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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 15, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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e. good morning, america. wild weather. major dust storms blasting the west, blinding drivers, causing deadly pile-ups. high winds more than 50 miles an hour getting run down by an officer's cruiser. wild weather. dust storms and winds blanketing cities. causing a deadly accident. and shutting down an airport. and heavy rain causing floods. with more in store today. rough landing. a plane skids off a runway, slamming into a tower. new video of the damaged engine and details on the passengers' injuries. big news from the piano man. the life-changing announcement from billy joel.
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and good wednesday morning to you all. we begin with a renewed demand for justice. as more dramatic videos come to light showing violent clashes between police officers and suspects. >> protesters call for an end to police brutality taking to the streets. thousands descending on cities like new york, l.a., and chicago. blocking traffic and facing off with police. here's more from bazi kanani. >> okay, we got a fight going on. >> reporter: their anger spilling into the streets in new york, where dozens were arrested. protesters turning out in major cities across the country, from los angeles, to chicago, trying to draw attention to police brutality, just as new cases of aggressive police tactics come into question. in tulsa, oklahoma, 73-year-old robert bates is accused of manslaughter. >> thank you very much. i feel that they're unwarranted and shouldn't have been brought. >> reporter: the volunteer reserve officer was wearing a body camera on april 2nd when chasing a suspect wanted on
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alleged drug charges. police catch up to him. but then -- >> oh, i shot him. i'm sorry. >> reporter: bates says he accidentally shot the suspect, 44-year-old eric harris, grabbing his gun instead of his taser. harris later died from his wounds. >> he was loving. he was caring. and he was my brother. that i'll never see again. >> reporter: and in arizona -- [ car engine revving ] this newly released dash cam video shows police following a suspect who was carrying a gun and even fires it off at one point. [ gunshot ] suddenly, another police cruiser speeds by, slamming right into him. >> oh! [ bleep ]. man down. >> reporter: the suspect, mario valencia, survived with serious injuries. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. now to the wild weather hitting the west and south. >> yeah, we'll start in the west. the cold front moving east into wyoming, utah, and nevada. fueling heavy winds, triggering
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massive dust storms like the one we're seeing here in las vegas. >> in some places, they turned downright deadly. a massive dust storm in utah triggered a deadly highway pileup. killing one man and injuring 25 others. the nearly whiteout conditions on interstate 80 near the nevada border forced a tractor trailer to stop in its tracks, starting the chain reaction crash. elsewhere, those heavy winds uprooted trees, snapping some in half. damaged homes and cars, and blew over a tractor trailer near salt lake city international airport. those winds grounding all flights into and out of salt lake city. to the east, however, it's water. lots of it. that's prompting flood watches and warnings across a broad area of the southeast. mississippi had flash floods that submerged at least a dozen streets. the city got several inches of rain over the course of just an hour. and to the north, flooding
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around lexington, kentucky, fed rising flood waters, making the canoe the only reliable source of transportation. more rain in store for the southeast. >> the storm zone centered over the tennessee valley with heavy rains expected to stretch over the gulf coast states and up into the carolinas. accuweather's justin povick with the latest for us now. good morning to you, justin. >> t.j. and reena, thanks and good morning. the northeast is off to a pleasant start. we're concerned about isolated severe weather later on in the day, after 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 in the southwestern plains. amarillo, lubbock in the cross hairs. childress, texas, and parts of oklahoma for damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes in addition to very heavy rain. we're also concerned about gusty winds. santa ana winds here for the higher foothills around l.a. speaking of that higher fire danger continues in the southwest. t.j. and reena, back to you. >> all right, justin, thank you so much. another major step in the fast-moving efforts to improve the relationship between cuba and the u.s. president obama says cuba should be removed from the list of states that sponsor terrorism.
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that decision being welcomed by cubans. some u.s. lawmakers were quick to condemn the change. they can try to block it. it's unlikely they have the votes at this point. congress appears ready to pass a bill that would give them a say in any nuclear deal with iran. president obama will likely sign the compromised bill. the framework of the deal with iran would drop sanctions against iran if they make changes to their nuclear program. but the final details have yet to be worked out. well outside the washington beltway, hillary clinton officially on the campaign trail in iowa. the former secretary of state reaching out to average americans in small-town coffee shops and the campuses of community colleges. meantime, more damaging evidence is apparently resurfacing regarding those e-mails. "the new york times" is reporting that clinton was directly asked by congressional investigators more than two years ago whether she used a private e-mail account while serving as secretary of state and ignored the question. meantime, sounding very much like a presidential candidate, new jersey governor chris
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christie was making campaign promises in new hampshire. the republican showcased his deficit-cutting credentials proposing raising the age for social security and drastically cutting payments. christie says he'll decide in the coming weeks whether to launch a run for the white house. the head of the dea is under fire over a prostitution scandal. michelle leonhart was grilled on capitol hill about light punishments for dea agents accused of attending sex parties while stationed in colombia engages with prostitutes paid for by drug cartels. some were suspended for as little as two days. one congressman is calling for the dea chief to step down. today marks two years since the boston marathon bombing. a moment of silence will be held this afternoon following by the ringing of church bells to honor the victims. meanwhile, the judge in the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev has told jurors they must stay away from this year's marathon which
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will be run this coming monday. the following day, the penalty phase will start. that's when the jury will decide if tsarnaev will spend life in prison or be sentenced to death. he was convicted last week. today marks the 150th anniversary of the death of abraham lincoln. reenacters gathered yesterday at ford's theater in washington. it was there where lincoln was shot while watching a play from the balcony. lincoln wasn't pronounced dead until the following morning. to mark today's occasion several governors have ordered flags in their state to be lowered to half staff. well, still ahead, tax day isn't so bad when there's freebies to find. rita wilson diagnosed with cancer. how a second opinion may have saved her life. plus, a plane packed with passengers careening off the runway. the new video of the damage overnight.
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well look at that. at least the third time this year, a coyotety has been spotting here in manhattan. yesterday's encounter happened in the chelsea neighborhood. after a lengthy effort, they shot the coyote with a tranquilizer. it will be released in the wild and its metro card taken away. the atlanta educators sentenced to a prison term for false fieing test scores. their sentences ranged from one to seven years, far beyond the prosecutor's recommendation in some cases. the appeals process could take years. after a selection process that lasted months the jury in the murder trial of james holmes has timely been collected. he was charged with killing seven people and wounding 70 others. if he's found guilty the jury
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will decide if he'll be sentenced to death or spend life in prison. here's a new concern for airlines. you ne that wi-fi system available to you or me when we fly in some are saying the same system could be used to bring down a plane by hackers. the ics system could be it's a good day for foodies. who tend to procrastinate. they can cash in on tax day freebies and discounts. boston market offering a buy one get one free meal. hard rock cafe dinner far song. tony roma's giving out red velvet cake to last-minute filers. >> sing a song you get a free meal? >> that's right up your allie. >> so up my allie. when we come back listen to this guy. i'm going to work for him.
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oregon. the reported twister picked up one car, tossed it into another. nearly half a dozen other cars were damaged. no reports however of any injuries. now for a look at your morning road conditions, flooding across the gulf coast states. up into thenen the valley and carolinas. roads wet in parts of the midwest. snow in the rockies. if xwrour flying airport delays possible in new orleans, atlanta, charlotte, denver and salt lake city. a word of advice from actress rita wilson this morning after she revealed she's been battling breast cancer. >> here's more from linsey davis. >> reporter: rita wilson an actress and wife of tom hanks, going public. she said like angelina jolie before her, she underwent a double mastectomy. not after a genetic discovery. after a diagnosis of invasive
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lobular cars i'm supposed to recover fully. because i have excellent doctors and got a second opinion. she wrote, a second opinion is necessary and vital. not just by another doctor but by another pathologist. >> asking for a second read on the specimen is always an option. it's always appropriate. >> reporter: only the second opinion caught the cellular change. she writes i hope this will encourage others to get a second opinion and to trust their instincts if something doesn't feel right. doctors we spoke to said it's normally definitely benign or definitely cancer. if it's anywhere on the cusp or between those two, get a second opinion. linsey davis, abc news new york. you might remember a woman named v. stiviano. a judge in l.a. is ordering her
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to pay sterling's wife more than $2.5 million. shelly sterling sued stiviano to reclaim the money her husband spent while showering stiviano with gifts. an appeal will be filed. a rough landing in japan. a flight skidded off the runway yesterday, tail bouncing on the tarmac. this happened at hiroshima airport. the plane hit an antenna tower. more than 70 passengers had to evacuate. 20 people injured, none seriously. the latest terrifying case here of a driver going the wrong way on the highway. causing one close call after another. the woman behind the wheel allegedly drove more than 11 miles. you see it comes to an end here. 11 miles on three highways in arizona, all going the wrong way. she finally stopped as an officer was about to collide with her. the driver was charged with dui.
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topping our health headlines, critics charge the government is being unkind to the kind snack bar. the fruit and nut bars the health guy lines. natural saturated fat from sources like nuts and coconuts is not only healthy but essential. there's going to be a whole lot of estrogen in one houston home. mom and dad are proud parents of the first ever quintuplets born here in the u.s. the quints have a big sister. olivia hazel, parker, reillyile will remain in the hospital. >> he'll have a blast in the house. doing hair. playing with barbies. >> mani/ped rks s. >> that too. this is a cautionary tale
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about trampoline usage. oh, the build up there. >> a big run-up there. nearly the entire court. he hits the trampoline and -- >> oh poor guy. oh, my good ps. >> uh-oh. epic failure. this happened the other night at halftime of the utah jazz zam. >> hopefully it wasn't sold out and not a lot of people there to see it. but, you know he has -- oh my gosh. >> oh. >> poor guy. >> our shaert where him this morning. >> i hope his doctor is with him. excessive smartphone use. one guy with blame his injury on candy crush. an nba rookie comes home to find his teammates played a popcorn prank on him. >> who was the one who orchestrated this? the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor
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time now for "the pull." we start with the ceo taking a massive pay cut and passing on the money to his employees. 30-year-old dan price is a hon cho of a credit card payment company. >> this is yesterday. word got around they're all getting hefty raises. he says his aim is having every employee earning $70,000 or more a year by 2017. >> that means for some doubles
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their salaries. price says salaries will shrink from about $1 million to 70 grand as well. >> our boss did something similar not too long ago. >> which one? >> you didn't hear about that? >> women tend to make more did you find that? >> make more or less? >> make less. need to make more. hump day. let's turn to billy joel. he has somebody new to sing lu lullabies to. >> he and his girlfriend are expecting their first child this summer. roderick is an accomplished equestrian. >> he has one daughter already. 29 years old, alexa ray. from his marriage to christie brinkley. you've heard of tennis elbow. how about candy crush thumb. >> do you do this?
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they this game? >> no not really into it. look at the pictures. man suffered a prup churd tendon in his thumb. >> he didn't go to the doctor until the pain got so bad, he couldn't move the thumb. he was so absorbed in the game he didn't notice the pain before the tendon ruptured. people are really into it. >> very into this game. >> i'll try it in the commercial. and nba rookie has to clean up a bit. after he got special treatment from his teammates. >> rookies get their cars pop kornd by the sacramento kings. they decided to take on nik stauskass' entire apartment. >> why not do it to his car? he doesn't have one. he doesn't have a driver's license. he wasn't upset. he posted this on twitter. i do not know who cleaned up
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good when -- wednesday morning. it is 4:28. >> i am christian. -- kristen sze. >> i am glad to be back here joined with meteorologist mike nicco. now a look to show you what is going on outside. the winds calmed down. still breezy around fairfield. everyone else is less than double digits and variable because of high pressure. the hills are breezy today and tomorrow. where we live not so much. the day planner the next 12 hours are mainly in the upper 40s to low 50s and a few 30s inland by 7:00.
4:29 am
by noon, we are seeing 70 inland with 60 around the coast and into the bay and 60 at the coast dominating this afternoon with the low-to-upper 70s at 4:00 and not so chilly as the last couple of evening mid-50s to 60s. >> hopefully the traffic is not too "taxing," at the moment. >> it is moving through i-80 headed to 580. on the north bay 101 in the southbound direction traffic is unimpeded by actions. in san francisco we could have an off-rampcked off. >> and sea birds that turn up an the bay covered in a mystery g and we have news. >> the last bird to be nursed
4:30 am
back to health at the international bird rescue center in fairfield will released. in january birds were discovered with a mystery goo all over them in the bay. it was never figured out what the substance was but it was deadly to some 15 birds. a problem with not knowing what the substance was funding. california has funding plans if place for an oil spill but not for unknown substance. there is a new bill proposed to change that and it is making progress and made it out of committee year. this center is a nonprofit spending $150,000 to save and care nor the birds. if you want to donate we have the information at to give to the effort. that bird will be released at


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