will go home. >> sky 7hd was open when a ups hauling two trailers slammed
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into the center divide and caught fire. hundreds of packages were destroyed and the driver wasn't hurt. it closed both directions for hours and the log jam stretched into the evening commute. some drivers had no choice but the richmond drij. bridge. >> why didn't you go the other way? >> it has been half an hour. we have gone a thousand feet. luckily we have a full tank of gas and we are gonna need it. some cars didn't make it. >> i saw some smoke from the hood. i pull over. it got lucky because it is right here. it got over heated on the bridge which is really lucky. >> not so lucky for other drivers caught in a slow motion commute. in richmond cornell bernard, abc7 news. three days that's how long fish and wildlife say it will take to clean 12 cement
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trucks in a creek. 28 million americans are bracing for another blast of severe storms after a deadly outbreak of tornadoes. at least two people were killed as the tornadoes left a 50-mile path of destruction. one of those tornadoes was an ef4 with winds up to 200 miles per hour. abc news reporter shows us the damage. >> from the air, the foot prints of the monster storms where the twisters churned through. from the ground, those images of what residents saw. tornadoes tearing through their towns. the heaviest of vehicles not standing a chance. >> go! go! >> that remarkable 50-mile storm path ravaging this part of illinois. that's longer than the distance between baltimore and washington, d.c. a dozen people in a rochelle restaurant rushed to the basement trapped as the storm went right for them.
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>> when it hits we definitely knew it hit. we didn't know how bad. >> this is how bad. incredibly the lucky 12 survived. this is the same storm system that sent a bus full of children in tulsa oklahoma hydroplaning two days ago. tonight new dash cam video. listen, you can hear the children. back in rochelle, the clean up is just now beginning. >> you have the gloves on and the boots on. how long do you think it will take to repair all of this? >> years. there is -- like i said -- generations that were but into these buildings and taken away in seconds. >> and here in rochelle illinois home after home were taken out. 28 million americans from texas to delaware are at risk for strong to severe storms tonight. abc news rochelle, i illinois. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00 why parents of a
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child who fell through a skylight in the after school hours want the district held accountable. >> and self-driving cars may be more convenient, but they can be too uncomfortable for some in the driver's seat. >> and good fuse for this puppy -- good news for this puppy that spent five years getting passed over by families at a shelter. >> i am sandhya patel. we are in for spring
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the family of a novato boy who fell through a skylight
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should beheld responsible. they filed a claim with the district. the boy's attorney says it is too easy to get on the school's roof. they knew children climbed up there and they didn't do enough to stop it. abc7 news reporter has the story you will see only on abc7 news. >> this is a serious injury. surgery is possibly upcoming. >> the 9-year-old boy who nearly three weeks ago fell through a skylight at hamilton school in novato. >> right on his back. fractured his back. as he hits his back -- >> seven spinal fractures and head trauma. doctors at oakland's ucsf children's hospital treated wells for four days before releasing him to his mother's home. >> all of these considered, they know -- his family knows they are lucky to be alive. >> but luck isn't enough. >> unfortunately sometimes it takes a lawsuit -- it takes something like this for the school to wake up and say maybe we should do something like this. >> he alleged that hamilton's
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roof is an attractive nuisance. >> this roof is very easy to climb up on. there was a ladder right there and the shed was open. all of the boys go on this roof. >> essentially asking the question is nine old enough to know it is not safe to climb on to a roof. >> appreciate and understand the danger. >> and did the district do enough to protect children from themselves? even if they were trespassing? in response to the claim the district released this statement statement -- we recently received this claim and it is being reviewed by our insurance carrier. the district has 90 days to respond to the claim before a lawsuit can be filed. abc7 news. >> riding in self-driving cars could make you more car sick. the university of michigan researchers say there is a disconnect between what riders see and how the car moves which affects balance. riders can't anticipate turns stops, speed changes.
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that's why drivers don't experience motion sicknesses as much as passengers. they do other activities like read, text and play games which amplifies the symptoms. >> i am not worried. i will be asleep in the backseat as my car drives me to work. sandhya patel has more on what is to come. >> take the top down and enjoy the weather. here is a view. it is a time lapse from our mount tam cam. it is of the sunset and very few clouds out there tonight. when the sun went down and it was a beautiful one as we check out live doppler 7hd we are seeing high clouds moving into ukiah and cloverdale. they will be with us as we head toward tomorrow. right now numbers are in the 40s and 50s and it is mainly clear across the bay area. visibility is good. warmer weather is turning cooler on monday and a big warm up begins the middle of next week.
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we have a um could of storms in the paw -- we have a couple of storms in the pacific. the big split in the jet stream continues. this cold front is going to the pacific northwest and this system is going to baja. what do we get out of it? nothing other than a few high clouds. we will call it a mild to warm pattern for the upcoming weekend. you will see plenty of sunshine for your saturday and sunday. here is a look at the temperature trend for livermore. tomorrow, 75 degrees. 5 degrees above average. jumping to 80 on sunday. and then a little cooler as we head toward next week. the temperatures will hover well above afternoon especially toward thursday and friday when the numbers come up to the mid80s. tomorrow morning you will need a light jacket or sweater. it is going to start out on the cool to chilly side. most areas in the 40s. 39 in napa, and then for the afternoon you will need the sunscreen. a mix of sun and high clouds for the south bay of the 73 morgan hill and 72 san jose and 76 in gilroy. a beautiful day in sunnyvale.
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71 and low 70s for redwood city and palo alto. 68 san mateo. along the coastline upper 50s to low 60s. if you don't like it too warm, don't worry. it is going to be just right. 65 degrees and 60 in the sunset district. and you will see a filtered sunshine as those high clouds pass through the north bay. the numbers in the mid70s for napa and santa rosa. 60 degrees at stinson beach. east bay 70, oakland, fremont castro valley don't forget the sunscreen. inland spots really a beautiful day if you are going out for a hike, up to 76 in santee jobing and 74 livermore and 75 walnut creek. fairfield, 74 degrees. the cherry blossom festival is taking place in san francisco this upcoming weekend. not only is it beautiful but the weather will be gorgeous as well. upper 50s at 10:00 a.m. polk and a few high crowd at noon and in the low to mid60s between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. it should be a bright sunny afternoon with mild conditions. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast we warm it
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up to 80 degrees. warmest on sunday. the temperatures drop a little bit. it gets a little breezier on monday and tuesday. and then a big recovery well above normal to the mid80s near 70 at the beaches. ama and dan. >> thank you, sandhya. coming up next, in texas a group of mourners stop a funeral procession. >> not to pray, but to
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watch this. a group of mourners involved in a texas funeral procession jumped out of formation to tackle a man who attacked an elderly woman at a bus stop and stole her purse. eight men jumped out of their vehicles to chase down the attacker and hold him until police arrived. the procession stopped so the men could resume their place once the suspect was arrested. he is charged with aggravated
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robbery. chester the pittbull was living in animal shelters for five years. he is pleading for a home. they say it came if very quickly. they are the door family who took him in. the league uses facebook to showcase all animals up for adoption. >> chester looks happy. >> a lot of sports to talk about. >> we have colin in for larry. >> masters. it is just going to get better as the weekend goes and we will see a run away. how jordan spieth extended his
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two rounds of the masters and jordan spieth is treating augusta national as point guards with disdain. he is finding his form in round two and putting into the fringe on round seven. this is serious course knowledge. tiger makes the cut and he is a dozen shots off the lead. dustin johnson with his third and final on 15. a 5 under 67 and gets dj to mns 7 in a three-way tie. the second round 66. the guy is money inside of 15 feet. birdie putt on 5 and then roll it and hole it, francis. to 12 under. he is at 14 under and five clear of charlie hoffman. he sets a if you record. tomorrow is moving day. can he keep it up? off season workouts began
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today for the tort niners and everyone -- for the 49ers and everyone is talking about the new look colin kaepernick. he looks the same. he runs the same. but word is his throwing delivery has changed dramatically. in video provided by the niners we don't see him throwing. let the intrigue begin there. teammates say his work with kurt warner this off season has been noticible. >> when i saw him yesterday i didn't even know that was colin. seriously. he was working on his drop back. who is that? you guys are in for a treat. >> i feel like there has been quite a bit of change. obviously noticible when he started throwing. i just want to do everything i can to make sure i am doing my part to help the team win. >> update he throws left handed instead of right
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handed. just kidding. tim lincecum struck out five in the fifth and some help from 8 8 -- ayoki. in the eighth myers a shot to right and barnum will try to score from first. not a great relay. sanchez unable to make the tag. loses his glove and not able to make the tag and injuries his arm. plenty of run support for drew. the first inning for the gap. an r.b.i double and a's up 3-0 in the second. the first one. two-run double. it is 11-0 and they shut out the m's 12-0.
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the a's score eight and the third they score 10 and tonight they score 12. game seven they should score 14. >> seem pell math. >> i know my math. >> abc7 news continues on-line, on twitter, facebook with all of our devices. our next newscast is at tiff:00
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all right. that is our report tonight. we sure appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm from all of us here at abc7 news, we want to thank you for joining us tonight. >> right now on jimmy kimmle matthew perry. hope you enjoy the show. >> have a great weekend as we leave you with a live look at san francisco tonight.
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>> dickey: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- matthew perry -- from the wwe, john cena -- and music from for king & country -- with cleto and the cletones. and now, most likely, here's jimmy kimmel!


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