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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good thursday morning. i like how you say it, friday eve, at 5:00. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze along with leyla gulen with remark and meteorologist mike nicco. it is getting hot. >> because i am standing next to you two? >> of course! >> my goodness. i am not saying i tampered with eric's car but he is not here. we show you what is going on. visibility is unlimited because of the dry air and the 50 shore breeze developing that will surge our temperatures today look greater sutro tower how clean the air is. look at the range at 44-64 through 7:00.
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56 at coast and 72 inland by noon so it is nice. 70 to 88 is the spread and look summer like at 4:00 and enjoying a delightful evening 58 at the coast and the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 60s. >> eric had car trouble hopefully that is not one of the stalls you reported if. >> so, the weather hot? >> yes! speaking of hot we have a car fire and the walnut creek you can see north of here at willow pass road we have a fully engulfed car fire and the rest of the drive, though moving without any slow down as we take you over to the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic is trickling in. though problems from the east bay to san francisco but at san francisco we.a big closure and that is ahead. >> a full page ad in the chronicle is the bold move catholic church members are
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making calling for the removal san francisco archbishop cordileone by going straight to the top. our reporter is at the cathedral with more. good morning more than 100 catholic donors and members of the church took out this full page ad run in the "san francisco chronicle" and they calling on archbishop cordileone to be removed and they call him mean spirited and say he fosters an atmosphere of intolerance. he has been controversy since arriving in san francisco making moves many disagree with and some sparking protests. for example, he picked a pastor would ban girls from being am tore servers and asked teachers at the catholic schools to sign a morality clause calling birth control and homosexuality evil. some think he should stay as archbishop. >> you cannot change that stuff. you are not going to change it. >> you have to be conservative
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-- you have catholics and they will defend what they think is important. >> among the 100 who signed this calling on the poach to remove the archbishop tom brady senior the father of new england patriots tom brady and a former city commissioner, and the head of the usf board of trustees. in a statement the archdiocese said this does not speak for the entire catholic community in san francisco. thank you. police are investigating an officer involved shooting that injure add woman driving a stolen car. it happened yesterday on 105th avenue in east oakland. the officer who fired the shot was a san leandro police officer investigating burglaries outside the city limits. he spot add stolen car and tried to pull it over. the plainclothes officer say the
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woman rammed his car and he on fire on her. she was hit but is expected to survive. police detained her male passenger. the oakland police department is investigating the shooting because it happened if their city limits. >> in the north by a map dressed in a painter outfit pharmacy. this surveillance video was released, a man with a gun dressed in cover ya'lls -- coveralls, robbed a pharmacy. he entered the area behind the pharmacy counter and took prescription narcotic medication. >> the police are asking a public to look out for a missing woman suffering from demany too vanishing on tuesday morning. she was last seen at her house. she is 85. she walks with a cane and wears glasses and last seen wearing a purple jacket, red shirt and
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dark-colored jeans. >> one is dead and another is homeless after two-alarm fire in san jose. fires get to the home at 7:30 last night. a neighbor shot this cell phone video of crews arriving and working on the roof the one person died at sketch. a man escaped the building. the red cross helped hill find a place to say. they are trying to determine the cause. >> the cause of death a whale that washed up in pacifica remains a miss friday this morning. the whale was found tuesday in the state beach a popular beach. a necropsy found there were no broken bones society was not killed by a ship strike and the animal was emaciated and tissue samples are not fresh enough to determine the cause of death. >> warriors fans are hyped for game one in the first round playoffs against the pelicans.
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>> last night the warriors closed out the historic regular season with another win at the arena. boom. golden state honored the fans where t-shirts and poe the nuggets 133-126, the 10th in67 season. the warriors first playoff is against new orleans at the arena on saturday. game time is 12:30 right here and it will immediately forked by a special "after the game," and do not forget we are hope for the nba finals with all of the exciting action starting june 4. >> basketball playoffs. babe regular season
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underway...exciting time for sports in the bay area. >> doing well, the as are leading the division and giants, it is a long season. >> the ferry building is 60, and west portal was 61. everyone else in the upper 50s around san francisco. we are warmer in fairfield and 61 and pittsburg at 60 and tracy at 56 and a lost 54s around pleasanton and walnut creek and richmond. 48 in palo alto. 46 in petaluma. we are all over the came. even 59 right now in pacifica. here is what will happen this afternoon. total sunshine, 70 to 76 around bay and in the mid-70s to low 80's inland in the coast and we are going to jump from the 60s to 70 this afternoon. moving forward, the sea breeze kicks in and we will shake a few degrees off the bay and the coast. family cooling on saturday as
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the marine layer develops and sunday that marine layer will move inland. i will show you if the cooling trend conditions in the forecast next week and the chance of rain in the seven-day outlook. >> a rude awakening in concord as the crash and fire here southbound 680 at willow pass road where we have activity that is over to the shoulder possibly blocking one lane and we do have spectator slowing in the northbound direction and the rest of the drive blue pleasant hill to walnut creek has no delays approaching highway 24 and along highway 24 into lafayette and orinda no delays but in san francisco the great highway is closed between slope boulevard and lincoln way and we have gusty conditions the last couple of days and that flaw the sand on the roadway. certainly we cannot use it ask the rest of the drive through sentence -- san francisco is move without problems. i-80 the drive from albany to the maze is a necessary clip up
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to the bay bridge toll plaza with no delays. thank you. garbage piling up on weeks at san francisco's park is becoming a big problem and the city may have found a solution a large dumpster for waste that can be composted or recycled and placing more waste containers. they collect 7,000 gallons of waste on the weekend at the park and two thirds can go in the boxes with two thirds of the waste accumulating can, in fact were recycled. >> major airline is bringing back free beer and wine on some flights. america's money report is mention and update open sent for missing flight 370. stay tuned.
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up. >> new details in the accept for missing flight 370 with australia and china and malaysia doubling the search area if the wreckage is not found. no trace of the boeing 777 has been found since it vanished march of last year. the jet was flying to beijing and the expanded search will cost $38 million united states dollars and will cover 95 percent of the flight path. the current search area 23 square miles of ocean floor, is expected to be completed by may. >> a bill that would force parents to vaccinate school-age children hit a roadblock. a senate committee put off a vote on the measure after several lawmakers came out against it. parents lined up inside the capitol to voice their opposition. we covered this for you. too many kids would be forced out of public schools if parents refuse to vaccinate them against measles as recondition enter school. lawmakers are concerned it does
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not address how they get an education other than being home schooled. lawmakers now plan to vote on the bill next wednesday. we have seen energy star ratings for washers and dryers and refrigerators and dishwashers and now california wants to do the same for high together devices. computer monitors and desk tops that sit for the day but they continue subjecting up electricity. the california energy commission is proposing new standards to cut the waste and manufacturers would have to modify the devices to power down when no one is using them. >> california has taken the lead on responsibility of the environment and this is part of that process. officials say the new efficiency rules would save california residents $4630 -- $460 a million in year in electricity bills. now, a warning from energy experts prepare for higher gas
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prices. again. here is america's money report. good morning everyone. topping america's money expect to dig deeper in the pockets after a spike in oil prices. crude oil has jumped to the highest price of year at $56 a bear recommend that immediately drive up the cost of gasoline. >> the best selling vehicle in the united states is passed a big safety test, the ford aluminum design received the highest safety designation possible earning five star rating for front and side impact crashes. united international flights will now have beer and wine for free to get things friendly with free beers free wine and even in economy class and three course meals are free facing increased competition in other carriers already offering the perks. >> i would be happy with more leg room. >> i will take the wine. >> that is america's money. >> if the warriors championship
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run does not have your heart pitching maybe coffee will do the trick. peet's has warriors ground, the dark roast coffee including a mix beans from kenya and the pacific region selected by golden state fans. >> it was about two weeks people vote on the favorite blend and we had the winner we announced the winner and we crafted this blend. >> warriors grounds are on sale until the end of may and, yes it will be served to the team during the play of 50s. if you drink that bra, -- drink that brew, will the three-pointers get better? you heard about stuff curry on the national sports pundits because the last on games were below what he did for the other 80 games could he just set the standard for season. >> still excellent and you have
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ups and downs. >> he rested the last two games the first 80 games he was phenomenal. that shows our short attention span. now, showing you what is going on outside come on. really? really? really? >> there you go, that is the best medicine right there, take it to the court and prove it. here we go, live doppler hd showing bone dry this morning and walnut creek in two our two walnut creek stations go from 43 to 61 degrees an 18-degree video over a couple of miles showing you what the microclimates are heading outside. my car went from 64 down to 50 and back up to 58 on my commute into san francisco. sunny. coastal warmth. today is the day. but we also have major rip currents. cooling trend this weekend for
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all of us, unsettled next week, keeping our fingers crossed. the rain was height. trying to get more as we get closer. 79 in milpitas and 83 in gilroy and 81 in san jose and santa clara and warm to the south. along the peninsula we go from 75 to 78 in san mateo and low 80s elsewhere. low-to-mid 70s along the coast fed and money 70s around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. 79 at petaluma, and everyone else is around 80 in san rafael to santa rosa and calistoga and cloverdale is 86 degrees and we had 70s showing up in the north bay shore. upper 70's to low 80s along the east bay shoreline and castro valley is warmest at 82 and not far behind oakland and treatment. 81 to 84 is our spread inland east bay neighborhoods. if you are going to the game tonight, new team in town we hope for better results 7:15 58 degrees dropping to 62.
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so it is a more comfortable days we have had. tonight, mid-to-upper 40s inland low-to-mid 50s around the bayshore and you can see the clouds starting to develop along the coast they will be short-lived but that gives you an idea that high pressure is going to peak today over the coast keeping the storm tram to the north and keeping us mild to warm today law -- through saturday. the coast is 70 and we are back into the low-to-mid 60s tomorrow and upper 50s to low 60s over the weekend and well peak in the upper 80s friday and saturday and peak around the bay and the low 80s with mid-to-upper 70s through sunday. >> in san francisco this morning, can you see the construction is going to last longer than we planned. southbound 280 to southbound 101 the project. be with us until 6:00, the connection ramp is closed. detours are in place.
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this was supposed to help at 5 and northbound 280 at industrial street, it is going to be with us until further notice. crews are still on the scene and always slow for the cone zone. the great highway, it has re-opened. we do not have any sand on the roads. headed to the great highway for the views you can but we had gusty conditions that closed it down earlier. in 280 near highway 17 it is a breeze with no problems and it is loading up over the altamont pass and tracy to dublin on 580 is 37 minutes and highway 4 is 20 minutes and 101 san rafael to san francisco is 60 minute commute. thanks a lot a major development in a story we brought i on abc7 we brought it to you first on tuesday a scheduled auction of items from internment camps that outreached many japanese niece -- japanese americans has been canceled. the idea was met with criticism from japanese american families
5:21 am
who felt it commercialized personal moment owes and family history collected by people who were forced into world war ii internment camps and profit off their suffering. the company is looking to place the items in a museum. water officials will put up a barrier to keep salt water out of the drinking supply at the mouth of the west falls river in the delta near oakland. because of the drought this may not be enough water to keep salt from flowing in from the bay much the pay year goes in next month and will be removed in november. >> straight ahead, seven things to know as you start color day also, what do the beatles, pink floyd, michael jackson and now you have in common? google is bringing them all together. stay female announcer: get on board for better sleep! it's sleep train's interest free for 3 event! get three years interest-free financing
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here are seven anythings to know before you go: number one two simultaneous investigations are underway in the east bay after an officer involved shooting in oakland involving a san leandro cop when the officer wounded a woman driving a stolen car after she rammed into it. she will five. our reporter is in a few minutes with an update. >> two a 31-year-old homeless man randomly attack add five-year-old girl. investigators say the girl was walking with her mom at union streets and she was asawed by the man. she was hospitalized with cuts and scratches. >> police are looking for an armed robber would stole drugs great a pharmacy. the police released this surveillance video. the man dressed in a painter's outfit held up the pharmacy.
5:25 am
four, contra costa water district officials have approved new restrictions and fines hoping to get customers to conserve. people may water outdoors no more than twice a week and could face fines up to $500 beyond that. the worst hogs see their bills hike by 25 percent or more each month. >> five the warriors will start the playoff on saturday against new orleans arena televise right here. last night golden state closed out the 67 regular season with a victory over denver. >> temperatures are going to run around 10- or 15-degrees warmer-than-average today and tomorrow and oakland is close to a record today at young. the rest of the seven-day forecast has a cooling trend and a chance of rain in the back half. >> a look at our bay bridge toll plaza and you can see traffic is
5:26 am
filtering in to san francisco and we do not have too much of a delay as you make the commute into the city, we do have things heating up with a car fire with the details straight ahead. >> today, a ribbon-cutting ceremony is held in san francisco for the police department's headquarters if mission bay. we were in when the department moved in to the new public safety building at third and mission. today, the mayor and the police chief suhr are among those who will tan the official grand opening of the $243 million building and houses the southern district police station and new fire station. >> you do not have to be a music learn end to step inside london's abbey road studio with a tour of the private recording venue. you can see the spot, the very spot, where the beat temperatures, and pink blowed and michael jackson produceed their tracks with games and you can try your hand at the massive
5:27 am
mixing board. >> we have more news ahead and a grow group of local san francisco who want the archbishop out including tom brady's father is involved in this. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning at 5:29. thank you for joining us. >> i like the sway you say this. >> the rhythm is off if i don't introduce myself.
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>> we will turn over to meteorologist mike nicco, with the warmer temperatures. >> i am the third wheel. >> never! >> hopefully the traffic is not in the same mode. the winds are starting to blow offshore. though are frisky in some areas on live doppler hd. 14 at fairfield and 12 at half moon bay. this is how it looks from the embarcadero, the trees are not moving too much with a breeze and temperatures all over the map from 40 to 60 this morning through 17 and we will be more homogenized by noon. we will hit the 70 at the coast and do not forget the dangerous surf and 80 for the rest of us and a delightful evening low-to-mid 60. we will check with leyla and see how the roads are doing. >> you are not a third wheel, mike. >> thank you. >> a look at walnut creek 680
5:31 am
making the drive away from pleasant hill to walnut creek, the drive is starting to slowed up quite a bit but north of here we do have some trouble. we have a car fire after a crash that occurred and as we take you to san jose, more traffic loading up on abc7 julian street but no accidents in san jose. >> mike is the squeaky wheel. >> in oakland a car crash into a building at the intersection of 41st and emerald street in north oakland. police say an officer tried to pull the car over and the driver sped off and lost control. he loued into the front of the building and shattering the front window. this is not far from the medical center in oakland technical high school. police are still investigating and will bring more information to when we have it. >> in san jose overnight police are investigating a fatal accident that left two people dead and three others injured.
5:32 am
a car overturn on to the light rain track before 10:00 p.m. last night near north capitol avenue. no trains were involved in the accident. >> developing news from the east bay an investigation is underway this morning after a plain clothes officer opened fire in oakland on two suspects in a stolen car. the female driver was shot. our reporter is at police headquarters. janet? >> a san leandro police officer is on paid leave while his department investigating if he followed policy when he shot at a suspect multiple times. the officer shot a woman in her 20s after she rammed into his white pickup truck. police say she was driving a stolen honda. officers officially tried on stop her but she kept driving hitting parked cars and a fence. this took place yesterday afternoon at 105th avenue at a dead enstreet. the officer was undercover at the time of the shooting.
5:33 am
he and several other san leandro officers were conducting a burglary investigation that led them to oakland and they noticed the stolen car in the area. the city of oakland often has other agencies come into oakland to do follow-up investigations as the oakland police department will go and other cities to do follow-up investigation. >> the suspect is in stable condition at a local hospital this morning. there was also a passenger uninjured in the stolen car now being interviewed by oakland police. the san leandro police department conducted an internal investigation oakland police will conduct or be the lead investigators in this case because it happened in their jurisdiction. >> thank you janet. this is the third time that san leandro police have opened fire on a female driver if a stolen car. december 7 an officer shot at 27-year-old union city woman
5:34 am
driving a stolen car on springfield street after she rammed several police cars and she died two days later. december 4 a 16-year-old oakland girl ran over a san leandro officer and he opened fire. the department said they are seeing more stolen car cases with women driving their male accomplices. >> this morning a five-year-old is recovering after being randomly attacked by a homeless man. san francisco police arrested the 31-year-old man yesterday. police state little girl was walking with her mom when she was assaulted by the homeless man. she was hospitalized with cuts and scratches. >> this man came up to the child, unprovoked, and grabbed her by the neck and placed her against the side of the building. >> he said he suffered from illness and has had previous run ins with the lay. he has been arrested in 2002 and 2007 in florida. he is getting medical treatment.
5:35 am
>> more than 100 catholic donors calling on the pope to remove van archbishop cordileone. the group has take were out a full payment ad reporting that tom brady senior the father of new england quarterback is among the listed signatures. cordileone, they say, fostered an atmosphere of division and intolerance and is mean spirited. they say the ad is a misrepresentation and the signers do not speak for the catholic community in san francisco. we will have reaction at to which the hour. >> the warriors are preparing for sort's game one of first round playoff against the pelicans and last night they ended the regular season with the 39th win at home and now fans are getting ready for a imagine california run to an nab title. our reporter was there. katie marzullo?
5:36 am
>> mvp! >> a big win for the warriors. >> fans are loud. they are proud. >> this team is amazing. it is probably one of the best teams i have seen in my lifetime. >> same goes for riley granded her lifetime togetherred five months. [ inaudible ] >> how about this for a first experience? >> i never seen figure like that. >> that is relay, the row pot making delivery. come here. come here. >> oracle is testing the technology sending gifts to fans in the sweep and the program knows how for avoid walls and fine doors and maneuvers around moving objects. >> the robot create as great fan experience and a more ever efficient way of getting food or product to the fan then we have thrilled. >> i am the loud of the at --
5:37 am
loudest at the game. >> warriors claim the title of second highest attendance in franchise history 803 packed the arena. >> four of the warriors starter only play the the first hatch. klay thompson scored 25 minutes in 15 minutes and closed out with 133-126 victory only the 10th team to win 67 in the season and only seven to go at 39-2 at home. the first playoff is against new orleans people cons on saturday with game time 12:30 p.m. right here. it will be immediatelied for by a special "after game," with larry and shu, and we are the home for the nba finals starting june 4th.
5:38 am
>> for anyone headed to the coast today and tomorrow to escape the warm temperatures, waves will be dangerously high. the national weather service expected swells to reach up to 11' from today to friday creating rip currents and sneaker waves and large breaking waves all which pull people into the sea up expectedly. surfers and betters are also being warned to be very careful on the water. mike, you have been warning us about this. it will be a draw. >> absolutely. today is the warmest day at the coast with a last 70. tomorrow, a late sea blows takes the steam out of the forecast. good morning, we start in the south bay with the current temperatures all over the scale, upper 40s, santa teresa safer together sunnyvale and low-to-mid 50s from san jose and milpitas and 56 in mountain view and los altos hills 57 degrees. a cool spot is san pablo and alameda is 66.
5:39 am
lafayette and danville at 58. look at that up to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday because of the breeze and the offshore breeze that is bringing in the warm air. in san jose, you can see the shark tank is clear and we are going to hit 79 to 84 so building warmth inland and not quite air conditioning weather, maybe tomorrow as we get nearly 90. 70 to 7 pa along the chest with the dangerous surf and away the bay, 75 to 82 degrees. moving failure you can see what the sea breeze does it takes away the warm temperatures at the coast and it stars to spread inland culminating in rain next week. leyla? >> in the north bay, san rafael 101 headed up to 580 traffic is building but still moving and in mill veal and the waldo tunnel and the golden gate bridge you are in good shape. the south bay traveling between fremont and milpitas we have a
5:40 am
new crash possibly blocking one lane involving a vehicle and utility truck. 880 is where we have slowing willing behind the crash. the bay bridge has a report of a stalled big rig westbound side beyond the tunnel. if you come in from the east bay you could slow down when you head between the tunnel and this area here you are into the city just fine. this weekend the cherry blossom festival in japantown is on saturday and sunday and we will have muni re-routed with plenty of traffic in the area. map ahead. >> always a good time next, from inferno to eyesore the delay that have turned a building destroyed by a massive fire in san francisco into a magnet for graffiti taggers. >> the warriors amazing season is a big win for for bay area
5:41 am
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
5:44 am
take a look at this, two car accident in san francisco's inner richmond neighborhood sent 7,000 gallons of water shooting into the air that we cannot afford to waste the crash happened before 11 o'clock. no one was seriously sure the fire department responded to check on each occupant and to shut off the water. >> a building destroyed by a big fire in san francisco's mission district is becoming a major eyesore now. a january fire destroyed part of this apartment complex. a tenant died. months later the structure is covered with graffiti. according to community news webs it e the city has encouraged the owner to repair the build. he was supposed to attend a hearing this week but he was not this and the city has given him 30 days to make the necessary repairs or face fines. >> the warriors first playoff game is saturday right here on abc7 but the winning season
5:45 am
isn't just good for the time but making a different for instance for young people in the bay area. the warriors are donating $440,000 to eight organizations that serve youngsters through hoops for kids. they pledged $500 for each regular season three pointer and they scored 870 three pointers. a reception was hell last night. >> we can mutt a coach in each of our low income schools away the bay area and the coaches are there all day every day play with the kids and teaching them important skills on how to get along and be activity so they can go pack to class focused and ready to learn. >> it is hard to see what is going on in the streets and community and be affected the kids soaking in everything they are like a sponge so we want them to soak in the good things. >> warriors have committed $1.5
5:46 am
million to youth development to date. all the three-minuteers three-pointers was helped out a lot by steph curry. >> trick way to get into the playoffs. >> hope he gets mvp. how can the first we place team not be considered? >> we don't decide. we just report. >> i will go to espn office and launch a protest. right now. >> how is it looking? >> warm if some areas. very dry on doppler. sutro tower is on a legal and a thousand foot tall you can see the transition taking place from night to day. sunny. the warmth peaks at the coast
5:47 am
but so will the rip currents. cooling trend hits the neighborhoods through the weekend and interest next week and there it is, finally climaxing with a chance of rain tuesday into wednesday. not heavy rain but a chance. today, though, chance of being warm in the south bay 79 at milpitas and 80 at sunnyvale and everyone else 80 to 81. santa cruz is hype at 76. away the 80's from redwood city south, and headed north san mateo is 78 and millbrae is 75. low-to-mid 76 along the coast into downtown and south san francisco. always a tricky forecast a day when the temperatures could explode higher just because the winds are blowing offshore and we are starting off mild this morning. 79 in pet human. low-to-mid 80s elsewhere through the north bay valley and low-to-mid 76 and a few upper 70s, berkeley and san leandro
5:48 am
and newark almost making it to 80 but you stop at 79. 81 in oakland. near a record high. 82 at the airport. 83 downtown today. young to 84 as we head into the inland east bay neighbor. tonight, at game, 68 at 7:15 and down to 62 at end of the game. temperatures are cooler tonight, look at the development of the marine layer, it will be shallow and barely affect the north bay with the fog and along the coast with low clouds but as we head into the afternoon hours, it is the so breeze that is going to take the steam out of heat at the coast and that is what spreads inland getting the temperatures back to average by tuesday and below average with the better chance of rain on wednesday. >> we have 45 bart trains on time right now and ace trains one and three are not on time but early and no delays are reported here as we take a look
5:49 am
at the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights have been turned on and we see quite the backup if you are coming from 880 as we move to the overcrossing it is solid headlights there so we are looking at very heavy delays as you come into the bay bridge and when you get beyond the tunnel we hear of a stalled big rig blocking a lane so it will be slow-and-go into the city. the bay area is mostly friend but a couple of spots that are red at 17 miles per hour through antioch and traveling away from 160 up to a street it clears into pittsburg and then you are at top speed up to 242 along 680 we have an early problem and southbound 680 at willow pass road on the off-ramp and clearing and headed over to highway 24 no delays through lafayette and orinda and the caldecott tunnel. >> this morning if you look for love sharpen your math skills. a math theory could hold the
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secret to love. research has an equation for falling in love and fining the special somebody. the formula was devised after set hundreds of bickering couples analyzing specific behaviors and reaction based on a point station. joy or humor is worth four points while disgust is negative three points. the formula can predict with 90 percent accuracy whether a couple will stay together or not. "good morning america" has a full report on the love formula coming up at 7:00 a.m. we will see if it adds up for you. >> the time to sell as the bay area housing market heats up and three places in town where your home is off the market as soon use list it and the on for giants fan bryan stow and the latest on the recovery that doctors are calling "miraculous ." >> the impact that divorce could have on heart health for women.
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>> keep tabs on weather and traffic through the entire commercial break. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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>> welcome back at 5:53. bryan stow will throw out the first give before the home opener at the stadium. this is video from our media partner of blind stow practicing with his father at their home. the 46-year-old lifelong san francisco giants fan was severely beaten following an opening day game in los angeles in 2011. the beating left him in a coma and many doubted he would live.
5:54 am
the neurosurgeon called the recovery miraculous and fans are urged to be in the seats at the stadium by 6:30 p.m. for the pre-game festivities. the payment starts at 7:00 p.m. >> nice to see bryan stow doing well. how is the weather? >> great, upper 60s to low 60s by the time the game is over. check out ferry building, 60 degrees. if you are traveling through it is mild. the dry air and the tree and grass pollen are getting everyone. you pay have to go to the noon to get rid of that. here is a picture of the crescent moon. notice our average in the mid-60s to low 70s. our temperatures in the next two days are mid-70s to mid-80s. if you are going to the beach we talked about this this morning, through tomorrow, rip currents and sneaker waves and large breakers, be careful. >> a new crash by the stick
5:55 am
foreign highway 101 with more details in a couple of minutes and we are taking a look at san jose beyond the tank and it is moving but it is getting busy. drive time traffic 680 walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is 52 minutes and through the santa cruz mountains at top speed from highway one to los gatos. new this morning some moms looking do have another baby may want to hold off longer. a new study from the centers for disease control found 30 percent of moms looking to have another child became pregnant again in less than 18 months. experts say that is the concern women should space out pregnancy that leaves 18 months apart to have time to recover and increase the chance of carrying the next child to term. >> another health study, divorce is literally bad for your heart especially for em. duke university researchers say women would divorce are 24
5:56 am
percent more likely to have a heart attack, those who have divorced once compared to those who remain married and those would divorce twice or more are 77 percent at risk but men only suffer negative heart impact if they divorce twice or more. researchers say divorce could put a bigger social and financial stress on women can leads to high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. >> apple c.e.o. is offering a chance to sit down with him for lurching to benefit the robert either f. kennedy center for justice. it is lunch for two and two victim passes to apple key note. right now the top bid is $165 estimated to be $100,000. new at 6:00, keeping healthy with technology. dot apps really deliver? a finding that could bust the
5:57 am
move. serving up smoothies to give the family your nutrition you need but money does fault always buy the best. "consumer reports" partners with "7 on your side" for the topics. stay tuned.
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(mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news a battle with the archbishop leads to a showdown with the catholic church and the help many are calling on to get the archbishop out. >> police open fire on a suspect in the east bay. how officers ended up being in the right place at the right tomorrow to stop a person trying to make a get away in a stolen car. >> keeping the market looking perfect, one of the most popular hang outs clean even with the
6:00 am
party goers each weekend. good morning troubles. it made me late the you don't want to hear it. >> go have good weather to look forward to and you were find enough to say you did something to your car. >> unfortunately he got here. >> good thing you didn't do it now through 8:00. you would have caused a heck of a traffic jam. visibility is unlimited this morning. on live doppler hd you can see the colors of the morning unfolding on our sutro tower camera with the weather window. tremendous microclimate because of the breeze and 66 to 712 at 12:00 and 80 inland by 4:00. enjoy the evening 58 at coast and mid-to-upper 60s at the bay and inland. >> to


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