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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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center. this is abc 7 news. good afternoon everybody. i'm larry beil. i'm cheryl jennings in for ama daetz. first, it is april 20th, better known as 4:20 the celebration of all things marijuana taking place from san francisco and across the nation. sky 7 hd shows you revelers gathering earlier today in golden gate park and this comes as california moves to deciding whether or not to legalize recreational pot. sergio garcia or quintana is live at golden gate park with the story. maybe i've got some 420 on my brain here. i can't get the names right, sergio. no golf for me today larry,
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this is a massive crowd at golden gate park and in just about 20 minutes from now i'll expect all of you to inhale or exhale together. >> this celebration of marijuana on hippie hill has become the place to be on 4:20 day. some people came here from other states including this group from oregon who skipped the option to go to washington state where it's legal. >> the legality of it so you come down here and it's a little bit more loose because it's basic. san francisco, people expect it. >> they're also looking forward to sparking up in their home state in july when their recently passed law legalizing recreational use takes effect but on this monday in golden gate park, pot was readily available and consumed in all its forms. >> we got oatmeal racin fruit
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loops. >> they're infused with marijuana oil. >> that's pretty potent stuff. >> it is. it's really strong. it's not for a lightweight. >> as thousands of people indulged in their favorite bud opponents included potency of modern marijuana is the biggest problem. >> so many people think of the marijuana of the '70s and of the '60s where basically the thc was 1% to 2%. today the lowest is 10%. >> as a researcher that focuses on child development, she says her biggest concern is for teens. we spotted plenty of young people who sparked high school classes. of course, it's still technically illegal to openly smoke pot in the state of california. so this event doesn't have a sponsor. that means the city of san francisco will have to pick up the bill for management and cleanup. i'm sergio quintana, abc 7 news. >> people who get stoned and
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decide to get behind the wheel are more likely to get busted under new legislation that was introduced in sacramento today. the bill allows law enforcement to test drivers roadside impairment using a device to test oral fluids. it also registers drugs like cocaine cocaine, opiates and amphetamines. >> president obama has repeated his support for medicinal marijuana and moving toward decriminalizing the drug and he made those comments on the eve of 4/20. he believes prescribed medical use may be appropriate and saying we should follow the science as opposed to ideology on this issue. >> a bay area man is in custody for yet another security breach at the white house. 54-year-old jerome hunt of hayward was arrested last night after hopping a fence and getting up to 15 feet on to the white house lawn. he was carrying a package that turned out to be harmless.
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>> he gave the name of the hayward church as his address. they've never had any contact with him and understand that he was homeless and he appeared in court in washington, d.c. on reports of unlawful entry. a terrified family after their 8-year-old son was found safe just hours after he was taken. >> it all happened this morning in the family driveway. amy hollyfield has the details from fairfield. >> reporter: what a morning for 8-year-old brock guzman. he was asleep in the family car when someone stole it. he was found safe and he told his parents he wasn't scared but his parents were terrified. >> just distraught all morning and for the first time i didn't know if my son was okay. >> reporter: it happened at 4:45 this morning. suzanne guzman was about to leave to drive brock to his school in napa and her husband thought he'd help her get a head
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start on the day. >> the car for the wife and for the kids, and i walked inside as she was getting ready to put her shoes on and walk out and it was 30 seconds and the car was gone. suzanne guzman saw a bike in the front yard that doesn't belong to anyone in her family and she knew right then her car and child had been taken and brock did wake up and surprised his abductor. >> he was asleep in the car and when he woke up and when he woke up the guy said he didn't know he was in the car and pulled over and the boy went back to sleep. >> by then police had widely issued an amber alert. >> we had a citizen call and say that they had located what they believed to be the vehicle parked on value drive. they approached the vehicle and found brock still asleep in the backseat. >> watch how one of brock's relatives reacts to the news that he had been found. so much relief. the family says it was overwhelming. >> absolutely amazing. i was just completely overjoyed with goosebumps, and i just
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wanted to squeeze him, and i probably hurt him a little bit. he's doing well. >> so will the man be charged with kidnapping? >> police says it depends on what the investigation reveals. first, they have to find him and while they continue to look the family plans to keep brock close by and not let him out of their sight. they'll just snuggle up and watch movies today. in fairfield, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. police have arrested a college student accused of trying to kidnap female high school students. this is how one of the girls described him to police. vic lee joins us in the hayward police station with the latest developments. vic? >> reporter: larry, there may in fact, be a fourth attempted kidnapping and that's what the alameda county sharive's department is investigating right now. the suspect does have some priors which include theft and receiving stolen property. >> hayward police arrested patel a 20-year-old student, he was charged with attempt to kidnap
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with intent to xhid robbery. the last incident happened near hayward high school as a 16-year-old female student was walking home. two other kidnap attempts happened in february and march near tennyson high school which is also in hayward. in all three cases the man tried to pull the girls into his car and they all fought back and escaped. they all gave police similar descriptions and said he drove a four-door white sedan. >> in two of the incidents he was described as having body odor or someone who finished working out and in the last incident he was identified as someone speaking with an indian accent. he was arrested thanks to a veteran officer with a keen eye. >> we were conducting a covert surveillance operation in the area when the suspect in his vehicle was spotted in the area. so it very well may have prevented another incident from occurring. >> hayward school superintendent summed up what the arrest means
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to his community. >> 45,000 mothers will sleep with ease tonight because there is someone off the street that can harm their children. >> police released a photo of the beanie patel wore and the fake handgun he used in some of the attempted abductions and they did not release his mug shot because he's being investigated for another possible crime. vic lee abc 7 news. this morning a superior court judge expunged the san francisco, he pleaded guilty four years ago to false imprisonment after bruising his right arm during an argument and he was able to keep his job after the close vote by the board of supervisors. wiping out a criminal record is fairly common for someone charged with a misdemeanor. >> the statutory remedy that's available for any person that successfully coam pleats probation. it eventually results in the withdrawal of any guilty plea and dismissal of the action.
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>> mirkarimi performed community service and took parenting classes as part of his three years' probation that ended in march. mirkarimi faces reelection in november. >> sandhya patel is here with a look at accuweather. >> if you take a look at live doppler 7 hd notice how it is around the coastline and low cloudiness lingering this afternoon and thunderstorms have been firing up. they have since dissipated, but kaesht rule them out for the remainder of the evening and as you look at the view from the tower camera you look at why it's been so cool in many areas. the cloud cover hanging around. 58 in san francisco and it is 62 in oakland and 67 in san jossy and mid-50s for half moon bay and looking out toward the treasure island camera and we have had some clouds linger over the bay as well. temperatures in the 60s from santa rosa to napa, you really have to head inland to see
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bright skies. it's not bright from the golden gate bridge camera and cloudy coast and bay, tomorrow morning we'll see drizzle with overcast skies and then in the afternoon staying cool upper 50s to the low 70s and i'll be back with the accuweather seven-day forecast that can include sprinkles. >> stilal aside on abc 7 news boston strong. two years after the deadly marathon bombings. sorry. we're having audio difficulties there. new at 4:30 and only on abc 7 news, buy what mother nature can't provide. the emergency water supply now gushing into the east bay. at 4:10 on a back to work monday our first look at the afternoon traffic. this is highway 101 in san jose and it's backed up in the southbound direction and they were in the carpool lanes and much better going northbound at
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covering daley city dublin los gatos and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. the warriors are warmed up for game two of the nba playoffs against the new orleans pelicans and everyone at oracle arena is preparing for another packed house. >> and some noise. katie was there and saying oracle was too loud that it might not be legal. can you hear me? are you okay?
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>> following saturday's game i probably need my hearing checked and at practice this morning i asked greg thompson can the players feel it? he said absolutely and they love it. they feed off of that energy. this team is so easy to get behind and it's easy to cheer and be loud for these guys. i want to show you a part of these teams and players that many don't see. it's how good these guys are off the court. >> warriors guard clay thompson seemed shocked during pregame practice. >> and sports reporters clamor for insight into tonight's playoff game but the shyer half of the brothers' duo is making big waves off the court. he's been blessed for two things and one, he's a great shooter and two, he really wants to help kids. >> because of thompson's fill act roppic and charitable work he's a finalist for the community assist award. it was awesome. we were in such a unique position to be back and be a role model.
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thompson partners with the good tiedings foundation and athletics for underserved use. >> we've done so many programs with him where he's with the kids, he's so comfortable being with kids and probably more so than adults. >> really hands on and it's always fun with kids. >> fans can vote for their favorite players on social media starting today until the 27th. if thompson wins, $25,000 goes to good tiedings. >> the success on the field or court goes hand in hand with the community service. you see that a lot. >> harper says they put the funds toward a new basketball court in oakland or san francisco which means the community could be winning right alongside thompson and the team. >> it's fun to interact with warriors fans and the people around the area because they're truly nice people and genuine and love their hoops. katie utas abc 7 news. >> if you want to vote for clay thompson go to abc 7
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>> dubs on 7 when you post your pictures on social media and we will find them. >> other sports news it is official. remember tebowing? tim tebow? he's back. the quarterback has signed a one-year contract with the philadelphia eagles and the team sending out this tweet, welcome to the city of brotherly love. see how long the love lasts. the 27-year-old tebow hasn't played in the nfl since 2012. he was with the new york jets that was an absolute disaster. the top pick of the broncos won a playoff game with denver and the quarterback roster that included sam bradford and mark sanchez. this should be an interesting expirex experiment experiment. two years after the deadly bombing. crowds cheered each time an athlete approached the boylston street finish line and two people died and more than 160 others were injured in 2013. boston strong, the phrase that
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became the city's rallying cry after the attack was everywhere. >> he also won it in 2013 and carol won for the women. there was also a wheelchair race. marcel hug from switzerland took the win for the men and they won her third straight and she went on her shirt and the 8-year-old who lost his life in the bombing. >> in san francisco, dozens of runners took place in solidarity with the marathon. they hit the street at 7:00 this morning and the race started and finished. >> we wanted to send the message to the boston marathoners present and path and we believe in you and congratulations. >> officials with the san francisco marathon helped to organize this morning's run. >> let's get a look at the forecast and it's sandhya patel in for spencer.
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is it fog or haze? we know it's murky. it's clouds and the marine layer, larry and cheryl and it's deepened quite a bit which is why it's so much cooler. >> i'm working on the meteorology. >> that's what she calls me. junior meteorologist wanna be. i'm trying to educate myself. keep working on it, larry. >> let me show you live doppler h.d. and we'll show you what's ahead at the marine layer and it is locked in at our beaches. as you recall the bay hardly saw the sun until later this afternoon when the sun started to break through. we are watching isolated showers developing and lightning strikes developing and isolated thunderstorms could rotate back toward the ukaya area and it's certainly a possibility this evening. compared to 24 hours ago it's ten degrees cooler in concord and 80 degrees cooler in livermore. most areas dropped by a few degrees later this afternoon
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compared to this time. it's going to stick around and we'll call it cloudy overnight with patchy drizzle and afternoon sun and inland tomorrow and we're looking at a few sprinkles possible on wednesday. the first one is just west of southern california and this is what helped to deepen the marine layer and another one near the gulf of alaska is going to drop down and reinforce the cooling. so tomorrow, don't expect much in the way of warmth and the deep marine layer sticks around as we head toward the next couple of days and gray skies overnight could see spotty drizzle for your morning commute. as we head toward the afternoon you will see partly cloudy skies inland, but cool along the coastline and in the sierra nevada tracking more showers and thunderstorms and south of tahoe could see snow in the mountains there. tomorrow morning starting out with damp roadways and allow extra time. upper 40s to the low 50s. cool, you'll need a sweater or
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jacket and for the afternoon 69 in the south bay and san jose and 66 redwood city and 66 pacifica and daley city and downtown san francisco and north bay, 67 in santa rosa and 68 napa and you'll see the cloud cover breaking up in the afternoon and inland spots and 70 in concord. accuweather forecast, possible sprinkles on wednesday as the second low comes through and temperatures will just dip a few degrees only to recover as we hit the weekend. cheryl and larry upper 50s to low 60s and mid-70s inland for the upcoming weekend. >> i was asking about the haze. it's a different kind of haze. live look at hippie hill in san francisco and we are precisely at 4:20 in the afternoon and the symbolic number for pot smokers. it is not officially licensed by the city. of course, it would not be. police accept the party as long
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as everybody stays mellow. last year there were 15,000 people at this event and volunteers will be there picking up the garbage and the city is prepared to pick up extra trash that gets left behind. you can see the smoke wafting up into the sky there and a big contact high in the park. the group is one of many across the country and one of 700,000 people taking part nationwide. sky 7 hd live above uc santa cruz where several thousand people are taking part in the 4/20 event there. if you're wondering why the number, it is tied to the bay area. a glup of students years ago used the term for smoking weed at 4:20 in the afternoon. one of their parents helped buy property of the grateful dead in marin. organizers say smoking marijuana has become so mainstream it's less of a protest now a days and more of a celebration. >> i had no idea that was the
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origin there. >> san rafael high school. you learn something new. >> they came, they saw and conquered. shoppers storming target for a hot new clothing line and how this is helping a silicon valley tech giant. >> plus the mac and cheese change coming to a. lar dinner time staple for children. and another live look at the afternoon commute situation. this is a live shot of the san mateo bridge. oncoming traffic is heading from the peninsula to the east bay and hayward in particular and smooth sailing on the righthand side and g
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this is fascinating and elan musk was considering selling his company to google. this according to bloomberg. musk had negotiated an $11 billion deal with google ceo larry paige and the details are to be released in a soon-to-be released book.
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the model s weren't selling. tesla ended up posting a profit later that year and they paid back their debts and musk broke off the deal with google. now we know. >> the high demand for target's lily pulitzer line. the items are now more than double they originally were selling for. shoppers lined up yesterday. look at that. that's what it looked like across the country as people tried to get their hands on the limited collection of beachwear and accessories. store shelves and target's website sold out within hours. customers complained about problems online and target apologized for the delays. >> when they saw this big activity early in the morning they shut the site down at 3:00 a.m. eastern time for 15 minutes to keep the site from crashing. target says it does not plan on per lilly items to become available. so either you pay the high-end prices in other stores or try to get them on ebay. >> a popular dinner item staple
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for children is losing its glow. >> can it help your child with math? jane king has those stories and more in today's wellness report. >> university of utah students could soon be eating more utah grown food. they're spending more of the food dollars on fresh locally produced foods. university president says it will spend more on real food over the next five years. kraft foods removing artificial preservatives and synthetic colors from macaroni and cheese. it will add turm eric and paprika instead of dyes. customers are demanding simpler fare. >> moms who discuss simple math with children at the dinner table can improve kids' grasp of arithmetic. it found that mothers who talk to their children about counting money, buying groceries and using math during cooking saw their children have more confidence and perform better in
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early education math tests. future research will focus father's conversations with kids and can drinking alkaline water keep you disease-free? supporters swear to keep the body to optimal health. as alluringas it sounds the answer is no. that's according to physician stanley goldfarb at the university of pennsylvania. he says if you drink a lot of alkaline water, all you're going to do is have to go to the bathroom a lot. from the nasdaq i'm jane king. here's to your health. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. >> i don't think that the government is going to shoot a 61-year-old mailman in a flying bicycle. >> the mailman who landed his gyrocopter on the capital lawn tells his side of the story on abc news. the personal message he was trying to deliver. a second california man taken into custody.
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relief from the drought now gushing into the east
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. in news making headlines where you live at 4:30, thousands of people are lighting up on san francisco's so-called hippie hill for the annual 4/20
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gathering. some organizations are pushing for the legalization of recreational marijuana in california. that's an effort that failed a few years ago but will be back on the ballot next year. fairfield police are looking for a suspect who took a car out of the family's driveway with the 8-year-old boy inside. the boy says he wasn't scared when it happened. abc 7 reporter tiffany wilson will have the live report with the frantic 911 call. doctor medical center in san pablo is opening just across the street. lyanne melendez will have a live report coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. and only on 7, this is an emergency measure that's going to make at least two east bay reservoirs look more full than they would be otherwise. east bay mud has purchased emergency supplies for the
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second time in the city's history. laura anthony live now with the story that you will see only on 7. laura? >> reporter: -- it's only about half full as we speak it is filling by the minute and that is because east bay mud is buying water from the sacramento river. by this summer the reservoir will be full and an ironic byproduct of a deepening drought. what nature can't provide, east bay mud will buy. water, 32,000 from the sacramento river started flowing into the half-full san pablo reservoir. we're bringing in an additional water for the san pablo reservoir and that's because the water supply from the sierras is low this year. >> so low the vital snow pack is
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basically non-existent. no local runoffs either. >> this is always a second time east bay mud has purchased water through the freeport pumping station. once it arrives in the bay area, the sacramento river water must go through a seven-step treatment process and east bay mud filter plants. >> the water from freeport when it blends with the san pablo reservoir water very easy water quality more so -- and because of those variations the conventional plant is more effective in treating that water. >> the ph, and chlorine and californiacal alkalinity, and to the traditional supply which comes from the mccollum river. >> even with all this east bay mud still plans to go on the
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open market to purchase more water in the coming weeks. in el sabrante, laura anthony, abc 7 news. san francisco is heading out new lawn ornaments. the science carries the slogan brown is the new green. san francisco residents cut their water use by 8% this year. these signs promote more conservation by encouraging residents by cutting down on irrigation and let their lawns go brown. >> we're encouraging people, when you look at your lawn if you allow them to go brown we are able to conserve more water and that's why we're offering signs. >> the city will do its part in public spaces and some parks will be watered less frequently. lawn signs can be picked up at the public utility commission in golden gate avenue and polk street. today federal authorities announced major terrorism arrests in minneapolis and san diego. the fbi said the suspects were
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relentless in their determination to join violent extremists overseas. abc news reporter marcy gonzalez has the details. >> reporter: six suspects in federal court today accused of trying to join isis. the arrest highlighting what the fbi says is a growing concern. >> we have a terror recruiting problem in minnesota and this case demonstrates how difficult says to put an end to recruiting here. >> the somali-american men ranging in age from 19 to 21 reportedly recruited each other in minneapolis. one of their friends managed to slip into syria where he is a master recruiter and helped the six men to travel to the middle east to join the terror group. the fbi stopping them before they could leave the u.s. >> yet they continued. guled was stopped multiple times from traveling, but what is remarkable about this case is that nothing stopped these defendants from pursuing their
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goal. >> i think the biggest concern we have is that these are individuals who may come back once they go to syria. the fbi monitoring the group for ten months making the arrest in san diego and minneapolis. >> i have said many times that we need to break the cycle of terror recruiting in minnesota. these arrests bring us one step closer. >> we are told the fbi was able to track this group because one of their friends became an informant. we are told he recorded meetings with the suspects and shared their plans with investigators. marcy gonzalez abc news new york. baltimore's police commissioner is ordering a change in police rules after the death of a man injured while in custody. anthony bass, you may remember them called for a rewrite on rules on moving arrestees and calling for medical help. the move comes after four officers chased and tackled freddy gray during an arrest on april 12th. he suffered severe spinal
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injuries and that led to his death. investigators still don't know how gray was hurt. >> as this investigation continues we will take corrective action whenever and wherever it is necessary. if we see policies that don't make sense or on a date or antiquated they will be changed. >> officers who arrested gray have been placed on administrative duty and activists in baltimore are demanding more action in this case. >> european union leaders will hold an emergency summit and the concern that 700 migrants died while trying to cross the mediterranean. according to one, a large number of people remained trapped inside the boat as it capsized. the survivor says human traffickers organizing that trip locked the doors to the lower levels of the ship. the european union meeting this week will try to find solutions to stop the growing migrant trafficking problem from africa
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and the middle east. hillary clinton back on the road this time in new hampshire. mrs. clinton foregoing large rallies for smaller more intimate talks with voters and she took part in a roundtable. >> new hampshire is the perfect example of what it takes to start and grow a small business and i come from a small business family. my father had a very small business. he printed drapery fabric in a print plant. >> new hampshire carries special significance for the clintons in 1992. bill clinton declared himself the comeback kid after he finished second in the primary there and in 2008 hillary clinton rebounded from a tough loss in i wach to win in new hampshire. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 the type of cancer doctors say will jump by 50% in the next few years. the investigation under way in san francisco after a deadly night on one bay area freeway. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel and a deep marine layer and we're looking at the
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possibility of patchy
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the cphp is investigating why he was on a freeway onramp. it happened on the northbound 101 alameda off-ramp. at least two cars hit the victim who has only been identified as male. it was closed for two hours on
4:42 pm
cesar chavez street. a car flew off the road and landed on a playground. you can see the car upside down on top of a fly. this happened saturday on sonoma street. police say the driver became distracted, hit a fence and slid down an embankment and then into the playground. nobody was seriously hurt. >> another check of the forecast now. >> sandhya patel joins us now. as you look at live doppler 7 hd the activity is starting to die down north of clear lake and we're watching low clouds along the coastline and meanwhile some thunderstorms if you're doing some traveling from st. louis and up toward new york and rain and 65 tomorrow afternoon and snow in minneapolis and out west, look at the west in phoenix and 65 seattle and thunderstorms in the sierra nevada extending down toward the yosemite area and down toward fresno. it's 66 tomorrow afternoon in los angeles we're looking at a
4:43 pm
high of 65 in tahoe. high temperatures here in the bay area still remaining on the cool side a lot like today along the coast in the upper 50s and cloudy skies and 59 in san francisco and 58 half moon bay and 64 in oakland and inland areas upper 50s, and 70 degrees in livermore and 69 in half moon bay and you'll go to 72 tomorrow and the afternoon highs will remain at or slightly below normal and can't rule out a sprinkle or two from your tuesday and the possiblist sprinkles on tuesday. unfortunately, we're not looking at anything more than a few sprinkles out there. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 confusing cars. 7 on your side michael finney partners exclusively with consumer reports to see what's making cars trucks and suvs more complicated than ever. a surge in breast cancer cases and doctors reveal why the number of women
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. covering venetia san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area. this saibsabc 7 news.
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breast cancer cases are projected to rise by 2030. it is the most common form of cancer. researchers say currently one woman out of every eight will develop breast cancer in her life time. researchers say the predicted increase reflects three trends and the increasing number of older women as the baby boom generation and the number of tumors receptive to the hormone estrogen estrogen. >> they're expected to meet with the justice department wednesday in an attempt to get approval from their merger. the two sides haven't met since the deal was announced in february of last year. federal officials are concerned that the combined new company would have way too much power and would give it unfair, competitive leverage against other channels that offer programming online. the combined company will control 40% of u.s. market for broadband internet. if you're going to any new car lot you are sure to see
4:48 pm
cars, trucks and suvs with all kinds of new technology but is it becoming too complicated? >> consumer reports partnered exclusively with 7 on your side to check out what can be some frustrated things. >> for decades, traditional automatic shift levels have parked at the top down to reverse and down at the bottom. you can see and feel the shifter go into position. newer designs go into electronic levers, push buttons and dials to get into gear. in this bmw you push the electronic lever forward to go into reverse. it stays in gear, but the shifter pops back to center. and in this per edders benz the shifter is where the windshield wiper lever usually is. the shifters just aren't intuitive. they force you to unlearn years of muscle memory in an emergency you can easily revert back to old habits and put the car in the wrong gear. the problem is it's not
4:49 pm
intuitive. >> the new controls are confusing to jeffrey reese a car enthusiast and auto product liability attorney. >> i don't believe that one should ever have to pull out an owner's manual to figure out how to use lights or wipers. >> turning the car on or off has gotten complicated. in this lincoln akc the ignition button is on the dashboard where cow can hit it by mistake. lincoln recalled the mkc earlier this year and is redesigning the switch. design can get in the way of function controls need to be simple intuitive and safe and not force you how to learn how to drive all over again. consumer reports found many models from chevrolet hyundai and kia have simple straightforward controls and even though they still have lots of high-tech features. i'm michael finney, 7 on your sorried. >> one really hungry california
4:50 pm
woman plans to keep raising the stakes even after devouring 13 pounds of steak in less than 20 minutes. >> the big texan restaurant in amarillo offered 124-pound molly schumer $5,000 if she could finish three 4 1/2-pound steaks in less than an hour. she scarfed down that food and in 20 minutes and 18 minute, actually. her feat will be submitted to the guinness world records. >> believe it or not she said she was not satisfied. she planned to finish a fourth steak. she said she wasn't full just kind of tired of the taste. >> just bored huh? >> she's like the female joey scheft nut. you need to have a chowdown and a chowoff if there is such a thing. i would pay to see that. not a lot, but anyway -- it's been 14 years since you last saw them. we're looking at the terrifying
4:51 pm
dinosaurs of jurassic park this afternoon. >> it's not about control. stand there. it's a relationship. based on response -- >> the online world is buzzing today after universal studios released the latest trailer for jurassic world. the trailer introduced us to the predator and a massively modified t-rex. this movie hits theaters june 12th. we don't have to wait as long as we do for star wars. that's december. >> that's so far away. >> everyone seems to have a toppel ganger out there. even kermit the frog. >> a new species found in costa rica. >> compared to jim henson's most famous muppet. the eyes look quite similar. the little neck thing not working for him but the real-life frog can't seem to make the rainbow connection. >> i choose not to. >> scientists has a very
4:52 pm
distinctive croak that they've never heard before and that's the body double right there. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. the mailman who tried to deliver a personal message to capitol hill with his gyrocopter tells his side of the story to abc news and why he made the daring d.c. stunt. >> here's dan now with a look ahead at 5:00. >> thanks, cheryl, very much. >> coming up next do you eat dinner late or snack at midnight, maybe? eating close to bed time and what that could do to your risk of cancer. ♪ ♪ >> and the pomp and circumstance for a cutting edge training facility in the bay area.
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here's a look at tonight's prime timelineup on abc 7. we started out with "dancing with the stars," followed by "castle" and abc 7 news at 11:00. the man who landed his gyrocopter on the lawn of the
4:56 pm
u.s. capitol is talking exclusively to abc news about exactly why he did it. doug hughes is now facing serious charges. he back at home in florida. matt kellar tells us about the message the postal worker was trying to deliver. >> reporter: for the first time we take a look at the daring journey of doug hughes. the postal worker had an incredible view from atop his gyrocopter. here he raced down the runway preparing his takeoff from gettysburg, pennsylvania. this was the beginning of his 80-mile trip to the capitol. you could see d.c. below him as he made his approach. the 61-year-old landed on the west lawn of the capitol to deliver a political statement about campaign finance reform. on an exclusive interview on "good morning america" he told george stephanopoulos what was going through his mind. >> i'm a mailman and i was delivering the male and i don't think the government was going
4:57 pm
to shoot a man who was not threatening anyone. >> he's on leave from his job and is facing four years in jail. he began house arrest in florida. still his daughter says she's standing by her father. >> i was proud. he's a patriot you know? he did it for the country. >> it's up to the american people to decide whether or not they're going to catch the mail that i threw. if they picked this up it's in their power to fix the problem and then it's worth it even if i lose my job and even if i go to jail. >> hughes is wearing a gps monitor. a hearing is scheduled in two weeks. hughes says he doesn't expect to ever get his gyrocopter back. in the newsroom, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> safe bet on that. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins with cheryl and dan. >> we have a child who is in the car. >> a little boy is found safe after being abducted and now late word that a suspect could
4:58 pm
be in custody. >> also ahead a big blow to water conservation and an unexpected court ruling just handed down. plus regulating marijuana in the age of celebrating all things cannabis. >> freshly baked this morning. >> and we are live as warriors fans try to shout down the competition. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel cloudy in the morning with spotty drizzle and i'll let you know how the rest of the day is shaping up. live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc 7 news. >> oh my god. >> okay. somebody took your car and your son was inside? >> yes! >> how old is your son? >> he's 8. >> a terrified mother's call for help. her son taken by a car thief, but there is good news tonight. thanks for joining us i'm cheryl jennings. >> that child thank goodness,
4:59 pm
is safe and sound after a terrible scare for his family. the boy was in the car and it was taken from meadow lark drive and found two miles away on dalia street. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson is in fairfield live tonight with more on the story. dif me? >> you're absolutely right. there is a lot of good news tonight. brock guzman is home with his family in this house right here behind me. their car that was stolen is back in the driveway and this afternoon we learned that fairfield police have taken a person of interest into custody and detectives have been interviewing that man for the past several hours. >> after hours of uncertainy and distress our camera captured this moment of relief. >> brock guzman has been found safe. >> he loaded their third grade son into the backseat and went inside. suzanne walked out moments later. >> i went to go from the door to the car and it was gone. when she saw the bike on the sidewalk her heart dropped.
5:00 pm
>> my baby was gone and there was a bike there so i knew someone took my baby. >> fairfield police issued an amber alert and brock's picture quickly spread across social media. >> i was just distraught all morning. >> reporter: shortly after 8:00 a.m. a man on his way to work spotted the 2001 toyota corolla parked on dalia drive. sky 7 hd was over the neighborhood less than two miles from brock's home. police found the 8-year-old curled up asleep in the backseat. >> the child is in the car. he is okay. he just woke up. >> minutes later an emotional reunion, brock still wrapped in his blanket. >> i asked him if he was scared because that's all i was thinking is how frightened he must be when he wakes up and i wasn't there and he just said he wasn't scared. nancy nunez lives down the street from where brock was found. she's drilled the amber alert worked. as a mother, i was glad because if that would have been my child i would have been an


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