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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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a bay area beach. >> next a live report on what marine experts plan to do next. abc7 n
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center. this is abc7 news. >> the body of this huge whale washes ashore along a popular beach. >> and now local residents and researchers want to foe exactly how it -- want to though exactly how it died. >> em dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. they tweeted this picture of the carcass along the beach in pacifica. >> and lilian is there live with the full story. lilian? >> dan and ama the whale is about three-quarters of a mile in that direction at the very southern end of the beach. it is a spot where many people take their daily walks. the dead whale washed ashore near pacifica's maury point. passersby weren't sure what it was they were looking at. >> there is a rock out there at low tide that is exposed and i thought it was that rock
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and i thought it is shinier than the rock. as i got closer i realized it was a whale. >> researchers say it is an adult sperm whale believed to be about 49 feet long. people started flocking to it as word spread. >> it is a huge whale. it is actually a huge whale. i never seen anything like it before. i'm in awe. >> many pacifica residents don't know the last time they have seen a whale on the beaches. they have seen other animals wash ashore in recent months. >> sea lions wash up, a lot of babies, but never seen a whale that size here. >> residents want to know what caused the whale to die. >> there were 50 congregating in the monterey bay and we were expecting to see them start showing up down here but it's a shame this is the first one we have seen. >> they plan to perform a necropsy. lilian kim abc7 news. water, restrictions begin
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immediately for east bay mud users after the board officially declared a stage 4 drought today. that's the highest designation. east bay mud estimates users conserved 6% of water this year far short of the 20% mandated. outdooring watering is restricted to twice a week and the board gave approval to incree fees for all users users and penalties for stealing water and excessive use of water. final approval is expected next month. santa cruz made a similar declaration. the city council approved a stage 3 water emergency with the goal of a 25% water use reduction. homeowners will not be allowed to water outdoors during the daytime hours and violators could face fines. businesses have been asked to cut back though will not face fines. people across the state are being asked to conserve water and many are being asked to watch out for waste. they have been seen pom --
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pumping water out of a drain and down the street. so he started recording. city leaders say there is a reasonable explanation. katie? >> the thought of me dumping water from this bottle to the sidewalk is cringe worthy for many of you. imagine what it would feel like to watch it gush from a fire hydrant into the street and down the drain. >> i was alarmed by the quantity of water going out. >> for this plumbing contractor it is scary. >> we are doing repairs. people who are conserving drips are concerned jie. he recorded this scene with his cell phone. >> the water that comes out of a hydrant that -- when we flush it is impressive. >> the assistant public works director says there is a reasonable explanation. >> water is like a food product. if it sits in the system too long it becomes stale and
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picks up odors and tastes. >> flushing the system is annual maintenance for all cities. due to the drought mountain view delayed the flush by an additional year. we were there in january as crews began the work after receiving complaints of smelly tap water. so it is necessary, but does it have to go down the drain? >> by the time they get done with one block they could water quite a few plants or lawns or wash a car or two. >> if we stopped to fill up water tanks the sediment would settle back into the line and defeats the flushing. >> he admits that any water loss is alarming, but they are offsetting it. mountain view recycles 600,000 gallons a day from other sources and water usage dropped 13% from 2013 to 2014. the line flushing should conclude in the next few weeks. in mountain view, abc7 news. >> if you think you see water being wasted where you live, e-mail us at abc7 listens at and we will check out as many tips as we can.
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a police chase on highway 4 in martinez left a motorcyclist with critical injuries tonight. it is a terrible crash. police say the motorcyclist hit 100 miles an hour while merging on to highway 4. the pursuing officer tried to pull him over but suspended it when they hit traffic. it crashed into a car that slowed down. police are searching for a gunman who shot and killed a man in a parking lot. it happened after 1:00 at this chevron on california avenue. police say the victim, a bay point man in his 20s was hanging out with friends when the gunman walked up and confronted him and opened fire. anti-police brutality protesters took their message to the streets today, and in oakland some tried to take it directly to commuters. a few ran on to interstate 880 as you can see from sky 7hd interruptiing track for a few minutes, and officers were able to quickly get demonstrators to the shoulder of the road. some regroipped at oakland police headquarters and scrawled messages on the
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building. this is one of dozens of police protests held today nationwide including this one in san francisco. sky 7hd shows protesters as they blocked traffic on market street during the evening commute. officers arrested six people saying they tried to block the fourth street on-ramp to the bay bridge. earlier demonstrators wrote on walls and windows at the mission police station. some tried to storm city hall before officers were able to stop them. california's attorney general is urging more action against a college after they were slapped with a $30 million fine. harris issued a response saying quote i applaud the department of education for taking strong action to hold them accountable for the egregious misconduct. the department announced the fine today saying they overstated the employment records of graduates. she says a fine is not enough. she wants them to relief students of college debt. san francisco could see more regulations on the short-term rentals affecting
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companies like air b and b. they said they want to limit all short-term rentals to 30 days or less and not allow more than 120 days total per year. leigh says he hopes to preserve rental housing for locals and protect people who rent out rooms to help pay their rent. the revisions will be discussed at a planning commission hearing on april 23rd. we will follow-up and let you foe what happens. new details into the final moments of a deadly bart accident. what the driver did seconds before impact. >> and dash cam video of police ramming an armed suspect. we will show you what happened next. >> and the special delivery to the international spacestation, but did space-x stick the landing? >> i am abc7 news meteorologist sandhya pa you tell. sandhya patel. a change in the wind direc
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on this is abc7 news. >> two years after a fatal bart train accident in the east bay the national transportation safety board has released its findings. it happened during the tense contract negotiations that lead to a bart strike. two employees were killed. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live at the walnut creek bart station thought far from where they died. alan? >> that's right, dan. this happened during that bart strike two years ago when managers were learning how to operate the trains in case of an extended walkout. the the train had just passed through this wall -- walnut creek bart station barreling toward the two employees on the track. >> the train was going 68 miles per hour when it plowed
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into the two bart employees killing them instantly. five seconds before the crash the operator shouted "lookout! no! no! no!." in a newly released report the national transportation safety board said it was the victim's responsibility to assign one person as a lookout while the other person worked on the track. it happened during the heat of the 2013 bart strike. managers were teaching other managers to drive the trains and another manager was working on the track with a contract engineer. >> they are electric trains and they don't make a lot of noise. >> chris finn is the president of amalgamated iewnen why 1555. he says the real cause of the fatal accident is the culture of safety at bart. >> they take it lightly that you can train managers quickly and easily how to operate a train and didn't value the work. all three unions sent letters to cpuc urging them not to allow managers to operate trains.
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it would be very unsafe. >> bart's general manager released a statement today saying since the accident trains must travel below 27 miles per hour when workers are inside the fenced off track area. also all trains must stop when a worker is within six feet of the track. in walnut creek, alan wang abc7 news. police in arizona released dash cam video showing an officer ramming an armed suspect with his car. we want to warn you that some viewers may find this hard to watch. >> stay off. >> oh! >> it happened in february near tucson. police say the man robbed a 7-eleven and set a church on fire before stealing a car and a gun which officers say he fired into the air. they also released video from inside the car that rammed the suspect. you saw it right there. the cruiser then crashes through a small wall. the police says the officer's actions were justified.
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>> if we will choose between hmm maybe we will let him go farther and see what happens or we will take him out now and eliminate any opportunity he has to hurt somebody, you will air on side of the innocent people. >> the suspect survived and spent two days in the hospital before being booked on p-multiple felonies. to fight abc "nightline" goes behind the scenes to see how doctors pulled off the nation's longest kidney transplant chain ever. we reported on this when it happened last month as you may recall. 26 hospitals from san francisco to boston coordinated 34 kidney transplants. abc news "nightline" follows the procedures from the operating room table to city streets to airports as the kidneys were taken hospital to hospital. >> it is a moving story and it is not just the power of medicine, but the power of love. people who would love
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their relative enough to donate. another person who just loves hue han tee enough -- humanity enough to donate it. >> it airs after abc7 news and ""jimmy kimmel live"." big changes to a san jose landmark where overnight stays are allowed for the first time. they approved an overnight permit for the winchester mystery house and will allow alcohol to be served there. the 160-room mansion was built by the widow of the heir to the winchester rifle fortune. she believed the house would protect her of the -- protect her from the spirits of those killed by the rifle. no word on when overnight stays will begin. when fans show up for the final game of the warrior season they will see that oracle arena is ready. new banners are ready showing harrison barnes and steph curry. you may be able to catch a warriors game this weekend. we will let you know as soon as the playoff schedule is set which we do expect to come out tomorrow. we know the nba finals can be
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seen only on abc7. >> some foster city firefighters played hero to eight ducklings. they took a spill and ended up below street level. fortunately the firefighters were there to save the day. after the rescue the lucky ducklings were reunited with mama duck and two siblings. >> that's cute. let's talk about our weather forecast. it is still windy out there today. >> that's right. meteorologist sandhya patel has what is going on outside. >> ama and dan when the winds die down tomorrow they switch direction and they will feel the difference. it is going to be a lot warmer. 7 to 10 dries warm -- 7 to 10 degrees warmer. high clouds going through the bay area right now and the temperatures have fallen into the 40s range for petaluma and napa and fairfield. you foe it will be chilly when these areas are if the 40s. here is a live picture from the kgo roof camera and the tree pollen is running high.
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if you have been suffering from allergies you know why. the grass pollen is coming up so it is on the moderate side. as the winds die down hopefully that will help to alleviate some of the allergy symptoms that obviously with the pollen around you will have to deal with. from the sutro tower camera looking at san francisco the visibility is terrific. looking at clear and cool conditions and warmer the next few days. inland temperatures are near 90 degrees on friday. you look at the pacific satellite picture and there is the cold front that brought us sprinkles last night. clear and breezy conditions set up behind the front as high pressure has started to build in. and we are expecting the warming trend to start tomorrow. it is really going to continue for many areas through friday. here is what's going to happen. you know this wind that has been chilling the bay area that's been an on shore breeze? it is going to switch directions. tomorrow we are looking at an offshore wind pattern, this drying wind bringing the warmer air from the land toward the coastline. we'll have an opportunity to enjoy some warmth.
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it is not just for tomorrow, but a few days after that. look at san jose's average high at 70 degrees. you are up to 76 tomorrow. the thubs will continue to climb as you notice there. they are peaking on friday, and then just barely dropping off. the record high for san jose on friday is 92 degrees. we are not expecting a record there. downtown oakland is in the 70s. you could see a record. sharp cooling comes early next week. speaking of cooling, it is going to be cool to chilly first thing in the morning. we won't have the winds but certainly chilly enough to where you will need to dress in layers . tomorrow afternoon things will change up. mid30s to 40s. then up to 80 in gilroy and 76 in san jose and 75 sunnyvale. 78 los gatos. mid70s for redwood city menlo park. 64 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 70 degrees. daly city 63. the sun will be shining in the north bay. 80 in santa rosa napa and san rafael. 76 oakland. you will need the sunscreen.
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castro valley 75. 80 in antioch and 77 in concord. giants are taking on the rockies again tomorrow night. at&t park, expecting milder weather and not the wind that we saw today. 63 and dropping to about 59 degrees. the accu-weather seven-day forecast and we will continue the steady climb in terms of the numbers. by friday it is close to 90 inland and upper 60s along the coast and then drop those temperatures a few degrees this weekend and much cooler next week and maybe some rain on wednesday. i foe it is far out. -- i know it is far out. >> we have to hang on to something. >>ing >> something. it brings new meaning to the term text message? >> a special note
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and liftoff. the falcon sores from the perch. >> the latest shot at history to land a used rocket that didn't quite make it. and now there is video showing how cross it came. the falcon 9 launched successfully sending a capsule to the spacestation with supplies. now on landing the rocket straightened out just before touchdown and was nearly upright on the barge before it tipped over. the ceo posted this video on vine tonight. he says there was a little too much of a push from a booster on the rocket side. another special delivery to the iss. the 13-year-old daughter of astronaut terry vert found a way to deliver a message to her dad. hyundai helped out with a fleet of cars to draw a message in the lake. it was visible from space and it had three simple words. >> steph loves you. >> that is cool. imagine how much planning that took sph. >> think how amazing that is
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for dad up there. >> larry beil is here. >> that's fantastic. we are nine games into a new season and it feels like misery for the giants and their fans. bad offense and spectacular defense from the r
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mmmm, they made french toast out of banana bread, then topped it with candied pecans and bananas? it's like a match made in heaven. like bacon & eggs... ...oh look, bacon & eggs. the new banana bread french toast slam. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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good evening. well, the giants able toly scored a -- the giants finally scored a run against the rockies. that's the good news. but the offense is invisible. nine games played by the giants and already a five-game losing streak. no offense and somebody shrank bumgarner. oh that was his bobblehead. hudson making his second start. it is 1-0 rocks.
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two batters later and he nearly hits him. 2-0. huddy went seven innings and allowed three runs. catch of the year into the tarp to take a foul ball from orblanco. it is derek jeter-esque as he clashes into the tarp and the railing there and he holds on for dear life. that is amazing. the giants' lone run comes on a sack fly and they lose it 4-1. the a's in houston and the mascot is always smiling. maybe he is frowning under there. a's up in the 6th and billy butler has a nine-game hitting streak. 2-0a's. red duck in the eighth. the drive and basket catch at the wall. then he adds a run in the 9th with his bay bat. just back from the dl and brett lawrie is hustling.
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a's have out scored their opponents 42-1 in their five victories. there is one game left in the regular season for the warriors. the goal against denver is simple nobody get hurt and then you get ready for okc or new orleans in the playoffs. the pellicans and the thunder tied for eighth in the west. new orleans holds the tiebreaker. they could lock it up with a win. and they are at home tomorrow night. but they've got to beat the defending champion spurs. good luck with that. san antonio is playing great. it would be great if popovich would rest some of the starters, but they have to clinch the southwest division. >> they are playing for the division. if he rests his players tomorrow night with the division title on the line, then he's nuts. he's not crazy. i know him very well. >> and a great half time show at the suns-clippers game.
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the guy on the bike hypes -- hops up and over. i heard a rumor that sandhya patel will volume -- volunteer to go under the bike if the warriors make the finals! >> why not? >> i think you will do it, won't you? >> oh sure. >> anything for the warriors if they make the finals. >> you're in? >> he's crazy. >> spencer christian will be standing by just in case. >> sure, why not? >> wow. >> what could go wrong?
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all right. that's our report. we appreciate your time.
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i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for larry and sandhya, thank you for joining us. up next, >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- cobie smulders barbecue chef, aaron franklin and music from chic featuring nile rodgers with cleto and the cletones and now, here's jimmy kimmel!


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