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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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n from a bay area teenager. >> a live report o
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the sound of silence tonight. a rare cello belonging to a local teenager was stolen from a san francisco parking garage. the crooks caught on camera and now the teen prodigy and her family are asking for your help. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. it happened at a parking garage at union square. you can see here they are rifling through the cars. >> cornell bernard is in the newsroom with more. >> it began with a shopping trip with a new music recite tell dress and ended with the precious cello getting ripped off. >> the only shot running through my head is how can anyone do this? >> police don't want us to show her face, but this 16-year-old is heart broken over the death of her beloved cello. stolen by two crooks caught on a parking garage security
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camera. >> a cello is an obscure thing to steal. it is so large. also what would they do with it? >> watch closely. a female suspect rummages through the suv taking personal items from the front seat and the male accomplice waits in the get away car. the crime takes several minutes. >> we came back within an hour and the entire rear windshield had been smashed. >> the hand crafted cello worth $8500 was gone. police released these pictures of the thieves by the garage elevators. it was much more than a hobby. >> the cello is important to me. it is something that gives mooy a lot of confidence -- gives me a lot of confidence because it is competitive and music is a place i can go to express myself. >> her mom makes this plea. >> we badly need the cello back and that's all. we won't ask any questions. >> police hope someone knows
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who these cello thieves are before they take their new act out of town. in san francisco cornell bernard, abc7 news. in southern california tonight the city of carson cleared the path for a proposed stadium that could become home to the silver and black as well as the san diego chargers. councilmembers approved a plan to build a $1.7 bill -- billion stadium bypassing a public vote. they say no tax dollars will be used to build the stadium and offered few details about who would pay for it. raiders fans in l.a. say hey let's make it happen. >> i don't think we need to put it in a vote. let's bring back football to l.a. >> bring em back! bring em back! >> tonight oakland city council approved rezoning and environmental clearances for the coliseum area. mayor libby shaft is focused on delivering a stadium deal that works for the raiders. marin catholic high school has sent letters to parents letting them know why a group of nuns walked out of the classroom. it happened on friday. the chronicle reports five
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members of the dominican sisters were protesting a gay nonprofit sponsoring an anti-bullying day of silence. the school opted out of participating in the event and instead held a morning prayer for students bullied everywhere. parents we talked to say it was all a misunderstanding. san jose took a bold step to help with water worries. they voted to cut water use by 30%. so far users have only cut 13%. our media partner says it will limit outdoor water to twice a week. the city plans to work with the santa clara water district to find water wasters. the 49ers aren't making new fans tonight. a group of people is furious about plans to replace children's soccer fields with a parking lot for the thank you stadium. and now parents and kids and coaches are putting pressure on the team to make things right. we go live to levi stadium with the story. katie?
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>> with levi stadium looming nearby, the soccer fields behind me became the hottest item in silicon valley. you heard the phrase, don't mess with a soccer mom well tonight she brought her whole team. the santa clara youth soccer supporters came out in full force. they are upset over a proposal to lease the city land to the san francisco 49ers which could put parking a priority over kids' sports. >> i really like that field. >> levi stadium has a documented parking problem and the niners organization is green with envy over the 11 acres currently dedicated to soccer fields. >> if the 40 finers are interested -- >> the chief operating officer presented to city council a $15 million cash down payment to the city and 3 million to the schools and a percentage of parking revenue and a 39-yearlies plus options for the parking spot. >> the soccer community is looking for an equal
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replacement. >> for several hours people urged the council to decline the offer. >> my parents tout me that it is important to do the right thing. >> an equal or better field location has not been identified. >> we heard the value of the land alone is $70 million. >> as land value in silicon valley goes higher than any other soccer ball they ask them to follow good business practice. don't take the first offer. >> it was not the final. ultimately council called timeout moving to set up a transparent process to discuss the complicated issue of fair price and fields. in santa clara abc7 news. >> a man who just bought a tour bus saw it go up in flames tonight. abc7 news was in downtown oakland off northbound 880 at the oak street off-ramp where the bus ended up. the driver got off the freeway safely and the crews quickly put out the flames. no one was hurt, but the
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off-ramp was closed for a short time and a back up did form on i 80. a registered sex offender has been arrested after he claimed to be a masseuse to sexually assault a woman. it happened one week ago at a salon on north kingston street where he worked. they say troy murphy got the woman to undress in a private room and then assaulted her. san francisco jail guard are expected to be the first in the state to wear body cameras in a jail. the move comes as the deputies accused of organizing fights among inmates and betting on them. janet is live in san francisco with the story. >> the announcement came down from the sheriff's office that has been plagued with recent allegations. they say body cameras are the answer, a move that would protect the inmates and the jail deputies. >> body cameras like this one will soon be worn by deputies who work at county jail number
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four at the halve justice. hall of justice. this is where the gladiator fights took place. he broke the news last month after getting a tip from an inmate's father. >> when you are talking accountability in today's day and age people want to see video. >> the sheriff plans to roll out the first of its kind program for any california jail in the coming months. his office says it tried unsuccessfully to get funding for the cameras for years but now they are footing the bills themselves. >> the sheriff's department says they will find $50,000 to pay for 30 cameras. >> but 30 cameras aren't enough. >> it will be quite limited. body cameras are not effective unless everyone in the jail has one. >> more importantly protocol needs to be put in place that would address potential misuse of the cameras. the cameras are speaninged it to be -- expected to be turned off during strip searches and
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the shower area. the four deputies accused of organizing and betting on the fights among inmates are still on paid leave pending several investigations. abc7 news. a sea lion pup lost on a stretch of highway was rescued before it got hurt. two mendocino county deputies saw the young sea lion moving on the road and stopped to help. they say it was friendly and started rubbing against their legs. look at this. they strapped the pup into the backseat with guidance from the marine mammal center to set it free. next on abc7 news -- >> what am i doing? >> this woman's child was just taken but she says the police made her feel like a criminal. the new body camera video that sheds light on the encounter. >> and are you at heightened risk of getting breast cancer? there is a less expensive way to find out, but there is also
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a downside to it. >> bay area animal shelter gets funky with some of its it cutest critters. >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel. it is looking gray and damp for the morning drive. abc7 news at 11:00 will be right back. >> the abc7 weather app.
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tonight the family of the 8-year-old boy asleep in the back of the stolen car plans to file a complaint against the officers who helped find
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their son. they say the officers didn't handle the case professionally and now new body camera video provided by fairfield police is shedding light on what really happened. >> where am i going? what am i doing? what am i doing? >> stop resisting. >> the woman you heard there is suzanne guzman. she is obviously extremely upset. she was hysterical and denying access to the home even though officers spotted what appeared to be blood on the carpet. they ended up restraining her but did officers cross the line? tiffany wilson has the story. >> no longer the center of an amber alert brock guzman is glad to be home. >> i just want to say thank you to everybody that was outlooking for me. >> his dad paul says they are thrilled that brock is safe but the family is upset with the way fairfield officers handled the initial investigation. >> we were treated like
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criminals. >> paul showed cell phone video from yesterday morning. it is hard to see but guzman says this is the moment officers threw his wife on the ground and put her in handcuffs. >> people are in route right here, right now. >> i can't breathe. >> paul says the situation escalated when suzanne would not let officers inside. >> we have two dogs and one of them will bite. >> at one point an officer tries to explain why they need to search the house. >> the first thing you do anytime you are looking for somebody missing is you start where they last were and check there first. every agency does that. that's what we are trying to do. >> former fbi agent rick smith says it is standard protocol to question families in a missing child case. >> people being interviewed get a little defensive which is natural. the police are used to that. but i think there is a little bit of undo sensitivity here on the part of the family. >> the guzmans family the officers crossed the line. they hired an attorney and plan on filing a formal complaint against the fairfield police department. the fairfield police would not
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discuss the video or the complaint only saying the investigation is on going. in fairfield tiffany wilson, abc7 news. a silicon valley start up launched a breast cancer screening that will cost a fraction of regular tests. they use high speed computers to sort through the data. the information can be used to determine if the woman is at risk for breast or ovarian cancer. previous versions cost thousands of dollars. this one is just about $250. >> clearly it adds to the accessibility. insurance companies will want to look at that. individuals who want to test outside of insurance or whose insurance doesn't cover it will have that opportunity. >> if the screenings show a woman is at risk, doctors can be more thorough and do a different search for signs of cancer. >> part of downtown san francisco will be transformed into a football fan's dream for super bowl 50.
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organizers unveiled plans. they will set it up at justin herman plaza. they will be interactive high-tech games and activities and food and drinks. the village will be free and open for eight days leading up to the february 7th super bowl. while we are months away from football season basketball is happening right now. newmike shumann will be there too. game three is thursday and game four on saturday. we will have shu's live reports on abc7 beginning tomorrow and follow shu on twitter for an insider's perspective. >> tune in. we've got you covered. let's talk about this weather. alt raw out there today. >> you just want it to pour. may as well. come on sandhya. >> i am working on it. all we could give you is drizzle. you probably had to use your windshield wipers and tonight it is getting cool and drizzly out there. live doppler 7hd is tracking a
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fairly deep marine layer that is covering most of the bay area. visibility is low where there is a combo of fog and low clouds. give yourself a little more time for that commute. even though the temperatures are all in the 50s with the gusty on shore breezes all day today it felt cooler this afternoon and tonight it still feels raw as dan mentioned. sfo camera showing you an over cast sky. if you are flying out tomorrow for business be prepared for delays again. spotty drizzle for your morning drive. we are looking at showers and thunder the rest of the week. there is an area of low pressure that keeps you cooler than average. everyone in the 50s and ict ises for the highs are well below normal for this time of year. this front that is weakening offshore will squeeze in a little more drizzle. a series of weak disturbances kill -- will come through.
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we will see some changes later in the week. overnight tonight you will see the fog and the low clouds and the drizzle and it is spotty in places for the start of your morning commute. do watch out for the damp roadways. isolated showers are possible as we head toward wednesday afternoon and evening around the lake county areas. if you are heading up there the thunderstorms and the scattered showers once again. tomorrow morning watch out for the damp roadways and make sure you bundle up. it will be on the cool side. upper 40s to the low 50s. as we head toward the afternoon hours here is how your highs will end up. a little higher than today and it will feel a little better than it did today. if you don't like it so cool, 71 tomorrow afternoon in the south bay and san jose. 70 in palo alto. mid70s livermore and antioch. 70 in vallejo. a little more sunshine and that's why the milder weather. 68 oakland and 63 in san francisco. 59 in half moon bay and 64 in santa cruz.
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giants and dodgers are at it again at at&t park. it will look different than it did tonight. we will call for partly cloudy skies and breezy and midto upper 50s tomorrow evening. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. it will feature a little more sun on thursday. temperatures dip with the possibility of drizzle. i didn't want to get too excited about this but one model is hinting on a shower chance on saturday. we recover the low 80s on monday and tuesday. >> thank you sandhya. >> coming up next on abc7 news what do you do when control, alt delete is not
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♪ time is right for you to adopt ♪ ♪ and spay and neuter your pup ♪ >> isn't that cute? the east bay spca is getting down in hopes of getting more pets adopted. it is called "uptown pup" and inspired by of course bruno mars'" uptown funk." >> good stuff. man versus technology. a colorado man took that to the extreme last night. he has been running into problems with his computer for several months and so he took it into an alley rase night and shot -- alley last night and shot it. police say the judge may be lenient because he didn't realize he was breaking the law. who knows. main judges have computer problems too. >> goodness. >> it is frustrating. >> duane comes and he goes.
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>> he studies it. >> wala. >> gotta love duane. >> he saves me, victor too. in sports the giants needed this tonight. timmy time and justin
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good evening. the dodgers started hot and the dodgers did to the. we are three weeks into the season and l.a. is up by six games on the defending world champs. tim lincecum is out to change that and he would with a former teammate and owner looking on the barry bonds in the house. testimony me is sporting the new locks. short hair. it is like sampson reverse goes six innings.
11:29 pm
the dig out at first to get the double play. they turn 4dp's. the giants lead it 4-1 in the eighth and puig with two on and down the line in right. maxwell is just in time. he crashes into the concrete base makes the catch. a little help from san francisco's finest and then maxwell with a pom in the eighth. that is a rocket. rocket share. a two-run blast. giants get a much-needed 6-2 win over the dodgers. bumgarner and kershaw tomorrow. a's trying to creep above 500. there was an overturned double play to keep it alive for angels. high deep and aloha. a three-run bomb. the only a's highlight.
11:30 pm
you can crush the fast ball. the a's got crushed in this game. stanford and cal and his first career start. normally a reliever and seven hit less innings. hoe is not used to throwing that many pitches. trying to preserve the no-no and no! stanford gets the shutout. what steve kerr has done with the warriors best in franchise history and only done by 10 teams in nbã history. not good enough to win the coach of the year award. the atlanta hawks took the honor today in a close vote. he has low expectations and he lead them to the best record in the east. some warrior fans were upset they did not win the award.
11:31 pm
kerr is not among them. >> our team has gotten so much recognition and i have gotten way too much credit. i didn't need anymore. trust me. >> a classy guy. game 3 is thursday night. meek shumann is traveling to new orleans. if we can get him out of the cafe we will have reports tomorrow and thursday. >> good luck. >> abc7 news continues on-line and on twitter and facebook and all of your mobile devices with the abc7 news app. >> our next news
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