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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 24, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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concord where warriors fever is as hot as steph kurry. hi, aim mitch. >> reporter: look at the colors hanging here in the front door of heads up sports in concord. the warriors blue and gold. warriors merchandise selling like hot cakes during this playoff run. fans may do some shopping but last night was all about celebrating. that was the reaction last night at the englander pub in san leandro and steph curry hit that unbelievable three-pointer to send the game into overtime. people were jumping out of their chairs and high fiving and hugging each other. the warriors went on to win the game, now up 3-0 in this series. their fans couldn't be more excited. >> my god, we were down by 20 point and then we came up. i'm so excited. they came back. can you believe it? this young team, they just gelled together. never seen a team do this
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before. >> sitting there one minute and 79-91. all of a sudden, 101-104. came here and took care of business. >> reporter: hear that shot from kurry. you got to watch it. it was just sick. most of the game belonged to the pelicans, but that shot turned things. they were up by 20 at one point, the pelicans were. fans were on fire. didn't feel like it was going to be the warriors night the warriors never quit. turned it around took it into overtime and striking distance of winning this series and vansing to the next round. the next game is tomorrow in new orleans. the warriors need one more to advance. if history is any indication, we are moving on tomorrow, because every team that has taken a 3-0 lead in the nba playoffs has won the series. so, if you don't have your blue and yellow, now might be the time to think about getting some. reporting live in concord, amy hollyfield abc7 news. >> all right amy, thank you very much. abc7 news sports anchor, mike shumann, is in new orleans, the
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warriors gear up for the decisive game four tomorrow. he will report live from the big easy tonight on abc 7 news. and be sure to follow shoe on twitter at mike shumann for an insider perspective. other news now, we approach 432. a cooper team know teen is back home this morning four days after he was reported missing. 17-year-old connor sullivan returned home last night. he had been reported missing monday after he did not show up to track practice at monta vista high school. hundreds of volunteers searched near the high school for the teen. police are releasing very few details about connors' disappearance but they say he did return home on his up. abc7 news reporter matt kelser live in cupertino and have a report for us at the top of the hour. developing news investigators in indiana will be looking into what caused a high school stage to collapse right in the middle of a performance, injuring about two dozen students. last night's frightening incident was all caught on video. abc7 news reporter alyssa harrington is live in the
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newsroom. >> reporter: in a very terrifying end to what was supposed to be a night of fun celebrating '80s rock music, a group of students was dancing on the stage when it gave way. the collapse was captured on video. more than a dozen people were hurt. this happened at central indiana's westfield high school. the students were dancing on the school stage during the grand fin nal i love a concert called american pieby features other students and staff musicians. they are seeing dancing and clapping during a cover of journey's "don't stop believing." in an instant, they sink as the floor collapses beneath them. others in the audience say they were shocked and then tried to help their classmates. >> girls are crying, moms are crying jumping up to the stage to get people out he having is okay. >> everybody running to the stage and finding out what
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happened, you see this 12-foot drop and just students being covered in huge pieces of wood and debris. >> 75 students were involved in the production of this show. classes at the school, which is about 20 miles outside of indianapolis, were not canceled today. there will, however, be additional guidance counselors on campus. the westfield mayor visited injured students at their hospitals overnight. investigators are now spending the day trying to determine exactly why that same collapsed. live in the newsroom, alyssa haring ton, abc7 news. >> alyssa if you own a vehicle that's high off the ground, look out. thieves are targeting trucks and suvs in the east bay for their catalytic converters. in the last week, there have been eight thefts on five streets, just in the city of hercules. thieves appear to be targeting toyotas because of their high ground clearance. all the thefts have involved 1990 to 2005 dack comas, sequoias and 4 runners. catalytic converters contain precious metals thieves usually
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try to sell them for scrap. a bay area teenager has been reunited with her expensive cello, stonen from her mom'some uv in san francisco earlier this month and this week, someone mysteriously returned it. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has the story. >> reporter: the bartender was closing tuesday night when a man in a black hooded sweatshirt rushed in. a guy walks in and just something huge and called the police. >> reporter: it is an $8500 cello stolen from an suv in a garage near union square april 11th. but he didn't know that at the time. >> i went back home and i talked to my wife. how weird that is. and my wife said, oh, yeah, i saw it on the news. >> reporter: he called police the next day. this is surveillance video of the crime abc7 news aired on tuesday. you see a woman ransacking the suv. her male accomplice in the get away car. the cello belongs to a 16-year-old girl. her family doesn't want us to
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reveal her identity. music is really, really important to me. it's an outlet of expression unlike any other. >> reporter: she tells us when her cello was stolen, she lost faith in humanity, but it is now restored. >> when i heard it had been dropped at the bar, i was infinitely grateful for the mysterious man. >> reporter: it sun known if he is the man in the video but at least the economy slow back where it belongs. >> excited, happy to get it back. >> reporter: police are still looking for the thief. in san francisco katy marzullo, abc7 news. a man approached and followed a high school stud inspect pelt lumme ma. the 17-year-old student at casa grande high school parked her vehicle in front of the school yesterday. the girl says a man was watching her and began following her so she went into the school and notified a teacher. the man is described as a 50-year-old white man around six feet tall with a thin build and black and white hair. he was wearing a black leather jacket and dark jeans. 4:36 now the push to name the it up that will connects the golden gate bridge to marin
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county after late comedian robin williams takes another step forward. the california assembly unanimously voted yesterday to approve the name change that bill now heads on to the senate. a petition to rename the tunnel has received more than 61000 signatures. williams was raised in marin and lived most of his life there the 63-year-old actor committed suicide at his home in august. new information shows cal trans knew that the new eastern span of the bay bridge was leaking rain water more than a year before the bridge opened. according to the san francisco chronicle, caltrans was aware that the supposedly water tight steel support structure leaked in rain as early as 2012. they were also warped that the water could cause corrosion. caltrans didn't acknowledge the leaks until january, 2014 but documents show agency engineers first noticed the problem two years ago when water entered the span through small gaps. you what i soon see apple fans sporting the symbol of their devotion long awaited
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apple watch. the first batch of apple's highly anticipated wearables are set to ship today. if you haven't ordered yours yet, you will have to wait a while. delivery is expected as late as july for some models and they are not available in apple stores. only a handful of boutique stores worldwide are selling them over the counter. one of the stores is in west hollywood. the line at max field in west hollywood is the only store in the u.s. where apple fans can just walk in and buy a watch, starting at 9:00 this morning. if that doesn't work, you can always catch a flight to japan where a handful of small stores are selling the watches, perhaps a handful and even those stores have just a small inventory. so let's see, if you catch the 6 a.m. flight to los angeles get in line there yeah, you might you can sporting an apple watch by, oh say 10:00. >> can't leave until tomorrow morning, you may have a bumpy flight because of the weather system moving in. >> so true, mike. >> i wonder if it is like an inspector gadget watch an umbrella will pop out, which you
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will need tomorrow. good morning start inland eastbound, some of our earliest risers, you have some of the longest commute. we are mainly in the low to middle 50s everywhere until you get out to antioch and brentwood. 57 58. check out mount diablo, 41. cooler air waiting above us going to rush in as we start to turn the atmosphere over as the sun comes up. today, not quite as warm as yesterday, this morning, off a little bit warmer low to middle 50s everywhere, cooper team know 49 calistoga, 48 sebastopol, 49. our roof gam, you can see the flags, there they are, blowing to the east a nice stiff, onshore breeze means cooler highs, especially inland today, 65 to 70. coast in san francisco, a brisk day 56 to 59, around the bay 61 to 68. we have a few clouds this morning, but see increasing high clouds as we head into the afternoon hours as that cold front approaches. here is a look at san jose. good news, yeah there's rain tomorrow, it's in the morning the models are starting to speed
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up a little bit. i will have that timetable coming up, check out the warming trend, 60s, 70s 80s by monday. see if they continue in the accuweather forecast. okay, mike good morning everyone. a look at walnut creek, the drive is light and accident free. soer if a, starting a you have on a pretty nice note. hopefully it will remain friday light for today. we do of course have a big closure in san francisco. we were warning you about this all week long, another closure of van necessary both north and southbound between geary boulevard and post street. i drove by it myself and we have got crews out there, also have chp and police making sure that you don't cross those construction lines. we do have muni and golden gate transit that can still pass through. this is going to last right through sunday at 11:59. a 72-hour closure. plan ahead. drive time traffic 580 westbound, trace is i to duplin 24 minutes. antioch to concord, 14 minutes, the north bay, south bound san rafael to san francisco, a 16-minute commute. eric kristen? 4:40 now the group trying to
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lure the raiders to a new stadium in southern california sweetens the pot. next, the spectacular tribute they promised to pay to the late al davis. also president obama gives it a sauce-covered thumbs up hugely popular texas barbecue joint coming to the bay area. a live look outside with abc7 news now. weather and traffic through the entire commercial break so you are
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welcome back, 4:43. turning now to that u.s. drone strike that killed two civilian hostages, president obama says he is taking full responsibility for the deaths of two aid workers, one american, one italian. abc news reporter joins us now with the latest. good morning, bazi. >> reporter: good morning eric. president obama says there will be a full review of the air
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strike that killed the hostages to try to prevent similar deaths in the future. the air strike deep in a mountainous region of pakistan, carried out january 14th after officials say the cia had been monitoring an al qaeda compound for hundreds of hours and saw no since that civilians were there. soon realizing but only recently confirming that two aid workers are being held there american warren weinstein and italian, giovanni laporto. >> it is a cruel and bitter truth that in the fog of war generally and our fight against terrorists specifically mistakes sometimes deadly mistakes, can occur. >> reporter: president obama apologized to the hostages' families. ryan steen's wife and daughter spoke with and news soon after he appeared in this 2013 hostage video. >> don't accept the demands then i die. >> just tell him i love him and i think about him every day.
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>> reporter: weinstein's wife released a statement squarely blaming al qaeda for her husband's death but says u.s. government support for her family during the ordeal was inconsistent and disappointing. in washington, kaz zi kin nanny abc7 news. >> thank you. this morning wither getting a look at what could be the new southern california home for the oakland raiders. backers of a joint basketball stadium in carson showed up these new design renderings of a pre posed $1.7 billion stadium in los angeles county. it will be shared by the raiders and the san diego chargers. the primary feature is a tower that will give off lightning bolts when the chargers play. the tower would turn into a flame willing cauldron when the raiders take the field, a tribute to the late raiders owner, al davis. the carson city council approved the stadium earlier this week. hey, barbecue lovers, we are talking to you. >> guilty. >> that's good. a popular version of a texas barbecue joint will soon be coming to san francisco. >> this is video of president
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obama visiting franklin's barbecue in austin last year according to eater sf, tickets go on sale for franklin's pop-up in the dog patch neighborhood. franklin's will be in residence from may 9th and 10th at the smokestack and magnolia brewing company. franklin's is considered to be one of the best barbecue joints in the country. people often wait hours in line for their food. needing tickets to go to a pop-up? okay you're a barbecue connoisseur, and you too is it that good franklin's? >> i haven't had it yet. try it and let you know. texas is big on beef you have to get there and get your brisket and how it is. >> i'm feeling a remote from austin, you and merck and let you know. >> okay, let me know. how about you let me know about the rain still in the forecast? >> absolutely. some good news, it has actually speeded up the timetable, means our outdoor activities tomorrow morning, like the march for dimes march for babies may not
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be quite as look as yesterday. here is a look at our system up to the north, off the coast of eureka and crescent city picking up a few radar returns, the most part, we are partly cloudy this morning and a little breezy already as we head into the afternoon hours, those breezes will continue with the clouds coming in and that's doctor it's going to be a little bit cooler this afternoon. rain tonight into early tomorrow and then warmer highs arrive as quickly as sunday. today, we may get a 71 in antioch. that seems tonight exception a lot of mid to upper 60s around our inland neighborhoods, mid-60s low to middle 60s around the bay and mid to upper 50s along the coast into san francisco. as far as the other baseball team, we haven't forgotten about you guys, we know you have been on the road, coming who emto take on the astros a giants fan looked at me like there's another team in the town. 57. 7:05 down to 55. should be dry the entire game. here is a look at tonight's forecast low to middle 50s a
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little bit milder than this morning with the rain rolling in. all right, so here we are at noon. you can see the clouds starting to increase. we may have a little light shower, look at that the north bay for your evening festivities and then by midnight all the way to 2:00 yeah, that's significantly faster than yesterday, plus that yellow means some moderate rain is possible and then look at this, by 8:00, most of the steady rain is gone still have a lot of mist and drizzle during that hour. it's not till 12:00 noon i will completely call off any of the dampness, see the clouds opening in the afternoon hours remember if you are heading to the high country, a significant snowstorm is coming there. back there, i think for the most part, bell have about a tenth to a quarter of an inch maybe up to half an inch in our higher elevations. if you're heading, look at these snow totals, donner, 10 inches to 11 inches kirk wood, 11 inches. lake level about an inch. yeah, isn't that crazy? late april snowstorm. here is my accuweather seven-day forecast.
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coolest tomorrow, but look, we jump about two to eight degrees sunday and we just hang out in the 60s along the coast next week. low to middle 70s around the bay. have a good one, the way it looks. mike not too much activity this morning besides construction. take you over to the san mateo bridge, felt the winds blowing, heard them blowing outside the window gusty conditions, especially the san mateo bridge, high wind advisory issued by the chp, heading across, keep both hands on the wheel, anything that is high sided. this project in the east bound direction, 92 between foster city boulevard lanes will be taken away billion in 11:00 this morning. moving over to the peninsula to 80 101, top speeds, burlingame 280. if you're leaving sfo, headed into the city now, mostly green on its map you are top speed, come up to the 280 extension construction this interchange, right to the city not going to find delays facts only going to
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take ten minutes to make it from sfo to third street. kristen and eric? you know how we are talking about with the lines get your hands on the apple watch, but the app store for the apple watch is open for business. >> here is this morning's tech bite. >> no short of apps for the apple watch. few people have the new wearable yet but the apple watch app store is wide open. >> more than 3,000 apps a quite a feat, because few developers have access to a watch before it is released. do you have trouble keeping up with your twitter feed you may want to check out the new highlight feature. >> it gathers the tweets that it thinks you will care about the most and sends this emto you twice a day currently available for android device. forget about the new feature for windows 10, the old features that have people excited solitaire is back. >> microsoft pulled the game from its operating system with windows 8, now solitaire shows up on the start menu also making a come back. let the time-wasting begin. >> it could be worse it could be
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"candy crush." >> now got both. >> those are your tech bites. have a great day. 4:50, one of the most popular cold and flu medications on the market. coming up, the health concerns of forcing a recall of that product. also can't get enough of girl scout cookies? how you will soon be able to make them on your own. and as we head to break, we leave with you abc7 news now, checking out the embarcadero exsan francisco.
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an important recall involving over-the-counter flu medicine. the company rb is recalling muse next fast max lick kbid products including night time cold and flu, cold and sinus and cold flu and sore throat. the company says may not have the correct drug fact lane attached. that is the label that warps about the side effects of ingredients in the medicine, some of which could be harmful
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to people with liver problems. today is the deadline to submit your name ideas for the falcon chicks currently nesting at san jose city hall. three female peregrine falcons were born to the mother falcon named clara earlier this month. clara nesting on top of san jose city hall for years. she has had 32 babies over the past eight years, now we have a link to submit your name suggestions for the chicks on our website, go to >> by the way, you have to be a kid and live in san jose or go to school in san jose to be eligible to enter. >> can you act like kids? >> i have my ideas going and going to give it to a kid. 4:54. if you are dreading a trip to the dmv today, consider dropping by the fell street office in san francisco for what maybe a less stressful visit. >> so called unofficial dmv concierge will be passing out flowers, chocolates wine and other goodies to those waiting at the dmv office on fell street from 3 to 4 this afternoon. the concierge says the gifts are
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designed to blunt the pain of the never ending waits there. it is all part of the now festival, a campaign to improve conditions in the city's panhandle neighborhood. >> all right. 4:54. planning a weekend and checking out those rain drops coming our way, so mike let's talk about it >> that's going to happen tonight you there tomorrow morning, so don't let that stop you from going out and watching 19 of the top 20 lady female golfers, i should say swinging skirts almost pga classic, lake merced golf course. 52 and cloudy this morning. mostly sunny, 56 111:00, mid to upper 50s breezy conditions and sunshine. the march of dimes look who is going to be in san francisco, who is going to be in san jose and who is going to be in pleasanton a little bit of drizzle is -- [ laughter ] possible. i'm glad you guys approved, i didn't get approval from the boss before i put that on the air. all right. mid-70s through the central valley. thunderstorms once again in the sierra and mid to upper 60s with
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showers in so cal. safe travels. >> made us look like we are the ones bringing in the rain and the clouds. >> yeah why are you doing that? >> and we bring you rain. all right. good morning everyone. we see mostly green on this map and we have got pretty clear conditions so far this morning, no crashes to get us going. top speeds along 101 through san jose, making it up to the san jose airport, 280, also looking clear into cupertino, highways 85, 17 87 in great shape. we take you to 880, the drive on hayward still light as you pass over 92 and 84. castro valley, not find anything problems. kristen, eric? >> thank you. a viral video continues to gain traction and clicks as a fitness blogger is shaming her body shaming critics. kathy ho created this video after getting a slew of negative comments. she strips down and digitally alters her body to fit into the societal ideal of the perfect body. her point is how far is enough?
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the video has received nearly 3 million hits on youtube. on this photo shopped instagram post, ho wrote what worries me is people still think it's not good enough. girl scout cookie love letters soon be able to make the sweet treats the home. can't get further away from what we just saw girl scout cookies. >> the girl scouts coming out with a bake it yourself cookie oven. now i can win unthin minutes and other cookie favorites the home, year round, but there are some catches. >> the oven only comes with one cookie pack, refills have to be bought separately. the only cookie flavors are thin mints, tree pills to and chocolate peanut butter. the girl scout oven will be sold at wall bhart target and toys are us starting this summer. >> what? they should have the girls sell those ovens. >> yeah. yeah. >> fund-raiser. >> that's true. yeah. they could do that. >> 4:57 now. equal pay for equal work. next at 5, the radical step a bay area tech giant to ensure
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that men and women are paid fairly. warriors gear is now as hot as steph curry. the huge payday it is turning out to be for one apparelmaker. take a quick break, we leave with you abc7 news now checking out traffic on 680 in walnut creek, a nice drive at the
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5 a.m. on this friday i said friday. is it friday? >> it is. >> friday? >> yeah. it feels like it. there's just this energy this buzz this happy mood. ing to do with the warriors big win last night as well. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sz


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