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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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under arrest tonight. >> next. what investigators say he was buying with a child and illegal guns in
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hi >> san pablo police say one of their own crossed the lines from cops to criminals. >> he was arrested for buying heroin and cocaine police say while his 2-year-old daughter waited in the car. good evening. >>. >> officer kenneth white arrested south of market neighborhood last wednesday. >> allen is live in san pablo tonight with the story. allen? >> officer white charged with possession of narcotics and weapons along with child endangerment. this is something the police department here did not want to talk about but in the name of transparent say they sat down with us and spoke about it. >> very difficult. something you hope you never have to deal with in a career and
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unfortunately we are having to deal witness. >> after receiving a tip san pablo police had undercover san francisco officers stake out the corner at seventh and howard street. that's where police officer white pulled newspaper ford mustang and bought almost 8 grams of heroin from this man. 57-year-old tim french. white also had a loaded gun in his car along with two-year-old girl in the back seat. >> child belongs to mr. white who is registered owner of the vehicle. >> also the resource officer at helms middle school where the west contra costa county school board president expressed his concern. >> i ahmad metro atlanta we make sure the people who work in our system are putting student safety first. that men high level of personal accountability and own behavior. >> i don't know what to say. seems like a nice guy. >>reporter: 32-year-old officer was already on paid leave for unrelated conduct
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issue that san pablo police could not discuss with the community. >> want them to know that this occurred and that we they have we want them to have utmost confidence in us that we will investigate it completely. >> now officer white arco have impact on the out kilometer of any case he was involved with as a cop. in san pablo, abc 7 news. >> bomb squad robot delivered a pizza in an unusual effort to cop vince distraught man off freeway ramp in san jose. we were over the interchange at 6 80 2 80 and highway 101. police negotiators were called in to talk to the man who was armed with a knife. he surrendered shortly after eating the petitions a.the standoff created a traffic mess for more than 6 hours. >> tomorrow. east bay water officials could declare stage 4 drought emergency hiest level possible. it would men hair rate for everyone. especially for the biggest water users. storage at 53 percent x's ty for the entire district. this
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is a look at like in am door county just at 27 percent. hears what that declaration would mean. people who use 98 gallon or less per day would see 17 percent i hope crease in the bill. those using 2 46 gala day would pay an extra 24 percent. biggest waterways ter using 1500 gala day would pay 45 percent more which includes excessive use penalty. >> i'm not 0opposed to the why >> i'm not 0opposed to the whyed that the people should be penaltyize slightly so i don't have to try to take a two second shower every morning. >>reporter: east bay mud says it will contact those who routinely over use. men time san jose valley 3 property owners dealings with miss tires water leak. coming from the ground and now one homeowner pumping nearly 2000 gallon of water on to the street every day. to keep it out of her home. >> i don't think drinking water or ground water but we are
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waste wasting the water here. >>reporter: homeowner say they have called the water department and the pipes were inspected had been given clean bill of health. they are hoping water conservation officials can help pinpoint the source. >> ago inspector on the north bay ready to do battle with pest that threaten the state multi-million dollar wine industry. glassy sharp shooter has tried to my great to northern california before and will try again. we are live in marin county with the details tonight. >> check it out. sharp shooter trap like this one now showing up in marin and sonoma couldn't where the pest has been found protecting vineyard from ruin is the goal here. >> put some kind of abate in there. to attract bug. >> may not be the center piece of the vineyard in healdsburg but the bug trap doing some serious work. saving his livelihood from ruin. >> if within a year or two
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years you will have a dead vine years you will have a dead vine. >> glassy wing sharp shooter is tiny. half inch. but can kill plants and vines by spreading pierce disease which cuts off a plant water supply. >> just think of it as mosquitos. exactly the same thing. >> we have a 600 million dollar wine grape industry to protect. >> assistant ago commissioner is wage is waging war against the pest preventing the spread from northern california. warm weather and early spring has increased the threat. the bright yellow sharp shooter trap a common sight. every shipment of mr. president arriving from the south land inspected. recently egg from a sharp shooter were found on a cargo shipment. >> fortunately they check the system and able to find it and ship the plant back to southern california so we don't have the risk here. >> look at each leaf and look under the leaves and see if they find any egg mass. >>reporter: the nursery her says inspection of new plant happen every week. may soubd
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excessive but consider this the sharp shooter decimated thousands of acres of vineyard in 1999 in temecula. nobody wants history repeating itself here. in sonoma county, abc 7 news. >> woman found living in a trash filled san francisco home with mummified body of her mother has been placed in supportive care living environment exploratorium firefighters wearing oxygen mask uncover the body from house in the city inner richmond district early this month. dog also found in the home is now with san francisco animal care and control. >> new details tonight on the latest charges against marilyn case thrown out today after mental examination shows she was not fit to stand trial. hartman accused of flying from minneapolis to jacksonville without a ticket then staying in a luxury hotel under another guest name. also caught trying to sneak on the flit that sfo and san jose airport. >> know better no worse.
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that's the latest assessment of bay area roads. metropolitan transportation commission look at road conditions last year compared to the previous year. mtc release findings today. city with the best roads are brentwood. dublin and el cerrito. worsted roads in vallejo and sonoma county. the roads need major repair work. >> students from san jose andrew hill high school are about to good on the trip of a life time. school robotic scene earned a spot at the first robotic world championship in st. louis in less than two week. as lillian kim explains, this rookie team beat the odd to compete among the best. >> tell 89 pounds. >> next high school robotic team decide what to pack. >> we can take the steel bar out. >> trip about wires gadget and stuff the teens long had a passion for. >> i just like building stuff. i used to like build a lot when i was a little kid.
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>> fact that the team earned a spot at the world championship is remarkable. considering this program began only last year. had no mentor the and no money. but senior winn was determined to get the program started. she aapplied for grant and found the people with expertise to help. >> i thought it was a great idea to try to show the students here that even those opportunities aren't there. you can start that opportunity. >> this is the robot they are taking to the world championship in st. louis. it stacks recycle toichlt my students think about being a policeman or teacher. now they see other options for them. think about college and that's with program offers this team gets lots of support. hundreds of people donated to got fund me page. to help pay for the trip. wouldn't be able to afford other ways. >> team is not sure how they will do. not the best in mechanic but we have team spirit. >> they know they give it their all n.san jose, abc 7 news.
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>> good luck the to them. like to help information on our web site 7 >> picture perfect pregnancy. next on 7 news. how camera is helping local women conceive. >> plus making medical history. if why doctors say the woman puts herself at extreme risk. >> what happened when passengers started hearing screams coming from the plane cargo hold. >> about live doppler 7hd tracking few sprinkle. let you know if the morning start out (mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever.
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>> this plane had to return to seattle after a baggage happenedler heard screaming in the cargo hold. alaska airline flight had just taken off for l.a. today when banging started come from underneath the plane and some screaming. passengers didn't know what was going on. >> i just heard screaming from the cargo area sew then nobody on the flight, the captain told us that he couldn't tell us any information and we had to land. >> cargo hold is pressure >> cargo hold is pressurize and temperature controlled so the employee not hurt. he told authorities he had fallen asleep and found himself trapped inside. >> special camera could soon help thousands office bay area couple get pregnant. as cheryl shows us item technology we have profiled before and now it's proven to work. if. >> courtney said she and her husband are grateful both for young son jj and the cutting
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edge technology that helped them get pregnant. like thousands of couple they turn to i hope vitro fertilization or avf but then the doctor told them about a device that might up the odd. >> it definitely i hope cease our confidence that the embryo trans ferry was selected. >> this technology can help us. >> the doctor is a director of stanford invitro lab and also the co-founder of a private device company called oxygen. we first pro failed a company 2 years ago when testing a system known as eva. which is designed to help doctor choose the healthiest embryo to implant. >> this is a tremendously forward in our ability to evaluate embryo viability. >> these are the time lapse camera. this system uses specialize camp are to essentially spy on newly formed embryo as they develop inside incubator. images recorded every 5 minutes. as the cell
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divide and embryo grow. computer software then rates the quality of each individual embryo based on the growth pattern. >> green box represent embryo that have high viability and the yellow box represent embryo that have lower potential and these scores these viability score are assessed using a system developed if stanford. >> system offers more detailed information than skilled embry oly gist could detect with the naked eye. >> i have seen the data and own experience this should increase the likely has had of success about 10 or 20 percent. >> the system received fda clearance. and is now becoming commercially available at fertility centers including stanford children health. courtney an her husband michael who participated in the clinical trial the result have been life changing. >> it's really hard to believe that this is our son and
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everything just worked out. >>reporter: cheryl jennings abc 7 news. >> dr. berry company license technology from stanford to bring it to the market. also currently in use in europe. >> see what you think of this. another baby shower is in the works for a 65-year-old mother of 13 who is now expecting quud rupe let. school teacher in germany whose children range in age from 9 to 44. she decided to have another child because her 9-year-old wants a younger sibling. she used donated fertilized egg. many democrats and republicans democrats and republicanstors are critical of her decision saying the crisp are -- risk are extreme. >> all right. turn our attention to the weather that was quite breezy today. >> it was really pretty blustery. sandhya is here and certainly made it feel a lot cooler than it actually was. >> yes, it was definitely windy and cooler here in the bay area and cooler here in the bay area. >> you see why all the changes began here on raid arm. we
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track few sprinkle moving in along a cold front here and moved in from ukiah to santa rosa and falling below the radar beam and sfo seen a few drops. here's the camera. see how grey it is out there as we look at how much cooler it was today. noticeably let's just say danville dropped 15 degree from his 80 yesterday to 65 livermore with 13 degrees cooler oakland san francisco 13 to 14 degrees cooler. come down from the 70's to the 50's and 60's in san jose drop 13 degrees only 65 the high. it's still pretty gusty out there. kahn see 20 to 30 almost miles an hour winds and the winds are going to stick around as we head towards tomorrow. temperatures right now in the 50's. we show you live picture from the exploratorium camera. it was it was covered by few drop. certainly seen sprinkle. spotty drizzle tonight. sunny breezy tomorrow. warmer day beginning wednesday. really notice the difference. cold front pushing that the pacific northwest. far northern
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california. it's a weak front but enough to squeeze out a little bit of moisture. big warm-up will follow as high pressure builds in behind it. for the middle of your work week but let me show you computer animation. patchy drizzle for tonight as the cold front slide through in the wee hours of the morning still damp roadway then turns breezy for the morning commute so keep that in mind. west wind will switch to northerly and as the wind switches to northerly warming trend gets and way wed 70's and 80's in many areas as we head towards thursday. beach weather. 70's coast side. 80's inland. by friday we talk about near 90 degrees inland. the kind of weather you expect to see perhaps in early june for inland community so definitely open the warm side. tomorrow morning not warm with the chilly breeze you need a jacket or sweater. low upper 40's then for the afternoon you look at temperatures remain a lot like today on the cool side. breezy windy low 60's to low 70's for
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your range. 68 santa rosa. 64 san francisco. oakland palo alto livermore 67. 68 in san jose. 71 santa cruz. now tomorrow night giants take on the rockies again night game. breezy. clear. on the cool side. mid upper 50's so if i were you i would take a jacket with you and enjoy the game. warming trend really kicks in starting wednesday. we see increase of about 10 degrees for the warmest inland vaechlt mid 60's coast then we bump up the numbers even more. thursday friday you notice the trend low 70's coast side mid upper 80's inland inter90 degrees. it's april. temperature drop-off a little bit over the weekend but we may be flirting with if you record by friday. >> come up next on 7 news. famous feline
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>> right now mountain lions who made headlines before hiding out an l.a. home. fish wild life tried to scare it out firing an air gun. throwing tennis ball. poking witness a pole. didn't budge. gave up an hour ago but it's tagged and tracked if it leaves. they think the mountain lions is the first ever to cross the 4 05 freeway from the santa monica mountains. also been spotted by the famous hollywood sign. stubborn. >> another stubborn cat larry. >> that's good. >> in a good way. stubborn in a good way. like we mane witness love sz. >> first day back on vacation. love it. >> clay thompson had another one of the out of body experience at oracle. remember the quarters against the contention. another epic
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. >> good evening. giants certainly know how to throw a championship party. world series ceremony today was amazing. but then the actual game was the let down. home opener for the 2014 champ with tim and 3 world series trophy in the last 5 years. they were to have a guy parachute in with a championship flag but said it was too windy for that. so bruce goes to the bullpen for plan b. big lefty. from the pen. madison hop on horse for victory ride around the park that nobody will ever forget. >> i could probably say i'll never probably never get a chance to do that again. i don't know if anybody has ever done that before or not but it was pretty interesting. it was
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if you please to do it in front of fans here. we had a good time with it. >>reporter: then after the horsey the game started. and it was sad. giants offense terrible right now. load the bases in the first, second engine don't score. 12 men strandeded for the game. rack ais good. gave up a single for 1 nothing rockies lead. all they needed because the giants shut out in the home opener. a's in houston and look good in this game. brett gets the first home run as athletic followed by cal product. chuck the bat you know it's gone then the bat you know it's gone then. first bomb in the fifth. the big blast. another first butler the first homer with country breakfast. country breakfast leaves the stadium. 3 run cloud all a and they roll 8-1. this is big coup for cal basketball. ivan made his
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decision. >> i'll announce i'm going to the university of calibercly. >> he's a 6 foot 10 center. could have gone anywhere really. came down to cal and arizona. recruiting subpenas in the eighth grade. started young. felt at home in cal and hop in the car and watch him play in berkeley. warriors nothing at steak in memphis and once again got volcanic hot. early in the season clay had a 37 point quarter in sacramento. this is like a flash back tonight. touched the ball it was going in. first lay up right there he was scoring come on. left happened no look over the pad what have i don't know. thompson 10 of threaten in the second period. scored 23 points in a row. by himself. went to half time with 37. finished with from a. 30 point warrior lead followed by
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terrible fourth quarter for the back up but they win again. whip number 66. cb tree trading in the red gold for silver and black. wide receiver joining the raiders. espn reports one year deal for 3 million plus incentive. nothing close to the monster offer that king crab was hoping for. crabtree coming off down season about you could help derek. >> handle on twitter king crab. >> that's good. >> 7 news continue >> 7 news continuing now on line on twitter face back and all the mobile device with our 7 news app. >> our next newscast
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>> all right that's our report appreciate your time. >> rate now on jimmy kimmel robert downey jr. >> enjoyment good night jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel. we have such a big show for you tonight. you are not going to believe it. so many stars are here tonight. but first, we're going to play a game of telephone. tonight, we have the avengers on the show. >> i have a rash. >> oh, gosh. i don't want to see that. >> i have a rash --


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