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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. >> a very good morning to you, it's saturday, april 18th. i'm tiffany wilson in for chris nguyen. let's start off with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning. you can see the sweep on top of mount st. helena. nothing going on except the low fog and clouds around the bay and at the coast. mild temperatures closer to the bay, but we are looking at upper 40s los gatos, and the fog is a problem from santa rosa rice to petaluma around half moon bay. inland though, no problems problems.
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you are clear and you will warm up significantly today. if you are at the coast here's the plan. by 9:00 you are still foggy around parts of the bay. certainly at the coast. and by later on in the afternoon with the fog banked up along the shoreline we have cool numbers there. a summer spread. about 25-degree spread. i'll line up the temperatures for you coming up. tiffany. >> lisa, thank you. >> we will start out with new developments on the fiery gas pipeline explosion in fresno. 16 people were injured, four critically. it happened yesterday afternoon and the fireball was seen from highway 99. just feet away. a very busy thoroughfare through the city. we have the story from fresno. >> you could feel the heat. >> flames soared into the sky in press no when the natural gas pipeline ruptured. >> it was like a really loud bomb. drivers along highway 99 recorded the scene around 2:30 in the afternoon. they had us evacuate, so that's when i got worried. >> a county public works employee operating a front-end
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loader at the sheriffs firing range, one of the many injured during the blast. >> as a result he was blown away from the front-loader. this video from the fresno firefighters facebook page shows the roadway and dirt bermuda behind the firing range target where the tractor traveled. two deputies watched the tractor work. >> according to them, the last thing they saw him doing was driving along the roadway. >> ten jail inmates working to clean up a nearby range were also injured. >> one inmate appeared to be hurt the worst of all of them was airlifted. now a massive crater with a charred tractor in the middle remains. it's unclear if it pictured the underground line or simply drove over it. pg&e says contractors are required to call the state's hotline, 811 two days before any work so gas water and powerlines can be marked. the company said there is no record of a call. meanwhile the deputies already
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at the gun range. >> they ran toward the immense heat and immense fire and got everybody out of the way and rendered aid. >> they have been treated for sunburn-like injuries to their arm and fling their ears. >> pg&e is investigating but pane key witnesses are hospitalized, several in critical condition. it's expected to be a lengthy investigation. in fresno, katie utis, abc7 news. >> here's a closeup look at the charred front-loader destroyed by the fire. you see the tires have melted off the rims and the engine compartment is completely burned out. and the fire was so hot it warped nearby train tracks. you see how the blast melted and twisted those rails. this morning pg&e and responding to the fresno explosion with sympathy and caution. the power giant said a simple phone call could have prevented the tragedy. 811 is a service that marks and locates underground utilities
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prior to any digging project. three numbers that could have stopped serious injuries from happening. >> this could have been avoided if people called 811 prior to this. the pipeline that was hit could have been marked and not hit. but our thoughts and prayers go to those who were hurt, as we continue to look into this situation and investigate what happened. >> just last week pg&e was slapped with a $1.6 billion penalty for the deadly 2010 explosion beneath san bruno. federal investigators ruled the pipeline had been installed with substandard welds that failed. developing news from oakland this morning. a pedestrian was gravely injured affeldt being hit by an ac transit bus. it happened before midnight on martin luther king jr. way on 36th street. oakland police tell abc7 news the pedestrian was taken to the hospital in grave condition. they have taken over the
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accident investigation from the almeda county sheriff's office. the bus was towed away from the scene. and also in oakland this morning at mlk and 62nd street a two-car collision killed at least one person. the victim's car landed upside-down after the accident. it appears emergency crews had to cut off the car doors to get to the person. police have little to tell us when we called them, but they say they will release pour information after they have completed the investigation. in milbrae, police are trying to find a man accused of stealing a car and then running over the car's owner. they say antonio ambriz took a car left running in the driveway in the morning. when the suspect came out of the house the suspect then hit him with the car and ran over him. the victim went to the hospital with minor injuries. they believe ambriz is in
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milbrae or stockton. >> there's a report of an attempted kidnapping of a nine-year-old girl. this is what the girl told police. after school on thursday, the man watched her go into the restroom and then grabbed her wrist when she walked out. the girl was able to kick and yell and run away. the man left in an older light brown car with a cracked driver's side window. monday is a holiday of sorts. the date is 4/20 and that means marijuana to some people. traditionally thousands gather at golden gate park to smoke pot. it's not a good time for people who work or drive in the area. some streets will be shut down. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the story. >> from sky 7hd a mostly empty hippie hill today but this is the massive crowd that showed up last year. estimated at more than 15,000 people with the huge crowd came a few problems. >> we did have some issues with mostly traffic.
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we did have one shooting. >> they are expecting smaller crowds because it falls on a monday, but more streets will be closed and more officers called in if needed. street closers last year were not good for local businesses. >> we had to do a number of street closers, and unfortunately it negatively impacted some of our merchants along the corridors. >> we saw some welcoming the 4/20 day crowds, but some workers told us it's not much fun, especially when the massive crowd leaves. >> people getting unruly, people coming in and making scenes. >> he said stoners glob on to the statue in the store and freak out at what they think is the devil. and one worker said she'll be filling in for co-workers taking monday off. >> i'm not really big about it but i'm going to work and see how it goes. >> and because it's not a sponsored event, the city picks up the tab for the extra security and transit management.
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abc7 news. >> 6:08 right now. residents of san francisco gathered at the fountain on market street to honor the victims and survivors of the 906 earthquake. isolates a tradition no hold a moment of silence at 5:12, the exact moment the quake struck 109 years ago yesterday. there are only two known survivors left. 113-year-old ruth newman and 109-year-old william delonte. at 10:00 this morning an audio and visual exhibition of the earthquake will be held. >> the san francisco giants will get their world series rings. it's happening prior to tonight's game. we never get tired of seeing this.
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madison bungarner getting him to pop out for the last out. let's keep our fingers crossed that this reminder of the last year's championship help the giants break their 8-game losing streak. urged to be in their seats by 5:00 tonight. yes, 8 games now. tonight's game against arizona starts at 6:05. the warriors, they will be starting their playoff push for an nebraska title today. the mayors of new orleans and oakland have both placed their bets. if the pelicans win, libby shaft will offer five pounds of ocho chocolate, a gift box, a bag of blue bottle coffee and a t-shirt from the store oak landish. if the warriors win, the mayor will send a bag of coffee, a bag
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of p.j.'s coffee, world famous hurricane mix and a t-shirt from a local store called flirty girl. sales have spiked at the team store. >> playoff time brings everybody out. >> the team was relaxed at practice yesterday and the fans will be fired up. when we get into oracle arena, they will find strength in numbers. t-shirts draped across all of the seats. the first playoff game will be against the pelicans. at oracle arena. live coverage begins at noon right here on abc7. we have complete warriors coverage at and the game will be immediately followed by a special edition of "after the game." abc7 sports anchor larry beil will host with special guest and warriors legend adonal foyle and
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nate thurman. make sure to tune in. dub nation, we want to see your warriors pride. we will be featuring fan photos on air and at just use the hash tag dubson7 when you post your picture to social media and we will find them and put them on display. warriors pride, and also a great day out there for people who will be out for earth day. >> exactly. a little above average. we are used to that. our winter and spring have been nothing but warmer than average. here's mt. tam. upper 40s. you see the fog and it is everywhere except for concord and livermore. i'll tell you when it clears and how it influences your weekend temperatures. that's next. >> lisa, thank you. and fallout from those offensive texts between san francisco police officers. why thousands of cases are now under the microscope. >> and 50 years later one east bay city is still going to the birds with a lots of calling.
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[bird calls] looking for one of these?
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yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family.
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. >> 6:14 right now. a federal judge's protective order may make it harder to suspend or fire san francisco police officers accused.
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exchanging offensive text messages. abc7 news has learned the d.a. will begin reviewing past cases for possible bias. here's vic lee. >> the legal wrangling between police and the lawyers for the officers is starting to reach a head. san francisco's internal affairs unit reportedly received the offensive text from the u.s. attorney in 2012. defense attorney michael raynes said the statute of limitations investigations is one year and year and therefore they cannot discipline the officers. a federal judge signed this protective order preventing disclosure of certain information in the case, but he did not mention text messages. chief greg surh maintains the probe of two other officers shielded his department from investigating the officers, who were texting. police spokesman. >> in the federal case we want to make sure that we don't
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hinder the investigation in any way or there's any kind of, you know, cross-contamination, if you will. so we want to make sure that they complete their investigation. >> meantime, abc7 news has learned that the police department will give cases in which these officers are involved to the d.a. to see if there was any bias. >> it raises questions about whether or not these officers have credibility when they say this person did this or that. >> that could be hundreds, if not thousands of cases which the district attorney has to review. 14 officers are facing disciplinary messages from the text messaging scandal. the police chief, greg suhr, wants the police commission to fire 8 of them, including a captain. six officers whose texts were not as offensive, face other disciplinary actions. rick lee, abc7 news.
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one east bay city is going to the birds. in fact, for the past 50 years students at piedmont high school have been doing bird calls and competing for the number one squawk or chirp. so without feather adieu, this is cornell bernard with the contest. >> who says bird calling is a lost art? at piedmont high school, it's a proud tradition. nine entries going to the birds, all competing for number one. [bird calls] >> no turkeys here. serious stuff considering it's the 50th year for piedmont high's famous bird calling contest. >> i'm nervous because it's the 50th, so it's a big one so i know more people are watching and excited about it. but a bigger audience is a fun audience. [bird calling] >> this is the call of the chucker. [bird call]
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>> justin masters the cardinal. the same call that won his dad first prize 30 years ago. winning would be cool, but the experience of being here knowing my dad did it too. >> it was started in 1963. he and his students became a fixture on the tonight show with johnny carson. science teacher ken brown now rules the roost. >> i get stopped all the time when people find out i teach at piedmont high school. you are the bird calling school, right? so we are known across the nation. >> just to be clear, bird calling here is cool. how cool? a sand hill crane cool [bird call] >> this is a very cool thing today. >> even with the beeks? beeks. >> but in the end the call of the pacific loan took first place. in piedmont, cornell bernard abc7 news. >> that will certainly wake you up listening to that story. >> very talented. >> taking a look at our weather today, a little warmer than average? >> yes exactly. but we are waking up to low
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clouds and fog. really making an impact today at our coast. but this morning the visibility has been reduced around the bay. you can see some of the fog from live doppler 7hd. 6:31 the official sunrise which is just shortly. and the sun sets 7:48. we will be looking at a summer spread with temperatures above average. if you are at the coast it will be cool and," in fact, some of the fog is playing peak-a-boo along the coast. here's a look from vollmer peak where you see it's clear over the mountain there. the inland valleys eats clear and that's about it. we've got fog in the city. other in san carlos. half moon bay 48 degrees. 45 in morgan hill. another pretty shot for you. this is a view from our sutro tower camera. temperatures cooler in the north bay with the fog. napa, santa rosa. 50 by the delta. 49 concord and livermore. dropped another degree. here's the visibility in miles
6:20 am
just 2.5 up by petaluma. it is along the coast here also. yesterday warm numbers through santa cruz and today the entire coast cools and the waves were kind of out of control. and they are still high along the central coast coming down just a little bit locally. but still very dangerous out there for sure at our beaches. especially ocean beach. your forecast today then calls for the fog and the low clouds from the bay around the coast this morning. but it pulls back. so as a result a wide range in temperatures. upper 50s to mid-80s. then things become a little unsettled next week with the cumulus clouds up over the higher elevation force tuesday and wednesday. by the end of the week the chance of showers gets greater. it gets more interesting. but, of course our extend outlook, the models not agreeing just yet as to whether or not we are going to see the rain. right now we have high pressure off the coast and we've got a system that will be dropping down from the north.
6:21 am
so that allows for the low clouds, the fog to be with us at the coast and keeping the temperatures really cool here. but you know what? it doesn't have much of an impact inland. we will have a warm day and above average, even around the bay. the east bay shoreline as well. should be in the upper 60s. we are seeing low to mid-70s there. let's take a look at oakland, for example. 72 today. the average high in the 60s. tomorrow we drop into the 60s. a slight cool down. really the cool down comes morrow bust next week into the middle of the week with highs in the mid-60s. we could see maybe a few sprinkles. for the game today we are looking at partly cloudy conditions. 7:48 the sun sets. 60 degrees at about 6:00. and temperatures dropping through the 50s. in the south bay look for 778 in santa clara. peninsula numbers. 76 redwood city. 69 san francisco. north bay it will be cool. stinson beach upper 60s. low 70s hayward inland.
6:22 am
there's the mid-80s and the accuweather forecast little change tomorrow. cooler beginning monday and maybe a few sprinkles into the middle of the week and hopefully we get rain in here by the end of next week. don't hold your breaths. >> yeah. it kind of pietruserd out in the past. >> yeah. >> thank you lisa. up next, the unique playground opens today in palo alto. and we will show you what makes it one-of-a-
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>> 6:25. we are joined by ron from new york to tell us what is coming up on "good morning america." good morning, ron. >> good morning. a dangerous mix of weather in the middle. the country this morning. over 100,000 customers' homes are without power between houston and dallas after being hit by heavy rain and flash flooding. and rob, my friend is here this morning with where the storms ever headed next. and overnight severe weather causing a travel nightmare for a flight headed from kansas city to denver. breast less passengers held on the plane for more than 6 hours. it was diverted to another city, not reaching denver. capturing the ordeal the passengers on cell phone video. and plus he's one of the tv's most famous doctors, but now
6:26 am
many figures are calling for dr. oz to be removed from his faculty position at new york city. how he is fighting back and why the school is standing by him. check this out. it's called a back side 1800-pound quadruple cork. it was just pulled off for the first time ever. we will show you how we did it. it's all coming up on gma. do not change the station. if you do, you will regret it. >> that video was absolutely incredible. ron, expect to be seeing you do that next week, right? >> yeah. don't hold your breath tiffany. >> thanks, ron. a lot to look forward to on "good morning america." >> okay. >> and the time right now is 6:26. what is being called the nation's most innovative and inclusive playground will have a much awaited grand opening a little bit later on this morning in palo alto. community activists raised nearly $4 million to turn the patch of land in the girls
6:27 am
fully a.d.a. compliant park in which kids can play. everyone disabled to nondisabled are welcome. looks wonderful. much more ahead in the half-hour. up next, the white house has a new plan to keep intruders from getting on the ground." and -- >> i would like to know who is responsible. i would like to punch his face. [laughter] >> a bay area hospital shutting down, leaving its long time patients with very few
6:28 am
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>> good morning once again. we are starting with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. lisa. >> good morning to you. look at this. a pretty shot of the sun coming up. temperatures are kind of cool in the north bay valleys. we have plenty of 50s around the bay from oakland,, and san francisco 51 and san jose. another day with temperatures above average. if you are away from the shoreline. so here's the fog's footprint today. you notice at the coast we are looking at the fog right there
6:31 am
from our around moon bay and pacifica. 60 or about 60 degrees. 70s across the bay. warm again inland a summer spread for much of the weekend and then cooler temperatures head our way for the work week. i'll have it all for you coming up. tiffany. >> lisa, thank you. a san paulo institution is closing in a few days. doctors medical center has run out of money, leaving thousands of patients without a local hospital. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez has the story. >> the last hospital patients were released, and outpatients were meeting with their doctors for the last time. jocelyn harris drove from stockton to the medical center in san paulo to take her mother to her appointment. >> today is our last visit yeah. we don't know where he's going to relocate to. and we are kind of distraught because she's been coming here so long. her mother actually passed here years ago. >> it's really devastating.
6:32 am
it's sad they couldn't come together and come up with some terms to keep it open. >> doctors medical center was operating on a deficit. the latest number $18 million a year. the hospital was moving that much money because 90 percent of its patients are on medicare or medical. the hospital found it impossible to survive on those reimbursements which run as low as 60 cents on the dollar. they were hoping the community would support a partial tax, but that too failed. >> i love working here. i've been work here 15 years and i love the staff and the people i work with. it's really sad for me. but i'm just taking it with a grain of salt, i guess. >> the closer leaves a big void in this community, known for patient services, like the drive-through flu shot clinic, something few hospitals do these days. the only emergency room in west contra costa county is kaiser richmond. >> i would like to know who is
6:33 am
responsible. i would like to punch his face. >> it will be sold to start paying off the debt. in san pablo, lyanne melendez abc7 news. >> 6:32 right now. in developing news, at least 30 people are dead and more than 80 wounded in a terrorist attack in afghanistan. a suicide bomb we're a motorcycle packed with explosives blew himself up in front of the bank. it was packed with people getting their monthly checks. this happened in the eastern afghan city. the afghan president said the islamic group has claimed responsibility for the bombing. and new this morning president obama says climate change can no longer be ignored. in his weekly address the president pointed out that 14 of the 15 hottest years on record have all happened in the first 15 years of this century. he said there is no greater threat to the planet than climate change, which poses
6:34 am
risks to our national security our economy and our health. >> the fact that the climate is changing has very serious implications for the way we live now. stronger storms, deeper droughts, longer wildfire seasons. the world's top climate scientists are warning us that a change in climate already affects the air our kids breathe. >> the president added there is some good news. carbon pollution in the u.s. has fallen 10% in 8 years and china has recently agreed to limiting its emissions. >> fence jumpers at the white house may face one more obstacle to reach the highly secure grounds. secret service want to attach steal spikes to the perimeter fence. it's a temporary fix as they consider a more long-term solution. last november a man jumped the fence and made it you will at way to an unlocked door and into the mansion. the security measure still needs
6:35 am
approval from the capitol planning commission >> there's a new place to charge electric cars in san francisco that's off the grid. abc7 news was there when the driving on sunshine campaign launched along the embarcadero. the first of its kind charging station runs on solar power and it's free to use. it is to get more people to drive electric vehicles. electric cars are getting less expensive to operate. >> still ahead a passenger has problems getting a regunned after he can sells his reservation, but that is until he gets "7 on your side" help. and there's going to be a summer spread across the bay area. lisa argen will detail your full forecast in just a few minutes.
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a southwest airlines passenger hoping to bet a refund for a flight he cancelled ran into quite a bit of turbulence. that is until "7 on your side" michael finney stepped in to smooth things out. >> jeff schwarz was all set to take off on southwest to celebrate his friend's birthday, but his buddy had to postpone the celebration. so jeff grabbed a phone at an office he was visiting and cancelled the flight, so he
6:39 am
thought. >> they told me, great, you are all set. i hung up and went back to my meeting. didn't think about it again. >> the next day he received an e-mail from southwest that read "because the passenger listed below failed to cancel, all funds from the no-show reservation are forfeited." stunned, he called southwest. >> they said prove to us you called. and i said, you know, excuse me? he said, no, you need to prove to us you called. >> jeff couldn't really do that. you will recall he was at an off-site meeting when he picked up their phone to cancel the flight. tracking down that call on that company's phone records would be nearly impossible. >> in a lot of ways i did what i was supposed to do, and i called and cancelled and talked to a rep. i didn't feel like i had to bother other people to solve the problem. >> he appealed, but it was rejected.
6:40 am
he posted his frustrations on twitter, but was told the same thing. without proof he called, there would be no refund. he remembers the exact time he turned to "7 on your side" for help. 3:00 p.m. on wednesday. >> and thursday at 8:00 a.m. i got a phone call saying my money had been refunded, so thanks for that. that was very helpful. >> southwest told us exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis and may require related documentation. our records indicate that our customer relations department worked with mr. sewars to resolve this particular issue. >> clearly you carry a lot of weight with southwest. it's great. >> weather cancelling a reservation, document it by getting a cancellation number. if they don't have that, at least log the name of the person you talked to and the time of the call. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> all right. thank you, michael. and no real turbulence in air travel today, right? >> no. we really can't complain. low 50s right now in san jose. you see some clouds around. yesterday your high was 79.
6:41 am
how about 80 today? and really you should be in the low 70s for highs. so above average again, but things will be changing for the week ahead. i'll have that for you coming up. >> and tough times for the giants. the losing streak needs to end at some point, right? let's hope so. sports is next.
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6:44 am
the state water board said it will release new enforcement regulations today. those guidelines will put some teeth into the 20% to 35% cutbacks being imposed for most cities across california. some cities facing deep cuts are seeking revisions, including morgan hill and santa clara county. abc7 news reporter david louie looks at the reason why. >> morgan hill residents believe they have really lived up to the drought challenge by reducing consumption by 21%. they were surprised to see their goal is now 35%, the highest in santa clara county. many residents are letting their lawns turn brown or relandscaping to replace lawns and bushes that require more water. by cutting back another 14% has them perplexed. jennifer morgan has a 3-month-old daughter, beatrice. >> the hard part is laundry because we do a lot of laundry and we do have a 3-month-old baby so it's really hard to try to figure out how to cut down on that. >> i'm not sure if there is more i can do because we have the low flow water already and we only
6:45 am
use water that's essential. we don't use any extra. >> morgan hill has asked the state water board to reconsider the formula used to set the 35% mandate. if the state agrees, it could see the 35% figure drop to 25% see the 35% figure drop to 25%. >> we re-evaluated and resubmitted our consumption data and are waiting to hear back from the state to see if they concur with us that we are actually below the 35 level. >> the water board has not indicated how soon it might review requests from morgan hill and other cities. in the meantime the 35% cutback is mandatory and residents could be fined up to $500. >> i think that would be a little unfair. i think everybody should be committed to reducing the amount of water that they use, and it should be pretty much same across the board. >> morgan hill leaders say they are confident residents will comply. in morgan hill, david louie, abc7 news. if you think you see water being wasted where you live, e-mail us at
6:46 am
we will check out as many tips as we can. >> happening today, the debut of a possible solution to the problem of garbage at san francisco's dolores park. recently the park has become no one more for the piles of garbage that stack up rather than the scenery and relaxation vibes. the city estimates that it picks up about 7,000 gallons of waste at the park, and that's just on the weekends. this morning city officials will set up what's called an eco pop-up. it's a large dumpster for garbage that can be composted or recycled. an estimated two-thirds of the 7,000 gallons of garbage can go into the new debris box. hopefully a good solution there. it's time to pitch and clean, green and beautiful oakland today for earth day. to be precise, this is the 21st annual oakland earth day. community volunteers will be working at over 90 locations throughout the city. the work will be mirrored across the country.
6:47 am
earth day began in 1970 after environmentalists saw destruction from the massive 1969 santa barbara oil spill. here are a few place us can volunteer to help. skyline fire trail and others. that's where the public is invited to enjoy interactive earth stations and other child friendly activities. lisa a lot of these people are heading out to go celebrate earth day day and maybe some extra sunscreen? >> that's right. it will be sunny. this morning plenty of fog around the bay and but the inland valleys in the 80s today. everyone is going to be above average except if you are right at half moon bay, stinson point reyes, montero where temperatures will be in the upper 60s. sun was up at 6:30. showing the low clouds and fog if i back outs of the way. this is the fog and we will look for that to stay at the shoreline today.
6:48 am
here is a view from our east bay hills camera. 50s san carlos. you are looking at mt. diablo. 45 morgan hill and 48 half moon bay. san francisco sitting at 51 degrees. and sfo, it's clear. though problems for the airlines if you are headed out. no real low cloud issues right at the tarmac. 50 in fairfield with 49. it's clear concord and livermore. elsewhere we've had fog all around the bay, even though the visibility is looking good now from san carlos to oakland. still four to five miles from santa rosa to petaluma right along the coast. and further south the surf has been very high from santa barbara and los angeles. here's mt. tam. you see the marine layer there. foggy this morning but we will see the wide range today. feeling like summer with about a 20 to 25-degree speed. no changes tomorrow. the warmest days out of the next 7 will be today and tomorrow and then temperatures take a hit as
6:49 am
soon as monday. and they will continue a downward slide with maybe even some sprinkles. then hopefully some rain. here's the pacific satellite with double barrel high pressure to the north and east of us. look how far the app is off the coast. that will allow a weak trough to drop down from the north best that allows for the low clouds the fog, the setup of the marlene layer to keep the coast cool and the mild numbers around the barracks warm numbers inland. that's today, that's tomorrow, and then we will be looking at the changes. state-wide, we talk about the high surf. monterey 64. 88 in fresno. too warm tore april. 76 los angeles. 67 in the sierra nevada. some forms arrive perhaps by late sunday into monday. and looks more likely by the middle of next week up in tahoe. so we will look for numbers around the bay today to be warm, in the 80s. livermore valley today tomorrow, very little change. average highs in the 70s. look what happens. yep, the cooler air even reaches
6:50 am
our east bay valleys. so looking at the city today nice afternoon after the fog clears. 60s. in fact, the high about 67 japan town. 82 concord. 79 san jose with upper 60s in the cities. accuweather seven-day forecast. here's the summer like spread today and tomorrow and cooler increasing clouds monday. maybe a thunderstorm in the higher elevations, sierra nevada. you will see the cloud build up midweek and maybe we can line up some brian the end of the upcoming work week. >> fingers crossed. >> always. >> thank you lisa. a huge day ahead for sports. the warriors begin their playoff push for an nba title. and the san francisco giants can they snap a losing streak tonight? here's larry beil. >> good morning, i ran into giants president larry baer a couple of nights ago.
6:51 am
he seemed remarkably calm for man whose team had a 7 game losing streak and about to become 8. giants d-backs. orange friday and this isn't the way you want to cruz on into mccovey cove, the rbi single off of jake peavy. 1-0, d-backs. and jake with runners at the corners. skied to triples alley. brings in two runs. arizona up 3-0. lamm in with a triple. peavy leaves in the fourth. back tightened up. and the pitcher 3 for 5, rbi single. and arizona goes on to hand the giants their eighth straight loss. 9-0. a's in k.c. for the first time since last year's crushing playoff loss. billy butler gets his a. l. championship ring. they are messing around with his hat. 3-1 in the fourth. k.c. up. ike davis changes that. off of stanford man. 3-2. and the next saying is i believe in stephen vote. his second of the year made it 3-3 game.
6:52 am
and vote not a fluke. really believe in him. his first career multi-homer game. tied it at 4. later in the 7th. deflects the ball and brett arrives at second at the same time. the slide was high. escobar didn't like it. words exchanged. benches clear and cooler heads prevail. 4-4 in the eighth. orlando with a triple to right. jerryd dyson can fly. he scores from first. royals go on to beat the a's 6-4. the warriors open the playoffs today against new orleans. for what it's worth the video game simulator predicts the warriors will beat lebron and the cavs in the nba finals and they say in six games. meanwhile in the real world, the warriors held their final practice yesterday before tip-off. big challenge for golden state in this series, contain anthony davis. the unibus spectacular.
6:53 am
what a blend of size and skill. draymond green knows he will have his hands full. >> they are big but not really that fast. we can use our speed. he's long and very agile. quick as anyone at that position. he presents his challenges, but it is what it is. >> now the warriors, game one of this playoff series against the pelicans from oracle arena. live coverage begins at noon here on abc7. and we have complete warriors coverage at and as soon as the game ends a special edition of "after the game" as i will be joined by a pair of warriors big men, the legends nate thurman, the hall of famer, and adonal foyle. hope to see you at noon for the tip-off and all the highlights later. have a great weekend, everybody! i'm larry beil. >> pounding your chest in front of a gorilla, yeah it's a bad idea. you
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> car burglary nearly ruined a san jose's teen's prom. a chief broke into her car and stole her purse. it contained all of the money the high school senior had saved to buy a from dress. deputies tracked down the burglar but the money was gone so the sonoma deputy sheriffs association passed the hat and raised enough to send her to the prom. the suspect deputies caught was
6:57 am
booked on seven counsel counts of auto burglary, possession of stolen property and i. d. theft. >> oh man! >> oh, my! >> a frightening trip to the zoo for several families in nebraska. the cell phone video shows a gorilla suddenly charge and then slam the glass with its huge fists. you can see a couple of those terrified faces in the reflection. the glass, it cracked, and everyone just ran off. the zoo administrators say the people were never really in danger. the glass, even if cracked would not break. wouldn't want to risk it though. you might say this guy is the world's most patient pet owner in tokyo. he's been seen taking his 200-pound pet tortoise for a walk. a lease you arely stroll might be a better phrase. photos are all over social media and the pictures are going viral. especially this one where the turtle is wearing a frilly pink dress.
6:58 am
that wants surprise me to see this on the streets of san francisco. lisa? >> the marine heyer is shallow it won't take long for the fog to pull back. 72 in oakland with 76 in fremont. and the look ahead. the warmest day is today and tomorrow and then cooler. >> thank you lisa. and thank you for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. the news continues now online, on twitter and face look. "good morning america" is next! [bulldog yawns] it's finally morning! i can't wait to get to mattress discounters because the tempur-pedic bonus event is ending soon. i'll have first pick from the huge selection of tempur-pedic mattresses.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight. big tent terror. torrential rain tearing through the roof. [ people screaming ] then the mad dash for the exits as people worry about a collapse. >> no pushing. no shoving. watch the children. >> as record rain, a once in 500 year event hits texas. the explosions being blamed on lightning. the funnel clouds. the crying plane passengers stranded because of bad weather. and the major storm system on the move this morning. fireball. a gas pipeline explosion sends flames 200 feet in the air. drivers terrified. >> i don't want to die. i don't want to die. >> a dozen people rushed to the hospital. so what set it off?


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