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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> 6:00 on the dot. thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen tracking live doppler hd. good morning. >> good morning chris. may has arrived with the low clouds and fog being transported into the east bay. the marine has grown taller moved across the bay and as you wake up this morning you notice it's a mostly gray start across parts of our east bay shore lines. into the valleys we aren't looking at the clouds yet that. could change. good morning morgan hill. 50 for you. 54 oakland and the view from mt. tam but it will be a great start all across the north bay. a little bit on the cool side throughout the afternoon if you are spending anytime at the beaches. but elsewhere we are still looking at warm weather. it's a mild start for you in livermore at 64 trees. we will talk about afternoon
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highs coming down today fartherner the east bay valleys. and it hasn't stopped yet. in fact the coolest day of the weekend will be tomorrow and i'll have those numbers in a few minutes. chris. >> lisa, thank you. breaking news out of london. it's a girl! the duchess of cambridge gave birth this morning is a girl weighing 8 pounds 3 ounces. lindsey has more. >> royal baby number two is here. and it's a girl! >> the princess is in line to the thrown. >> her name not yet revealed but the formal birth announcement will be on display outside buckingham palace and a more modern tweet from kensington palace. the duke and duchess expect to come out and introduce the new royal just as they did two years ago with the new born baby george. as for a name for the fourth in
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line to the throne, speculation has been swirling for weeks. >> they use traditional names. i think they will goat same way this time. favorite child's names are elizabeth, the queen's name, victoria, the former queen's name and other names alice charlotte, alexandra. >> royal sources say the new family of four will spend a few days at their official home in london, kensington palace, before heading to their ten-bedroom georgian country estate. the duke taking two weeks paternity leave from his new job as an air ambulance helicopter pilot. while the duchess is expected to take more time than she did with her first child, perhaps waiting many months before returning to royal duties. and the couple have no current plans to hire an extra nanny. abc news, london. >> turning now to the bay area cleanup is underway in oakland
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this morning after a may day protest turned destructive. abc7 was there last night as police officers made several arrests at 13th and broadway. more than a dozen people were arrested. the evening began quietly enough when nearly 500 protesters met a line of police in riot gear at broadway and seventh. the protesters turned on broadway and that's when the destruction began. windows were broken out at a wells fargo bank. and at least 30 vehicles at a car dealership were smashed and a few cars were set on fire. over on 289th, they tossed it into the kfc restaurant while people were eating inside. >> we eat here, you know. and just doing things that everyone does. you have to come together. you don't have to vandalize >> may day traditionally
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celebrates workers' rights, but in recent years have grown as a protest to police brutality and in support of social justice >> hundreds of may day demonstrators marched through san francisco. they held signs and supported the wage increase that kicks in yesterday. they said may day was not just about labor issues but police brutality against minorities. >> in baltimore thousands marched in celebration after six police officers were charged in the death of freddie gray. he died from a spinal injury that he suffered in police custody last month. another gathering is scheduled. to we have more. >> freddie gray committed no crime but the cheers when they announced the six officers who arrested him did. >> the deaths was a homicide which we received to. led us to believe he we have probable cause to file criminal charges. >> two people were shot dead at a home burglarized by robbers earlier this week.
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it was about a block away from foothill elementary school. they are trying to determine if the homeowner interrupted a burglary and shot them. four people were arrested at a home invasion problem bring at the same location earlier in the week. >> cell phone video shows this passenger on flight 24 in maui going out yesterday. and one man from walnut creek told an size advertisor he heard a strange sound in the landing gear after takeoff. he said the plane veered and didn't rise fast enough. two passengers went to the hospital with minor injuries. the pilot reports smoke and an odor in the cockpit >> the boxes world will be focused on las vegas today for the biggest fight in decades.
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floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao. we talked to the guy who helped put the fight together. >> it was 2001 in san francisco then mayor willie brown was celebrating the first championship of the city in decades. when you looked at the program from that night, mayweather versus chavez was the big draw and buried in the back pages was undercard fighter manny pacquiao. >> we purposely selected that fight, taking very small money so he would get to be known by the filipino community in the bay area. >> back then his attorney said the young fighter always had a clear idea what he wanted to accomplish. to face off against mayweather is part of an amazing journey. >> to him it must be an interesting dream come true because he visualized all of this. >> pacquiao's first days in the bay area were shot by a resident in the bay area. that's him to the left. he talked to him in pacquiao's room in las vegas. he said this fight is more than
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just about money, especially for the filipino community. and the filipino-american community. >> he said he's not sure how the fight will turn out, but his old friend, manny, is sure to come out a win bears he's more than just a fighter, he's a personality. >> abc7 news. >> daly city is home to one of the nation's largest filipino-american communities. >> right. >> some restaurants will be closing early today. >> it will be kind of gray for most of the day so why not. temperatures will be on the cool side in daly city. right now 55 in oakland and emeryville and we are looking at a cooler afternoon with numbers in the upper 60s. plenty of sunshine on the way but the cooling continues. for how long? i'll let you know in a few minutes. >> also ahead, the options you have for watching the warriors this weekend and why the best one may be where you are right
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now. and plus it cost millions of dollars to put out. why the charges against the person accused of
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(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at s >> welcome back. the time right now is 6:10 on your saturday morning. we are off to a cool start looking live at the golden gate bridge where drivers are getting an early start to their day.
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we will have a full check of the forecast coming up in a few minutes. warriors fans are getting ready for tomorrow's game against the memphis grizzlies. it is the hottest ticket in town. if you don't have one, we will have it for you here on abc7. but first, abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez checks in with the fans. >> the fans are the loudest in the nba and the team is known for playing a fast-pace game. few leagues have this passion for the game. >> the crowd, they just, you know, right there behind you waiting to clinch that win every night. >> the team has had a week-long break. they looked rested and prepared to face the memphis grizzlies, a team known for slowing down the pace of the game. >> we are going to take it all this year. >> the last time the warriors won an nba championship was in 1975 as underdogs.
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fans like this man and his daughter wish they could get tickets. >> it's impossible unless you know someone. >> i'm going to enjoy the game with family and friends. >> if you don't want to watch it there or from your home on abc7, there are options. the almeda theater and cineplex will show it for free. tickets went on sale and tickets are sure to sell out quickly. >> just trying to reach out. that's what we like to do. to give back to the community and to create the connection with the community that's special and different from any other theater that you will find anywhere. >>ed proceeds from some of the food items they sell will go toward the warriors children charity. the last game shown here helped raise $12,000. abc7 news. game one kicks off tomorrow at 12:30 right here on abc7 followed by abc7's "after the game."
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join abc7 sports director larry beil, legend nate thurmond and adonal with post-game. post your pictures to social media so we can easily find them. use the hashtag doubleson7. >> a person attacked in the east bay he has opened some wounds. his team lost against saint mary's. we have more. >> the words of the pinola high school baseball player stings more than any pitch. it captured part of the argument and racial slurs directed at the family of an opposing player. the flu across social media like a foul ball. students shared with parents that say some of the comments show how much learning is needed. >> they are being offered in a
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way that kind of indicates a lack of understanding about the real egregious things of what happened. >> tags and tweets with the video discovered the controversy. they dropped the student athlete that recently signed a letter of intent and would have received a scholarship. >> it's given these kids really an opportunity to see how far-reaching their conduct can be and that's an important lesson. >> we aren't naming the students due to the sensitive nature of the story. >> discipline is essential and consequences are essential and redemption is also essential. >> they acknowledge the incident and say there's work to be done. >> it's a teachable moment and our greatest hope is that we minimize unnecessary hurt here. >> he said some of the twitter feeds about the incident continue to be unproductive. he told his son to turn it off. >> difficult to explain to my son that there are people out there who may not be ready to understand or recognize the
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power of what happens. >> a powerful lesson at a young age, acknowledges the family, who were the target of the slurs. we wish him tremendous luck and we pray this experience teaches him, his friends and family the power of words. it's time to begin the healing process. abc67 news. 6:15 is our time. mail carriers in san mateo aren't only delivering letters today but they will make an appeal to help sam out hunger. it's posted each year by the national association of letter carriers because carriers deliver to every residential address in the country, they have become the most reliable agent to collect foods. carriers today are notifying customers they can leave a bag of nonperishable food item next to their mailboxes next saturday for pickup. it will go to the needy in the bay area. a costco grier who says he's richer than bill gates because of the emotional support he's received has launched a campaign
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for sick children. we were at the costco in danville yesterday as he took up donation for children's hospital oakland. he also has bone cancer and multiple sclerosis but you wouldn't know from his superhero cape, flashy glasses and up-beat attitude. he said customers raised money for him and now he decides to give it to the kids. >> it's a miracle. all these attention going to them. >> $65,000 has been raised so far. an artist will get his painting back thanks to an abc7 news story. a couple walking through san francisco's north beach neighborhood thought someone left it for the taking. we aired the surveillance video thursday night along with the artist's plea to get it back. a friend saw our story and called them and they agreed to return it. >> a hunter accused of starting a massive wildfire in yosemite
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will have his charges dropped. it was one of the biggest fires in california history but prosecutors say they can flow longer prove their case after two key witnesses died. >> the rim fire started at the bottom of this canyon between groveland and yosemite and quickly moved in all possible directions. months later a columbia man named keith emerald was charged with starting the illegal campfire that got out of control. at the time some people who had been threatened by the rim fire were not kind. >> he's an idiot. who would light a fire in the middle of august in a crispy little river canyon. it's complete stupidity. now the anger will rise further with the news. two witness necessary the case to prosecute emerald have died. one a friend of emerald died in february in a workplace accident. the records show that jerry
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bonner was the other witness and he rescued emerald from the canyon when the fire took off. bonner died in march of natural causes. without those witnesses, the case against emerald is dropped. >> it's pretty sad. we are pretty disgusted with it. i mean, if it's truly his fault that he should pay the consequences. >> this neighborhood near the community of pine mountain lake barely survived the rim fire. a resident has this proposal for emerald now that he won't face what could have been a sentence of 11 years in prison. >> i would have liked to have seen at least him providing -- are okay on the fire crew every weekend for the rest of his life. >> he has turned down all attempts by reporters for interviews. rim fire two summers ago destroyed 11 homes, many injuries and cost more than $125 million to fight. abc7 news. 6:when will is our time. lisa, we will see some sun later today and cooler temperatures,
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as well? >> certainly cool and many place less be out of the 80s. peninsula, parts of the east bay and parts of fremont today and redwood city. 70s for you and 60s closer to oakland. the fog is going to pull away from parts of the coast for just a little bit today. otherwise we are looking at a cloudy coast and temperatures just in the 50s closest to the shoreline. but the east bay valleys, you have not seen the fog yet but it still will be cooler. here's a look from vollmer peak. we are looking at the low clouds and fog. a pretty sunrise. sun comes up a the 6:13. good morning morgan hill, 50 right now. 54 in half moon bay. temperatures not going very far at the coast today. look at mt. tam where it is cloudy for southern marin up to sonoma and napa waking up to low 50s. southwest wind gusting to over 30 miles an hour. so inland valleys coming down another 10 degrees today. you are near 90 yesterday. we just have low 80s in the
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forecast for livermore, concord brentwood and also morgan hill and gilroy. and here it is a great start in emeryville with mid-50s. we are looking at cooler conditions everywhere today. the coolest day of the weekend is tomorrow. temperatures don't move too much throughout the first full week of may. but we may get a extra that begins to mix out the low clouds and fog a little sooner b the only change we have in the forecast. it's the low clouds and fog that will dictate the highs. the breezy winds along the coast and it's the hay right there that is drifting off to the east. and that is allowing for the low clouds and fog and the cooler temperatures throughout the day today. here's the footprint right any. you will notice in the north bay on the peninsula, just pushing into the east bay. and it gets a little further before it begins to retreat. by 11:00 we still have the fog at the san mateo coast and there it is pulling a little away from the coast. you may get a little sun at
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stinson but it will be cool. we have the west winds throughout the afternoon. sunny skies inland and then the fog moving a little bit further into sunday. it will be slightly cooler afternoon. in fact we will probably see upper 70s for the highs. this is what we see from san jose today. north hill 79. 79 los gatos and look at numbers in the mid-70s from palo alto to redwood city. mountain view about 74. 73 menlo park and at the coast daly city, looking at upper 60s. petaluma just 68 degrees. so yesterday that southerly surge really cooled parts of the north bay down. and today it will be another cool one with low 70s. it will take until about 3:00 in the afternoon to reach the highs. 74 castro valley a nice day here. you head inland and upper 70s for the ran ramone valley. 80 pleasanton with the southwest wind cooling off the delta. in the city today a little breezy at&t park as the angels are back with the giants today.
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hopefully another win. 63 by 4:00 in the afternoon. the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's going downhill starting now and that will be better air quality and temperatures more seasonal. really beginning tomorrow through next week. today still a little above average even though highs in some parts of the valley will be coming down 10 degrees. you can see what is showing up on live doppler hd anytime with our weather app. it's free at apple's app store or google play and more information on our website. >> good news for allergy sufferers like myself? >> for sure. >> thank you. coming up, an investigation underway in washington. the mistakes that
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♪ ♪ ♪ hershey's spreads. bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious. >> we continue to follow breaking news out of london where kate, the duchess of cambridge, has given birth to a baby girl. you see on the screen there a fan of the royal family taking a selfie in front of that wing of the saint mary's hospital. >> she weighed in at 8 pounds 3 ounces. 6:25 our time. investigation is underway in washington after reports that u.s. can't follow police officers left loaded guns in bathroom stalls while on duty.
6:26 am
reports by "congressional quarterly" and "roll call" describe three similar incidents. in january an officer with national majority leader mitch mcconnell security detail left a pistol on a toilet seat cover. in march one of john boehner's security officers left a gun behind after using a toilet near another office. that gun was found by a child who used the restroom later. and last month a housekeeper look working at capitol police headquarters found a misplaced gun while cleaning >> up next, the lasting impression left by two young people from kenya. more about the educational opportunities they are getting right here in the bay area. and plus hacking the hood. a program that aims to bridge the digital divide. we will be right back.
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>> let's check in with lisa argen with a first look at the forecast. >> the sun was up about 15 minutes ago. here's the look atop vollmer
6:30 am
peak out toward mt. diablo where temperatures will be a good ten degrees cooler than yesterday. no 90s in the forecast and a few 80s. 52 san jose. you have some clouds, but really a partly cloudy start for you. 54 at half moon bay. and we are looking at temperatures a little bit warmer at the coast. but that's about it. anywhere from a degree to 11 degrees cooler today setting the stage for temperatures here to be present in the 70s but out of the 80s for hayward and out of the 70s for oakland. i will pinpoint the numbers in a few minutes. chris. >> lisa, thank you. new this morning, president obama is reaffirming his commitment to extending access to education and to spread the joy of reading. in his weekly address he spoke from a public library near the capitol. the same place he chatted with middle school students earlier this week. >> we spent time talking about their lives and how we all care about their success and how that starts with a good education. so one thing i announced here
6:31 am
a new project by libraries and major publishers to provide more than $250 million in free e-books for low income students. >> the president also issues a challenge to mayors and school libraries to help every student get a library card, adding that a great education is the ticket to a better life. a bay area nonprofit that created a school for girls in east africa invited two of the students to go to school here for a little while. they spent three weeks at a school in portola valley. and they are determined to become leaders in kenya. ♪ ♪ >> this is from the academy website and shows the girls who attend this tuition-free boarding school in kenya. it means bridge. it was founded by a san rafael couple. jason and jenne dougherty. the girls are from 18 different tribes in east africa that go to
6:32 am
school peacefully together, live on the campus and are learning to be leaders. two of those students came to america for the first time to attend a boarding school in portola valley for three weeks. they were welcomed by other students who acted as ambassadors. >> you were lucky that you were chosen to come here, right? >> they already know what they want to do with their lives even before they graduate. [foreign language] >> i would like to be a journalist just like you. >> the principal, victoria, came with the girls. she said the students are highly motivated in spite of their circumstances. >> some girls do not have parents and others have parents but they are still poor to the point that they have a job and they have to be away from the children to find money. >> we provide a four-year scholarship for them and when
6:33 am
they leave our program they have had leadership training, empowerment and life skills training and they exit being prepped for college career in community. >> jason, a california high school teacher and football coach convinced his wife to start a school in kenya. they asked the kenyon government for guidance in starting the school. >> it was clearly high school for girls. >> and these students are among the lucky ones. only 30 students are selected each year. >> it takes $2500 to educate a girl for one year at the academy. >> they went to kenya to see the program. she has sponsored six girls every year. >> one of my foundation goals is to educate girls throughout the world. >> they are learning about american education and building relationships. >> to see the successful girls who are very friendly and are just great young women. i think it says a lot to our kids about how kids are around the world.
6:34 am
>> some people are homeless, and i would like to make a home for them. i want to show people it's not all about each other but it's more of unity. >> cheryl jennings, abc7 news. >> the academy is holding a fundraiser in berkeley tomorrow so it can expand and include more girls. go to our website for details. the government of nepal is putting out an urgent appeal for aid this morning. you are looking at new video. it shows the extent of the damage. the death follow now stands at more than 6600 and officials say there's little time left to find anyone who might still be alive in the rubble. 400,000 families need tents to live in temporarily, but the government has only been able to provide 29,000. salt, sugar and grains are needed as well. >> an aid group found by a bay area lauer is mobilizing to shelter the injured and homeless
6:35 am
in nepal. this woman worked half a year in the country. she just got back home. her group, the nepal youth foundation, has been providing education and nutrition programs in nepal for decades. it's now using its money to buy medical supplies and taking in patients overflowing from hospitals. >> some patients have broken limbs or who are very sick and are lying outside on the ground while other patients who are ready to be discharged are in the beds. >> the nepal youth foundation is buying and distributing thousands of tents to house scores of homeless. if you want to help there's a link to the group at i want to remind you can still contribute to the relief and recovery effort to nepal. text word "nepal" to the number to make an automatic ten dollars donation to the red cross or call them at 1-800-red cross. >> there was a recent hackathon
6:36 am
in san francisco. it was no different but one thing is different the people do it may be the farthest thing from your average techie. we have the story. >> i am here for hack division. this is my site. >> it's a skill every techie should have. presenting at the panel of judges at the hackathon. >> every day was very easy. >> but she is not a techie. >> i work at marshals. >> it's a common story. >> young people you work with are from communities where they don't know everybody who gets on the google bus. they don't know what the opportunities are, and if they did know they wouldn't know how to get the training. we are trying to fix that. >> susan runs "hack the hood" a program to bring the high-paying tech industry one step closer to the young people who need it the most. >> i was looking for a job but having trouble. >> he was saddled with student
6:37 am
loans, but they don't charge tuition. the young people they accept can actually make money learning to design websites for local businesses. >> it's the best thing in the world coming from u.c. davis where i owe them $20,000 for going to class. here i actually get money to go to class. >> the program doesn't teach high-level coding skills but it's more about building a foundation for young people who like technology but never thought they could have a career in it. >> they are helping hem to be more and do more. >> at a time when the industry needs them. >> if you are running a company and you see the graduating class overwhelmingly white and asian males, how do you balance your workforce? it's not easy. >> they are holding a hack day event under the noses of oracle , microsoft and other companies.
6:38 am
>> she said she's already applied for a internship. hack the hood has given her direction. >> always wanted to make a change and difference and what better way to make a difference and to bridge the gap in tech with diversity. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> still to come, more than what you bargained for. the surprise in store for one person after a visit to the e. r.. and here's a look at the mt. tam camera. lisa argen will have t
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. >> breaking news. a man in bay point is under arrest this morning on suspicion of driving into nine people in a parking lot and authorities say it may have been deliberate. sheriff's deputies and county fire personnel responded to a call from a restaurant at about 2:00 this morning. that's where they found nine people hurt, including two trapped underneath a vehicle. authorities say witnesses told them a man began driving through the parking lot hitsing people on purpose. at least one car suffered serious damage. no word yet on the extent of the injuries or why the incident happened. time now is 6:41 >> if you have ever been in the emergency room you know it can be full of unwanted surprises not the least of which is the became. one woman almost fainted when she got hers and that's when she turned to michael finney for help. >> she works as a dental assistant and putting herself through college and raising a family. the last thing she needed as a
6:42 am
medical emergency. >> it was really painful. i was getting out of my car and i couldn't make it up the stairs. >> she recalls stackhouse pain so severe she couldn't move. >> and the security guard for the apartment complex called the ambulance. >> she spent hours in the emergency room. >> they did all kinds of scans and x-rays. >> doctors couldn't give her answers but what she did get was a huge bill. >> the hospital bill was $34,000. i was like oh, my goodness, what am i going to do with this bill? >> on top of that she got a bill for the ambulance, $1750 owed to the san francisco fire department. >> and i thought oh, my god. i have to call "7 on your side." >> and they agreed to cover most of the cost. she had to play $1150 as her share of both bills. >> which was wonderful. i was excited. >> she made all the payments but just when she thought it was over, another bill.
6:43 am
the fire department said she owed $600 more. >> it was frustrating because i knew how much i needed to pay between the both of them, and i kept trying to explain it. >> so she paid the extra money and forgot about it until a year later the notice arrived saying indeed she paid $600 too much for the ambulance. >> and i had a check in the mail. >> so she waited. the check never came. she contacted "7 on your side." >> it was amazing. after that whole ordeal -- >> the fire department tells us there was a mix-up initially about whether medi-cal would cover the ambulance. and they said she's been stellar about the entire situation. i extend our sincere apologize for any hardship this may have caused her. it was simply a case of human error. >> by the next week i had received the check, and i
6:44 am
couldn't believe it. >> and that was our michael finney reporting. the fire department tells us an outside company handled billing while the fire department itself handles the refunds and this case slipped through the cracks. weather-wise at 6:44 great skies to start the day. >> the inland valley is clear. looking good in san jose 52 degrees. yesterday was 894. today still above average but cooler than yesterday by about 15 degrees or so. we are talking more 70s in the santa clara valleys. we will talk about your forecast and a continued cooler weekend coming up. >> lisa, thank you. also ahead, the giants looking for a win against the angels. abc7 sports director larry beil
6:45 am
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>> a high today will be over 60 degrees. we bring in lisa argen. >> yesterday we had 90s around the livermore airport and today we are looking at the areas outs of the 90s and just the 80s in the inland valleys. you had 84 yesterday in redwood city and you will be coming down 10 degrees. it was 81 in fremont. so temperatures will be certainly cooler today. and the cooling continues for our inland east bay tomorrow. it should be the coolest day of the weekend sunday. so we are looking at the marine layer right now.
6:48 am
it has not reached the livermore valley. and temperatures are in the 50s. looking at 54 at half moon bay 50 morgan hill. mid-50s oakland and san francisco at 52 degrees. and from mt. tam it is gray in the north bay. temperatures here continue to cool. you felt it yesterday. petaluma 50. 352 by the delta. the southwest wind really kicking in and the low clouds and fog will continue to allow for the cooling to influence concord and livermore today by about 10 degrees. feeling pretty good later on. another vantage point from lake tahoe where afternoon thunderstorms prevail once again today. still warm in the mountains, though. cloudy at the coast and around the bay with clear skies inland. it be cooler everywhere through tomorrow and the week ahead we have temperatures come down a little bit. nothing too extreme. it should be seasonal and pretty pleasant. here's a look at the water vapor imagery. it really tells the story as the deeper marine layer allowing for the westerly winds to cool the
6:49 am
east bay valleys. we are looking at more cooling tomorrow. in fact, temperatures should be out of the 80s in our inland valleys. upper 70s to do it. and not a whole lot of fluctuation. it comes with the low clouds and the fog and the sea breeze throughout the afternoon. so a very typical summer-like pattern today. 82 in the southern sierra. chance of thunderstorms from lake tahoe, 70 there. 65 monterey and upper 80s in southern california. the southerly swell kicks up today into southern california. very dangerous surf here, and we are looking at a hot day in sacramento. 89 degrees. so this is what i mean about the seasonal weather. yesterday it was in the 80s. today upper 70s. we will see mid-70s and a couple cooler days for monday and tuesday. about average. then look what happens the rest of the week. very subtle changes. it should be pleasant in san jose. another look at oakland this
6:50 am
afternoon. upper 60s with the cooler day tomorrow, into monday. and you bump up a little bit. but nothing too hot. not too hard to take throughout the upcoming work week. we don't have any heat waves on the horizon. certainly a cooler day here. 79 concord. it was a hot one yesterday. 82 livermore, 71 san mateo, and the clouds will cling to the shoreline around the san mateo coast. maybe a brief sunshine toward stinson. 84 today inland. cooler tomorrow. a gray start for more of you and breezy afternoon at the coast. milder on the bay. near 80 inland and winds closer to the bay. looks typical. >> enjoy the cool-down. but where's the rain? >> that's not happening. >> thank you. the a's look to go do something about their two-game losing streak and the giants taking on the angels. so how did they do? abc7 sports director larry beil has the highlights.
6:51 am
>> good morning, everybody. half dropping two of three in l.a. the giants returned home to face the other l.a., the angels in town to start a weekend series. nice day to go sailing, or was it? 7 innings last night, struck out six. in the fifth. a bloop single to right. not so fast. he leaps and grabs! spectacular. bottom of the 7th. revenge. two-out knock. beyond the reach of aybar. 2-1 giants. in the bottom of the ninth a 2-2 game. joe panik is so clutch. polanco in to score. good night, game over, drive home safely. giants win by a score of 3-2 on orange friday. a's and texas. a's trying to snap their two-game losing streak. scott kazmir allowed 3 runs in 6 innings.
6:52 am
hits this one to mars. a's rally from 6 down on thursday and came up short. last night they start a rally with a homer. 5-1, rangers. josh reddick the rbi. brett lowry, opposite way to complete the comeback. a double. and a's get roughed for seven runs in the eighth and go on to win it by a score of 7-5. nba news, warriors general manager bob myers was named the nba executive of the year, receiving 13 first-place votes from fellow league execs. andrew bogut was happy to be at the news conference. myers, part of the decision to keep klay thompson instead of trading for kevin love and he was emotional. >> being a general manager in any sport is hard because -- because you are away from your family a lot. but it's a fantastic job.
6:53 am
but you make sacrifices to do it. but in this job, specifically working for this team, they are well worth it. >> real emotion there. the raiders detect florida state defensive end mario edwards junior in the second round. he had 89 tackles at sfu, 23 for a loss. and then they go offense and take woford, a tight end out of miami. the 49ers took a safeties. lookout! from stanford university from alabama in the second round. he's a big hitter. and defensive end eli harold from virginia in the third round. so far and all of them on the defensive style of ball. game one of the warriors-grizzlies playoff series here tomorrow the 12:30 in the afternoon, followed by all the post-game live from oracle on "after the game." have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil.
6:54 am
>> 6:53 is our time. >> coming up, the heart of san francisco's mission district will be with the spirit of mexico and latin america today. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i wear my clothes like this ♪ ♪ because i can, ♪
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>> here are the winning numbers from the mega-millions draw. nobody picked all six so tuesday's jackpot grows to
6:57 am
$110 million. cinco demayo falls on tuesday this year. it's the celebration of the mexican army over french forces and will be held this afternoon in san francisco. valencia street in some areas is already closed in anticipation of the celebration. dancers in native costumes, as well as bands and artists, will combine for an unforgettable day of honoring mexican and latin-american culture. it begins at 10:00 and runs until 3:00. proceeds benefit the mission neighborhood center. and it will be a cooler day out there? >> yeah. 77 san jose and in the 80s today for those of you sweating if out in our east bay valleys. the heat wave is over. yesterday the southerly surge and today it spreads inland and it continues tomorrow. then the coolest day of the week
6:58 am
should be monday. temperatures temperate into next week. 50s coast and 80s around the bay. >> that will do it for us. thank for joining us on abc7 saturday morning news. the news continues online on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. "good morning america" is next but as we say good-bye we will leave you with a live look outside at saint mary's hospital in london where william and kate are welcoming to new baby girl into their lives. see you again at 8:00. have a great
6:59 am
♪turn around!♪ ♪every now and then i get a little bit hungry♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around♪ ♪turn around!♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired of living off the taste of the air.♪ ♪turn around barry!♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack!♪ now try fiber one protein bars with the great new taste of cookies and crème.
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good morning, america. breaking news, royal arrival, it's a girl. princess kate giving birth, prince william by her side. all the details right now. prince george now a big brother. the world anxiously awaiting its first glimpse of the new princess, fourth in line to the throne. our team is live in london with the very latest this morning. new overnight, facing charges, baltimore's prosecutor going after six cops for the death of freddie gray. >> the manner of death deemed a homicide. >> the celebrations overnight, but will these charges stick? our legal analyst weighing in this morning. jenner lawsuit, just one week after telling the world he's transitioning into a woman -- >> i'm me, i'm a person and this is who i am. >> the for


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