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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 23, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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charged with using a firearm. the four went to a house according to the complaint to buy marijuana. they left and returned later police say, to rob the drug dealer, who was 18 years old they were wearing ski masks and one had a gun. one is an all star player the fourth, james dempsey plays basketball. this is what his mom told us. >> anybody who has done anything in their teen-aged years regrets it, at this point he is a good man. he does have a soul. >> they will be tried as adults. there will be a bail hearing to ask the amount be reduced.
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in the meantime, all four are in custody. >> abc7 news wayne freedman is live at childrens hospital. a little boy is being treated. wayne? >> we know he has life-threatening injuries the family is keeping his condition private. police trying to get to the bottom of this to find the shooter or shooters. maybe the fact that a lot of people stayed inside today. >> as i turned the corner, gunfire.
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>> the little boy was fighting for his life. >> the little boy was laying on the grass. >> kumar was an innocent bystander, when a gunman opened fire on fifth street. >> was this little boy a target? >> we have no reason to believe that he was a target. >> police do know they're dealing with yet another crime, which ranked in dangerous american cities and they know they have a challenge in finding culprits. you can see the signs reading no trespassing. >> you know it's a set of
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opposition. young people don't value life anymore. >> in vallejo, an innocent 7-year-old boy can fall in the hail of bullets. >> a student has attended class on monday but hasn't been seen since. chris? >> reporter: good evening volunteers have gone home for the day but will be back here, hoping more people will be here to help. this is a reminder of his love for nature and running the trail. an all-out search for a 17-year-old boy. >> if a kid is lost we'll be out
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here looking for a missing kid. that is what we're doing as a community. >> members of the citizen's corps have been checking neighborhoods and visiting local businesses. >> a community is holding out hope for return. >> he's our neighbor. and conner is our friend our brother. our son. >> at the command post volunteers trying to make sure no stone is left unturned. in cupertino, chris nguyen, abc7
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news. a boating accident left three people dead, and one is still missing the coroner identified the body of the 28-year-old from winsor as one of the boaters. two other passengers' bodies were found on saturday. the cause is still under investigation. >> a petaluma woman awoke to a stranger asleep on her couch this afternoon and called 911, then locked herself in the bedroom. the man woke up and tried to take off. police say he won't obey their commands. it appears he didn't steal anything, just ate soup in the kitchen. >> a woman is accused of arson in a fire. investigators believe the 52-year-old burned her own home march 29th the captain was leading his crew across the roof when it collapsed.
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he fell through, suffered burns the 25-year veteran was in surgery this morning. >> he's talking. he's very, very committed to getting out of the hospital. and that his determination is one of the things everyone loves about pete. >> he faces a long road to recovery the community is pitching in and rooting for him. >> san francisco is looking to change rules to regulate home rentals a group of air b and b hosts considered legislation. the rally is one of a campaign organized despite regulation limiting home rentals to 120 days per year and increase oversight. hosts say complying with the current law is difficult a lot. >> a thousand hosts started to
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make phone calls. >> a stricter proposal backed by the supervisor would cap rentals at 90 days. >> unless you know addresses of the units being rented unless you know numbers of days rented for, the laws will not be enforceable. >> a representative was at the rally but hasn't seen the proposed legislation >> authorities busted a pot growing operation that included 50 green houses. this is video of the marijuana plants being ripped from the green houses today. authorities saw the growing operation from the air this month. deputies detained 31 people. >> this is the tip of the iceberg. if you look at what happened between april and now, we've got surveillance and search warrants. now, comes the really hands on
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part. >> the marijuana plants taken from the 49 green houses will be taken to a different location, analyzed and then destroyed. >> a single bicycle is the only thing not damaged in a yard where a tree came crashing down in san jose. the 50-foot tall chinese sumac on top of the yard. this happened on north 9th street. just barely missing the house to the left of the screen there. no one was home or hurt the homeowners told us it belongs to a neighbor. >> the tree is hold. it's big. and the branchs were very big. i knew if it fell it would fell on my garage. i have been talking to a neighbor. we need to do something about this. >> abc7 news tried to contact that neighbor.
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no one answered the door. several tools were damaged with a fence. >> well, everyone is trying to save water but a local agency is being accused of wasting tens of thousands of gallons every day. >> abc7 news i team is investigating and dan noyes is here with somewhat of we've learned >> with the state under restrictions because of the drought, any amount of waste is important. and golf courses have come under scrutiny because of the water they need to keep those fairways green. >> he made a report about the leaks in 2011. >> they continued how long? >> as far as i know. >> that superintendent is now claiming the agency retaliated and says it's doing it's beflt to fix the problems. i'll get to the bottom of this controversy tonight at 11:00.
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>> california asem whether i today approved a bill to protect residents from being penalized if they don't water lawns during the drought. the measure prevents cities from fining residents. before the bill some homeowner associations require yards to be 25% grass the state slogan during this drought is brown is the new green. >> still ahead here tonight, warriors gear. where can you find it? why some retailers are running low on apparel for the dub nation. >> hello live at the center here in new orleans, we have a preview coming up. a final one before game three. >> saturday showers giving way to sunshine. a
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steph goes everything is cool. you know? he didn't have a best game but still makes an impact. you know? worries about what is it about these teams? there is defense and rebounding. >> this is a must win because they have to win four straight. they've won 11 of 14 here, and five straight, including a win over warriors. this might be the best game so
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far. we'll have highlights coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. reporting live i'm mike shumann, abc7 news. >> thank you shu. if you're cheering on golden state sh you probably like to do it wearing warriors gear. hi carolyn. >> heads up please. the concert has a nice selection. some stores are sold out of items, others have a limited selection. just as warriors fever starts to heat up. >> i >> we just ran out of those >> now golden state is in the
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playoffs, well stocked stores have to scramble to keep up with demand. >> you've got to get your swag on. >> i wish we had more things to give people. it's nice to have a selection available. >> treft us, the hunt is on. >> it's been not too much stuff everywhere. this is the most i've seen. >> to represent like others do this 19-year-old has the swag.
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and >> curry is hot. so are the rest of the warriors. >> when you get your gear send us a photo. so we can find them. >> looking good. >> great. >> that is good. >> may have showers coming our way. here is the live doppler 7 hd. we did have isolated showers.
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looking forward, you can see a cell moving over mount hamilton. this is a live view in lake tahoe. in the bay area it's 55 degrees now. san jose a mild 65. and this is a view over the bay. 69 in fairfield. concord, 67. and from sutro tower showers lasting early saturday morning before day break. we'll have warmer days on
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sunday. satellite image shows a couple of relatively weak storm systems moving into our direction. so let's get to the forecast starting at 7:00 tomorrow evening we'll see mostly cloudy skies and into saturday morning we'll see showers in the north bay around santa rosa. by 3:00 a.m showers will sweep through quickly. showers tapering off into early to mid morning hours giving way to partial clearing that will be giving way to sunny skies sunday. first rainfall we're projecting will be about 500 to a quarter inch. livermore may get up to four tenths p an
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inch. snow levels down to lake level. partly cloudy skies, low temperatures low 50s inland. we'll see lows into upper 40s. tomorrow looking for partly cloudy to mainly sunny day. and showers saturday. sunday sunny warmer. >> sometime needs a heads up when the light turns green? >> there is an app for that. you'll see how it works as we continue.
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at subway, a great meal starts with a great sandwich on the new "simple 6 menu." with six of our best six-inch subs, like the tender turkey breast plus any bag of chips and a 21-ounce drink for just $6 every day. >> there is a new app that helps you stay safe behind the wheel. >> this one, they say won't distract you. >> we're live tonight. take it away, laura.
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>> one important thing is that it's not something you're supposed to look at but listen to. here is the app. it's going to prepare us when the light is about to turn clean. and to be ready to give us the signal. >> this will lead drivers on the driving. a app is called enlighten. >> my app gave me a deep.
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>> this is what it is doing in this system. it adjusts necessary. >> we're on the cutting edge of technology. that is why we're able to use this application. >> this is good. it tells when you light is going to change. when you don't know. >> some worry it could be a distraction. >> there is more still to come at 6:00. just ahead military mistake cost the life of two hostages a public apology from the
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commander in chief. >> the price scandal david petraeus will have to pay. >> there are negative stereo types about this type of thing. >> a b
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president obama is accepting responsibility for deaths of two hostages mission staken by killed by drone strikes in pakistan. a 73-year-old american aid worker and a italian port worker were killed in pakistan in january the two had been held by al qaeda. >> based on intelligence we'd obtained at the time including hundreds of hours of surveillance we believed this was an al qaeda compound. and no civilians were present. >> also killed were two americans with al qaeda
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leadership roles. >> niece guy. friendly. good neighbor. took care of his family. >> his family says they're devastated but say those who took him captive bear the ultimate responsibility. >> former cia director general david petraeus was fined for a slip up that destroyed his career and the charg e is a misdemeanor. he admitted his mistakes today. . >> i look forward to moving on through the next phase of life. and to serve our great nation. but very much. he could have been sentenced to a year in prison, instead, more
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than doubled the fine recommended by prosecutors. >> hillary clinton has been called to testify on two major issues already dogging her campaign for president the chairman wants clinton to testify on benghazi before mid june. but first, wants to schedule a hearing for mid may on the use of a private e mail server while secretary of state this is video on the campaign trail today in new hampshire. in the senate loretta lynch lynchlynch -- >> tensions are still running high in baltimore, maryland tonight. protestor protestors are demonstrating on
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behalf of freddie gray. po two people were arrested. state troopers have been sent to help with protest going on nearly a week. >> the blockbuster merger between two cable giants is now off. bloomberg news reports comcast plans to walkway from the proposed take over of time warner cable. according to bloomberg officials opposed the merger. officials reportedly told bonl companies the merger won't be good for consumers. >> abc news released new video promoting diane sawyer's interview with bruce jenner tonight the 65-year-old olympic gold medallist speaks about his concerns journey and future. iet will be an emotional roller coaster. i'm going to get through it. >> i want to know how the story
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ends. how does my story snend >> he says his biggest worry is about his girls, their other brothers and his stepchildren, the kardashians the trance gender community will be watching with great interest on friday. >> they're hoping it brings a new acceptance of the condition. >> i have something to tell you. >> nerve wracking tv shows have made 2015 the year of the transgender movement. now, bruce jenner. >> celebrities transition, it can be good. people identify and understand. >> this is something this san franciscoin didn't get a lot of. >> there are negative stereo types >> ray's marriage of 18 years
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ended and she becamest estranged from her two adult sons. she created transgender emergency. >> for many in the community violence is a part of life. so is the daily struggle. >> the executive director says the court victories a danger still exists. >> there have been ten transgender women of color murder add cross the country. >> we met ray in january, when she was attacked on a bus. the crime is given ray the drive to finish her first year of law
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school. and is happy about life. >> 8 or 9 on the happy scale. yeah. yeah. >> but it had a feeling law school were not impossible tasks. >> and you can see the interview tomorrow night at 9:00. we'll have content on abc7 >> just ahead, the 25th anniversary of the [bulldog yawns] i can't wait to get to mattress discounters because the tempur-pedic bonus event ends sunday. choose $300 in free gifts, and get up to 48 months interest-free financing with any tempur-pedic mattress. ♪ mattress discounters ♪
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>> there are medal offices will be closed across the street. traffic reporter can guyed you around it on the abc7 morning news tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> be sure to tune in. tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of a landmark in america's space
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program. a launch of the hubble space telescope has sent back a million images but getting it into the sky is no small feat. abc7 news looks at the bay area ideas that made it happen. >> 3, 2, 1. >> the hubble test telescope has been like an encyclopedia. they have answered questions, and raised new ones. >> the universe is expanding. >> it's the single greatest instrument of all time. >> that from a man who worked on the program 20 years.
6:40 pm
>> this was the largest clean room ever built what. we call bunny suits. they were covered from head to toe. >> a speck of dust could be a problem. iet could be. >> once released into space turned out dust wasn't the problem. >> they realized there is something wrong. >> pictures were blurry the edge of the telescope's mirror had been ground at the wrong angle. another lab built it a set of eye glasses. >> little arms came out of this instrument. went up into the light path. and put corrective lenses onto the telescope. >> with the shuttle retired, hubble is on its own.
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>> looks like it's going to be okay. you know? >> in san francisco abc7 news. >> that would be great. >> yes. >> ten years of pictures. >> to see those images in 3 d, the movie is playing in san jose. >> look for show time and other links on abc7 >> when is a sale not a sale? >> the pricing policies some female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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are the sales you see for real? >> this attempted to answer when it tracked devices nearly a year. >> check book selected several items at each store and watched to see when they were on sail and when they were not.
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>> it's a group focused on retail pricing. >> they're trying to mislead customers. >> check book has been keeping track at several chains nearly a year selling a good news bad news story about what is found. >> we didn't find evidence of stores increasing a regular price. >> we did find items were always on sale or almost always on sale. >> it's surprising to see this going on. >> that is attorney kenneth
6:46 pm
abby. he can't comment on the story but can tell us the price in force by commission. >> it was never offered to consumers if you're getting the discount from. >> at macy's five items were on sale. >> macy's told me items were not monitored, however, macy's promotes by day, not week so a weekly snap shot does not give you a complete picture and noted some items were not put on sale. >> now sears.
6:47 pm
>> sears items were almost always on sale at sale prices were steep discounts. >> sears responded to my request by saying sears disagree was suggestion pricing is misleading we do not diskiss the details of our strategy. >> i have a link on abc7 >> turning now to the forecast. >> all kinds of changes coming our way. clouds around the bay area right now. statewide, numerous
6:48 pm
thunderstorms there. and down south showers near l.a. and san diego. l.a., dry conditions and cooler than today. here is your event planner. getting underway tomorrow. about 7:05, early morning hours chilly throughout the day. showers from the north that are not likely to last long into the day saturday. partial clearing sun kwee, warmer, sunday warmer monday, tuesday. >> right. >> thank you. >> a lot to talk about tonight. >> yes. >> yes.
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good evening. not that green needs more motivation but warriors firgs defensive player of the year honors he received 45 votes left off of 42 ballots. he reflected on presidential history to analyze this. >> i'm not going to sit here and kill myself over this. that is to winning championship. this is where we try to be. you can't sit here and beat yourself up for warriors -- worrying about elijah. he's a champion.
6:53 pm
>> game three underway in new orleans. giants limped into dodgers series. rookie justin maxwell this is into the veggie garden. giants down in the 8th. bases are loaded for maxwell bottom line crawford with a drive that has triple written all over it. maxwell down the line.
6:54 pm
good night game over. jesse chavez started and pitched very well. angel had one hit in this game. this is it in the third a two-run blast. that would be costly because a's couldn't get anything going on offense. that is how the game ends. >> michael crabtree is highly motivated motivated. king crab where 49ers found a
6:55 pm
deal waiting for him. he says he feels back at full strength and wants to reclaim his status. >> i got a lot to prove. just a legendary program. you know? that is a big deal. i'm ready. you know? i talked to the rest of guys. they're ready, too. first round last year's champion lidia co six birdies. down the hill on eight. couple bounces. and louis with a 69 tied for
6:56 pm
fifth. abc7 sports, funny thing on twitter. guy says why is ama wearing dodger blue? >> it's warriors blue. >> there we go. >> we're covered. >> how a number with that area code could be worth thousands. >> and the idea of
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thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. our champion, michael, has been with us for two days now, and yet every time he opens his mouth to say something i must admit i am a little bit surprised by his delightful and subtle accent. the man from massachusetts. ellen and greg good to have you with us today and good luck to all three of you. let's get going now in the jeopardy! round. and here are the categories. notice the spelling of that word -- "meat." en français. each correct response beginning with a "w." alex: michael. [ massachusetts accent ] let's start with i'm all about that bassist for $800. greg. what is spinal tap? you got it. pleased to meat you for $200.
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michael. what is a kangaroo? right. 5-letter "w"ords for $400.


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