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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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out like a movie. >> adding to the force the hurdle over bodies cameras hammered out in san jose. >> progress made in california to give nfl cheerleaders a bigger payday. >> and keep them on the sidelines. >> great. thanks for joining us. >> an important part of the game. >> i agree. >> eric thomas, leyla gulen here with traffic and meteorologist mike nicco. >> and following the story on twitter. >> because you are worried about the wind pleaing the cheerleader's hair all over the place. >> if they need some product i can help them. >> hold on to your hats, steering wheel, put a last product on the hair, whatever it takes. >> double digits with wind at 10- to 15-miles per hour and it is a firsty -- noisy morning.
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we will hand around 44 to 50 at 7:00 and 56 to 66 at noon and the cold front will keep us breezy, cool us more than yesterday and the air will be dry and this evening we fall into the money 50s -- mid-to-upper 50s. >> a two hands on the steering wheel situation? >> it is. we have c.h.p. issued high wind advisory for a bunch of our bay bridges starting off with the bay bridge bouncing up and down and remark is packing in as you round of the corner to treasure island we have a wind advisory for the golden gate bridge and the cartinez and golden gate bridge and the metering lits have been turned on so 16-minute delay to head from the east bay to san francisco with trouble brewing in east bay on the nimitz. that is in the next report. breaking news from marin county.
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police are investigating a crime of opportunity that enbadly. in west marin a good samaritan stopped someone at the scene of an accident and she was carjacked. the suspect led police on a crash. a man was taken into custody when it crashed. our reporter, amy hollyfield will have all the details on the chase at 6 >> an east bay police officer is accused of buying heroin while his young daughter was in the vehicle. the accusation means the officer's department may have a last work to do reviewing indications he was part of. we are in san francisco where the officer goes to court. janet? >> yes, the police officer will be appearing here at the hall of justice in three hours and he is accused of buying heroin and cocaine and it happened on wednesday? san francisco. it started with a tip and the
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police department had the undercover police officers buy it out with the officer buying drugs while his two-year-old daughter was in the back seed. white will had a loaded gun in the car. he new is charged with possession of narcotics, a loaded weapon and child endangerment. parent react to the in us where he is a resource officer. >> shocked. he seemed like a nice guy. >> very difficult. something you hope you do not is to deal with in a career. >> the lived said that white's arrest could impact any case he was involved with the 32-year-old officer is on paid leave for unrelated conduct issue. >> happening today, san jose could take another step toward adding body cameras to the
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police force. the call to outfit the officers has grown after controversial shootings involving officers from missouri to the carolinas. >> good morning the body camera debate goes before the san jose city council with members expected to move lady with the pilot program that could start next year. this is video from marin from back in 2009. it is of a 64-year-old man shot repeatedly by a taser by a sheriff deputy. he settled for $2 million. the man's attorney said a camera can be crucial evidence in an incident involving police officers. there have been self high profile officer-involved shootings this past year. body cameras are intended to improve accountability. if the san jose city council decided to move forward, san jose would be one of the launchest bay area agencies to being quip officers where body
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cameras. 460 cameras have been issued and although san francisco police purchased 150 of them administering the body cameras is costly and at this time, no officers wish a camera. >> they testified them out in 2009 and 2012 but never got beyond the pint stage, the police chief said they are still working with the union do outline a poll that would not infringe on officers' rights. purchasing the cams could cost $1 million for all police officers in san jose. >> a group is marching to speak out at noon near the san jose state campus after the young son of 38-year-old guzman lopez who was shot and killed their last month by a university police sergeant. investigators say lopez charged the sergeant's officer where a cutting saw and the coroner determined lopez died from two gunshots to the back and the
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family want to bring awareness and put a stop to police violence. >> we have new details in the legal trouble for serial stowaway marilyn hartman a florida judge three out charges after she was stand trial. she was akeyed of staying in a luxury hotel under another guest's name. heart man has been caught multiple times trying to sneak on to flights at sfo and san jose airports. >> the would found living in a trash-filled san francisco home with a mummified body of her mother has been placed in a supportive care environment. the fires wearing masks to recover the body from the house in the rough monday district this month. the dog found in the home is now with san francisco animal care and control. >> new this morning, congress is getting involved in a hot button issue in the technical world
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businesses that buy vague software patents and sue tech companies. today a yahoo executive is expected to testify before the house judiciary committee claiming that patent trolls have cost the company $100 million since 2007. the house of representatives passed a patent reform bill last year but it never made it to the senate floor. california parents take a stand as vaccine bill heads to the senate. parents are pledging to pull their kids out of school if the bill passes 679 it would overturn the personal belief exemption and only let kids admitted to school if they have been vaccinated against diseases like myselfs and whooping cough and is up for committee vote temperature. a bill to pay nfl cheerleaders minimum wage has cleared the first hurdle in california getting the okay from the asbly much the bill was drafted in the wake of lawsuits prosecutes by cheerleaders for the oakland raiders and buffalo bills who say they do not get fair companies since the teams and some others classify
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cheerleaders as "nonemployee volunteers." >> owners of the oakland raiders programs and -- rams and challengeers will offer stadium plans. the rams have $2 billion stadium proposal with an architect's rendering of the potential stadium. the raiders and charges will offer a joint proposal in southern california and oakland is trying to keep the raiders here but americans of the nfl committee considering the proposal predict that the nfl will be back if los angeles next year. >> another sport the warriors give us an update open new arena they will build in the mission bay neighborhood. the president. be at the public policy forum to lay out the warriors' vision. the 18,000 seat arena is riftedly financed so no public funding will be used.
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it will open in 2018. >> the warriors are waiting to see who they will play in the playoffs playing memphis last night 689 clay thompson was red hot scored 26 in the second quarter and 23 points if a reat one point. the grizzlies got close in the 4th account warriors got 111-107 victory. the warriors close owe the regular somatome at home against the nuggets. >> we are home for the nba finals with coverage june 4th. can you tell by this shot, not really, how breezy and chilly it is? >> you there are other cameras bouncing around. mike has the forecast. >> i will show you the temperatures the peninsula is woodside at 469 cool spot, and everyone else is in the upper 40s to nearly 50.
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and san mateo and san bruno and san carlos at 50 and same in oakland and fremont and close in san jose at 49 and mountain view and hayward, also, antioch and mill valley at 48, cool spot is napa at 44 and san ramon at 45. if the afternoon hours warm sunshine and the breezes will be beating down the warmth of the sunshine and we will have seasoning sunshine around the bay at 63 to 69 and lower humidity for all of us inland it will be around 65 to 71 and the coast and san francisco the breezes chill the sunshine at 58 to 62. it will be choppy with gifts up to 25 miles per hour for the ferry ride. >> a great day in the neighborhood in san jose the drive on 280 at 17 move along just fine and we have a few extra headlights moving to cupertino but the rest of the traffic is sparse especially in the southbound direction. we do have problems in the east bay along 880 southbound side
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now, it is a five car crash blocking one or two lanes where possible injuries. we are stacked up away from 238 through san lorenzo into hayward and union city. to the south a crash is blocking one lane and southbound 880, you do have trouble there as well. as we move over to the san mateo bridge toll plaza a car is inning two lanes and the rest of the drive is nice and clear, however, breezy. watch out if you are driving anything that is high-sided. >> a hidden benefit of retail therapy. >> this story we like. this does away with the guilt and why indulging in the desire to shot can help your help. >> a change coming to a kids' drink that will you have happy they come back for seconds. >> more weather and traffic all morning. >> weather and traffic shots are
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up through the entire commercial break.
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>> covering fremont, palo alto be north bay, and all the bay
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area, this is abc7 news. good morning. we will look at a gorgeous sunrise shaping up as we look east, it is breezy so watch out for that this morning. we will check with meteorologist mike nicco with theys in your unable. >> now the breaking news from south korea, a south korean airliner overran the runway at the airport on tuesday evening. we will look at pictures from the scene. reports to the transport injuries say the flight veered off the runway while landing and 74 passengers and seven crew members were on board and all passengers and crew got out safely and fires say 20 people were hurt. officials say the plane last south korea and due to arrive at hiroshima at 8:00 p.m. which has been closed, now since this happened. >> that is the same airliner,
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asiana that crashed at sfo with three people dead a while ago. this is the same airliner ashape and we. follow the breaking news for you at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> we are guilty of indulging in retail therapy but science said you are not just imagining how happy it mays you feel. researchers sat the university of michigan say shopping can give you the same high as drugs. they proved by attaching cameras to shoppers and use the facial tracking technology to study reaction while shopping. eyes opens and alert and mouths slightly open all scenes that the pleasure extra in their brain is in overdrive when they score a if deal. they are expensing pure joy. that is why the credit cards light up.
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>> for joy. >> if you want center shut eye change your music. >> spotify has revealed which artist topped the sleep play list. number one is sheeran "thinking outloud," tops what people up wind to. >> he has another and sam smith has two and "love me like you do," is another. that is from "50 shades of grey," and that puts you to slope, as well. >> now the weather forecast that will wake you up. >> don't want to talk about some more "50 shades of grey." >> noooo. >> so kenny g. got knocked off the list. >> very nice. >> not you would appreciate that. >> the winds, boy, that sound
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will keep you awake. >> did it keep you awake. >> good segue. now, this morning our radar and satellite -- i have seen him in concert. >> you add my that. -- admit that? in public? >> you guys are brutal. as far as visibility, all good. dry air is here. some of the sprinkles you could see the cloud cover to the east of mt. diablo and heading to the east away from us so expect total sunshine today and faster freezes and slightly cooler weather inland and to be clear and calm and cool tonight ask tomorrow before the warming on thursday and friday. we will talk about what will happen today, as far as the temperatures 71 in gilroy and santa cruz and otherwise mid-to-upper 60s for the south bay from 66 in milpitas to los gatos at 69.
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starting at 6 in los altos and 64 in millbrae as we head northbound and tighter along the coast from 60 at half moon bay to pacifica and daly city and colma at 58 and 62 downtown and money 60's through the north bay valley and calistoga could be 70 but you are the exception at 56 in bow san diego, the cool spot and loan the east bay shore narrow here at 64 to 66, and that is all we will have. inland, a little bit of a bitter microclimate from 65 at san ramon to antioch and brentwood at 70 and 71. at the game, it will be chilly with temperatures in the upper 50s. dropping to 54. it will be breezy. dress accord billion. -- accordingly. >> mid-to-upper 40s around the bay shore to the coast. this could be one or two areas in the north bay and we could see upper 30s. a quick turn around tomorrow as the winds blow offshore about four to six degrees warmer and
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nearly record high on thursday and friday and you could see a slow letting of the heat saturday, sunday and monday by the coast and back to average and the rest of us are in the 70s and 80's. >> we are starting off with a look at the san mateo bridge with more traffic as you head across the water. it was sparse a few minutes ago because of an accident at the toll plaza and now it is clearing involving three vehicles and one was size ways blocking two lanes so we have a backup. this crash is now cleared and southbound 880 involved five vehicles. all lanes are re-opened. we have very heavy delays from san lorenzo and continuing southbound. another accident here on 880 the nimitz from 238 down to fremont, taking on extra minutes
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pharmacies offer generic drugs at deep discounts including prices as low as $4 a in and $10 for a three month supply. >> if you take medications over the long term, "consumer reports" said ask your doctor for a 90-day prescription rather than a 30-day prescription because it can save you a small fortune. morning news continues at 6 o'clock with the top stories. >> paying up to deal with california's drought, the decision looming today that could have a big part of the bay area paying more for water. >> a pest problem threatening the wine >> police say a man would was involved in a car accident and then stole the car of a good samaritan who stopped to help. >> it is going to be a chilly
6:27 am
breeze offsetting the total sunshine but the sunshine and offshore breeze bring us record warm in back half of forecast. >> traffic is ncaaing its way -- is snaking its way around from the bay bridge toll plaza but we have high winds for the bridges and a very long drive through hayward into fremont. stay you wish your dog could fight
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no wonder frontline plus is the #1 choice of vets for their pets and yours. after all, your dog is a lover not a fighter. frontline plus. the vet's #1 choice. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it is 6:30. a look outside if you wake up to this view you are thankful to be alive looking at the sunrise. it is gorgeous. thank you for joining us at 6:30. >> i prefer it to the alternative. i am eric thomas with leyla gulen with traffic and meteorologist mike nicco has the weather forecast. can you not see how cool it is. >> the breeze makes it feel cooler. dress accordingly. get ready for a cool morning. but a cool afternoon will follow with near record highs later in
6:31 am
the week. the winds are gusting at 17 to 20 to 25 miles per hour over the open water. temperatures are mainly in the 40s this morning for the commute and mid-to-upper 50s at the coast. low 60 around the bay and inland at balloon and mid-to-upper 60 at 4:00 and we will drop to 60 by 7:00 and a chilly evening is on tap again. >> we like your advice of turn on the seat warmers for drivers. >> exactly. i have traffic that could stop your heart. we do have plenty of traffic building on 880 and this is 680 through walnut creek and it is slow down as you make your drive away great pleasanton hill to highway 24 and the gunned up commute is on 880 through hayward and that is a terrible drive but now it is doubling in commute time because of two accidents. more now on breaking news in
6:32 am
what is a busy morning for authorities in marin investigating two crashes, a carjacking and a high speed chase. they all connected. amy hollyfield is? fairfax with the latest. amy? >> yes, fairfax police say the man involved in this is now in jail. he is not a local. look at the aftermath: two cars were involved in a crash and were destroyed. police say the black car was stolen. they arrested the man who temperature that car. see was a passenger in another car involved if an accident and a woman, a good samaritan would stopped to help left her car running and police say the man the passenger jumped out of the car he was in hopped in hers and took off. police say as they clayed him he reached speeds up to 100 miles per hour and crashed. it was a crime of opportunity that did not end well for him.
6:33 am
aweird circumstance. i am glad everyone is okay. ultimate estimately we arrested the suspect responsible for the crime. it was weird but it was a great ending. >> police say after he crashed the suspect took off running. a policing do finally found hill hiding in a backyard. he was treated at hospital fog dog bites and injuries sustained in the crash. he now is if -- in thank you, amy hollyfield. a student faces charges of using a cell phone to record a female student if a dorm bathroom. the 20-year-old mendez extended the film under the stall partition. the victim left and waited for the suspect to leave and when he did she recognizedded mendez and alerted police. police confiscated the point and lab top and cds and found
6:34 am
additional victims of the video equipment. >> now water torn is at 53 percent for the entire district and this is a look at the lake that is only at 27 percent full. here is what the new legislation would mean those who use only 98 gallons or less a day see a 17 percent increase to their water bill. the average customer using 24 gallons a day and pays an extra 24 percent. the big the water wasters using 1,500 gallons or more a day pays 45 percent more that includes excessive use penalties. >> i a not opposed that rap these people should be penalized so i don't have to take a two second shower each morning.
6:35 am
>> east bay mud will cac those would routinely everuse. >> in san jose, three owners have a mysterious water leak seeping from the ground and a homeowner is pitching 2,000 gallons of water on to the street each day to keep it from entering her home. the water accident has been called pipes have been inspected and they hope officials can figure the source. >> a pest could destroy the wine industry with eggs of the shooter from olive trees that can trance pit bacteria responsible for plant diseases such as a disease that cuts off a plant's water splay. inspectors are examining all shipments from southern california with plants republican being prayed that
6:36 am
kills the adult bugs. >> there was a bizarre ordeal on alaskan airlines flight. a passenger posted this video to facebook page last night, passengers could hear someone pounding and screaming need the plane after the ramp agent woke up in the cargo hold after the plane took off tore los to los angeles. the worker was taken to the hospital and released. he was ten hours into his shift when he felt asleep. >> a mountain lions is hiding in a crawl space between a los angeles home despite efforts to get it to leave. >> fish and wildlife fired an air gun and threw tennis polls but it did not judge. after an hour they decided to let it leave on its own.
6:37 am
it is tagged and will be tracked. it is the first ever to cross the 405 freeway and it has been spotted by the famous hollywood sign. >> the scat has a -- the cat has a twitter account. everyone is tweeting about the cat. >> a if you line of protection to help police be accountable and issues to be ironed out to arm the officers with body can -- cameras. >> google can make it easier than ever to conserve energy for families.
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okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
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>> back on this use morning and is it too early to call rockies in first place? they have 5-2 record. giants play tonight and 57 at 6:15. the red flag warping along -- warning along the sierra so high fire danger. through the day, we have upper 60s to low 70s through the central valley and through los
6:41 am
angeles and san diego and 93 in palm springs and 47 in lake tahoe. >> remark is streaming in at the richmond-san rafael toll plaza and we have delays coming away from richmond parkway. you can expect to see the brake lights flashing around castro street and on the bridge it is seven minutes to get crass over to highway 101. as we take you to the east bay we had two separate accidents one at niles and the other right here and all pushed to the shoulder. look at this red: it is jammed away from 238 into fremont. 21 miles per hour is the top speed. it is 45 minutes commute right now and normally 23 minutes. >> bringing technology right to your front door. >> a company positive new -- approach to get new customers in. >> a change coming in to the
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kids drink to make it pore healthy. >> the san mateo bridge is slow. but moving.
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looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. >> we follow break, news in japan where a plane crash landed
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overrunning the runway at the hiroshima airport. the asiana airlines flight 162 originated south korea and took off with 7 had passengers and seven crew members on board. investigators say they all got off safely. that is the airlines that crashed at sfo a couple years bag with three people killed in that. there were numerous injuries. so far no information on what may have caused this and we are trying to tally up what else has happened in terms of injury or fire situation. happening today an east bay police officer has to face the music on charges that are derail his career after buying heroin while his daughter was in the car. cases he has worked on will have to be revealed. the officer will appear in court in san francisco.
6:46 am
in a legal over two hours, san pablo police officer kenneth white is at hall of justice facing drug charges and he is accused of buying heroin and cocaine on 7th and hour street -- howard street in san francisco. after receiving a tip the police department had undercover stores investigate. this happens on wednesday. white was buying drugs and his two-year-old daughter was in the car with a loaded gun also found in the car. white is charged with possession of narcotics and a loaded weapon and child endangerment. the police department is lying to be transparent during this ordeal. >> we want them to know it occurred. we want them to have confidence in issue we will investigate it. that includes reviewing any case white worked on while at the department. white is also a resource officer
6:47 am
in san back let and on paid leave for unrelated conduct issue. thank you. google is trying to make powering our homes more efficient and sprint will handler your next phone wherever you want. now to the nasdaq with those stories. jane? yes, good morning. mostly positive, but a mixed start on wall street. the dow is up 23 points but the s&p 500 and nasdaq are slightly lower with bank earnings including will well and they did better than expected. soy particular city partnering with google t thermostats in homes but you need compatible air conditioning and agree to work with the program. goal is to study how energy use can be more efficient.
6:48 am
now, a smart phone can be delivered, spent. hand deliver the smartphones in kansas city right new but it will go nation buy. >> nestle is cutting the sugar from the chocolate proud and taking out the artificial coloring from the strawberry and will get the pink coloring from bet juice. the new versions will go on sale this month. >> back to you. >> sneaking the beet if there. >> giants kicked off in style with a celebration if the 2014 world series championships. the players came up from behind the center field wall and carrying the three world series trophies. the highlight was? >> world series mvp bumgarner
6:49 am
riding a horse and delivering the flag. >> the flag was then hoisted to complete the ceremony. >> pregame festivities were the only highlight because the rockies shut out the giants. >> madison used to be involved in rode i >> used to the contract said nothing dangerous. >> we want to know for the game tonight, rockies and the giants will it be windy? >> breezy and mid-to-upper 50s so it will feel 5- to 10-degrees cooler. you have the hoodies. wear 'em. now, oning the weather window you can see the ferry coming in
6:50 am
and it looks like a lot of people on the ferry. yesterday we knew we would be up up to 10 or 11 degreer coolers with some areas up to 15 degrees cooler. and the dry air is rolling in and bringing breezes. it is keeping the fog out of the forecast. if you are in south bay, mid-to-upper 40s as you step outside from milpitas and los altos hills at 45 to san jose at 49 and same in newark and we have novato at 48 and san francisco at 49 and it is warmer in san carlos and alameda and lafayette at 46 and danville is 40 degrees. we had a lot of sunshine on sutro tower and it is overwhelming the camera and we have more sunshine today than yesterday and faster breezes.
6:51 am
it will be clear and calm and coolest tonight and tomorrow with were upper 30s. today, 71 in santa cruz and gilroy and otherwise the south spay from 66 in minimum pete and los gatos to 69. anywhere from 64 in millbrae to 66 in redwood city. 60 at half moon bay. that is a warm spot along the coast. daly city and colma at 58. 62 in downtown today. mid-to-upper 60 through the north bay valley. only mid-to-upper 50s is the breezy bench. 64 to 66 is the spread along the east bay shore line and oakland at 65 and shown at 65. antioch and brentwood at 70 to 71. tonight we have temperatures in the low 40s, and possibly mid-to-upper 40s around the bay shore to the coat. it will be breezy all day today. high pressure comes in tonight. it calms us and steers the winds offshore and 70s and 80s
6:52 am
thursday and friday and nearly 90 inland on friday. >> really hot. here is a look at san jose, traffic is hot. by allian street -- by julian street and moving without a hitch. we are at top speed beyond the tank. southbound, there are no delays. in the north by, pass the sunglasses, without any fog we have pure sunshine. very sunny conditions. through santa rosa you are at top sped. with the construction in this area here 32 miles per hour going beyond highway 116 account drive jumps up and it is nice into novato. on 37, in the eastbound direction you are at top somebody and slow from vallejo up to 121. continues through lucas valley san rafael, for san francisco traffic is great and you have the usual bit of slowing through the marina district.
6:53 am
we are back with seven things to know before you go. >> and looking live at oakland on this gorgeous morning gorgeous city keeping weather and traffic up through the entire commercial
6:54 am
he are seven things to know before you go. the number one protecting overnight, a wild scene if marin
6:55 am
involving a chase and several crashes that started in west marin when a good samaritan stopped to help someone. she was carjacked and the suspect led police on a chase until he crashed and was arrested. >> breaking news in south korea an asian airlines plane skidded east runway in hiroshima, japan injuring 20 of the 81. asiana flight, you recall, crashed at sfo two years ago killing three teens. a san pablo police officer headed to court this morning after being buffed by undercover officers after buying heroin last wednesday in san francisco. he had a loaded weapon and his two-year-old daughter in the car. >> san jose city council is expected to discuss a pilot program today to equip police officers with body camerases to improve accountability and protect the officers. the police department hopes to
6:56 am
test cameras on a dozen officers in the fall. >> east bay water officials are expected to decide whether to declare a stage four drought emergency the highest level possible. it would mean higher rates for everyone especially for the biggest water users. >> a breezy start this tuesday morning and winds around 17 miles per hour and gusting up to 30 miles per hour at times and we have temperatures in the money 50 at bart but oakland and sfo and this afternoon, we are like yesterday afternoon, and temperature wise from upper 50s the on the coast. >> if you are hopping on the treadmill make it short because we have a long drive here at 22 americans to head from hayward into foster city and 45 minutes to get you season 880 from the hayward to fremont. we continue online and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. >> back in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
have a great day.
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th us for "good good morning, america. panic in the air. a man trapped in the cargo hold of a passenger jet. >> i think we have -- hearing a noise from the baggage compartment. >> passengers hearing pounding and screaming from below. the pilot forced to make an emergency landing. how could he survive the cold? and how did he get there in the first place? deadly accident. a volunteer sheriff's deputy charged with manslaughter, fatally shoots a suspect running from police during an undercover sting pulling his handgun instead of his taser. so, why was this insurance executive on the scene of a high-risk police operation? unwelcome houseguest. a mountain lion camped out under an l.a. home, refusing to leave the crawl space. a surprised worker coming face to face with the big cat and what they are doing right now to rescue him.


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