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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 17, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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people injured a county worker hit a gas line on a police gun range, sending flames witnesses say up to 200 feet in the air. officials are trying to figure out how it happened. >> the highway was closed in both directions for a while and has now reopened. images and video show the extent of the blaze. officials say 14 people were injured. >> the sheriff's department says 13 people were jail inmates on site doing work. officials described the scary moments. >> very chaotic. >> the fire department hosted
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images of the firefighters battling the blaze. >> photos and video were posted on social media. you can see images are compelling. you can follow us on twitter for the latest breaking news updates. >> california department of justice will be the first to wear cameras >> one young man who talked about coming back from a concert. he got stopped and didn't know why. he felt he was being profiled he said i got home and just felt small. >> in los angeles camela harris talked about a negative experience with police. she says mes shoot beings have hurt relations between police and the public. >> a judge's order may make it
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harder to fire police officers accused of exchanging offensive text messages. the da will begin reviewing volumes of the cases for possible bias. vic? >> abc7 news learned the attorneys will file motions by the end of the month, and that their case rests on the officer bill of rights. >> legal wrangling is starting to reach a head. san san francisco's internal affairs unit reportedly received texts from the u.s. attorney in 2012. the defense attorney says the statute of limitations for police investigations is only one year and that the police commission, therefore, cannot
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discipline officers. a judge did not mention text messages the chief maintains the public corruption probe shielded his department from investigating officers who were texting. police spokesman. >> we want to make sure we don't hinder the investigation and that they can complete their investigation. >> abc7 news learned the police department will give cases to see if there was any bias. >> raising questions about whether or not officers have credibility when saying this person did this or that.
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>> 14 officers are facing disciplinary action the police chief wants the commission to fire eight of them including a captain. six officers whose texts were not as offensive faces other actions. >> deputies are looking for a car jacking suspect who ran over a victim with the victim's car. investigators say this man the man came out to find someone steling the car. police say the car jacker ran over the victim. he did go to the hospital but is okay. the injuries were minor. >> patrol says this happened
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just before 2:00. it's blocking traffic good going west. >> get ready for playoff fever. round one tipped off tomorrow for golden state warriors. the fans seemed confident on the street. warriors fans believe this is the time. >> i'm excited. i think we're going to go all the way. >> warriors brought the title back. today, a banner holds people's hope for a second championship. >> i don't think a pelican can beat a warrior. >> employees say the tee shirt sales have spiked. >> we're happy to play a role. >> this restaurant serves southern cuisine.
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>> i'm all for warriors. >> the golden state match up isn't as unique for this family. his brother is a point guard for the pelicans. >> you know they get started. >> during open gym holiday says just getting together was a huge accomplishment. >> being in the playoffs just makes it crazier than before. >> you can feel their confidence on the court. >> no need to approach this differently. people make the mistake. you start worrying about playoffs this and that. just play basketball. >> we heard similar sentiments on the street. >> you can sense excitement today, but tomorrow, fans will be able to see it as 20,000 of the shirts will be draped across the seats inside ora cell arena.
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>> the warriors first game will be against new orleans pelicans tomorrow. live coverage begins tomorrow at noon here on abc7, will be immediately followed by a special edition of "after the game". larry beil will host. >> police are looking for a man who tried to kidnap a 9-year-old girl the girl says the man tried to grab her as she left a rest room yesterday after school. the man left in an older car with a cracked driver's side window. the 31-year-old homeless man accuse offed attacking a 5-year-old girl heard charges against him. bail set at $200,000 for the man, charged with felony child endangerment and assault for allegedly grabbing the girl by the neck
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on wednesday. >> sky 7 hd shows nearly empty today but will be passed on monday. the city will be prepared. there will be police parking enforcement officers and uni services. part of the westbound ceasar drive will be closed throughout the evening commute. >> the state water board says it needs until morning to release new regulations. those guidelines put teeth into the 20% to 35% cut backs being imposed. some says are seeking revisions including morgan hill and santa clara county. david louie is live to explain why. david? >> morgan hill believes there
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needs to be an adjustment in the formula used and leaves 25% is more appropriate believes residents have done a good job of cutting back in water use. residents believe they've lived up to the drought challenge by reducing consumption by 21%. surprised to see the goal is now 35%. putting back has them perplexed. >> hard part is laundry. we do a lot of laundry. and you know we do have a three month old baby. it's going to be hard. >> i'm not sure if there is more i can do. we have the low flow watt yefr already. and we don't use extra.
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>> if the state agrees it could see the figure drop. >> waiting to hear back to see if they can concur that we're below 35 level. >> the board has not indicated how soon it might review requests. the cut back is mandatory and residents could be fined up to $500. >> that would be unfair. i think everybody should be committed to reducing amount of water that they use. it should be same across the board. >> the leaders say they're confident residents will comply. >> if you think you see water being wasted where you live e mail us. we'll check it out and look into the tips. >> still to come, on abc7 news
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bay area hospital is shutting down. plans for the closure and where patients will have to go instead. >> and a special playground opening. >> fog pushing inland, a summer like pattern setting up for the weekend. i'll explain with the accu-weather forecast. >> students order senior portraits from a company but never [bulldog yawns] it's finally morning! i can't wait to get to mattress discounters because the tempur-pedic bonus event is ending soon. i'll have first pick from the huge selection of tempur-pedic mattresses. then i'll get to choose $300 in pillows, sheets and other free gifts. on top of that, up to 48 months interest-free financing! it's a beautiful day for mattress discounters' tempur-pedic bonus event. mmm... some alarm clock you turned out to be. ♪ mattress discounters ♪
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ooshg doctor's medical center run out of money leaving thousands without a local hospital. outpatients were meeting with their doctors for the last time. >> today is our last visit. yes. we don't know where he's going to relocate to. and she's been coming here her mother passed here years ago. >> it's devastating. and it's sad they can the couldn't come together to keep it open. >> the center was operating on a deficit. the hospital was losing that much money because 90% of the
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patients are on medicare or medical. the reimbursements run as low as $0.60 on the dollar. they're hoping the community would support a parcel tax. that failed. >> i love the staff and people i work with. and it's just great for me. just taking it with a grain of salt here. >> the community is known for services like flu shot clinics. something few do these days the only other emergency room is kaiser richmond. >> the building will be sold to start paying off the debt. >> measles outbreak traced back to an infected person at
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disneyland is officially over. officials say no new infections have surfaced. 131 people came down with this disease cases spread to mexico and canada as well. >> sky 7 hd is over breaking news now. police told people in the neighborhood to stay inside. they search for an armed suspect. we don't have word on what led to this search. it's happening near i 580. no word of anyone being injured at this point the search is tieing up traffic in the area since people can't use seminary to get to the freeway. >> down to the wire in palo alto. crews are putting finishes touches on what could be a game changing playground. we're live now with more. hi, chris. >> it's great to be with you tonight. take a look around.
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what makes this so special that every piece serves a purpose centered on the theme of incontribution. it is quiet now, this place officially opened. crews are softening edges on what is being called the nation's innovative and inclusive playground. >> it's been a lot of work. but it's a beautiful legacy. >> six years ago they had an idea of building a park in the city. until then, there hadn't been one. officials set aside the land. >> i would get kids showing up with coins from lemonade stands. so a lot of people feel this is their park. and that is what we wanted. >> her team was able to raise $4 million to make this a reality. ground breaking was nine months
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ago. this area is called magical heart. design team was mindful in creating zones that were predictable. a grand opening will be held on saturday morning. >> together with the community their voice, supporting it. not just in the design process but funding the project. >> if you're not abled bodied or different, or a parent been using a wheelchair, you can bring your children here. >> a place for everyone to enjoy. in palo alto, abc7 news. >> that is going to be fun. >> just beautiful day and great weekend. >> definitely. drew is in tonight bringing in sunshine. >> location is going to be key.
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you can see 50s on the coast then 90s. live doppler 7 right now we'll show you coastal clouds clear skies across much of the bay area. so we'll take you outside on this friday evening. a live look from our camera showing you those clouds that are building along the coast. bright chance of rain but no significant storms on the horizon. out there, winds are active. out of the north from 10-20 miles per hour. that is creating an active current. so we do have a beach hazard in effect tonight. heights from 10-12 feet. we can see sneaker waves and large breakers this evening. so just take note of that.
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temperatures 80 in fremont. looking at fog cast watch as fog surrounds the bay. that is going to be the story in the morning. not until 11:00 that clouds will be pulled back along the coast. and we turn to sunshine. so to widen out the view high pressure is in control a large area of high pressure. that means we're staying warm. upper 50s onned lower 60s. you're warming up and this wide range is with us. clouds hugging the coast keeping temperatures limited. so fog developing, partly cloudy skies elsewhere dropping into
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40s then if you're headed to japantown tomorrow, early cloud linger, lots of sunshine. bright breezy temperatures around 67 degrees. downtown san francisco 69 degrees and east bay low 70s a final stop 83 the high for pittsburgh. accu-weather forecast sh a warm weekend is on the way. cooler air tuesday a slight chance of sprinkles wednesday into thursday. >> slight chance? heard it before. >> thank you. >> can't get a ticket to comic con? well, the new convention coming our way. >> we're live with our 360 camera in traffic on this friday. able production assistant thomas is motoring along just coming
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through belmont. you can see it's moving along not too badly at this time of the day. the evening commute begins to wind down. heading
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a quick update on the police search in oakland.
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you can see officers are reopening seminary avenue. people in the neighborhood are being asked to stay inside for now. >> we'll stay on top of that. >> bay area comic lovers rejoice, apple co-founder teamed up with stan lee to bring your favorite characters to live. >> the pair announced in a video they'll help launch comic connext month. he says he's hoping the new comicon will be an event where fans can celebrate the age of the gee. >> television's longest running variety show calling it a wrap. the uni vision network announced
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that it sabado will end. the program has been the most-popular show. he will continue to work on special programs and a telethon to benefit children with disabilities. >> still to come, the oklahoma reserve deputy charged in a fatal shooting is speaking about how he's answering questions about his training. >> and the fight (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. (woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting.
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california drought this year is about more than lawns and swimming pools but also about life and death for state native fish. they have fins not legs and the my greating salmon can't swim over dry land. >> what you see is not always what you get. mill creek for instance. it seems full, and healthy unless you know danger signs. what flows will probably dry up leaving only puddles. >> there could be 15 or 20 fish in this pool. >> there could be smelt like this one likely to be left land locked they should be returning to sea. >> they can't access the ocean.
6:30 pm
so, if they can't get out they're going to die. >> if they die? >> then we lose that year of fish. >> there are efforts going on seven days per week. biologists are capturing them, and hoping to learn how many of 6,000 put here last year survived. >> on a good day we can get upwards of a couple hundred. >> a good day and bad time. there used to be hubs if not thousands of fish. today, the team pulled out 50. of those only one came by natural means and got special treatment. >> we're going to put a tag in him so we can track him through the river and see if he comes back as an adult. >> what are you going to name him? >> 3, 4? one b 7968753.
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>> when the count ended they put it back with the rest. and hastening them along. these are the lucky ones. they've beaten the drought so far. >> the marin county fire department suspended all burn permits as drought conditions continue. it takes affect may one and bans outdoor burning. a 73-year-old charged with second degree manslaughter. >> i have a written piece of paper to say i have done a good
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job. >> millions have seen a breakdown of a police officer after i shot and killed a man in response that you rarely see. the drama just happened in private. vic lee with a look at how police cope after a shooting. >> the video has gone viral. a cop crying on the hood of his car after he shot someone. he recognizes the man as a suspect in a robbery and shooting. and tells them to get their hands up. suddenly, his left hand disappeared from view. the officer yells for him to keep hands up. hands up. hands on up.
6:33 pm
i'm going to shoot you. i will shoot you. hands up. hands up! up! >> more cops arrive and cuff others. this is what happens when the officer is told the man he shot had no weapon. we asked two officers to watch the video. >> this strikes emotion in anyone. >> the general public thinks we can put our emotions on the shelves >> i thought it was appropriate given he had to take a live. >> this sargent is a san francisco psychologist. she counselled many officer who's fired their weapons. what is unique about this video, she says is that officer broke
6:34 pm
down in public. >> it's not typical. most of the time they will try very hard to stay in control. in public especially in uniform at a scene. and sometimes they get a chance to feel vulnerable and breakdown. >> it struck me the next day. you know? yeah. you know? i cried. it was difficult. it's embedded in me now. i can't forget it. >> the sargent is president of the san francisco police union shot and wounded a man with a gun in 2002. he fired upon us first. so this was a deadly threat. >> however the shooting still haunts him 13 years later. >> you're constantly wondering if there is another avenue you could have explored rather than
6:35 pm
resort to lethal force. >> john ferando was involved in a shooting several years ago here at 6th and mission. >> i ordered him to drop the gun. he raised the gun into my direction. and i shot back. >> he says he was having sleepless nights and feelings of isolation >> i didn't understand what is going on until years later. did i realize what affect i did have from that incident. >> san francisco and other police departments require officers to go through a critical incident debriefing process he says they need the right support to cope. >> it spirals. and they're coping turning into
6:36 pm
numbing emotions by drinking or checking out and becoming depressed. >> both are involved in helping other cops involved in shootings. he is active in peer support. >> we were put into that situation and had to react. i don't know of any police officer that joins a police department looking to go out and shoot a suspect for any reason. that is the last thing we want to do. >> yes. >> remembering 1906 earthquake. coming up, 109 years later how the bay area is paying tribute to victims. >> outside once again a 6:36 well into the evening commute. thomas is driving along heading northbound. as you can see, it's moving along and getting near 280 split. and let's take a look at the
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the 109th anniversary of the san francisco earthquake and fire the former mayor attended the annual luncheon. neither of the last two survivors could attend. >> my grandmother probably was breast feeding him. i don't know. she wrapped him up in a table cloth. >> san francisco fire chief repainted a fire hydrant credited with helping save that part of the city. there is a list of tips for you to help prepare for any disaster. just go to our website and look for prepare norcal logo.
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>> a flight had to return to the gate after a passenger apparently started jabbing the passenger with a pen. >> he started stabbing her with a pen. >> imagine being asleep and being stung by bees. >> the plane returned to the gate and passenger was escorted off and was allowed on a later flight. >> a senior portrait. what if you take a picture and [bulldog yawns] i can't wait to get to mattress discounters because the tempur-pedic bonus event is ending soon.
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>> one of the most important rites of passage is getting senior portraits taken. >> a class ordered pictures and never got them. >> but they did get help from michael finney. >> yes. parents and students were worried they couldn't get the pictures in time for graduation. not only did they spend hundreds for prints they never got, they
6:45 pm
worried they'd never see them. >> mel periody made this picture frame showing every school portrait of her son, noah since he was in kindergarten. >> i thought it's nice to look back and see how he's changed into a man. >> it tracks growth each year after 11th grade just stops. >> last square supposed to show his senior portrait he's about to grad wait. the space is blank. >> last year last important milestone. >> he and other seniors in tracy all had pictures taken by abc school portraits. however, like noa. many never received them >> astonishing i wasn't the only one. >> she paid for the photos, are are they? >> they should be printed within tree three weeks.
6:46 pm
>> she kept calling. >> getting frustrated. >> she paid $267 for prints. she said the photos captured a point in time and there is no going back. >> i wanted to have a picture. i want the picture. >> she was about as sentimental as a teen. >> only thing i was worried about is because it's been spending money on it and not getting what you paid for. >> the owner says he was backed up after losing key staff members the owner said we acknowledge problems and regret and apologize we value and will continue to resolve the issues. hours after the call abc portraits sent those pictures.
6:47 pm
. >> i got photos and am so grateful. >> a frame is complete. >> finish off with a tux. >> abc portraits admits 52 families don't have their senior portraits they expect they'll be shipped. if you don't get yours i want to you tell me about it. you can reach me on abc7 then click on seven on your side. >> what a good looking kid. >> weekend is here. >> we're talking about a spectacular saturday shaping up. a clear picture nationwide weather is active with a cold front bringing thunderstorms from new orleans to washington, d.c. california lots of sunshine.
6:48 pm
85 sacramento. # eight fresno. and take a look at these numbers. lots of sunshine. 69 in san francisco. 72 oakland. up to 86 degrees in antioch. accu-weather forecast with a slight chance of showers wednesday. to nurse. >> thank you. >> this is fun time for sports fans. fans in particular. >> yes. >> warriors are going to win? yes or no? >> very nicely done. >> copy. we're on the eve of what may be for these guys a run to the championship for
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>> good evening, warriors start with a playoff against new orleans. the video game simulator nba two k 15 predicts warriors will beat lebron and cavs in six games.
6:52 pm
write it down. final practice before tip off. sustaining the uniboro. anthony davis, so clutch. >> that is all. they're not that bad. so... trying to use it. and along, and very agile. just quick in that position. so it presents challenges. it is what it is. >> you can watch the warriors game tomorrow, our coverage begins at high noon. right here on abc7 followed by after the game with nate thurman. and we ask you this. how far do the warriors need to advance to be considered a success? we want to hear from you. use hash tag dougs on 7. we may use responses on the game. and warriors busy off the court.
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part of a get fit time out with 50 students and this was not the birthday bruce bocci had in mind he had to endure a 12 inning loss. rewind to 12 last night. giants tied 5-5 with d backs a slider gets hammered by aaron hill. bottom 12 giants trying to come back for the third time in the game. matt duffy to left center. next batter is joe panic. that ends it. that is 11:35 p.m . giants drop their 7th in the row. jake peavy on the mound. a's and kansas city on the
6:54 pm
mound, billy butler got a al championship ring. ike davis changes that. then gone. that is a 3-2. next batter i believe when he does that, his second of the year. casy just scored to go ahead for three. they're now in the 6th inning. white sox and tigers former a's took it up. i still love him. crushing a slider high and deep. aloha means goodbye. jose iglesias to an infield. tigers off to a major league best. which is why they're so happy. 9-1, start. today marked debut of the cubs harolded phenom. his flash is nicely done.
6:55 pm
that is his dad right there. padres with a three-run homer in the 7th. now an unrecognizable outfield they're doing construction there. lpga tour is in hawaii. one fan had his hat fly into the water. then, he loses his beer. this turns into a complete disaster. he does a face plant getting out of the water. you thought you had a bad day. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> very special. >> thanks for joining us.
6:56 pm
he every drop helps but problems and solutions are more involved than turning off the tap when we brush. they've dragged their feet but
6:57 pm
what matters is that california leaders act like this is the emergency it is and develop comprehensive, long term plans for the state's water supply so when it doesn't rain, we don't have to panic. let me know what you think. >> well done. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news our coverage continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:0
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants. a technical writer and stay-at-home dad originally from elmira heights new york... an operations analyst from richmond, virginia... and our returning champion a currency trader from chicago, illinois... ...whose five-day cash winnings total $129,401. [ applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" alex trebek. thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. our returning champion, alex has set an amazing pace on "jeopardy!" four of his five wins have been runaways.
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