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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 28, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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offered to her? >> contemplating it is a good way to put it. >> the call to the fire chief came from london. you heard right. hond hond -- london. you heard right, london england, for as they call it, commissioner of the london fire brigade. going from a department with 1500 firefighters to one with 6,000 firefighters. she'd move from a city of 800,000 to a metropolis of 8 million people. it's a tough choice for the longest serving fire chief in the country. >> i'm delighted and proud to be san francisco's fire chief and have not gone out looking for work of any kind because i love what i do here in san francisco. of course i have my
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most-important role of being a mom, considering my family and what any opportunity would mean to them as well. >> the chief had difficult times, a testy relationship with firefighters union over an ambulance shortage and under staffing. that couple in the aftermath. those challenges may be one reason why she's being approached. >> that is is one of the reasons i received the call. in that i dealt with other political environments and very strong presence of labor. >> she told them about london
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and he said that's cool, mom and she told him they play cricket there, not baseball. he replied not cool mom. >> a crew from the staff is responding to a fire in the portola district. it started in the kitchen and damaged a building next door. >> the u.s. supreme court heard arguments about landmark same-sex marriage case. attorney mary bonato said under the 14th amendment every person is guaranteed equal rights. >> when the nation did form into a union that is when we made a
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commitment to individual liberties. >> but justice pointed out and questioned what the wolves should be. >> you want nine people outside to require states that don't want to it to change what marriage is to include gay people. >> there is a big rally underway where the movement began. >> very optimistic. 37 states allowed same-sex marriages. now, in june we'll know if other
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states will follow. >> our apologies we'll try to bring you the report in just a moment. let's press forward. they're dealing with another disaster. 250 people are missing after a mudslide near the quake's epicenter. hundreds of thousands of people are waiting and crews are still reaching survivors in the rubble. we're learning about a south bay man among four americans killed in nepal. a friend from college tells the
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"los angeles times" he enjoyed river rafting and most of all hiking. he spoke to the families. sergio? >> i talked with the family of the 21-year-old spencer dickenson. he's a petaluma native who has been a trek across asia. last week, communicated through skype. that is the last time they'd heard from him. last several days have been nerve wracking for the family he had been hiking on his own just days before the earthquake struck. >> it is a six-day hike from what i understand. and that is the last communication we've had with him. >> since the earthquake, they hope to connect with anyone who may have seen spencer and here in sonoma county, robert
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dickenson says he's considering hiring a tracker to try to find his son. >> many people were trying to scale mount everest the avalanche triggered by the quake is what killed four americans and more than a dozen others. >> we got to have a good conversation. he's happy to be coming home. >> john radar has been in communication almost immediately after the earthquake and avalanche and stayed at base camp for a little while to help get the injured out and to help with the casualties. >> he said i just put a climber
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in and lifted it up. >> they told me john got to see a lot of the damage to the country along the way. susan hopes the homes will help jobs over the years have survived the terrible disaster. >> other residents spoke about the ordeal. he was getting ready to place an order when the quake began. >> a lot of screaming and people running out. >> we're just stunned and wondering you know? >> this morning he gave her a
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dozen roses. the woman was just anxious to get home and take a shower. >> 57 specialized firefighters will assist with fighting trap theed earthquake victims this is one of two headed to nepal. >> i hope they're going to help and they have that need >> the group is equipped with six k 9 units. >> images from the earthquake are just stunning. destruction inspired many people to help victims in nepal.
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abc7 news reporter wayne freedman takes us inside of the warehouse. >> sorting and sorting is not just glamorous work. maybe that is why we hear about a nonprofit called med share. >> gloves gauze, masks. >> and on and on. materials discarded because they're obsolete or expired or replaced with newer bottles. everything is used usable and everything has been going to a landfill. what does that tell us? >> people need it can use it. >> i think we live in a throw away culture here in the u.s. i don't think it's different
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than cell phones and plastic water bottles >> the former investment banker specializes in the medical field. nothing makes him happier than these photos that show a shipment from here helping there. >> we're brothers and sisters and have a small health care family here in the u.s. we're part of the same human family. those are our brothers and sisters in need. >> this can save lives. it's that big of a deal. look how easy this is. >> she makes it sound easy after hours of sorting. wayne freedman abc7 news. >> if you'd like to help, you can go to abc7 for a list of the organizations working in nepal and links to donate. >> still ahead here tonight at
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6:00 governor brown meets with mayors from around the state and pledges to put new teeth in the drought restrictions >> we'll see summer heat around the bay area. >> 7 on your side breaks open a case of a missing $11,000 check. >> a durability test for app
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backing up just a moment we've recovered the story prepared today on what could be a landmark same-sex marriage case now being heard in washington. >> the definition of marriage is not what the supreme court is arguing but whether the constitution guarantees couples the right to mary. that is what people are supporting. 14 couples are challenging a decision which upheld same-sex marriage bans in four states. kentucky michigan ohio and tennessee proponents argue they have constitutional rights. >> marriage is a basic civil right you can't deny
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it. the supreme court will decide if states must recognize from other states where they're legal. >> it shouldn't matter what state you live in what city or locality. you should have the same rights as any other american. a job transfer took them to tennessee. >> they can benefit from our being able to stand up and take a stand. >> if the court says there are no constitutional rights, then decisions will be likely overturned. in san francisco, abc7 news >> a teenager was in court today
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after admitting he killed a boy just to see what it was like. he was charged with murder stabbing his best friend's little brother a 9-year-old during a sleepover at the victim's discovery bay home. a mental health expert evaluated him on saturday, the day before the stabbing. >> two men have been arrested in millbrae in connection with a car jacking. a 30-year-old is charged with stealing a car and running the victim over as he fled. soto charged with being accessory. >> two people who robbed and kidnapped a man in cupertino may not have known the value of what they almost got away
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with. today authorities said among things taken was a test model. >> governor brown wants to fine water wasters up to $10,000 for not meeting rules. he asked the governor to stream line the process and brown agreed. the governor wants to allow districts to enforce restrictions. >> they have to be appropriate. this is what we're fining we needed more. that is what we're doing. >> today the resources board issued a plan that calls for
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water use. >> the city of concord is setting up a cooling off spot this year being delayed three weeks until memorial day weekend. and when it does open, hours reduced by two hours per day. officials are quick to point out water does get recycled. >> mainly sunny skies now. they continue to move through the bay area sky now.
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31 gusts 23 miles per hour winds here is a look at blue skies mostly. along the bay bridge, check out this temperature change. san francisco, 76. today, only 60. that is the pattern around the bay area. looking at western skies we'll see patchy fog tonight. here is an approaching dry cold front. so breezy conditions right now. we've got a front approaching.
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and here is a look at tomorrow's highs breezy with upper 50s and thursday, big jump in temperatures. low 70s on the coast. it will be warm inland with highs near 90 degrees. fog near the coast and moving in across the bay. lows into low 50s. tomorrow sunny and mild. 79 in napa.
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and inland warm highs upper 70s to lower and mid-80s. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is your warmth. it will be hot. upper 70s to low 80s on the bay. a cool down saturday and further cooling with clouds coming. but no rain drops >> coming up next, will barry bonds get shatter
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old el paso says... start somewhere fresh twitter suffered a set back from the earnings report leaked out before markets closed, showing earnings were better than expected but revenues fell short last quarter. still, when it resumed the price fell 25%. twitter has been recovering in trading. >> it appears a weight has been lifted from barry bonds. he was smiling and laughing today, and has been tight lipped
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since being investigated for using performance enhancing drugs. >> that is in their hands. i'm just enjoying my kids, my family. that is it. >> u.s. attorney said she's considering appealing to get the conviction reinstated. >> national football league says it will give up its status as a tax exempt organization. they generate billions of dollars but has been exempt since 1942. the nfl will
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start paying. >> we're keeping an eye on baltimore. >> in the bay area, this week. >> i was flabbergasted. >> and an $11,000
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. >> 2,000 laufrment will patrol the streets of baltimore. a confrontation with officers ended without incident. 20 officers were injured. 235 were arrested one out of seven juveniles.
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former oakland police chief said kids are one reason police were not as aggressive. >> do you want people using force on 14, 15, 16 year old kids? they're old enough to know better, to know not to do things and to be accountable but they're still kids. >> tonight a curfew will be in place that begins in a half hour. the governor says he expects a long night ahead >> the prime minister of japan is the guest of honor at a state house dinner tonight this is video welcoming the prime minister and his wife. >> they lined battery street
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outside of the tower. this left deep wounds and impacts relations with korea, china, and the philippines. >> some of the women have been scarred for life, forever known as so called comfort woman. a statue of a comfort woman sits across the street from the japanese embassy in seoul. >> every wednesday they're going to come to the capitol, they stand around the statue and they chant to apologize.
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>> a reporter asked if he would apologize. he said throughout the history of the 20th century, rights had been infringed upon during wars. german chancellor urged him to apologize last month, urging him to follow germany's example. >> that is why we put that here. >> activists will get another chance on thursday. >> they're abducted and abused for a decade. tonight they talked with two young women terrorized. amanda barry was 17 when she was
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kidnapped. the two were trapped inside of the home of aerial castro who sexual assaulted them. there were beatings and starvation. >> they were able to watch television. and and they would see their family their friends over the years they never gave up hope. >> two years ago the escape led authorities to the other women. aerial castro died in prison. >> after 13 years the mystery of a missing $11,000 check have been solved. >> that is a good way of putting it. something was more than others.
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robert and shirley remember the day they'd both rather forget. >> my great aunt passed away. >> the couple were the only surviving relatives they'd have to travel out of state to make arrangements. that day, they'd gone to world savings and closed out their certificate of deposit of more than $11,000. when they'd returned the check was nowhere to be found. shirley misplaced it. . >> i think anyone would have felt miserable. when it was for our granddaughter. >> the couple had hoped to earmark the money for the 2-year-old's college fund this is something that haunted them for years. >> we continued to think about it. neither one of us could rep
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remember. >> she said her husband remained calm. >> he didn't get mad at me. we've been married 67 years. >> 2013, they decided to donate their dining room set including this hutch. they cleaned out the drawers and in the bottom drawer that long-lost check. >> wow. i was flabbergasted. unfortunately, it was void after 90 days. by this time world savings had been bought out twice. first by wacovia and then by wells fargo. wells fargo said it could find no record of the check the state controller's office said the same thing. also written on the check was the notation it was payable through preferred bank. no luck there.
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no luck either at american express. which apparently issued the check. on friday, the 13th, the controller said it found the check and sent the couple the money. >> i put it in the bank right away. >> they admitted it could have done a better job tracking down the checks the first time but also said american express failed to report the halls as owners of the uncashed check as required by law. and suggests they should have requested a replacement check the moment they lost it. >> they expect their granddaughter to head to college, part hi with a gift from her grandparents
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i'll have information about how to find unclaimed money on abc7 tonight a fast growing tool for raising money. no one is watching why your donations go. >> some campaigns are fraud. how young cyclists use this to help people they don't know. >> wow. >> science of super athletes. >> (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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just can't seem to escape... another sneeze attack... you may be muddling through allergies. don't get caught off guard. try zyrtec® dissolve tabs. powerful allergy relief, now in a tablet that starts dissolving instantly. zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™. >> maybe we can borrow in genetic magic to make us healthier? that is the hope of some researchers studying these top athletes.
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researchers pushing to the brink isn't about winning but unlocking secrets. >> we're interested to see which genes make them jump higher. >> typically searching for 15 now, he's turning it year round looking for selective advantages that might make the rest of us healthier. >> help meet the hard work. >> researchers those in the power position.
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today, he's wired to a testing device. the case of training and possible and they're part of the study. athletes will donate dna sample as louing researchers to seek yens the genome. and the team is hoping to identify so called performance genes. and perhaps genetic mutations that could be used to develop new drugs. potentially bolstering science with some of the biggest athletes in the world.
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they hope to sequence the genomes of as many as a thousand people for the study. >> tonight shreding the apple watch. how the device stood
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by now, some early adopters are seeing apple watches being delivered it's not going to be long before a few get broken in. how much can the new gadget take? >> as customers ogle the watch, seems some are boiling hers. she made this video trying to destroy the watch. >> the thing about watches is that they'll probably run into things more often than your bone. >> or this. >> other stuff?
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>> got overexcited maybe we picked up extras. >> the watch survived drunkings and beating was hardly a scratch. until this. >> there is a seven point skillet here. oh! oh! goodness. >> did you see that one? >> i don't think i'll be doing that soon. >> it turns outs you don't need a cast iron skillet. 3, 2. one. >> they decided to drop tests and talk about going off script. >> let's go ahead and wow. >> he had good nature to post it
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online. >> the support model has a grass screen. >> and it's only a matter of time before this is put to the test. >> that is a post. >> sunny skies including high clouds tomorrow it's going to be warm to hot. 100 in palm springs. mild to warm around the bay and inland. highs to 60 but we have hot weather coming our way this week. here is the accu-weather forecast. inland temperatures hit or exceed 90 degrees and a cooling
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in the weekend and sunday, monday, tuesday. steady pattern of mostly sunny skies and moderate temperatures. >> thanks spencer. >> okay. >> let's to talk about in sports. >> there is. including a huge event this weekend. in las vegas. >> this will be an insane weekend in vegas. is that redundant? getting ready for a showdown. what is one thing floyd has not done to get ready
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good evening warriors challenge keeping their intensity while they wait for round two. coach came up with a plan splitting the squad in half, then let the competitiveness
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take over. it's good to be on steph curry's team. >> started one. first one. and they make a lot of stuff, my team won the second one. so and >> today, it felt like just felt like we can heave a big sigh. move on. >> you don't want this. and you do want this. playoffs tonight, game five, mavericks and rockets. two and jam on trevor ariza. with authority. former warrior monty ellis with
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a three. the best golfers in the world are in san francisco, giving match play top 64 in the world golfers have been placing 16 4 player groups with the winner advancing to play this weekend the 21-year-old know that's means he's got a bulls's eye on his back. >> i feel that now. i enjoy it. i want to keep it that way. but it is, i think hyped up a little right after the term. and that is cool. >> today floyd 47-0.
6:55 pm
he likes to get in the ring size them up. figure out what to do. >> what are the weapons that are most important? >> i can't say. i would note. >> you studied a lot of film and you know about him? >> i didn't study a lot of film. and you know he's one of the guys that is at the top. so we're going to fight. >> with safety of players closed to the public. it's the first time in major league baseball history that a game will be played without
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spectators. giants and dodgers in l.a. that is uses everything at their disposal. >> he just likes to get in and to be sure his trainer and guys are looking once they get into the ring. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00. the company could be making another big move. >> then at
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11:00, crowd funding is everywhere. tonight a robin roberts special on the cleveland kidnapping survivors. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. hope you have a nice evening.
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