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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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clean even with the party goers each weekend. good morning troubles. it made me late the you don't want to hear it. >> go have good weather to look forward to and you were find enough to say you did something to your car. >> unfortunately he got here. >> good thing you didn't do it now through 8:00. you would have caused a heck of a traffic jam. visibility is unlimited this morning. on live doppler hd you can see the colors of the morning unfolding on our sutro tower camera with the weather window. tremendous microclimate because of the breeze and 66 to 712 at 12:00 and 80 inland by 4:00. enjoy the evening 58 at coast and mid-to-upper 60s at the bay and inland. >> to be clear he was not
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responsible for traffic jams that leyla reports? >> no >> now, we are happy to you have, eric thomas and here safely. now, unfortunately this is reality: a 30-minute wait from the east bay to the maze in san francisco. this is because of a stalled big rig blocking a lane at the treasure island tunnel leaving us with heavy backups. we do have clear conditions in san jose with no accidents to report here. a few extra cars headed on the road and i will have an update on the altamont pass drive in a couple of minutes. >> happening today a call to oust the archbishop of the catholic diocese in san francisco is gaining steam with a full age ad in the chronicle hoping to get the attention of
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someone who has the power to remove cordileone. our reporter is at st. cathedral. >> today, the readers will see a full page ad titled "a respectful appeal to pope francis from the catholic community of san francisco," asking the pope to replace archbishop court plane with 100 catholic donors and member of the church signing the ad including tom brady senior, the father of new england patriots quarterback tom bradiy and the form executive we director of catholic charities and former political consultant clinton riley and his wife. the ambassador diocese said this ad does not speak for the expire catholic community. some want him to stay as archbishop. you can not change that stuff.
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>> we have conservative catholics and of course to some degree they are going to defend what they think is important. >> those would signed the ad say the archbishop is mean spirited and fosters an atmosphere of intolerance. for example, he is asking teachers at catholic schools to sign a morality clause this calls things like homosexuality evil. these have triggered profits throughout the city over the past couple of months. thank you. police are investigating an officer involved shooting that injured a woman driving a stolen car. it happened year on 105th east oakland neighborhood. the officer who fired the shots was a san leandro police officer investigating burglaries outside his city limit when the police say he spot add stolen car and
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tried to pull it over. the officer said the woman ram his car with hers so he opened fire on her. she was hit but she is expected to survive. police detained her male passenger and the oakland police department is investigating because it happened if their city limits. >> in the north pay police say a man dressed in a painter's outfit held up a pharmacy. the central marin police authority released this photo a man wearing a white jump suit robbed the rite-aid at gunpoint at 1:00 o'clock p.m. year. the robber entered the area behind the pharmacy country step and took medication. >> there was a fire in hose and one is dead. a neighbor shot this cell phone video of the crews arriving. one purpose died at the scene but an elderly map escaped the building and the red cross
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helped him find a place to stay. investigators are trying to figure out the cause of the fire. a fire in east san jose burned this home to the group yesterday. it happened near flint crest court. officials say the fire started in a tree next to a she and strong winds spread it to the house much the real collapsed as the firefighters bad eled the flames and no one was hurt. >> four high school athletes will be charged as adults on armed robbery be including a football player and teammates seen here and a basketball player are all charged with stealing marijuana and phones from a suspected drug dealer at gunpoint. it happened last week. the 17-year-old students will be araped on thursday. in the east bay police are asking the public to watch out for a missing oakland woman suffering from dementia. the woman vanished on tuesday morning. the 85-year-old was last seen at her house on 103rd.
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she walked with a cane and wears glasses. if you see her call oakland police right away. >> a bill that would force parents to vaccinate school age children hit a roadblock. a senate committee put off a vote on the measure after several officers cape out against it. parents line the up in inside the capitol to voice opposition where the main concern that too many kids could be forced out of public schools if their parents refuse to epa nature them as a recondition for entering school. >> lawmakers are concerned it does not address how the churn get an education other than being home schooled and lawmakers will vetted on the bill on wednesday. >> the cause of death of a whale that wash up in pacifica remains a mystery. the 48' whale was found on tuesday at the state beach. the biologists believe it died a week ago's washing up on the peach. a necropsy found this are no
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broken bones so it was not killed by hitting a ship of the animal was emaciated but it was eating. tissue samples are not fresh enough to determine the exact cause of death. >> garbage piling up on weekends in san francisco's park is a big problem. the city pay have found a solution. officials are showing off what they call an eco pop-up a dumpster for waste that can be composted or recycled and placing more trash cans around the park. 8,000 gallons of waste is collected each weekend and two-thirds of the waste that accumulates can be composted or repsyche cold in the new debris box. >> warriors fans are getting hyped for the game again the pelicans. last night the warriors closed out the historic regular season with another win at oracle arena and honored the
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fans with free t-shirts and nuggets 133-12 only the 10th team to win 67 games in a season and only the 7th to go 39-2 at home. the warriors still need to win 16 more games in what fans home is a run to an nba title. >> first playoff is against new orleans at the arena on saturday. game time is 12:30 right here. it will be immediately followed by special "after the game." >> abc7 is the home for the nba finals and you can catch all of the exciting action on june 4. >> a british snowboarder is the talk of the internet for pulling off what is considered impossible feat. youtube should yes shows billy morgan landing four flips on a snowboard while spinning sideway along with five full
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rotations believed that the stunt is the first successful in the world. he has been hitting the slopes since he was a teen and competed in the winter olympics. >> that is impressive >> now we are adding up the temperatures because they are climbing higher and higher. >> this is why. we will focus on the peninsula, menlo park 45 and palo alto is 48 and redwood city is 58 and foster city and belmont at 56 and san bruno 50 and san mateo 50. san carlos is 63. 60 in oakland. mill valley. fairly. concord and san ramon. 56 and 54 and san jose is a cool spot and 48 degrees.
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the change is up to 15 degrees warmer and that will translate into temperatures that will be in the low-to-upper 70s at the coast and mid-70s to low 80s around the bay and low-to-mid 80s inland. >> 32 minutes rather than the 15 minutes that it takes to cross the bay bridge. you can see the slow moving tail lights rounding the corner at treasure island. that is because of an early stalled big rig that has moved off. now we starting to see the traffic moving and it was a standstill but that left a tremendous backup from the maze. in san francisco, if you travel from the peninsula northbound side 101 at candlestick an accident is blocking a lane and the rest of drive is clear. southbound 880 at hayward, another accident blocking one or two lanes and delays coming from 238. >> braking rights in berkeley may i?
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the honor cal earned to add to the list of the one of the best in the cup. >> top zip codes the proof that three cities right here at home are some of the best places to live in all of america. >> want to keep off the unwanted pounds? ditch your phone. the apps that are supposed to help keep you healthy could be hurting you. beautiful job from the cameras on mount tam toward the east where we see the flow of the sun on its path with weather and traffic up throughout the entire break and you will not miss a
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the bay area has the hottest housing market in the country. at 6:00 according to the top three markets where sales are fat of the are in the bay area: san francisco is number one. followed by san jose. and oakland. at least 70 percent of the homes in the three areas sell in two months or less. >> many for over the asking price. >> a ribbon cutting ceremony is
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held for the new headquarters in mission bay. we were this last month when the department moved in to the new public safety building at third and mission. today, the pair lee and police chief suhr are among the city officials would will attend the grand opening at the $243 million building housing the new southern district police station and the new fire station. also happening today a big day for star wars fans, flocking to southern california for the annual star wars celebration convention. it runs through sunday and the big buzz is that fans are expected to get a look at new footage from the upcoming film episode seven for december release. the producers of star wars, lucas minimum and abc7, are both outbounded by the disney company >> cal berkeley is the greenest college campus in the country for the third straight year in recycle mania, a competition for
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undergraduates announced on the news center with this picture of two members holding signs promoting recycling. they competed against 393 other colleges and universities to see which could divert the most waste away from a land fill. over two months during college best sent berkeley students recycled or composted 96 percent of waste. the school said, how be in the picture. >> any special pry service >> yes. >> a lot reason to be proud and to enjoy the weather. that is. coming up. >> a lot sunshine but if you head to the coach we have the hazard in the form of rip currents today and tomorrow. the warmth will peak today. a beautiful picture with our window from the east bay hills showing light blue out there this morning and pretty clean
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air to the ocean. let's look at what happened yesterday because that will tran late into what is going to happen today. we jumped from five to 13 degrees yesterday and we will jump another four to ten degrees today so the 60s are gone from yesterday and we only had one place in san francisco, and everyone in the 70s and 80s today and we will be specific on that with live doppler hd how bone dry it is and look at the noon trying to fight off the sunshine but the sun is surging. into the afternoon, we have all of us needing sunscreen and we will out for a couple of hours and the warmth will peak cooling trend for all of us this weekend and it will lead us to a pat were change that could bring unsettleed weather tuesday, wednesday, possible thursday. the low 80s throughout the south bay until you get to gilroy at 83 and milpitas at 79
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and santa cruz at 7. san jose pops out at 81 and you will join los altos and palo alto and redwood city with that and drop to 7 in millbrae and the mid-70s at half moon bay pacifica and low 70s and sunset and money 70s around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. that is being conservative. parts of san francisco getting this afternoon and now, joey mid-80s and he doesn't like it 80 in the certify. 79 in berkeley and 80s elsewhere and we have low-to-mid 80s inland neighborhoods of the east bay. at the game 68 at 7:00 and dropping to 62. now, the seven-day forecast shows a surge of winds reaching the coast tomorrow so you are cooling and it will have minimal effect on the bay and be warmer friday to saturday before sunday
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and tuesday into wednesday next week we are back in the fists 60 and 70s and 50s and 60 on wednesday with a chance of rain. >> i have been monitoring the bay bridge and we have an improvement, at 27 minutes to get you from the maze to san francisco and this is all because of an early stalled big rig beyond treasure island and the truck has left but it left us with backup and it is dissipating. in walnut creek, this is starting to load up as you make it away from treat boulevard out of pleasant hill into walnut creek so slow-and-go for you right now. heading into san jose, 101 at 880, to the south of here at oakland road is where we had an early crash off the freeway now and the traffic is moving nicely if you head up to mineta san jose international airport southbound traffic barely and in san francisco northbound 101 at candlestick park the crash is cleared and southbound
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the same features including wide mouth. a blender is a good option too, and "consumer reports" has some blenders on their site. open news continues at 6:30 with the top story. >> including a geyser in the midst of the drought find out what led to thousands of gallons are water wasted in the street in san francisco. >> fire fall out a new problem surfacing after a deadly place in the mission in san francisco that is only adding insult to injury. >> if san leandro an investigation is underway after a plane closed officer -- a plainclothessed officer shoots a suspect. >> mid-60s to low 70s and today we are nearly 90 with an update on the near record warmth with the cooling friend coming this weekend and the possibility of rain. >> in the traffic center you can
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, on thursday. 6:28. a look outside if you had a condo if san francisco on the embarcadero, perhaps, looking at bay, this is a gorgeous view you would be treated to a nice way to start day. if you had a condo here you could sell it 30 percent over asking price. >> leyla has a look at traffic. mike? >> i get paid to look at the view. >> you sure do >> lukey dude. >> sometimes very lucky and i like to share it. >> now, we will look at what is going on with live doppler hd. you can see the ins are generally blowing offshore. they are gusty in fairfield.
6:30 am
around san carlos and half moon bay. at 12 or 15 miles per hour. the total sunshine at sfo has in need to worry about arrival. we are from the 40 degree temperature to 60 so we have plenty of microclimates this morning and we are around 66 at the coast to 70 an noon and all of us in the 70s if not 80 by 4:00, our warmest day at the coast and then we pull support 60 this evening. the temperatures from a couple of nights ago when you needed a heavy coat, not tonight. >> folks are following you, leyla, on twitter >> you would be hear about this, jim a cam as you make the drive away from berkeley to emeryville and the macarthur maze because of a problem that left the bridge. we are still dealing with a 20-minute delay headed in from the east to the west. in the north bay the drive is
6:31 am
clear but we have a few more cars on to 101 approaching a 80. thank you. breaking overnight, san jose police are investigating a fail accident that left two people dead and three wounds. >> a car overturned on to the light rail tracks. there were no trains involved in the accident. >> breaking news in oakland, a car has crashed into a building at the intersection of 41 does and emerald in north oakland. police say one of the officers tried to pull over the car and the driver sped off. driver lost control. the driver plowed into the front of the building. the front window was shattered. that is not far from oakland technical high school and kaiser permanente medical center. >> in the east bay, an investigation is underway this morning after a plainclothed san leandro police officer opened fire in oakland on twoens in a stolen car. the female drive was wounded. our reporter is at police
6:32 am
headquarters. janet? the san leandro police officer is on paid leave while the department determines if he was following policy when he shot the suspect multiple times. the plain clothed officer shot a woman in her 20s after she rammed her cam into his pickup. she was driving a stolen honda. officers initially tried to stop her but she kept driving hitting parked cars and a 15. the plain clothed officer was undercover at time of shooting and was with other san leandro police officers investigating a burglary that led them to oakland yesterday afternoon at 105th avenue on a deaden street. the shots rattled the neighbors including a school >> we let family know what we know and we are overly cautious. >> this happens. too often. >> the suspect is now recovering
6:33 am
in the hospital and he is in stable condition. there was also a passenger in the stolen car uninjured being interviewed by oakland police. the police are leading the overall investigation in this case while san leandro police department conduct its internal investigation. this is the third time in recent months that san leandro police have opened fire on a female driver if a stolen car. back december 7 an officer shot a 27 year old union city woman driving a stolen car on springfield street after she rammed several police cars and she died two days later. >> a 16-year-old oakland girl ran over a san leandro officer and the officer opened fire. there have been more stolen car cases with women driving the male accomplices. >> this morning, a five-year-old girl is recovering after miss say she was randomly attacked by a homeless man. the police arrested the 31
6:34 am
-year-old man yesterday. police say the little girl was walking with her mom at union streets and she was assaulted by the man. the child was hospitalized with cuts and scratches. >> he liftedder off the ground by the neck and threw her against the building. >> he suffers from an illness and has had professor run ins with law. police say he is getting medical treatment. >> a building destroyed by a first in the mission district is a eyesore. the fire destroyed part of the apartment complex in the heart of the neighborhood and a tenant died. months later the structure is covered with graffiti. the city has urged the builting owner to repair the damaged parts. he has not dodge so. the man was supposed to attend a hearing this week but he was not
6:35 am
there. the city has given him 30 days to make necessary repairs or face fines. >> water officials are trying to get customs to conserve during this severe drought. the water district passed new rules imposing big rate hikes for users would do not cut become. customers would water outdoors more than twice a week are fine up to $500 for the third violation and after that the water could be shut off. the most egregious water users could see huge monthly increases. >> no water to waste yet, a two car accident superintendent 7,000 gallons of water shooting into the air at 11th before 11 o'clock. no one was seriously sure. the fire department responded to check on each car's occupant and to shut off the water. a supervisor in alameda is calling a meeting with the nfl
6:36 am
stadium czar "productive." our media partner reports that the nfl executive vice president vested oakland yesterday but after meeting with the raiders executive and local officials he still needs convincing that progress is being made to keep the team in the city the oakland and alameda are working together with a private developer on the come coliseum project including new stadium and thousands of new homes and office complex and hotel and a shopping center. a dispute pitting catholics again the leader of the church in san francisco and the elements some are going to to get the archbishop pulled from his role. >> credit card option a feature being rolled out for customers would may not be sure whether it is time to cancel. >> as we head to break, gorgeous sunrise in the bay area.
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the impact is the warm weather you feel. good morning everyone check out sun. it is up. tree and grass pollen and bone dry all contributing to the issues this morning and hopefully you are not affected. at the coast there are 70s and
6:40 am
sunshine, watch out for the rip currents and large breakers today and tomorrow. we have offshore wind bringing a high fire danger from santa barbara to san diego today. temperatures are flirting with 88 to 86 in palm springs and low 80's through the central valley and monterey is 72 and lake tahoe is 60. safety travels. >> traffic on 280 near 17 is looking lethargic at 13 minutes from 680 to cupertino. south of there we have an accident that is just clearing northbound 85 at highway 17 blocking a lane and now with the drive to los gatos it will be stop-and-go traffic up to the accident and then it clears up. as we take you to south san francisco, the drive northbound 101 we are still dealing with backups because of the early crash and that now is cleared. we are still crimestoppers up to -- we are still stop-and-go up to 280 >> ready for a playoff run. >> we are ready. who the warriors will pace and how abc7 is helping you cash the
6:41 am
excitement. >> technology may not be the ticket apps meant to keep your health in check can do more thunderstorm than good. >> stay in the know with abc7 with weather and traffic during the short commercial
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covering walnut creek, burlingame campbell and all the
6:44 am
bay area, this is abc7 news. a full page ad in the chronicle is the bold move that catholic church members are making today. they are calling for the removal of san francisco archbishop cordileone by going straight to the top. we are at st. mary's cathedral with more. >> more than 100 members of the catholic church and donors took out the full page ad calling the archbishop mean spirited and say he fostered an atmosphere of intolerance. he has been controversial since arriving in san francisco making moves 19 disagree with sparking protests. for example he pick add pastor would banned girls from being alter servers and court plane asked teacher -- and court plane asked teachers to sign a morality clause causing birth control evil. among those who signed the ad tom brady sr. the father of
6:45 am
new england quarterback tom brady and the head of the board of trust eyes. the archdiocese said that this ad does not speak for the expire catholic community. thank you. family friendly website is gearing up for a big day on wall street >> dot healthy apps make you healthier? >> we have those stories in the money report. >> jane? >> good morning a little bit lower to start off today. the dow is down 25 and the s&p is down three and the nasdaq just from positive barely around the unchained mark. and now, a largest certified socially responsible company goes public in the united states so part of the proceeds from the i.p.o. go to minority and women business owns and is trading
6:46 am
under "epsy," where you buy and sell crafts and they have raised $2630 million. discover will let you freeze your credit card when you are not sure if it needs to be canceled. the card holders who can not fine the card are not sure if it is lost can put the freeze on it so this is no purchase, cash vans or balance transfers and cardholders can take the action on the web or by calling. >> healthy apps may not be so healthy. a report questions if this do any good if you are already healthy. the report of the british medical journal said apps that monitor you can make people more obsessive so doctors recommend acknowledging this to their patients. look outside, a gorgeous day. right? a reason to get out of bed.
6:47 am
>> bay bridge is trying to look like the golden gate bridge. >> doing a good job. >> not bad. not bad at all. >> now, i will show you what to expect where you live this morning, starting with live doppler hd show the bone dry air is not letting go of anything other than a lot of dust this morning. we have a chance of seeing an active radar in the seven-day forecast and we talk about microclimates, 61 in calistoga. 53 in santa rosa 45 in rohnert park and 66 in napa and american canyon is 21 degrees cooler at 45. it is 60 in san francisco and alameda at 65. redwood city is 63 and cupertino and san jose at 48 and san ramon 52 and lafayette at 57. the beautiful sunrise this morning from mount tamalpais with total sunshine today. the warmth will passenger at the coast and the 70s are joined by the dangerous surf so be careful. cooling trend for all of us this
6:48 am
weekend and eventually the pattern will change and there be a chance of rain in the middle to later in the week. today, 76 at santa cruz, and 79 at milpitas and everyone else in the low-to-mid 80s at gilroy and 7 of at gilroy and 80s from redwood city to mountain view and low-to-mid 70s along the coast and mid-to-upper 70s and one or two areas could hit 80 in san francisco today. sausalito is 74 and san rafael north is low-to-mid 80s but for petaluma around 79 you are close, low-to-mid 70s along the north bay shore and upper 70s in berkeley, san leandro and income >> and everyone is 80 to 82 degrees. oakland is 81 a degree shy of tying a record downtown, two degrees shy of the airport and low-to-mid 80s throughout our inland east bay neighborhood and we get up to the mid-to-upper 80s. 68 nice nice evening at at&t park and dropping to 62.
6:49 am
dialed backs are in to you new team hopefully new rules. a late subject of winds will cool the coast tomorrow and look at the coastal fog that develops on saturday and the man layer is back pushing inland and temperatures by next week are 50s and 60 and the chance of rain on when. we have 58 bart trains running on time right now and ace train 3 5 and 7 are rolling and a.c. transit does not have any delays reported as we move on to the bay bridge toll plaza you are traveling in the eastbound direction. pack the sunglasses. it will be a bright and sunny start to the morning. early we do not have clouds to shelter our eyes. as you make it in from the east bay into san francisco the drive now is going to take you 14 minutes and what you have before you get there is going to jam up 32 minutes to head from highway 4 to the maze and that was all due to an early problem on the bay bridge and now as the traffic is backing up it has
6:50 am
no chance to dissipate and if you are traveling highway 4 from antioch to hercules 39 minutes and highway 7 northbound is ten minutes. the warriors are preparing for game one of first round may off series against the new orleans pelicans and last night four starters only played the first half against the anything its and klay thompson scored 25 points in 16 minutes and the second half the warriors close out the regular season with 13 133-126 victory only the 7 this team to go 39-2 at home. the warriors need 16 more victories to achieve their ultimate goal winning the nab -- nba championship. >> they will play new orleans on saturday at 12:30 right here. it will be immediately followed
6:51 am
by a special "after the game." >> and abc7 is the home for the nba finals and you can catch all the exciting action starting june 4. >> the warriors first playoff game, we mentioned that, the winning season is not just good for the team but making a dig difference from young people in the bay area. the warriors donate $440,000 to eight objections that serve cringe steps through hoops for kids. the team pledged $pawn for each -- $500 for each regular season three pointer. this was a pre-game reception for the super excited recipients. >> we can put a coach in each of our low income schools around the bay area and the coaches are there all day every day laying with the kids and teaching important skills getting along and being physically active so they go back to class focused and ready to learn. [ inaudible ]
6:52 am
>> the chief operating officer said the warriors foundation committed $1.5 million to union investigatement to date. >> back with seven things to know before you go. >> first, abc7 news with weather and traffic through the commercial break and a look at traffic.
6:53 am
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a look at the bay from the east bay hills camera that is high so the shot is bouncing around. mainly it will be a very warm day. here are seven things to know before you go: number one, two simultaneous investigations are underway in the east bay. an officer involved shooting in oakland involved a san leandro police officer. the officer wounded a woman driving a stolen car yesterday afternoon. she rammed into him. she will survive. >> breaking news in the east bay this morning a car plowed into a willing in north oakland. it happened a couple of hours ago at 41st and emerald. an officer tried to pull the driver over. the driver sped off. the driver slammed into the business. >> three a 31-year-old homeless
6:55 am
man is in custody after he randomly attack a five-year-old girl. investigators say the little girl was walking with her mom at young streets and show was assaulted by the man. she was hospitalized with cuts and scratches. the governments of australia and malaysia and china will double the search area for missing airlines flight 370 if the boeing 777 is not found by may covering a stunning 95 percent of the flight path. flight 370 vanished without a trace over a year ago. >> bryan stow will throw out the first pitch before the san jose giants opener at the stadium. this is video from our media partner. he is practicing with his father. bryan stow was severely beat were four years ago after a game at dodgers stadium. check out our climates this morning in the bart stakes june in walnut creek and 65 in oakland and our average high in
6:56 am
oakland is 66 degrees. it is 60 in san francisco right now and the am high is 64. these are exceptionally warm temperatures. though will hit the legal 70's at the coast and mid-70s and a lot of upper 70s and low 80s around the bay and a lot of low-to-mid 80s inland and tomorrow is warmer. >> seven unfortunately not a mild start to our morning commute, and that is berkeley with the drive on i-80 in the westbound direction those are the headlights and it is packed coming away from albany and from highway 4 up to the macarthur maze it will take you 32 minutes. 101 is leading up here and this is at 880 and the drive is stop-and-go traffic to the airport. >> that you for joining us. the news continues online on twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. >> back in defy -- 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic. have a great day.
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good morning, america. frightening flight. the u.s. postal worker breaching one of the most secure areas in the world. shocking onlookers by flying a helicopter onto the lawn of the capitol. >> this is not good, people. >> the pilot quickly led away in handcuffs, bomb squads clearing the area. why he did it. and did he expose a major security threat? new this morning -- the massive manhunt for these bank robbers on a violent spree right now, threatening to kidnap bank employees and shoot it out with law enforcement. the fbi's warning to the public this morning and why they say the dangerous gang could include former police officers. modern lawsuit. sofia vergara in a very modern legal battle with her ex-fiance over frozen embryos. the case that's raising big questions for families


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