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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 14, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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ended up a car crashed at center and here is the video of the crashed cars. they are totaled. one black toyota was stolen and being chased by police. police made an arrest in the case. the man ran away with the help of a police dog they found him. it started at cheesecake factory where another car accident happened. a good samaritan stopped to help those involved. someone noticed the good samaritan's unattended car hopped in it and drove away much in the efforts to chase the vehicle, the car reached speeds up to suffer miles per hour. it ended up crabbing right here and they were able to get the suspect. he was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries from the car crash and from dog bites. today, a san pablo police officer will be in court to face
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charges of driving to san francisco to buy heroin with his two-year-old daughter in the car. the officer white was arrested last wednesday after being bust by underscore officers who staked owe corner of 7th and hour in san francisco. they say white pull up in the ford mustang and bought the drugs from a 57-year-old tim french. white also had a loaded gun in the car along with his daughter in the back seat. the police say the 32-year-old officer was already on paid leave for an an an issue. >> and today could be a same four water situation, which would be highest rates for everyone. storage is 53 percent capacity for the expire district. this is a look at the lake that is 27 percent. here is what it means people would only use 98 gallon are on less a day would see 17 percent increase in the bill.
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average customers using 246 gallons will pay extra 24 percent and the biggest water wasters using 1500 gallons a day pay 45 percent more. >> i am not opposed that perhaps the people should be penalized so i don't is to take a two second shower each morning. >> east bay mud will contact nose who routinely everuse the water. >> in san jose, at least three property owners have mysterious water leaks. water is seeping from the ground. a homeowner is pumping 2,000 gallons of water on to the street every day to keep it from entering her home. homeowners have called the water district, had the pipes inspected and given a clean bill of help. >> there will be a pilot program to being quip police officers with body cameras and hopes to
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test them in the fall. the police chief said the department is working with the union to draft a poll addressing officers' rights and privacy issues. the police department testify body cameras in 2009 and 2012 to improve accountability and protect officers from frivolous come lips. -- frivolous compliments. >> an end to a suicide family that snarled traffic on a major freeway interchange in san jose. police used a bomb squad robot to deliver a pizza to a man threatening to jump from the interchange of 680 and 280 and highway 101. negotiators were caused in to talk to the armed suspect. he surrendered after eating the pizza. this stand off created a traffic mess for more than six hours. >> a uc berkeley student faces charges of using a cell phone to record a female student in a dormitory bathroom extending the
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phone under the stall. victim live stall and waited for the suspect to lebanon. when he did she recognized him and alerted police. police confiscate his phone, laptop cds and dvds and found additional victims. >> inspectors of north bay are on alert ready to do battle with the sharpshooter insect threatening the wipe industry -- wine industry. we have details. >> they use a bait to attract the bugs. >> it may not be the centerpiece of the vineyard but this bug trap is doing serious work save, his livelihood from ruin. >> in a year or two years, you will have a dead vine. >> the sharpshooter is small .5", but can kill plants ask signs by spreading a disease which cuts off the water splay. >> thing of it as mosquitoes or
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malaria, the same. >> we have $huff million $600 million wine industry to protect. warm weather and early spring increased the threat. these traps are a common sight and all shipments arriving from the southland is inexpected. eggs from a sharpshooter were found on a cargo shipment. >> we were able to find it and ship the plants back to southern california so we do not have a risk here. >> you look under the looks and see if they find eggs. >> the nursery said inspections of new plants happen each week. it could sound extensive but consider this: a sharpshooter decimated thousands of vineyards in 1999 and no one wants history repeating it sex here. in a few hours, advocates
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and mission city district will board buses to sacramento on hearing on legislation to modify the eviction procedure in san francisco. the bill would prohibit an owner from over victimming ten amendments until owner hemmed title for five years. the act is intended to help owners who want do get out of the rent am business. it is used by investors would flip properties for-profit. san francisco mayor lee will be at the senate committee hearing. >> now a look at the weather forecast mike breezy and cool. what month is this? >> exactly. the month of transition. spring. the southern sea saw. spring sea saw is what we are dealing with the temperatures around san francisco, sunny side 48, glen park is 49, west portal 46 everyone else is around 50 to 52 with 52 along the golden gate bridge and crissy field and in the bayview and the financial district. we have upper 40s in san leandro and palo alto and santa
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clara and pittsburg and fairly and mid-to-upper 40s american canyon and pacifica at 46 and 50 in saratoga and june in union city. from the east bay hills what we are seeing is a camera bouncing as we still gust to around 20 to 25 miles per hour at higher elevation. in the afternoon, we have broken the broken down the microclimates. coast and san francisco are coolest, below average at 62 the away the bay up to 69 with breezes all day. san jose is in the 70s and 80s on thursday and friday and the weekend forecast is ahead. >> you can take bart with 23 bart trains on time. the richmond-san rafael toll plaza is empty with no reports of a high wind advisory which youd by which but we do for the
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bay bridge if you are traveling along the span between the east bay and san francisco make sure you keep both hands on the wheel. it is quit gusty. if you are headed along the eastbound direction between treasure island and the metering lights we have construction lasting until 6:00. we do have several lanes taken away. to the south, that is a look at the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridges respectively and both are running at top speed and no crashes to get us beginning, just windy. >> the giants celebrate the 2014 world series championship some fans may be paying more for parking. >> the home opener some garages near the ballpark were charging $730 and then $80 before raising prices to $100 before game time. garages on towns and treats champion $18 a day but they raise prices on game day because
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of nearness to the ballpark. they are not managed by the san francisco metropolitan transportation agency and they can charge what they like. >> supply and demand. >> if you forked owe the money, the 20 foreign world series championship celebration was held with the giants three world series trophies carried from the past five seasons including bumgarner riding a police hearse to -- horse delivering a flag to the teammates the flag was then hoisted to complete the ceremony. >> i will never get a chance to do that again. i don't know if anyone has done that before or not but it was
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interesting and it was fund in front of the fans at hope. we had a good time. >> usually the contract prohibits them from doing anything remotely dangerous. >> that right. there it is unfortunately the pre-game festivities were the only highlights because the rockies shut out the giants 2-0. they will meet again tonight at at&t park and first pitch is at 7:15. >> ever want to see how you celebrate the giants and as by sharing your photos with us with han where you live. >> students are preparing for a trip with amazing creativity making a dream come true and a flight seattle to los angeles towns around minutes after take off with an emergency landing. >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows cash paying lanes have a
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few car
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>> covering santa rosa berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a seattle baggage hand dealer is fine after a crazy ordeal on alaska airlines flight. >> can you hear that? that was knocking. a passenger posted this video on his facebook page. passengers could hear someone pounding and screaming inside the plane after the agent woke up in the cargo hold as the plane took off. the pilot heard the banging and turned the flight an empty passengers say it lasted more than 15 members and they did not know we what was going on. >> we her screaming from the cargo and one on the
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flight...the pilot said he could not give us any information and we had to land. >> the cargo hold is pressurized and temperature controlled so the worker was not injured but he was taken to the hospital and released overnight and three said he was about ten hours into his shift. >> a san francisco supervisor plans to ask the city attorney to draft legislation requiring all city vehicles to be equipped with g.p.s. devices. supervisor wants the city to monitor employee differenting habits to make the streets safer and achieve that by getting all city workers to drive the speed him. it is part of the "vision zero plan," to have no pedestrian deaths by 2024. the board will vote on june on the legislation. >> students from san jose's andrew hill high school will go on a trip of a lifetime, earning a spot at the first robotic
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world chapship in st. louis later this month. here is that reporter, the rookie team beat the odds to compete among the best. >> 89 pounds. >> members of the robotic team are deciding what to pack. we can take this out. >> the trip is all about wires and gadgets, stuff the teens have long had a passion for. >> i like building stuff and i liked to build when i was a kid. >> they earned a spot at the robotics world championship is remarkable considering the program began last year with no money or mentors but a senior was determined to get the program started and applied for grants and people to help. >> it was great idea to show the students that even though opportunities are not this you can start the opportunity. >> this is the robot they are taking to the world championship s in st. louis.
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>> my students only thing of being a police officer or teacher and now they are seeing other options for them. thinking about college. that is what the program ons. audit team is getting a lot of support and hundreds have donated to the go fund me page, to pay for the trip that they could not afford otherwise. >> they are not sure how they will do. >> we are not the best in mechanic but we have team spirit. >> they will give it can. >> we have information to help at abc7 news come. team spirit is half the bill. >> way to go andrew hill. wish they couldable robot with a sensor to tell when the rain is coming and hold up the umbrella. >> saw that on the. >> go, remote.
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>> now, the big story look at those winds, blowing on emeryville at 20 to 25 miles per hour from north to south. every bridge is affected but for maybe the golden or those that run north and south not so affected as richmond-san rafael bay bridge dumbarton and san mateo. what happened yesterday, the winds were dramatic cooling mechanism, anywhere from 13 to 16 degrees cooler and more than even i thought. i thought we would be ten degrees cooler and we exceeded that. here is a look at the visibility, they brought in dry air, and no threat of fog this morning. check out our peninsula camera looking at sfo no clouds and no delays. what i do expect: more sunshine. faster presses today.
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faster breeze. clear. calmer tonight. with the dry of the air, clear conditions and no winds to keep the atmosphere overturned and tomorrow morning could be cooler hand this morning and we will rebound on thursday and friday the warmest highs could be near records. we will be two or three degrees of record high temperatures. today, money 60 throughout the south bay with 66 in milpitas and 67 in santa clara and santa cruz and gilroy could get to 71 degrees. on the peninsula from 64 in millbrae to los altos at 68 and upper 50s to low 60s loan the coast into downtown san francisco. sausalito up to santa rosa and toward calistoga and napa mid-60s to nearly 70 and that is calistoga. mid-to-upper 60s loan the east bay shore with oakland at 65 and hardly any 70s inland east bay all the way to antioch and brentwood at 70 and 71 degrees. tonight, low 40s in the deepest valleys of the north bay
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and the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 40s. the wind switches tomorrow, four to ten degree warmer and we jump six degrees on thursday a couple more on friday as we top out nearly 70 at the coast and low 80s at the bay and upper 80s inland and slightly cooler but still, warm all the way through the weekend. >> at look at walnut creek and the drive there is quiet. it is quick moving as you make the drive from pleasanton hill to highway 24. as we stay in the east bay we have construction. it is a project that will shut down northbound and southbound 880 starting at 9:00 at night, right to about 6:00 in the morning between 29th avenue and 23rd avenue. there will be detours in place as we slide across the bay if san francisco, this is causing a little bit of a hiccup in some commutes, northbound 280 between 101 and industrial street we have lanes shut down and detours are in place lasting only until 5:00 but, southbound traffic until 6:00 between southbound
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280 to southbound 101 it will be closed for work and there will be detours. so far though the drive is light. coming up, famous feline the big cat causing an uproar in southern california and now it is going viral on social media. >> is dining out bat for your health? the new study that could have you eating at home more often. >> as we head to break you are looking at live both and traffic throughout the break. stay tuned.
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>> 84 cents on the particular is how much working women earn compared to their male counterparts amounts to a gap each year of $8,000. >> the national partnership for women and families analyze the
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census bureau's data to find out 1.7 million households are headed by women. so that means the gender wage gap create as loss of $38 billion each year that could help strengthen the state's economy. >> that is 16 cents and we will call it even. >> 16 cents right here. >> a if you report is revealing the most overused buzzwords in silicon valley. >> "forbes" magazine compiled the lit of expressions used by start-up founders, developers and marketers and venture capitalists, the worst start-up words. it includes sunsetting growth hacking thought leader, rockstar magazine is asking readers to weigh in and voting on the most
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useless >> the sun will set at at&t park today at 7:44 and when it does hopefully we can get get a win at the game. >> 57 degrees dropping down to 54 with the breezes and it is going to be cool. now, red flag morning through the sierra from south lake tahoe down to mammoth and maybe further south than that, and small craft advisories along our coastline because of the strong winds, again today 93 today in palm springs and upper 60 and low 70s in san diego and los angeles and same through the central valley and only to 47, in lake tahoe. safe travels. >> and just so you know. great emeryville camera to the eastern span of the bay bridge, bouncing because we have high winds in the area and a high wind advisory issued by the c.h.p. for this particular span and, also, for the golden gate
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bridge, be careful with the gusty conditions taking you over to highway 17, because of the highway wins, we did have a lot of debris on the roads and that could be the case along highway 17, someone was drive along, there was a log in the road and that could be treacherous. be careful if you are traveling between los gatos and san jose. it is 4:55. type out could cause your blood pressure to spite and not juice bought of the bill. eating out and having high look pressure were connected. men were more than five times more likely than women to be at risk. the most shocking statistics of the study eating one center meal out each week could make you 6 percent more likely to suffer from high blood pressure. researchers say when you eat out you calm considerably more calories, fat and salt than when you eat at home. >> not sure if i should mention this but we will, we have sweet news for ice cream
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free school scoop at ben & jerries with the free concern today to thank the just informs for spreading peace love and ice scream. stores in the bay area serve a flow scoop from 12:00 to 8:00 people is they estimate they will give out a million free scoops across the nation. >> guess the top three flavors? >> cherry garcia. >> number two. >> chunky monkey is number eight. >> number one is half baked half fudge brownie and half chocolate chick cookie dough. >> you can have my half. >> a mountain lion is hiding out in a crawl space despite efforts to get it to leave. >> filibuster fish tried an air gun and poked it with a pole yesterday but the big cat said, no i were a not leaving. after an sure they decided to let it leave on its own. it is tagged and will be tracked. the mountain lion is the first
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ever to cross the 405 freeway it is believed, and has been spotted by the famous hollywood sign. >> it has its own twitter account, look at this, unlike the reporters i call it a night give me a shut out. i will be back tomorrow with more wisdom. our affiliate our sister case saying mountain lion? i thought you were nocturnal. >> as the warriors prepare if the playoffs they have an eye on the future with a vision for the new arena in san francisco. >> a bay area police officer now on the other side the law and how it could is placed a young child in danger. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 5:00 a.m. on tuesday morning the band is back together. the old time rock-n-roll. >> i am eric thomas. >> that soothes your soul? yes. >> i am kristen sze. nice to be back. leyla gulen is here with the remark and meteorologist mike nicco has the weather. >> the winds are blustery. if you are traveling around, i will let leyla tell you about that. we have a sprinkle possible overnight but it has run away with the cold


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