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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 11, 2015 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is night line. >> tonight -- >> i hear something, i hear someone banging on the door. >> this voice belongs to america's sweetheart, sandra bullock, calling the police from her panic room as an intruder roams her l.a. mansion. tonight we get an inside look at the safest house in the country and the booming business of protecting your turf. forbidden love. as a teacher and underage student they had a notorious affair. now they're married with kids. tonight, mary kay letourneau billy fa lau reveal how they've managed to stay together. look out! >> and it's been a long ride for clint eastwood's son scott. now soaking up the spotlight all
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. good even. thanks for joining us. you're about to hear what it's
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like to live through a homeowner's worst nightmare, a home invasion. the behind to actress sandra bullock, calling the police while cowering in a panic room in her own closet. the good news there are now mind-boggling new ways to protect yourself. tonight, abc's nick watt takes us inside what may just be the safest house in america. >> i just saw them walk into the attic -- >> man or woman? >> it was a man. >> you have heard that voice before. >> what's your name? >> sandra bullock. >> reporter: sandra bullock. america's sweetheart. trembling in a closet as this man, joshua corbett, her alleged stalker, apparently prowled inside her home. >> the doors downstairs are locked. i heard them break in. >> reporter: these 911 calls played for for the first time in an l.a. courtroom. bulluck terrified, waiting for the cops. >> i hear something. i hear someone banging on the door.
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>> reporter: corbett is right now on trial for stalking and weapons charges related to the june 2014 break-in. according to prosecutors he was arrested in her house, holding a two-page love letter to the oscar-winning actress. >> in his mind he thought he was married to sandra bullock. delusional as it is that's what he thought. >> i'm lock in the my closet i have a safe door in my bedroom, i've locked it i'm locked in the closet right now. >> reporter: a safe door. and that some experts say, could be the future of home security. when once it was maybe just fodder for scary movies like "panic room." >> they're going to get in here, aren't they? >> i told you, they can't get in here. >> safe rooms are becoming relatively common in high-profile people. whether it be a movie star like sandra bullock, a high-end ceo. i think it's imperative for some people to have them. the vulnerability of someone breaking in and confronting them is reasonably high. >> reporter: but what about the
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rest of us? >> safest house in america. >> reporter: built by lana corbiss and her husband hal as a showroom for their company that builds this the stuff. the company's called safe. >> the core is like a panic room on steroids. it's the absolute natural way you sleep at night, you move around, you interact with your family members. all within a protected area. >> reporter: bullet-proof walls. bomb-proof doors. >> what's this door made of? >> ballistic steel. 12 bolts going into a steel frame. >> 12 bolts? i'm stepping into the vault now. come on aladdin 2. >> reporter: smash-proof glass. this is what you want when you see someone sinister lurking outside on your security camera. >> the camera doesn't jump up and put handcuffs on them. the camera's designed to do what they're designed to do be your eyes in 16 different places. what the camera doesn't do is
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protect you. >> reporter: a lesson learned the hard way by heidi kazada who saw this guy on her home security cameras which apparently weren't enough of a deterrent. he's getting inside. >> i was pet tro guide. >> reporter: home alone in san jose woken by the rustling and sees him again, again, again. he's inside. she shared her panic with abc's aditi roy. >> look at how calmly he walks through. >> reporter: her alarm is sounding. he doesn't care. heidi calls the cops but they don't always come right away. he goes for the master bedroom door. that's where she's hiding. >> i can hear him wiggle the doorknob. i came out of my closet and started banging on the door yelling at him saying, get out of here, the police are coming they're going to shoot you. >> reporter: he flees on a skate board. but this could so easily have gone another way. >> no matter how many cameras you have, you're at the mercy of somebody responding. >> reporter: back at the safest house in america, lana corbit is
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taking security to the next level. smoke that will fill her foyer in seconds, disorienting any intruder. >> have you ever had to deploy that in anger? >> we have not deployed it in anger. but we have deployed it for fun. >> you have to scan your palm to gain access to the safe. >> because my house knows me. >> your house knows you? >> my house knows me. >> reporter: they're in an ever more crowded field. other companies are making hidden passageways, escape routes, secret bolt holes. >> do you keep weapons in the house as well? >> some people keep weapons in the house, some people don't. we don't think you need weapons with these kinds of systems, designed that the house architecturally protects you. >> reporter: a safe haven where no one can get you, like sandra bullock's safe closet. >> i can't hear anything, i'm locked in my closet. >> reporter: early here here it's a safe floor.
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>> this is like sandra bullock cowering in her closet, but doing that in a bit more comfort. >> well, and not in a closet. >> and not cowering. >> in a normal big area where she's not cowering because she knows they can't get to her. she has been able to move freely with anyone else in her household, with her child, and know nothing can happen. >> reporter: bedrooms bathrooms, walk-in closets. >> but not many of us can afford a barrier. not many of us can afford a system like this. how much would this cost to put in a normal house? >> what i'm saying is the philosophy is scaleable. let's say you could put four levels of layers behind the wall because you're in the white house. but if you're worried about someone come until with a handgun, maybe it's just one level behind the wall. behind the drywall. that will keep you safe. >> reporter: the safest house in america is -- that's kind of the extreme end of safety. >> this is reminding me of my days in baghdad when we had
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special forces security guards who made us do this kind of thing. this is suburban los angeles. >> right. and now -- >> is it not overkill? >> no. this kill become absolutely commonplace. >> reporter: taking the elements of surprise and control out of the burglars' hands and into your own. i'm nick watt for "nightline" in the hollywood hills. up next mary kay letourneau and her husband billy talk about hare journey from teacher and student facing a sex scandal to husband and wife facing teenagers of their own. later on "nightline," he's stepping out of his father clint eastwood's shadow. now as the leading man in the longest ride. scott eastwood reveals it's still all in the family. the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe
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when they were teacher and student, mary kay letourneau and billy fualaau gamed in one of the most scandalous affairs in american history. she spent time in prison for child rape. fast forward and now they're celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. telling bus raising two children of their own. in an exclusive interview as part of barbara walters' upcoming new series "american scandal," on investigation discovery. >> reporter: they're not just any family on vacation in new york city. and this isn't just any couple.
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they're celebrating ten years of marriage. a major milestone for a couple infamous for having one of the most viled relationships in recent memory. >> i don't know if enough time will ever pass where it will take away what the media did to our story. >> reporter: but theirs was no ordinary boy meets girl story. for in this tale the boy, billy fualaau, really was a boy. a sixth grader to be exact. and the girl was his 34-year-old teacher, married mother of four mary kay letourneau. they're now telling their story exclusively to barbara walters as part of they are new series "american scandal" on investigation discovery. >> why did you decide to do it? i'm very pleased that you did, i'm pleased that you trupsed me. but why did you decide to do it? >> well it is our 10-year anniversary. we already know that no matter how protective we are, there's going to be a wave of intrusion
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that we can't stop. >> reporter: it was the story that captivated the country. the year, 1997. mary's life seemed picture perfect. handsome husband, four adorable children. but she's harboring an unthinkable secret about one of her students and she's about to cross the line. >> this 12-year-old boy says to you, mrs. letourneau would you ever have an affair? >> i thought to myself, do not look him in the eyes. stay very busy. it was very uncomfortable for me. >> and then? >> basically, he said that he was in love with me. >> mary what did you say? >> i said, can you hold that for a long, long time? >> reporter: then, that summer as mary's 12-year marriage to her college sweetheart steve was crumbling, the relationship took a fateful turn from emotional to sexual. >> the incident was
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night. it didn't stop with a kiss. >> did you feel disgusted? with yourself? >> well, for one, i loved him very much. and why can't it ever just be a kiss? >> reporter: by the end of the summer mary was pregnant with vili's child. mary's husband discovered a love letter mary had written. authorities were alerted and she ended up on trial and received a suspended sentence. >> i give you my word that will not happen again. >> reporter: less than a month later she breaks that promise risking it all, violating her parole, sneaking out in the dead of night for another illicit rendezvous with her barely adolescent love. the couple caught by police in this car. she is sent back to prison to finish the rest of her sentence. >> these violations are extraordinarily egregious and profoundly disturbing.
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>> reporter: with mary in jail those seven and a half years weren't easy for vili who dropped out of high school. his mother was granted temporary custody of his baby daughters. >> it has not been an easy road for you. you've suffered from depression yes? alcoholism? how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. >> what made the difference? >> a lot of things. you're not going to fix any of your problems if you're sitting around. so, you know, you've got to get up and do something about it. >> it's like there's this hopelessness. just like nobody understands you. you can't talk to anyone. i just had a little bit better guidance through everything. >> reporter: vili says he was put on medication to help even him out. but he thought the best medicine would have been the one person he was pining for. >> if they had given me more choices to make, you know instead of just saying oh you can't talk to her anymore. it was like, i really do want to talk to her, though. >> reporter: today, mary's 53. vili is 51.
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>> what's the marriage like? fill me in. >> it's -- it's marriage. it's more a taking care of the children. >> have there been ten good years? >> you have your ups and downs in marriages. what matters is how you pull through. >> reporter: they live in the same community where she lived with her first husband and four older children. on the surface it's a normal life. but just below that surface, there's a notoriety they can't escape. >> we do normal things. we go shopping. we're at the gas station. we're out and about. and people come up to us. they are not very discerning. >> have your girls been bullied or teased because of your relationship? >> no. >> who is stricter, mom or dad? >> mom. >> reporter: this is the first time mary and vili fualaau have allowed their daughters to appear on television. 17-year-old audrey was born just before mary kay began serving her seven and a half year sentence. 16-year-old georgia alexis was born behind prison walls. >> do you know the story of how
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they met? >> yes, i do. i do. >> reporter: they seem unfazed by the controversial circumstances under which they came into the world. and by all appearances they are two talented and well-adjusted teenage girls. >> they're both in choir, they sing. >> reporter: they say their girls grew up knowing mom and dad were notorious, recognized out in public and occasionally seen on tv. but mary says she and vili never felt compelled to tell the girls why. >> there was never a sit-down chat. and now is the time we're going to talk to our children about this. they seemed to already know. >> reporter: in lieu of that sit-down chat that never was, the girls were left to do their own research as they came of age. and between google and gossip they drew their own conclusions. >> one of our daughters just out of the blue said you know your and daddy's relationship it would be okay in whatever country. and i was like, well you're
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right. >> reporter: audrey graduates from high school this june and will attend community college in the fall. georgia is a sophomore and a cheerleader. but consider this, both girs are now three and four years older than vili was when he and mary kay conceived them. >> if one of your daughters came to you and said i'm sleeping with my teacher, what would you say? >> what? >> what? >> but i don't support younger kids, you know being married or having a relationship with someone older. i don't support it. >> i want to ask you what i asked you ten years ago. was it worth it? >> where i am today, where we are today, and our children my older children, yes. up next it's pretty obvious the eastwoods are easy on the eyes. but tonight, hollywood's hottest new hunk tells us his dad wasn't easy on him growing up.
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hollywood legend clint eastwood may be an award-winning director and actor. but now someone else is making a mark on the family business. his son. today, scott eastwood's new movie opened in theaters and tonight he's telling us what it's like to be a heeding man. attracting his own generation of female fans. >> reporter: meet hollywood's newest hunk. >> look out!
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>> reporter: scott eastwood is breaking hearts on the big screen in "the longest ride" opening this weekend. >> keep it. >> reporter: it's that cowboy swagger and steely gaze looks familiar, it might be in the genes. his dna, that is. his famous father, the king of the spaghetti western himself, clint eastwood. >> nice genes. i thank him for that. >> reporter: clint may have starred in "the good, the bad and the ugly." put there's no ugly in this man. the 29-year-old california native has something his father didn't have back in his day. social media. his instagram going viral thanks to beefcake shots like these. steaming up his page and the tabloids with shirtless posts like this one taken while he was working up a sweat in santa monica. and here lounging on a boat.
1:05 am
scott told "people" magazine he's not averse to shirts but there's a practical reason for all these topless snaps. >> too many workouts. i needed to get a workout in. >> reporter: he's popped up in a few of his dad's flicks. he played small parts in "trouble with the curve" and "began torino." scott says his current success isn't due to the well-known last name. >> every father is a little harder on their son. he wants to make sure you earn it. so i've auditioned for every one of his films. >> reporter: but those famous good looks he inherited can't hurt. "the longest ride" opened in theaters today. who's your favorite new star in hollywood? head to our "nightline" facebook page and let us know. thanks for watching abc news. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow. as always we're online at
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abcnews.come. good night america. have a gate weekend.
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