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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 26, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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a disaster scene in nepal, an overhead view shows the stroke of dediscussion. >> the international response. good afternoon. >> we begin with developing news on the nepal earthquake. the dust has not even settled and already the world is descend only nepal after the earthquake near the capital of kathmandu hit. the death toll is now 2500. the u.n. says 30 international medical and search teams are heading to the scene. >> reporter: this is what nepal is hoping for. that man trapped alive in the
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rubble. nepal's police force is working night and day. pulling survivors out of destroyed buildings, proving there is still time to save lives. saturday's massive 7.8 earthquake is being followed up by large aftershocks. thousands are dead. across the region, thousands more are injured. >> on the heist peaks of the him la yas the do tremors triggering further avalanches. >> from this glacier today. >> reporter: he is on the mountain where all the climbers are now accounted for. close by on mt. everest the together toll is greg steadily. at lease northeasterns are month- -- at least three americans are month the victims. the avalanche is blocking their path do down. >> we have to get down.
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there's no possible route. >> reporter: the state department is trying to establish exactly how many americans are in nepal and how many are in need of help. but right now there is focus on mt. if vest and those climbers stuck precariously on the edge of the world's highest peak. abc news, london. >> tributes going for the google executive based in mountain view who died in an avalanche caused be in quake. academy fredinburg was on an he can digs up mt. everest friends say he was a brill yap engineer, an adventurer and man who made an impact. >> such a loss for the community, and a far reaching community, not just in san francisco or new york but a global community. and everyone is just reeling. >> a private vigil for fredinburg will bed in the san francisco. an online fun drawser is-under injure way in his memory in.
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>> this man scott hold over santa rose a and another climber are both safe in nepal. they were in the mt. everest area when the quake struck. holder spoke with abc7 news on the phone and described exactly what he has seen. >> the construction here is not what you have in the united states. it's not california earthquake standard, and i was very concerned. the floors were buckling. you could see the windows popping open. we're seeing deceased walking through down being carried by locals. very traumatic. >> another climber, john ryder, dodged death last year when he survive an avalanche on everest ex-john thousand koo century cried the quake and is heading back to the u.s. he said he hid under a table. he hat been tweeting about his experience. he just landed in dubai. one latest post every wobble i
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feel i think is an aftershock it's disorienting and horrible. >> happening now. a local tribute to victims and a me for help for the survivors. we are live outside the ferry building in san francisco where a group of people have gathered to honor the victims and survivors of the earthquake in nepal. sergio quintana is at the vigil and will have a live report at 6:00. we will have continuing coverage for the nepal earthquake on air and online ate now reporting continues now on twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> in developing news short time ago, contra costa county sheriff's deputies arrested the young man in discovery bay and accused of stabbing and killing a nine-year-old boy. we're live in discovery bay where investigators areñi interviewing witnesses and family members. >> reporter: first i want to tell you a member of the community recognized the
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suspect's picture on social media and that's how sheriff's deputies were able to final him. five children live at this home behind me. deputies believe the murder suspect, 18-year-old william schultz, was a friend of one of the victim's older siblings. >> crime scene tape crosses a discovery bay neighborhood and an entrance at john muir hospital in brentwood. the family of a nine-year-old boy, drove him to the hospital around 10:00 this morning after he was stabbed at his home on frost way. >> we believe the suspect and victim knew each other. we believe the suspect is friend width one of the siblings of the house. >> the boy died from his wounds as sheriff's deputies searched for 818-year-old william schulte, who had taken a truck from the driveway and sped away. >> we don't know where he is traveling. >> reporter: neighbors searched for answers to the bizarre crime. >> so out of the blue. as long as we have lived here and had kids half the time we wouldn't lock our doors. we weren't worried about
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anything happening here. or the report word spread quickly with some telling us schultz may have been treated for mental health issues. schultz was taken into custody by late afternoon at nearby kaiser hospital. as the victim's family left john muir, friend ushered them away saying they had no comment at this time. the loss clearly devastating. >> of course to have it happen to a child is just completely heartbreaking. >> in discovery bay, abc7 news. >> the driver of an airport shuttle van is accused of hitting and killing a teenager in vacaville. the 17-year-old concord girl was on the shoulder of can be 80 near leisure town road, putting gas in her car this morning. a second car pulled over and stopped behind her. and police say for some unknown reason an airport super shuttle driven by james floyd, veered on to the shoulder and slammed into both vehicles. the teenager died. two people in the second car suffered minor injuries. >> a napa high school soccer
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coach faces charges after a student told police he propositioned her for sex. julian vargas faces two clownses, including texting the girl an explicit photo. he also might be inappropriately contacting other students on the internet. >> bad news for more than 16,000 students corinthian colleges announced it's closing several career training schools including sites across northern california effective tomorrow. they said they tried to sell heeled but blames federal and state regulators for o imposing inatrick staff requirements on buyers. >> roadwork cause degree lays in san francisco, and what firefighters credit with helping to keep flames under control in a restaurant fire. >> the movie is not in theaters but already some are protesting
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adam sandler's upcoming film. >> i'm drew tuma. spectacular day sunday the warmer of the two days this weekend, and the warmup continues monday.
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>> rubio's restaurant in vallejo is closed. provision say somebody tried to burn it down. firefighters responded to the rubio's gateway plaza sat 5:30 this morning. someone got inside the restaurant by breaking a window, then doused the place with
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gasoline and silt on fire. they have arrested a suspect. sprinklers helped keep the damage to a minimum. >> a quick reminder. part of busy van ness avenue is closed for construction. crews are billing a pedestrian tunnel. it will open at midnight. another commuting note to people heading to today's a's game could not take b.a.r.t. there. service is shut done between the fruit veil and sol keep stations in oakland for track work. a free bus link is available but passengers are advised to allow an extra 30 minutes for trips. regular service resumes at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. ahead, film set dispute involving native american actors. >> how pigs became the focus of a custody battle involving a new jersey couple. >> heading live outside pleasant sunday and things women warm up with some areas hitting
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90 degrees. the hot spots ahead in the forecast. >> right now here's a look at what is ahead on abc's world news at 5:30. >> good evening, coming up, the aftershocks in nepal, the death toll climb and can the dangerous rescue mission on mt. everest a deadly storm slams into a sailing regatta,
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♪ ♪ we have a winner! what is going on?!?! a group of native american actors triggered a do bait on social media after walking off the set of adam sandler's latest film.
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indian country today providest this video of actors talking with produce irof the winger the ridiculous six. eight actors quit after complaints of religion scenes and names of their characters. netflix claims the movie was designed to lampoon stereotypes poparrized in westerns. sand her's film is scheduled for a netflix only release. going to a pink concert is not child abuse. that's according to a new new jersey judge. an 11-year-old girl's father accuse edler mother of abuse for taking the child to a pink concert. he claimed that pink song lyrics are profane and the dancing suggestive. the parents are in a custody battle in a 37 page decision the judge tossed out the claim saying all that happened was, quote, young girl went to her first rock concert with her mother and had a great time. >> dub nation celebrating after the warriors' series clinching
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win in northern. this pooch already has the seat for in the next game when the warriors play the winner of the memphis portland series. godmother day depends on how long that series run. she may be little but she is a big fan. a home playoff ticket to the upcoming series will go on sale thursday morning at 10:00. we want you to share your fan photos with us use the hash tag dubs on 7. >> too cute. >> absolutely. >> drew certainly dialed up a gorgeous day today. >> and getting warmer. >> we started off on a wet and chilly note and today we're ending on a warm and dry note. live doppler 7hd showing you we are dry above. this is a gore jay day. showing you golden sunshine out thrashings few high cirrus clouds a light chop on the waters and a bit of a breeze. san francisco right now, 61. oakland, east bay upper 60s.
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san carlos, 68. san jose, warmer at 71. half moon bay, 57 degrees. the santa cruz camera showing you a busy beach day. in santa cruz the air temperature on the cool side at 69 degrees. then beach goers soaking up the sunshine. right now, 78 santa rosa, 66 petaluma. fairfield, 76. con considered, 65. 24 hour temperature change, all locations minute warmer than we were this time yesterday. mountain view, ten degrees warmer right now than we were at 5:17 on our saturday. the wider view satellite and radar shows you the reason for the warmup. look at this big dome of heat. high pressure giving us this warmup ask the high pressure moves right over us tomorrow and cranks the heat. so looking at the highs for monday. the microclimate showing you on the coast, mild. downtown san francisco, 70 on
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monday. 76 for oakland. going to get hot in walnut creek, 86. antioch flirting with 90 this time tomorrow, with a high of 89 degrees. then our focus turns to also could front. this heat is only going to last for one day. this cold front this line of clouds, that's going to dive south on tuesday, and unfortunately not going to bring us rain. i it will cool up our temperatures and bring us back tomer spring-like levels. the warmestspot will be upper 70s. around the bay we'll re back into the sicks in and along the coast, very typical springtime high of temperatures in the upper 50s so envoy the summer preview tomorrow. overnight, lots of stars. 50, san francisco, 48 oakland, 46 in fremont, and san jose overnight low of 48 degrees. highs for your monday, look at our inland locations. 89 for antioch.
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up to 88 very warm degrees in fairfield, 87, concord. 70s around the bay. 76 oakland, 78 fremont. a warm 79 for palo alto, and even along the coast mild. a bit of a breeze and some clouds but half moon bay 63. san rafael, nice temperature of 76. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast feels like summer tomorrow with temperatures very close to 90 degrees inland. the cold front slides through on tuesday. cools us if a with clouds. by wednesday a steady pattern sunshine, and then if you like the summer warmth, this role corpser ride of temperatures by thursday is nice and warm back into the 80s inland, mid-60s along the coast, and friday the first day of may certainly feeling like it with temperatures summer-like and even the weekend showing sunshine and above average. >> a whole lot of sunshine. thank you, drew. larry, sports? >> yes. i'll do that, too.
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>> manager bob melvin doesn't lose his cool often but he was hot today and with good reason. spor
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the warriors had the day off after closing out new orleans last night. clean sweep in game four. the challenge now for head coach steve kerr is keeping the warriors fresh while they wait around for the start of round two, which will not begin until next weekend the clipperses helped the warriors out. clippers and spurs in san antonio. l.a. trying to avoid going down 3-1 to the defending champs.
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crawford to jordan, and this is what he does best. with authority. patty mills, big game of 14 off the bench. the clippers led by four at the half. chris paul had 34 points and seven assists. austin rivers off the bench. 16-points and 17 minutes. coach's son, driving against tim duncan and scoring. clippers win on the road. that series now tied 2-2 heading back to l.a. the cavs sweep the sell ticked but it was costly. kevin love gets tapled up with another marry and love dislocated the shoulder. he thought the player yanked on him on purpose. unclear what his status is going forward. cleveland continued to dominate without him. irish irving, sweet move in the lane. lebron james has won 13 consecutive first-round games. two assists shy of a triple-double. 27 points, 10 board cavs sweep
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the cs, 101-93. on the baseball, the a's were trying avoid being swept by the astros at the coliseum on a day that saw bob mel -- melvin ejected. tensions standardded in the third. the pitch is high and in. that's ball four. but the home plate ump calls strike three. fourth inning, drew mom rant that was called a ball when it looked like a strike, and here comes melvin who was toss upped be the very same ump last year. they meet again today with the same result. 'then base hit over general lawrie craig gentry scores. gattis waxes one. a's came in 0-'in games decided by two runs or less.
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now they're 0-8. the a's swept by he astros 7-6. today's giants game against the rockies postponed bus of rain. no makeup date announced. the giants head to l.a. where they face the dodgerses minus puig who is headed to the disabled lest ump tying left amstring hing a gray vatted on friday night. the giants swept the dodgers at at&t park last yankee. >> last year pablo sandoval hit two homers in april. the new team has not snapped him out but hit his first homer as a member of the red sox, 17 games into the season. unfortunately boston was down 12-0 at the time so it was fairly meaningless. the o's win 18-7. >> the royals have been getting a bad rap with all the fights but they have talent. in chicago, alec gordon does the
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superman route teen. making the catch. the big dude and the black sweatshirt, the white sox fan took the charge there. gordon managed to avoid that little kid. that is derek jeter-esque kc lost 3-2. and morgan pressle has a two stroke lead with two holes left in the swinging skirts at lake merced. highlights in an hour. >> that looked painful diving into the stands. >> he made it. i think the white sox fan took the brunt of that. >> no kidding. thank you. coming up a doberman that gives new meaning to the okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut.
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>> coming up at 6:00, bay area officials worried about a growing safety concern at the golden gate bridge. >> a uc berkeley team gets creative to bring cheap and clean power to rural africans, join us at 6:00. >> a dog in boston apparently had too much time on his hand. >> a lot of puns is in story. mocha is okay but created a big scare after eating three of her owner's watches. >> there's the x-ray. a time-consuming snack for sure. he said painfully. >> mocha's owners say they have no further dog proofed their home. keep those watches on a high shelf. >> a little painful. >> that is going to do it for us
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here on abc7 news at 5. >> sorry about that. we'll see you welcome to "world news tonight." aftershocks. earth-cracking tremors rock nepal after that massive earthquake. rescuers pulling out survivors. more than 2,000 dead. and new images of the moment an avalanche strikes mt. everest. a wall of snow, the rush for cover. now, the treacherous mission to rescue climbers trapped on the mountainside. mourning and mayhem. violence overtakes a protest in baltimore. an entire baseball stadium held hostage by the looting and vandalism. all of this just hours before mourners gather at the wake for the man whose death in police custody triggered it all. s.o.s. a dangerous storm slams into a sailboat regatta. boaters tossed into the water.


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