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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 26, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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e bears down on mt. everest. >> what we learned about
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live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. running for cover. new video of the devastating avalanche on mt. everest that took 18 lives. this was after yesterday's deadly earthquake in nepal. good evening. >> the death toll in that 7. a quake has now reached more than 3200 people in nepal and that includes three americans. >> another 61 people were killed in neighboring india. therely -- fearly a does -- nearly a dozen countries sent help. aide has been slow to reach them. >> people in the bay area are trying to find ways to help.
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sergio is live with that part of the story. sergio? >> there is a small but active community in the community, and some turned out at the terry building. they want to help family members there anyway they can. >> they lit candles and chanted slogans to rally support for family members half a world away. this group of made up of napal residents in the area and they are raising concern about the disastrous response so far. >> their house are totally dwon. they are totally gone. >> most of the images we have seen of the devastation have been from the capital of cat man due. disaster resources will likely get there first but one of the people shared the pictures of this village.
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it was in the mountains and mostly leveled. >> nothing to eat. there is even no rescue team there. nobody can help there because it is up in the hill. >> the hope is to collect plenty of donations so they can send the resources to the area. one organizer says he plans to fly there next week to help deliver whatever it collected. many are using the social media to connect with their families and tonight the # missing in napal is trending on twitter. this is where families from around the world are posting pictures of tourists in napal during the earthquake and still missing. among them, san francisco resident francis h gonzalez. his cousin tells me he recently poufed here from puerto rico and traveling in traveling in the himalayas last week. his family hopes to connect with anyone who may have had specifics about his travel plans. abc7 news. 18 people including three americans were killed after an avalanche hit mt. everest base
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camp. rescue crews are still trying to pull survivors to safety. google executive is one of the avalanche victims and we are learning more about the people who knew him best. these pictures are from his instagram feed. his girlfriend and another friend shared what he meant to them. >> i say it is the one thing i will take away from knowing him is happiness. that's what he strived for. >> i never met someone with more stamina and more endurance and strength and intau elect. >> a private vigil will take place in san francisco. an on-line fundraiser is underway in his memory for two orphanages in napal. >> a sausalito-based charity plans to help. the latest is for the napal youth foundation who provided scholarships for chin and fought hunger in napal since 1990 and now staff members are
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hearing of new struggles in this impoverished nation. >> a lot of the buildings are three and four stories tall. they are built out of brick and very frag jibing. fragile. >> they heard the people in napal are facing power failures and a lack of clean drinking water. here is a look at the response to help in napal. urban search and rescue were packing up near washington, d.c. for a mission in napal. a u.s. air force plane left delaware for the disaster zone carrying 70 people and 45 tons of cargo. we'll have continuing coverage of the napal earthquake on air and on-line at you can get the latest developments anytime on twitter at abc7 news bay area. tonight families in discovery bay are leaving flowers and candles outside the home of a 9-year-old boy who was stabbed to death. the killing happened in the boy's home on frost way. police believe the accused
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killer is friends with one of the victim's older siblings. they say 18-year-old william shultz stole a truck and left the scene. police arrested him at the kaiser er in antioch where a nurse recognized him and turned him in. >> there was quite a few coming in and out all the time. it was a busy house. i never suspected it anything going on there. >> the suspect was treated for mental issues. the investigators were looking into it. >> they notified the college that the -- the students that the college was closed. the for prove fit chain of collegessen graijed in deceptive practices. lilian kim is live at the san francisco campus on howard street. lilian? >> the new quarter had just begun. you can imagine the surprise among students when they got word today that their time here is done.
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>> i instantly started crying. >> melissa was devastated when she learned her school is now closed. she has been studying medical assisting in san francisco since july and was set to graduate at the end of the year. >> it is not fair to students and faculty. the people who are getting punished in the end are the students. >> they have four campuses in the bay area. san francisco hayward concord and san jose. among 23 schools operated by corrine thee yen colleges that are now shutdown. the for profit college operator has been dealing with a cash shortage and fraud allegations including falsifying job placement data grades and attendance records. they say the closure of these california campuses will prevent future misconduct and give current students the opportunity to seek relief from dead burdens. the attorney general's office will work with their state and federal pat neithers to make sure they get the relief they are assured.
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despite these assurances students are upset. >> i told myself i would go until the padlocks are on the door and i guess that day has come. >> students are invited back to pick up transcripts and discuss options for continuing their education. for rachel cox, her future is up in the air. she was studying medical assisting at the concord campus. >> have to go somewhere else and pay all over again. or who knows what they will have to do like i will have to do to support my family. >> it affects 16,000 students. lilian kim, abc7 news. a napa high school soccer coach is arrested accused of propositioning a student for sex. julian vargas was arrested at his home this morning. he faces two counts including texting a 16-year-old girl an explicit photo. police say he may have inappropriately con tabted other students. new at 11:00 a good samaritan is in the hospital after collapsing while trying to put out a fire inside his neighbor's home. the fire broke out in the
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kitchen of an apartment on kirkwood drive in concord. witnesses say a neighbor fought the flames with fire distinguishers and then his heart stopped moments later. arriving police officers performed cpr and used a defibrilator. >> he was brought back and that is good news. a good samaritan didn't have to pay for his heroism with his life. >> another person suffered burns where the fire broke out ?ie. still to come, dramatic video tonight as a tanker goes up in flames on the freeway. the latest on the clean up effort. >> and the fight for equal rights in the military. women head to ranger boot camp, but it is not all good news on the path toward equality. >> a spectacular sunday temperatures spring-like. but as we head into monday a summer-like warmth will spread across the region and 90s are possible. details with your full accu-weather forecast. >> and the sight over same-sex
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marriage. the battle back in the hands of the supreme court
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a southern california freeway is still closed tonight after a gasoline tanker overturned and burst into flames. look at this. it happened on state route 710 in bell. the fire sent a plume of black smoke that could be seen for miles. 500 gallons of fuel spilled and hazmat crews are still on the scene cleaning up. the driver of the truck was rescued, but his condition has not been released. a milk spill has been cleaned up on highway 1 in
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marin county. the driver of a tanker truck lost control on a curve and crashed a mile north of nick's cove. 4,000 gallons of milk and hundreds of gallons of diesel spilled. the driver has minor injuries. a closure on a major san francisco thoroughfare is almost over. less than an hour to go. van ness between post and gear restreet has been closed since thursday night for construction of a pedestrian tunnel. it will re-open at midnight tonight. the next closure will take place in september. bart will be back in business tomorrow morning. service was shutdown today between the fruit veil and coliseum stations in oakland for track work. regular service will resume at 4:00 a.m. now to a military first. women are breaking new ground with the special forces enduring an intense and grueling regimen to get into the elite army rangers. while they are allowed to train they won't be allowed in. so why go through this? lend see janice -- lyndsay
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janice has the story. >> this may look like your typical boot camp, but look closely and you can see this class includes female soldiers, the first ever to attend army ranger school. clearing hurdles in an effort to get bigger roles for women in the military. crawling in the dirt with their hands behind their back and lunging with hands on their head. of the 19 women that started only eight are making it through the infamous wrap week. the whole time the female army analysts are standing by to make sure instructors don't take it easy on them. >> i think it is a raw sill yen see. they are testing themselves to the best of their abilities. >> even if these gi janes make it through the course they won't be assigned to the ranger regimen. the elite force is still closed to women. the school opened on this one-time basis as the army researches how to better integrate women. abc news, new york.
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>> some of the best athletes in the world are converging at stanford. it is to help science. stanford researchers hope to pinpoint genes of super athletes after screening volunteers to find the best of the best. the stanford team will then collect a dna sample. >> there are determinants who will discover some of them and we can help people. >> tonight on abc news at 11, what the stanford team hopes to do with this information and how it may help you. hundreds of care packages are headed to troops overseas thanks to bay area baseball fans. abc7 news was at the municipal stadium as the giants hosted operation care and comfort. volunteers boxed up care packages. some are veterans who wanted to give back after receiving the pack kedges themselves. it contains clothes and food including girl scout cookies. >> irresistible, thin mints. >> well deserved. let's get a check on the
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forecast as we start the workweek. drew is here and it is about to get warm. >> it is. lawyer reand katie -- larry and katie monday will feel like summer for some across the bay area. live doppler 7hd is showing a clear picture with lots of sunshine, the temperatures rebounded from a chilly start to the weekend. on this 26th day of april post locations were at or above the normal temperature for this time of year. sfo is 1 degree better and oakland 3 degrees better and san jose at 72 degrees spot on where you should be this time of year. on this sunday night, it is rather cool in some spots and mild in others. on the coast half moon bay is coming in at 54. 61 in concord and san jose is currently at 58 degrees. satellite and radar will show you the reason the high pressure is off the coast and the warm up is underway and the high goes over us.
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we become the peak of the heat. look at our microclimate. along the coast we will have partly cloudy skies. downtown san francisco a comfortable high and into the east bay the midand upper 70s with oakland coming in with 76 tomorrow afternoon. it will get hot around walnut creek at 86. look at antioch with a high of 89. feeling like summer. it is a one-day taste of the summer heat. a cold front right behind the high pressure is going to slide south on tuesday. it won't bring us moisture unfortunately. what it won't do is knock back our temperatures to more spring-like levels. by tuesday afternoon we essentially wipe away the 80-degree readings. the maximum temperatures will go to the midand upper 70s. around the upper bay midand upper 60s and along the coast we will fall into the midand upper 50s by tuesday
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afternoon. overnight lows will see plenty of stars falling to 47 and san rafael dropping to 48 in oakland. san in san mateo. falling to 47 overnight in palo alto. highs for your monday lots of sunshine. a summer feeling in clear lake. 88 in fairfield and it will feel like a warm 87 in concord. 76 is the high in oakland. 82 in san jose. 84 santa rosa and 70 is the high in san francisco. when you have this warm dry weather pattern one of the problems you have is that allergens are enhanced. the tree pollen will be high tomorrow. the main culprits are ceder and olive trees and grass pollen this time of year is up at moderate levels. that's why you are sniffling and sneezing this time of year. here is yorl accu -- here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. tuesday here comes the cold front that will bring us cooler numbers. plenty of sunshine midweek.
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if you like the summer warmth larry and katie thursday and friday which is may 1st certainly feeling like above average. temperatures in the mid80s inland and mid60s along the coast and even next week looking great with mild temperatures above normal. >> not a drop of rain. >> not a drop unfortunately. the new effort by fans to bring mcdreamy back to "grey's anatomy." what t you used to sleep like a champ. then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits kids, now what?
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y more than 12,000 fans of "grey's anatomy" signed a petition demanding mcdreamy return to the show. patrick dempsey's character was killed off on thursday, blind cited by big rig. he was one of the original characters. his abrupt departure has destroyed die hard fans adding "we did not deserve this."
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you can see how the doctors mourn his loss thursday at 8:00. the stars of daytime television honored their peers including several abc shows. kelly rippa and michael strahan among the emmy award winners winning best entertainment talk show hosts. "general hospital" shared top winner with three awards. anthony geery and mora west and chad dual. "jeopardy" best game show award for like the millionth year in a row. "the chew" for best informative talk show. they are all right here on abc7. stop the presses. it's official. alcohol makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. but we are not talking about beer goggles. scientists at the university of bristol found having one large glass of wine increases
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facial flushing and confidence making the drinker more attractive to others. >> so two glasses of wine would make you almost irresistible. >> over the top. >> captain obvious here. >> well done. ready for sports? a's manager bob melvin frustrated enough. after what he saw today he couldn't take it anymore. the mild-man erred
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strange numbers for the a's. they are 8-12 and in those eight wins they out scored teams 62-6 but are 0-8 this close games. it added to another frustrating loss. on scouts day at the coliseum
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there was a weird strike zone. craig gentry is called out on what certainly looked like ball four. in the fourth he throws what most of us call a strike. he has seen enough. he got the heave-ho today. game tied at five. the former cal gave -- cal bear. a base hit and gentry scores and 6-5a's. evan gatis and over the head. the a's came into today 0-7 in games decided by two runs or less and now 0-8. they dwet swept 7-6 and the a's have now lost four in a row. the game against the rockies in denver postponed. no make up game announced. probably it will be in late may. giants will head to l.a. who
11:30 pm
will face the dodgers without puig. he injured his hamstring. the giants swept the dodgers at at&t park last week. the royals were fighting with everybody. today against the white sox no fighting, just glove work. into the stands to make the catch. he took out the guy in the white sox sweatshirt. he did avoid the little kids nicely. amazing catch. lost the game 3-2. the nba playoffs and the clippers and spurs. jamal crawford with authority. austin rivers, the coach's son, 16 points in 17 minutes to go along with 34 from cp3. 114-105 and the series heads back to l.a. final round of the swinging skirts at lake merced. he hasn't won an lpga event
11:31 pm
and he lead for much of the day. how is this for eagle on six? leading at 8 under, but lid yow co, a clutch birdie putt to tie. two under par 70. there was the birdie putt for the win. a little short. they go to the playoff and the second playoff hole. watch the back spin. perfect. settles within a few feet. makes the putt to win the tournament for a second straight year. second win of the season. co just turned 18 on friday. happy birthday. worth 300 grand. despite the rain all weekend the pga tour finished the zurick tour in new orleans. dh leigh slam dunk. justin rose and the final round 66 had big birdies on 17 and win by a stroke at 22
11:32 pm
under par and $1.2 million check. that is definitely worth a selfie or two. >> very good. thanks, lawyer re. a big policy change from the white house coming up. the new rules about american hostages. and a remarkable
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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good evening. >> in tonight's headlines an 18-year-old is in jail accused in the stabbing death of a 9-year-old boy in discovery bay. it happened inside the boy's home. police believe the suspect william shultz is a friend of one of the victim's older siblings. >> the for profit heeled
11:36 pm
college is closed. it follows accusations the chain run by corinthian engaged in deceptive practices. 16,000 students received texts and e-mails telling them the news. a good samaritan is in the hospital tonight after collapsing while trying to put out a fire in his neighbor's home. it happened on kirkwood drive in concord. witnesses say the man ran inside to help but his heart stopped moments later. the homeowner was also taken to hospital with burns. the death toll in napal has risen to 3218 people tonight. another 61 are dead in neighboring india after the ma is sigh earthquake. after the massive earthquake. but people are still being pulled from the rubble. >> reporter: a german mountain near shot this video and nearly recorded his own death. >> the ground is shaking. >> reporter: it dislodged tons of snow on mt. everest. they escaped by seconds with
11:37 pm
their lives. at least 18 others were not so lucky. the google executive film maker and this everest base camp was demolished by the avalanche. teams were left marooned 0* everest's slopes. >> we have to get down. >> relief supplies are pouring into a devastated napal and the race is on to keep the death toll at 2400. the capital was a waste land of death and destruction. time is the enemy as they dig frantically for survivors in the rubble. they snatch this man from a collapsed building and found this young girl still alive. this woman was in a shop when the quake struck. >> the building on top completely collapsed. we would also be n that pile of rubble. >> hospitals are swarmed shockedth apalese were
11:38 pm
shocked by the aftershocks. >> the earth is really moving. everyone is running through the streets. >> authorities warned the worst damage and higher casualties could be near the quake's epicenter. abc news, new york. help is pouring in from around the world. the u.s. is sending money and a 70-member team including search and rescue crews. other countries like poland, germany, israel and belgium are on their way. japan is also sending a 70-member team. they will remain in napal for a week. if you would like to help the victims, we have a list of organizations that are accepting donations. go to the information is on our home page. a funeral will take place for freddie gray a black man who was injured in the custody of baltimore police. at a wake today mourners filed into a funeral home to pay respects. the service followed a day of
11:39 pm
mostly peaceful projects. groups set fires and smashed windows. gray's family wants details of the spinal injury he suffered. gray died one week ago. the supreme court will begin hearing the case on tuesday that could decide the future of same-sek marriage. the justices face two key questions. can states ban same-6 marriages and can they recognize from lawful marriages? >> all they want to do is express their love and commitment to each other in front of friends and family. that's a basic american commitment and a basic american concept. >> is it the people through the democratic process where the issue has always been decided or is it the courts? it is the position of the states that the people get to decide. >> two years ago the supreme court ruled same-6 -- same-sex couples had a right to receive benefits. warren weinstein's family
11:40 pm
paid $250,000 ransom to secure his release but the release never happened. in the past u.s. government policy prohibited paying ransom to hostage takers. abc news has learned it could soon change. abc news chief investigative reporter has the details. >> as the american hostage was being threatened by isis with death, his parents say they were threatened by the white house with the prosecution as they tried to raise ransom for his release. >> that was upsetting. we are not doing anything and if you try we will prosecute you. >> now officials tell abc news that a white house review of hostage policy could lead to an end of such threats. there will be absolutely zero chance at one of the officials of any family member of an american held hostage overseas ever facing jail themselves or the threat of prosecution for trying to free their loved ones. >> if we can have families
11:41 pm
free to do what it takes to get their loved ones out that's a first step. >> katie coleman was captured in pakistan in 2012. >> i am a prisoner of the taliban. >> in this video with her canadian husband by her side she disclosed she had given birth while in captivity and pleaded for help. >> i plead to bring my husband, child and i to safety and freedom. >> that was brian ross reporting. >> the policy that the u.s. government will not pay ransom or make concessions would not change if president obama accepts the recommendation. the government would essentially look the other way if families try to pay ransom. the new approach in the efforts to help save baby elephants. >> and born in the bay area. a look back at the hubble space telescope. >> i'm abc7 meteorologist drew
11:42 pm
tuma. as we enter the workweek there are warmer temperatures on the way, and it will feel like
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mmmm, they made french toast out of banana bread, then topped it with candied pecans and bananas? it's like a match made in heaven. like bacon & eggs... ...oh look, bacon & eggs. the new banana bread french toast slam. denny's. welcome to america's diner. this is abc7 news. friday marks the 25th anniversary of a landmark in america's space program the launch of the hubble space telescope. >> it sent back more than a million images, but getting it up in the sky and getting it to see clearly was no small
11:45 pm
feet. jonathon bloom looks at the bay area ingenuity that made it happen. >> three, two, one and liftoff of the space shuttle discovery with the hubble space telescope. a window on the universe. >> if a picture is worth a thousand words then since the day of this launch 25 years ago the hubble space telescope has written an inpsych law peaked yaw jie. they have become a cultural icon found on coffee cups, record albums and tattoo. >> they have answered age old questions and raised new ones. >> the universe is expanding. we expect it to slow down, but it is speeding up. >> the hubble space telescope is the greatest instrument of all time. >> that from a man who worked on the hubble for 20 years. it was assembled in silicon valley by lockheed martin. >> this was the largest clean room ever built and what we call bunny suits where they were completely covered from head to toe.
11:46 pm
>> one spec of dust on the mirror could be a problem. >> it could be. >> but once astronauts released it into space there was something wrong. the pictures were blurry. the edge of the mirror was ground at the wrong angle so another bay area lab came to the rescue by building the telescope a set of robotic eyeglasses. >> little arms came out of the instrument and went up to the light path and put corrective lenses in front of all of the instruments that required them. >> astronauts trained for hundreds of hours to service the telescope in spaes. >> this is one of the models. >> they took these up on the shuttle and used them to plan their spacewalks. but hubble is on its own. they left it with fresh batteries, motors and installations so they could keep sending them back to earth. >> it will be okay another 10 years or so. cross your fingers it is longer than that.
11:47 pm
>> abc7 news. and to see those images in 3-d, the hubble 3-d movie is playing at the tech museum. look for other hubble-related links at conservationists are building an elephant orphanage. the illegal wildlife trade has left many young calfs without mothers and they deteriorate with no milk to drink. they teamed up to establish grounds for these elephants. there will be a grassy area that gets exercise. when they are old enough they can join a large breeding herd in the area. when i am not here this is where i am. >> that's a good cause. >> they might they'd me. >> they might. >> i don't know where to go from there. >> pick a cause and support it like weather. >> you learn something new every day.
11:48 pm
live doppler 7hd will show you that it is a quiet night. we have generally clear skies out there and that will be the theme the next seven days. no rain in the forecast unfortunately. where we are seeing rain a thaition wide map of -- a nationwide map. there is a strong president busher dash >> there is a strong pressure in texas. in the warm sector miami is getting up to 93 degrees tomorrow afternoon. in the northeast a little unsettled weather with scattered showers and otherwise the west coast specifically california is going to see lots of sunshine on the way. high pressure is in control. a warming trend on the way. yosemite up to 87 and sacramento up to 85. l.a. is getting up to 82 degrees under wall to wall sunshine. closer to home you can see the summer-like spread you can see in the summer months. cooler in the 60s but look at this. inland locations 89 in antioch and 87 in concord. the east bay oakland getting
11:49 pm
up to 76 degrees and 84 in the north bay for santa rosa and up to 70 for san francisco and san jose in the south bay up to 82 degrees. the summer warmth on the way tomorrow. a cool down with a cold front on tuesday. plenty of sunshine midweek and then thursday and friday the temperatures are back up by pay 1st on friday. nice and warm and that continues into the weekend. >> definitely. >> thanks drew. >> sports now. is it just me or is it relaxing that the warriors aren't playing? i feel i can take a deep breath. >> i'll tell you there has been a lot of confusion when they will play again. who they are likely to face in round two as the playoff action continues in the nba. former warrior
11:50 pm
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for your car. ow. the warriors will have plenty of time off. the nba has announced their next series will not begin until next sunday at the earliest. it all depends on how long the memphis portland series goes. steph curry did amazing things this post season. not only did he have the clutch three to send game three into over time but he scored 34 or more points in three of the four games against the pellicans. average of seven assists and carried them to round two. >> i kind of like having him. i don't think we will trade him anytime soon.
11:53 pm
>> what is so special about this guy? >> it is the total package. the skill is so obvious but it is the leadership and the character. the way he carries himself. he is in the gym every day working. he wants to be great. he doesn't mind when i yell at him and try to get him better and try to critique him. he embraces it. he says he is the perfect guy to have leading your team. >> if you dare peek ahead to the western conference final the spurs may be there to face the warriors or maybe not after what we saw from the clippers today. game four in san antonio. l.a. trying to avoid going down 3-1. the exwarrior lobing on the alley-oop. the former saint mary's star patty mills with a big game off the bench. the clippers lead at half and chris paul willed the clips to victory. 7 assists and austin rivers a boost off the l.a. bench. much needed and 16 points in
11:54 pm
17 minutes. clips win it 114-105. the series is tied 2-2 as they head back to l.a. do or die for the mavericks. trying to avoid being swept. dwight howard with authority. cruising or so we thought former warriors teaming up and ellis has a sweet bounce pass to richard jefferson and then the 360 spin and reverse. ellis with 31 and mets win it 121-109. the dallas head coach was fined after complaining about the refs and came up with a simple solution that katie would like me to do as well. the cavs swept the celtics but may lose kevin love for awhile. he is tangled up and he dislocates his shoulder. he could be out for at least two weeks. no love? no problem.
11:55 pm
24 points for irving and lebron james won 13 consecutive first round games. almost had a tribal-double. triple double. the cavs sweep them 101-93. more nba and wizards looking to sweep the raptors. bradley beale throwing up a prayer. he had 23. washington 15 of 26 from downtown. paul pierce with four 3's. washington shot 55% and yeah, fans brought the brooms. the wiz sweep the raptors into extinction. 125-94. bob myers in santa cruz today for the d league championship. they are in the fort wayne mad ant. blake griffin's older brother from oklahoma can still dunk and still playing at age 29. 23 points lefty stroke hits the three and santa cruz by seven at the half.
11:56 pm
he adds 21. klay thompson and green were all there to watch santa cruz when their first d league title 109-96. to the ice we go. minnesota wild trying to close out the series against st. louis. impossible angle. well i guess it was possible. 1-0 minnesota. his second rebound of the game. wild win 4-1 and will face the blackhawks in the seem fie finals. -- semifinals. the canadians won the first three games. ottawa's zach smith gets his stick caught in the skate of gallagher. he goes to the net and the puck hits him and he knocks it out of midair. that's insane. montreal advances 2-0 and they face the red wings or lightning. nascar in richmond and the toyota owners 400. the rain caused them to run it
11:57 pm
today. look out for flying tires. tony stewart had a chance to win this race. contact with dale earnhardt junior spins out and stewart finishes 41 of 43 and chucks his helmet. don't need that anymore. kurt busch took it 2 -- for his first win of the season and then makes the dough puts. >> very good. >> thanks larry. pleasure having you on board tonight. thanks everyone for watching. that is it. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> and i'm larry beil. have a good night.
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you're sure it's safe to go back to your apartment? rowan knows where i am. b613 always knows where i am. it doesn't matter where i go. (breathes heavily) i'm not the one who wants me to leave. jake. you're safer if i'm here. you and i both know i'm already being defended. by the president? does he know your father's command? does he?


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